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 Rosebud / Prolapsed Rectum

What follows are images of a sexual practice where the rectum is drawn outside the asshole
(anus). "Rosebuds" are a temporary condition that can occur naturally after the anal opening has been relaxed and stretched, from activities such as large object insertion or fisting.

Larger rosebuds
(medically termed a "prolapsed rectum") can be created by coaxing the rectum/colon out further.

What follows is an introduction to the concept.
Realize this takes YEARS of practice to achieve!

Stretching the anal opening:

This is a large anal "speculum"

HUGE anal inflatable buttplug!
(takes years of practice to achieve this!)

Small rosebud:

Natural rosebud after some
stretching & relaxation

Medium Rosebud

Using a vacuum pump and vacuum cylinder
to draw out the rectum/colon further

A fully prolapsed rectum

How to give yourself a
Prolapsed Rectum

Written by "Stile" of Stileproject.com

Clean that hole. Giving yourself a rose bud requires complete hosing of the entire large colon. The inversion of the tissue causes the bowel to go into "Got to take a dump" mode; all shit should be gone before starting.

Stretch that hole. Fisting, huge dildoes, speculum and using one’s own hands all work. However, too much heavy fisting action can be counter-productive. Best to stretch the main sphincter gently wider until it gapes without any discomfort. I do mean gape. The asshole should be relaxed around the three big fingers of two hands, pulled open an inch or two before any guts think about coming out. Sitting on the toilet with seat up provides great access. Use plenty of lube; guts like it slippery and frictionless.

NOTE: the sphincter will never stretch to the diameter of the bud outside. Guts go through the butthole and expand once they’re out.

The huge bud. Follow the steps below to get one.

Once the sphincter is clean and relaxed, assume a kneeling or squatting position with the knees as wide as possible. This allows gravity to assist, and causes the pelvis to be open to its widest. Put two/three fingers of two hands into the asshole with the backs together and curving the tips around the inside of the ring toward the hipbones, palms on buttcheeks. Begin pulling the asshole open, HOLDING IT IN PLACE RELATIVE TO THE BUTT CHEEKS AND PELVIC BONES. Do not allow the asshole to push out with the red inner guts. If the anus and the main muscle ring are allowed to flare out, the main ring inhibits the guts from coming out, and can cause hemorrhoids. The process is to invert the rectum, from inside the anus out, just like pushing the foot of a tube sock back out through the calf opening.

With the hole and sphincter muscle held in place and open, gradually begin bearing down, as if taking a shit. This will cause the guts to push outside the butt, forming a sack. The more pressure applied, the further out the guts will go. The ligaments suspending the guts inside the abdominal cavity are attached to partial ribs on the sides of the rib cage. The one under the stomach (left side) will cause the most discomfort.

NOTE: discomfort, not extreme pain.

Poppers help during the process. If this becomes too intense, gently push the bud to the inside of the sphincter with the fingers or a cupped palm. Tipping the body forward on the knees, or putting the head lower than the pelvis will assist the retraction of the colon. It will slide back in as easily as it came out. Be sure to do this a few practice times before having an orgasm. Use the same process for post-orgasmic return. The object is to relax the anus completely, while holding it in place, allowing the guts to simply fall out.

The bud formed with this method is a sack. The sphincter forms the mouth of the sack, held by your fingers, with the inner guts coming out this ‘mouth’, returning to the body. We can only see the outside of the sack. The bud will contain things from inside the abdominal cavity. The first is the large colon itself, pushing into the sack from above, filling it and causing it to protrude further, with the upper end ligament tugging on the left rib. The second is a portion of the small intestine. It is these that cause the huge filling. (They will not come down at times; if they don’t, wait for another day when the guts aren’t as sensitive.) The third is the prostate, which lives on the back end of the penis’ erectile tissue. The sphincter and the guts inside massage it.

Increasing size: Once the initial process is understood and happening, all that remains is stretching the bud in size. Here are some tools I’ve used, but please do not use these initially. Practice. The guts take time to stretch and become used to this process.

Vacuum cylinders. Do not use pumps until the guts come out well on their own. Sucking on the anus/ring itself will inhibit the formation of the rosebud. The cylinder should be sized to slide over the rosebud inside the butt, pushing gently on the sphincter holding the sphincter in place, BUT NOT SUCK ON IT. The mouth of the cylinder functions like the fingers mentioned above, but is complete ring support. Gentle pumping will tug the guts into the most magnificent rosebud.

Speculum. These work well once the bud is established, to open up the small passage left exposed. Stretching with these will increase the amount of guts able to come out.

Weight-lifting belt, chaps or corset.These work by providing extra support for pushing. Before using any of these, be sure the bud is coming out well and the lips are still where they should be.

NOTE: Bearing down with support will create hemorrhoids, burst blood vessels and cause strokes if the butt and body aren’t conditioned for this.

Problems that can occur:

Extreme cramping following play. The guts may become so sensitized by the practice that they may force themselves into an rosebud without consent. During these times, it is helpful to sit on the toilet and pour cold water over the rosebud until the guts calm down. Use the hands to force the bud back inside, using cool or cold water generously.

Bleeding. When using pumps and specula, mild bleeding can occur. This will heal and disappear quickly, and should only be alarming if there is blood in profusion. Blood in profusion should never be taken lightly- seek the help of a physician if it doesn’t stop quickly.

Personal Notes:
I began playing with my asshole when I was five. Something about being sent to one’s room until attitudes changed caused me to flee to my closet and play with my butthole. Oh well, worse things could have happened and my attitude always changed. I began exploring [prolapsing the rectum] as I became bored with dildos and found fisting required another man.

A man’s asshole is his greatest treasure, his most vulnerable spot. Sex with the asshole defines a man as queer to many, though queers seem to have transferred the skill to straights lately. Our society has chosen to find the anus a filthy disgusting part of the anatomy; best to be used as needed, touched sparingly and never looked at. Nothing causes a titter like the word Sodomite, and death by impaling is so shameful few hear of it. A man exposing his asshole has been the butt of jokes for millennia. Shame relegated huge asshole play to secrecy until recently, when we found we were not alone in the sport. Now we can practice our craft together, bringing balance to earth with the help of the Lady and Lord. Blessed be.

Doing this with my hole gives me the deepest and most profound pleasure I can have. Wouldn’t trade all the hours I’ve invested for anything, as I’m sure you all can relate to. For now, huge assplay seems confined to fisting for the masses, but couldn’t be far behind given its pleasure and the gaping hole fisting makes.


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