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 Todd's Favorite Dildos

National Dildo Association

I've been collecting and exploring with dildos for quite a few years now. Here are some of my favorites with explainations and sizes.

Average Sized Dildos (good for beginners)

Shown here sized proportionate to each other.
Length dimensions given are "insertable" length, or how deep they are designed to be (or can be) inserted.
starter kit

pink butt plug
inflateable plug
prober 1.25 dia
prober 1.5 dia
Butt Plug - pink
This was the largest butt plug in my "starter kit" (vibrator the largest.)
Feels good to me, nice length, 1.5" dia. Other smaller ones in the kit were too small to be useful, I used the others once.
Butt Plug-Inflatable/vibrating
This is really cool! Very fun to play with. You insert it then pump it up to inflate it. This will get you "full" real quick! Not a great quality, but awesome concept! Vibrator is nice too.
This has neat ridges and it's very flexible. I use this for probing up past the rectal valves slightly into the colon.
Another neat one, Top ball is only 1.5" dia, and it's very flexible. I use this for probing up past the rectal valves slightly into the colon. This one can actually go past the bend!
1.5" dia x 5"
1.5"-5" dia x 4"
1.25" dia x 12"
1.5" dia x 12"

dong 1.75 dia
double vibe jelly dildo
pleasure tree 2.25"
Dong-Realistic with suction cup
My favorite realistic dildo. It feels REALLY nice. 1.75" dia. Originally came with the ball shown above. This is great for simulating anal sex when "riding" someone. Kneeling, hold ball between legs and lower yourself onto dildo. WOW!
Double Vibrating- Jelly dildo
Has two egg vibes built in, fairly powerful. Nice depth and width. Yet, it doesn't do much for me for some reason.
Rear Ender's "Pleasure Tree"
Very nice feel! One of my favorites. Great at slowly and easily opening you up. Starts 1" dia, largest 2.25" dia. Very porus material, need to cover with a condom for use.
1.75" dia x 6.5"
1.75" dia x 7.5" insertable
2.25" dia x 10"

Larger Diameter Dildos
(for more advanced explorations)

prober 1.25 dia
jelly dong 2" dia
dong 2.25 dia
butt plugs 2.5" dai
I use this for probing up past the rectal valves into the colon. This is used for seeing how DEEP I can take an object.
This is pretty wide 2" dia. It took a while before I could open up to take this in comfortably. Creates a very full feeling, vibrator is nice. (My anus reacts to the gel material- it stings slightly. So I need to cover it with a condom.)
Dong-Realistic with suction cup
This is a cheaper plastic one. Looks realistic, but feels like plastic. I was looking for something a bit deeper/thicker than my other suction cup dildo. This one is! Nice and full feeling.
Butt Plugs-rippled / tapered
Wanted something larger that tapers, they are 2.5" dia. at widest point. I used to use these to "warm up" so I can take the wider ones below. I no longer need to warm up for the tan one below. But these are fun anyway. The one on the right is "wearable" for extended periods. (did 12hrs)
1.75" dia x 18"
2" dia x 6"
2.25" dia x 7.5"
2.5" dia x 6"

huge dildo 2.75" dia
huge dildo 3" dia
"The Payloader"
A VERY nice shape, great soft plastic. It create a nicely FULL feeling. Very enjoyable!
If this looks gigantic to you... you oughta see it in real life!... it's BIGGER! The largest part (the head) is 2.75" in diameter and the entire dildo is 14.5" insertable. A bit too flexible (will not stand up on it's own) but very enjoyable overall. It's so big it kinda makes you want to cuddle with it! :)
"The Bulldozer"
Another WONDERFUL design! This one is HUGE! Yet very insertable friendly shape, nice soft plastic. When you get this inside you KNOW you are full (cuz your eyes bulge! :) I can just barely fit this whole thing in!
Dong- HUGE!!
This may look smaller then the tall tan one... but its a LARGER diameter. 3" Diameter at the head. Stands on it's own and has a suction cup base. Nicely designed. Easy to clean.
2.5" dia x 4.5"
2.75" dia x 14.5"
3.0" dia x 6.5"
3" dia x 9"

MEGA huge dildo 3.5" dia
"Mammoth Gigadong" HUGE!!
This is simply something I use to scare the neighbors away! :) No, I actually can fit this one in my ass! This is a very nice dildo! Great plastic, soft, has give to it, nice shape, very sturdy. This is my largest one.
3.5" dia at the head,
4.75 dia base x 10" high

Looking for a place to find these bigger ones...

The best place I have found for (non-huge) toys: