Name - erict32+     Email - musclesdick1991@yahoo.com
Date -- 10/25/07 11:01 AM     From - g'ville, miss
ihave some pics that i have drawn in my ART classes and painted and i would like to get your opion about them . On athe other hand, I like your work and it has alot of realism in it. I am trying to team up with the magazines in NEW YORK,California,and Texas to put in some short stories and some pics to match them

Name - Jayse     Email - jeffsmith@rcn.com
Date -- 10/25/07 12:52 AM     From - San Francisco
AWESOME new image, Chris! Your artwork just keeps getting better and better! The only shame is that your fans have to wait so long between new drawings, but it's clear from all the detail that you put into your pieces that they are always worth the wait.

Thanks again for sharing your amazing talent with us.

Name - tal     Email - sinai_8@yahoo.com
Date -- 9/18/07 4:54 AM     From - italy
wow! great stuff in your site! you are so talent!
can i have a request? this thing that attractive me the most since i was a teen is a giant (10 ft tall or more) muscle man. can you paint some of this?
i really means al lot for me ):
Name - Chris      Email - cwbobek@gmail.com
Date -- 8/29/07 11:45 PM     From - Chicago USA
Chris..impressive and sexy men you have created. You caputred the male animal in all of us. Great work..want to see more!

Name - maxx     Email - s2raw@yahoo.com
Date -- 7/28/07 11:33 PM     From - new york
Name - Jeff     Email - jeffsmith@rcn.com
Date -- 6/11/07 8:24 AM     From - San Francisco, California, USA
Damn, Chris, but you are one of the best erotic artists out there!

Your latest drawing is awesome. I especially love the glutes and calves.

Thank you so much for sharing your amazing talent with the rest of us. I always look forward to the rare posting of a new piece of artwork, and I am never disappointed. I just wish you had more time to devote to your fantastic drawings.

Name - Paappii     Email - paappii@cs.com
Date -- 5/08/07 7:48 PM     From - U.S.
F N HOT!!!! How do I sign up for regular
updates and new pics?
I luv the hun and tom of findland also mansex at its best!
We need more rough Hun scenes !!! Your the MAN! Your Damn Hot yourself

Name - david     Email - dave119@gmail.com
Date -- 5/04/07 6:24 PM     From - san francisco
I loved your work from when I first say it a couple years ago. It was great to see the 2006 and 2007! ones. Hope you keep drawing, and showing your art. thanks

Name - Jeff     Email - freakophile2004@yahoo.com
Date -- 3/23/07 4:28 PM     From - Boston, USA
I've been in love with male muscle since I was 13. Your drawings are the hottest I've ever seen! Please draw more!

Name - jean claude     Email - jean.moranduzzo@numericalble.fr
Date -- 2/27/07 9:06 AM     From - lyon ( france )
chaque fois est toujours un nouveau plaisir

Name - jean-claude     Email - jean.moranduzzo@numericable.fr
Date -- 2/06/07 5:08 PM     From - lyon 69002 france
corps et sexes hypertrophiés, geules d'anges des mecs comme ont les aime dans nos fantasmes.

merci pour votre art.
je vous souhaite beaucoup de réussite.


Name - Altwaal     Email - Altwaal@gmail.com
Date -- 1/08/07 11:57 AM     From - U.S.
Chris, your work is fantastic, erotic and a great tribute to the male physique. I do see some inspiration from The Hun as well as Tom of Finland like quality to your drawing. I'm amazed that this is just a hobby. I look forward to more of your work.

Name - Andrzej     Email - andysemail@o2.pl
Date -- 1/01/07 10:22 AM     From - Elblag, Poland
Szkoda, ze rysowanie nie jest Twoja praca ziomus ale zajebiscie, ze znajdujesz troche czasu na taaaaakich kolesi.
Szczesliwego Nowego Roku i wszystkiego dobrego!

Name - beefbuff     Email - manmatters@t-online.de
Date -- 11/07/06 1:59 PM     From - Germany
The October 2006 Pic is absolutely "Ball-Bursting" - it quite did me the "Rise" of a lifetime ! -
Your Art's really transforms the Essence of Man into such great drawings ! - WOW ! - 'Ose Pics are
givin' that "HUN" style bully as brutish appearance - yet much more delicate in terms of artistic
skills ! - Can't wait to see much mo' of this !! - Best wishes, beefbuff

Name - boi scott     Email - bndgboi@mindspring.com
Date -- 11/05/06 2:48 PM     From - Dallas, TX
Great drawings, Sir, especially the bondage pics! Is there any chance of seeing more along those lines?

Name - joe2stud     Email - jo55fr@yahoo.com
Date -- 10/23/06 3:57 PM     From - Nice
keep up the great work!
what about a screensaver?

Name - kl von brandenburg     Email - kl v brandenburg@aol.com
Date -- 10/18/06 4:37 PM     From - berlin germany
i will say the same like bill schmeling jour art is hot !!i have seen some drawings someware in groups.

Name - Iana     Email - love_biceps@yahoo.co.uk
Date -- 10/17/06 7:17 PM     From - Romania
Cool pics! If you like a big guy for real, check out my page at <a href="http://www.freakmusclexxl.net.tc">www.freakmusclexxl.net.tc</a>.

Name - beefbuff     Email - manmatters@t-online.de
Date -- 10/15/06 5:35 PM     From - Germany
UUGH ! SHIT ! 'ose MEGATON MUSCLEMEN are really doin' me a rise for good !
I may say it seems there's sum "TOM o' FINLAND" influence in it ! Right ? -
Yet u have driven it even further by packin''ose guys with bigger beef's -
addin' sum mo' brutish as Bully aspect ! - WOW ! I luv' that !! - OK ! -
What about sum Muscle in Uniform - Army or Police - that would see me
"Balls blowin' off" for sure ! -

Best regards - in all-out adoration ! - beefbuff
Name - Steve     Email - ssnsonia@erols.com
Date -- 8/25/06 7:45 PM     From - MA
Chris, this art work is fantastic. When can we expect more of the same?

Name - william andrews     Email - a_kock_sucker@hotmail.com
Date -- 8/16/06 4:26 PM     From - Toronto Canada
Hey Chris:

Just looked again at your web cite
for the umpteenth time. I agree
with out mutual friend, the Hun,
your awesome men are a little Hun
like, T of F like, Teddy of Paris
like and Michael Labelle like.
But you have made them all in your
unique style. I know life has it's
challenges but there are those of
us out there that love your work
and need your fantasies of over
muscled and oversexed dudes.
Please do not despair and give us
more of your men. With 1000 thanks and best wishes

Bill Andrews

Name - John Gibson     Email - john.gibson1@comcast,net
Date -- 7/23/06 11:44 PM     From - Folsom, CA
Chris. When are you going to post another of your great drawings. They are just absolutely wild. You come up with the neatest ideas for muscle jocks doing their thing. Your guys remind me of some of the monsters in our local gym. Please keep them coming. John

Name - J     Email - loughskin@yahoo.com
Date -- 6/25/06 9:12 AM     From - Loughborough, England
Cheers mate. Great work, looking forward to more of it. SKIN in Loughborough

Name - Keith     Email - musclekeith2001@yahoo.com
Date -- 6/24/06 12:24 PM     From - usa
I love your muscle freaks!!!!please do more

Name - Dave Sanchez     Email - dallasmsl@yahoo.com
Date -- 4/23/06 8:03 AM     From - DFW
The artwork is GREAT. Do you do any men with hairy chest, arms, abs, and marine type haircuts?

Name - piotr     Email - pjseym@clarinet.eclipse.co.uk
Date -- 4/18/06 4:26 PM     From - London, England
I agree with a guy above - I'd love to see hugely muscled black guy bicep-curling a smaller guy!

Fantastic artistic quality.


Name - Bill/The Hun     Email - thehun@hunart.com
Date -- 2/03/06 8:32 PM     From - Portland, OR
Chris! Your artwork is fuckin' fantastic!!
I see a little bit of Hun, a LOT of
Tom of Finland, & even hints of Teddy of Paris.
But it's all your unique, powerful &
brand new creation! Fabulous work!
Keep it up!! I wish you long life &
many, many marvelously creative years!
With great admiration,
Bill Schmeling/The Hun

Name - Henry v.d.Hoorn     Email - H.Hoorn@chello.nl
Date -- 11/22/05 11:18 AM     From - yes
I deaf
more gallery Morphs.
I would to have it

Name - chuckiebear     Email -
Date -- 11/18/05 7:18 PM     From - musclegrowthforum
Thanks for posting your incredible work. You truly have mastered the best qualities of Tom of Finland AND The Hun! Yet you also manage to update the work to reflect today's extreme bodybuilding standards. Please continue to develope a body of work to be published in print someday, too.

Name - jack     Email - nothere@yahoo.com
Date -- 11/13/05 10:31 PM     From - Arizona
Your wokr is incredible, thanks for sharing and please post more often.

Name - dale     Email - myherc04@yahoo.com
Date -- 11/11/05 10:58 PM     From - PA
Would love to see the big guys lifting smaller guys in single arm curls or shoulder presses or anyway they wanted even with their dicks

Name - A. Braeden      Email - hottiestudboi2001@yahoo.com
Date -- 11/11/05 7:09 PM     From - US of A
You are amazing!- The quality, and detail simply astound me! Keep up the good work! Do you take requests?

Name - DonnieJvilleNC     Email - dheck@ec.rr.com
Date -- 11/11/05 5:29 PM     From - Jacksonville, North Carolina, USA
Thanks SO much for posting your website on the MGS Forums. I'm amazed at how talented you are. You really know how to capture hyper-masculine muscle studs. Thanks again for sharing your artwork with us.

Name - muscl4life     Email -
Date -- 11/11/05 4:30 PM     From -
Amazing drawings! What an excellent artist please keep up the great work dude!

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