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I'm Barry. This is my hobosexual page. I have been chasing old drifter men since I was in my 20's. I enjoy being mistreated by rough men, then forced to service them. I cant wait to go back to jail. I am still building this site with details of my hobo hunting adventures and my life as a turd burglar. I hope you like my gallery and links. I've always been into old tramps, badass bikers, ex-boxers and fighters. The gay bar scene was so old, I wanted a man. After I got off work, I drove by the homeless shelter and saw a man that really caught my eye. He was just the way I liked them, tall muscular about 50 y.o., looked like an old veteran with old navy tattoos. Just the way I like them. Man, he smelled good. I could smell his body and he chewed tobacco. I got him home and pulled his big cowboy boots off, then his socks. He had big feet that I kissed before sucking all his toes. I put a video with girls tits lesbians having sex. This turned him on. After I sucked his sweaty feet clean I worked my way up to his big balls. They smelled good I licked them clean and he had his uncut dick getting big, I stuck my tongue inside the hood of his foreskin and cleaned it. His dick was throbbing hard and I sucked him. I sucked and stroked his fat meat, I could taste some cum already

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