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This site is to list gay and shemale/TV/CD escorts who offer
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This includes bondage gangbangs watersports sadism
and other perversions and bizarre acts and performances.
All whores here have proven themselves as worthy to be used.
They are dedicated, fully trained, eager to serve and satisfy
and proud to be known and used as filthy abnormal sluts for hire

This site is a work in progress.
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Our Special Whores
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welcome to new whore Stephanie

Stephanie on the streets sperm sucking Stephanie
Stephanie, French Transvestite Whore Trash for Hire
Pimp worthy and brothel ready, she proves that the nastiest whores
in the world are found in France. Her amazing suckmouth is trained for
constant usage by cocks of any size or race or mouthfucking number with
cum down her throat or on her face or anywhere on her body. Feel free to fuck
her exquisite anus-cunt in any manner or positions. Bring your friends and gangbang
Stephanies's mouth and anus day and night. Just the queen of tranny whores!
See the website of lots of XXX rated photos and videos

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Michael Travels USA and worldwide
transvestite stripper massge parlor blowjob artist
and brothel whore in the US and in Central America
specializes in anal rimming used in anal gangbangs
sucks and rims truckers and travelers in vehicles
eats sperm opens wide for deep gag mouthfuck
and rough rape-style fuck with whip and spank
eargerly submits for bizarre sex exhibitions
a tireless experienced skilled pimp-ready
well-trained ass licking kinky nasty gay whore

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Betty based in Lyon, France
bareback anal group use tranvestite and supreme cockserver
most famous tv whore in all France travels Europe Africa
Middle East for kinks gangbangs and brothel working
whore to Turks Arabs Nigerians soldiers and sailors
will pose and perform any scene for film or video
a truly skilled spermseeking mouth and ass for all
website has photos and links to her many whore friends

English Shemale Whore Anja
Anja, Anal Slut and Whore, Famous in all Britain
Taking fistings and fuckings from cock of any size or race.
with deepthroat suck and swallow and mouthfuckings
Experienced for double fuckings of her mouth and anus
Just tell the slut what is wanted. She will want it
takes it all and begs for more - bring friends and gangfuck
this truly outstanding fetish-ready shemalewhore
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Dita sucking       showing off her anus-cunt
Dita, a traveling transsexual based in the Canadian Maritimes.
So young and cute and sweet but already an experienced anal slut
for cocks big and small and a cocksucking whore with a tireless
deepthroat trained suckmouth. She is a submissive bottom who loves
her work and is eager to be the best ts whore on the market.
See her website for many hot photos and videos

photo of an ideal homowhore
Note this slut's large anus made by many thousands!
of fuckings by satisfied customers of all races

It is well-known that homosexual anal whores are the nastiest sluts
on the market. They eagerly prostitute themselves to ass fucked
by as many men as possible. Most train themselves to be used
by single men and gangbanging groups in any manner or positions
and also enjoy to give suck and swallow and anal rimming services to all.
New super trashy real working insatiable anal whores are needed on this site.
see the bottom of this page to submit youself

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Anal raping whore Michael trained to take cocks of size or
race or gangbanging number with whippings and strappings and
any other brutal abuse while he is being assfucked. Feel free to
deepthroat mouthfuck him too even if he gags and chokes.
Double anal fuckings, gangbangings, k9inky taboo usage and
he will come out to give suck and swallow or take anal in
public places; toilet, parks, reststops, on the streets, etc.
Just use him as desired as long as he is returned/left in good
condition to be used by others.

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