The Bunker 4 (musc)

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We decided to get away from Conocco’s as fast as we could. It was a good bet Eugene wasn’t hanging around, since he probably thought he’d killed us. But we decided to play it safe anyway. On the way home, I brought Roy up to speed on Jasper’s skin experiments and his research trip out to the bunker.

“So you think that’s what saved us in the dumpster, our skin?” he asked, examining one of the pink patches on his arm.

“No, this is more than skin. I wish Jasper would get back.”

“What do you mean? I saw him at Druckers’ last night.” Druckers’ was our local grocery store.

“Druckers’? What was he doing there?”

“Buying food, lots and lots of food. Pretty much what I was doing, only on a much bigger scale.”

“You mean he’s back and he didn’t call me?”

Roy just shrugged. I was pissed. Here I was loosing sleep thinking about him at the bunker and he’d been home all this time! I was sorely tempted to drive straight over there, wake him up and find out what the hell was going on. But I knew Roy would want to go with me and I had to get him home before the Pastor woke up and found him missing. Plus I was getting a little sleepy myself, and my stomach was starting to growl again.

“Hey,” said Roy, “When you go over there, I want to go too.”

I knew it. “I’m not going til tomorrow morning and you have school.”

“Fuck school,” said Roy. “This is my body.” He peeled off a large piece of skin. “And if any more of it is going to start dropping off, I want to know.”

He had a point. “Ok,” I said, “Meet me outside of Druckers’ tomorrow at eight sharp. Don’t make me wait.”

I pulled up in front of the Pastors and Roy hopped out. “Have a good sleep,” I told him.

“I would,” said Roy, “except for one thing:” He paused and looked at me with this pained expression on his face. “I’m starving.”

“Yeah, me too, Roy, me too.” Then I went home and I raided the fridge. I felt a little guilty because it was almost empty by the time I turned in. But far more than guilt, another thought was gnawing at my mind: if the fridge was empty, what was I going to have for breakfast?

The next morning I woke with the sunlight streaming in my window, hitting me in the face. Damn! I sat up. What time was it? I looked at my bedside clock. It was 9:43! Fuck! I jumped out of bed and into the shower. I was feeling kind of weird, almost dizzy, but not quite. I chalked it up to lack of sleep. Then there was my peeling skin; it was worse than ever. And of course I was ravenous. I showered real quick, and hit the kitchen. If anything, there was less food in there than the night before. I’d have to get something on the way. I was pretty sure Roy wouldn’t object. Oh man, Roy! And I told him not to make me wait!

I ran over to the store. I’d have to tell mom and dad something. I was a little amazed they let me sleep like that.

“So, the sleepy head awakes,” said my Mom. “Did you have a nice sleep in?”

“I guess. Why didn’t you wake me?”

She just started laughing. “Why didn’t we wake him? Did you hear that, Frank? Why didn’t we wake him?”

“Well, son,” said my dad, laughing as well, “we sure tried. We shook you, shouted at you, turned your stereo up full blast. We did everything short of pouring cold water on you, but nothing seemed to work. We figured if you were that tired we ought to just let you sleep.”

“Really?” That didn’t sound right. I was a pretty light sleeper.

And there was something odd about my dad. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. He looked older somehow—no, not older, smaller. He looked like he’d shrunk a little. I guess age was supposed to do that to you, but he was only in his mid-forties.

“I’m sorry to have to do this to you, especially after sleeping in like that, but I have to go out for a little while.”

“That’s ok, son,” said my dad. “I think we can do without you for an hour or so.”

“Thanks dad, I shouldn’t be any longer than that.” And I took off, hopped into my car and made a bee line for Druckers’. When I got there, Roy was nowhere to be seen. Damn. I missed him. Well, I was more than two hours late. I wondered what happened to him. Did he just go to school when I didn’t show up? Knowing Roy, probably not. Then I heard him shouting.

“Dude! Hey, dude!” I looked in my rear view mirror and saw him running up, carrying his shoes in his hand. “Dude, I can’t believe your still here,” he said, pulling open the door and hopping in. “I just couldn’t get my ass out of bed this morning. Seriously, it was like ten before I even woke up.”

“It’s ok. I was a little late myself.”

“And then I couldn’t get my fucking shoes on. My feet must have swollen or something, probably from getting thrashed in that dumpster.”

“Yeah, probably,” I said. My shoes had been a little tight this morning, too.

That was funny; looking at him, he didn’t seem bruised at all. His skin was still peeling but other than that he didn’t have a scratch. Then it struck me: neither did I. When I’d showered earlier, I’d been blemish free. Weird. I started the engine. The sooner we got to Jasper’s and got some answers, the better. All the way over, Roy struggled with his shoes. He finally got them on just as we pulled up.

“Man, I hope the swelling goes down soon,” said Roy. “These things are fucking killing me.”

I rang the bell and got ready to give him a piece of my mind for not calling. But when the door opened everything I was going to say evaporated from my mind. Standing in front of me was a man who looked like Jasper, but simply couldn’t be. He was a little taller than Jasper, but had the same face. The rest of him, however, was completely different. He was standing there in one of Jasper’s button down shirts with the front was wide open, giving us a clear view of his six pack abs. And this guy had pecs, not huge or anything but definitely clear and present. To top it off, his short sleeves revealed a thicker pair of arms then Jasper ever had. Finally, there was no sign of peeling skin. His skin looked tan, bronzed and healthy.

“Hi, guys,” he said, pretending to stretch so he could flex and make those muscles bulge. “Nice of you to stop by.”

“Holy shit! What the fuck happened to you?” said Roy.

This shit eating grin exploded across his face and he said, “Come on in and I’ll tell you.”

“Is this a joke, or something?” I said, entering, but not taking my eyes off him. “You’re like Jasper’s cousin or something, right?”

“No, it’s me.” he said, chuckling, “but I can see your confusion. I don’t look much like me, do I?” He flexed his bicep and it bulged up into a ball. It looked round and solid, and as he looked at it, his face broke out in a huge grin once again. “I don’t feel much like me either, but somehow I don’t mind the change,” he said.

This was wrong. Jasper didn’t have any muscle. He didn’t even like working out. He said it was for dullards. And even if he had been working out, I’d have known. “I don’t understand,” I said. “What’s going on?”

“I don’t know if you’re ready for this, but have a seat and I’ll tell you,” said Jasper.

Roy and I grabbed seats on the sofa and waited for Jasper to begin. Instead he just seemed to hover for a minute before he said, “I bet you guys are hungry.”

“Starving,” I said, “but it can wait. Start explaining.”

“No, no,” he said. “What kind of a host would I be if I let my guests go hungry?” Then he disappeared into the kitchen and came out again a minute later with a couple of milk shakes.”

“What’s this?” I asked.

“Its a little protein plus shake,” he said. “Just the thing to take the edge of your hunger. Go on, try it.”

I took a sip. It was good, strawberry flavored, but a little gritty. In a second I had downed it. I looked over and saw Roy had pretty much done the same thing.

“Better?” asked Jasper.

“Yes, thanks,” I said. “Now how about the explanation?”

“So, you’re full?”

“Yes, I’m full…” It took a split second. Holy crap, I was full! I hadn’t been really full in days!

“Let me introduce you to my secret ingredient,” he said, disappearing into the kitchen. Then he came back in with a fifty pound bag of… sand?

“Sand? You fed us sand?”

“Dude I’ve been eating sand since last night, mixing it in with my food, and look at me.” He pulled off his shirt entirely and gave us a little flexing demonstration. He was ripped. He may not have been very big, but every little muscle on that skinny frame of his was well defined and bulging out. “Sand is good for us, really good for us.”

“I don’t get it,” I said. “How can sand do that? How can we even digest it?”

“Easy,” said Jasper. “Our bodies have been altered, not only genetically but also on the subatomic level.”

There was a moment of stunned silence while Roy and I tried to process this new bit of information.

“That sounds seriously intense,” said Roy, finally.

“It is,” said Jasper. “I don’t know what I expected to find at the bunker, but it wasn’t anything like what was there. They were into some serious Twilight-Zone-Outer-Limits-kind-of-stuff.”

“Like what?” I asked.

“Like warping space. All that weird equipment in the testing chamber was based on alien tech salvaged from Roswell.”

“What you mean like the flying saucer?”

Jasper nodded. “Those guys had no idea what they had. They were trying to figure it out using trial and error, and what they wound up doing was opening a hole.”

“A hole? What kind of a hole?”

“A hole into another environment.”

“What does that mean?” asked Roy.

“I don’t know. Even they didn’t know. They weren’t sure if they’d found the gateway to another dimension or another planet or what The Environment was. They only knew it was totally hostel to human life. No way could anyone survive there. The extreme pressure and temperatures would have turned a human being into a fried mashed pancake in seconds. The scientists had to be in full survival suits just to be in the test chamber when the gateway was open. And even with the suits they could only stand it for five minutes at a time without passing out. The program lasted for 12 weeks. At the end of that period, the military could see no advantage to having a gateway to an incredibly hostel environment, so they closed down the project.”

“I don’t get it,” I said. “What does any of this have to do with us… and sand?”

I’m getting to that,” said Jasper. “I found a footnote in one of the scientist’s logs. He noticed there had been subtle changes to their bodies. Now this guy wasn’t an MD or anything; he was a physicist. But he hypothesized that the alien tech that created the gateway was also altering their physiology so they would eventually be able to survive in The Environment. He noted things like tougher skin, an increase in physical strength, endurance, things like that.”

“Holy crap,” I said. “That’s what’s happening to us.”

“Kind of,” said Jasper. “Remember, none of these guys was ever in the test chamber for more than five minutes a day for the entire 12 week period. That means they were each exposed to The Environment for a total of maybe seven hours max during the entire time they were there, and even then they were heavily protected by survival suits. As far as I can tell, we were exposed to the same forces for about 70 hours, and completely unprotected.”

“So, shouldn’t we be dead?” I asked.

“Apparently not,” said Jasper.

“So, like, what happened to us?” asked Roy.

“I think we’re changing,” said Jasper, “adapting to The Environment, and if that’s true…” He grinned and ran his hand over his abs. “…then this is only the beginning.”

“You mean we’re all going to get… bigger, like you?” asked Roy, flexing his arm.

“I should thing so,” said Jasper, “To live in that kind of gravity and atmospheric pressure, probably a lot bigger.”

“Kick ass!” said Roy.

Well that explained Conocco’s. I told Jasper what happened to us the previous night at the truck stop with the dumpster and the truck. But somehow knowing the reason for our survival didn’t make me feel better. In fact, I felt a powerful dread beginning to steel over me.

“And you survived that?” said Jasper, unable to keep the surprise and shock from his voice.

“Survived it?” grinned Roy. “There’s not a fucking scratch on us!”

And he was right. I mean, I thought there had been scratches last night, but now… nothing.

“Fascinating, we’ve obviously advanced even further than I thought,” said Jasper.

“Advanced?” I couldn’t help thinking. Is that what he’s calling it, advanced? The way a disease advances, or a… mutation? Holy crap, we weren’t even human anymore! I felt the dread advance closer to panic.

“But, if we’re all going through the same thing, how come you’re the only one with muscles?” asked Roy.

“Because I’m the only one who’s been eating sand,” said Jasper, once again flexing that bulging bi of his.

“So, what do we do?” I asked, the fear creeping into my voice. But Jasper obviously didn’t hear it.

“I suggest introducing sand into your diet; otherwise you’ll just be hungry all the time. Any hardware store will have it.”

“And where did eating sand come from?” asked Roy.

“Well, I speculated that I was always hungry because I wasn’t getting something my body needed. And if I was being redesigned to survive in The Environment, I needed to think what a living organism would have to eat in order to live there. It’s not like there’s any vegetation. You’d have to be able to eat sand.”

Redesigned? Did he even know what he was saying? I didn’t want to be redesigned. I was happy with my current design… or I guess that was now my old design… Holy crap! Holy fucking crap!

Jasper walked over had hefted the bag onto the coffee table. “Still, I wouldn’t go around just picking up sand off the ground. I’ve been using construction grade sand. It has a regular consistency, no pebbles or rocks.”

“Whoa,” said Roy, “do you think we could eat rocks?”

Rocks? Oh my god, he was talking about eating rocks!

“I wouldn’t try it,” said Jasper. “I don’t think our teeth are strong enough… at least not yet. Think of sand as a kind of baby food. We’ll have to eat it until… well, until we grow up.”

Grow up? What was he talking about? “You mean until we become monsters,” I said.

Again Jasper must have missed the fear in my voice because he just went on like he was giving some kind of mutant tutorial. Jasper never was the most sensitive of people.

“In a sense we already are monsters. The damage is done. You can either moan about it or learn to like it,” Jasper said flexing, and admiring his new body. “And I like this,” he said, “a lot.” And I have to admit, he looked pretty awesome. But that could just be this stage. Who knew where this was going to lead.

“You mean we don’t even try to go back, we just accept this and move forward.”

“Dude, I don’t think there’s anyone on this planet who could tell you exactly how we got like this, never mind how to undo it.”

“Undo it? Are you kidding? This is fucking awesome! This is the most fucking awesomest thing ever!” said Roy. “Jasper, can I have some more sand?”

“Sure, help yourself. But I warn you, eating it plain takes some getting used to. I mean, it may be good for us, but it still tastes like sand.”

“No problemo,” said Roy, and he grabbed a handful, started pouring it into his mouth, gulping it down like a thirsty man in a desert who suddenly discovered sand was as good as water.

“What if we start to develop claws or tentacles or something?” I asked.

“There’s no sign of that,” he said. “Let’s not worry about these things until we have to.”

Roy had finished his handful of sand and was smacking his lips. “That was… weirdly satisfying. You were right, though. It tasted like crap.”

“Try mixing it in with ordinary food. That worked best for me.”

“This is too weird,” I said. “This is just too damn weird. I can’t do this. I’m not some kind of mutant creature. I can’t eat sand.”

“Sure, you can,” said Roy, just before eating another handful. “I think I could actually get used to this. Go on, try some.” He offered the bag to me, but I couldn’t even look at it.

“I want to go home, now,” I said. “You coming, Roy?”

“Ah, no. If it’s ok, I’ll stay here for a while. I’ve got, like, a million questions.”

“Fine,” I said getting up to leave.

Jasper reached out and put his hand on my shoulder. “It’s going to be alright,” he said. “In fact this could be the best thing that ever happened to us.” He seemed so sure; I just wished I could’ve believed him.

I don’t even remember the drive home, or even much about the rest of that day. All I could think about was that my body had been altered and that I would be changing. What was I going to become? About two o’clock, I started to get hungry again. No way was I going to eat sand, no way. If Jasper was any example, it didn’t just satisfy your hunger, it also made those changes happen faster. I was heading down a road where I couldn’t see around the next corner. I figured speeding would be pretty stupid.

I ate a huge lunch but it didn’t really satisfy me, I was still hungry. But I suffered through it the rest of the day. Dinner was the same. That night when I was getting ready for bed, I took a good look at myself in the mirror. My skin was still peeling badly and there were other definite changes. There was no doubt I was taller now, maybe an inch. My pants were looking short, and my shoes were tight. And I could see my abs. I didn’t have a six pack or anything, but I could defiantly make out my stomach muscles lurking just below the surface. My shoulders looked broader, my chest protruded slightly more than it had, and my arms were just a little bit thicker. I resisted the temptation to flex. On the surface, it really did look kinda hot, but what was below the surface? That’s what scared me.

The next day wasn’t any better. Esther called and wanted to see a movie, but I definitely wasn’t in the mood. I was very hungry and irritable. A customer asked me if we had any Apache Tears when he was standing right in front of the display. I think I called him an idiot, or maybe it was a moron. In any case, we didn’t make the sale.

My dad pulled me aside and asked me what the matter was. I wanted to tell him, “I’m turning into a freaking mutant and I’m so hungry I could eat sand!” But instead I just said, “Nothing. I’m sorry I yelled at that guy.”

He looked at me and said, “Maybe you’ve been working too hard. Why don’t you take the rest of the day off?” So, without saying another word to him, I just turned and walked out of the shop. I went directly to my room and climbed into bed. Sleep took me and I didn’t wake up for hours. When I did it was dark out and I could hear tapping on my window. I didn’t want to look. I knew it had to be Roy. But the tapping persisted, and I finally decided to see what he wanted.

I pulled back my curtain and for a second I thought I had been wrong. It wasn’t Roy; it was some truck driver who’d lost his way. But I looked again and saw the face. I felt my breath catch in my throat. It was Roy, but Roy like I’d never seen him.

The face was just as breathtaking as always. But now, leading down from that angelic face, was a thick sturdy neck with a pronounced Adams’s Apple. On either side of that neck and hugged by his too tight t-shirt, were prominent, powerful looking traps. His shoulders had gotten bigger and broader. He had cut the sleeves off his t shirt so you could have a full view of his softball sized, striated delts and his thick, bulging bis, tris, crisscrossed by road map of prominent veins, and followed by amazing, broad forearms. His powerful looking arms were slightly arched. That and his burgeoning lats made his entire body wider. And those large pecs strutting out in front of him, gave his torso some formidable bulk. And there was no doubt he was taller. He had to have been about five eleven before, and now he looked like he was over six feet. He’d always been pretty ripped and now with all this new mass and that model’s face of his, he looked impossible, like someone you could dream up, but who could never really exist.

“Hey, dude,” he said. “Sorry if I woke you. I just wanted to see how you were, you know, coming along.” Then he pulled and double bi pose, and holy crap! His biceps bulged up into twin freakin baseballs. “The pastor is freaking,” he said, grinning. “He can’t figure out what’s going on. How are your folks taking it?”

“They haven’t really noticed yet,” I said.

“What,” he said, and he peered through the darkness at me. “Dude, you look the same. What’s the matter?”

“Nothing’s the matter,” I said.

“You’re not eating the sand?” he said. “Jasper said you might not.”

“That’s none of your business,” I said, “or Jasper’s.”

“Dude, look at me,” he said pulling off his shirt, and showing off his ripped muscular torso. He had big ripped pecs now and his six pack was exploding out of his stomach. And unlike me, there wasn’t a sign of peeling skin. He looked even more unreal, impossibly hot and I started getting really stiff.

“See?” he said. “No third eye, no extra arm, just a helluva lot of ripped muscle, about thirty pounds since yesterday. Thirty fucking pounds. And it feels awesome.” He ran his hand over his flexed bicep and grinned. “And I’m just getting started. Jasper said the atmospheric pressure in The Environment is, like, one ton per square inch. Is that like fucking unbelievable or what? One ton per square inch. Do you realized how fucking huge were going to get? Man, I get hard just thinking about it.”

My mind was reeling. One ton per square inch? That was impossible. People couldn’t live in that. …But maybe something else could. It gave me the shivers.

Roy brought his flexed arm right up to the window. “You want to feel?”

His bicep was beautiful and frightening at the same time. It was beautifully formed; the shape and lines were picture perfect. And the size of it, it looked like it was too big for me to cup completely in my hand, but it wasn’t normal muscle. What would it feel like? I couldn’t resist? I reached out hand grabbed hold of his arm. It was warm, hard and solid under my hand. And suddenly he was pulling me out through the window. I struggled for a second, but forget it, he was way too strong. “Let me go!” I shouted and he set me down on the ground.

“You see how strong I am already?” he said. “You didn’t have a fucking chance against me. Can you believe that? Against me! Every fucking truck driver’s punching bag. It’s fucking beautiful, and I’m just going to keep getting bigger. You too. We’re going to be fucking beasts! Come on, dude, what are you waiting for? You must be starving. Franklin Park is just down the street. It’s got a nice sandbox for the kiddies. We could have a picnic.”

“Do you know how weird that sounds?”

“Hey, weird’s been working for me lately.” Then he pulled a most muscular. Damn, I didn’t think I could take much more. He was looking pumped up and just astounding all over. “And after we eat, if you want, we could have a little roll in the grass, and I could show you something else that’s been growing.”

There was a brief second where I almost threw it all away and went with him. Just the idea of having, wild uncontrollable sex with the Adonis in front of me, was almost enough to do it. I kept thinking, “A little sand won’t hurt, just a little.” But then I remembered how Jasper and I had agreed hands off Roy, and how even a little sand would cause changes, changes that could never be undone.

“No, Roy, no,” I said, climbing back into my window.

“Dude,” Roy called after me,” Jasper says you’re going to grow anyway. Just the way you’re doing it’s going to be slow and painful. Why do that to yourself? Especially when going with it is so fucking awesome.”

“I don’t like it,” I told him. “I just don’t like it. It scares me, and I’m just not going to do it. I don’t want to be a freak.” As soon as the word left my mouth I could see I’d made a mistake.

“Oh, like I’m a freak?” He looked hurt and angry. I got the impression I wasn’t the first person to ever call him a freak.

“I didn’t mean that.”

“Ok, dude, whatever,” said Roy, and then he turned around and left.

I passed the next day in kind of a haze. I ate like it was going out of style and yet nothing seemed to satisfy me. And what was worse, that morning I’d looked in the mirror and I was just a little bit bigger. My muscles were just a little bit larger and more defined then they were the day before, and my height was slowly creeping upwards. It looked like Jasper was right. I was changing and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

On the surface, the changes looked good and they felt good. My body was harder now than it had ever been and I could feel there was new strength in my arms and legs. My dad noticed. He said it looked like I was putting on some healthy weight, finally filling out. “No wonder,” he said, “with all the food you’ve been packing away.” And he noticed I had gotten taller, too. Apparently he had spoken to our doctor about it, and the doctor had told him that I was probably just going through a late growth spurt. It was uncommon in guys my age, but not unheard of.

He actually seemed pretty happy that his son was inching past him in size. He confided in me that he’d always felt he could have been taller, but if he never could be, he was glad that I would.

I was glad my dad was happy, but it was hard for me to mask the dread that I felt. I just wish I knew how all these changes were going to end. I kept looking over my body, searching myself for anything… unnatural, but so far I’d come up empty.

And then I felt guilty about calling Roy a freak. So, I decided to go over to the school around lunch time, maybe see if I could find him. It was a nice day so most of the kids would be eating lunch outside. As soon as I arrived I could see there was some kind of commotion going on. A bunch of kids were crowded in a circle shouting. It had to be a fight. I walked over to see. There were two big guys slugging it out.

Holy crap! One of them was Roy! Jeeze, look at him. He was a big dude, not just tall and fit like he used to be, but… big, pretty damn big. He had to be at least six two, and in the past day his muscles had just exploded with even more size, giving his body a ponderous mass that even changed the way he moved. His chest was so broad, like two cantelops stuffed into his shirt, and his back was two thick slabs of undulating muscle devided by an indent where the spine was. He was wearing one of his favorite t shirts; but it was so tight now it hugged every curving bulging inch of him. And he’d removed the sleeves, probably because his arms were now huge, just packed with ripped bulging softball sized biceps and enormous bulky triceps, that they just wouldn’t fit inside them anymore. And every once in a while, while he was jumping around, the bottom of his shirt would flip up and give us all a view of his sculpted abs. … and with that beautiful boyish face… Man, he was hot, way hot. He looked like a muscle model or something. And he was dancing around his opponent, moving on those big, thickly carved legs with amazing grace and speed. I barely even noticed the other guy, who looked every bit as big as he did.

“Come on, Bix, hit me,” jeered Roy. “Come on hit me. Give it your best shot. What, you only wanted to hit me when I was skinny? Are you a big ol chicken? That’s it, isn’t it? Big bad Bixie’s a little chicken after all, just a little bitty chicken.” And then he started clucking.

“I ain’t afraid of any roided up faggot freak,” said Bix. And like lightning, he hit Roy in the face three times like a jackhammer. My first thought was oh no not his face. Those punches would have knocked out most guys’ teeth. But instead I think Bix broke his fingers. He pulled them back and was waving them in the air. “God danm son of a bitch!” he yelled.

“Oh yeah,” said Roy ginning, everyone of his perfect teeth beautifully in tact, “didn’t I tell you? I don’t bruise as easy as I used to.” Then Roy treated Bix to a right cross, laid him out flat. One punch was all it took. As the former bully dropped to the ground like a sand bag, a couple of the onlookers actually booed. Roy turned on them in a second. He pulled a most muscular, making every one of his ponderous muscles explode with size. I heard the threads in his shirt snapping as entire body seemed to erupt with huge, bulging muscles. Thick veins stood out all over him as he turned red with the effort. “Who’s next he shouted? Come on! Who wants a piece of me next?” But they all turned away and wondered off. Roy snorted as he watched them go, relaxed his pose and then got this smirk on his face. “Wimps.”

“You ok?” I said walking up to him.

He looked down at me and his smirk didn’t fade. “You of all people,” he said, “shouldn’t have to ask.”

Then he sat down on a bench, leaned back, splayed out his legs and threw his arm across the back. I head the wood creek underneath his weight. Man, that wide, bulging body of his took up most of the bench. And those arms spread across the back, they had wide ripped forearms and large meaty biceps which gave his upper arms a ponderous mass even though they were relaxed. He gestured for me to sit too. I sat at the end of the bench, the only small part that he wasn’t occupying. “What’s the deal with you, shorty? Still sand-free? Don’t want to go walking with the freaks?” Then he stretched out, flexed his huge arms, then made every big muscle in his whole body bulge. His ponderous pecs and thick, wide lats were straining his shirt to it’s limits. I could hear the threads snapping, again. It was as if he were trying to force his body to explode even bigger. He stayed straining like that for a few seconds before he relaxed. “Nope, not yet,” he said. “But I’ll be busting out of this shirt by tonight for sure.”

“By tonight?”

“Oh yeah,” said Roy. “I’m always growing. I’m getting bigger every second. I’m bigger now than I was when I sat down. And when I get up, I’ll be even bigger. It’s fucking insane, but I love it. What about you?”

“Me?” I asked. “I just stopped by, to apologize for the other night. I didn’t mean to insult you.”

“No, that’s ok. You were right. I am a freak, but I like it. In fact, pretty soon I’m gonna be even freakier, and you know what? I can’t wait! I’ll be a genuine muscle freak, with muscles so huge and freaky no one will ever fuck with me again. And if they do, I’ll crush them like bugs, yeah, just like bugs. The ground will shake wherever I walk, and the people, they’ll shake too, and then maybe I’ll make them call me Mr. Freak.” He smiled at that thought. “Yeah… Mr. Freak.”

Whoa, that was pretty dark. I had no idea he was so angry inside. School must be a lot rougher for him than I thought. “I guess they don’t like you too much around here.”

“That’s not true,” he said, still smiling. “Some of the girls like me fine. They follow me everywhere. Too bad, they don’t have a chance.” Then he paused and looked at me meaningfully. “But you would.”

I can’t remember the last time I blushed. But if you had that face on that body say things like that to you, you’d blush, too. But Roy was always playing games with me. He was a master at casting his line, a professional, but no matter how tempting he was, I wasn’t about to exploit him.

“You know how that works, Roy,” I said.

He stood up quickly and stepped in front of me. There was a dark scowl on his face and he looked threateningly huge, towering over me blocking the sun with his powerful bulky frame. I realized I was trapped. There was no way I could get past him.

“I don’t really have to ask anymore,” he said. “If I wanted you, I could have you. Now. And there’s nothing you could do about it.” I felt a strange thrill run through me. On one hand I was outraged that Roy was threatening to rape me. On the other hand, I felt a kind of relief. I did want him. I had since I’d first laid eyes on him. But I had promised to abstain. If he forced things, it would release me from my vow, and I wanted release.

He let out a short laugh, and the threat vanished. “Sorry,” he said, “I’m not used to having guys turn me down. Figures it’d have to be you. And with this body…” he flexed and pushed those vein covered softball sized biceps up out of his rippling arms. “You must be a fucking saint.”

I swallowed. I was not a saint. In fact, I was pretty damn hard already. And if I stayed any longer I didn’t know what would happen. “I’d better get going,” I said. “I’m glad you’re ok.”

“Ok?” said Roy. “I’m so much better than ok.” And he flexed, bulging up his entire body again. I heard the snaps, only this time there was a little tear, as part of the seem on his side gave way to the heaving muscle beneath it.

“I’m fucking awesome.”

Fuck. I was so hard at that second it was a wonder my cock didn’t explode right there in my pants. I said an awkward goodbye to Roy and then hurried home, where I knew I would find sweet release in the sanctity of my own shower.

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