Building Walls 3: Danny Boy

Darren pays his brother Danny a visit.

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It's a Saturday afternoon, and Darren's younger brother, Danny, is out on the lawn and mowing the grass. He would've rather been inside the house and playing his video games as most teens his age usually do, but his dad gave him an ultimatum to clean up the yard before he got back from vacation with his mom... or else, and that was something Danny wasn't in the mood to find out. As Danny is halfway done with the lawn, he notices someone approaching him, and normally he would have just ignored whoever it was, but this man is something else. Even from afar, he looks really big and ripped.

'Huh, I didn't know there was a bodybuilder who lived around here. There's something oddly familiar about him though,' Danny thinks. Then the bolt of realization strikes him as he recognizes who's coming up to him. It's his big brother Darren, who's really, really big.

Danny at first can't get the words out; he's just too flabbergasted at his brother's seemingly almost-overnight transformation. He can't stop himself from giving his own brother a once-, or even thrice-over. Upon composing himself, he finally manages to blurt out, "Darren, is that you?!"

"Yes, Danny. Who else could it be?"

"I dunno, but, jeezus, bro. You're like a totally different person. You're looking pretty swole. Looks like being a building contractor agrees with you. Did you come from rugby practice?" Danny remarks to the man in the rugby vest and white nylon shorts that neither left anything to the imagination.

"Thanks, Danny. And yes, I came from my.... training. By the way, you're not looking too bad yourself. You're finally starting to fill out somewhat." Darren replies.

"Thanks, bro." Danny blushes, becoming a bit self-conscious in his sleeveless T and knee-high jean shorts. He didn't think anyone would notice that he'd started working out a few months ago. "So, what brings you here back here? You know Mom and Dad went on vacation and won't be back til tomorrow."

"Yeah, I know they aren't home, and I'm actually here to see you. My new Boss, Mr. Grossman, gave this to me to give to you when I told him I had a brother who was really into video games."

Danny scoffs. "Isn't Grossman that fag down the road? You know he has a wife?! Can you believe that? He’s so gay, man, like one of those hairy seedy ones, and me and my buddies did a number on his house last Halloween to let the whole neighborhood know. And believe or not, even Dad helped us out."

The thing was, Darren could believe it. Their father David was as much a homophobe as he and his brother were, if not moreso. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, as they say, but since he had met Mr Grossman, Darren found himself to be in a whole different cart. He pretends to ignore what his brother said and gives him the package, and Danny can't help but give it a double-take when he see what's inside.

"Holy sh... I mean, wow! Is that what I think it is? I thought this game wasn't even on sale yet!"

"Mr Grossman invests in a gaming company, and he wanted to make sure his products clicked with the right kind of audience. He bought you these as well, as thanks for beta-testing the game," Darren says, handing his younger brother a 6-pack of beer.

"Ha! Nice man. Good timing with the parentals gone. C'mon, let's go inside--"

Darren shakes his head no. "You play; I'll be out here. I'll finish mowing the lawn for you."

Danny blinks, a bit shocked at what his brother just said. "Uh, whatever man." Danny grabs the beer before heading inside. He wonders that there's something so different about Darren… and him wanting to finish mowing the lean while he played a new video game? Weird.


Danny zooms up the stairs to get to his room and practically shoves the disc into his XBOX from pure excitement. He settles down on his bed across from the TV. He cracks open one of the cans of beer and takes a swig. He almost wants to spit it out as it tastes very much unlike beer, which catches him off guard. It tastes… good, and he drinks more of it. After the console finishes warming up, the game whirls into life and a beautiful light show beams out of the TV. Slightly confused, Danny stares at the screen wondering what he's supposed to be seeing.

Danny thinks, 'Uh, game must be frozen… but this light is... cool. Really awesome.'

While Danny focuses his attention on the screen, the video game controller goes limp in his hand, and an idiotic smile spreads across his face. His eyes are half open. As soon as he finishes his first can, Danny automatically opens his next beer and instantly downs it. He starts to giggle to himself quietly, and as he finished yet another beer can, he can't help but laugh uncontrollably. He isn't even sure what he found so funny... maybe he's wasted?

During his laughing fit, Danny doesn't notice that his brother has gone into his room. He only sees him there when Darren turns off the TV.

"Haha duuude. I’m so fucked. Hahaa!!" Danny guffaws. "I don’t know how it happened man…nsssh… don’t tell Mom and Dad. Hhhaa dude, you’re big, you know that?"

Darren looks at his target. If Darren has his own thoughts at this point, he may have recognized the teen on the bed as his own brother whom Darren easily picks up and takes outside the room.

Still laughing hysterically, Danny hangs on Darren, depending on his big brother to help him go down the flight of stairs where he sees Mr Grossman waiting. Mr Grossman is flanked by two of the rugby players he acquired recently. Both are wearing clothes similar to Darren's, tight black vests and even tighter white nylon shorts, a uniform of sorts.

Mr Grossman is smiling, pleased at smoothly his plans have been progressing. He has special plans for Darren's brother.

"Hello, Danny," Mr Grossman greets the teen.

"Oh man… duuude, it's that Mr Gross-out fag. Hahaha!" Danny yells into Darren's ear.

"Ssssssh Danny. You don’t know what you are talking about, do you? You're so very sleepy now, aren't you?"

The laughing slows down, and Danny looks like his brain has just melted.

"Y-yes. So-sleeepy." Danny mumbles. He holds back a gawpish giggle that is replaced with a big yawn.

"C'mon sleepy boy. Time for your nap." Mr Grossman says.

"Nap... time... ha." Danny can't resist Mr Grossman's suggestions and passes out in his brother's thick arms. As Mr Grossman leaves, Danny's unconscious body is helped up by the Darren's fellow rugby players. They silently carry him outside to where a van is parked up in the drive. Bern, Darren’s ex-boss, is in the driver's seat and staring straight ahead. Mr Grossman gets into the van while the boys chuck Danny in the back before climbing in themselves. Darren closes the doors, and the van drives off.


'Uh, my head.' Danny groans as he comes to, but he senses something is off when he opens his eyes but can't see anything, and when he goes to remove it, his arms won't budge as they're tied behind his back – to a chair? "What the fuck?!" Panicking, Danny struggles wildly against his restraints, hoping also to remove whatever that was covering his eyes, .

"Evening, pretty boy," a voice interrupts him. "Have a nice nap?"

Danny, realizing he isn't alone, shouts, "Who the fuck are you, man? You kidnapped me?!"

"Yes, I did. I needed to bring you here where we can have a bit more privacy. I couldn't have your friends unexpectedly dropping in your house if we had stayed there. Are you feeling all right? I wasn't sure how the beer would affect you. You were my guinea pig."

"I feel like shit, you bastard! Show your face, or are too much of a chickenshit coward?"

"You just had to ask, Danny."

The blindfold is yanked off, and Danny discovers he really isn't in his house anymore, and standing in front of him is Mr Grossman.

"What the... it's you, you fucking fag! Just wait till I get the police to arrest your homo ass..." Danny threatens.

"For what? Your own brother brought you here, not that you'd remember."

"Darren? What the fuck does my brother have to do with this?"

And as if on cue, the door opens, and in marches Darren, holding a strong-looking glass bottle. "Ah, here he is now. Good timing, Darren," Mr Grossman says. Darren stops in front of Mr Grossman and hands him the bottle. "Thank you, Boy. Go stand over there with your mates for a while."

"Yes, Sir." Darren responds robotically.

"What the hell are you doing Darren?! Get me the hell out of here!" Danny demands, but it's as if Darren doesn't even know he is there. He can't understand why his brother is ignoring him, and he helplessly watches Darren complying with Mr Grossman's orders, taking his position beside two very large men by the door who has their arms behind their backs, standing at attention like soldiers. They are beasts of men, but they looked... familiar?

"They... they play rugby with Darren." Danny scans the rest of the room and sees various members of the rugby team posing as statues, others performing DIY/Maintenence on the house. All are bigger and more muscular than Danny remembered them to be.

"Yes, they do... and they're going to go play with us in a while. Wouldn't you like that, Danny boy? But first, have a drink, and let's continue what we started in your room." Mr Grossman surprises Danny with his speed as the older man holds back Danny's head and pours the contents of the bottle straight down Danny's throat. Mr Grossman is pinching Danny's nose to keep him from breathing, and Danny has no choice but to swallow the liquid so he can start breathing again.

Danny sputters, "What the FUCK was that?!"

"It's somewhat like what I gave your brother during his first visit here when he planned to screw my wife, but this has a bit more kick to it."

Danny tries to spit out as much of the liquid he was forced to drink, but it's too late as he starts to feel it affecting him. At first a wave of dizziness passes through him followed by a wave of warmth that radiates from his stomach, and he can feel the warmth spread throughout his entire body up from top of his head all the way down to the tip of his toes. Then Danny starts to take in deeper and deeper breaths as the warmth intensifies, slowly at first, but it soon becomes very uncomfortable.

"What... what's happening?" Danny groans in pain, and he squirms from the discomfort that continues to build and build until he can't take it anymore, and Danny starts to scream. "AAAAAAAAH!" Danny's body goes into convulsions, but the restraints keep him in place. Danny can hardly think through all the pain he is going through, but if he could, he would have noticed something happening to him. As his body shakes wildly, his clothes starts to fill out as if they were being inflated with air, but it isn't air that's causing Danny's clothes to tighten and then tear open.

Danny's pecs starts to peek out of his shirt as the fabric continues to give way to the muscle growing underneath as do his shorts that surrender to the massive thighs that burst free. Danny's arms have gotten so thick and strong that these easily snapped the ropes that tied his arms together, and his chest has grown so big that it ripped apart the ropes that bound it. Danny's poweful legs also do short work of the ropes that tied his ankles to the chair.

After a horrific 10 minutes since taking the potion, Danny feels the pain melting away and has no idea of what has just happened to him. He realizes, however, that he could move again, and running on pure adrenaline, he lunges out of the chair to pound Mr Grossman to the ground when the man says, "Darren, lights."

Darren obeys, and he flips a switch on the overly-complicated panel beside him. Mr Grossman calmly takes out a pair of shades and slides them on. A dreamy colour washes all over the room, with the light in the middle of the ceiling bursting into a kaleidoscopic shower of patterns that swirled and twirled. Danny is caught off-guard and stops in his tracks. He feels compelled to stop and look the dancing images and words the light created across the floor in front of him, even shadows on his feet and thighs. He begins to feel so good and relaxed, his heavy arms drop down to his sides. He looks up at the source of the light and focuses his whole attention at it. It looks so much like how his TV screen looked when he put in the game in his XBOX that afternoon.

Mr Grossman looks around the room and sees that Darren is also transfixed by the light, as were all his rugby mates in the room. He smiles and strokes Danny’s face with the back of his palm. Danny flinches instinctively but continues staring at the lights. The boy is still struggling, however meekly, to regain control of his body, but eventually he gives up so he can just stand there and watch the pretty lights with a lax grin on his face.

Mr Grossman then tears off what's left of Danny's clothes and throws these aside. When Danny is completely naked, Mr Grossman inspects his latest handiwork. Danny has gained at least 100lbs. of solid muscle on his frame and looks very much like a bodybuilder. Mr Grossman uses this opportunity to feel up Danny's new muscles, examining how thick and shredded they are. Mr Grossman nods his head, noting how Danny's cock and balls matched the rest of his body. Mr Grossman then says, "You like very much looking like your brother now, don't you?"

"I…I guess." Danny responds dreamily.

"When I'm through with you, you two will be more alike than you've ever thought."

"Yeeah... Prettyyy raad," Danny slurs. He has no conception of what Mr Grossman meant by that.

Quite pleased with how things have been turning out, Mr Grossman smirks. "When I count to 3, you will wake up, and when you do, you will do anything I say whenever I call you 'Danny boy'. Everything I tell you will become the absolute truth to you. Even though you will be completely aware of what you're doing, you will have no control over your own body."


"And when you hear me say the words. 'Sleep now', you will return to this trance, deeper than ever, the same way your brother does every time."

"Sleeeep nooow...."

Mr Grossman turns to Darren and says, "And as for you, Darren, on the count of 3, you will turn switch the lights back to normal."

"Yes, Sir," comes the monotone response.

"1… 2… 3! Wide awake now, Danny boy." Grossman snaps his fingers, and the swirling lights around the room disappear.

Danny comes back to his senses, and immediately he feels something different about him. The first thing he notices is how ripped and hugely muscular he is now... and completely naked. He looks at his arms and sees how much bigger they are. He looks down and all he can see past his thick pecs is his much-larger cock hanging down between his thighs.

"What did you do to me, you fucking perv?" Danny flashes angrily at Mr Grossman, but quite not gotten over how good he looks with his new body.

"You look great, don't you think? Now stand up straight, freeze, and be silent, Danny boy," Grossman says, and Danny immediately complies, unable to speak. Mr Grossman gleefully laughs as he circles Danny who futilely fights against the command he has been given, and Danny can't understand how this is all happening. From behind, Danny feels a rough hand go down his chest and abs, and he wants to pull away from the unwanted touch but can't.

Mr Grossman then whispers into Danny's ear, "Do you know how humiliating it was, having those homophobic slurs against me painted out front? Here I am keeping to myself, not bothering the neighbors, and here you are, with your friends and your father no less, causing a ruckus. Well…let's give you a taste of your own medicine. For next 5 minutes, you'll totally believe you are a chicken, Danny boy, but you'll remain complete aware of you what you're doing, unable to stop yourself at any time."

Danny automatically squats down to his haunches, sticks his hands under his armpits and and lets out a loud, "Bwark!" He then starts walking around the room, flapping his elbows up and down, and bobbing his head like a chicken. He even starts pecking for seeds on the floor.

Mr Grossman laughs out loud. He loves seeing muscle men being treated like this, and so he carries on like this for a while longer.

"Ok Danny boy, you're now a little puppy dog and you can not help but feel so embarrassed."

Danny snaps from his chicken pose onto all fours, his tongue hanging out whilst panting. "Woof!"

Mr Grossman bends down and gives his muscled puppy a scratch behind his ear which Danny showed his enjoyment by wagging his ass like a tail. The older man thinks about how fun it would be to watch Danny play with the teenaged receptionist, Brian, who was converted into a muscled puppy on the day he captured Darren and Bern's rugby teammates.

He then gives Danny a series of simple commands. "Roll over!" Danny does so without taking his eyes off Mr Grossman. "Play dead!" Danny lies on his back, spreading open his massive body. His face is red from the humiliation of totally exposing his big cock to Mr Grossman. "Now, beg... good boy" Danny jumps onto his knees, puts his "paws" up and begs at Mr Grossman who puts a hand into his pocket and pulls out a dog biscuit that he feeds to Danny who chews and gnaws at it with gusto. "Wide awake, Danny boy."

Danny does so, remembering everything as he was told to do. Coughing out the dog biscuit, he winces from the ache of embarrassment. "You sick fuck!" Danny goes for Mr Grossman again, fist pulled back, ready to punch. He extends his...

"Freeze, Danny Boy."

Danny stops in place, mid punch, his fist inches from Mr Grossman's face. Mr Grossman smiles and laughs to himself. He gently kisses the fist that almost hit him.

"You're like a posable action figure, Danny boy." Mr Grossman bends Danny's arm to his side, putting him in the soldier-like pose that his brother and the two rugby players were doing. Mr Grossman notes that Danny has a half hard-on and thinks, 'Looks like part of Danny has been enjoying all of this.'

"I guess playtime's over; it's time for the big leagues. How are you doing? Feel free to speak your mind, Danny boy."

Danny seethes. "When I find a way out this, you're going to wish you'd never known me, you fucking homo."

"Well, I guess you've really got a problem now because that's exactly what I am, a homo who fucks, and by the time this is over, you'll be one too. In fact, you're beginning to have the hots for your brother now aren't you, Danny boy?"

"N-no..." Danny tries not to look at Darren knowing what would happen, but as soon as he does, he feels his cock begin to rise. Everything about his brother turned him on so much it ached.

"And you're thinking about sucking his cock now, aren't you, Danny Boy?"

"No!" Danny protests, but as soon as Mr Grossman he hears saying it, he knows it to be true.

"You have no choice, Danny boy. Go to where Darren's standing. get on your knees, open your mouth and start sucking your brother. You're going to enjoy every minute of your very first blowjob."

Danny can't believe how quickly he found himself kneeling on the floor in front of Darren. He sees his brother's cock, and as commanded, he goes straight for it and slips it in his mouth. He thinks he's going to puke, but instead he finds how good it feels to have something so warm and supple inside his mouth, and he begins to get really excited. He can't understand why he's doing something he found totally abhorrent yet at the same completely getting so horned up doing it. Darren's flaccid cock quickly grew into impressive erection that Danny has trouble keeping in his mouth, but with a few well-timed instructions from Grossman, Danny becomes an expert in swallowing the salami.

Darren's face showed no sign of pleasure even as he is getting the blowjob of a lifetime from his very own brother. He just stands there like a living statue, his empty gaze looking out at nothing, completely unaware of what was happening right under his nose, literally, but his body is reacting quite happily to the impending orgasm.

"Darren, are you ready to cum?" asks Grossman sensing that Darren's edging.

"Y-yes, Sir." Darren replies.

"Very good, when you're about to shoot, I want you to pull out of Danny's mouth and cum all over his face. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Sir."

"And Danny boy, you love the taste of cum. You can't get enough it from now on."

Danny's eyes widen in fear upon hearing Mr Grossman's instructions, and he redoubles his efforts to break free of whatever is controlling him or at least tell his brother not to do as he was told, but deep inside he knows it's all useless. Darren's cock pops out of his mouth, and before Danny knows it, his face is being blasted by several volleys of hot, sticky cum. Danny smacks his lips and with his fingers starts scooping the cum into his mouth. Soon enough, Darren is done, and Danny beams at how much cum he made his brother shoot. For some sick reason, he feels proud. Mr Grossman is right as always!

Mr Grossman then motions for more members of the rugby team to come forward.

"Danny Boy, you need to entertain these lovely lads. They need their cocks sucked too and you know how much you love cum now, don't you Danny boy?"

Danny looks confused for all but an instant. "Yeah, yeah I fuckin' love cum!" The players are standing there, almost like mindless robots while Danny pulls down the shorts of a big black player that belonged to Darren's friend from college. Danny is spoilt for choice.

"Boys, make this easier on the teen. Everyone jack off. Danny boy, you clear up their mess. There's a good boy."

Danny nods his head. What a great idea! "Yeah, I'll clear up." The team members produce their cocks which, at Mr Grossman's command, get rock solid. The boys start jacking their own dicks whilst staring blankly ahead. Even Darren is masturbating his giant cock back to another erection. Mr Grossman comes up behind Darren and strokes his neck.

"You've always wanted this haven't you Darren. The team, your brother. You've wanted them all. And I wanted you. We've all got what we wanted." Darren's cock explodes again, oozing warm cum onto the floor, and Danny is on it in a flash, lapping it up like a puppy. The other team members start to explode cum from their solid rods, and Danny's tongue doesn't know where to go next. Mr Grossman, satisfied that he'd turned the arrogant homophobic teen into a big muscled cum-obsessed boy, stops everyone.

"And now, it's my turn to have a bit of fun," Mr Grossman declares, but first he turns to the two rugby bodyguards who have been doing their duty faithfully and commands them to execute Play #69, a maneuver everyone on Darren's team have become very familiar with after they first met Mr Grossman. Danny watches the two musclebound players stripping down to their jockstraps, tackling each other to floor and getting into position, and part of him wants so bad to join them just so he could suck on another cock to get more cum, but instead, Mr Grossman directs him to lay his body on top of a desk and bend over.

Mr Grossman takes off his clothes, revealing his very solid physique built from many years of playing rugby himself. As hot as Darren and Danny were with their muscle-boy looks, Mr Grossman was all Man with a capital M. His hairy hardened pecs look like shelves installed over his walls of abs, and his thighs are meaty pillars could crush Samson if he were in between them. His fat cock sticks up proudly from his hips, already hard and leaking from Danny's humiliation.

"I'm going to fuck that punk-ass attitude out of you, Danny Boy, and you're going to love every minute of it. You can't wait to get fucked."

Danny moans at Mr Grossman's words, and the insides of his ass starts getting so hot. He wanted to be fucked, he needed to be fucked, but at the same time, he still can't stomach the idea of losing his virginity this way, and unfortunately for Danny, his pleasure is overwhelming whatever common sense he has left.

Mr Grossman continues, "And at the moment you cum, Danny boy, you will completely lose all sense of who you are and become the cum-hungry muscle zombie you're meant to be. You won't even recognize your own brother until I tell you to. All you'll remember is that your name is Danny and that I am your Master. Any last words, Danny boy?"

But Danny is beyond caring at this point. "F-fuuucccck meeeee."

"Guess those are good enough as any," Mr Grossman quips as he slams his cock all the way up Danny's bubble-butt and starts sliding in and out of him like a piston, and causes Danny to moan like a muscle-bitch in heat. Danny's getting breeded, and he loves how full he feels from Mr Grossman's dick driving deep into him. Danny's cock, excitedly erect since he started sucking off his brother, gets even thicker from lust and anticipation. His eyes roll over in their sockets from the pleasure.

Mr Grossman is also very much enjoying fucking Danny. He has made sure that Danny kept his mind, his personality until Danny himself chose to give these up for him, and this makes Mr Grossman's victory over him all the sweeter. To top it off, his new muscle potion is a resounding success, and Mr Grossman has already decided who the next target will be.

And at that thought, Mr Grossman lets out a primal roar, rams his rod all the way inside Danny, and starts to cum so so powerfully. His entire body just shakes from the intensity of this orgasm.


The moment Danny feels Mr Grossman cumming inside of him, his own cock explodes with him laying a single finger on it, and with every spurt, the emotion on his face becomes less and less pronounced until finally as his balls are completely emptied, so is his mind.

After letting himself enjoy the lingering pleasure of his orgasm, Mr Grossman pulls out of his latest conquest who doesn't move.

"Danny, stand up," he sys, and the mega-muscular teen complies unhesitatingly. Mr Grossman reaches into a draw and pulls out a black vest and white nylon shorts. "Put these on". Danny complies, and puts on his new uniform. The vest fits like second skin and the shorts show off his bulge perfectly.

"Go stand beside your brother," Mr Grossman orders, but this time Danny doesn't budge, and Mr Grossman chuckles. "Oh, that's right. you've forgotten that fact, haven't you? Well then, go stand beside that man in front of us and assume his position."

Danny robotically trudges towards Darren and turns around to face Mr Grossman.

"You brothers really make a wonderful pair, but why don't we see if we can't make the third time the charm," Mr Grossman says. "All right. This is what I want you two to do..."


The next evening, Darren and Danny's father is home alone as his wife has gone out with her friends for the evening. David wonders where the hell his youngest son had gone all day without so much as a word. but he is glad that his son worked on the lawn.

He goes into the kitchen, finds a couple of beer cans in the fridge, and takes one with him back into the living room. He sits down in front of his big flatscreen TV and turns it on expecting to see the game. He cracks open a beer and begins drinking it. As soon as the TV warms up, it bursts into a spectacle of lights that catches David's attention, and with the effects of the beer quickly coming in, he barely notices the two muscle men, dressed exactly the same, entering the room from behind him.

To be continued?