Gym Encounter

David slowly entered the gym. It was his first time in the gym and he was nervous. He was a freshman at the university, barely 18 years old, and he was just getting used to college. College had just started a week before and he didn’t know anybody. He was a very small kid, about five feet six inches tall and barely 110 pounds. He had light blue eyes and light brown hair. His face was good looking, almost feminine in nature. His body was very light, but at the same time it was somewhat muscular. He had lifted weights in his high school gym and at a local gym in the summer on and off for a few years. He had come to realize that he couldn’t really put on any real muscle. In three whole years he had gained only ten pounds. Now he couldn’t gain any muscle at all. All he could do was keep his body toned.

And he also liked what he saw in the gyms. He loved looking at the bodies of the other boys working out. He loved watching their muscles flex as they lifted the weights. He loved seeing their muscles strain as they lifted heavy weights, weights that were far heavier than he could lift. He loved it when their muscles got all pumped up and veins started popping out all over. And he really loved it when one of the big boys would proudly flex his arm in the mirror, smiling as he admired his bulging muscle.

David would work out his little body, but what he was really doing was casually gazing at the boys who had the muscles, the big boys who were building more and more muscle on their bodies every week. He pretended he was straight, but he loved looking at the bodies of those big boys. After he worked out he’d go home and jerk off, thinking about those big muscles he had just seen. He loved going to the gym.

So he went into the college gym and showed his ID card to the attendant. It was hot outside and he was wearing a small t-shirt and some workout shorts that showed off his tight little bubble butt. He looked around the gym. There were about 25 guys working out. Most of them looked like typical college students who didn’t really have much of a physique. Then there were two guys working out together who had really nice bodies. They weren’t huge, but they were very nicely muscled. They were wearing tank tops and David marveled at their broad shoulders, their bulging pecs and flaring lats and their muscled arms. He moved to the area where they were working out and started doing some bench presses, barely pressing up 50 pounds. When he finished, he looked over and watched the two kids doing bench presses themselves, pressing up 225 pounds, four big 45 pound plates on the bar. God they were strong. He loved watching their bodies as they worked out. He watched their muscles strain and flex. He tried hard to keep his cock from growing too hard under his shorts.

David was really enjoying his workout as he took fleeting glances at these two young studs. He had to be careful not to stare too long. He had to be careful not to reveal the lust in his eyes.

Then he noticed another young man walking into the gym. David’s eyes were immediately fixated on him. He showed his card to the attendant and then turned around and was looking in David’s direction. David’s mouth almost dropped open. This guy made the boys doing bench presses look like children. He was huge. He was tall, probably about six feet tall, and his muscles were gigantic. He was wearing a tank top and some green workout shorts. His broad shoulders were thick with muscle. Under those huge shoulders were lat muscles like David had never seen before, flaring out with muscle and tapering down to narrow hips. The guy’s chest bulged out under his tank top with huge globes of pec muscle. And his arms were huge, corded with muscle and thick like big hams. His huge thigh muscles stretched his workout shorts and his calves were bigger than David’s thighs. His muscles were absolutely rippling, with almost no fat on his body. Yet despite those huge rippling muscles, his face looked young. He had dark brown hair and brown eyes and his skin was very tan. David couldn’t take his eyes off the guy’s body and face. He had never seen a more beautiful young man in his life.

Suddenly he realized that the huge stud was looking back at him. He had stared at his body too long. Maybe the guy realized he was gay. Now maybe the guy was going to sneer at him. Maybe give him the finger. Maybe even come up to him and call him a name. That had happened to him once before when he looked at a guy too long. He cringed. But wait. The guy wasn’t sneering. He smiled. He was smiling at David. David sighed with relief. But he couldn’t stare any longer. He was almost caught. He turned to his bench so he could bench another 50 pound set.

Mike was a college freshman too, just 18 years old. He had always been a big jock, playing football and wrestling and putting the shot in track. He started lifting weights when he was in eighth grade and his body immediately responded to the lifting. It was like he was born to get muscular. He put on 20 pounds of muscle in his first month of lifting. He was hooked. Every month he got bigger and stronger. It was like his body just wanted to grow and he loved watching it grow. When he was in 10th grade he was bigger than the seniors. He was one of the biggest and strongest football players in high school. But he liked lifting weights and seeing his body grow better than he liked playing football. So after football season in his sophomore year he dropped all his sports and became a bodybuilder. Every month his body got even bigger, more muscular and stronger. By the time he graduated from high school, he was six feet one and weighed 230 pounds, all muscle. He was the biggest, strongest kid in his whole school. He hadn’t entered a bodybuilding contest, but he could have. Now that he was in college, he wanted to keep his body big and ripped, using the school gym.

He came in the gym and showed his card to the attendant. This was going to be his first college workout and he didn’t know anybody. He turned around and looked around the gym. Nice equipment for a university. Those big donors really made sure the gym was well equipped. He looked at the equipment and at the guys working out. Nothin’ special about those guys. Almost all of them looked at him when he came in. Yeah, that always happens. He always turns a lot of heads. After looking for a few seconds, the guys turned away, not wanting to stare. But he knew they’d keep checking him out. Mike was used to it. People always looked at him. Holy shit. Look at the cute little boy looking at me. He’s not turning away. He’s just staring at me. God he is hot. He’s got blue eyes and his face looks like an angel. And look at that tight little bubble butt. God I’d like to fuck that butt. I’d love to bury that kid in all my muscle and fuck his little butt so hard. I’ve never fucked a guy before. Everybody thinks I’m the big straight jock. But geez, I’d love the fuck that little boy. I bet he’d give a great blow job too. But I gotta be careful. I can’t let that boy know I think he is hot. God my cock is getting hard. I better get to work. Oh shit, I just smiled at him. What am I thinking about? Get to work. Do some benches.

The two boys doing benches next to David had just finished their last set. They started removing the big plates from the bar when Mike came over to them. They stared at Mike’s huge body. “Leave ‘em on the bar. That’ll be a good warm up weight for me.” The boys looked at all the iron and then looked at all of Mike’s muscle and nodded their heads. Their maximum weight was going to be the huge guy’s warmup. Mike glanced over at David and saw him looking at him. God that little boy is hot. Look at those fucking blue eyes. Then he quickly turned his head away and got on the bench.

David couldn’t believe the huge guy was walking right towards him. Oh shit, look at those muscles. I’ve never seen muscle like that in my whole life. And his waist is so small. And look at that bulge. God he’s got a big cock. Big muscles and a big cock. Oh shit, I’m getting harder. Fuck, he’s coming right over here. Maybe he’s gonna tell me to stop looking at him. Maybe he’s gonna tell me to fuck myself. Oh shit. Wait. He’s going up to the boys next to me. Oh fuck, he wants to use their bench. He’s gonna work out right next to me. Oh my god. And he’s gonna warm up with all their weight. God he’s strong. Shit, he’s looking at me! He caught me looking at him again. Shit I’m gonna get so screwed. He’s gonna fuck me up, I just know it. But I can’t stop looking at him. He’s so beautiful. Now he’s gonna do his benches. I just have to look. I don’t give a fuck what happens.

Mike grabbed the bar and lowered the weight to his chest. He glanced over and saw that the cute little boy was looking at him. The boy must like muscle. Even if he’s not gay he really appreciates a lot of muscle. Well, he’s gonna see a lot of muscle. Fuck, this weight feels so light. I was benching 225 in eighth grade. Gotta warm up my muscles though. Gotta get ‘em ready for the really heavy weights. Gotta get ‘em big and pumped. Fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty. Yeah 20 reps. Nice warm up. Time to get up and stretch my muscles, right in front of the little hot boy. I wonder if he’s gonna keep looking at me.

Oh shit, I feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven. Here I am just ten feet from this huge stud. Look at his fucking pecs. God, they’re massive. And his shoulders. His arms. Oh fuck. He’s lowering the weight. Ooop. He looked over and saw me staring at him. Oh fuck. But if you look like that, people are going to stare at you, right? And I’m so close. I have to see him. He’s so big. I just have to watch him. God, look how easy it is for him to lift that weight. Those other boys were struggling and this guy is pushing it up like it’s a broomstick. Look at those pec muscles bulge. God I can see the striations of muscle bulging. And his shoulders. He’s got striations there too. God they’re so thick. So thick with muscle. Fuck. And those arms. Look at those triceps. Oh my god. Seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty. He did twenty reps like it was nothing. Now he’s standing up. He’s standing right in front of me. Oh my god, he’s moving his arms, flexing his pec muscles right in front of me. He’s looking across the room. Can he see that I’m staring at his body? God he must see it. Look at those muscles. Oh god, I wish I could touch his muscles. Look at those pec muscles flexing. God they are so big. Now he’s stopped moving his arms. He’s just standing there, right in front of me. Oh my god. He’s looking at me. He’s looking at my eyes. Oh shit, I’m screwed. But wait. He’s turning around. He’s grabbing a 45 pound plate and putting it on the bar. I guess he’s getting ready for his next set. Hmmm, 315 pounds. God that’s a lot of weight. But look at all that muscle. That muscle is strong.

Shit, this is so funny, flexing my pec muscles in front of that cute little boy. He’s just staring at my muscles and I’m pretending to look across the gym. He’s sure getting a good look. Yeah, check out my muscles, cute boy. You like muscles, don’t you. I got the biggest muscles in this whole school. Yeah, cute boy. Check me out. Oh god, look at those eyes. So blue. Like a clear day. Light blue eyes. And your face is so cute. Light brown hair, delicate cheekbones. You’re so fucking cute. A cute mouth too. Nice lips. I bet you’ve got a great tongue too. I bet you’d give a great blow job. You’re so cute. But back to work. This cute boy’s gonna see some real muscle working. Six plates, 315 pounds. Ninth grade. Still a warmup. Fifteen reps easy. Such a fucking light weight. Six, seven, eight. I can feel my muscles getting pumped. I can feel the blood surging into my muscles. Oh yeah, it’s such a great feeling. Like sex. Getting a pump feels so good. Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen. Oh yeah, feels great. Feels great to be big. Feels great to be strong.

Look at him lift that weight. Three hundred fifteen fucking pounds and he’s lifting it like it’s a feather. Look at his muscles bulge. They look like they’re getting bigger. His big muscles are getting bigger. Look at those veins. He’s got veins popping out all over. And the striations. God, I can see every fiber of muscle. His skin is getting red. Must be all the blood flowing into his muscles. And he’s starting to sweat a little bit. His skin is glowing. It’s covered by a layer of sweat. Look how easy those reps are. Look at those muscles bulge. Oh my fucking god. Fifteen reps. He’s done. He’s getting up. Good thing he’s not looking at me because my cock’s like a steel pipe. I’m sure he would see it. He’s going over to the mirror. Oh fuck, he’s gonna flex. Oh my fucking god. Look at those pecs. He’s flexing them. Look how big they are. Look at all that muscle. Look at those muscle fibers. Look at those veins. Oh my god. He’s pulling up the bottom of his tank top. Fuck, look at those abs. Shit, he’s got an eight pack. He’s flexing his abs and pulling up his tank top so you can see the bottom of his pecs. Fuck, look at all that muscle. Absolutely no fat. All muscle. Flexing muscle. Shit I’m gonna cream right here. Oh my god, here I cum. I’m cumming in my shorts. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh my god. I didn’t even touch my cock and I still came. Oh my god. What am I gonna do?

Fifteen easy reps. And he was looking the whole time. Now I’m gonna really tease that little kid. He thinks I didn’t notice his hard cock. But I’ve got good eyes. His cock is as hard as a steel. Yeah, I’m gonna check out my pecs in the mirror. Just to make sure they still look great. Oh yeah, look at that muscle. It’s really pumping up nice. Getting big and getting hard. Nice veins too. You got a great bod, Mike. Oh yeah, and look at those abs. Hard as fuckin’ bricks. I can’t believe I still have a 31 inch waist while my chest measures 50 inches. I got good genes I guess. Good muscle genes. I wonder what the cute kid thinks? Hey, where did he go? Fuck, he’s running out of the gym. What the hell happened? Well too bad. Maybe he’ll be in here some other day. Back to the benches. I need more weight. Another two plates. Four hundred five pounds. Now we’re gettin’ some real iron here. Now we’re gonna start challenging these big muscles. Yeah, muscles, you’re gonna get some heavy iron.

God, I gotta get outta here. I’m gonna run to the bathroom and clean myself up. I gotta clean up all this cum. I hope he didn’t notice me cumming in my shorts. I am so embarrassed. “Scuse me. Scuse me.” Gunna get outta here fast. Oh yeah, there’s the restroom. Find a stall. Oh yeah. Clean off all my cum with the toilet paper. Fuck I sure had a lot of cum. God I got so turned on. There, I’m done. Just a little wet mark on the shorts. Shit, I can’t leave. I wanna see him work out some more. Maybe he won’t see the little wet mark. God I hope he doesn’t notice. He’d probably punch me if he saw it. Okay, going back into the gym. I’ll do a set of bench presses myself. Maybe that will calm me down. Fuck, look at him. He’s doing benches with eight plates on there. Fuck, that’s 405. How can a boy be that strong? Look at him lift that weight. It doesn’t even look hard. Okay, I have to stop looking at him. I’ll do my own set. It’s only 50 pounds but it’s still hard for me. Stop looking at him. He’s done. Get on the bench and do your set, David. Grab the bar. Feels real cold. My body’s so hot. The bar feels really cold. Oh fuck, what’s that?

“You wanna spot, kid? I’ll spot you and you spot me. Hey, it’s only me. Don’t panic. I’m not gonna hurt you. I’m just gonna give you a spot. Then you can do more reps. Maybe you’ll put a little muscle on your body. You could use it, ya know. I’ll stand right behind you and you do your reps. You looking at my pecs? Yeah, they’re big aren’t they. It’s kinda hard to see my face because my pecs are so big. Yeah, they’re gettin’ real pumped. When they get a pump they get real big. Your eyes look real big, like they can’t believe how big my pecs are. Yeah, my pecs are big all right. Okay, start liftin’, kid.”

. Fuck, look at those blue eyes. They’re so beautiful. My cock’s getting hard. I hope he doesn’t notice. His eyes are so gorgeous. His face is so cute. He’s staring at my pecs. Hey, his shorts are wet. I bet he came while I was flexing in the mirror. So funny. That’s why he ran out of the gym. But he’s back. He really likes muscle.

It’s the big kid standing right behind me. What the fuck is he gonna do? Maybe he’s gonna punch me right now. He saw me looking at him and now he sees the wet spot in my shorts. I’m dead. I should have gone home. What? He wants to spot me. This huge guy wants to spot a little kid like me? He’s gonna spot my little 50 pound bench? Oh my god, I’ve died and am in heaven. Fuck, look at his pecs. They are so huge. I can hardly see his face his pecs are so big. And they’re dripping with sweat. They look so big. Oh fuck, I could look at his pecs all day. Oh yeah, I better do my benches. One, two, three. Fuck, look at his huge arm coming out to hold the bar. Look at his huge hand. Look at his huge fingers. Oh fuck, my cock’s getting hard again. Six, seven. I getting weaker. Can I do another rep?

“Push up that bar, little man. Come on, push it. You can do it. Six, seven. My hand’s under the bar. You push. I won’t let you drop it. Eight. Good. Lower the bar. I wanna see ten reps. Yeah, you heard me. Ten. Push it up. Yeah, I’m helping. Good, that’s nine. One more rep. You never worked so hard in your life, have you kid. I work this hard every day. That’s how I built this body. You gotta work hard to get big. Okay, push it up. Push! Push! Good. Ten reps. Okay, you’re done. Get up. Let’s see those pecs. Yeah, they’re small, but they’re kinda toned. I’m gonna feel ‘em. Yeah, I can feel some muscle. Not a lot of muscle but there’s a little muscle there. Your muscle’s tiny but it’s toned.”

Oh shit. The huge guy behind me is talking to me. I never thought he’d ever talk to me. I’m such a puny little shrimp. And he’s talking to me! His big hand is holding the bar. He’s telling me to do more reps. God I’ve never done 10 reps with this weight, but he’s making me do it. Look at that fucking arm. Look at the size of his forearm. Huge muscles covered with veins. And look at that fucking hand. Thick with muscle. He’s making the bar lighter. I can do it. I can do it. I did it! He’s telling me to get up. He wants to see my pecs. That huge stud wants to see my pecs. Oh fuck. Now he’s feeling them. He’s feeling my little pecs with his huge hand. I can’t believe this. Tiny but toned. I guess that’s a compliment. God look at his huge pecs. Makes my pecs look like nothing. He’s flexing his pecs when he’s telling me how much weight he’s gonna use. God they are big.

“Okay, now you gotta spot me. I’m gonna add another two plates. Four hundred ninety-five pounds. Now I’m into my work sets. These muscles are gonna really work and I need a spot. You add a plate and I’ll add a plate. Oh come on. You can pick it up. It’s only 45 pounds. Yeah, pick it up and put it on. Look, I can do it with two fingers. Good, you did it. Now stand behind me and spot.”

The plate looks so light when he’s lifting it. Let me try. Oh fuck. It’s so heavy. I need both hands. God how did he do that? Oh yeah, he’s like made of muscle. Hey, I can’t pick up a 45 pound plate. They’re too heavy. Fuck, look how he can pick one up with just his thumb and finger. Finally I got it up. Now its on the bar. Fuck, look at all that weight. How am I gonna spot with all that weight on the bar?

“Um, I’m not sure I’ll be able to spot you with all that weight on the bar. Maybe I can lift 50 pounds or so, but not 495 pounds. Are you sure you want me as a spotter? Okay, so I’ll only have to lift a couple of pounds. Your muscles will do the rest. Yeah, I think you’re strong. Sure, 495 will be no problem for you. If you need a couple of pounds help, I’ll be there. See my arm. See all my muscle?”

He’s looking into my eyes. He really likes to look at my eyes.

God his eyes are beautiful. Look at his little arm. He’s flexing it for me. So cute. Tiny muscles but good tone. Can’t keep looking at his cute little body. He might see my cock getting hard. Gonna grab the bar and go.

Geez, look at him lifting that weight. Look at those muscles. God, I can see every fiber. I’m like so close. I’ve never been this close to a muscle boy before. Will he see my cock getting hard again? Will he see my cum on my shorts? Fuck, I can’t help myself. I’m getting so hard looking at his bulging muscles. God those pecs are enormous. Look at the bulging muscle. Look at the veins. Oh fuck. Five, six, seven. I better put my hands under the bar in case he needs a little help. Eight. He’s slowing down. Probably getting tired, just like me. Nine. Now he’s really slow. I wonder if he’s gonna do another rep. The bar is going down. Yeah, push it off you huge chest. Push it up. Almost half way up. Yeah, do it. Fuck, he’s slowing down. Oh my god. He’s stopped. Here, I’ll pull it up. I’m pulling. I’m pulling. Oh no! The bar is going down. I’m too weak. I can’t hold up the bar. Oh no! I’m so fucking weak.

“I can’t lift the bar! I’m too weak! Fuck, the bar is hitting your chest. That’s 495 pounds of iron! That heavy bar in on your chest. You’re gonna be crushed! Oh fuck! I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m so weak.”

Sob. Sob. Sob. I’m crying. I’m so helpless. I’m crying. Hey, what happened? The bar is going back up. It’s going back up real fast. You made it to the top. You’re laughing. You’re laughing real hard. I have tears in my eyes and you’re laughing. And now you’re doing two more reps real fast. Oh my god. Oh my god. You’re not tired. I’m crying even harder.

“Aw, I didn’t mean to make you cry. Here, bury your face in my pecs. Yeah, feel all that hard muscle. I’ll rub your face into the muscle. See, it’s all hot and sweaty. And it’s real big. Real big and pumped. Five hundred pounds is nothing to that muscle. I really had you fooled though. I got you hook, line and sinker. Go ahead and cry in my pecs. Those pecs are big and strong. They’ll protect you.”

Oh my god, I’ve got my face buried in his pecs. Never in my life did I think this would happen to me. I’m touching the most muscular and beautiful body I’ve ever seen. His muscles are so big. They’re so hard. They’re so hot. They’re so sweaty. I can smell his sweat. I can feel his strength. Now I’m wrapping my hands around his huge chest, pulling myself into his huge body. I’m feeling his huge muscles. He’s talking so nice to me. Hey, I can feel his cock pressed against my body. It feels real hard. God it’s big and it’s hard. I bet he can feel my hard cock too. Maybe he likes me. Maybe he likes skinny little me. Oh my god.

Look at those tears on his cute little face. He’s like a little angel. He’s wrapping his arms around my chest. He’s feeling my muscles. I’m rubbing my hard cock into him. He can feel it. He’s grabbing my hard muscles and feeling my hard cock. I feel his hard cock too.

“I’m so sorry I made you cry. After my workout I’ll buy you a cup of coffee. You have to stay until I’m done working out. I’m gonna work my chest real hard. Would you like that?”

Oh my god. He wants to buy me coffee. He wants me to stay and watch his workout. I’m grabbing his chest as hard as I can. His body is so big, so hot. I can’t believe this is happening to me.

“Yeah. I’d love to stay. I’d love to have coffee with you. I’d love to get to know you real well.”

Mike flexed his pecs and lats as David hugged him and buried his face into all that muscle.

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