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Schwule Filme Gay Movies with cute Boys! Very sweet and innocent teen boys from Russia, very fresh! WIXGAYS .. alles was Dein Schwanz begehrt .. wahnsinnig gayl! boys weekly Nocreditcardgay Tonnenweise gayle Bilder, Videostreams und vieles mehr .. Premiumbereich - boy-love-boy Hier findet ihr 50 "gayle" Stream-Videoclips und exclusive Galerien!!!! === HARTE KERLE UND HEISSE BOYS === HARTE KERLE UND HEISSE BOYS - Die süssesten Boys rund um die Uhr - Boysex - Extrem Hardcore BI BOYS Geile BiBoys treiben es wild miteinander .. Aktmodel Bastian - free boypics junge nackte Boys beim Sport, aller Art, junge unverbrauchte Schüler für Dich Webcam boy online Webcam boys ONLINE Skater, Surfer, junge Boys - Die Gay Seite Junge Beachboys, Skater, Surfer und Sportler. Die schwule Erotikseite mit zahlreichen Bildern von jungen Boys, sexy Gays und harten Männern. Kostenloser Hardcorebereich mit privaten tabulosen Pics GANZ JUNGE BOYS GANZ JUNGE BOYS = absolutes Frischfleisch. 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Täglich kommen neue Boys hinzu und damit neue Videos, Bilder und Boys - LiveCam Chat! boyfunk NIPPLES: areolas, bulbs, bumps, headlights, knobs, nodes, nodules, nozzles, studs, taps NECROPHILIA: dead fuck ~ O ~ ORAL SEX: 69, face fucking, oral exchange, sixty-nine SEE ALSO: BLOWJOB, CUNNINGLINGUS ORGASM: apex, acme, apogee, big "O", cap sheaf, capstone, climax, culmination, cum, cumming, get off, getting off, meridian, peak, pinnacle, summit ORGY: cluster fuck, gang-bang, group sex ~ P ~ PAIN: ache, agony, anguish, discomfort, displeasure, distress, heartache, infliction, misery, ordeal, pang, shock, suffering, torment, torture, trial RELATED TERMS: algolagnia (love of pain), dacryphilia (aroused by causing tears or partner to cry) SEE ALSO: BDSM, BONDAGE, BOTTOM, CBT/CBTT, DOMINATION, DUNGEON, FETISH, KINKY, S&M, SPANKING, TOP PENIS: SEE: COCK PISS: champagne, champagne fountain, golden showers (GS), pee, peeing, pissing, urination, urinating, water sports (WS) RELATED TERMS: urolagnia (enjoyment of urine/playing with urine), drain the main vein, leak my lizard PORNOGRAPHY/PORN/PORNO: blue, dirty, erotic depiction, erotic photos/movies/ writings, hardcore, obscene, sensuous, sexy, sleaze, smut, spicy, x-rated, XXX PROSTITUTE: call girl, flesh-peddler, hooker, professional, streetwalker, whore RELATED TERMS: STRAIGHT: gigolo (male prostitute), john (customer of a female prostitute) GAY: angel (male customer paying male prostitute), ass business, ass peddler, ass pro, bird taker, bunny, business boy, call boy, career boy, Cinderella fella PUSSY: bush, bearded clam, bearded oyster, beaver, butterfly, chuf, clam, coochie, cooter, crotch, cunny, cunt, female genitalia, flaps, flower, fudd, fur, fur pie, fuzz, fuzz box, fuzzy wuzzy, gash, glory hole, grumble, grunt, hole, honey pot, hoochie, hoo-hoo, labia, lower lips, man in the boat, mud flaps, muff, muff pie, mound, peach, pink, piss flaps, poonany, poonanny, pubic hair, pudendum, puntang, quim, rose, slit, snatch, taco, twat, vagina, vulva/vulvar ~ Q ~ ~ R ~ RETIFISM: boot/show fetish ~ S ~ S&M: S/M or S&M (sadomasochism, sadomasochist), masochism, masochist, sadism, sadist SEE ALSO: BDSM, BONDAGE, BOTTOM, CBT/CBTT, DOMINATION, DUNGEON, FETISH, KINKY, PAIN, SPANKING, TOP SAFEWORD: hanky code, safe signal, stop word SEXUAL INTERCOURSE: SEE: FUCK SHIT: apple alley, brown, excrement, poop, RELATED TERMS: coprophilia (excited by shit), coprophagy (shit eating), hotplate, scat (playing with shit) SHOES/ BOOTS: retifism SPANKING: beat, cane, caning, cat o' nine tails, corporal punishment, discipline, flogging, hitting, lashing, paddle, punish, riding crop, scourge, slap, strap, strike, switch, tawse, thwack, whipping SEE ALSO: BDSM, BONDAGE, BOTTOM, CBT/CBTT, DOMINATION, DUNGEON, FETISH, KINKY, PAIN, S&M, TOP STORIES: audio, audio stories, erotica, literature, penned, porn magazine/book, rendering of words, tales, spoken stories, written smut, writing, writings SWINGERS: non-monogamous, wife swappers ~ T ~ TEEN: bubblegum, blooming, budding, cherry, fresh, fresh meat, forbidden fruit, jail bait, juvenile, lolita, new, nubile, puberty, ripe, schoolgirl, spring, tender age, young, youth, under age TESTICLES: SEE BALLS THREESOME: menage a trois, sandwich, troilism TITS: SEE BOOBS TOP: dominant, master/mistress, lord/lady, daddy/mommy SEE ALSO: BDSM, BONDAGE, BOTTOM, CBT/CBTT, DOMINATION, DUNGEON, FETISH, KINKY, PAIN, SPANKING, S&M TOYS: dildo, dong, ems unit (electrical toy), godemiche, plaything, pocket rocket, sex toy, vibrator TRANSEXUAL (TS): androgynous, chicks with dicks, clocked, cross dresser, drag, drag queen, gender bender, pseudohermaphrodite, she-males, shims, tranny, transvestite (TV), transvestitism, queen TRIBADISM: scissors, twat-to-twat TWINK: cabin boy, chicken, young boy ~ U ~ ~ V ~ VAGINA: SEE: PUSSY VANILLA: normal sex, plain sex VIRGIN: cherry RELATED TERMS: cherry popping, deflower, first time ~ W ~ ~ X ~ ~ Y ~ YOUNG: SEE: TEEN ~ Z ~ ZOOPHILIA: bestiality ALTOCALCOPHILIA: high heel fetish AMATEUR: apprentice, beginner, dabbler, dilettante, greenhorn, initiate, learner, neophyte, novice, probationer, potterer, putterer, rookie, tenderfoot, tinker AMBISEXUAL: SEE: BISEXUAL ANAL: anal love, arseplay, ass fuck, ass games, asshole, ass-way, back alley, backdoor, back porch, back swing, back yard, bake potatoes, baloney colonic, bang the ass, bang the fudge, behind the behind, bend some ham, blind eye, bosco boulevard, bottoms up, brown eye, brown hole, brown, bugger, buggery, bum fuck, butt fuck, butt probe, butt-bang, butt-fuck, chocolate cha cha, chocolate speedway, cornhole, deadeye, doing the darkstar, dig a ditch, dip in the fudge pot, do a brown, dot the "I", fanny pack, fish for brown trout, fluff the duff, get some mud for the duck, goin' down the dirt road, Greek fashion, Greek style, Greek way, Greeking, hershey highway, hershey-highway, hit someone in the seat, intestinal sex, kiester stab, kneeling at the altar, making poundcake, mustard road, over the bridge to plimpton, packing fudge, paint the bucket, poop-shoot, pop it in the toaster, powder someone's cheeks, pushin' shit uphill, ram job, ream, rear-ended, rectal, rectify, rectum, ride the deck, rim, saddle it, saddle up, shit-fuck, shitter, sodomize, sodomy, sphincter invasion, split some buns, stir fudge, sunny-side up, third way, thread somebody, tom-fuck SEE ALSO: ASS ANNILINGUS: ass blow, bite the brown, clean up the kitchen, kiss the star fish of love, lickity split, rim job, rimming ASIAN: Gaesha, Oriental RELATED TERMS: Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai ASS: back, backyard, beefcakes, behind, bottom, bum, bumm, butt, buttocks, caboose, cakes, derriere, english muffins, fanny, garage, ham, hiney, hind end, keister, keyster, rump, seat, sitter, tail, toosh, tooshie, tooter AUTO-EROTIC ASPHYXIATION: breath/ing control, breath games, breathplay, hypoxyphilia, strangle, suffocation ~ B ~ BABES: bird, centerfold, chicks, damsel, dish, dolls, females, gals, girls, honeys, hoochie, lass, lassie, maid, maiden, miss, missy, nymphs, pussies, pussys, sex kittens, sluts, tramp, vixens, wench, whores, women RELATED TERMS: tomboy: deb, debutante, schoolgirl: bobby-soxer BALLS: bag, coconuts, gonads, hot rocks, nads, nut sack, rocks, scrotum, testicles BARE: bald, baldish, denuded, depilated, dismantled, disrobed, divested, hairless, in the buff, naked, nude, peeled, raw, stripped, unclad, unclothed, undressed, uncovered, unattired, unrobed BDSM: bondage domination sadism masochism RELATED TERMS: asb (alt.sex.bondage), B/D, B&D (bondage/discipline) D/S, D/s (Domination/submission or Dominant/submissive), MS, M&S or M-s. Master (mistress/slave), dominatrix/slave, pain/pleasure, DomFemme, MaleDom, Dom, S/M, S/m, S&M, SMer (sadomasochist), sadism and masochism (sex-related activities and interests) sadist and masochist (those who practice such activities or have such interests), blindfold, candle wax, collar and lead, enslaved, hot wax, humiliation, leather, pain games, power exchange (PE), PVC, queening, total power exchange (TPE), vinyl SEE ALSO: BONDAGE, BOTTOM, CBT/CBTT, DOMINATION, DUNGEON, FETISH, KINKY, PAIN, S&M, SPANKING, TOP BESTIALITY: zoophilia BIASTOPHILIA: raptophilia (sexually aroused by the idea of being raped), rape play BISEXUAL: ac-dc, ambisexual, ambibextrious, ambisextrous, bi, bicycle, convertible, double-gaited, flip-flop, flippy, gray cat, going both ways, half-and-half, non-gender specific, side saddle queen, switcher, switch hitter, two-way baby, versatile RELATED TERMS: bicycle rider BLOWJOB: artiste, bilingual, bob on the knob, BJ, blow the whistle, blue jay, brush teeth, brush the teeth, cap, catch it, chew, chew it, cop a bird, cop a cock, cocksucking, cop a doodle, cop a hot one, cop a joint, cuff a carrot, cocksucker, CS, deep throat, dicklick, dick sucking, down, drop on it, eat, eat it all up, face cream, face pussy, faire, facial, fast food sex, fellatio, fix somebody up, flute FR, french, French arts, French job, French love, French way, french dressing, gaelick, gam, get a facial, get it off, get punked in the head, get punked in the mouth, give head, give pearls, give us a gam!, glory hole, gobble, gobgobbler, gobjob, go down for whomp, go down like white on rice, go down on it, grab a hot one, gum, gunch, have some cream sauce, he-blow, head job, hide the sauce, hum a tune, hum a tune on the flute, hummer, hide to sauce, inhale the oyster, iron jaws, job, kiss it, kneel at the alter, knob job, knock somebody off, kowtow chow, lay the lip, lick, lip service, Lucky Pierre, mamar, maneater, mouth job, mouth-fucking, oral-genital sex perform, petereater, picnic up on it, pipe, plate somebody, play a tune, play bugle boy, play musical arrangements, play the flute, play the horn, play the organ, play the skin flute, polish the knob, puff on some tubing, popsicle, prickkick, pricknic, pull some peepee, quickie, raw jaws, root, rough trade, scarf, scorf up on a bod, scort up on a bod, senoreater, service, service station, sit on a face, shore dinner, shot upstairs, sixty-nine, skin flute, skull job, skull pussy, smoking the sausage, snow job, speak Loe Genitalese, stool pigeon, stoop for, suck, suck a bondini, sucked dry, sucked off, swallow a sword, swing on it, swing on some flivver, take it in the mouth take somebody on, tearoom queen, tearoom trade, teenie weenie, tongue job, trade, trick, wean, whistle, whomp down on it, woof up on it, woof wring it dry, worship at the altar, wring it dry, yummy down on it, yummy up on it, zipper sex RELATED TERMS: facial, pearl necklace, fellator (when man performs act), fellatrix (when woman performs act) RELATED WORDS: blow, consume, eat, slurp, suck, swallow BLUE BALLS: vasocongestion BONDAGE: blindfold, bound, cage, caged, chains, collar and lead, cuffs, discipline, gagged, handcuffs, harness, hood, leather, pain games, power exchange (PE), PVC, restrained, restraint, ropes, shackle, straight 8, straight jacket, subjection, subjugation, tied suspension, tether, thumb cuffs, torture, vinyl SEE ALSO: BDSM, BOTTOM, CBT/CBTT, DOMINATION, DUNGEON, FETISH, KINKY, PAIN, S&M, SPANKING, TOP BOOBS: ant bites, apples, balloons, balugas, barbettes, bazooms, bee stings, bell peppers, boobage, boulders, breasts, bust, busty, buxom, busem, chapel hat racks, charlies, chebs, chest, coconuts, hills, honkers, hooters, jubblies, jubes, jugs, knockers, mammaries, maracas, melons, milk cans, milk wagons, milkers, mollies, mosquito bites, mounds, mountains, piggies, puppies, rack, ta-tas, tah-tahs, tanks, teats, tits, titties, treasured chest, udders, watermelons RELATED TERMS: built like a brick shit house BOTTOM: submissive, sub, subby, baby, boy/girl, infant, pet, slave SEE ALSO: BDSM, BONDAGE, CBT/CBTT, DOMINATION, DUNGEON, FETISH, KINKY, PAIN, S&M, SPANKING, TOP BREASTS: SEE: BOOBS BUKKAKE: BUTT: SEE: ASS ~ C ~ CBT/CBTT: cock and ball torture/cock, ball, and tit (nipple) torture SEE ALSO: BDSM, BONDAGE, BOTTOM, DOMINATION, DUNGEON, FETISH, KINKY, PAIN, S&M, SPANKING, TOP CHUBBY CHASER: bear lover, trapper CIRCUMSIZED: acucullophallia, chopped cock, cleaned, clipped dick, cut, kosher, kosher-dill, koshermeat, kosher-style, low neck, nipped, skinned, skinned-back, short sleeves, twenty-twenty RELATED TERMS: acucullophilia (attracted to circumcised men) CLITORIS: clit, love-button, little boy in the canoe, little man in the canoe, mini-penis, pearl, pearl in the clam sex button, underdeveloped penis COCK: Aaron's rod, baby-maker, bald-headed mouse, baloney, baloney pony, banana, band member, basket of meat, bat, beef bayonet, beer can, big Jim and the twins, black jack, boner, boner, boss and his two helpers, cavalier, Charles the Bald, chicken, chorizo, chub, chubby, crankshaft, cucumber, dagger, dick, ding dong, dingle dangle, dirk, dong, drain pipe, equipment, family jewels, helmet, horn, hot dog, hot-rod, Italian stallion, jackhammer, johnson, jimmy, joystick, little general, little soldier, lizard, love muscle, love stick, love wand, Mr. Winkie, main brain, male adapter, male genitalia, meat stick, member, middle leg, mutton dagger, one-eyed trouser viper, one-eyed willie, outtie, package, packet, pecker, pee pee, penile, penis, phallus, phallic, phallus, pisser, pocket rocket, pork dagger, power tool, prick, private parts, privates, purple headed monster, purple helmeted warrior, python, ram rod, rod, rooster, sausage, schlong, shaft, short leg, short sword, staff of life, stalk, stiffie, tackle, thang, thing, third leg, tool, trouser snake, trouser trout, wang, weasel, wee wee, weed whacker, wiener, yonker, zonker RELATED TERMS: hung, hung like a donkey, hung like a horse, well hung SEE ALSO: BALLS, ERECTION CONDOM: glove, jimmy hat, johnny, life preserver, overcoat, nodder, prophylactics, protection, raincoat, rubber, sheath CORONA: nacho CUM: ball-bearing oil, beef gravy, busting a nut, charge, cocoa butter, cream, ejaculate, emission, eruption, expulsion, flow, fruit hot lead, hot milk, juice, gravy, jelly, jiz, jizm, jism, juice, lava, load, love cream, love juice, love lube, love potion, sauce, semen, sex cream, sex juice, sex potion, shooting your load, special sauce, sperm, spit, spooge, wad SEE ALSO: ORGASM CUNNILINGUS: barking at the ape, bird-washing, blow job, box lunch, canyon yodeling, clit licking, cunt lapping, cuntino filet with white sauce, dive a muff, eating at the "y", eating out, eating pussy, egg mcmuff, face fucking, face job, fish dinner, French job, French tricks, furburger, give face, give head, go down on, go south, go under the house, hair pie, head job, larking, lickety split, licking the beaver, moustache ride, muff barking, muff dive, muff diving, mumbling in the moss, pearl diving, playing in the sandbox, sea food dinner, shrimping, sitting on one's face, skull fuck, skull job, smokin' the fur, sneeze in the basket, sneeze in the cabbage, talking to the boat people, talking to the canoe driver, telephone the stomach, tongue-fuck, tuna taco, whistling in the dark, whistling in the weeds, yodeling in the gully RELATED TERMS: clitorilingus (licking the clit) CUNT: SEE: PUSSY ~ D ~ DICK: SEE: COCK DOG STYLE: dog fashion, dogfuck, doggy style, doggie-style, doggy fashion, doggy ways DOMINATION: ascendancy, authority, command, control, dominance, dominion, jurisdiction, masterdom, mastery, preeminence, preponderancy, prepotence, prepotency, sovereignty RELATED TERMS: Dominatrix, Domme (female master) Dom (male master) Mistress, Master, Lord, Lady SEE ALSO: BDSM, BONDAGE, BOTTOM, CBT/CBTT, DUNGEON, FETISH, KINKY, PAIN, S&M, SPANKING, TOP DRY HUMP: dry date, dry fuck, dry rub, dry run DYKE: SEE: LESBIAN DUNGEON: blackroom, cage, playroom, toyroom SEE ALSO: BDSM, BONDAGE, BOTTOM, CBT/CBTT, DOMINATION, FETISH, KINKY, PAIN, S&M, SPANKING, TOP ~ E ~ EBONY: black, chocolate, cocoa, darky, jet/jetty, onyx, raven, sable RELATED TERMS: African, African American ENEMA: anal douche ERECTION: anteater, bone, boner, boneroni, hard on, rise in the Levi's, steely dan, stiffy, wood, woody SEE ALSO: COCK EROGENOUS ZONE: hot button EROTIC: ardent, amative, amatory, amorous, aphrodisiac, bawdy, carnal, concupiscent, earthy, epicurean, fleshly, fervent, fervid, impassioned, lascivious, lewd, lovesome, passionate, pleasuring, salacious, sensual, sexy, spicy, voluptuous ~ F ~ FAT: big, bbw, brawny, bulky, burly, broad, chubby, chunky, corpulent, fleshy, full-bodied, gross, heavy, heavyset, obese, overblown, overweight, paunchy, potbellied, plump, porcine, portly, stocky, stout, thick, thickset, voluptuous, weighty, husky, wide FETISH: bias, fetishism, fixation, leaning, mania, obsession, partiality, penchant, predilection, prejudice, preoccupation, prepossession, proclivity, propensity, thing SEE ALSO: BDSM, BONDAGE, BOTTOM, CBT/CBTT, DOMINATION, DUNGEON, KINKY, PAIN, S&M, SPANKING, TOP FINGER: finger bang, finger fuck, finger stuffing FISTING: Ano-manual Intercourse, Brachio-proctic Intercourse, FFA, fist fucking, hand balling FUCK: bait the hook, bang, boff, boink, boop, bopp, bump and grind, bumping uglies, bury the beef, carnal knowledge, coitus, copulate, dancing in the sheets, diddle, dip the wick, do the wild thing, doing the deed, effing, enjoin, fill the void, fooling around, fornicate, fornication, frigging, get some, getting into someone's pants, get/tin it on, get/ting laid, going to bed with someone, hammer, hanky panky, hide the salami, hit, hitting it, horizontal bop, intercourse, land the plane, lay, laying pipe, making love, making it, mucking around, nookie, park the hot-rod, penetration, plough, poke a pussy, porking, ram, ream, rock the casaba, roll in the hay, romp, screw, sew a hole, shag, sow ones oats, sexual intercourse, slap and tickle, slap the slot, slash the gash, sleeping together, slip one a length, straight lay, stuffing, ramming the rod, western lay FRONTAGE: belly fucking, frottage ~ G ~ GAY: SEE: HOMOSEXUAL ~ H ~ HAIRY: feathers, hirsute MEN: bears, cubs WOMEN: bushy, furry, natural HOMOSEXUAL: anal ranger, Angelina, aunt, auntie, aunt fancy, bender, bentwrist, birdie, birl, bitch, bunter, butt pirate, buttercup, butterfly, butterfly boy, camp bitch, chirujo, cissy, sissy, cooch, coolie, cot betty, cow, cupcake, daffodilly, dainties dandy, daisy, darling, duchess, duck, doric love, effe, fag, fairy, fay, feigele, fagola, fellow, femme, filly, finicchioi, Finn's place names, fish queen, flame, flame artist, flame thrower, flamer, flaming bitch, flaming faggot, flaming lady, flaming queen, flapping fag, flicker, flit, flossy one, flower, flutterer, flying faggot, freak, freak of nature, fruit, fruitcake, fu, fudge packer, fuff, fluff, friend of Dorothy, gay, gay as a goose, gay girl, giddy woman, girl, glitter girl, gump, hair fairy, hint of mint, lacy lad, lady boy, laddie, lefty, light in the loafers, lily, lily white, limpwrist, lisper, little dear, loca, maricon, maripose, mavis, milksop, milquetoast, min, mince, mince meat, mintie, miss boy, mollycoddle, mama's boy, muffie, mujerado, nance, nancy boy, nelly, neon-sign, neon-carrier, niceling, nicht, painted willy, pansy, panz, papaout, patapouf, pato, pee willy, Percy, perthy, petal, pillow biter, pissy queen, pitches for the other team, pix, poncy, pood, poof, poofter, pouf, powder puff, prissy queen, punta, queen, queenie, quin, quince, red lip, red one, screamer, screaming-bitch, screaming-faggot, screaming-fairy, screaming-mimi, screaming-queen, screecher, shit stabber, sis, sissy, sissy-queen, sister boy, squeaking fag, squealer, sugar sweet, sweet boy, sweetheart, sweetie, sweet William, swish swisher, tapette, tauatane, tender lily, tit-face, toots, torch, tripper, triss, turd burglar, tweener, twinkle-toes, twit, twixter, uffimay, uphill gardener, waffle, whoopsie boy, woofter, woolly-woofter, Willy, winny, yoo-hoo boy SEE ALSO: LESBIAN HORNY: amorous, aroused, excited, blaze, electrify, fascinate, feverish, hot, hot and bothered, hot-to-trot, interested, impassion, kindle, libido, lust, nymphomania, overpower, overwhelm, sex-drive, sexually geeked, stimulated, swell, thrill, quicken, quiver, wet, whet RELATED TERMS: fan the flame, fire the blood, raise the temperature, sexually frustrated, stir the blood ~ I ~ INTERRACIAL: RELATED TERMS: black and white, blanc and negra, ebony and ivory, mixed breed, mixed race, oreo, vanilla and chocolate ~ J ~ JPEG: jpg, movie, mpeg, video, moving picture ~ K ~ KINKY: anomalous, bee headed, curious, depraved, deviate, deviation, distorted, eccentric, erratic, exceptionable, exceptional, extraordinary, fantastic, grotesque, irregular, outlandish, peculiar, pervert, perverted, perversions, unnatural, unusual, warped, idiosyncratic, odd, oddball, queer, quirky, quizzical, wacky, weird SEE ALSO: BONDAGE, BOTTOM, CBT/CBTT, DOMINATION, DUNGEON, FETISH, PAIN, S&M, SPANKING, TOP KISS: deep kiss, french kiss, mackin', making out, mouth wrestling, pass secrets, throw the tongue, tongue wrestling, soul kiss, suck face, swap spit ~ L ~ LATINA: chachita, chica, chicana, hot-blooded, Latin woman, mocha, salsa, senora, senorita, south of the border, spicy RELATED TERMS: Cuban, Colombian, Mexican, Latin, Portuguese, Puerto Rican, South American, Spanish LESBIAN: bull-dagger, bull-dyke, butch, carpet muncher, diesel dyke, dyke, female homosexual, femme, gay women, lesbo, lez, lezzy, lezzies, lipstick, pitches for the other team SEE ALSO: HOMOSEXUAL ~ M ~ MASTERBATION: auto-eroticism, cabareting, getting yourself off, playing with yourself, self-stimulation MEN: balling off, bang the banjo, bash the bishop, beat it, beat the meat, beating off, choking the chicken, choking the chipmunk, choking the gopher, cracking nuts, chuck ones muck, dolloping the wiener, flog the dong, flogging the meat, flogging the poodle, fisting off, five knuckle chuckle, five knuckle shuffle, hand job, hand-shandy, having one off the wrist, jerking the cherkin, jerking off, pocket billiards, polishing the silver, pull ones pud, rosy palms, shooting your load, spanking the monkey, spunk up, stroking, toss off, squeezing the tube, twisting the knob, wank off, whacking the weasel, yank off, yanking the chain WOMEN: stoking the kitty, tickling her fancy RELATED TERMS: circle jerk, hand job, mutual masturbation, trading favors MPEG: mpg, movie, video, moving picture