ISS3: Contact 4 (scifi)

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“I guess it’s time you came to me.” Doc said as Knut entered the medical section. “After what those nanites did, I should probably give you an examination.”

Knut nodded and silently went over to the table. Doc paused and put a hand on his shoulder. “Are you alright?”

“I think I will be.”

Doc nodded in approval and began listening to his chest with a stethoscope. Knut continued talking.

“I mean, all it did was make me…you know…over and over again.”

“Orgasm, Knut. It’s silly to be afraid of words when there are much worse things out there. How is your progress with the electrical components?”

Doc was checking his eyes now.

“Good. I’ve figured out what I need to save, it just takes some time to get all of it together and not kill us all before we get off this place.”

“Mmhmm, could you take off your shirt please.”

Knut pulled it over his head and tossed it on the floor, then leaned back on the table. Doc paused to admire the teenager’s magnificent musculature: large, smooth pecs over the six pack which really popped when he leaned back –as he was doing now—and his beefy arms, laced with veins. All of it formed a natural ‘V’ down his abdomen into his trousers, where a large package was hidden.

Doc blinked and began tapping the young man’s sides.

“Does this hurt?” “No.”

“Any pain?” “No.”

Why could he not admire the boy’s physique? He was a very attractive young man. Even as the oldest on the station, Doc was no more than ten or twelve years older than him. And here he was, shirtless and vulnerable, and Alexander had the chance to feel him all over.

Even the heat of his chest against Doc’s fingers seemed to burn through his veins and send blood surging towards his groin. Doc felt enflamed.

“Now Knut, I know this may be hard for you, but I need to examine your genitals, to see if the nanites caused any permanent damage.”

Knut sighed. “Alright. But no funny business, Doc.”

As Knut began undoing his pants, Doc asked, “What does that mean?”

Knut smirked, sliding his pants slowly off and dropping them on the floor with his shirt.

His underwear slid off quickly, and Knut’s seven inch shaft swung straight up to smack him in the stomach.

“Sorry about that. Sometimes I have kind of a medical exam fetish. Something about doctors.”

Under his breath he muttered, “One doctor in particular.”

The Russian pretended not to have heard, but shrugged it off.

“Not a problem. We are doctors after all, it doesn’t bother us.”

Doc clicked on a flashlight and held the tip of Knut’s hard cock between two fingers firmly. He examined every side, all the way down to the base of the shaft. All the while the hot pulse thundering through his fingers, scintillating and intoxicating.

When Doc touched Knut’s balls, Knut groaned a bit and a shining drop of precum leaked out of his tip and rolled down onto one of Doc’s fingers.

Knut heaved a big sigh, his large chest muscles close to Doc’s face now.

Doc stood, holding the anointed finger towards the light. “Fascinating.”

“What?” Knut practically panted.

“You can drop the façade, you know. I’ve known you weren’t the real Knut for awhile.”

Knut’s face looked shocked, but then slid into an easy smile. “What gave me away, Doc?”

“Well, I first had my suspicions when you came in alone, and how easily you let yourself disrobe. The real Knut would have more psychological difficulty with shedding his protection. Your body heat is very convincing, even down to the pulse and the rhythm of breathing…but I knew for sure when I looked at your eyes. Your retinas are still silvered.”

“Well.” Knut-swarm’s eyebrows raised. “You caught me. But why did you let it go so far?”

Doc smiled. “Unlike the others, I would like a chance to study you. For instance, you produced precum, something that only humans should be able to do.”

Knut’s eyes turned fully silver, even the whites, and he cocked his head to one side. Finally, it smiled.

“We can be mutually beneficial.”

“Agreed.” Doc said. “I will allow you to sample my seed, if you will allow me to ask you some questions.”

“Certainly. Anything for the Nectar of the Gods.”

As he said this, the Knut-swarm stretched his torso slightly, moving his hips and thrusting his cock even closer to Doc. Alexander slowly began to remove his lab coat.

“You don’t really believe we’re gods, do you? I think you’ve evolved past that stage of primitive worship…haven’t you?”

The Knut-swarm licked its lips as Doc let his lab coat slide to the floor. He was wearing scrubs underneath.

“No. You are but producers of the Nectar, which must all be consumed.”

“We continue to produce…Nectar, until we die. What is the ultimate directive?”

Doc asked, sliding up his scrub shirt. The Knut-swarm paused, and a look of confusion crossed the teenager’s face.

“To consume…Nectar…continuation…consummation…Doctor, what is marriage?”

“A union of two people who hold a very special bond. A bond of love.”

Doc dropped his shirt to the floor. Underneath, the hairy Russian sported large pecs with dark round nipples and a flat stomach. His scrubs pants were tented now by his own erection. He could no longer ignore the attraction to the naked hunk on his examination table. He was so aroused that he didn’t hear the swarm’s next decision.

“Then we will marry the human race…and love them…and take care of them…and so consume the Nectar forever…”

“How did you multiply so quickly?”

“The young one, the one whose shape we are in, is very…productive. Prime mating age…yes? A most…virile specimen. Very productive, yes. Much to consume. More so than the first.”

“Aah, that makes sense. Well, if you stay in that form, I think I can give you what you seek. Just let me start.”

Knut-swarm leaned closer. “Anything for the Nectar.”

The tall Russian shed his pants and shorts, his own meaty erection springing skyward. It was ruddy and purple, with veins all along its hardening length. At its base was a well-groomed bush of dark hair, and his heavy balls swung like weights between his toned legs.

The swarm leaned in and kissed his chest, right at the center between both pecs. Looking down and seeing Knut’s luscious lips pressed against his skin drove the Doc over the edge.

Taking charge, he grabbed the hunk’s legs, pushing them back so that the stud was lying on his back, his large cock still straining against his taut stomach, and his legs in the air…

His asshole revealed.

Taking no time, Doc plunged his member deep into the boy’s canal, not bothering with stretching. It was a swarm, and it adapted to his shape.

He shoved his cock in roughly, taking the mechanic as he’d wanted to from day one. As they’d all wanted to. Giving into his animal lust, Alexander drove his hips forward again and again, fucking the ass of his all-too-willing patient.

Around his throbbing cock, the nanites squeezed and vibrated, heating themselves to simulate the real thing. Soon Doc’s precum coated the entire channel.

During the coupling, the Knut-swarm was silent, allowing the human to do what he needed to do. Doc grunted, growling down low as he pushed his meat into the boy. Teeth clenched, his hands roamed the young hunk’s body freely, gripping and touching every groove, every soft muscle. The nanites really were miraculous in their synthesis of texture. The feel of the inside of the stud’s ass was remarkable! Hot and juicy and tight against his invading cock.

The Doctor picked up his pace, really pounding his meat into the young patient on his table. As he grew closer he began to mutter in Russian.

Suddenly Knut pulled him closer, looking into his eyes. Alexander kept his pace steady, sliding himself in and out, deliciously, of the hunk’s channel.

“Love, Doctor. We will marry your race.”

Their lips crushed together as Doc’s balls tightened and exploded. Inside Knut’s ass his cock swelled and shot forth five loads of salty, creamy cum. The Knut-swarm smiled contentedly, adding, “And consume you all.”

The Russian pulled out and began dressing again. The Knut-swarm hopped off the table, the young hunk’s stiff cock swaying heavily. They both dressed in silence. Then as he was leaving, Doc swore he heard the swarm say,

“Thanks for the exam, Doc.”

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