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Large Object Insertion

There is an anal "fetish" called Large Object Insertion. The physical goal is to explore having larger and larger objects (normally dildos) inserted into the anus to "stretch" the anal opening to larger sizes. On first look this often seems to be quite bizarre or masochistic, yet it's really not.
Large Object Insertions

Why do people do it?

Because it's one of the most INTENSE sensations your body can experience! It's often compared to the feeling of birthing a child, minus the pain. Some do it for the intensity. Yet, other people, have no clue why they do it... they just seem inexorably drawn to exploring with larger dildos and they can't really say why. (But I can tell you!)

When I first began to explore my sexuality at age 33 found myself immediately drawn to anal exploration... the ultimate being a practice called "fisting." The thought of being fisted was so alluring to me that within months I met someone to be fisted. I refused to use any drugs and was unable to relax enough to allow his whole hand in. He suggested I explore with increasingly larger dildos to learn to relax and open up.

I began getting larger and larger dildos and over the next couple years worked to slowly get used to ever increasing sizes. While my brain could not justify this practice, I had this built in desire to keep going. Larger and larger and larger. Throughout the process though, I noticed I was learning to relax and overcoming fears. It felt like it was helping me in other ways that I could not understand.
Todd resting after "Mammoth GiggaDong"
Dildo 4.75 dia x 10" high


The anus for a lot of people is a storage point for stress. As a child we often learn that the anus is a dirty place that causes us a great deal of stress. All those stressful emotional memories get stored around the anus. As a result of this, a great deal of additional stress from day-to-day life also get's stored in and around the anus.

Learning to relax your anus is a process of not only releasing the stress stored there, but also releasing the old stored traumas. Freeing traumas involves a degree of physical manipulation of the anus, often using a mix of gentleness, pleasure and mild pressure. Exploring with dildos accomplishes this releasing.

In order to allow large objects into your anus, you HAVE TO find ways of relaxing. So just the process of working up to larger sizes causes you to release old traumas and learn greater depths of relaxation. Techniques of breathing and mental relaxation become natural by-products. It's also not uncommon for the body to bring up degrees of fear (mostly from potty training). All that fear get's gradually released as a person learns to consciously will their body to relax.

Safety issues

Typically people fear stretching out the anus so much that it won't close any more. That feces will simply "fall out" of you, requiring diapers. For the most part this is a myth. In order for this to occur someone would need to ignore their pain signals and use force, tearing quite a few muscles. People who do explore with large dildos or fisting RARELY enjoy pain. If it hurts, they stop. So damage to the anal sphincters which keep the anus closed is actually pretty rare.

Even though the anus is very sensitive and delicate, exploring with dildos that are smooth and soft has little chance of causing any damage. Like all things, excessive force or ignoring one's pain signals is what causes problems. Caution is necessary especially if using drugs to relax. Some drugs will deaden the body's natural pain indicators leaving you more vulnerable to injury.

I always recommend using dildos rather than household objects. As you get into the larger dildos there is a tendency for them to become a bit more expensive then the smaller ones. Some people might lean towards finding other objects in place of buying more dildos. Having been in this position myself, I say INVEST in DILDOS!! It REALLY does make a difference. They are much safer and feel significantly better then more rigid objects that were not designed to be put up your ass. The material the object is made out of has a significant impact on how comfortable the body feels with allowing it into the anus. Soft tapered dildos are MUCH more comfortable then anything else and the body will be more inclined to relax and open for them.

The lining inside the rectum is very delicate, another reason to use real dildos. On some occasions you might notice that when you pull a dildo out there might be a *little* bit of blood in the lube. I bit of pinkness. This is minor, and not a big deal. This is the worst many will ever have. If however you find a LOT of dark red blood... you have ruptured something major inside the rectum. A trip to the hospital is in order!

In all the years of poking and prodding my anus, with all kinds of dildos, hands and objects, I have never once had any injury. Being wise and gentle with what you put up your ass does pay off.

How big is too big?

The anus has the ability to, over time, stretch to amazingly large sizes. Large enough to fit the width of a human foot or two hands. This is typically not an overnight accomplishment. Many people seem to start small and slowly keep increasing size by size until they reach a point where they feel content with that final size.

The process of gradually increasing sizes requires quite a few dildos of ever increasing sizes. For me I've found that my anus could only accept size increases that were .25" diameter larger. So I could go from a 2.0" to a 2.25" diameter, but not from 2.0" to 2.5" diameter. As a result my dildo collection went: 2.0", 2.25", 2.5", 2.75", 3.0", 3.25", 3.5" diameter. I stopped at 3.5" because I simply had no desire to get bigger then that. Yet I have seen dildos that go up to 5" diameter... and I'm sure there are larger!

As you are able to accept larger sizes, you notice you no longer need to start out with such small sizes. By time I had reached the 3.25" dia size, I could start a session off by using a 2.75" dildo. Just by willing myself to relax I could allow a 2.75" dildo in with no other warmup. (That means less dildos to wash when you are done! :)
A new use for roadway cones!
Ya just can't leave those cones lying around...


As you get into larger sizes the kind of lube you use becomes more critical. Most water based lubes are just not thick enough for larger dildos. So what happens is that the lube is rubbed off the dildo on the first part of your anus and the rest of the way in the dildo is dry! There is NO lube, so it HURTS! ...NO!

The best lube I have found is the same thing used for fisting, regular "Crisco" sold at the supermarket. It's cheap and never seems to break down until you bring out the soap and water. It also is more natural (vegetable oil) then most lubes. So crisco left in your anus after you are done is more readily broken down then some synthetic lubes.

If you just cant bring yourself to using a product used for baking, and have extra cash to burn, the next closest usable lube I found is called "Elbow Grease - Cream." While this doesn't feel quite as good as the Crisco does, it is less greasy and easier to wash off.


The process of stretching the anus is not only about relaxing the muscles, but also pushing the edge of intensity. How much intensity can you stand? Inserting large dildos is probably the most intense thing I had ever experienced before. The process of slowly inserting a larger dildo causes an immense energy to be released. An energy that is not pain, but pure, raw intensity. It's a sensation that I have only ever experienced in some other extreme sexual practices like bondage. It's an amazing feeling! Yet the gap between intensity and pain is fairly narrow. Pushing things too far into intensity starts to trigger pain (as a signal to let up.) So you are literally riding the line between pleasure and pain.

The more I played with larger dildos, the higher an intensity I could accept in my body. While in the beginning I would stop when it just began to get intense, later I could go until my whole body was pounding with an intensity of energy that was immense! As I went along, I noticed I had also learned to also accept more intensity in my life. Not just intensity in terms of large dildos, but in all areas of my life. This was another unexpected benefit.

I found that as I got more and more serious about Large Object Insertion that my sessions became almost like a meditation. I would do my ritual of rinsing out the rectum/colon, wait a while, then slowly begin with smaller dildos and work my way up to the largest one I could stand. The process