The Mystery of the Mad Mesmerist 2 (hypno celeb)

Disclaimer: This story contains male/male sex, s/m role-play, and hypnofetishism. If you are not of legal age, (eg.18+) or offended by such subjects, then stop reading, you pervert! Perhaps you are living in a backwater community that frowns on such explicit materials. In such a case, stop reading, FEEL MY HUG, and know that I feel genuinely sorry for you. This is a work of fiction. Any similarity to real events or people, living or dead is entirely coincidental.

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About two hours later, Tony woke up slowly. He groaned and sat up, holding his head. He was the first one to wake up.

He looked out over the sleeping crowd and listened to that eerie stillness that comes from a silent yet crowded room. Bodies were draped everywhere, on the floor, over tables, half in, half out of chairs. One man sat facedown with his face smack dab in his spaghetti, his face covered in marinara. As Tony looked round, he moved his head slowly; his head was splitting.

As he gazed over the sleeping crowd, wondering what to do, another man groaned and stirred. Then another. And another. Soon the room was murmuring with the frightened voices of the drugged audience. Tony decided to take charge.

"Ladies and Gentlemen! Please stay calm! Please don't leave! There is no cause for alarm but a crime has been committed and we are all victims. Does anyone have a cell phone?"

Several were produced. Tony appointed one person to call the police and report a kidnapping.

As more and more people awoke, Iola and Cassie helped tend the crowd and maintain order. Tony and Chet declared the stage off limits and carefully questioned the real Mesmero.

"I had just come out of my dressing room when I was hit over the head and knocked out. When I came to, I was in a service closet without my costume. I was tied up hand and foot and gagged with duct tape. I struggled for a long time to get free but it was no use. I banged on the door, but even so it was a long time before anyone heard me. Finally, the gal with the tiger, Sheila, found me and untied me. I ran out onto stage but it looks like I was too late.

Yes, but why?" asked Tony, "Who was that man, and why did he take your place?"

"I've no idea."

"What happened to Frank and Joe?" Chet burst out, "Where did they go!? How did that guy make them disappear? Tell us! We know you know!"

As a matter of fact, I do know," said Mesmero, "But I'm not going to tell you."

"WHAT!!!" Tony and Chet yelled. They were both stupefied into shock and disbelief.

And that was that. When the police arrived a half hour later and declared the stage and room officially as a crime scene, the mesmerist still refused to say another word.

* * *

What HAD happened, in fact, was this. The mesmerist had placed Joe in a certain, central location on the stage. As he spoke the magic words he had plucked a small marble sized pellet from up his sleeve and threw it at Joe's feet in a wide gesture. This pellet exploded and produced the smoke as it made contact with the stage. The instant Joe was concealed, evil Mesmero stepped quickly onto a camouflaged button on the stage floor. A trapdoor opened underneath Joe and he fell down into the dark, still with his arms "tied" behind him.

And seconds later, he had thrown another, slightly larger marble, this one of his own design. As the smokescreen, covered them, he quickly stepped on the button, then jumped through the trap with Frank still seized in his grip. The trap automatically closed behind them, giving the illusion that they had disappeared.

Instead, they had fallen about 12 terrifying feet into total darkness, landing on some carefully positioned cushions in the Mansion's basement.

Joe had the worst go of it with his arms still trapped behind him but he managed to land on his side and only suffered some minor bruising.

Quickly, he rolled to the side, off the cushions, and onto his feet in one fluid movement, one learned from getting into myriads of sticky situation just like this one. He struggled mightily to free his arms from his non-existent bonds, all to no avail, of course.

A few seconds later, Frank and Mesmero came tumbling down, poofing down in the cushions in a pleasing tangle of arms and legs.

The mad mesmerist managed to get to his feet first and drew Frank up by his collar and wrapped an arm around his windpipe. With his other arm, he deftly unbuttoned the first few buttons of Frank's dress shirt and copped a feel of a well developed pec. Frank tried to squirm away from the probing fingers but it was no use. And when they found their mark, he could not contain a gasp of pleasure.

Frank had always considered himself straight but he couldn't believe how good it felt to have, Mesmero play with his nipples. He moaned and leaned back into Mesmero's chest looking up into Mesmero's face with confused eyes.

Mesmero looked deep into those eyes. "Wondering how something so wrong can feel so right?" he asked. Frank nodded.

The fingers kept twisting, pulling. "Poor little straight boy, with such confined, narrow thinking. There is much to teach you, to expand your mind. Here's lesson number one, Frank." Frank was still struggling but the titplay had weakened his resistance. The hand holding him around the windpipe reached down and joined the first . Now both Frank's nickel sized tits were played with and the sensations weakened Frank's knees. Mesmero leaned in and kissed Frank deeply and Frank was powerless to resist. The sensations were amazing. It was as if they were the only two people there.

"Hey!" Joe yelled, cutting in, "Stop that! Leggo my brother!"

Mesmero paused "Don't be impatient, Joe. You'll get your turn." He continued his assault on Frank's nipples and frenched him thoroughly, not stopping until he had explored every inch of Frank's mouth.

Then he dragged the not-so-struggling teen a few steps toward Joe who stood close by with his feet planted firmly apart.

"Don't come any closer," he warned, "I won't let you touch me. I know kickboxing."

"I'm sure you do," the mesmerist said casually, then clearly, "Hardy Hypnoed."

Joe's knees suddenly felt very weak, his body heavy. His eyes were tired, so very tired. His mind grew foggy, slow, his reason and sense sucked into a long black vortex of nothingness. He felt his body tilting, falling away. And then, Joe felt nothing at all.

The mesmerist deftly caught Joe for the second time, around the waist this time. Now he held both the Hardy boys, one in each arm, a feat not accomplished by many a villain. Mesmero felt honored.

"OK, Joe. Even though you are still very relaxed, you find it easy to support yourself on your feet. Stand up."

Joe did so.

"Joe, no! Don't let him do this! Wake-umphhhh!"

Frank was cut off as a white-gloved hand sealed itself tightly around his mouth. And now that Joe was supporting himself, Mesmero's other arm was free to wrap itself around Frank's half naked body. Frank's arms were pinned to his sides.

"Mmmmmmph!! Mmmmm!"

"Ah, ah, ah! We can't have any of this," Mesmero scolded gently, "Joe, from this moment on, you will respond only to my voice. You will hear only my voice. Understand?"

"Yes. I understand."

"There is only my voice here in the dark. Even Frank is far away and you cannot hear him. There is only my voice. The voice of master. Understand Joe?"

"Yes master. I understand."

"Repeat these commands in your own words so I know you have understood them correctly."

"There is only your voice here in the dark. The voice in the dark is my master. Frank is far away and I cannot hear him. I hear only you." Joe recited obediently.

"Good boy. Then obey me now, and follow me."

"Yes master."

Mesmero removed his hand from across Frank's mouth and gripped him by the forearms in a grip of steel. Frank struggled mightily but it was no use. He could not escape. He cried out to Joe which of course was futile. Joe just stood there, eyes, half open with a vacant expression, waiting for orders.

Finally, Frank gave up. He stood still in his captor's grip.

"But who are you?" Frank growled, "What are you going to do with us?"

Oh, you'll find out, all in good time," declared the mesmerist, "As for my name, it really doesn't matter. Mesmero, will do for now, since we've been using that anyway. And soon, like Joe here, you'll come to call me Master."

* * *

"What do you mean you can't tell us the trick!?" Tony yelled, after his shock had worn off, "Why not?"

"I can't go against the Code," Mesmero said.

"What code?" asked Chet.

"The Magician's Code," Mesmero replied, "I am forbidden to tell you how any magic trick is done."

"But this is serious," Tony protested.

"Believe me, it's much more serious than either of you realize. But I'm afraid I can tell you nothing about the trick. You'll have to figure it out on your own."

"What do you mean, it's more serious than we think?" asked Tony suspiciously.

"Ahhh, now you're asking the right questions!" the magician cried out triumphantly, "You see, I only saw the kidnapper for a few seconds before we were gassed, but it was enough. I know who kidnapped your friends!"


"He's my brother. My identical twin, to be exact. His evil knows no bounds. I had him committed to a sanitarium but it seems it's no use. He's managed to hypnotize his way out again."

"What do you mean?" Chet asked.

"Well whenever he is captured, he will usually stay there for a few months. Then he'll lightly hypnotize his psychiatrist, or even just an orderly who brings him his food. Then slowly, over a few days or even months, he'll deepen the trance and control them, getting them to bring him to people who have more and more authority. Then he'll hypnotize them, and poof, before you know it, he's walking out the door, escorted by a high ranking doctor with authentic release papers. Then, a day or so later, everyone realizes what they have done, but by then it's too late. This makes six times he's escaped now. And now he's got your friends. I'm terribly sorry."

"You'll be even sorrier if we don't get them back!" growled Chet, whose friendly bulk suddenly turned menacing.

"But that's just it," Mesmero explained despairingly, "I've never been able to catch my brother until it was too late. I'm sorry, but your friends are doomed!"

* * *

The mad mesmerist dragged the Hardy boys across the dark basement until they reached a tarp upon which was a huge pile of stage junk. There were old paint cans, rags, tattered costumes, and old bits of jagged wood. Piled against the wall were several stage sets.

Mesmero kept hold of Joe and produced a glittering stiletto. He then instructed Frank to pull on the side of the stage sets. Frank thought he was crazy, there was no way that was going to do anything and was astonished when the sets along with the rest of the junk that was piled against it, began to move outward. The tarp and piled junk was very cleverly placed upon wheeled dollies that were invisible to the naked eye. Hidden behind the sets was a door. Then door opened inward to reveal a stairwell. Mesmero passed through and still holding Joe at knifepoint, instructed Frank to close the sets behind them.

Frank knew he had to do something. Moving to comply, Frank covertly yanked a shirt button and dropped it on the floor before pulling the sets and junk back into position. He shut the door.

Mesmero then led them down several flights of stairs to what Frank supposed was a sub-sub basement. At the bottom of the stairs was a locked door. There he ordered Joe to put Frank in a tight headlock. While Joe held his own brother a prisoner, Mesmero fished in a pocket for a key, found it, and unlocked the door.

Mesmero retrieved Frank from Joe and threw him headlong into a large, dark room. While he was still rolling on the floor, Mesmero grabbed Joe, hauled him inside as well, and slammed and re-locked the door from the inside.

Frank glared defiantly up at Mesmero.

"You fiend! You'll never get away with this!"

"My, my, how cliché. Of course I'll get away with it. I always do. Oh, but what a rotten host I am. Here's something to keep you entertained while I deal with your brother."

Mesmero grabbed a remote control off a table and pressed a button. A 24" TV switched on. In the light of the screen, Frank was able to momentarily make out furniture: a cot, a few chairs and table, and strange apparatus in the corner next to a long, comfortable, leather chair with a comfortable headrest.

But before he could see any more, his vision was caught and arrested by the image on the TV. A swirling spiral made up of swirling colors: red, green, blue, yellow, all turning and mixing and meshing, all turning, turning, turning toward the center. At the same time a deep melodious voice said, "Look deep. Deeper. Fall into the center. You cannot resist. Look deeper. Deeper. Look deep. Deeper¬."

Frank's mouth twisted contemptuously. This was a lame attempt. Sure it was pretty enough. But it wasn't enough to put him under. And that, deeper, look deeper. Fall into the center¬. How cheesy! He could look away, no problem. Still, it was pretty. Maybe another look. He could always look away in a minute.

Mesmero smiled slightly and turned his attention to Joe.

"Joe, take my hand, rise and follow me."

Joe obeyed.

Mesmero led Joe over to the long, leather chair. It basically looked like a black dentist's chair. Except that this chair had black, leather restraints on it.

After sitting Joe down into it, Mesmero said, "Now Joe, I want you to relax even further. Feel your muscles turn to jelly. Your entire body is as limp as a rag doll, NOW!"

And it was so.

Quickly, but gently, Mesmero strapped Joe into the chair on the forehead. He tightened the straps around Joe's chest, waist, upper forearms, wrists, thighs, and ankles.

With Joe all strapped in, Mesmero, turned his attention back to Frank, who was still staring at the TV.

Aware of Joe being tied up; Frank knew he should get up and help him. Kick Mesmero's fanny. And he would, no problem. In a minute. Just one more look. He would get up in just a minute¬..

What Frank didn't know was that the spiral was laced with both audio and visual subliminals that didn't entrance but just kept the victim looking, looking, looking forever at the screen. As well, it induced a "twilight trance" where the victim was still conscious and aware, but half asleep and open to suggestion.

Mesmero drew up a chair beside Frank who was kneeling in front of the screen with his cute little mouth hanging open, drooling slightly. He pressed the mute button on the remote and took up speaking where the TV went silent.

"Deeper, go deeper. Look deeper into the spiral. It relaxes your body and fills you with peace. The deeper you go into the center, the more at peace and relaxation you feel. The more relaxed you feel, the deeper you go. All your limbs feel so heavy. Let the colors relax them. Your legs. Your torso. Your arms. So relaxed. So heavy. So sleepy."

"And now your head feels heavy. So heavy. Your limbs are weighing it down. Your eyes are getting heavy. So heavy that they want to, need to close. So heavy. So sleepy. Let your eyes close and sleep. Close and sleep. Close and sleep. So tired, so sleepy. Sleep deep Frank, sleep deep on 3. 1¬. 2¬.3."

Frank's head fell forward in surrender, still kneeling in front of the TV his arms hanging limply by his sides.

Mesmero shut off the TV.

"Now Frank, you will find it very easy to hear my words and obey them and still stay deeply relaxed. In fact, whenever you do obey, you will fall 10 times deeper more relaxed and a wave of peace will overwhelm you. Understand?

"Yes, I understand,"

"Good boy. Take my hand, rise and follow me."

"Frank's eyes snapped open but there was no passion in their depths. "Yes sir," he said, and complied.

Mesmero took him over to the wall across from Joe. Mesmero placed him with his back against the wall.

Bolted into the wall, were black iron rings. The first time Mesmero had seen them, he figured they were the remnant of a long ago dungeon. He had grown excited as he thought of tying a young man to these rings, making him his prisoner.

And now the fantasy was becoming a reality. Mesmero instructed Frank where he should put his arms and Mesmero used handcuffs to spread eagle his arms to the rings. Then he tied Frank's ankles together, first looping rope several times around each ankle and then to each other.

Mesmero loved the way that deep within trance, Frank put up no resistance, even helped Mesmero on occasion tie him up. It gave the evil man a thrill to know that Frank could remember doing so when he woke up if he was instructed to.

Finally, Mesmero instructed Frank to open his mouth. Frank did, still drooling slightly. Mesmero stuffed in a cotton handkerchief, and then tied another one around his head, knotting it tightly at the back of his neck, sealing the first one inside Frank's mouth. The second one did not cover his mouth but formed a cleave which Mesmero found very handsome.

With both of his captive's tightly bound, Mesmero, strode to a central location between them and rubbed his hands in anticipation.

All right! He thought, Let the games begin!

In a loud, clear voice, he said, "Hardy boys, awake!"

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