Name - slave robby     Email -
Date -- 5/07/15 3:34 PM     From - Indiana
gay bb sub slave here unowned need help with idea on a tatoo

Name - Paul     Email -
Date -- 1/23/12 1:43 AM     From - Holt, Michigan
I am a gay sex slave at 49 I still love being spanked from a daddy, master older or younger and I will do what I am told.

Name - Master Pete     Email -
Date -- 9/08/10 7:07 AM     From - Wales
Pity you are so far away. I'd love to redden that arse!

Name - Alex     Email -
Date -- 9/06/10 7:26 AM     From - Florida, USA
Great pictures, but I know that you can do better.

Name - Aaron     Email -
Date -- 8/22/10 7:25 AM     From - Nice, France/Houston, Texas
Gotta love ya boi. Keep it up.

Name - Fagboi     Email -
Date -- 7/26/10 10:51 PM     From -
Andy.. where are you? When are you gonna take me down from here, PLEASE
Name - dutchcut     Email -
Date -- 7/11/10 4:07 AM     From - Holland
Inferior dutch faggot available to be abused

Name - Seney     Email -
Date -- 6/29/10 8:34 PM     From - Wisconsin
Worthless fag here looking to take loads. Have wheels and can travel - you host or in public.

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Date -- 5/30/10 12:01 PM     From - Ocala, FL
I would love to serve strong Men as well, licking and sucking as He wants.

Name - THJJ_62     Email - THJJ_@yahoo,com
Date -- 3/10/10 1:51 AM     From - Illinois
Well Now, aren't you a tasty tidbit?????????

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Date -- 2/28/10 2:37 AM     From - Florida
Great looking boys with hot cunts to play. Wish you belonged to me they would all be dripping cum loads. I personally like sloppy seconds and thirds myself.

Name - leo     Email -
Date -- 2/09/10 9:48 PM     From - NJ
Super Hot pix. Thanks for posting 'em
Hope you get lots of action.

Name - wetray     Email -
Date -- 12/07/09 11:13 PM     From - ontario
man - now get someone to shave your head on vid - like a proper slave

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Date -- 12/05/09 11:01 AM     From - North Carolina, USA
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Hey FAG BOI, heres a piggy for you to take care of.

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Date -- 10/09/09 6:58 AM     From - Danvers Massachusetts
As one fag to another you need some pics of you sucking cock or taking a cock in your ass

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Date -- 10/08/09 11:17 PM     From - las vegas
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Name - trainee27403     Email -
Date -- 10/08/09 10:45 PM     From - Virginia
need to see pics of you taking cock, cum and piss from a Man

Name - Flash     Email -
Date -- 10/07/09 10:21 AM     From - Raleigh, NC
That is one amazing cunt for a boi your age. You got a fisting buddy you're not telling us about? Or are you remarkably good at self-training?

Name - Roger     Email -
Date -- 9/23/09 9:56 PM     From - Los Angeles
Fuck! Why is ANYONE letting u still run loose! U need to be tamed, collared and branded!

Name - MasterDad Sheldon     Email -
Date -- 9/23/09 12:28 PM     From - Reno, NV
Such a fine looking faggotcunt should be collared and made to serve Master's Big FatCock and raped by the other nigger slaves. Yep, the slavecunt is just a white niggerslaveboy

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Date -- 9/18/09 12:54 PM     From - Minnesota
what a hot little fagboy. a fag to a fag, how fucking humiliating. We need more piss pics. And add some videos of the fag drinking piss, and taking those dildos up that fag hole.

Name - slaveboy     Email -
Date -- 9/16/09 6:17 PM     From - Belgium
Congratulations with this great site! There are some really horny pictures on it.

Name - Larry     Email -
Date -- 9/16/09 8:59 AM     From - nj
you look yummy, i would love to be your slave and lick you clean everywhere

Name - sissyfag     Email -
Date -- 9/16/09 7:17 AM     From - bloomington il
Love that piss a;; over loved to have shared it

Name - dirtybarepunk     Email -
Date -- 9/16/09 2:35 AM     From - Germany
Hey boi, well done job, nice pics! Want to see more, special in public restroom.
yours rolf

Name - slavedave     Email -
Date -- 9/16/09 1:52 AM     From - phoenix AZ and Ohio
Nice looking faggot bitch...i would fuck you over and over again....make you like it

Name - Marv     Email -
Date -- 9/15/09 9:19 PM     From - San Francisco east bay/Hayward
as another fag, I am envious of your young succulent body and your desire to please other men,. I would love to join you in all your faggy tastes

Name - txndck     Email -
Date -- 9/13/09 4:29 AM     From - Texas
You have a nice cunt... Would love to work you over... Very hot pics of you boy!

Name - Mike     Email -
Date -- 9/12/09 7:13 PM     From - WI
Hot pics, glad fag bois have to share them with others.

Name - renato     Email -
Date -- 9/01/09 5:16 PM     From - Guatemala
Very good

Name - jockslave     Email -
Date -- 8/31/09 10:40 PM     From - DFW
fagboi, Love the pics you've got on your site. i wish i looked as good as you do so i could take some like them to share with everyone. :)

Name - milkmine     Email -
Date -- 8/31/09 10:25 PM     From - norhern california
hot pictures boi. you are the fag i need to become!
made me squirm to think of the humiliation you get to feel at times.

Name - leo     Email -
Date -- 8/31/09 9:33 PM     From - NJ

you are my hero. Damn, great pix.


Name - masterbearar     Email -
Date -- 8/31/09 9:51 AM     From - arkansas
worthless its too bad your not in ar. i would use you over and over!

Name - Master G     Email -
Date -- 8/31/09 9:28 AM     From - SF, CA
Great start on a life of service... but you have many lesson left to learn.

Name - glovedcub666     Email -
Date -- 8/31/09 12:54 AM     From - portland or usa
great site nice pics from one worthless fag to another

Name - Polito     Email -
Date -- 8/11/09 9:44 PM     From - USA
Just dropped by and thought I would drop a note and say hi.

Name - Frank     Email -
Date -- 8/10/09 10:01 AM     From - Alabama
good boy. you need lots more pics posted though

Name - daddee     Email -
Date -- 8/09/09 7:01 PM     From - Tennessee
very good pix. great to see a young devoted fag slave boy. wish i could find one in TN. Would like to see pix of masters piss covering the fag boys face and chest. Some cum oozing ass shots would be great too. ANy boys in TN wanna serve daddee can hit me up!

Name - craig     Email -
Date -- 8/08/09 10:01 AM     From - Philadelphia
nice pics fag boi, please your man as much as HE wants
Name - evan     Email -
Date -- 8/07/09 1:04 PM     From - chicago
wow... great pictures! this fag is happy its owner doesn't think like yours. ;)

Name - Master Fidel     Email -
Date -- 8/07/09 12:43 PM     From - NYC/U.S.A.
Very young to be so devoted,
but, that is a good sign of
subservience, and fagness.
That hole/kunt needs to be
jam packed with a few dildos,
and fagboi, needs to be forced
to walk around with his ass packed
full of toys<in his drawers, and
jeans, and make sure none spill
out onto the public sidewalk...if
they should, he should be made to
carry them home in his ass-slimed

Keep up your disgusting fag
training, and make your Man/Master
proud,and satisfied.
Master Fidel
Name - hardshaft50     Email -
Date -- 8/07/09 9:57 AM     From - Minneapolis, MN
A good looking faggot slut whore. I'm a subbmissive bottom myself, but I'd like to ram my cock in you mouth and make you suck until I filled your slut mouth with my cum.

Name - chris     Email -
Date -- 8/07/09 8:35 AM     From - australia
what a slutdog. must be great to be owned and made to do what you're master wants regardless of your own wishes.

Name - Master Cook     Email -
Date -- 8/07/09 7:10 AM     From - Las Vegas, Nevada
This is Master Cook and I want this boi on cam with me.

Name - slave phil     Email -
Date -- 8/07/09 6:31 AM     From - falmouth uk
Oh wow you look fantastic there all naked and with all that writing on your fag body. Like someone else said already, i'm a slave too but i'd love to use you!

Name - greg     Email -
Date -- 8/06/09 11:40 PM     From - ca
hot pics love to use you myself and i'm a bottom

Name - gutter     Email -
Date -- 8/06/09 11:20 PM     From - East Coast, USA
Geez boi, the least you could show are a few smiles for being so well used!

Name - slave      Email -
Date -- 8/06/09 10:48 PM     From - Massachusetts

Hi slave,
You must be a scum slave like myself. Looks like you could use a good whipping. Any pictures?
Love to see you in chains and collar.Where are you located?

Name - Mr Carroll Peterson     Email -
Date -- 8/06/09 10:27 PM     From - Sioux Falls, SD
I am a bottom too and would love to be shared with the fag by several tops!

Name - Davida     Email -
Date -- 8/06/09 10:27 PM     From - TX
FAG BOI,I loved your photos,but you need
to show being used sexually in photos FAG

Name - chris     Email -
Date -- 8/06/09 3:31 AM     From - usa
Really hot pics-but you need more if you want to be a true FAG BOI.

Name - David     Email -
Date -- 8/05/09 2:19 AM     From - USA
WOW, great pics. I posted these
to a few other groups so more people
can get off on them.

Name - CumDump Andy     Email -
Date -- 8/04/09 11:14 PM     From - USA
There you go FAG BOI. How's it feel to be owned by another fag?

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