Welcome to Male Zone, my site dedicated to the exquisite
male body and all the glory that comes with gay sex.
This site was originally only catering to softcore pictures but I decided its time to get nasty.

I've divided the site into two categories, softcore and hardcore, and in each there are many sub-categories. Just click on any of them below to take you to some sexy, great-quality pictures. Thanx for visiting and enjoy.
Please sign the guestbook and let me know what you think.
(ALL models are 18 and over)

-- Jimmy

Shirtless Gallery
Chiseled pecs, washboard abs and tasty nipples!
Undies Gallery
Boxers, Jockeys and Thongs, oh my!
Ass Gallery
What's better than a nice, smooth pair of buns? Nothing!
Nude Gallery
Fully nude guys, or at least showing their beautiful dicks!
Couples Gallery
Cute couples, clothed and nude, not necessarily doing anything naughty.. how sweet!

Oral action at its nastiest!
Nothing makes my day more than flicking my tongue at a tight, puckering asshole!
I had to make a seperate section to my favorite, mutual pleasuring activity!
Grinding, pounding, moaning and screaming..nuff said!
Check out these guys as they climax to their ultimate peaks!
Whether it be 3-ways or 4-gies, more is always the merrier!


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