Max Biggermen: The Rebirth of Max Biggermen

Note: This version has been superseded by the one in The Sorcerer's New Apprentice series.

Based on the CYOC chapter originally written by Alyn Roze.

A lone figure was standing behind a tree along State Road 98. The many cups of coffee that he consumed early in the morning were taking their toll on his bladder, and he was none too keen on leaving his spot.

Sergeant Maxwell Biggermen had parked his motorcycle along this section of the road because of its location. The state of Florida had mandated years ago that all billboards, along all roadways, had to be a certain height, a certain size and a certain distance off the ground. This left very few places for the police to monitor traffic conditions, but this particular stretch had a few miles of straight road followed by blind curve that unsuspecting drivers didn't know about.

The county police officer had used this spot before to "advise" motorists that driving doesn't have to be a costly endeavor, but since there hadn't there hadn't been more than a half dozen cars that passed by all morning, he was took this opportunity to relieve himself. He was quietly humming to himself when he heard his police radio crackling.

"Motor four one from Base, Motor four one from Base, Maxwell are you there?"

Reaching up to mic attached to the shoulder strap on his shirt, he activated the walkie-talkie. "I'm right here, my southern belle. You always seem to know when my hands are full. Are you callin' to accept my offer to go out with me tonight?"

On the other end of the radio, back at the station, was 40-year-old police women Mabel D'Angelo. Her seductive voice would make any hot-blooded male swoon, and Maxell wasn't different. Maxwell had been trying for months to get her to go out with him, but each invitation was turned down.

"Keep dreamin' Romeo. Now put it back in your pants and listen up. The Mayor was lookin' over the books and noticed that revenues are down. He wants all of you boys to write more tickets. We haven't met the ticket quota for the month."

"Mabel, you know since the state put in the new bypass the pickin's have been slim. The tourists haven't been driving through."

"Maxwell, change some road signs or put up the detour again. You bess be doin' some writin' or you're going be the new school crossing guard."

Sergeant Maxwell released the button on the radio mic and zipped up his pants. "The Mayor must be remodeling his house again," he muttered.

Maxwell was about set up a speed trap when a SUV went speeding by. "Well whaddya know? There's my first ticket. Let's see how big I can make it." Little did the cop know that his life was about to change big-time.

"Justin! You were supposed to turn right on that last road we just passed! It says so on the map right here!" Brian said to his brother. They, along with their cousin David and his friend Quinn, were headed down to the beach for the weekend. They were running a bit late, and Justin had somehow missed the bypass turn off to the beach.

"Okay, let me turn around," Justin sighed.

"Well, hurry up! We're wasting time driving around these little hick towns," David said.

"I can't!" Justin replied. "The speed limit in this town is 30 miles per hour! If I drive any faster we might..."

Suddenly, a sound of a blaring siren came from behind their SUV.

Justin burst out, "Oh crap... A motorcycle cop right behind us..." He then pulled over and turned off the engine.

Officer Maxwell parked the bike behind the SUV and got off. He then walked up to the car and bent down so he could address the driver who was looking through the window.

"Is there a problem, officer?" Justin asked him, with an innocent look on his face.

The officer took off his mirrored glasses and hung them on the outside of his shirt pocket. He knew all the tricks to intimidate his victims.

"Boy!" he said in a deep southern accent, "you must be one of those Yankees 'cause I know ya ain't from around these parts, comin' down in your fancy S-U-V and speedin' through town. Well, speedin' ain't tolerated in my town..."

"I'm sorry, officer. We're on the way to the beach, and we lost our way..." Justin explained.

"You bess be gettin' out of the car and quit sassin' me. Now everyone of ya get up here and put your hands on the hood," the officer ordered, and the foursome got out of the vehicle. "Your trip through our little town here is gonna to cost ya a $75 fine right now..." the officer started. "Or, a day in traffic school."

Maxwell moved towards the group. Suddenly, he felt a tingling feeling through his entire body.

"Hey... what... what's going on?" he asked. He looked over at the young men expecting an answer.

"FREEZE!" demanded Brian, and the cop did just that, blurting out, "What the hell? I cain't move my legs!"

Brian approached the officer and looked at his badge. "Sergeant Maxwell Biggerman, you will not be able to move from that spot until I say so. I'm going to teach all you cops in your little hick town how to treat tourists right."

"Teach me?" the officer asked. That was when he noticed his uniform starting to fit loosely. His boots were becoming bigger and wider. He was getting smaller! If he would have looked in a mirror he would have noticed that he not only getting smaller but younger as well. He was about 30 years old now and was slowly becoming younger and younger.

"How are you doing this to me?" Maxwell inquired. "What the hell are you?"

"I am a fifteen-year-old teenager with the power to change anything, including this town's meanest and fattest motorcycle cop!" Brian replied. "I can make you a few years younger or I can make you into a teen-aged boy…"

The officer continued to regress, with his uniform now fitting him many sizes too big. He was now in his early twenties and apparently much thinner in his youth. He was in too much shock to say anything and just watched in horror at his body shrinking before his very eyes.

"How about I send you back to high school?" Brian continued.

Maxwell was now about 18, as his facial hair disappeared. He lost his height and muscle, and his face became slightly rounder.

"I can also make you a middle-schooler…"

Maxwell now regressed even further, slowly shrinking into an adolescent, becoming skinny and short, with his uniform sitting on him like a huge robe, wrinkling on him in the process. His sleeves were just too long, since his arms were shorter. His slacks were all wrinkled as well, since his legs were much too short now.

"Or, how about I send you back to grade school?" Brian laughed.

Maxwell became a pre-teen and was now a sixth-grader, small and skinny, with big blue eyes and an innocent look on his face. He lost all the hair on his arms and legs and on his armpits.

"And now… a little baby…" Brian chuckled.

Maxwell regressed into a baby. His face became rounder as the baby fat set in, and his hands and feet shrunk even further. His now baby legs could no longer hold him up. His body wobbled a bit before falling back on his bottom. He was almost completely covered by his helmet and the big, black uniform.

Brian reached down and took the helmet off of the baby and put it on the ground. He smiled as the little baby Maxwell started to cry softly. "Guess he's learned his lesson."

"What are you going to do to him now, Brian?" asked Justin. "You can't leave just him as a baby despite what he's done to us. This town needs its cops."

For a while Brian contemplated what Justin had said. He could do anything to the policeman; he could turn him into anything. Brian decided Justin was right. He turned to Maxwell and said, "All right, time to grow back to fifteen, but this time we are going to change a few things."

Brian raised his hands together, palm to palm, upwards and outwards as the baby Maxwell started to change once again, progressing this time. His face started to grow a little longer as his hands and feet grew bigger. As he changed from being a toddler to a young boy, he was able to stand up on his own, but the police uniform still hung off him like a tent. His arms and legs grew longer, and his torso expanded, as he became a pre-teen once again.

The changes became quicker and more dramatic as he passed through puberty and testosterone pumped into his system resulting in his baby fat disappearing, hair covering his arms and legs, and muscles and other body parts developing and increasing in size. The police uniform re-formed along with Maxwell's body and started to fit better than before. He was bigger and taller than he was the first time he was an adolescent, and when the growth stopped, it left him looking like a senior in high school rather than a fifteen-year-old teenager.

"Now, you’re going to waive the stupid speeding ticket," Brian said to the teen-aged Maxwell, "Or should I change you back to your original self?"

Maxwell shook his head out of fear. "Please don't change me back. I kinda like this younger body you've given me. I ain't felt this good in years."

Brian picked up Maxwell's helmet and handed it back to him. "Good, let us go, and you can keep your new body. Just to let you know that there are no hard feelings, I will let you decide when your body will stop growing and how you want to lead your life from now on. Open your mind, and let me see what it is you really want."

Maxwell closed his eyes and went into Zen-like trance. The most recent memory was that of wrestling match that Maxwell had seen the night before. He didn't want to admit it liked watching the big muscular guys knocking the crap out of each other.

Maxwell aged back to adulthood right before the four teens. The rest of him grew slowly, filling in the ever-expanding police uniform, which Brian made stretchable to accommodate the increase in muscle mass in the officer's arms, legs, pecs, delts and butt. The long pants became thigh-high shorts showing off his massive quads. As his hormones went on overdrive, hair continued to thicken and spread all over his body, and his face hardened to a handsome hunk's, with a perpetual 5 o'clock shadow and a strong cleft chin. To top it off, his genitals bulged in size and potential until his cock would now be bigger flaccid than when it was hard and erect before on his old body.

At the same time, Maxwell's memories began adjusting itself to go along with his new big and buffed physique, memories of how he joined the high school bodybuilding team as a sophomore, which paved the way to his participating and winning in competitions. When he got to college, he realized how much he wanted to become a cop and did so as soon as he graduated. Maxwell also began "remembering" how he used to enjoy the company of both girls and boys, especially his teammates, who could never get enough of his inexhaustible 13-incher that earned him his nickname, "Max".

In his previous life, Max hated himself for even thinking about how good some of his male classmates looked in their clothes, and this time, Max took pride at how easily he got those guys, and the guys he now worked with, out of them. A small smirk came to his face as those new memories excited him and brought his cock to life, growing and thickening in his pants, and he zeroed in on one such memory when he was 15 years old and trying out for the wrestling team in high school.

Max, in this life, had always been big for his age, big everywhere in fact, especially where it counted. The unitards that team had to wear made Max's crotch look even bigger, and this didn't escape the attention of one of his teammates, Abel Mann, a senior who became very keen in personally helping the sophomore out. Max recalled the many afternoons they spent together, in particular the one when he learned firsthand how wonderful another man could make him feel. They were alone in locker room, and Abel was shaving Max's body for the younger teen's first contest. One thing lead to another, and before Max knew what was happening, he had his then 10-inch cane driving in and out Abel's throat.

Everything about the event felt so real to Max. It was as if he was experiencing it for the first time, and he really was, with the synapses in his brain firing off to form the memory. In his mind he replayed the blowjob in succulent detail, how hot and wet Abel's mouth was, how hard and thick his dick was, and how badly he needed to cum. The sensations sent his throbbing erection shuddering, and Max, still frozen and unable to take matters into his own hands, could only groan in frustration, but fortunately he didn't have to suffer for long since at the very moment he remembered shooting his teenage load down Abel's throat, he began to shoot inside his pants, completely drenching the material. It was literally the best orgasm he'd had in his life as of yet, and he hadn't even touched himself.

When it was all done, Max was a twenty-five-year old, six-foot-seven, two hundred and ninety-five pounds adult bodybuilder dressed in a skintight police uniform with a huge cum-soaked spot around the crotch area.

Quinn, David and Justin stood by in awe as Max went though his transformation. Before them stood the biggest motorcycle officer they had ever seen. They commented on Brian's latest creation.

"OH MAN! Look how big he is now."

"It sure looks like he enjoys his new body... a lot."

"That has one of your best works yet, Brian."

"That must have been some kind of wet dream he had," Brian said looking at Max's crotch. "Now that the changes are done, on to making them permanent. Officer Max, You will not remember anything that has happened here in the last thirty minutes. You will think that being this muscular is normal, and that you've always been muscular. You will want to show of your body every chance you get. Your favorite places to show off your body are at the beach and the gym. Is that understood?"

"Yes sir," Max replied in a deep rumbling monotone.

Brian continued, "Your friends and colleagues will not notice a change in your body, and when they see you, their memories and reality will adjust accordingly. Just for the fun of it, any of your fellow officers you come in physical contact with will change into perfect male bodybuilding police officers, and the memories and reality of those who see these men will also change. Since we can't have half-naked policemen popping up all over the county, I will make so that the clothes they are wearing will fit their new bodies. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir."

"Very good. When I snap my fingers, your uniform will be dry, and you will act like anything unusual has happened."


Max blinked his eyes a couple of times, and for a moment he thought he remembered something, but it quickly became a fleeting memory. He looked down and wondered why four sheepish teenagers were standing in front of him when one of them said, "We're very sorry for speeding, Sergeant Max."

Not realizing what they were so contrite for, the officer laughed and said in a big, gruff, masculine voice, "Very well, I'm gonna give ya a warnin' this time. Next time I catch ya speedin' it will cost ya a hefty fine." He turned his now larger body around, walked back to the motorcycle with a gait only those with gigantic thighs had, and started the engine as he got on. As he rode off Max thought to himself, I need to get a bigger bike. This one's gettin' too small.

"Wow… That was close…" Justin breathed out a big sigh of relief.

"Now, Highway 98 to the beach!" Brian said, as they all jumped back in the car. "I think the police force in this town is about to get a whole lot bigger."

All the guys started to laugh as they rode off to enjoy the morning at the beach.

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