Scott had been running cross country and track since he was a kid. He was now 16 and on his high school's cross country and track teams. In track he did the mile run. He always liked the long distances. He wasn't very fast, but he had pretty good endurance. I guess you could call him a jock, although using that word - the word that calls up images of vibrant, muscular youths -- was a real stretch. He sure wasn't in the same league as the muscular football players who strutted around the school like they owned it. Scott was tall and skinny---a typical ectomorph--a naturally thin guy who just couldn't gain any weight. At 5' 10" tall, Scott weighed all of 120 pounds. He had almost no muscle on his body. Just skin and bones. But at least he could run. At everything else athletic, he was a total flop. Weak and uncoordinated. Yeah, real weak. He was a flop at football, a flop at basketball, a flop at sprinting, a flop at everything except long distance running. And even there he wasn't very good. It was a real stretch to call him a jock.

As a distance runner, he never lifted weights. But last fall, after the cross country season was over, his track coach said all track athletes should work out with weights, at least a little bit. The distance runners could use light weights with lots of repetitions to keep their bodies toned up. Or if they wanted to, they could try heavier weights and see if they could add some muscle to their skinny bodies. Either way, he said the weights would help the athletes next spring for track. Scott decided he wanted to put on some muscle. He was tired of being skinny.

So Scott persuaded his mom to buy him some weightlifting equipment for Christmas and he set it up in his garage. It had a bench with a rack, a squat rack, a pulley machine for lat pulldowns and stuff, a couple barbells and dumbbells, and about 150 pounds of weights. Scott looked at all those plates and hoped to himself that someday he'd be able to lift all that iron.

Scott was the man of the house. He had a single mom. His mom and dad got divorced a year after his little brother Jake was born when Scott was three years old, and he never saw his dad anymore. He'd been acting as the man in the family for years. His mom worked full time, so it was Scott's responsibility to take care of his little brother after school until his mom got home from work at dinnertime. Scott also made sure Jake did all his chores, like washing dishes, cleaning up his room and helping to clean the house on Saturdays. Like I said, Scott was the man of the house.

Jake was three years younger than Scott. He was 13 years old and he'd always been kind of a fuck-up. Always getting into trouble. He was exactly the opposite of Scott, who is a very responsible kid and a great student in school. Jake never did his homework and barely got passed from grade to grade. Jake hated doing his chores, and more often than not Scott would have to force him to do them. Scott was way bigger and stronger than his little brother, so Jake had to obey him whether he liked it or not. Because of this, the two brothers got into lots of fights. Of course Scott always won. Jake did as little work around the house as possible. He preferred hanging out with his friends. His best friend was this obnoxious kid named Brandon, also 13 years old, who looked kind of like an overgrown Dennis the Menace. Brandon had blue eyes and blond hair and his hair looked like it only got cut about once a year. His hair always looked uncombed and wild.

Jake and Brandon weren't into sports at all. They just liked to hang out and get into trouble. Several times Scott caught them smoking cigarettes when he came home from cross country practice. He'd punch the two kids in their arms as punishment and then tell Brandon to get the fuck out of there. Then he'd make Jake go to his room until his mom got home. Brandon would give him the finger and a lot of lip, but Scott was about five inches taller and a lot stronger than the little 7th grader so there was nothing the obnoxious little punk could do but obey and go home. Brandon hated Scott for ordering him and Jake around all the time, but there was nothing he could do about it. Jake was about the same size as Brandon, 5' 5" tall and about 100 pounds. He was used to taking orders from his big brother. He didn't like it, but he knew he didn't have a choice. So he just went to his room and slammed the door. Jake and Brandon both looked like little street brats. While Scott had a skinny - you would almost say delicate - but somewhat in-shape body from his running, Jake and Brandon's bodies were just normal for kids their age. Not skinny, not fat, just kind of normal. Although they had both gone through puberty about six months earlier, their bodies looked the same as when they were younger. They looked like boys. Obnoxious healthy boys. They never played any sports or did anything else very physical. They just liked to hang around, listen to rap music, and get into trouble. Scott felt good that he was able to help his mom keep those two wild kids under control. He was the man of the house.

After he got the weights set up, Scott took his measurements. He knew he was skinny and he wanted to see just how much his muscles would grow from using the weights. His coach had gotten him all pumped up with stories about other kids on the track team who had gained 30 pounds of muscle in three months and who had put four inches on their chest, two inches on their legs and over and inch on their arms in that period. Scott could hardly wait. He wrapped the measuring tape around his skinny arms. His biceps measured 10-1/2 inches. He hardly had any bicep at all. His chest measured 34 inches and his legs 16 inches. Real skinny. His waist measured 29 inches. He didn't have a six pack at all, even though he was skinny. His waist was only 5 inches smaller than his chest, and he didn't have any muscle tone there. His abs were covered by a layer of fat.

He tacked up a big chart that came with the weight set showing all the exercises he was supposed to do. Exercises for his chest, shoulders, back, arms, legs and waist, all nicely explained on the chart. The chart showed the beginners, intermediate and advanced routines. Scott was a beginner, so that's the routine he was going to follow. He was stoked. He could hardly wait to put on some muscle. He put up a mirror too. He wanted to see his muscles bulge as they grew. He flexed and saw his little ectomorph muscles flex in the mirror. Not much now, he thought, but they're gonna start growing.

He started his first workout. He had thought he was in pretty good shape but he wasn't very impressed with his poundages. He weaker than he thought he would be, him being a track athlete and all. But he felt confident he would improve. He could only bench 65 pounds, curl 35 pounds, and military press 50 pounds. He did three reps of lat pulldowns with 60 pounds. He could squat with 90 pounds, which made him feel good. At least his legs were pretty strong.

Jake and Brandon came into the garage while he was working out. "You gonna turn into a muscleman?" asked Brandon mockingly. He laughed, pulled back the sleeve on his oversized tee shirt, and flexed his little arm. There was absolutely no muscle there. His skin was white and his arm was soft, with just a little bit of a bicep poking up. At least Scott had a little bit of tone in his muscles. Brandon didn't have shit. Brandon looked at his little arm and laughed. "I'm just as much as a muscleman as you are," he said, looking at the tiny bump of bicep that was barely noticeable in his arm. Scott wasn't going to take any shit from this little punk. "I'm working out for track, asshole," he said. "I'm a jock, which is more than I can say for you little punks. You little dweebs ain't shit. Now get the fuck outta here." He went up to the two obnoxious kids and grabbed them both by the shirt. He towered over the shorter boys and the skinny muscles in his shoulders and arms showed a little bit as he held their shirts. "I don't want to see you little dweebs in here any more. Just keep the fuck away from my weights. Got it?" He shook their bodies as hard as he could. Brandon looked at him with his wild blue eyes, lifted up his right arm and gave him the finger right in front of his face. Brandon could give the finger better than anyone Scott had ever seen. Something about the way he held his fingers and looked you in the eye. When Brandon gave you the finger, you knew you have been given the finger real bad. "Fuck off!" the blond boy yelled. Scott spun him and Jake around and shoved them out of the garage. "Total asshole," he said as he looked at Brandon walk away, joking with Jake. Brandon turned around and gave Scott the finger again, this time with both hands. That kid was no good. No good at all.

After Scott finished his workout, he left the barbell on the bench, loaded to 65 pounds, his maximum bench. He was looking to improve on that weight two days later when he was scheduled to take his next workout.

Two days later, after he had finished his running after school, Scott returned to the garage for his second weights workout. He could tell someone had been playing around with the weights. Instead of the 65-pound barbell on the bench rack, there was a barbell that only weighed 40 pounds. All the other weights were different too. "Those little assholes have been playing with my weights," he said to himself. "I'm should smash their little asses. But who gives a fuck. Just as long as they don't bother me I guess don't care if they play around with the weights. Fuck, they're just kids. Look--they could only bench 40 pounds. They're little dweebs compared to me. And they'll probably get tired of it after a few days. I'll just ignore the little assholes."

So he started his second workout. To his disappointment, he wasn't any stronger than they were two days before. His maximum bench press was still 65 pounds. His maximum curl was still 35, his maximum military press was still 50 and his maximum squat was still 90. "Oh well," he thought to himself. "These things take time. I can't really expect to get any stronger in just two days." When he was almost done with his workout, Jake and Brandon sauntered into the garage. "How's it goin', muscleman?" asked Brandon mockingly. "You gettin' bigger and stronger?" Scott stared at the little blond snot. "None of your business," he said. Brandon smiled. "Me and Jake are workin' out too. We decided we'd try out your weight set. We wanna be musclemen too. We're doin' the same exercises you're doin'." He pointed at the chart on the wall. "Yeah, I figured out you little creeps were using my weights," said Scott. He knew there was really nothing he could do to stop them. He couldn't be there all the time to keep them away. He was fully expecting they'd get tired of the whole thing after a week or so. "Looks like you were benching 40 pounds. Wow, I am so impressed. I can bench 65. I'm way stronger than you little dweebs."

"Yeah, that was our max yesterday," said Jake. "We could do three reps with that. Hey, Brandon, let's see if we got any stronger. Let's try some bench presses. Is that okay with you Scott? Can we just try a few benches?" Scott wasn't done with his workout yet, but his brother was so respectful in his request he couldn't say no. "Sure, go ahead," he said. He fully expected to see them do another three reps with the 40 pounds. After all, it had only been one day. Jake and Brandon each did 15 quick reps with 30 pounds as a warm-up and then loaded the bar to 40 pounds. Jake went first. Brandon stood behind him to spot. He lowered the bar and pressed it back up. "Feels lighter," he said. Then he lowered the bar and pressed it back up another seven times, with Brandon giving him a light spot for the last rep. "God! Eight reps!" he yelled. "I'm a lot stronger than yesterday!" He gave Brandon a high five. Scott couldn't believe what he had just seen. "Your turn, stud," Jake said to Brandon. The blond boy got on the bench and placed his hands on the bar. He lowered the bar and pressed it back up. "Fucking feather!" he yelled. Then he pressed it up and down another nine times, pretty slowly for the last three reps but not even needing a spot for his tenth rep. He crashed the bar onto the rack and jumped up off the bench. "Wow!" he yelled. "I can't believe it. That thing felt so heavy yesterday and it felt so light today! Those weights really work!" He moved his arms back and forth, stretching his pec muscles. Scott thought he could almost see some muscle bulging under Brandon's skin. Scott was stunned. "Lets add five more pounds," said Jake. The boys added a 2-1/2 plate to each side of the bar and Jake got on the bench. He lowered the bar to his chest and then pushed it up all the way. He did it! Then he lowered it again and pressed it up two more times with just a little help from Brandon at the end of the last rep. "Fucking A," he yelled as he jumped off the bench. He was really happy. Then Brandon got on the bench. He looked up at Scott with his sky blue eyes and stuck out his tongue. He was going to show off to the big teenager. He lowered the bar to his chest and pressed it up. Scott could definitely see some muscles bulging in his chest as he raised the bar. Then he did three more reps, needing a little spot from Jake for his fourth and final rep. He jumped off the bench. "Fuckin' strong!" he yelled. "Yesterday I could do three reps with 40. Today I can do four reps with 45. Those weights are great!" Jake and Brandon gave each other high fives again. Brandon pulled up the sleeve on his tee shirt and flexed his arm right in front of Scott's face. He and Scott both looked at the flexing bicep. It was still small, but is sure looked bigger than it was two days before. "Gettin' bigger. Gettin' stronger," said Brandon, looking approvingly at his muscle. "Pretty soon I'm gonna be able to kick your ass, fuckhead, and I'm gonna have a real good time doin' it." Scott's face turned red with rage. "Yeah, right, you little dweeb. We'll see who does the ass kicking around here." At that, he spun the 13-year-old brat around and rammed his knee into the kid's little ass. Brandon laughed as he walked over to Jake. "See ya later, bro, " said Jake. "We're gonna do our full workout tomorrow on your day off. I can hardly wait." Then the two 13-year-old boys strutted out of the garage, flexing their little muscles at each other. Scott just stood there in disbelief at what he had just seen.

What he had just seen was two mesomorphs. Two young mesomorphs on the day after their first workout with weights. Two young mesomorphs who had just discovered what they were. Unlike ectomorphs, whose bodies are naturally skinny and who have a very hard time putting on muscle, mesomorphs can put on muscle real easily. And unlike endomorphs, whose bodies are naturally big and fat and have a very hard time getting toned, mesomorphs don't put on fat. When they work out, they just put on muscle.

Here's what scientists say about mesomorphs:

Athletic Hard Body Rectangular Shaped Mature Muscle Mass Muscular Body Excellent Posture Gains Muscle Easily

"The mesomorph has well-defined muscles and large bones. The torso tapers to a relatively harrow and low waist. The bones and muscles of the head are prominent. Features of the face are clearly defined, such as cheekbones and a square, heavy jaw. The face is long and broad, and is cubicle in shape. Arms and legs are developed and even the digits of the hand are muscled."

Here's what scientists say about ectomorphs:

Definitive "hard gainer" Delicate Built Body Flat chest Fragile Lean Lightly muscled Small shouldered Takes longer to gain muscle Thin

"The extreme ectomorph physique is a fragile and delicate one. The bones are light, joints are small and muscles are slight. The limbs are relatively long in proportion and the shoulders droop. The ectomorph is a linear physique. Straight up and straight down, and may appear longer than he really is, due to the length of limbs coupled with lack of muscle mass developed on those limbs. The ectomorph is not naturally powerful and will have to work hard for every ounce of muscle and every bit of strength he can gain. The extreme ectomorph may have long fingers and toes. The neck is long, a pencil neck, you could say."

Most football players and most wrestlers are mesomorphs. The exceptions are the fat linemen and the fat heavyweight wrestlers, who are endomorphs. The mesomorphs are the real jocks. They're the muscular ones, the athletic ones, the ones who rule. Ectomorphs are the computer nerds, and yeah a few of them run long distance track. Most guys are a combination of ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph. Usually, one of the body types prevails, but it is not pure. There are very few pure ectomorphs, pure mesomorphs or pure endomorphs. But there are some. Brandon was a pure mesomorph. He was destined to be totally strong and muscular. He had absolutely no skinny genes or fat genes in his body. Jake was a 90% mesomorph with about 10% of the ectomorph genes of his brother. He was also destined to be really strong and muscular, almost as big and strong as Brandon. His 90% mesomorphism meant he was going to be buffer and stronger than 99% of all other kids. Brandon was going to be buffer and stronger than 99.9 % of all other kids. Brandon was one in a million.

Scott was an 85% ectomorph with about 10% of mesomorph genes. So he had only about 10% of the mesomorph genes that Brandon and Jake had. And he also had a little bit - about 5% -- of endomorph genes, which explained the layer of fat covering his abs. Both Brandon and Jake were going to get a lot bigger, a lot more muscular and a lot stronger than Scott. It was in their genes.

A kid who has never had any exercise may not even know he's a mesomorph. That was the situation with Jake and Brandon.. But when that kid starts lifting weights, he soon sees his muscles getting bigger and stronger. And if he's a predominantly a mesomorph, with very little ectomorph or endomorph genes, those muscles are going to get real big and real strong. Scott, being an ectomorph, had no idea of what was going to happen to Jake and Brandon. But he was about to find out. He had gotten the weights so he would become bigger and stronger. Now his little brother and his asshole friend Brandon were using the weights too. He was about to experience the Law of Unintended Consequences.

He finished his workout, did some homework and got things ready for dinner. His mom got home and started cooking. Just then, Jake came into the kitchen and said "I'm real hungry tonight, Mom. Cook me some extra stuff." "Okay, son," she said. "I'm glad you're finally getting an appetite." Jake looked at his brother and smiled. Then he pulled up the sleeve on his tee shirt, curled his arm and flexed his bicep. A little bump appeared. "Me and Brandon are workin' out with Scott's weights. He said it was okay with him. Since we've been workin' out we've both been getting hungrier. I don't know why, it just kinda happened." "Well that's nice, Jake," said his mom. "I hope you'll finally take after your brother and do something athletic. You've never had any interest in sports or anything, so now maybe those weights will help you a little." Jake straightened his arm and flexed his tricep. A couple of small bulges appeared under his skin. Scott stared at his little brother's arm. "Yeah, I hope so. Brandon and me are already stronger than we were before. Brandon's stronger than me. He's already getting muscles that are bigger than mine." Scott kind of gulped.

The family sat down for dinner. Scott took his usual portions of food. He had never been a very big eater. His skinny body didn't need a lot of food. Jake looked at what Scott had taken and then loaded twice as much on his plate. This was three times more food than Jake usually ate. "You better eat all that or I'm gonna pound your ass for being wasteful," said Scott. He never thought his brother could eat that much. He thought Jake was just acting macho. But he was wrong. Jake gobbled up all the food on his plate before Scott could finish his own food. All of a sudden, Scott felt real strange. How could it be that this little kid was putting away all that food? There was one piece of chicken left. All of a sudden Scott wanted to eat it, even though he hadn't finished his own plate yet. He had this sudden desire for more food. He reached his fork over to stab the chicken, but before he hit it Jake jabbed his own fork into the white protein-rich meat. "You ain't even finshed yet, bro. I already finished. I get the chicken, don't I Mom?" Their mom looked at Jake's clean plate and Scott's plate still covered with food and said, "Yeah that's right, Scott. Jake already finished his firsts, so he gets the seconds. Gee, I never saw you two boys fighting over food before. I better buy more." Jake gobbled up the piece of chicken and said, "Yeah, mom. Buy more." Scott just kept eating the rest of his food. He couldn't believe how much his little brother had just eaten.

And at his house, Brandon had just eaten more than Jake. Brandon's parents couldn't believe the appetite their son now had. His mother had to fry up some more hamburger meat. Brandon had eaten his own portion plus half of his mother's portion. And he was still hungry. His mother fried up another half pound of hamburger and Brandon wolfed it all down. His parents stared at their only child, who up until now had shown almost no interest in food. "I've been liftin' some weights over at Jake's house," he said. "It's made me real hungry all the time. And I've gotten stronger. I guess my body's turning all the food into muscle." He pulled off his tee shirt and flexed his arms and chest for his parents. "See," he said. "I got more muscle than I had before." His mother looked proudly at her son, who was flexing as hard as he could. He did have some little bulges in his arms and chest, but she really couldn't tell if this was different or not. But if Brandon thought he had more muscle than before that was great with her. She wanted her son to succeed at something. "I'll buy more meat from now on," his mother said. Brandon's dad reached over and put his big hand around his son's upper arm. "Yeah, I can feel some muscle flexin' in there. I can feel some beef building up in those guns. Just keep puttin' on that muscle and you're gonna kick ass. I started putting on muscle when I was your age and then I started kickin' ass. Yeah, that was real fun. Puttin' on the muscle and kickin' guys' asses. It's a great feeling. A tremendous rush. Getting' big and strong. Kickin' the shit out of guys who give you lip. You're gonna have a blast." The father flexed his own big gun, which had a blue tattoo, sort of like a chain, encircling his huge upper arm. When he flexed his bicep, the chain got a lot bigger as the big muscle stretched his skin. If the tattoo had been a real chain, that big muscle would have broken it in two. Brandon's father was a tough dude. Brandon smiled at his father. They obviously had a lot in common. "Fuckin' straight!" he yelled and gave his dad a high five.

Well, for the next week or so the boys didn't see each other much. Jake and Brandon worked out on the days Scott was resting. They rested the days Scott worked out. They were sharing the weights. With vastly different results.

Ten days after their first workout, when Scott came home from running he heard Jake and Brandon working out in the garage. They were yelling at each other as they lifted the weights. "Push it up Brandon. Fuck yeah Brandon, you got it! Another two reps Brandon. Yeah, dude, you're stronger than that fucking weight. Fuckin yeah! You got it! Fuck, look at your muscles Brandon!" Scott went up to his room to study. He thought it was funny the way the two kids yelled at each other in the garage. "Fuckin' kids. Playin' around with the weights," he thought to himself. "Just yelling at each other like fuckin' street urchins. They don't know how to work out right. You gotta be quiet and concentrate to work out right." That night Jake ate a shitload of food again, more than twice as much meat as Scott ate. Scott's appetite hadn't grown much at all. He had never been a very big eater. Then Jake rolled up the sleeve on his tee shirt and flexed his bicep for Scott. Scott's eyes got wide as he looked at Jake's upper arm. Ten days ago there was no muscle there at all. Now there was definitely a bulge of bicep muscle. There were bulges of triceps muscles too. And his forearms now had muscles showing in them. "Your weights really work great," said Jake. "Brandon and me have only been workin' out a little over a week and look at all the muscle I got already. Look how big it is. And you should see Brandon's arms. He's got more muscle than me. But we're both putting on muscle like crazy and getting' a lot stronger. I bet you are too, right Scott? Those weights are great!" Scott kind of gulped. "Oh yeah," he said. "The weights are really working great. I'm getting stronger too." In fact, Scott had not gained any weight at all and he had not gotten any stronger either. He could do two more reps with 65 pounds on the bench press, but that was it. Same with all his other exercises. In most of them he couldn't even do more reps with the same weight. The weights weren't doing a thing to his body. He looked at his little brother's arm again and kind of gulped.

The next day was Scott's workout day. His first exercise was the bench press. He was going to do three sets today. He worked up to 65 pounds again and barely cranked out five reps. He hadn't gotten stronger at all. He took off his tee shirt and ran his hands over his pecs as he looked at himself in the mirror. He still looked the same as last week. Real skinny. And he sure couldn't feel any more muscle in his pecs. Still flat and skinny. Just then the door to the house opened and Jake and Brandon walked into the garage. "How's it goin', fuckhead?" said Brandon, his contempt for Scott now bursting out of his mouth. "You packin' on the muscle? Fuck, Jake and me sure are packing on the muscle. Check it out." At that, both he and Jake ripped off their tee shirts. Scott's mouth dropped open as he saw their upper bodies. They had muscles! Both of these 13 year old boys had muscles! Brandon was clearly the bigger and more muscular of the two, but Jake was a close second. They had never really been fat, but their flesh had been soft and shapeless. Now that soft flesh was gone and muscle had popped out in its place. It was almost like the soft flab had melted away in the last ten days while the hard muscle was growing like crazy underneath. Then the muscle took over and the flab was gone. In less than two weeks, these boys had gone from 100 pounds of soft flesh to 108-110 pounds of solid muscle. Jake weighed 108 and Brandon weighed 110. Jake had gained 8 pounds and Brandon had gained 10 pounds. They had gained 8 to 10 pounds of bodyweight, but they had also lost all the flab. So their actual gain in muscle mass was more like 20 pounds. They had put 20 pounds of pure muscle on their young bodies in ten days. Two pounds of muscle per day. Like the true mesomorphs they were, their bodies responded instantly when they were challenged by the heavy iron. Their muscles grew bigger and stronger every day. Getting bigger and stronger so they could push or pull a heavier weight the next time they were challenged. Their appetites became voracious. They were eating three or four times as much meat as before they started lifting and all that protein was being turned into solid muscle by their young mesomorph bodies. Their muscles were genetically programmed to grow bigger and get stronger when they were challenged by resistance. The more resistance they faced, the bigger and stronger they got. So every workout, those muscles were bigger and stronger and Brandon and Jake could lift bigger, heavier weights than before. Yeah, that's the way it is for mesomorphs. They're just genetically programmed to get big muscles and get real strong when they work out their bodies. It's easy for them. It seems totally normal. They work out and they get bigger and stronger. That's just the way life is for them. They don't realize how hard it is for the poor ectomorphs. They work out and nothing happens. Yeah, it's great being a mesomorph. And it's miserable being an ectomorph when two aggressive young mesomorphs are starting to grow big and strong right before your very eyes.

Scott couldn't believe what he was seeing. Just standing there relaxed, it was obvious the boys had put on a lot of muscle. Instead of bone on their shoulders, they now had caps of muscle that twitched and flexed as they moved their arms. Their arms had gotten a lot bigger and were now muscular. No soft flesh in those guns any more. Those guns were made of muscle. They were bigger than Scott's arms, way bigger, and they were now solid muscle. Scott could see both the biceps and the triceps bulging under their skin as the two boys casually moved their arms ever so slightly. Their forearms had gotten bigger too. Bigger and full of muscle. Their pecs were clearly visible in their chests, bulging out proudly and forcing out their erect nipples. Their pecs were way bigger and more muscular than Scott's flat little pecs. They casually flexed their lats and slabs of muscle sprung out under their shoulders like wings. They already had "V" tapers from their shoulders and lats to their waists. "Fuck," thought Scott to himself. "Look at all that fucking muscle! Those little fuckers already have lats! I don't have any lats at all." Then there were the abs. They both had gotten abs! The layer of flab had been melted away from their stomachs and now the muscle underneath was rippling like corrugated steel. They both had six packs of muscle. A little over one fucking week of lifting weights and doing tons of sit -ups and leg lifts and those two fucking kids melted away their fat and got six packs. Scott looked down at his own waist. He had never had a six-pack. He always had a thin layer of fat covering his abs. Even with all his running, he never had gotten a six pack. And now these two fucking kids got six packs in a week. "Holy shit," Scott thought to himself.

Brandon smiled confidently as he saw the impact his and Jake's bodies were having on Scott. His face suddenly looked much more mature and handsome to Scott. He had always been a good looking kid, but now his blue eyes, square jaw and wild blond hair looked absolutely stunning sitting on top of that muscular body. Jake's face looked mature and handsome too. He had the same brown eyes and brown hair as Scott, but Scott could now see that his face was much more rugged and good looking than his own. His jaw was strong and square. He looked tough and confident. . Now he looked like a tough jock teen rather than a flabby boy. Wow, Scott thought to himself. These two kids have totally changed. "Yeah, check out our bodies, fuckhead," said Brandon. "We're gettin' big and we're getting strong. Those weights are fantastic. We both got muscles real fast. We could see muscle growin' after our first workout. And we keep getting bigger and stronger. We love pumping that heavy iron!" Brandon walked over to Scott and flexed his arm right in front of his face. A ball of muscle sprang up. A rock hard ball of mesomorph bicep muscle. "Two weeks ago, there weren't nothin' there," said the blond boy, looking at his flexing bicep. "Now I got muscle. Hard muscle. Feel it asshole." Scott reached over and wrapped his fingers around the bulging bicep. The muscle was bigger than Scott's bicep and it was rock hard. In ten days, Brandon had built biceps that could flex into a ball of rock hard muscle. Scott squeezed his fingers into the muscular ball, but he couldn't make the slightest dent. "Yeah, real hard," said Brandon in a confident, arrogant way.

"Now let's see yours. You've been working out as long as we have. Plus you're three years older than us. Flex that big bicep." Sheepishly Scott raised his arm and flexed his bicep. His muscle was smaller than Brandon's bicep, and it didn't look anywhere near as hard. Brandon reached up and squeezed. Unlike his own bicep, Scott's bicep was soft and spongy. He easily dug his fingers into the older boy's flesh. Scott could see the fibers of hard muscle bulging in the young boy's forearm as he squeezed. He couldn't believe how much muscle was there. And he couldn't believe how strong it was. He winced in pain as the 13-year-old mesomorph dug his newly strong fingers into his flesh. "Shit, your muscle's like fucking mush. A fucking little mound of mush. You're a total wuss. Jake and me got hard muscles and you got soft muscles. I can't believe your arm didn't get hard like our arms from lifting that iron. That iron makes muscles get real hard. Real hard and real strong. Right Jake?" Jake came over and flexed his own bicep in his brother's face. "Yeah, real hard and real strong," he said as his brother felt his bulging bicep. It was just as hard as Brandon's. Jake looked Scott in they eye and smiled. He knew he had something his brother would never have. Muscles.

Brandon looked over at the bench. "You been doin' benches, wussface? Shit, looks like you're still usin' the same 65 pounds you were usin' when you started. You ain't got no stronger at all. Fuck Jake, can you believe that? Your fucking wuss brother's been pumpin' iron for almost two weeks and he ain't no stronger that when he started. But we're sure stronger, ain't we Jake. We've been getting stronger every day. Our muscles have been getting bigger and stronger every fucking day. Whadda say, Jake? Let's do some benches and see how strong we are now." As Brandon started walking over to the bench, Scott reached up and put his arm in front of his chest. "Hey, I'm workin' out today. You guys can work out tomorrow." Brandon grabbed Scott's arm and squeezed.. Scott was really surprised at the strength of the young blond boy. "I said we wanted to do some benches, fuckhead. Get outta my way." Brandon jerked Scott's arm around and pushed his body right through him, bumping the older boy's chest with his muscle-capped shoulder.

"Let's start with 60 pounds. That'll be a good warmup." Scott's jaw dropped open. Sixty pounds for a warmup. Shit, last week they were benching 40 for their max.. Now they were warming up with 60? Brandon and Jake took off five pounds from each side of the bar. "You go first, stud," said Brandon to his friend. Jake got under the bar and easily pumped out 15 reps. As he lifted the weight up and down, Scott was amazed at how his muscles popped out of his chest, shoulders and arms. He really got a fantastic pump from those 15 reps. "Yeah, feels good," he said as he jumped up off the bench and moved his arms back and forth, flexing his blood-engorged pec muscles. Scott was dumbfounded at the strength of his little brother. He himself could barely do 10 reps with 60 pounds and his little brother was cranking them out like nothing. "Nice pump," said Brandon. "My turn." Brandon got under the bar and pumped out his 15 reps just as easily as Jake. His muscles began to bulge after just a few reps and when he was done his pecs, delts and triceps were red with blood and bulging with pumped up muscle. "Feels good to get a pump," he said, flexing his triceps in front of Scott. "Do you get a good pump like this, fuckface?" Brandon took Scott's hand and put in right on top of his right pec. Then he flexed the bulging muscle a couple of times. Scott couldn't believe how big and hard and hot the muscle was. "Uh, no, not as good as that," said Scott. In truth, he really didn't get much of a pump at all. Certainly nothing like Brandon was showing off to him. "Yeah, I didn't think so," said Brandon. "Jake and me always get a good pump when we work our muscles. Our muscles got pumped the first day we lifted. They were little muscles, but they got a pump. Now those muscles are a lot bigger and they really get huge when they get all pumped up. We can tell they're growing when they get all pumped like this. Time for the next set, Jake. Let's go with 75 pounds. That was our max three days ago. We could only do a couple of reps. We ought to be able to do ten reps now. I know we're a fucking lot stronger than three days ago."

Scott couldn't believe it. They were going to bench ten pounds more than his maximum weight on their second set. And Brandon was sure they could do 10 reps. God they were cocky. Jake got under the bar and lowered it to his chest. Then he pushed it back up and it went up easily. Fuck, thought Scott. I can't even press that thing up at all and my little brother pressed it up like it was nothing. Jake pressed the 75-pound bar up and down seven more times. He started slowing down on the eighth rep. "You got it stud!" yelled Brandon. "Push that motherfucker all the way up! You're stronger than that fucking piece of iron. Yeah! You did it! Now do two more." Jake smiled at his friend and lowered the bar to his chest. Then with a huge push he raised the bar about two thirds of the way before slowing down. His bulging muscles were almost glowing as they strained against the heavy weight. Brandon put his fingers under the bar and applied just a little bit of help. "You got it Jake. It's all you Jake. Push that fucker! Big chest Jake. I can see your pecs bulgin' and growin' Jake. Yeah, push. Push hard!" Jake's face was red and contorted from the strain. His neck was bulging with muscle Scott never knew he had. Sweat started dripping down his chest as his red-hot pecs swelled and pushed. His delts were bulging with striations of muscle. His whole upper body was just buzzing with power. Finally he locked his arms and let out a huge breath. "Fantastic, stud. That was all you. You are fuckin' strong! Now do one more. It'll make you get stronger!" Jake grit his teeth and lowered the bar again. As he pushed the bar up off his chest, his pecs flexed with incredible striations of muscle. Those pecs weren't real big, but they were solid muscle. Solid, striated, rock hard muscle. And that muscle was pumped with blood. Blood that was surging through the fibers, making them bigger and stronger and giving them the energy to push against the heavy iron. Jake got the bar about half way up and then Brandon stepped in with his spot. "Push it stud! Fuck, I'm lookin' at your pecs. They're fuckin' huge. The muscle's bulgin' like shit. That iron ain't nothin' to your big muscles. Push that motherfucker! Yeah, you got it. It's all you, stud." Slowly Jake pushed the heavy bar up. His muscles were exhausted, but he forced them to do it, to lift harder than they had ever lifted before. Pain shot through his body, but Jake ignored it. He forced his muscles to work through the pain. He was stronger than the fucking pain. Brandon gave him a little help with a spot and kept yelling encouragement as he slowly raised his arms. He looked up at Brandon's excited face and then over at his brother's face, which had a look of total shock. With a sudden burst of energy he jammed the bar up and crashed it onto the rack. "Way to go," yelled Brandon. "You're fuckin' strong as shit."

Jake jumped off the bench and bumped his chest up against Scott. His skin was red from the incredible pump in his muscles. Sweat was pouring off his body. He grabbed Scott's hand and rubbed it over his hot, sweaty, pumped pecs. Scott couldn't believe how pumped and hard the muscles were. His little brother's pecs were way more pumped and hard than his pecs ever were. And they felt bigger too. Jake looked down at his sweaty chest and flexed his pecs. "I'm fuckin' stronger than you are now. I got muscles and you don't. Get used to it bro." Scott gulped. Brandon came over and flexed his own pecs in front of Scott. "Yeah, we're both stronger than you, fuckhead. We ain't takin' no shit from you anymore. From now on we're gonna be the ones givin' out the shit. And we're gonna be so fuckin' strong you won't be able to do a fuckin' thing about it. We already got muscles and you ain't got shit. You're just a fuckin' wimp." Scott looked at the muscular bodies of these two 13-year-old mesomorphs and gulped again.

Brandon looked over to the bench. He was ready for his set. He was ready to challenge his muscles. "My turn. Let's see if I'm as strong as you, Jake." Brandon got under the 75-pound bar and cranked out eight steady reps without needing a spot. He slowed down a bit for last rep and Jake gave him a gentle spot for reps nine and ten, all the while yelling encouragement to the blond muscleboy at same time. Scott now realized that all their yelling and screaming was far from goofing off. By yelling at each other, the boys were encouraging each other to push their muscles harder and harder, to force their young muscles to lift heavier and heavier weights and to pump up with muscle building blood. Scott watched Brandon's muscles bulge and strain as they lifted the heavy weight. "Yeah, push it up stud. Push up that fuckin' bar with your big muscles. That bar ain't shit to your big muscles. Look at those muscles bulge! They're getting' huge!" Jake yelled at his friend as he watched his muscles explode in his body. Jake and Brandon were just about equally matched in strength, but with Brandon having a slight advantage. And as Scott watched Brandon pump the bench presses, he thought Brandon's muscles were somewhat bigger than Jake's. As the blond, blue-eyed kid pumped out the benches, his pecs swelled up in his chest, engorged with muscle building blood. His arms and shoulders got big too as they helped power the 75-pound bar up and down, pumping up with blood-filled muscle. When he was done, Brandon jumped off the bench and hit a double biceps pose in the mirror. "Fuckin' big and fuckin' strong!" he yelled as he looked at his bulging muscles. Scott was standing right next to Brandon and he looked like shit next to the 13 year old's radiant muscular body. Almost by impulse, Scott raised his own arms and hit a double biceps pose. His arms were almost flat, while Brandon's arms were bulging with muscle. His shoulders were nothing but bone and skin. Brandon's shoulders were already capped with striated muscle. His pecs were not even visible. Brandon's pecs were bulging out from his chest with striated strands of muscle. He had absolutely no lats at all. Brandon already had lats, wings of muscle that tapered down from his armpits. A few blond hairs were starting to grow in his armpits. Armpits that were already bigger than Scott's because of the bulging muscle of his delts, lats and pecs. Then Brandon flexed his six pack. His hard abs sprang to attention under his thin skin. Scott gasped as he saw how muscular Brandon's waist was already. Scott didn't have any abs at all. His waist looked soft and flabby. Brandon smiled as he compared his body with Scott's. His sky blue eyes, blond hair and drop- dead handsome face, coupled with his new muscular body, made him look like a young version of one of the superstud hunks on "Average Joe", the guys who just took over, leaving the "Average Joes" in the dust. The guys who were on a higher level than the Average Joes. The guys who ruled. The guys who got the girl, every time. Scott looked very much like an Average Joe. The kind of wuss the superstud hunks ground into the dirt. Scott looked like a total loser compared to Brandon. "You ain't shit compared to me," yelled Brandon. "I'm a fuckin' total stud compared to you! I'm a fuckin' total stud compared to anybody!" God the kid was arrogant. But he was right. Mesomorphs rule.

Jake grabbed Brandon's arm and spun him around. "OK, stud. Enough showing off. We got more work to do. Let's go up to 85 pounds. I bet we'll be able to get a couple of reps. Look at your fuckin' pecs. They're growin' like crazy. So are mine." Scott couldn't believe what he was hearing. These two boys were going to bench with 85 pounds, more than double what they could do just ten days before. And 20 pounds more than Scott could do. Fuckin' A, he thought to himself. These two kids are beyond belief. Scott couldn't believe what was happening to the bodies of these two 13 year olds, but he was going to be on the receiving end of it real soon.

The boys loaded another five pounds onto each end of the bar and Jake got on the bench. He lifted the bar off the rack and lowered it to his chest. Then he pushed. The fibers of his pecs exploded under his skin. His delts exploded too, as they helped his pecs push up the heavy weight. Slowly the bar started rising up. Jake grunted, as his brand new muscles strained against the bar. Brandon yelled at him. "You got it Jake. It's all you Jake. Push it up stud." Finally he got the bar all the way up to the top and locked his elbows. "One more," he grunted. "I'm gonna make these fuckers really grow!" Scott couldn't believe his little brother was going to try to do another rep. Jake took a deep breath and lowered the bar. Then he pushed it up with a loud grunt. The muscles in his chest, shoulders and arms were bulging incredibly as they powered up the heavy bar. His skin was red, flushed with blood as it surged through the pumped muscles. Sweat covered his body. His neck was bulging. Every muscle in his body was flexing as he push up the heavy bar. He got about half way up on his own power and then started slowing down. Brandon put his fingers under the bar and gently helped, all the while yelling at his friend. "You got it Jake. Big chest Jake. I can see your chest getting' real big Jake. Push harder. Yeah, it's all you Jake. That bar ain't shit to your muscles. Yeah, you got it!" Jake forced the bar all the way up and crashed it onto the rack. "Fuck yeah!" he yelled as he jumped up off the bench. He bumped his chest up against Scott's chest, pushing his older brother back. Scott could feel the hot, totally pumped muscles bulging under his sweaty skin. Then Jake ran his hands over his pecs, feeling the sensation of the pumped muscles bulging with rock hard mass. It felt real good. He had never had muscles before. Last week he was a skinny boy. Now being able to feel his own muscles bulging like this was a fantastic feeling. "Fuck those weights are great!" he said. "My muscles are really growin' fast. They feel so big and hard. And they've gotten so fuckin' strong! I'm already benchin' 85 pounds and ten days ago I could only do 40. I'm already fuckin' more than twice as strong! Jesus it feels good to be buildin' so much muscle and gettin' so fuckin' strong." Scott just gulped as he looked at his little brother's new muscles.

Brandon punched Jake on the shoulder. "You're not the only one buildin' big fuckin' muscles and getting' fuckin' strong as shit. My turn on the bench." He got down under the bar. He lowered the bar to his chest and then pushed it up slowly and steadily. His muscles just exploded as they pushed. He got to the top and looked at Scott. "Piece of cake," he said arrogantly as Scott looked with amazement at his bulging muscles. Then he lowered the bar and gritted his teeth. He pushed it back up and almost made it to the top without any help. Jake kept yelling at him, telling him how strong he was, how big his muscles looked, how much bigger they were going to get. When he slowed down about three quarters of the way up, Jake gave him a little spot and he locked his arms. "One more rep!" he yelled. "I'm gonna get huge!" He lowered the bar and started pressing it back up. His skin was beet red and all his muscles were incredibly pumped. Scott could see the individual fibers of muscle in his pecs, delts and triceps as they flexed with enormous strain to power up the 85-pound bar. Sweat was dripping off his body. His handsome face was contorted and his neck was bulging. Brandon was putting everything he had into this rep. He got a little more than half way up and started slowing down. Jake put his fingers under the bar, but he didn't apply any force. "Push it up, stud. You got it!" Brandon's muscles flexed even harder, if that was possible, and the bar went up a few more inches. His pecs ballooned up under his skin, bulging with incredible shredded density. "Yeah, look at those fuckin' muscles. They are so fuckin' big and strong! Keep pushin' that fuckin bar. That fuckin' bar ain't nothin' to your big muscles Brandon!" Brandon kept pushing, but after another inch, his muscles were totally exhausted. He had worked his muscles beyond their limit and they were totally pumped and bulging. They would definitely be getting a lot bigger. The bar stopped going up and finally Jake applied a little force to help his mesomorph friend with the last few inches. Brandon locked his arms and crashed the bar onto the rack. "Fuckin' strong!" he yelled as he jumped off the bench. He went over and bumped his chest against Scott's. "Fuckin' bigger and stronger than you already! Look at all that fuckin' muscle! Feel it! It's hard as a fuckin' rock!" Scott put his hands on Brandon's pecs and his jaw just about dropped open. The muscle was hot and bulging and he could feel the individual fibers flexing under the blond boy's thin skin. He couldn't believe how big and hard Brandon's pecs were compared to his own. He couldn't believe how strong he was already. And the kid was only 13! "Yeah, your muscles have gotten pretty big," said Scott in a total understatement. "Fuckin' right they're big! And they're gonna get a lot bigger! Liftin' these weights every day, Jake and me are gonna get fuckin' huge. These weights are great. They make our muscles get real big and real strong."

Brandon walked over to Jake and the two muscleboys gave each other high fives. "You ready for our next exercise, stud?" he said. Jake nodded his head. "Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you bro. Brandon and me are gonna start on the Intermediate Workout Program today." He pointed to the intermediate program on the chart. "We figured we're way too good for the Beginner Program, so we're gonna go right to the Intermediate Program. That means we're gonna be workin' out every day. Today is chest and shoulders. Tomorrow is back and arms. Friday is legs. And of course we'll do abs every day. So we got lots more sets to do for our chests and shoulders and abs today. Gotta train these muscles real hard." Jake hit a most muscular pose and looked down at his flexing pecs. They were bulging and super pumped. Scott looked at his brother and frowned. "Hey, wait a minute," he said. "This is my workout day. I just let you do some benches to see how you've doing. This isn't your workout day. It's mine. I gotta finish my workout now. You guys get to work out every other day just like me. You guys have to work out tomorrow on your regular day. These are my weights and you gotta play by my rules. So get the fuck out of here."

Scott was really mad that these two kids wanted to work out on his workout day. He walked up to Brandon and grabbed him by the upper arm. He was shocked to feel how thick and hard Brandon's arm muscles were. He tried to spin the younger boy around, but when he pulled, Brandon stood firm. Then Brandon slowly curled up his arm, flexing his arm as he curled. Scott got a shiver up his spine as he felt those muscles flex. Both the bicep and tricep muscles were big and hard as the kid's arm curled upward. And as he curled his arm up, Brandon's bicep formed a hard ball of muscle. A harder muscle than Scott had ever felt in his life. A bolt of electricity went up and down Scott's spine. He had never felt anything like this before in his life. Then in a flash Brandon spun around, made a fist, pulled his arm back and smashed his fist real hard into Scott's gut. The power of the kid's punch was enormous. All the strength of Brandon's pumped and bulging newly developed pec, delt and tricep muscles was lasered into his fist and that fist buried itself into Scott's abdomen. Scott had never been hit that hard in his life. Before Scott could even react, Brandon pummeled him with lefts and rights to the chest and gut, every blow as hard as the first one. Scott tried to fight back, but his weak little punches bounced harmlessly off Brandon's hard pecs and abs. Brandon didn't even try to jump out of the way, although he easily could have. He just kept up the relentless attack, blow after blow after blow. Even though Scott was five inches taller and outweighed him by 10 pounds, Brandon was much stronger and faster than the older boy. At 5'5" and 110 pounds of solid muscle, he was far more muscular than Scott at 5'10" and 120 pounds. In less than two weeks, his mesomorph body had put on muscle so fast that Scott's skinny ectomorph body was now no match for his young, totally buff muscular body. He looked radiant. His blond hair flew around as he jumped and punched at will. His pumped muscles flexed and bulged as they powered his hard fists into his helpless prey. His body was covered with a sheen of sweat and it literally glowed as he used his new muscles with devastating authority. He was strong and he was dominant. His drop-dead handsome face and blue eyes still looked beautiful as the muscular body below pummeled the older boy. And his own buff 13-year-old body was impervious to Scott's feeble punches. His muscles were hard, like iron. The few punches Scott managed to land just bounced off of those steel hard muscles. It was like he was Superman punching a rag doll. He loved his new muscles. He loved punching Scott's helpless body, landing blow after blow at will. He felt like such a stud. Fuck, he was a stud. Finally, he grabbed Scott's shoulder and spun him around to face Jake.

"Beat him up Jake. Beat up your fucking brother. Show him who's the boss around here from now on. It's easy. He's just a little pussy." Jake looked up into his brother's eyes and smiled. Scott reacted with a look of total fear. He had already been totally thrashed by Brandon. Now his own little brother, another muscular mesomorph, was getting ready to beat him up too. Jake made a fist, pulled back his arm and just held it there. The muscles in his shoulder, upper arm and forearm were pumped and bulging. Scott started trembling. He was frozen in fear. He never dreamed he'd be so afraid of his little brother. In a period of ten days, his little brother had changed from an ordinary boy into a muscular kid who was stronger than he was. Jake's brown eyes sparkled with intensity. The muscles in his jaw flexed and his whole face looked like the face of a young warrior. A good-looking, strong young warrior. He looked eager and determined, like he could hardly wait to try out his new muscles in a fight with his older brother.

SMASH! Jake's fist came smashing into Scott's chest, knocking him backwards. The punch really hurt. He and Jake had traded punches many times in the past, and Jake had never ever hit him as hard as that. That punch was at least twice as hard as he had every felt from his little brother. Jake had gotten twice as strong in the last week, and now he was punching twice as hard. Harder than Scott could punch. Much harder. "Hit him harder!" yelled Brandon. "Beat the shit out of the pussy motherfucker!" Jake pulled back his other arm and smashed his fist into Scott's gut. Scott tried feebly to fight back, but he was weak and tired and his brother was strong, pumped and energized. His weak little punches, the ones that actually hit Jake's body, felt like feathers to Jake. Jake's punches felt like piledrivers to Scott. Jake felt a surge of testosterone and adrenaline blasting through his body as he beat up his older brother with ease. He felt so strong, so dominant, so cocky. He loved the feeling of being the kid in control. Of being the kid who was the strong kid. Of being the kid who had the muscles. Of being the kid who could beat up the kids who didn't have any muscles. Like his older brother. He smashed his fists harder and harder into his brother's pathetic body. "Yeah, fuck him up real good!" yelled Brandon. "You got muscles and he ain't got shit. Show the big wimp who's the boss. Beat the shit out of him." Jake was getting totally excited. His eyes got a wild look as he saw and felt how dominant he was. He was overloaded with testosterone and adrenaline. He felt like a total stud. Scott started staggering. He was so bruised and battered he could hardly stand up. "Punch him out!" yelled Brandon. "Hit the fuckin' loser in the face." Jake pulled back his right arm and smashed his fist into Scott's face. Scott felt a flash of pain in his face and keeled over onto the floor. He wasn't knocked out, but he was totally thrashed. His body and now his face had been totally bruised and battered by these two aggressive 13-year-old mesomorphs. He looked up at the two muscular boys in utter awe. He couldn't believe what they had done to him--- what they could do to him. The two dominant 13 year olds stood over their prey and gave each other high fives. Their muscular bodies were dripping with sweat and their pumped muscles were bulging under their thin skin. They really did look like victorious young warriors.

Then Brandon dropped down and pinned Scott's arms to the floor. Scott looked up at the blue eyes, blond hair and drop-dead handsome face of the boy who was now controlling him with ease. "Open your mouth," ordered Brandon. Scott was confused. Why should he open his mouth? He just laid there. Brandon let go of one of Scott's arms and punched him in the face. Another shot of pain seared through his face. "I said open your mouth, fuckhead." This time Scott knew not to disobey the muscular blond boy. He opened his mouth. Brandon rolled his tongue around his mouth a couple of times. Then he opened his lips and dropped a huge ball of spit into Scott's open mouth. "Yeah, taste my spit, fuckhead. I can make you eat my spit any time I want. I bet my spit tastes good to you, don't it. It's muscle stud spit. Us muscle studs can spit on you wimps any time we fucking want." Scott tasted the muscleboy's spit and then swallowed. The kid had produced a huge amount of spit. He was amazed at how much spit he had to swallow. And he didn't think it tasted very good. He almost gagged. But there was nothing he could do about it. The musclekid was right. He could make Scott eat his spit any time he wanted. He gulped it down.

Brandon looked up at Jake. "Get down here and make him eat your spit too. He's gonna love eating his little brother's spit. He's gonna love looking up at his little brother's muscles, muscles that can kick the shit out of him any time he wants. Yeah, Jake, make him eat your spit." Brandon jumped up off Scott's body and before Scott could move Jake dropped down and pinned his arms to the floor. Scott looked up at his brother's face. A chill went up his spine. For years, when he looked at his brother's face he saw the face of a little kid that he could push around. Now as he looked up, he saw the face of a confident, aggressive young jock. A jock who was growing muscles so fast it was unbelievable. A jock whose face was ruggedly handsome. Big brown eyes, short brown hair, strong jaw and chin. The face of a total stud. Below that handsome face was a body that was now buff and muscular. Jake easily pinned Scott's arms to the floor and as he pinned, the muscles in his own arms bulged under his skin. His chest and shoulder muscles were still pumped from the heavy bench presses and all the hard punching and were covered with sweat. Scott could smell the fresh sweat coming off Jake's hot, muscular body. More shivers went up his spine. He just couldn't believe how strong and muscular Jake had gotten. Jake saw the look of awe and fear on his brother's face. He smiled. He liked being the dominant brother. "Open up," he ordered. Scott knew better than to disobey his muscular little brother. He opened his mouth. Jake rolled his tongue around his mouth and then slowly opened his lips. A huge blob of spit gently fell into Scott's mouth. "Swallow it. Swallow my spit." Scott swallowed his little brother's spit. There was so much, he had to swallow twice. Brandon started laughing. "Yeah, that's a good wimp. I bet that tasted real good. You like eating our spit. You're such a fucking pussy." Scott looked up at Brandon. The beautiful blond boy stuck out his tongue and flexed his right arm. He knew he was superior to the little wuss on the floor.

"Okay, let him up, Jake. We gotta finish our workout." Jake got off of Scott and stood up. Brandon kept talking. "We gotta do incline dumbbell presses, pullovers and flyes to finish our chest workout. Then we gotta do military presses, dumbbell presses, side laterals and front laterals for our shoulder workout. Four sets of each exercise. We're gonna blast our chests and shoulders. When we're done these muscles are gonna be so totally pumped it'll be unreal. I love it when our muscles got so fucking pumped. They get fucking huge." He raised his arm and ran his hand over his flexing delt muscle. He could hardly wait to feel that muscle pump and bulge as it lifted the heavy weights.

Then Brandon's eye was caught by a big glass of white liquid sitting on a shelf in the garage. "Hey, what's that?" he said, pointing to the glass. "It's my protein shake," said Scott. "I bought some protein powder and I mixed up the shake." Brandon walked over to the glass and picked it up. "Protein shake, huh," he said, eyeing the glass. "Protein builds big muscles. My muscles need a lot of protein, they're growin' so fast." Then he gulped down the whole shake in about five gulps. "Feels good to feed these muscles," he said when he finished. "Hey, that was mine!" yelled Scott. "Whaddya gonna do about it, wimp?" said Brandon as he made a fist and held it in front of Scott's chest. Scott looked at Brandon's rippling arm and shoulder muscles and then up at his sky blue eyes, eyes that were as brutal and confident as they were beautiful. He gulped. He knew there was nothing he could do about it. "Protein's for kids who are bulding muscles. Jake and me are building muscles. You ain't building shit. You're just a wuss. Now take this glass and make another shake for Jake." Brandon shoved the glass in Scott's face. Scott hesitated. "Take it, asshole. Take it or I'll pound your fucking wimp ass with all the shit-kicking muscle I've been building with your weights." Slowly, Scott took the glass, turned around and headed for the kitchen. His life had been changed forever that afternoon. When he returned with Jake's shake, the two muscle kids were doing sets of incline dumbbell presses using dumbbells that were far heavier than Scott could even think of using. Scott watched the two kids work out for a few more minutes. He couldn't believe how big their muscles got as they pumped the heavy weights. He marveled the intensity at which they trained, how they did each exercise to complete exhaustion. It seemed like their bodies were just made for working out and getting big and muscular. Like they were just born to get big and strong. Then he headed up to his room. He didn't feel like finishing his own workout. And besides, the two mesomorphs were using the weights. His weights.

Scott was lying on his bed as the door opened and Jake walked in after finishing his brutal chest, shoulders and abs workout. The two brothers shared a bedroom, with their beds on each side of the room. There was an imaginary boundary line down the middle of the room. Scott's side was very neat and orderly. Jake's side was a complete mess, with clothes tossed around everywhere. Every week on Saturday Scott made Jake clean up his side of the room, just like he made him do his share of chores around the house. The two brothers had always shared the chores around the house, helping out their mother who worked very hard to put food in their mouths. But Jake hated doing his chores. Scott had to make him do them.

Jake walked into the room and Scott's mouth dropped open. The younger boy had a bottle of water in his hand and he was chugging it down. He was wearing only his workout shorts. Scott couldn't believe how buff and pumped his muscles were. His whole body was covered with sweat. Beads of sweat were dripping from his face, chest and abs. His torso and his arms were bulging with muscle and his skin was red from all the blood pumping through his veins. His delts stuck out on his shoulders like pieces of striated clay slapped onto his broadening shoulder bones. His abs looked like they had been cut by a knife, a veritable washboard of muscle pulsating under his thin skin. He had just finished three sets of 50 sit-ups and three sets of 50 knee raises hanging from the bar, so those abs were totally shredded. His shoulders, chest and arms were incredibly pumped from the brutal 32 sets of heavy lifting he had done for his chest and shoulders, 16 sets for his chest and 16 sets for his shoulders. His muscular young body looked absolutely radiant. His skin was a reddish brown. Red from all the blood pumping through his muscles and brown from the tan he had. Jake tanned real easily and he kept some of his tan even in winter. He finished drinking the water and threw the empty bottle at his brother. Then he turned around and looked at his body in the mirror. "God those weights are great," he said. "Look at how big my muscles are getting. Look at how pumped they are. Look at my shoulders. Look at how much muscle I got on my shoulders already." He lifted his arms up and down, checking out the striated mounds of muscle flexing on his shoulders at his will. Scott was speechless. He just looked up in awe at his little brother's body. "Brandon and me can press 70 pounds overhead now. Fuck, we could only press 35 pounds last week. We've doubled our strength. Our muscles are getting real big and real strong real fast." Scott gulped. He could still only press 50 pounds. His 13-year-old brother's shoulders were way stronger than his. He looked at all that muscle flexing and bulging. In a week, Jake's shoulders had gotten much stronger than his own shoulders. Jake had slapped a thick slab of muscle on his shoulders. In the same week, he hadn't added and he hadn't put on any muscle at all. Scott's cock started getting hard under his shorts as he watched his little brother flex his new muscles, muscles that had virtually popped out overnight.

Jake came over and stood next to Scott's bed. Scott could smell the smell of fresh sweat evaporating from his little brother's hot body. That sweat smelled good to Scott. The smell of the sweat of a young jock who had just worked out his muscles to total exhaustion. Scott's cock literally twitched under his shorts when he smelled the smell of that fresh, hot sweat. "Feel my abs, bro. Feel how hard they are." Scott reached up and ran his fingers over the hot, sweaty skin that covered Jake's washboard of muscle like cellophane. He rubbed his fingers up and down the slippery skin, feeling the bricks of muscle underneath. He pushed the paper-thin skin over the muscle, feeling the deep crevices between the rock hard bricks. He couldn't believe how hard the muscle was and how thin the skin was. "Pretty hard, huh," said Jake confidently. "Two weeks ago I could only do 25 sit-ups total. Now I can do 50 for sets. Fuck, I could do hundreds of the fuckers if I wanted. My abs have really toughened up and gotten hard. Stand up, bro. Lemme feel your abs."

Scott got off of his bed and stood up across from his brother. His cock was bulging under his shorts. Although he was five inches taller and 12 pounds heavier, he looked absolutely pathetic next to his little brother's solid, muscular body. He tried to flex his abs. He looked down and could easily see that he didn't have any abs at all. Just a layer of fat skin covering a soft gut. Jake reached over and ran his fingers up and down. "Shit, you don't got no abs at all. You've been running all your fucking life and working out as long as I have and you don't got no fucking abs at all. I wanna feel your other muscles." Jake ran his fingers up Scott's torso and felt his flat little pecs, his non- existent lats and his bony little delts. "Geez, you don't got any muscle on your chest or shoulders either. You ain't been puttin' on any muscle at all." He ran his hands down to Scott's skinny little arms and squeezed. Scott tried to flex his arms, but he didn't have any real muscle there. "Shit your arms are still fucking skinny as fucking sticks. And they're soft too." Jake looked down at his own muscular torso. Then he ran his hands over his own pecs, delts, lats and arms and flexed them several times just so see and feel how much bigger and harder they were than his older brother's pitiful excuse for muscles. Then he flexed his right arm and moved his left hand over the hard muscle bulging in his biceps and triceps. He was obviously pleased at what he felt. "Flex your arm," he ordered. Scott raised his right arm and flexed as hard as he could. Jake felt and squeezed his brother's little bump of a bicep and then he felt and squeezed his own ball of rock-hard muscle. "Shit, my arm is way bigger and way harder than yours. Fuck, all my muscles are way bigger and way harder than yours."

Jake looked at his own body and then at Scott's body. "Fuck, I'm building muscle so fast and you ain't doin' shit. Our bodies are just so fucking different. Every time I hit the weights I get an incredible pump and I feel like a fuckin' superman. I know I'll be able heavier weights than I could lift the day before. And I know I'm gonna get bigger and stronger the next day. I know my muscles are gonna be bigger and I'm gonna be stronger. God what a great feeling. Putting on muscle so fast I can almost see it growing. And look at you bro. You're fuckin' pathetic. You're still skinny as shit. You ain't got no muscle in your whole fuckin' body. You're just a fuckin' wuss. You're liftin' the same puny weights as when you started. You don't get a pump. You don't get any stronger. You don't put on any muscle at all. Your pathetic body just don't do shit. Fuck, my muscles are growin' like crazy and your muscles aren't growin' at all! Fuck, how cool is that?"

He grabbed Scott's hand and put it on his pec. Then he flexed the muscle and watched the eyes of his brother get wide as he felt the pumped muscle bulge at the boy's command. "Yeah, you don't work your fuckin' muscles so fuckin' hard that they hurt, the way Brandon and me do. Your muscles aren't as tough as ours. Your body doesn't sweat the way we do. We work out so hard and get so hot and sweaty the sweat just drips off our skin. Feel the fuckin' sweat on my body. Feel how hard and pumped my muscles are. I worked out so hard my muscles are still pumped as shit and I'm still hot and sweaty. Feel it bro. Feel my hot sweat." Scott ran his hand across Jake's sweaty body, feeling the heat and the sweat and the hard muscle underneath. Then he licked the sweat from his hand and tasted the salty liquid. "Yeah, I bet that tastes good don't it bro. The sweat of your buff and built little brother. I bet that tastes real good. The sweat of a real jock . The sweat of a muscle jock who can kick your little wuss ass any time he wants. Yeah, my sweat smells real good too. When I'm doin' those military presses and pressin' up that heavy barbell, I can smell the sweat comin' from my pits. Yeah, the smell gets real strong when Brandon and me crank out set after set, pushing the muscles in our shoulders through the pain barrier. Yeah, my muscles get so hot and pumped the sweat just pours out. My pits get so wet and smelly. Here. Smell what a real muscleman's pits smell like after a brutal chest and shoulder workout." Jake grabbed Scott by the hair and rammed his face into his sweaty armpit. His armpit had just starting growing some hair a few months earlier, and Scott could feel a few strands of that pubescent hair on his nose as Jake jammed his face into the sweaty pit of muscle. He breathed in the strong, pungent odor of his little brother's pit. Jake was sure right that the smell was real strong. Real strong just like his muscles. The sweat of a muscular young mesomorph, a kid who had the genetics to work out incredibly hard with heavy weights and build bigger and bigger muscles. Scott had never made sweat that smelled like that, even after running 10 miles. He breathed in that strong smelling sweat and ran his hand over Jake's lats and delts. His cock throbbed under his shorts. God how strong and powerful those muscles felt. How strong and powerful that sweat smelled. "Yeah, my sweat smells good, don't it bro? You like smelling my sweat. You like feeling my muscles, feeling how big and hard they are, don't you bro. Yeah, I can tell." Jake pulled Scott's head out of his armpit and grabbed his brother's crotch. "You got a boner, don't you bro. You got a big boner for my body. Ha ha ha ha. Big brother's got a big boner for little brother's body. He likes his little bro's big hard muscles. Fuck, I love it. My big bro's into my muscles!" Jake started flexing his muscles right up close to Scott, all the while squeezing the older boy's dick, which was now rock-hard. Scott just stood there frozen. He couldn't believe what was happening.

Jake looked into his brother's eyes as he flexed. In return he saw a look of total awe. He smiled. He knew his older brother was totally overcome by his body. The dweeb's hard cock said it all. He wrapped his free arm around Scott's chest and rubbed his hot, sweaty pecs into his brother's flat little chest. "Yeah, feel my hot muscles, bro. Feel how big and strong they are. You ain't shit compared to me." Scott's cock throbbed with excitement. He rubbed his hands all over Jake's muscular body, feeling his muscle- capped shoulders, his flaring lats, his rippling arms, and his rock-hard lower back. Jake groaned as he drove his bulging pecs into his brother's little chest. After a minute or so of this display of total muscle domination, he let go of Scott and turned back to the mirror. He smiled as he flexed his new muscles, muscles that didn't exist two weeks ago. He himself couldn't believe what had been happening to his body. He watched his hard muscles flex and bulge in the mirror at his command. Hormones were raging through his adolescent body, a young teenage body that was now going through puberty to the extreme, with extreme amounts of testosterone surging through his veins building extreme amounts of muscle as he lifted the heavy weights. His mesomorph body was responding like crazy to the challenge of the heavy weights. His superior genes were ordering his muscles to grow bigger and stronger every day so they could push and pull ever heavier and heavier weights. A barbell that felt heavy today would feel light tomorrow, because the muscles pushing that weight had grown bigger and stronger. That's what mesomorphs do. Their muscles get big and strong. Jake's body was programmed to get bigger, stronger and more muscular when it was challenged by resistance. He was a true mesomorph, a kid who was blessed with genes that told his body to build nothing but muscle, and to build that muscle big and strong. His body was programmed to respond to the resistance of the heavy weights by getting bigger and stronger so it could completely overpower the resistance the next time. His body was programmed to overpower everything that got in its way. To overpower the heavy weights. To overpower weaker kids. To overpower everything. His body was now responding to those heavy weights in ways even he never dreamed were possible. Jake smiled as he watched his young muscles flex in the mirror. Muscles that had sprung up on his body in less than two weeks and were now bigger and stronger than his brother's muscles. Muscles that he knew were going to grow even bigger and stronger in the weeks to come. God it felt good to have a body like his. To have muscles that grew and grew and grew. To know that he was the strong kid, the kid who was stronger than any of the other kids. The kid who could beat up anyone he wanted. He felt like a total stud. His own hard cock pressed against his sweat-covered workout shorts.

Scott stood frozen behind his mesomorph brother, comparing the hard bulging muscles of the 13-year-old natural muscle stud to his own skin and bones. He was totally in awe of his little brother's muscular body. Jake turned to face his brother. "I'm hungry," he said. "Dinner's not for another hour and that workout made me real hungry. Go get me another protein shake." Scott got real mad. "That's my fucking protein powder. I'm not getting you any fucking protein shake. I'm not your fucking slave." Jake looked into his older brother's eyes. His face looked strong and confident, with his brown eyes and strong jaw taking on a determined look. Suddenly he jumped up on Scott's back and wrapped his arm around his brother's neck. His feet were a foot off the floor as he wrapped his vice-like arm around his brother's neck. Then he grabbed his wrist with his other arm and pulled, crushing Scott's neck between his upper arm and forearm. Then he flexed his bicep. The big ball of muscle blasted into his older brother's scrawny little neck like a pile driver. It was not a fair contest. A rock-hard ball of flexing muscle against a scrawny little neck. Yeah, the muscle won. Muscle always wins. The flexing muscle forced itself deep into the neck, crushing Scott's windpipe. All of a sudden Scott couldn't breathe. He twisted and turned his torso, trying to spin Jake off his body, but Jake was much too strong. There was no way the skinny ectomorph was going to spin the muscular mesomorph off his body. The strong always win against the weak. Jake cranked up the pressure some more. Scott started to gag. Saliva started to drool out of his mouth. His face turned beet red. He was completely at the mercy of his little brother. "I'm not asking you, big bro. I'm telling you. You know better than to argue with these muscles. These muscles control you, bro. These muscles can fuck you up any time they want. You're just a little wuss to these muscles. These muscles are fuckin' stronger than you and they're gonna get a hell of a lot stronger. You better not fuck with these muscles. You better not fuck with me any more. I can fuck with you any time I want, but you can't fuck with me. Yeah, bro, I rule your sorry little ass. Now go get the fucking protein shake. And you better make it fast or I'll pound your pathetic little body." Jake let go of Scott's neck and dropped gracefully to the floor. Scott looked down at his rippling muscles and especially at his arms. Jake curled his arms up and down a couple of times, admiring the bulging biceps that had just crushed his big brother's neck. Then he spun his brother around and pushed him out the door of their bedroom. "You got one minute," he yelled.

Scott raced down and made the shake, running back up to the bedroom. When he got back, Jake was laying totally naked on his bed stroking his cock, which was rock hard. Scott handed the shake to his handsome, muscular brother, who grabbed the glass out of his hand and gulped down the protein-rich liquid in about four gulps. "Um, tastes good," he said after a big burp. "Next time make it thicker. Add more protein. I want it real thick with protein." Scott looked down at his brother's strong, muscular body and nodded his head. He stared at Jake's cock and gulped. The young stud's hard cock was actually bigger and thicker than his own. Shit, the 13-year-old kid had just gone through puberty a few months ago and already his cock was bigger than his. This kid was a total stud in every way. A natural born mesomorph with big muscles and a big cock. He had big balls too. His large ball sack bulge with balls the size of huge walnuts. He had just a little bush of dark brown pubic hair, which he had only started to grow a few months earlier.

Jake put down the glass and resumed stroking his cock with his right hand while rubbing his left hand over his washboard abs and pumped up pecs.. "Workin' out and seeing my muscles flexin' and growin' made me fuckin' horny," he said. "I'm gonna bust a nut right now." Scott stared in disbelief at his little brother. Neither brother had openly jacked off in front of the other before. They would have been too embarrassed to reveal themselves to the other brother in this way. Now it was obvious that Jake felt totally uninhibited. He could do anything he wanted whenever he wanted to do it. Scott was stunned by the arrogant self-confidence his muscular 13-year-old brother now possessed. But he was even more stunned by Jake's body. Jake flexed his abs and pecs as he ran his hand over the muscles. His muscles looked like corded steel as they flexed and relaxed at his command under his paper-thin skin. He started moving his hips up and down as he stroked his big cock. His flexing muscles looked absolutely beautiful as he moved his body.

Scott's cock was twitching under his shorts. It had been rock-hard from the moment Jake walked into the bedroom and now it was aching, literally aching with pain, as it responded to all the hormones surging through his body as he watched his little brother's incredibly buff body undulating and his big thick cock twitching with pleasure. Suddenly he ripped off his shorts and started stroking his own cock. Jake looked up at him and smiled. Then he started thrusting his hips up and down harder and harder as he stroked his cock with his right hand. The muscles of his abs and pecs tensed to steel-like hardness. The fingers of his left hand felt those rock-hard muscles as he rubbed his hand over his sweaty skin. He started groaning with pleasure as he felt his hard muscles and his big cock. Suddenly his cock exploded, shooting spurt after spurt of hot cum first over his head onto head and then all over his face and body. Spasms of ecstasy surged through his body. He shot over 10 loads of thick mesomorph jism, emptying his huge balls of the thick, creamy liquid. Not more than two seconds after Jake started cumming, Scott's cock exploded too, with the spasms of ecstasy shooting through his body too. The spurts of his orgasm landed right on his little brother's chest and abs, mixing in with Jake's cum. He didn't shoot as much jism as his little brother, only about half as much, and he didn't shoot it very far. Just like his muscles, his cock and balls weren't as big and strong as his little brother's. But his orgasm was just as pleasurable.

Jake rubbed the jism over his chest and abs and continued stroking his cock, which was still hard and dripping cum. "Mmmmmm, that felt so good," he said. He looked up at Scott's cock, which had drops of cum dripping from the slit. "Looks like you had a good time too." Scott nodded his head. He couldn't believe what had just happened. Jake looked down at all the cum on his body. "Well, I better take a shower. I don't wanna be too gross for mom at dinner." He jumped up off the bed and strutted out the door to the bathroom. Scott just couldn't take his eyes off his muscular body as he walked away. Then he spit on his cock, stroked it some more, and managed to cum a second time just thinking about his little brother's muscles and what had just happened. He didn't shoot very much jism, but the orgasm felt real good. Real, real good.

A few minutes later, Jake swaggered back into the bedroom, totally nude and wiping his body with a towel. His cock was still semi-hard and it was swinging like a thick rope with every step. "I busted another nut in the shower," he said as he reached down and grabbed his big weapon. "You shouldda seen the cum splatter against the tile. I shot as much the second time as I did the first. My balls are just full of cum." Scott looked down at Jake's big swinging dick and his large, low hanging ball sack bulging with his big balls. Then he looked at his little brother's totally muscular buff body and his ruggedly handsome face. Then he looked down at that huge cock again. He couldn't believe what was happening to his little brother.

Jake went over to his chest of drawers and pulled out a white tee shirt from the bottom of the drawer. It was a shirt he had worn a year ago and now it was too small for him. "Gimme a pair of scissors," he barked to his brother. Scott dutifully got the scissors from his desk and handed them over. Jake grabbed them out of his hand without so much as a thank-you. He cut off the arms of the tee shirt. Then he cut off about a foot of cloth from the bottom of the shirt. Then he threw the scissors at Scott and put the tee shirt on. The white cotton fabric stretched as he pulled the shirt over his muscular torso. Then he stood up straight and looked at himself in the mirror. "Pretty cool, ain't it," he said as he looked at himself approvingly. His shoulders and arms were totally exposed, revealing his buff new muscles. His pecs were bulging out under the cloth, with his erect nipples pushing out even further. His lats flared out to the sides, stretching the cloth even more. And his abs were completely visible because the shirt had been cut off only a few inches under his pecs. They looked like a washboard of rock-hard muscle. His oblique muscles flared down to his crotch, sort of pointing right at his cock. He grabbed a pair of shorts and pulled them up barely over his crotch, not even thinking about putting on any underwear. The shorts hung real low on his hips, exposing the tops of his muscular bubble butt buns and the bottom of his totally cut abs and obliques. "Gotta show mom my muscles," he said. "I think this outfit shows 'em off real good." He flexed his pecs and abs a couple of times in the mirror and smiled. Then he flexed his arms and turned around to face Scott. "Look at what's gonna rule your fucking wuss body the rest of your life," he said. Scott looked at the bulging muscles on his little brother's 13-year-old body and gulped.

An hour later the Scott and Jake's mother came home from work and started making dinner. The boys went into the kitchen. Scott was wearing his usual baggy tee shirt and shorts. Jake was wearing his tight-fitting muscle tee. Their mother turned around and looked at her sons. Her mouth dropped open. "Oh my gosh," she said. "Jake, just look at you. You're changing so fast from a boy to a man. Look at all that muscle on your body. I had no idea you were growing muscle so fast. Your muscles have really responded to you working out with Scott's weights and eating so much more food. Just look at all that muscle, muscle that wasn't there a week ago. I can't believe it. You're turning into a real man." She was totally ignoring Scott as she stared at Jake's body. He smiled. "Yeah mom. Those weights have worked wonders for Brandon and me. We're gettin' huge. We're already stronger than wuss-boy here. We've already gone from 40 to 85 in our bench press and big man Scott here is still stuck at 65 pounds. We doubled our strength and he ain't done jack. And we've really packed on the muscle. Here, feel it." He raised his arm and flexed. His mother wrapped her fingers around his bicep and tricep and squeezed. "Ooooh, that's really big and hard," she said, swooning at feeling the bulging arm muscles of her own son. She ran her hands over Jake's delts, lats and pecs, sighing with oohs and aahs as she felt the buff, hard muscle. Then she ran her fingers down to his abs. "Feels like a washboard. Like corrugated iron. Geez, I could do the laundry on your stomach muscles, Jake. They're as hard as steel." Jake grinned with pride. "Yeah, just as hard as steel. All my muscles are as hard as steel. Now feel Scott's muscles, mom. Feel what a wuss he is compared to me."

Scott's mom looked over at her older son and gasped. "Oh my god, Scott. What happened to your face. It's all black and blue. It looks like you got a black eye." She had been so mesmerized by her younger son's new muscles that she didn't even notice Scott's bruised face. Scott looked sheepishly at his mother. Before he could say anything, Jake blurted out "He got into a fight with Brandon and me and we kicked his ass real good. First Brandon beat him up and then I did too. He always used to kick my little ass, but now with my new muscles I can kick his ass. He's a weak little wuss compared to me."

Their mom looked over at Jake and then back at Scott. "Scott, I told you not to fight with your little brother. It looks like he can defend himself now." Scott was enraged. He didn't start the fight! Brandon did! But before he could say anything, Jake said "Yeah, mom. He won't be able to pick on me anymore. Feel his muscles, mom. Feel how soft and weak they are compared to mine. Flex your arm, wuss." Scott didn't want to do this, but he knew he didn't have a choice. Slowly, he lifted his right arm and flexed. His mom reached up and squeezed his arm muscles, just like she had with Jake. "Whoa," she said. "Jake's right. Your arm muscle isn't nearly as big and hard as his muscle." She ran her hand over his shirt, feeling his flat pecs and his soft gut. "God, Scott. All your muscles are smaller and softer than Jake's." She looked over at Jake's body as she felt Scott's muscles. Jake's body looked absolutely radiant. His tight cut-off tee shirt exposed almost his whole torso. His arms bulged with muscle as they hung at his side. His striated delts capped his shoulders, the fibers twitching under his skin. His abs looked like a washboard. And his pecs and lats pushed out on the tight white cloth of the tee shirt that strained to hold in those bulging muscles. His muscles were rippling with power as he just stood there. His mother couldn't believe how muscular he had gotten. "Gosh Scott, here all along I thought you were the athlete in our family, but it looks like your little brother's got you beat in the muscle category. Totally beat. And he's only 13 and just started workin' out. I wonder what he's gonna look like a year from now. You better watch out, Scott." She smiled and looked at Jake. She was obviously proud of her muscular younger son. Jake smiled back at his admiring mother and hit a double biceps pose in triumph, sticking out his tongue at Scott. Yeah, mesomorphs rule.

"I have a special treat for dinner tonight," she said. "I bought some steaks. Jake has been eating so much lately I bought two steaks for him. Scott, you and I get one steak each. Jake beamed. His mother was feeding him more food than his brother. She knew his growing muscles needed lots of good protein to keep up their warp speed growth. Scott looked defeated. With all the extra food, there was nothing that was going to hold back Jake's growing muscles. He was going to be unstoppable. The family sat down for dinner.

Jake tore into his food like a wild man. Even though he had eaten a big protein shake just an hour before, he was ravenously hungry, His grueling workout had made his body call out for food, lots of food. He gobbled up his food like an efficient eating machine. He finished his two steaks and all his potatoes and vegetables before his mother and Scott had finished half of their steaks. "I'm still hungry," he said, staring at the steaks on his mother's and Jake's plates. "I want more meat." His mother stared in disbelief at his clean plate. "Wow, Jake, you sure have an appetite," she said. "Your muscles must be telling your stomach they need more meat to grow bigger and stronger. You're a growing young man, Jake. Here, take the rest of my steak." Jake smiled and stabbed his fork into his mother's steak. Then he grabbed the slab of meat by the bone with his hands and chomped down on the meat, filling his mouth with a huge bite of the protein rich beef. He chewed up the meat in about three strong chews and ripped another big chunk of beef off the bone. Scott stared at the muscles in his jaw and the sides of his face as they flexed, powering his jaw up and down, smashing his teeth into the meat. His strong jaw and teeth pulverized the meat with ruthless efficiency. In less than a minute he had devoured the whole steak. Scott had not taken one bite. He was transfixed by his brother's rippling, powerful jaw muscles and his brutally efficient eating. Jake was like an animal when he ate. Like a young tiger ripping the flesh off his prey and chewing it up with incredible power and efficiency.

Jake put down the bone of his mother's steak and looked over at his brother's plate. "I want your meat too," he said. "I got growing muscles to feed and you don't got shit." Scott looked down at his steak and hesitated. He didn't want to give his meat to his brother. Actually, he was almost full, being such a light eater, but he still didn't want to give his little brother his steak. After all, it was his steak. He was the big brother. He wanted to eat his own steak. Maybe it would help him build some muscles too. Jake could see the hesitation in his brother's eyes. He reached over and wrapped his hand around Scott's skinny little upper arm with the tips of his fingers right on top of the biceps. Scott looked down at Jake's muscular forearm and over at his bulging upper arm and shoulder muscles. "You wanna give me your meat, don't you, bro. You wanna help feed these muscles so they get even bigger and stronger, don't you bro." As he talked, he started digging his fingers into Scott's bicep. Scott winced in pain. He watched as Jake's forearm flexed like a coil of writhing snakes. "These muscles wanna get real big and real strong, bro. And they crush little wimps who don't give 'em what they need to get huge." Jake applied more power to his fingers. Bolts of pain shot through Scott's arm as the thick strong fingers of his 13-year-old brother smashed though his bicep muscle like it was mush. Scott couldn't believe how strong those fingers were. He couldn't believe how much muscle Jake already had in his forearm. The bulging, rock-hard muscle was way bigger than Scott's upper arm. And it was way stronger. Scott tried to jerk his arm away, but Jake was so strong he held it in place with almost no effort at all. Scott's weak little attempts at resistance were nothing to Jake's strong new mesomorph muscles. Jake looked into his brother's eyes as he crushed. His eyes had a look of total superiority and arrogance as his big new weight trained muscles crushed his older brother's skinny little arm. He liked being so strong and dominating. Scott's eyes had a look of fear, helplessness and pain as he watched and felt the overwhelming power of his little brother's muscles. "Yeah, these muscles are gonna get even bigger and stronger, wimp. You don't wanna piss off these muscles, now do you bro? You wanna treat these muscles real good so they won't beat you up every day, don't you bro. You ain't shit compared to these muscles bro. You wanna give me your meat, don't you. You wanna help these muscles get huge." Jake ordered his muscles to squeeze even harder into Scott's arm and the big shredded fibers flexed even more in his forearm. The snakes looked like they were ready to jump out of his skin. Jake smiled as he saw just how strong he was compared to his brother. He felt so good being so strong. Scott yelled in pain. "Yeah, I wanna give you my meat, Jake," he squealed. "Feed your big muscles! Take my meat, Jake. Take it!"

Jake smiled and let go of Scott's arm. He held his forearm out in front of Scott's face, made a fist and curled it up and down, flexing the pumped muscles in his forearm. The big muscles bulged under his paper-thin skin like writhing like snakes in the shape of a bowling pin. "Pretty strong, huh," he said as he looked at his flexing muscles approvingly. "Way stronger than your weak little arm. You are such a weakling." Then he grabbed Scott's steak off his plate and wolfed it down, tearing the meat off with his teeth and smashing it with his bright while teeth powered by his strong jaw muscles. During that meal, he ate six times more steak than his brother. His muscles were getting six times as much protein. And his muscles would soon be six times as strong. After all, he was a mesomorph. When he was done ripping the beef off the bone with his teeth and chewing up the meat with his strong jaw muscles, he put the bone in his mouth and hit a double biceps pose for his mother. He looked like a total animal with the steak bone between his teeth and his upper arm and forearm muscles bulging with power. His whole upper body looked incredible in his tight cut-off tee shirt. Every muscle was rippling--- his biceps, his triceps, his delts, his lats, his pecs and his abs. "Yeah mom, check 'em out," he said as he looked at his buff arm and shoulder muscles. "They're gonna be even bigger tomorrow. With all that meat, these muscles are gonna grow like crazy." His mom stared in awe at her 13-year-old son's bulging muscles. She was proud of her muscular young son. She really liked his buff muscles. She wanted them to get bigger and bigger, stronger and stronger. She wanted to help him get big and strong. She realized that Jake was now dominating his big brother, his new muscles completely overpowering his weak brother. Although she felt somewhat sorry for Scott, she realized that this was the natural order of things. The natural dominance of the strong over the weak. The young son with the strong muscles was going to dominate his weakling older brother. She actually got a primeval surge that went through her body as she watched her strong son's buff muscles crush the weak flesh of his big brother. She felt a primitive attraction to those buff strong muscles. Survival of the fittest, she thought to herself. And Jake is sure buff and fit. She grabbed his upper arm and felt his bulging muscles. Jake flexed for her and the muscle turned into solid rock in his mother's fingers. She let out a little moan and then pushed her plate over to the muscular kid. "Finish my vegetables and potatoes," she said. "Gotta feed those muscles." Jake grabbed her plate and wolfed down the food. Scott just stared in disbelief. He couldn't believe how much food his kid brother had just eaten. He couldn't believe how strong he had gotten. He couldn't believe how muscular he had become. He couldn't believe how much his mother was into his muscles. He couldn't believe all this was happening to him.

The next several days at school, all Scott could think about was Jake and Brandon. He had just seen Jake's overwhelming physical superiority - his body, his cock, his strength, his appetite, his attitude - and he knew that Brandon was even more physically superior than Jake. Jake kept telling him how Brandon was bigger, stronger and more muscular than he was. And the kid was drop dead gorgeous, with his handsome face, sky blue eyes and blond hair. And yet this beautiful, strong, muscular kid was cocky, arrogant, and extremely aggressive and dominant. Even more aggressive and dominant than Jake. God, he though to himself. All that muscle and strength coupled with all that attitude! What a fucking scary thought. But also a very erotic thought. Scott's cock stayed hard almost all day. He just couldn't keep Brandon out of his mind. He was intimidated by the thought of these muscular boys. Boys who were using his weights to get far more muscular than he dreamed possible. He didn't visit the garage for several days, just visualizing in his mind what was going on in there - lots of muscle being packed onto the bodies of Brandon and Jake, the 13 year old mesomorphs. But he saw Jake every night. Strutting around in his tight cut-off muscle tee shirt, flexing his muscles in front of his brother to show off. Eating three or four times as much food as he could eat at breakfast and dinner, plus protein shakes made from Scott's protein. Flexing in the mirror in their bedroom, watching his muscles getting bigger every day. Talking trash talk to his wimpy brother, letting him know how big and strong he was and how little and weak Scott was. And laying in bed teasing his brother, stroking his cock and rubbing his hand over his washboard abs and bulging pecs until he shot load after load of thick, creamy cum high into the air. Scott just couldn't take his eyes off his muscular little brother. But he was so embarrassed after that night when he came in front of Jake that he always waited until Jake was gone before he blasted his load, thinking about his brother's strong, muscular body. All he could think about was Jake and Brandon. It was now three weeks since Jake and Brandon had started lifting weights. Scott finally got up the nerve to watch them work out. So after his track practice, he walked into the garage. Brandon and Jake were deep into their workout. It was back and arms day. They had just finished their back exercises. Five sets of five grueling exercises. Their lats, traps and lower back muscles were pumped and throbbing under skin that was red with muscle-building blood. Now they were starting to blast their arms. As Scott walked in, he saw Brandon doing a set of curls with a 70-pound barbell. Scott gulped. This kid was curling twice as much as he could curl. And it looked like it was easy for him! Brandon's tan, muscular body was dripping with sweat. He was wearing only a pair of red nylon workout shorts that were soaked with sweat and clinging to his hips and butt. He was facing Scott, with Jake standing next to him yelling encouragement as he forced the heavy barbell up and down with the power of his young arms. His traps were bulging out from his thick neck and his lats were bulging out at his sides like slabs of beef. The red-hot muscle was covered with veins, totally pumped from set after set of grueling back exercises. His arms were also pumped from all those back exercises, and now those arms were being forced to work those heavy weights all by themselves. Forced to work super hard so they would get super big and super strong. Scott's eyes fixated on those arms. They looked huge. As the blond boy curled the barbell up and down, his biceps bulged with incredible muscular density. At the bottom of each rep, his biceps looked like steel cords and his triceps bulged in the back of his arms. Then when he curled the barbell up, those biceps contracted like machines in his arms, forming a big ball of striated muscle as they powered up the heavy barbell. Brandon looked over at Scott with a look that said "Yeah, check out these muscles, wimp. Look at how big and strong they are." He knew Scott was mesmerized by his display of muscularity and brute strength.

Brandon finished his 10th rep and dropped the barbell on the floor. "Well look who's here," he said, flexing his muscles casually as his superpumped arms hung like hams at his side . "It's little fag boy. It's the little wimp who likes big muscles. Big muscles that can kick the shit out of his pathetic wimp body. He ain't built any fucking muscle at all on his fuckin' wimp body, but we've been building muscle like crazy. He's 16 years old and he's a fucking weakling. We're only 13 and already we're twice as strong as him. And we got big muscles too. Yeah, look at my muscles faggot. You wish you had big muscles like these, don't you. Well, you don't and I do. I got muscles and you don't got shit. Look at you staring at my muscles. Yeah, Jake told me you got all turned on lookin' at his buff body. Yeah, big brother gets all turned on by little brother's big muscles. Yeah, Jake told me all about it, fuckface. Well, I got bigger and buffer muscles than Jake. Yeah, look at my muscles. Here I'll flex 'em for you. Look at my fuckin' arms, fuckface. Yeah, they're huge ain't they. They're already twice as big as your little stick arms. Yeah, and twice as strong too. Shit, I can see your little cock almost popping out of your shorts. Yeah you like these muscles don't you. You like these muscles even though you know they can smash your weak little body into a fucking pulp. Well, get your sorry ass over here, faggot. Move it!" Scott walked slowly over to Brandon. His cock was rock hard under his shorts. Brandon had already noticed.

He stood in front of the sweaty, muscular, red-hot body of the blond adonis. He could smell the fresh sweat evaporating from the kid's body. He breathed in real deep, taking in the heady aroma of that muscle boy sweat. He stared in disbelief at Brandon's upper body. God that kid was built. His eyes moved up from his washboard abs to his bulging pecs to his red-hot traps and thick, striated delts to his flaring, blood-engorged lats. God, what a total stud. Then he stared at his big, muscular arms. Arms that were engorged with blood and literally bursting with muscle. Oh my fucking God, he thought to himself. He could hardly take his eyes off those arms but finally he looked up at Brandon's drop-dead gorgeous face and into his sky blue eyes. He felt weak in the knees as he comprehended the absolute perfection of Brandon's face and body. Never in his life had he seen a more perfect specimen of beautiful muscular youth. Brandon smiled with a look of arrogance as the 16-year-old fag wimp stared in awe at his buff 13 year old jock stud muscles and his radiant, drop-dead gorgeous face. Slowly he raised his right arm and flexed. The big bicep muscle turned into a rock-hard ball of shredded muscle under his paper-thin skin. It looked like a baseball. It was easily as big as a hardball and it had a tremendous peak at the top where the muscle bulged up even further. Veins crisscrossed under his skin and the fibers of rock hard muscle were clearly visible. His skin was wet with sweat, sweat that made his arm glisten like marble. His forearm was rippling with muscle also, with hundreds of veins carrying blood to the throbbing fibers. His big triceps flexed under the bicep, forming a perfect football shape to the bottom of his upper arm. Brandon smiled when he saw the expression on Scott's face as he stared at his flexing muscles. "Kiss it, fag," he ordered. "Kiss my bicep." Scott gulped. He couldn't believe what Brandon just said. His cock twitched with excitement under his shorts.

He bent down and kissed the top of Brandon's bulging bicep. The sweat tasted salty on his tongue. The skin was red hot, red hot from the hot bicep muscle underneath which was bulging and pumped to the max from the curls it had just done. He held the kiss for several seconds, rubbing his tongue on the muscle fibers that felt like pulsating steel under the muscleboy's thin skin. He breathed in and smelled the pungent musclejock sweat smell, which was evaporating out of the stud's wet armpit and off his hot, glistening skin. God that sweat smelled good. He kissed that rock-like bicep muscle real hard, feeling the fibers of muscle with his lips and tongue. "Look, Jake. Your faggot brother is kissing my muscle! He's kissing my fucking muscle and he's enjoying it! He's touching my muscle with his tongue, rubbing his little fag tongue all over the pumped up fibers. That muscle feel good to you wimp? Those fibers are real hard, ain't they. Yeah, they're totally pumped. They get real big and real hard when they pump up like that. My muscles pump up real fast."

Then he reached down and grabbed Scott's cock. "Look Jake. His little cock's hard as a fucking steel pipe! He's really into my body, just like you said. You like that big muscle, don't you faggot. You never had muscles like that in your whole fucking life. You like my big, hard muscles." At that, Brandon pulled his arm back from Scott's worshipful lips and said "Strip off your clothes, faggot. I wanna see you totally naked." Scott knew better than to disobey the aggressive muscle kid, so he stripped off his shirt, shorts, boxers, shoes and socks and stood in front of his muscle god totally nude. His cock was pointing straight up. His skinny body looked pathetic next to the awesome muscles of the blond kid standing in front of him. "Fuck, you are so turned on I can't believe it. Look at that little cock standing up at full attention! Fuck what a little faggot!"

Brandon held out his arm next to Scott's arm, curled it up and flexed his bicep. Two big heads of peaked bicep muscle popped out on the top of his arm. His arm looked more than twice as big as the skinny flab on Scott's arm. His forearm bulged with muscle. It was way bigger than Scott's upper arm. Scott tried to flex but there was nothing there. "God you are so fucking skinny and weak. Look at your arm compared to mine. Look at your whole body compared to mine. I got tons of muscle and you ain't got shit. Fuckin' A, what a little pussy weakling. Guess what, faggot. Jake and me have put on tons of muscle since the last time I saw you. I'm up to 122 pounds. That's another 10 pounds of shitkicking muscle in a little over a week. I'm already heavier than you are, but I'm shorter and I'm solid muscle. Jake's only two pounds lighter. We've both been puttin' on muscle like crazy. And strong? Yeah, we're fucking strong! We can bench more than our bodyweight now - for reps! Next week we'll be benching 20 pounds more. I know it. We're four times stronger than when we started and twice as strong as you already. Look at this body, wimp. Solid, rock-hard muscle. Not an ounce of fat on this body. Yeah, I can see your little cock getting hard just lookin' at my muscles You like my muscles, don't you faggot? You wish you had muscles like me and Jake but you ain't got squat. Even your cock is puny compared to mine. But that little cock sure likes what it's seeing, don't it." Scott was totally aroused and in awe of Brandon. He was even aroused more by Brandon's arrogance. He nodded his head sheepishly. Brandon put down his arm and stood directly in front of Scott. Then he flexed his abs. "Get on your knees and lick the sweat off my abs, faggot. I wanna feel your little fag tongue licking my hard muscles. Look at those fucking abs. They look like fucking bricks, don't they. They're as hard as bricks too. I bet you're gonna like lickin' those hard fuckers, aren't you faggot." Scott's eyes lit up. He thought he had died and gone to heaven. This young muscle god was ordering him to lick his washboard abs, the most beautiful abs he had ever seen. He got down on his knees in front of the blond adonis. His body was trembling from excitement. His cock was so hard it was like a steel pipe. He could smell the jock- boy sweat emanating from the muscleboy's hot sweaty body. Slowly he stuck out his little tongue and touched one of the rock-hard bricks of muscle with the sensitive tip of that tongue. Instantly he could taste the salt of the sweat. And he could feel the fibers of muscle flexing under skin that was as thin as cellophane. God that muscle felt hard. It felt as hard as iron. He pushed in on the muscle with his tongue, but the corrugated ridge of muscle didn't give at all. It was like rock. His cock twitched with excitement. Then he started rubbing his tongue all over the young god's corrugated abs. There was lots of salty sweat covering his skin, which tasted so, so good. He ran his tongue over the ridges and crevices, feeling the iron-like hardness of the ridges and digging deep inside the crevices to clean out all the sweat. He couldn't believe how hard those abs were and how chiseled they were. The ridges and crevices felt just like bricks on the solid wall of a fortress. A solid wall of muscle. The 13-year-old musclekid had absolutely no fat between his paper-thin skin and the bricks of muscle, so Scott could feel the hot fibers bulging at the command of their young master. Scott caressed those abs with his adoring worshipping tongue, running his tongue up and down, over and across the washboard of 13-year-old mesomorph muscle. He had never had such a wonderful feeling in his body.

. Then, while he was still licking the young Adonis's abs, he reached up and felt the kid's bulging lats, lats that were still hot and pumped and sweaty from set after set of pull-ups, lat pulldowns and barbell and dumbbell rows with weights heavier than Scott could imagine. Scott started groaning as he felt the big slabs of rock-hard muscle. "Fucking big, ain't they wimp," boasted Brandon. "My back muscles are fucking way bigger and way stronger than your pathetic, weak little faggot muscles." Brandon looked down at Scott's back. "Shit, you ain't got no muscle at all on your back and I got tons of muscle. I can do thirty pull-ups easy. Regular pull-ups are too easy for me now. Next week Jake and me are gonna start tying weights around our waists, to make the pull-ups harder. Our muscles are growin' so fast they need more weight. They are so fucking strong regular pull-ups are way too easy for 'em. Shit, you're so fuckin' weak I bet you can't even do a couple of regular pull-ups!" Brandon reached down and grabbed Scott's little lats. There was no muscle there. Brandon laughed. Then he flexed his lats for Scott's worshipping fingers.

Scott gulped. Brandon was right. He could only do three regular pull-ups. The thought of being able to do 30 pull-ups with ease, then strapping a weight on his waist and cranking out more pull-ups with those big muscles was mind-boggling. But this 13 year old could do it after less three weeks of lifing weights. What a fucking stud, he thought. His cock twitched with excitement. "My lats ain't the only muscles that have been growin' like crazy on my body. Feel my chest faggot. Feel how big and hard my chest muscles are. They're way bigger and way harder than your puny little chicken chest." While still caressing the musclekid's corrugated abs with his tongue, Scott moved his hands over and started feeling Brandon's bulging pecs, feeling the rock-hard muscle inside those beautiful curved formations. "Twice as big and twice as strong as your muscles already," said Brandon. "And they're gonna get a lot bigger and a lot stronger. Jake and me are getting stronger every day. And our muscles are getting bigger every day too. Yeah, our muscles really like your weights, wimp. Our muscles are getting totally big and strong lifting your weights, faggot. Pretty soon our muscles are gonna be so strong that you're gonna have to buy more weights. Not for you faggot. For us. Yeah, you'll still be benchin' your puny 65 pounds, but we're gonna need 150, 200, 250, yeah 300 for our benches. We're gonna get fucking huge! We're gonna be benchin' 300 pounds while we're still in Junior High School! We're fucking studs! Fucking muscle studs!" Brandon flexed his pecs as he said that and Scott marveled at the big hard muscles bulging in his chest. God the kid was cocky and arrogant! Benching 300 pounds while still in Junior High School! But then he rubbed his fingers over the round, shredded muscle in his incredible pecs and realized that if his pecs felt like this after three weeks of lifting weights, he probably would be benching 300 pounds very soon. He looked up and gazed longingly at the kid's erect hard nipples that were being pushed out by all the muscle underneath. He rubbed the nipples between the fingers of his hands, feeling just how big and hard and erect they were. They were like iron spikes sticking out of the muscleboy's chest. Brandon started groaning with pleasure as his little slave's fingers caressed his powerful muscles and his sensitive nipples. He flexed his pecs, letting the little weakling feel how big and hard and strong they were. Showing off his muscle superiority. He jutted out his chest proudly. Yeah, he was proud of his body.

Then almost by instinct Scott moved his head up started sucking and licking those erect nipples with his tongue. The muscleboy's nipples felt like a steel spikes. Steel spikes sticking out proudly from a mountain of solid, bulging muscle. Scott wrapped his lips around the nipples and at the same time felt the hard muscle underneath with his fingers. Then he ran his hands up and down the muscleboy's hard body, from his bulging pecs, out to his flaring lats, and down to his washboard abs. God, he never had felt anything like this in his life. He caressed the muscleboy's hard nipples with his tongue as he fondled his pecs, lats and abs with his fingers. God, what a fucking stud, he thought to himself. He was in total ecstasy. Then he let go of the nipples and ran his hands all over Brandon's hard body. His back, his butt, his chest and his abs. Brandon's muscles were totally perfect in every way.

Brandon was moaning with pleasure. He had never experienced anything like this either. "Mmmmm, that feels so good," he said. "I'm getting so hot." Scott was totally hot himself as he moved his caressing tongue around the brick wall of corrugated ab muscle and licked the musclekid's "outie" belly button clean. He was so excited and happy he could almost cry. This was the best experience he had had in his entire life. "Ummm, feels good," murmured Brandon. "Feels good to have my muscles serviced by a little fag wimp. Look at this Jake. Your big brother licked my abs clean. He's really into it. He just can't get enough of my body. Ya know, it feels real good. Makes me feel real strong.. Makes me feel like a fuckin' stud havin' this little faggot wimp worship my fuckin' muscles like this."

Suddenly he reached down and pulled down his shorts. His aroused hard cock sprang up and hit Scott in the face. His cock was way bigger than Scott's cock, bigger even than Jake's. It was real thick too. He grabbed his cock and slapped it across Scott's face several times. The big weapon was rock hard and the slaps really hurt Scott's tender face. Brandon didn't care. He was the one in control and this little slave was going to do his bidding. "My muscles ain't the only thing that's gonna be serviced by your fag tongue, wimp. I'm gonna ram this big cock right down your little fag throat. You're gonna suck my big cock whether you like it or not. I'm getting real horny havin' you lickin' my muscles and feelin' 'em and everything. I'm so fuckin' horny I could ram my dick down your throat and bust a huge nut right now. And there's nothing you could do to stop me, wimp. You're such a weak pile of shit there's nothin' you can do to stop my muscles. I'm so much stronger than you it ain't even close. I'm gonna love shovin' my big dick down your little fag throat and makin' you gag while I get off. But I'm not gonna do it right now. I'm gonna wait. I'm gonna wait till after Jake and me finish our workout. I don't wanna lose the fantastic pump I got. I gotta work these arms so hard they're gonna be fuckin' huge and bulging with fucking muscle. More muscle than you ever seen. So you're gonna stay here until Jake and me are finished workin' out and then you're gonna do whatever I tell you to do. You got that, wimp? You understand, you fuckin' little faggot?"

He slapped his cock across Scott's face a couple more times and then shoved his sweaty crotch into the skinny wimp's face with his cock pointing straight up next to Scott's nose. Scott breathed in the strong smell of the musclekid's crotch sweat. He felt the young stud's big, thick, hard dick pushing into his face, forcing itself into his soft flesh. He reached around and grabbed the kid's muscular ass, pulling his crotch even harder into his face and feeling the rock hard muscles bulging in the young Adonis's muscle butt. His cock twitched with excitement. He was ready to do whatever this young muscle god ordered him to do. "Yes, sir," he said, speaking right into Brandon's balls.

The 13 year-old blond musclekid pushed the naked 16 year-old wimp away from his buff body with a hard shove. Scott went crashing down to the floor on his back. He looked up at Brandon's beautiful muscular body and drop-dead gorgeous face with a look of total awe. Brandon sneered, pulled up his red nylon workout shorts and then flexed his arms. "Gotta keep building these guns, wimp. Gotta keep puttin' muscle on this body. Watch me work out, faggot. Watch me and Jake lift more weight than you can even dream of liftin'." Scott nodded his head. He couldn't believe this was happening to him. It was like a dream come true.

Brandon looked down at the 70-pound barbell he had just curled for 10 reps. "I feel fuckin' strong as shit, Jake. Let's put another 10 pounds on the bar. Eighty pounds of iron's gonna feel like a feather to these big monsters." He flexed his right arm in front of his face and watched his baseball bicep bulge at his command. Scott gulped as he thought about the strength and confidence of this young mesomorph. He got up on his feet and stood, buck naked, at a respectful 10 foot distance from the young stud. The two muscleboys loaded a five pound plate on each side of the bar. Brandon bent down and lifted it up with ease. Then he started curling it up. Scott stared at the strong young boy's arms as they curled up the 80 pound bar. The boy's biceps exploded under his thin skin as they powered up the heavy iron. Scott's cock started twitching as he realized this was far more than double than what he could curl. He felt weak in the stomach as he thought about all that strength in Brandon's muscular arms. That barbell was even heavier than what he could bench. And this 13 year old kid was doing curls with it! Brandon curled the bar all the way up and looked at Scott with a look of total confidence and arrogance. "Fuckin' strong!" he yelled. "A couple of days ago, I couldn't have done even one rep with this weight. Now look what I'm gonna do." Scott gulped. His cock twitched with excitement. Slowly Brandon lowered the bar and then started curling it up again. "Yeah, faggot boy, look at my arms. Look at all that fuckin' muscle. Look how fucking strong it is." Brandon looked at his bulging biceps. Then he looked right into Scott's eyes with his gorgeous blue eyes. His beautiful face had a look of total arrogance as he slowly curled up the heavy bar. Scott looked at Brandon's drop-dead handsome face and then stared at the bulging muscle in his arms as he curled the heavy bar. His biceps were literally busting out of his skin, with fibers and veins everywhere. That muscle was lifting the heavy iron with ease. Scott couldn't take it any longer. He reached down and grabbed his cock and as soon as he touched it he blasted spurt after spurt of cum all over the floor. Brandon curled the bar all the way up, lowered it and then curled it up again while Scott finished his incredible orgasm. Scott's eyes were fixated on the bulging muscles in Brandon's arms as they raised and lowered the heavy weight. He had the best orgasm in his entire life watching Brandon curl the heavy weight. Brandon looked down and watched his muscles work. He liked what he saw -- big, bulging, striated biceps that were overpowering the 80 pound barbell with ease. God it felt great to be strong! He lowered the bar and held it firmly in his strong grip, as the muscles stretched in his biceps like steel cords and his forearms bulged with rippling fibers and veins. Then he laughed. "Yeah, I thought you would bust a nut when you saw my muscles workin' like this, liftin' a fucking ton of iron. Look Jake. Your brother's such a total fag. He busts his nuts lookin' at buff guys liftin' heavy weights with their big muscles. I guess he's gonna bust a lot of nuts around us, ain't he Jake?" Jake grinned and nodded. "Lots of nuts," he said. Brandon continued. "And I think we're gonna bust a lot of nuts with him as our fuck toy. We're gonna have a real good time with your faggot big brother while we building our muscles with his fucking weights. We're gonna get fucking huge and strong and he's gonna just stay a skinny weak faggot wimp, servicing our big dicks any time we want." The he curled up the bar for another rep, sticking out his tongue at the 16 year old wimp in front of him. Scott just stood there with his mouth open, holding his cock and watching the mesomorph kid's big biceps flex and bulge as they curled up the heavy bar for a fourth rep.

"One more," yelled Brandon. "Gonna make these muscles burn! Spot me Jake." Jake moved in front of his muscular friend, getting ready to spot on this final, grueling rep. Scott moved over to the side so he could get a better view. Slowly Brandon started curling up the bar. "You got it Brandon," yelled Jake. "Look at your fucking muscles Brandon. Look how big they are. That bar ain't nothin' to your big muscles. Your muscles are way stronger than that fucking bar. Big arms, Brandon. You're getting' big arms." Brandon looked down and watched his biceps bulge. All eyes were on Brandon's muscular arms as they powered up the heavy bar. "Fuckin' strong!" yelled the blond musclekid as his arms conquered the 80 pound weight for the fifth rep. He felt like a fucking superman. When he got about half way up, his curl started slowing down. "It's all you, Brandon. You got it stud!" yelled Jake. Sweat was pouring off Brandon's body. His arms were red with muscle building blood and covered with sweat. Veins were popping out all over his arms and shoulders and the cords of muscle were bulging under his thin skin. He was clearly exerting the maximum force that his young, muscular body could produce. He was straining to the max. As the speed of his curl slowed way down, Jake put his fingers under the bar and lifted up with just a few pounds of force. "Yeah, you got it stud. Big arms. Your arms are getting huge. Make 'em burn Brandon. Make 'em burn real good and they'll grow like crazy. Yeah Brandon, look at those big mothers. Look at all that muscle. Look at how big and hard that muscle is. You got big arms Brandon. Real big guns. Lift that fuckin' weight with those big guns. That weight ain't shit to your big guns." Brandon's face was red with strain, with sweat dripping off his cheeks. His whole muscular torso was flexing and sweating as he curled the bar all the way up with just a little help from Jake. His arms looked incredible. Big and pumped and hard as granite. Scott's cock was hard again as he watched the young mesomorph conquer the heavy weight. "Yeah!" yelled Brandon as he finished the curl. "Fuckin' strong!" Jake reached over and felt his friend's arm as he held the bar at the top of the curl and slowly began to lower it. "Fucking big," said Jake. "That muscle's fucking huge. And fucking hard too." Brandon looked at his big arms and smiled.

He lowered the weight and dropped it to the floor. Then he turned to Scott and flexed his right arm. "Fucking big and fucking hard and fucking strong," he said as he looked at the bulging muscle in his arm. "Bigger and harder and stronger than your little arm's ever gonna get. Feel it wimp. Feel how big and hard my arm is already." Scott reached up with both his hands and felt the enormous size and hardness of the blond kid's upper arm. The bicep was peaked and rock-hard. It was hot, sweaty, and pulsating with brute strength. He had never felt a bigger or harder muscle in his life. Brandon smiled as he saw just how overpowering his muscles were to the naked faggot wimp who was admiring them like he was a god. Scott's cock was already hard again. "And just think, faggot. I'm only 13 and I've only been working out three weeks. Just think how much bigger and stronger that muscle's gonna be in a few more months. I'm gonna have more muscle in one arm than you got in your whole fucking faggot body. Muscle that can fuck you up any time I feel like it. Shit, I can already fuck you up any time I want. Like this."

At that, he reached up and wrapped his arm around Scott's neck. The athletic jock was so quick that Scott didn't have time to react to the attack. Scott's neck was now the victim of the musclekid's growing arm. Scott could feel the hot hard fibers in that strong arm as the thick muscle pressed against his scrawny neck. "My arm wants to do another curl," Brandon said "A curl around your little faggot pencil neck. That'll be a lot of fun, watchin' and feelin' my big muscle crush your little fag neck." He grinned at Jake, who nodded his head up and down. "Yeah, crush him Brandon with your big bicep. Show him how strong you are. Show him what a fucking faggot weakling he is compared to you." Jake was really into the muscle domination too.

"No….no……" pleaded Scott. He could already feel the pressure of the muscle kid's arm around his neck and the kid wasn't even flexing yet. "My arm don't care what you want, fag. If my arm wants to do a curl on your scrawny little neck, fuck that's what it's gonna do. My big gun does whatever it wants to sick little fags like you. And you can't do shit about it, can you, you weak little fag wimp." He grinned again at Jake and then grabbed Scott's head and pushed it down to the level of his own shoulders with his left arm. He lined up the dweeb's neck with the bicep of his right arm so the big muscle was facing the wimp's windpipe. Then he started to curl up his forearm. Instantly his rock-hard bicep bulged under his thin skin as it pulled up his muscular forearm with overwhelming force. The big bicep pushed itself into Scott's windpipe, blasting through the cartilege like a piece of fruit. There was a sharp crackling sound as the 13 year-old's big muscle smashed through the cartilage. Scott's neck was nothing to the mesomorph's rock-hard bicep muscle. The big, pumped, weight trained muscle crushed it like an insect. "Fuck, did you hear that, Jake? My muscle smashed right through his fucking windpipe. I could feel the fucker give in - just kinda surrender with a pathetic crackle -- to the power of my big bicep muscle. His fucking neck ain't shit to my big muscle." He flexed even harder, now squeezing so hard that his peaked, rock- hard bicep blasted itself deep inside Scott's helpless little neck. Scott struggled with all his might to free himself from the strong boy's grip, but his weak little efforts were nothing to Brandon's muscles. It was like he was a weak little deer trying to get away from the overwhelming squeeze of a muscular young gorilla.

"That feels cool,' said the strong kid. "It really feels cool when my big muscle smashes through his little neck. My muscle's so big and so hard and so fuckin' strong it just bashes in his little fag pencil neck like it's nothin'. That's real fun. I'm gonna do a couple more reps, 'cause its real fun crushin' the weak little fag with my muscles. It's real fun feelin' my big bicep smash through his neck and hearin' his fuckin' windpipe crackle when it gets smashed by my strong muscle. You havin' a good time faggot? You havin' fun too?" Scott couldn't breathe. His face was red and his neck was wracked with pain from the force of the big rock-hard muscle that was bulging into his crinkled windpipe. He started to drool. The strong boy's grip was so tight he couldn't move. But his cock was rock hard. Even though Brandon's big muscles were inflicting incredible pain on his neck, the feeling of the size, hardness and strength of the blond muscleboy's bicep was completely turning him on. Brandon looked down at the helpless boy's face and neck and laughed. "Fuck, what a spastic!" he laughed as he saw the spit drooling out of the teen weakling's mouth. "What a pathetic weak little spastic. You're so weak you can't do nothin' to stop my new muscles from crushing the life out of you. You're such a worthless faggot maybe I should do it. I got muscles and you don't got shit. I've been buildin' big, strong muscles with your fuckin' weights and my muscles like to fuck up little wimps like you. I don't fucking care how you feel 'cause I'm havin' fun and that's all that matters. The strong guys pick on the weak guys. That's just the way it is. You gotta deal with it, pussy. You ain't shit to Jake and me. You're just a fucking faggot weakling for us to play with. Get ready for another rep, wimp. Get ready to feel the power of my big arm smash your little neck again."

Scott was almost passed out by now, but his cock was still rock-hard after listening to this arrogant muscle talk. Slowly Brandon released his hold around Scott's neck, allowing him to breathe in a few breaths of air. Scott gasped. Then the dominant kid's big arm started curling and squeezing again. "Two," said the arm's young owner as his shredded weight-trained mesomorph bicep pulled on his muscular forearm and hardened into a steel ball. That steel ball smashed right through Scott's windpipe again, ramming itself deep inside his neck as the 13 year old's muscular forearm closed in from the other side. "My muscles always get bigger when they do more reps. They get pumped real good. They get real big and real hard. Does that muscle feel bigger and harder, wimp?" Scott couldn't move or speak. "Yeah it does, don't it." Brandon didn't need Scott to answer. He knew his bicep was pumping up even bigger and harder as it squeezed the scrawny neck that was no match for its overwhelming power. Scott started drooling again. "Look at how much bigger my bicep is, Jake. Look how it's smashing through his faggot pencil neck. Look how strong it is. Fuck, what a rush!" Brandon's cock was rock hard under his workout shorts. He was getting totally turned on seeing and feeling his muscles vanquish their helpless prey. "Yeah, Brandon, your bicep is getting huge. It's so strong and hard and big, my brother's little neck ain't nothin' to it. My brother ain't shit compared to you Brandon. I can't believe how big and strong your muscles are compared to his. He's pathetic."

Brandon smiled as he looked at the bulging muscles in his arm and then looked at Scott's weak little arm. There was no comparison. Bulging muscle vs. thin flab. And he was only 13 years old! He had only been lifting a couple of weeks and already he was strong and muscular. God it felt great to be so strong and muscular and know that he was going to get even stronger and more muscular. Way stronger and way more muscular. Brandon didn't know he was a mesomorph, but he could sure see that his body was sprouting muscles like crazy, getting bigger and stronger every day. He knew he had something Scott could only dream of. The ability to gain muscle at will. The ability to get incredibly big and incredibly strong. He pulled in harder on his arm, almost splitting Scott's neck in half. "Yeah!" he yelled. Scott's face was beet red. He started drooling again. He couldn't believe how strong this young boy had gotten. His cock was ramrod straight, just like Brandon's.

Brandon did two more reps of curls on Scott's neck, finally satisfying his primal urge to completely conquer the little weakling with his brand new muscles. Then he released his grip and pushed the insignificant wimp to the floor. Scott gasped for air as he stared up at the muscular beauty of the blond youth that had just thrashed him so badly. Brandon put his foot on Scott's chest and flexed his arms in triumph. "Fuckin' strong!" he yelled. "You ain't shit to these muscles, fag. I'm gonna fuck you up any time I feel like it." Then he pulled down his shorts and waved his rock-hard cock back and forth. "Yeah, really fuck you up," he said as he looked approvingly at his big weapon and his shredded abs. "I'm gonna have a lot of fun fucking you up real good." Scott looked up in awe at the incredibly muscular and dominant boy stud.

"Get up!" ordered Brandon. Scott struggled to get to his feet and stood before the young musclegod awaiting further orders. He was still buck naked. Brandon looked down at the wimp's hard cock and laughed. "You faggots just can't get enough, can you," he said. Then he flexed his muscles mockingly in front of Scott's worshipping eyes. "Yeah, you love my muscles even though they can smash your weak little faggot body into a fucking pulp. Well, you gotta make yourself useful around here. Jake and me are gonna finish out workout and you're gonna be our little slave, doin' whatever we want. Your first job, slave, is to go make two big protein shakes and bring 'em back to us. Yeah, I know it used to be your protein but its our protein now. Don't you eat any of our protein, faggot." He grabbed a bottle of water and quickly drank the last of it, swallowing the liquid with big gulps. He threw the empty bottle at Scott. "And bring back some more water too. Oh yeah, and you don't get to wear any clothes when we're workin' out and you're our slave. You're gonna be our naked little slave. Then after the workout, when our muscles are totally big and pumped, we're gonna fuck the shit out of our little slave. You got that, slave?" Scott gulped. "Yes," he said softly. "YES WHAT?" yelled Brandon, shouting like a Marine drill sergeant. Brandon glowered at the frightened wimp, his sky blue eyes piercing into Scott like a laser. His face looked mean and menacing. He lifted his arm slightly and started to curl it, like he was crushing Scott's neck again. His bicep bulged with authority as it flexed. He curled his arm up and down, all the while looking at Scott's eyes as they watched the big muscle bulge in the boy's strong arm. "Yes, WHAT?" said Brandon again as Scott looked back at his drop-dead gorgeous face. "Yes, SIR," yelled Scott, now knowing he was in the complete control of this young musclegod.

Jake laughed as he watched his big brother literally melt in front of his muscular friend. He grabbed his own water bottle, chugged down the remaining water and threw it at Scott. "You better get your ass in gear, bro. Me and Brandon gotta finish our workout and you got work to do. Now go make those protein shakes like a good little slave. My turn for some curls. Gotta make these mothers really burn and grow!" Without warning, he lunged at Scott and wrapped his own arm around his brother's neck. Then he squeezed, flexing his big bicep into the soft flesh just like Brandon had done. Jake's bicep felt almost as big and hard as Brandon's as it smashed into Scott's neck, and it wasn't even pumped up yet. Jake smiled as he saw what his big muscle could do to his brother's neck without even trying. The muscle just smashed its way in, and it was so strong it didn't even have to strain to do it. God it was great being strong and muscular. Then he let go and flexed his arm in Scott's face. Scott's eyes got wide as they looked at his little brother's big hard bicep. "Yeah, you got two muscle masters to service, bro. We're both way bigger and stronger than you. Now get the fuck out of here and mix up our protein shakes. I'm hungry. My body wants some protein right now. My muscles wanna grow!" He grabbed his brother by the chest, spun him around and shoved him towards the garage door. The push was so hard Scott almost fell down. He staggered out the door to the kitchen.

Like a good slave, Scott made two big protein shakes. He made them extra thick, just like Jake liked them. And even though he was tempted, he didn't eat any of the protein himself. All that protein was going to feed those two muscular boys in the garage. To make their bodies even more muscular. To make them even stronger. To make them even bigger. They were going to get bigger and stronger every day and he was going to stay skinny and weak. That's just the way it was going to be. There was nothing he could do about it. They were the muscular boys, the strong boys, the masters, the boys who ruled their world. He was the skinny boy, the weak boy, the slave, one of the many boys who would be ruled by these muscular mesomorphs. He dared not disobey the orders of his young masters. God knows what their muscles could do to him if he dared disobey them. He realized that he was soon going to have to buy lots more protein powder to keep feeding those muscular boys, those musclekids with the appetites of young lions. He gulped at the thought of all that protein being ravenously devoured and then converted into solid muscle by their genetically gifted bodies. He knew he had no choice but to keep feeding those mesomorph bodies all the protein shakes they wanted, protein shakes he was going to have to buy himself. The strong, muscular 13 year old masters would not take no for an answer from their weak little 16 year old slave. They would smash him like an insect if he didn't buy all the protein they wanted. He realized that all his savings was going to go into the bodies of these genetically superior musclestuds, to make them even bigger, stronger and more muscular. But then he smiled at the thought of these beautiful young muscle gods turning into even more muscular young teenage supermen, forcing him with their big muscles to service their every need. Money well-spent, he thought to himself as his cock stiffened. And he didn't nave any choice in the matter anyway.

After he finished making the shakes, he filled up the water bottles and headed back to the garage. He was still totally nude, as ordered by Brandon, and his cock was still rock hard. It had stayed hard just from him thinking about all that young muscle in the garage. As he walked in, Jake was in the middle of a set of curls with the same 80 weight Brandon had used. His deeply tanned body was covered with sweat and the muscles in his arms were almost popping out of his skin. He got to the top of a curl and looked at his wimpy little brother staring at his body in disbelief. "Yeah, check 'em out, bro. Look at my fucking muscles. Look at how strong they are. I'm almost as strong as Brandon. And way stronger than you." He slowly lowered the bar, smiling as he watched his brother stare at his muscles. Scott quickly put down the shakes and water bottles and raced over to stand next to his 13 year old brother. His cock twitched with excitement as he roamed his eyes over the kid's muscular body. He sure didn't look like a little brother any more. He looked like a muscular young Greek god. His arms hung at his sides like hams, the muscles of his biceps straining against the heavy bar and his triceps bulging in the back. "I bet you never thought I'd get so strong so fast," said Jake. "I'm so much stronger than you it ain't even close. Check out a real man's strength, wimp. A real man with real big muscles. I already got more muscle on my body than you'll ever have. And I just started workin' out." Then he started curling the bar again. The muscles in his arms absolutely bulged with raw power as they lifted the 80 pound bar. "Feel 'em bro. Feel the power in my guns." Scott reached over and put his dainty fingers on his brother's upper arm as it curled up the heavy weight. That arm was hot and sweaty. It was pumped and rock hard. Scott couldn't believe what he was feeling. The bicep felt like it was made with steel cords, steel cords that were stronger than anything Scott could imagine. The tricep was hard as rock and bulging out in the back of his arm under the paper thin skin The steel cords in the bicep turned into a shredded steel ball of solid muscle fibers as they contracted and curled the bar higher and higher with their brute strength. Scott couldn't take it any longer. While feeling that big muscle flex under his soft fingers, he touched his cock with his other hand and spurt a huge burst of cum all over Jake's chest and abs. Then he shot four more smaller spurts in an orgasm of total ecstasy, completely overcome by his little brother's muscular arm and its incredible strength. Jake got to the top of his curl and held it, letting his brother feel the big muscle in his arm as he finished cumming. "Yeah, fuckin' big and strong, ain't it bro. Your little cock went fucking ape shit over my muscle, didn't it. You are such a fuckin' faggot!" He slowly lowered the bar and dropped it to the floor. Then he grabbed Scott's wrist and rubbed the skinny wimp's hand over his abs and chest, rubbing the jism over the sweat-covered paper thin skin. The hot, rock-hard muscle bulged underneath. "That feel good, bro? You like feelin' your wimpy cum on top of my big muscles? I bet your cum wishes it could get some genes from my muscles. Some muscleman genes. But hey, I got all the muscleman genes in our family. You ain't got shit." He laughed and rubbed Scott's hand all over his washboard abs and bulging pecs. Yeah, he sure had good genes. Scott could almost feel the genetic superiority his brother possessed as the young stud rubbed his hand across his rippling muscles. They he raised his arm, grabbed Scott's other hand and put it on his bicep. He flexed the muscle and the huge peak of boy-god muscle mass sprang up at its young owner's command. Scott couldn't believe it. With one hand he was feeling his little brother's rock-hard abs and pecs and with the other hand he was feeling his big bicep, the muscle that had just curled 80 pounds with ease. He looked into his brother's eyes with a look of total awe. Jake looked back and smiled with a look of total confidence and arrogance. A look that said "Yeah, bro, feel my big muscles. Feel the power in my big muscles. Feel the muscles of a real jock stud. Feel the muscles that can beat the shit out of you any time I want. And I don't even have to try hard. I'm so strong and you're so weak, you you don't stand a fucking chance against these muscles. Shit, I could beat you up easy with just one arm. Yeah, one of my arms is stronger than both of your arms. I'm already twice as strong as you and I'm gonna keep on getting stronger. How's it feel to have a 13 year old brother who's already got more fucking muscle than your pathetic 16 year old body ever could dream of having and who's getting even bigger and stronger every day. I bet it makes you feel real weak, don't it bro. Real weak and wimpy. Oh what you would give to have a body like I already got. Well, dream on, faggot. I got muscles and you ain't got shit. I'm a fucking big strong jock and you're fucking weak little faggot. Yeah, bro, feel the muscles of the stud who's gonna rule your miserable faggot wimp life." Scott was mesmerized as he looked into Jake's eyes and felt his bulging muscles.

Breaking Scott's trance, Brandon laughed as he saw Scott's worshipful face stare at his muscular brother. "The fucking fag wimp just can't get enough of our muscles, can he Jake. God what a fucking weakling loser." Brandon reached over, grabbed Scott by his bony shoulders and pulled him away from Jake. "Down boy. Down you little faggot. Bring us our shakes. We're fucking hungry. Our muscles want more protein so they can grow even bigger." He shoved the naked wimp over towards the shakes and water. The push from his strong arms was so hard that Scott went crashing to the floor. "Fucking spastic faggot!" yelled Brandon. "What a fucking retard." Scott got up on his knees, crawled over to the shakes and picked them up. "Bring 'em over here on your fucking knees, slave. Show us the proper respect when you give us those shakes." Scott held the shakes in each hand and shuffled on his knees back over to the two muscular boys, who were standing next to each other flexing their abs, chest and legs ever so slightly. They really did look like young Greek gods. Scott held up the glasses of protein-rich liquid as he stared at their incredible bodies. "I know I am not worthy to be here with you, masters. You are so muscular and strong and I am so puny and weak. Please accept this protein from your humble slave, so your young muscles will grow even bigger and stronger and I will be even more insignificant to your god-like muscular bodies." Brandon smiled. He was satisfied with the respect shown to him by his little faggot slave. Then he and Jake reached over, grabbed the shakes and gulped down the thick liquid. "Ummm, he said. "Feels good to feed these big muscles. Feels good to keep 'em real satisfied. I can almost feel 'em growing right now." Jake looked at his muscular friend and smiled. "Fuck yeah. We're gonna get huge." Scott just stared in awe at their beautiful bodies and their handsome faces as they chugged down the muscle- building shakes.

After they finished their shakes, they drank some water and then continued with their grueling arm workout. Besides the barbell curls, they did dumbbell curls and preacher curls for their biceps. Five sets of each exercise using weights that blew Scott's mind. Then they did forearm curls. Their forearms were already pumped and bulging from the other exercises. The muscles in their forearms were already writhing like snakes, flexing at every move of their wrists, and covered with veins. But these two muscle kids wanted them to be even more pumped and bulging. They wanted them to be huge. Jake put his arms on the preacher pad. Brandon grabbed the barbell, still loaded to 80 pounds, and placed it in Jake's hands. Then Jake started curling the bar up and down with his wrists, using only the power of his forearms, his big, muscular forearms. Scott stared in disbelief as he watched the muscle bulge with every rep. God that muscle is strong, he thought to himself. And it's big. Really big. At the top of each curl, Jake's forearm muscle looked like a bowling pin. A bowling pin writhing with muscle and covered with veins. Scott's eyes bulged out of his head watching all that muscle. When Jake finished 10 reps, he dropped the weight to the floor and stood up. He went over to Scott and flexed his forearm next to Scott's arm. There was no comparison The steel-hard muscles in his forearm were huge and pumped and bulging. They were covered with veins, pulsating with muscle-building blood. "Fucking big," he said confidently. "Fucking big and fucking strong. Look bro. My forearm's so much bigger than yours it ain't even close. Look at all that fucking muscle! Fucking strong muscle. Fucking stronger than you'll ever be. Shit my forearm's way bigger than your upper arm. I got more muscle in my forearm than you got in your whole faggot arm. How's it feel to have a little bro with a forearm like this? How's it feel to be such a wimp compared to me?" Scott just gulped as he looked at the writhing mass of muscle that was his 13 year old brother's forearm. Jake smiled. Yeah, he was the stud of the family. Then he wrapped his right hand around Scott's upper arm and started squeezing. The mass of muscle in his forearm bulged again. Immediately Scott felt a jolt of pain shoot though his arm as that mass of muscle powered Jake's thick fingers into his soft flesh. Jake had crushed Scott's arm at dinner that night, but now his fingers seemed to be twice as strong as then. His fingers had gotten thicker and more muscular. His forearm muscles had gotten incredibly big and strong. So strong they just smashed those big fingers deep into Scott's upper arm even though the weakling was flexing as hard as he could. His flexing muscles were nothing to those strong fingers. "Fucking strong, ain't they bro. My fingers are so strong they can crush your puny arm like it's mush. Look at the muscles in my forearm. Look at how they flex and bulge while they're drivin' my fingers into your weak little arm. God, you are so weak it's pathetic. It feels good to be strong like this. You must feel like shit, getting fucking squeezed to death by my big muscles. And you're so fucking weak you can't do shit to stop me. I can do anything to you I want. And just think, bro. Next week this arm's gonna be even stronger. Stronger and bigger. Stronger, bigger and harder --- all the better to crush you with even more." Scott winced in abject pain as he looked in awe at his little brother's bulging muscles. He nodded in agreement. His little brother so muscular and strong he couldn't believe it. He felt like a total wimp next to him. And he was. Jake smiled and let go. Yeah, it's great to be strong.

The boys did six sets of forearm curls with that 80 pound barbell. Their forearms got so big and pumped it was unbelievable.

Before their forearm exercises, when they were doing dumbbell curls, Scott thought maybe he would do a few sets of barbell curls. After all it was his set of weights. He went over and started taking off some of the plates - the bar was way too heavy for him. When Brandon saw this, he raced over and wrapped his arms around Scott's skinny chest from behind. He jerked Scott up straight. Then he started pulling on his muscular arms, immediately squeezing all the air out of the skinny 16 year old's lungs. The 13 year old's lats flared and his biceps bulged as they applied enormous force to the helpless weakling's torso. "We didn't give you permission to use our weights, faggot. These weights are ours now. You can't touch 'em unless it's to load more iron on for us when we tell you to. These weights are for strong kids like us so we can put even more muscle on our bodies and get even stronger. They're not for weak little faggots like you. They'd just be wasted on you. Jake and me keep adding more and more weight every day 'cause our muscles keep getting bigger and stronger. You ain't added no weight at all. Your muscles don't grow. You a fucking loser. So you're done, wimp. No more weights for you. Just for us. We're gonna get scary big and strong and you're gonna stay the little fag wimp you are now. That's the way I want it and that's the way its gonna be. And there's not a fucking thing you can do about it, you sick little weakling. If me or Jake see you even touchin' one of our weights, we're gonna bust your skinny little faggot ass so bad you'll wish you were never born. You understand, faggot?" At that he squeezed his arms extra hard, so hard it seemed that Scott's ribs were close to breaking. Scott could feel the heat of the young muscle kid's rock-hard biceps as they dug into his chest. God that kid is strong, thought Scott. Strong and mean. A dangerous combination. Scott nodded his head. "Yes sir," he warbled, barely able to speak.

Satisfied, Brandon lifted Scott off the floor and then shoved him forward with his muscular chest as he released his bear hug. The humiliated slave went crashing to the floor. He looked over at the weights, knowing he could never touch them again without permission of his young masters. Then he looked up at the two muscular boys who were standing over him laughing at his pathetic weakness. They flexed their legs and their big quads bulged into columns of striated muscle. Their legs were growing just as fast as their upper bodies. They were getting bigger and stronger every day.

"Time for triceps," said Brandon, now ignoring Scott. He flexed his triceps at Jake. "Gotta make these babies burn!" They began their brutal triceps workout, starting with overhead French presses, then pulley push downs and finally dumbbell kick-backs. Again, five sets with real heavy iron. Scott stared in awe at these muscular youths as they blasted their triceps with intensity he could never approach. When they were finished with their triceps exercises, the big muscles were literally bursting out of their arms, forming heads of rock-hard muscle when they straightened their arms and flexed. Even relaxed, the big muscles bulged out in the back and sides of their arms, making their arms look like hams hanging at their sides. Their still-pumped lats pushed their arms out from their torsos. God they were muscular! Brandon walked over and flexed his pumped triceps next to Scott's arm. There was no comparison. Big striated muscles bulged out in Brandon's arm while Scott's arm looked like a stick. "Yeah, gettin' big, real big" said Brandon, looking at his bulging triceps approvingly. Jake flexed his own triceps on the other side of Scott's arm. His muscles were just as big as Brandon's. Big heads of tricep muscle bulging in his strong young arm. Scott's little stick arm was sandwiched in between those two muscular mesomorph arms and there was no comparison. Muscular strength surrounding puny weakness.

Suddenly Brandon wrapped his arms around Scott's chest, face to face, and squeezed. Scott looked across at the blue eyes and drop dead gorgeous face of the blond muscle kid who had him under his complete control. He looked into those blue eyes. He could feel the boy's hot, sweaty, bulging, rock-hard pecs pushing themselves into his flat little chest. He could feel the big muscles in his arms pull him into those pecs with overwhelming power. He could smell the sweat pouring off the young muscle god's red hot skin. Brandon squeezed real hard, just to show how strong he was. Scott's chest collapsed under the enormous force of those brand new muscles. Then the blond Adonis thrust his hips into Scott, almost lifting him off the ground. Scott could feel the young stud's stiff cock bulging underneath his shorts. "We're done with our workout, fag. You know what that means. Feel my cock? Yeah, it's real hard. Real big and real hard just like my muscles. Now I wanna fuck. I'm as horny as a bull!"

He dropped Scott to the floor and stood over him like a warrior. Scott looked up in awe at his glistening, muscular body. He could see that big cock straining at the shorts, almost ready to burst out. He looked up at his drop-dead handsome face and his beautiful blue eyes. His wild blond hair made him look even more rugged and sensual. Oh, what a stud, thought Scott. Jake came over and stood next to his friend. His cock was bulging too. Both boys looked absolutely radiant. And they looked real horny. "Pull off our shorts, slave. Reach up and pull off our shorts, nice and slow."

Scott looked up at Brandon's beautiful body. He couldn't believe what he was about to do. His cock was rock hard again. He reached up and slowly pulled down the muscular boy's shorts, letting the elastic stretch, and feeling those strong glute muscles as he guided the shorts over the musclekid's firm, round butt. He pulled down further, exposing the boy's blond pubic hair just above his cock. While still feeling that musclebutt, he moved one hand back to the front and rubbed it over those hard, corrugated abs. God, what hard muscles, front and back. He could smell the crotch sweat evaporating off Brandon's hot, wet pubic hairs. He pulled the shorts a little lower and without warning, the kid's cock burst free, almost hitting him in the face and pointing up at a 45 degree angle. Now he could really smell the strong crotch sweat, sweat produced during the young jock's rugged workout. "Look at my cock. It's already big and hard. It's ready to fuck. It's ready to fuck real good." Brandon was proud of his cock, just like he was proud of his muscles. Scott stared in awe at the huge weapon. Then the muscle kid reached down, grabbed his cock and whipped it across Scott's face several times. God that cock was hard. Big,hard and strong. It hurt Scott's face a lot as it smashed into his cheeks. "Yeah, big and hard. A lot bigger and harder than your little cock ain't it faggot. A lot bigger and harder, just like my muscles. Is my big cock hurting your little fag face? Well, fuck! It don't care. It likes to fuck up weak little fags like you. It can hardly wait to fuck you up real bad. Now, off with the shorts, punk." God, what a dominant, arrogant musclekid, thought Scott. He pulled those shorts all the way down Brandon's legs, feeling the hard muscle of his thighs and calves along the way. Brandon twisted his hips back and forth, slapping the wimp's face with his cock. When the shorts were down, Brandon lifted his right leg and threw them to the side with a graceful flick. He stood buck naked looking down with his sky blue eyes at his puny little slave, flexing his abs and stroking his cock. Scott couldn't believe how beautiful he looked. "Now take off Jake's shorts, faggot. And make it quick. I'm fucking horny as shit."

Scott turned to face his little brother, who was standing right next to Brandon. His body was also pumped and sweaty and bulging with muscle. He looked up at Jake's strong young face, his tan skin and short brown hair absolutely radiant. He could see the kid's cock pushing out underneath his shorts, shorts that hung low beneath his washboard abs. Jake looked down at his wimpy older brother and smiled. "Yeah, you can't believe how good I look, can you bro. You can't believe how strong and muscular I am. You can't believe how much muscle I've packed onto my body so fast. And now you're not gonna believe what my cock's gonna do to you. Rip off those shorts!" Scott knew better than to disobey his brother. He ripped those shorts down to his feet in one pull. The kid's cock sprang out and pointed straight up towards his abs. God he was horny. He kicked the shorts aside, grabbed the back of Scott's head and jammed his nose deep into his crotch. The smell of the crotch sweat was overwhelming. "Smell what a real man's crotch smells like, bro. Smell what a real man smells like after blasting his muscles with weights so heavy you couldn't even dream of liftin' 'em. Yeah, smell that muscle sweat you little wimp faggot." He pushed Scott's face deep into his crotch and started twisting his hips around, pushing his rock hard cock into Scott's cheeks. Scott could hardly breathe, but the air he could breathe was heavy with the pungent smell of his brother's crotch sweat. And oh did that smell good. Scott had never smelled such strong jock-boy crotch sweat in his life. Certainly he never made sweat that smelled like that. Jake's sweat was strong, just like his muscles.

Suddenly, Jake released his grip. "Lick my balls. Lick my balls and then lick my cock. I wanna feel your little fag tongue licking my big balls and my big dick. I wana feel my big brother's tongue getting' all hot over my body and my cock." Scott was only too happy to follow this command. Still on his knees, he started licking Jake's balls, licking the sweat off his big ballsack. Scott marveled at just how big his brother's balls really were. The young muscle jock started to groan with pleasure as he got totally turned on by his brother's caressing tongue. Then Scott took each ball into his mouth and sucked, rubbing his tongue over each one and creating even more pleasure for their young owner. "Oh, oh, that feels soooo good," moaned the 13 year old muscle kid. He thrust his hips back and forth, and Scott rubbed his hands over his firm round butt, feeling the solid muscle flex and undulate with each thrust. Scott was getting into a frenzy himself, licking his little brother's huge balls, smelling his powerful crotch sweat, and feeling his big mesomorph muscles. He started licking his brother's big cock along with his balls, running his tongue up and down the sensitive shaft, sending shivers of estascy through the musclekid's body. "Oh god. Oh god. Oh god," groaned Jake. He had never been so turned on in his life. "Now suck my cock. Suck my cock, faggot. Suck it now!" ordered Jake. Jake was totally aroused by his brother's worshipful licking. His cock was as hard as a steel pipe and pointing straight up. It was quivering with excitement. Drops of pre-cum were oozing from its tip. He thrust his hips so his cock was right in Scott's face, pressing in against his cheek. He was ready for his little wimp slave brother to service his big organ. He was ready to fuck his big brother. He was ready to fuck the brains out of the puny faggot wimp.

Suddenly Brandon grabbed Scott's head and jerked it over to his own hot crotch. He was totally aroused also and he sure wasn't going to let Jake have all the fun with their sex toy. "Don't be such a hog, Jake. We gotta share our little cocksucker fag slave. He's gotta service both of our big dicks. Get to work, slave!" Brandon pushed his big, thick rock-hard cock into Scott's face. Scott started licking and sucking the blond boy- god's balls and cock, just like he had done with Jake's. Brandon's balls were just as big as Jake's. And his cock was a little bigger. Both of these mesomorph boys had huge balls and huge cocks for their young age. Already way bigger than Scott's. Brandon groaned with pleasure as Scott lovingly sucked his balls, licked his cock and ran his worshipful hands all over his sweaty, pumped muscular body. All the while, Jake was stroking his cock and getting hotter and hotter as he watched his big brother service his muscular friend. After several minutes of this total bliss, Brandon yelled "Open up!" Scott obediently opened his mouth and without any hesitation Brandon grabbed the back of his head with one strong hand and jammed his cock all the way down his throat. He didn't give the little wimp any time to get used to that big cock in his mouth and throat. He wanted to fuck and he wanted to fuck now. And when a muscular mesomorph boy wants to fuck, he doesn't care how it feels to the little wimp he's fucking. His pleasure is all that matters. Little faggot wimps like Scott are put on this planet just to serve muscular boys like Brandon. Scott started to gag, but Brandon didn't care. Lust was surging through his muscular teenage body. He thrust his cock deep into the wimp's throat. Almost by reflex, Scott bit his teeth into the big, hard shaft that was filling his mouth. Brandon let out a loud "argggggh!" and smashed his fist right into Scott's face. The power of his blow was enormous. The whole left side of Scott's face erupted in pain. Scott immediately opened his mouth as wide as he could. "You do that again punk and I'll smash your faggot face so hard you'll wish you were dead." Scott gazed at the muscular boy's glistening washboard abs and nodded his head in understanding. He was at the total mercy of this aggressive, young, super strong boy-god.

Brandon smiled as Scott opened his mouth. Yeah, he could do whatever he wanted to his weak little faggot slave. His cock twitched with excitement. He held onto Scott's head and thrust his hips back and forth, pushing his big cock in and out of the dweeb's tight throat. He felt the pulsating sensations of pleasure as his big weapon rubbed against the sides of Scott's mouth and throat, pushing the tender flesh apart by its sheer size and hardness. Brandon was in a sexual frenzy as he totally dominated his little faggot punk slave. Scott grabbed onto the muscle boy's big legs for dear life as their young owner almost fucked him to death. He could hardly breathe, barely able to grab a few short breaths when Brandon pulled back his big cock, only to jam it back down his thoat with overwhelming power. Bolts of pain shot through his throat every time the big weapon blasted its way through his tight, tender flesh. Finally, Brandon yelled "Yeah! Yeah! Take it all faggot!" as he started to cum, shooting load after load of hot cum down his skinny slave's esophagus. At the same time, Jake came too, shooting spurt after spurt of his own hot cum onto Scott's back and ass. Both muscle boys unloaded at least ten spurts of genetically superior memomorph jism into and on top of Scott's pathetic little body. After he was finished cumming, Brandon left his hard cock in Scott's throat, pressing the wimp's face hard into his crotch and slowly moving the faggot's head around with his strong hands, savoring the wonderful sensations on his still-hard shaft as the final drops of cum oozed out of his teenage cock. Scott's face started turning red since he couldn't breathe. Finally Brandon was satiated. He pulled his cock out of Scott's mouth and pushed him down on the floor.

Scott lay on his back, looking up at the two muscular boys who were standing over him. His face and his throat were aching with pain. But yet he felt his cock growing again as he looked up at his young masters. The young musclestuds smiled down at their little cocksucker slave--a smile that said "yeah, we had a real good time fucking your face. We're gonna have lots of good times using you as our little sex toy." Then they started flexing their muscles, displaying their total physical superiority to the skinny faggot weakling who was staring up at them in awe. Once in awhile they stroked their big cocks, which were still semi-hard. Scott looked up at their buff young bodies and their gorgeous faces. He watched their big shredded muscles flex at their command. He thought about how strong those muscles were, twice or three times as strong as his even though they were only 13 years old. He marveled at how they had built those big muscles and gotten so strong so fast, so fast it was unbelievable. He thought about how cocky and dominant they were, how either one of them could beat him up or fuck him any time he felt like it. God, what muscle gods he was looking at! Genetically superior young boys who were genetically wired to build muscle at will. The genetic gift to add a pound of hard muscle to their teenage bodies every day. The inborn ability to add way bigger weights to their exercises every training period. The genetics to grow big and muscular and to become stronger than Scott could imagine. The genetics of having big cocks and big balls. Scott's cock was now rock hard as he watched these two super boy- men flex their new muscles. He reached down, grabbed his cock and shot another load.

Brandon looked at the cum and said "Yeah, you are such a faggot! But a good little cocksucking faggot. Now get up faggot and make us another protein shake. After we're done drinkin' the protein and feeding these muscles, Jake and me are gonna fuck you again. This time I wanna fuck you in the ass. You can go first this time Jake. You fuck him and then I'll fuck him. By the time our big cocks are done, his little faggot ass is gonna be so sore he won't be able to take a shit. God it's great having big muscles and big cocks and having a little faggot to fuck any time we want. Now get your sorry ass in gear faggot! Go get us our shakes, you miserable little wimp!" Brandon reached down, jerked Scott up by his armpits like he was a feather and pushed him towards the door. Then he turned at gave Jake a high five. They smiled like triumphant warriors and flexed their arms at each other, showing off their big muscles to each other. And loving it. Loving the feeling of being big, muscular, strong and dominant. Loving the feeling of ruling weaker boys like Scott. Loving the feeling of being total studs. Scott looked back at their display of muscular arrogance. A chill ran up his spine as he walked through the door towards the kitchen. A chill of both fear and excitement as he contemplated what those two muscular boys were going to do to him - and to his virgin ass--when he returned. He thought about his muscular little brother's big cock blasting through his tight sphincter muscles, splitting them aside like nothing, that big virile weapon being powered deeper and deeper into his tender ass by the young stud's strong muscles. Then he thought about Brandon doing the same thing with his even bigger cock and stronger muscles. Chills went up and down his spine as he thought about getting fucked by these young muscle gods. When he left the kitchen with the shakes, he also brought with him a bottle of Wesson Oil. If his virgin ass was gonna get rammed by those two big cocks, at least there would be some lubrication.

As the days went by, Brandon and Jake continued to get bigger and stronger. Every day after their grueling workouts, when they were hot, sweaty and pumped to the max, they had sex with their faggot wimp fuck toy. Sometimes they started with blow jobs, sometimes with ass fucking. A lot of times they made Scott suck one of their cocks while the other one was fucking him in the ass. Then they'd switch positions and Scott would have to lick all the shit off the big cock that had just fucked this shit out of him. Of course he never got a blow job from these dominant muscle boys, let alone get to fuck their round muscle butts. No, they were total tops, strong and dominating. They came at least three times each after a workout. Luckily they didn't mind when Scott came too. They thought it was funny that he was such a faggot, getting turned on all the time by their sweaty muscular bodies, bodies that were getting bigger and stronger every day. At night before bed, Jake always made his brother get him off at least one more time, either with a blow job or a fuck, depending on how he felt. One time Scott said he was too tired and just wanted to go to sleep. The muscular 13 year old grabbed him by the shoulders, shoved him down on his bed and fucked the shit out of his ass with no lubrication. He didn't care if Scott was tired. He didn't care if the wimp's ass hurt like hell as his big thick cock rammed it with abandon. He wanted to fuck. And if he wanted to fuck, that's exactly what he did, whether his wimp faggot brother wanted to or not.

Scott and Jake's mother soon noticed that the relationship between her two sons had changed completely. No longer was the older brother in charge, ordering his younger sibling to do his chores and stuff like that. No, now the younger brother was ordering Scott around, and Scott was following every one of his orders like a meek little kitten. Scott now did all the chores around the house. Jake told his mom that Scott volunteered to do all the chores because Jake needed all his free time to work out, eat and rest, so his muscles would keep getting bigger and stronger. What he didn't tell his mother was that he had ordered his older brother to do all the chores less than two weeks after he started lifting. Then he challenged his older brother to do something about it. Scott, still not quite appreciating how physically inferior he was to Jake, attacked his little brother to put him in his place. But the 13 year old kid had already gotten so strong and dominant that he thrashed his 16 year old brother like he was beating up a little girl. He threw punch after devastating punch into Scott's soft flesh. Scott could put up almost no resistance to this onslaught of strength and power from Jake's new muscles. And Jake's 13 year old body was already so muscular, toned and hard that he didn't even feel Scott's feeble punches. It was a fight between a strong, buff young man and a weak, skinny boy. That was the last time Scott challenged his little brother. Muscles rule. Muscles always rule.

Jake kept eating huge amounts of food at dinner. And he often took food from his mother and from Scott if he was still hungry. Scott didn't even try to protest when Jake took his meat. He knew it was futile. Jake always took what he wanted. But one time Scott was actually kind of hungry. As usual, Jake had devoured his three chicken breasts, tearing the meat off the bones with his teeth, before Scott had finished his one. Jake stabbed his fork into Scott's meat and tried to jerk it off the plate, but Scott held on with his own fork. "Need more meat," grunted Jake. "Need more meat to feed my muscles." He flexed his arm as he held the fork in Scott's meat. The big muscles bulged everywhere, triceps, biceps, forearm, everywhere. Jake looked at his big, muscular arm. Yeah, those muscles needed more meat. They were gonna get more meat. Scott looked at that big arm and then looked at his mother with a plaintiff look in his eyes. "Mom, I'm hungry too. Jake's already eaten three big chicken breasts. He shouldn't get the rest of mine too. It's just not fair!" Jake turned and faced his mother. He smiled, showing his straight bright white teeth. His face was drop-dead gorgeous, with strong cheekbones and jaw, big brown eyes, deeply tanned skin and short cropped brown hair. He wasn't wearing a shirt, as usual, so his big muscular tanned torso was in full view. While still holding Scott's meat with one hand, he slowly made a fist with his other hand and curled up his arm. His big flexed bicep was only a foot from his mother's face. His mother couldn't believe how big that muscle had gotten in such a short time. It looked to be twice as big as it did just a few weeks before. The bicep had a high peak and was shredded with fibers of rock-hard muscle. His triceps and forearm muscles bulged as well. Veins criss-crossed under his thin tan skin, pushed up by the big young muscle underneath. "Feel it, mom. Feel my muscle." His mother reached out and put her fingers around his flexed upper arm. She needed to use two hands because the muscles were so big. She squeezed down on her son's bulging bicep and couldn't make the slightest dent. It was as hard as rock. Warm rock. She started rubbing her hands across the muscle, feeling its size and hardness. Her mouth kind of dropped open as she comprehended the enormity of what she was seeing and feeling. She turned to Scott and said, "Look how big Jake's muscle is, Scott. Look how high his bicep is bulging. That muscle's really hard too." Scott looked at his brother's big gun. "Yeah, mom, I know. Jake's got really big and really strong muscles. His muscles just keep getting bigger and stronger." Scott knew from personal experience. He sure had felt the size and strength of his little brother's muscles many many times. "But I'm still hungry."

His mom hardly heard what her older son had said. She was completely overwhelmed by her younger son's perfect muscular body. She looked into Jake's big brown eyes and started moving her hands across his shoulders, pecs and lats, feeling the bulging striations of solid muscle her son had built on his 13 year old body. She was mesmerized by her young son's beautiful face and big, buff muscles. "You like my muscles, don't you mom. You want these muscles to grow even bigger and stronger, don't you mom. You don't give a shit about wimp boy here 'cause he's just a little nerd compared to me. Yeah, I'm so much bigger and stronger than him I can beat him up any time I want with just one of my big arms. My arms are big and they're made of solid muscle. His arms are like little sticks. He's really weak, mom. He's a pathetic little weakling. He ain't nothin' compared to me. I'm already five times stronger that he is. Look at my muscles, mom. They're big and they wanna get bigger. They want more meat so they can grow even bigger, even stronger. Three fucking chicken breasts ain't enough for these big monsters. They want more. Wimp boy here don't need any more fucking meat. All the meat he eats just turns into shit. He never builds any muscle at all. I'm the one buildin' muscle. All the meat I eat turns into muscle. I need his meat to feed these big muscles - to make 'em get even bigger and stronger. You'd like that, wouldn't you mom. You want me to get even bigger and stronger. Me and Brandon are already the biggest, strongest, buffest kids in our class. Pretty soon we're gonna be the biggest, strongest, most muscular kids in the whole town. We're gonna be able to kick everybody's ass. Yeah, mom I bet that turns you on, don't it. Having the biggest stud kick-ass kid in the whole town as your own son."

Jake's mom was almost panting as he bragged. God what a cocky, confident, musclekid he was. Her hands were moving faster over his torso and arms as she thought about how big and strong her son was getting. She kept feeling his huge flexed arm which was bulging with hard muscle. Then she looked over at Scott's pitiful thin body and his stick-like arms. He looked pathetic next to his vibrant, muscular brother. "Yeah, take his meat Jake. Your big muscles need that meat more than he does. Scott, you're just going to have to accept the fact that your brother's muscles are growing real big and they need lots of meat to keep 'em growing. His body's growing big and strong and you're just staying skinny and weak. He's a muscular young man and you're still a skinny boy. You're just gonna have to give up your meat to help your brother get even bigger and stronger. And it looks like there's not much you can do about it anyway. Jake's already way too strong for you and he's gonna get even stronger." Then without warning, she bent over and kissed Jake's bicep. Jake flexed extra hard as he felt his mother's tongue licking the hard fibers of his muscle. Then when she finished her kiss, he jerked the meat off Scott's plate with one powerful thrust of his arm and devoured the rest of his brother's chicken breast in less than ten seconds. Scott just sat there stunned, looking at his brother's muscular neck and jaw as he chewed up the meat like an efficient eating machine.

Sometimes Brandon would stay for dinner and then stay over with Jake. The two off them ate so much food that Jake's mother had to buy double the amount of food she would have bought for her family of three. Brandon and Jake had eating contests where they would eat three, four and even five platefuls of protein-rich food. Scott could only stare in amazement at the appetites of these growing muscle kids. When Brandon stayed over, the boys had a field day fucking their skinny slave. Their teenage raging hormone-filled bodies could fuck seven and eight times a day and Scott serviced their every desire. After they were done with their fun, Jake would shove Scott out of his bed and made him sleep on the floor. Brandon got to sleep in Scott's bed. Jake and Brandon were the masters and they did whatever they wanted, including taking over Scott's bed when Brandon stayed over. Brandon always had a very good night's sleep in his faggot slave's bed. Fuck, his beautiful body needed a good rest. His muscles needed a good night's sleep to grow even bigger after their brutal workout and all the protein-rich food that their young master had consumed. His beautiful face needed sleep to rejuvenate his clear, tan skin. His thick strong bones needed sleep to grow bigger and stronger. Yeah, his young body was growing bigger and stronger every day. Scott was just a pathetic faggot dweeb. He deserved to sleep on the floor.

Late one Saturday morning a few weeks later, a total of six weeks after the young mesomorphs had started lifting weights, Scott was well into his chores when his little brother finally woke up, took a piss and brushed his teeth. He wasn't old enough to shave. He had just the smallest amount of peach fuzz on his face, although the brown hair was coming in pretty good in his crotch and a little bit was starting to show under his arms. Then he swaggered down to the kitchen where Scott was working. As usual, he wasn't wearing a shirt. Just some workout shorts and sneakers without socks. His body looked awesome. "I'm hungry as a bull," he grunted as he stretched and flexed his muscles in front of his adoring brother. "One hundred forty-five pounds of solid muscle," he said, looking at his body and flexing his arms. "Forty-five pounds of muscle in six weeks. Actually, more like 55 pounds, 'cause I dropped all the fat. Fifty-five pounds of fucking muscle! And I'm puttin' on more muscle every day. Gettin' bigger and stronger every fucking day. What am I, four times stronger than you now? Yeah, four times stronger than my fucking faggot big brother. Make me a big breakfast, wimp." Their mother was gone, so Scott without hesitation obeyed his muscular brother and fixed his breakfast. Eight scrambled eggs, three big slices of ham, six slices of whole wheat toast, two glasses of milk, and three big glasses of orange juice. God that boy could eat! "I'm goin' over to Brandon's to hit his punching bag," said Jake between big bites of food. He moved his arms back and forth as if he were punching a bag, the big muscles in his shoulders, pecs and arms bulging with every thrust. Scott stood beside his brother, looking at his incredible muscles. "His dad's got a big bag in their garage and he's gonna teach Brandon and me how to fight. He said we're already so strong we're gonna be wicked fighters. He said we're gonna be able to beat up anybody we want, even big kids in high school. Fuck, I can already beat up every kid in our school. Brandon can too. We like rule our whole school now. It'll be fun learning how to fight real good so we can beat up anyone we want. Brandon's dad is real cool. He's huge--- and all muscle. And he's a real mean dude. He said he's killed guys with his fists. God it would be cool to kill a guy with your fists. What a rush that would be!" Jake turned and thrust his fist towards Scott's abs, pulling back just at the last fraction of a second so his fist just tapped the tender gut of his weakling brother. He looked at Scott's terrified face and at his big arm muscles and smiled. "Yeah, totally cool." He flexed his arm. "Feel it bro. Fifteen inches of solid muscle. Fuckin' strong as shit." Scott reached over and felt the huge muscles bulging in that upper arm. "Hard as a rock, ain't it. Fuckin' hard as a fuckin' rock. You just ain't shit to these big muscles, wimp. You know that don't you, you little faggot dweeb." Scott nodded his head as he felt the huge muscles flexing in his little brother's arm. Jake smiled and attacked the food again. He wolfed down the rest of his big meal, took some extra gulps of orange juice right out of the jug, and strutted out the kitchen door, leaving Scott to clean up his dishes and finish the chores. He got on his bike and started riding towards Brandon's house. Scott looked at his brother's back and shoulders as he rode off. God, what a V-shape taper he had, from his wide, muscle-capped shoulders, through his thick cobra-like lats, to his narrow waist. As he pumped, his calf muscles bulged like two heads of a diamond as his muscular legs pushed on the pedals with solid force. He raced his bike at full speed all the way to Brandon's house. A good cardio warmup for another day as a muscular young jock. His young body was totally fit.

After finishing his chores, Scott decided to go over to Brandon's house and check out how the musclekids were doing with their punching. He knew where Brandon's house was, but he had never been inside before. And he had never met Brandon's dad. He was really looking forward to seeing him after Jake's vivid description of this muscle stud. He decided not to announce himself. He wanted to see them in action without them knowing he was there.

So he rode his bike over to Brandon's street and parked it several houses away. He didn't ride anywhere near as fast as Jake. Despite his years of running, his legs weren't nearly as strong as his little brother's. Not even close. He walked over towards the house and hid behind a big tree in the front yard. The garage door was open and he had a good view. Brandon and Jake were standing there in their workout shorts and sneakers. Their muscles looked really pumped up and there was a thin sheen of sweat covering their bodies. Obviously they had already been punching the bag. Also standing there was Brandon's father. He looked really young to be the father of a teenager. In fact, he was young, only 31 years old. He had conceived Brandon when he was only 17 years old and his son was born when he was 18. Brandon's mom was one of Mike's many conquests as a teenage muscle stud. He finally married her several years after Brandon was born. Scott took a good look. It was pretty clear where Brandon got his mesomorph genetics. Mike stood about 6 feet tall and Scott guessed he weighed at least 250 pounds, all muscle. Scott had never seen a bigger or more muscular man in person. He looked like a bodybuilder from one of the muscle magazines, only tougher. He had blue eyes and blond hair, just like Brandon, but his hair cut real short, like a Marine's. His face was ruggedly handsome, just like Brandon's. And then there was his body. He was huge. His arms must have measured 21 inches and his other muscles were in similar proportions. And he still had almost no fat on his body. His genetics were such that he just put on muscle, no fat. He had a blue tattoo, sort of like a chain, around his upper right arm. Every time he flexed, the chain bulged and stretched. The big muscle underneath his thin skin could have easily broken that chain if it were real. His muscles were also pumped and sweaty. The three muscle studs had been hitting the big punching bag that was hanging down in front of them.

"That was a good warm-up," said Mike. "You guys hit like natural fighters, real fast and real hard. And you got big muscles so fucking fast! What's it been? Only six weeks? Look at your fucking muscles. They're huge already. Fuck, at the rate you're goin', pretty soon I'm gonna have to watch out. You gonna be able to kick my ass!" He grinned and flexed his huge arm. He knew that time was a long way off, but he could tell these two young mesomorphs were going to get a lot bigger and more muscular than they already were. They two young jocks flexed their arms right next to Mike's. Their 13 year old muscles bulged with raw power.

Scott looked at the bodies of those two boys and couldn't believe what had happened to them. After six weeks of hard lifting and big eating, the boys had put on over 50 pounds of muscle. Brandon now weighed 150 and Jake 145, each at a little over five feet six inches tall. As they grew taller, their shoulders had gotten wider and their ribcages bigger as their young teen mesomorph bones grew. And they had packed an incredible amount of new muscle on those growing bones. They now outweighed the 5' 10" Scott by 30 pounds, and there was no comparison. They were now incredibly muscular and strong and Scott was still skinny and weak. Mike looked proudly at his son and at Jake. "How much can you bench?" Brandon grinned. "We're up to 250 for reps, dad. We're six times stronger than when we started! And we already four times stronger than Jake's faggot wimp 16 year old brother. He's the one who got the weights in the first place, but they're our weights now and we're the only ones who can use 'em. He's such a wuss he can't build any muscle so we decided he can't use the weights any more. He just does things for us. He's like our slave. Kinda funny, having a 16 year old as our slave, but he don't have any choice in the matter 'cause we can beat him up any time we feel like it. We made him go out and buy more big 45 and 35 pound plates for the Olympic bar, because we got too strong for the plates we had. He does whatever we want." Mike smiled. "Yeah, I can remember little wimps like that in junior high and high school. They always wanted to do things for me. They always wanted to feel my muscles and stuff like that. Sometimes I'd beat them up just for the fun of it and they kept coming back for more. They just couldn't get enough of my body." Jake laughed. "Yeah, Scott's like that. He just loves to watch us work out. He just loves to see our big muscles pumping heavy weights. He loves feeling our hot, pumped muscles. Then he brings us protein shakes and stuff so our muscles will get even bigger. And if I'm still hungry at dinner, he doesn't care if I eat all his fucking food. He knows my muscles need the food more than his pathetic little body does. Fuck, we can press 195 pounds overhead, curl 140 and squat with 325, all for reps. He flexed his arm. "Fifteen inches! Fifteen inches of solid muscle!" My faggot wimp brother just can't believe how strong we are. Shit, we're so strong sometimes I can't believe it myself. It's like a dream. A dream come true. Our bodies are growing at warp speed. Our muscles are just exploding!"

Mike smiled. "Yeah, well get used to it kid. It's great. It's great to be big and strong. You guys are hard-wired to build big muscles just like I am. It runs in the family. You must have some strong people in your family too, Jake. Sounds like you got all the muscle genes and your brother got the faggot wimp genes." The big stud laughed loudly and the two young jocks laughed as well. They knew it was true.

Mike looked at the punching bag. "Okay, now I'm gonna teach you how to punch real hard. But first, we gotta tape your hands and wrists. You guys are gonna be punchin' so hard you might hurt yourselves if I don't tape you up. You know what they say. You're too strong for your own good. Your new muscles are so strong, you'll be punching this bag with unbelievable power. Maybe too much power for your own wrists. Boxers always tape their wrists. Then they can punch the other guy as hard as they want and their fists are like piledrivers. They're like lethal weapons. I can see your wrists and forearms are already really strong, so they might not need the tape, but I'm gonna tape you anyway." He got out a big roll of thick white tape and wrapped it around the hands and wrists of the two young fighters. Then he taped his own wrists. Scott though about the power that was in those six piledriver fists. When Mike had finished the taping, he said, "Now watch this." He drew back his right hand and smashed his fist into the bag. The punch was so hard the heavy bag swung way, way back. "See, ya gotta put your whole body into it. Ya gotta use your shoulder and chest muscles in addition to your arm muscles. When you do that your punches are so hard you can kill a guy. Brandon, you go stand behind the bag and hold it steady." Brandon stood behind the bag and tried to hold it as his father landed punch after devastating punch. The big man could bench over 600 pounds and press over 350 overhead. It was almost inconceivable how much power he had in his punches. And besides being very strong, he was also very fast. It didn't seem that his huge muscles slowed him down at all. They just made him a more lethal fighter. Brandon tried to hold the bag steady but he still got pushed backwards by the incredible blows of his huge, muscular, super-strong dad.

After about 30 punches Mike stopped. His upper body was totally pumped and covered with sweat. "Okay, you kids try it. One of you hold the bag while the other one punches. Put your whole body into it. You're fucking strong as shit. Let that fucking bag feel how strong you are!"

So Brandon and Jake took turns punching the bag, throwing the whole incredible force of their muscular chests, shoulders and arms into each punch. Scott's eyes got big as he saw just how powerful their punches were. They couldn't push the bag back as far as Mike, but they could smash it back petty far. Once in awhile they let the bag swing to see how far they could make it go and it went way back. God those kids are strong, thought Scott to himself as he watched their big muscles bulge and smash their fists with blow after blow of devastating force into the heavy bag. They're going to be killer fighters. No kid is going to be able to stand up to them. Chills went up and down his spine as he thought about those 13 year old fists hitting his own weak body. God, those strong boys could pound his body into a pulp without even trying hard. And they'd probably have a good time doing it too. Mike showed them how to throw a left hook, a right uppercut, all the punches of a professional boxer. Plus he showed them some moves that weren't legal in the boxing ring. Scott just stared in awe. His muscular brother and his muscular friend were turning into unstoppable fighting machines. More chills went up his spine.

Suddenly Scott heard a voice behind him. "Hey, whatcha doin' there! Whadya lookin' at?" Scott spun around and saw a little kid about ten feet away from him. He looked to be about 12 years old. He was wearing a green football jersey with the number "42" on it and green nylon shorts underneath. The kid wasn't particularly tall, but he really looked big for his age. His voice was still the voice of a boy, but his body looked like a muscular teen. He had a thick neck and broad shoulders. His pecs pushed out under the jersey, pushing it out over his abs, which were hidden. He had cut off the arms of the jersey to reveal very solid, muscular arms which hung down at his sides, away from his chest, pushed out by the thick muscle of his lats. His legs were big and muscular. You could tell he was a jock. He just looked like a jock. He was good looking, blond and blued eyed, just like Brandon, and wore his hair in a buzz cut. Scott could hardly stop staring at the boy's eyes, which were ice blue, like an Alaskan husky dog. He hadn't seen eyes that striking in his whole life. But then he also hadn't seen a body like this on a kid. While Scott was still staring at his awesome face and body, the kid charged forward and tackled him head on, ramming his muscular shoulder right into Scott's skinny chest and throwing him violently to the ground. Scott felt like he had been hit by a truck. The muscular boy pinned Scott's arms to the ground. "What are you, some kind of pervert? Why were you spying on my cousin and my uncle?" Scott looked up sheepishly into the clear ice-blue eyes of the boy who was completely controlling him. "Uh, well, uh, that other kid is my brother. I was just watching them punch the bag."

By that time Mike, Brandon and Jake were standing there, watching the boy pin the teen. Brandon put his hand on the boy's muscular shoulder. "That's okay Brock. You can let him go. It's just Jake's faggot wimp brother. I guess he just couldn't stay away from our muscles." The boy stood up and gave his cousin a high five jock greeting, now ignoring Scott who still lay on the ground, the breath knocked out of him by the kid's brutal tackle. "Wow Brandon, you've really gotten big! You're like solid muscle! You're built like shit! Jesus, just a few weeks ago I was thinkin' I could beat you in arm wrestling, but I know I can't now. You are a fucking muscle stud. Your friend is too. You both like turned into muscle in just a couple of weeks." Brandon smiled at his cousin and flexed his arm. "Fifteen inches, Brock. Fifteen inches of rock-hard muscle. This is Jake. Jake and me have been liftin' weights in his garage and we've put on 40 plus pounds of muscle in six weeks. That arm has gone from 10 to 15 inches. I've slapped five fucking inches of fucking super-strong muscle on my arm. Jake has too. Our chests went from 34 to 43, nine fucking inches of solid muscle. All our muscles have gotten big and strong. We're getting huge! And we're stronger than shit. The faggot wimp faggot there is Jake's brother. He can't build no muscle at all. He's a fucking weakling. He's just our little faggot wimp slave. He does whatever we want. He knows he better do what we want or he'll get his faggot ass kicked to a pulp. Here, watch." Brandon looked down scornfully at Scott and kicked him in the chest, kind of hard. Scott winced in pain. "Get your pathetic faggot ass into the garage, slave. And tell Brock you're sorry you were spying on us. Tell him you're sorry you made him tackle you."

Scott looked up at the muscular boy. "I'm sorry I was spying on Brandon and Jake. I'm sorry I made you tackle me." Brock grinned. He couldn't believe how subservient this skinny teenager was to his cousin. "Fuck, no problem. You're so fucking weak.. I love tackling guys. I love hitting 'em real hard. They call me "Brock the Rock" on my football team. I'm solid like a rock and I hit real hard. I'm the strongest kid on the whole team. Here, look at my muscles you little shrimp." At that, Brock pulled off his jersey, revealing a big, very solid, well-muscled torso. Just like Scott thought by looking at him in the jersey, his pecs were round and full of muscle. His traps were thick and solid, just like a football players, and his shoulders were broad and capped with round globes of muscle. His lats were thick and wide. And his abs were solid and rippling like bricks. His legs were thick, with ridges of muscle showing through, and his calves bulged with muscle. He looked like a muscular teenager with a kid's face. Then he raised his musclar arms and flexed. Two big balls of biceps muscles sprang up. Way bigger than Scott's biceps. It had a high peak and Scott could see striated fibers flexing under the thin skin. His lats flared way out and his delts bulged on the tops of his shoulders. He raised and lowered his arms a couple of times, showing off both his big biceps and his thick, rippling triceps. "I can do 50 pullups and 200 pushups easy. I bet I'm stronger than you. I bet I could beat you in arm wrestling. I bet I got more muscle than you and I'm only ten years old." Scott gulped. This muscular kid was only ten years old!

Jake bent down and lifted his skinny brother to his feet. "Yeah, let's have an arm wrestling match. Brock the Rock against Scott the Stick. That'll be fun! A ten year old taking on a 16 year old." He pushed his weakling brother towards the garage. Brock walked ahead, occasionally turning and flexing his muscles for Scott to see. "You're toast, wimp" he laughed as he hit a most muscular pose, displaying his thick neck and traps, his muscular delts, pecs and triceps and a very muscular, solid waist. Scott gulped. On one hand, he really didn't want to be embarrassed by a ten-year old kid. But on the other hand he knew he didn't have a choice in the matter and besides, seeing the kid's buff, flexing muscles made him want to see just how strong they were. He was about to find out.

They got into the garage. Mike found two chairs and a table. Brock was almost a foot shorter than Scott, so to make it even they needed to put a telephone book under his butt on the chair and another telephone book under his elbow. It looked kind of funny, this tall 16 year old teen getting ready to arm wrestle this short ten year old kid. But when they locked hands, it didn't look funny any more. It looked deadly serious. Scott had actually thought he had a chance against the kid because of his height and weight advantage. But when he looked at Brock's arm next to his own he knew he was in big trouble. While his own arm was basically skin and bone, Brock's arm was thick with muscle. His upper arm and forearm bulged with muscle pulsating under his thin skin. His delt and chest muscles were big too, big and thick on his young body. The kid flexed his bicep a few times just to show off to his terrified opponent. The big muscle sprang to attention at his young master's command. It looked like it was twice as big as Scott's bicep, and it was on an arm that was way shorter than Scott's. So the peak in that bicep was enormous. And its proud, arrogant owner was only ten years old! "You still think you're stronger than me, wimp? Look at that fucking muscle! Look at all the muscle I got. I'm gonna smash your weak little arm into the fucking table. I'm gonna fuck you up real good. Muscles rule!"

Scott gulped as the arrogant kid bragged about his young muscles. His cock started getting hard as he watched the kid's muscles flex and bulge. Brock looked Scott directly in the eyes and smiled. He looked so handsome and dominant, his ice blue eyes flashing with a look that said "Yeah, I'm a stud, you little cocksucker." Brandon put his hand on top of their clenched hands. "Okay. On three. One. Two. Three!"

Scott immediately started pushing as hard as he could. But his arm just stayed in the center. He stared at the clenched fists, hoping that his herculean effort would force the kid's arm backwards. But it was like he was pushing against a brick wall. The kid's arm didn't budge. The bicep and forearm muscles were bulging in the kid's arm, bulging like pieces of rock. His delts and pecs were bulging too, with shredded fibers of rock- hard muscle totally visable under his skin. Scott's face started getting red with the strain. His arm started quivering and he started getting weaker, as all the energy drained from his body. Then he looked up at Brock's face. The kid wasn't straining at all. He was smiling. His handsome face wasn't red or sweating. This was a piece of cake for him! He looked down at his arm. It was flexing, but not all the way. To him he felt like he was just holding back a little girl. Then he looked at Scott with his big blue eyes and said "Is that all you got, wimp? Jesus, I can hardly feel that. Look at that fucking muscle. Look how easy it is for me to hold you back. My muscle ain't even flexed yet. You are so fucking weak! You're a total fucking weakling loser! What a sick faggot teenager you are. Now feel what a kid with real muscle can do. Feel the power of real muscle. Smash him, muscle!" Instantly, his bicep bulged way bigger in his arm, the fibers looking like they were almost going to jump out of his skin. In a flash, Scott's arm crashed into the table. It wasn't like his arm went down slowly and steadily. It was smashed in a fraction of a second. His arm was like a weak little twig being smashed by the big muscles of the ten year old boy. He just couldn't believe the power in the young kid's arm as it smashed his arm down like it was nothing. Brock held his hand against the table for a few seconds, rubbing it around and watching his muscles flex as they dominated the weakling teenager's body. Then he let go and flexed his bicep right in Scott's face. "Kid power!" he yelled. "Look at that fucking muscle, asshole. You ain't shit compared to me. I'm way stronger than you. I can kick your sorry ass any time I feel like it. How's it feel getting beat by a ten year old? I bet it don't feel good. You are such a sack of shit. You're weaker than half the kids on my football team!"

Then he turned to Mike. "Look at my muscles, Uncle Mike. Look how easy it was for me to smash the fucker's little arm down like that. I wanna punch the bag too. I wanna learn to fight just like Brandon and Jake. You can see I'm real strong for a kid, and I'm already a good fighter. I can beat up every kid in my class. And now I beat a 16 year old too." Mike smiled at his confident, muscular nephew. "Sure Brock. Gimme your hands. Lemme tape 'em up." Brock thrust his small hands at his uncle. He twisted his wrists a couple of times and watched the muscle flex in his forearms. Yeah, he was a strong kid, all right thought Scott, as he rubbed the pain from his arm. Mike wrapped his hands with tape. Brock made fists with his hands and smiled as he looked at his weapons. Then he said, "Tape the wimp's hands too. I wanna see him punch the bag. He's such a wimp I bet he punches like a girl. After we're done punchin' the bag, I wanna fight him. I wanna beat him up real good. I wanna beat the shit outta the skinny 16 year old cocksucker. You wanna fight me, cocksucker? You wanna fight a little ten year old? Well, it don't matter whether you wanna fight me or not, 'cause I'm gonna make you do it. You ain't got no choice in the matter. When I wanna fight someone, I fight him. And I always win. Tape his hands, Uncle Mike."

Mike smiled. He liked the cockiness of his ten year old nephew. He could remember beating up kids himself when he was 10 to 14 or so and the charge he got out of it. It was a real rush to feel your strong muscles beating the shit out of some pathetic wimp. Some dork who was such a weakling he deserved to get beat up by a muscular kid like Mike, and now Brock. Mike remembered how it felt when his fists drove into the soft flesh of his chosen victim, smashing in like piledrivers. He remembered the helpless, terrified look on the kid's face as he stared at Mike's big muscles, muscles that were capable of inflicting overwhelming pain, smashing his big fists into him again and again. He remembered the feeble attempts of the kid to fight back, how his little punches just bounced harmlessly off his rock-hard body. Then he remembered the rush he got when he landed the final blow, a smash into the gut that landed the kid on the ground. Mike would drop down on top of the beat up kid, sit on his chest and flex his big young arms. Mike looked at Scott and then at Brock and laughed. Oh to be young again, he thought to himself.

Then he grabbed the tape and taped Scott's hands. Scott's wrists were thin and dainty. Mike thought his nephew already had wrists as big as this 16 year old had. And Brandon and Jake's wrists weren't even close. They were way bigger. Way bigger and way stronger. While he was taping up Scott's wrists, Brock was already hitting the bag. Blow after blow, smashing his fists deep into the bag, pushing it way back. Brandon and Jake looked on admirably. Yeah, this kid was strong! When Jake was ready, Brock stopped and said, "Okay, you try it. Punch as hard as you can!" Scott started punching the bag, but his blows didn't go in anywhere near as hard as Brock's. The bag hardly moved. Brock smiled. He grabbed Scott's arm and said, "Here, watch. Do it like this!" Then he smashed his arm into the bag, pushing it way back. He did it several more times, each time pushing the bag way back. Scott stared at his body, which bulged with sinewy muscle and then smashed his young fist into the heavy bag. "Okay, you do it." Scott tried again and he really tried to hit the bag as hard as he could. Each time, however, he could only push it back less than half as far as Brock. "Fuck, you are so weak! I can't believe how weak you are!" He pushed Scott aside and started punching the bag again, smashing his fists deep into the thick skin.

Finally he stopped. His body was now covered with sweat. His whole torso was damp and sweat was dripping off onto the floor. "Whoa, that was a good workout! My whole body's real pumped. It's big and hard! Big fucking football muscles!" He raised his arms and flexed. God those muscles looked huge. He looked over at his right arm and smiled. "Fuckin' big!" he said. "Flex your arm, cocksucker. Let's see how it compares to mine." Scott flexed his own arm. God what a difference! He barely got a little bicep pushing up off his bone. Brock's bicep was bulging up dramatically, forming a huge peak on the top of his young arm. Brock walked up to Scott. "Bend down and put your bicep right next to mine," he said. Scott bent down about a foot and placed his left bicep right next to Brock's. "Fuckin' A! Look at that fuckin' difference! My bicep's twice as big as his!" Yeah, it was true. Brock's bicep was bulging up twice as high as Scott's. It was bigger, thicker and way, way harder. His whole arm was way bigger and harder than Scott's. "Geezus, you are so fucking weak! What a fucking little weakling!"

Brandon broke in. "Yeah, and you're not even hitting puberty yet. You never even touched a weight. You're big and muscular from all the football and exercise you get. God, wait till you hit puberty. Fuck, you are going to be so big, Brock." He walked over and flexed his own arm right in back of the other two. His arm was huge, bulging up twice as big as Brock's. "This is what your arm is going to look like when you're 13. And after that it's gonna get even bigger. It's gonna be as big as my dad's. Hey dad, you put your arm behind all of us!" Mike laughed and came over. He lowered himself and placed his own huge arm behind all three of those kids. His arm was absolutely huge. The arms were Scott at 10-1/2 inches of flab, Brock at 12 inches, Brandon at 15 inches and Mike at 21 inches of solid muscle. Three mesomorphs and an ectomorph. Jake wished he had a picture of those huge muscular arms, totally more muscular than his wimpy faggot brother's.

Brock put down his arm. "Okay, I'm ready to fight you, wimp. You ready?" Scott kind of looked around. He knew he was going to lose big time. He saw an opening towards the door and bolted towards it. He got about 10 feet on the grass. As soon as Brock saw him go, he ran after him and tackled him from behind. Yeah, Brock was faster too. Way faster. Scott crashed to the ground with Brock's strong arms wrapped around his chest. "Fucking football muscles. You can't get away from me, you little dweeb. Feel my big football muscles. Feel how strong they are." Brock squeezed in on his arms, forcing the air out of Scott's lungs. God this kid was strong! He kept up the pressure for a few more seconds so Scott could feel just how strong he was. Scott couldn't breathe at all. This ten year old kid had him in complete control. "I told you you don't have a choice, cocksucker. Now get back into the garage. I'm gonna beat you up even harder, 'cause you tried to get away. Next time you better do what I say the first time. You got that, cocksucker?" He squeezed even harder on Scott's chest. His biceps were bulging and his lats were flaring out at his sides as they pulled incredible force into Scott's chest with his powerful arms. His ten year old muscles crushed in on Scott's ribs. He was so fucking strong! "You got that faggot boy?" Scott nodded his head and Brock released his hold. "Yeah!" he said as he flexed on top of the fallen teen. Then he stood up and kicked Scott hard in the chest. "Fucking faggot wimp," he said. "Too chicken to fight a ten year old." Brandon picked up the skinny coward and pushed him back into the garage. God, now he was the slave of a ten year old too.

He got back into the garage and Mike put down the garage door. No way are the people on the block going to see this fight, he thought. There was a big mat in the middle of the floor, ready for some serious boxing. "We three dudes are gonna be the ropes of the ring. If you come our way, we'll push you back into the ring. Now you both got taped hands, so no punching to the face and no punching below the waist. You ready?" Brock nodded his head eagerly and got on one side of the mat. Scott just stood there helplessly. He looked at Brock, the 10 year old with a muscular, buffed up body, the face of an angel, blond hair cut short and ice-blue eyes that could kill just by looking at you. Brock laughed as he saw Scott checking him out. He gave him two middle fingers, as if to say "Yeah, you're just a piece of shit compared to me." Then he flexed his arms and looked over and admired is own big biceps. Then he looked back at Scott. "I'm gonna pound the living shit out of you," he said, flexing his pecs and abs and staring at Scott with his ice-blue eyes. Scott trembled.

Mike said "go." The boys walked out to the center of the matt. "You ready?" said Brock, flexing his chest and ab muscles at Scott. Scott just stood there, looking at Brock's muscles. "Here, I'll give you a freebee. I'm gonna just stand here and you can punch my chest or my abs as hard as you want. Go ahead, faggot. Gimme all you got." He stood in front of Scott and flexed his chest and abs just a little bit. The muscles bulged under his thin skin. Then he smiled, his face so handsome and his ice blue eyes looking so cool. He was one cool boy. Scott made a fist, pulled back his arm and smashed his fist right into Brock's belly button. "Smaaaccck!" It felt like his fist had hit a brick wall. A brick wall of solid muscle. He pulled back his hand and started rubbing it. Even though it was taped, it was really hurting from hitting Brock's wall of rock-hard muscle. Brock rubbed his fingers over his corrugated abs, feeling the hard muscle flex under his skin. "Fuck, you a so fucking weak! I could hardly feel that punch. My sister can hit harder than that! God you are such a fucking weak faggot. Try it again. Punch my chest. See if you can make a dent in these big muscles. Big football muscles." He flexed his pecs and the striations of muscle bulged and twitched. Scott's right hand was still hurting, so he made a fist with his left hand and smashed a blow into Brock's right pec. Well, it wasn't really a smash. More like a tap. His hand bounced off that rock- hard pec like he was hitting steel. "Fuck, you are so fucking weak it makes me sick. Sixteen years old and so fucking weak. You deserve to get beat up by my big muscles. You deserve to get the shit beat out of you. You ready for your beating, weakling? You ready to get smashed by a kid still in fourth grade? Well, it doesn't matter whether you're ready or not. Here's a real punch, faggot."

He made a fist, pulled his arm back and smashed a blow directly into Scott's abs. Instead of bouncing off like Scott's punches, the blow was so hard it forced his fist deep inside Scott's gut, pushing the poor teen back several feet. The tape on his hand made his fist feel like a piledriver. A piledriver powered by the powerful muscles in his 10 year old football player body. Scott buckled over and rubbed his hand over his gut, now in deep pain from the smashing blow. Brock smiled as he saw what he had done. Then he charged towards the teenage weakling. He started pounding his fists into Scott's soft body. "Oh my god," thought Scott as he felt the blows from Brock's strong arms. They were so hard. So hard and so strong. Pain enveloped his body as it was pounded by the relentless punches. Redness formed under his skin where bruises would happen in hours. Scott kept being forced backwards by the power of Brock's blows until he got to the side of the mat. Then Brandon, Jake or Mike would push him back in, right towards Brock. Brock kept hammering, landing blow after blow right into his chest and gut. This ten year old was really strong! "My punches are sure fucking harder than yours! Feel the power of my football muscles. You ain't shit next to me!" Scott tried to put his arms in front of this body to block the punches, but Brock was so fast he was able to land a punch just where the arms weren't. He pummeled the poor teen's chest and gut and arms. The punches were so hard that Scott kept backing away, only to be pushed back into the frenzy. "Feel how strong my punches are. You're so fucking weak it's pathetic," said Brock as he landed a blow on Scott's left pec. The punch was so hard it knocked him back three feet, where he got pushed back into the ring by Jake.

Scott tried to fight back, but every time he hit Brock, his punches fell right off, like he was hitting a brick. Brock's body was so hard he could hardly feel Scott's feeble blows. "Your fucking punches feel like a girl's!" joked Brock as he stood solid and took one of Scott's little whacks. This mismatch went on for about five minutes, with Brock totally brutalizing the older boy. Finally Brock was ready to put the faggot weakling down. He had totally dominated the older boy. He knew he was the master. He took his right hand and smashed it extra hard right into Scott's gut, forcing his fist deep inside his system. Scott fell to the floor. Brock jumped down and sat right on top of him, just like Mike had done years ago. Then he flexed his arms. Just like Mike had done. God, thought Mike. It might be in our genes. Scott looked up and saw this ten year old kid sitting on him, flexing his arms and looking at his muscles. He reached up and touched the muscles of those arms, big and hard. Big and hard and strong. Strong enough to punch him down into the ground. "Yeah, feel my muscles, wimp. Feel how big and strong they are. You ain't shit to these muscles. You're just a big weakling to these big muscles. Big football muscles that just pounded your little body into nothing." Scott looked up at Brock's young body, a body that looked like a god on top of him. A beautiful face with gorgeous ice-blue eyes, big traps and shoulder muscles, and big hard arm muscles. Then he looked down and saw how ripped and striated and pushed out his pecs were, with his nipples pointing straight out by the bulging muscle. And his lats were jutting way out, way out like wings. Then there were his abs. Hard and rippling, with the sweat dripping down from his chest. God what a boy sat on top of him! Scott rubbed his hands on Brock's bulging muscles, feeling every crevice and curve. Feeling how hard and pumped they were from pummeling him with their brutality. "Yeah, faggot, feel the muscles that just smashed the shit out of you. God that felt so fucking good. Smashing your pathetic weak little body with my big muscles. God I got such a rush running through me right now. I feel like such a stud! Look at my fucking muscles. They're big and they're alive." He flexed his arms and the muscles bulged under his thin skin. Scott ran his hands all over the muscles, feeling the solid hardness of the burning fibers. He looked into Brock's light blue eyes, letting the glow of the blueness penetrate into his body. "Yeah wimp, feel those big muscles. Big muscles that are gonna kick your fucking little ass anytime they want."

"Great job," said Mike. "I can remember doing that to kids when I was your age. I bet you got a real good rush goin' through your system right now." Brock looked over at him and said "Yeah, feels good. Feels real good," as he looked at his muscles flexing and then down at the big wimp he had conquered. He was real sweaty and hot. The sweat was dripping from his hot body. He felt like such a young stud. Then he stood up, reached down and picked up Scott by his armpit, lifting him to his feet like he was nothing. There was this 10 year old boy, a foot shorter than the 16 year old weakling, standing together looking at each other. A young mesomorph standing next to a teen ectomorph. The strong next to the weak. "You are such a fucking weakling. You deserve to get beat up, ya know that faggot? You're just a piece of fucking shit! Now get out of the fucking way weakling, 'cause us three muscle jock kids are gonna punch the bag some more. You're too weak to fight with us. I'm gonna be a great fighter too, just like Brandon and Jake. You can just stand there like the pussy you are and watch us punch the fuck out of that big bag. You can just stand there and watch our fucking muscles pump up and smash that bag into nothing. Just think about that bag being your fucking body, faggot! Yeah, think about that!" Then he pushed Scott backwards with the incredible power of his 10 year old muscles, knocking the poor teen on his butt.

So the three muscle kids started punching the bag again, with Mike showing them new blows. Scott just stood there watching. Watching the muscles of these three kids tear up the fucking bag. He looked down and saw the bruises forming on his own body and then looked over at Brock, whose muscles were bulging out under his sweaty skin as he punched the bag. After showing the muscle kids a few more punches, Mike came over and stood next to Scott. God, what a fucking difference in bodies. Mike was only two inches taller than Scott, but he was 130 pounds heavier. He was more than twice as heavy as Scott. And he was all muscle. He wasn't wearing a shirt, just some workout shorts. No shoes either. Even his feet were much bigger than Scott's. He wore a size 14 extra wide shoe. His feet were big and thick and muscular, big muscular feet standing right next to Scott's thin size 9 narrow feet. Scott looked down at those feet. God this man is huge, he thought to himself. Scott let his eyes roam up Mike's legs, huge muscular legs, to his crotch. There was a big bulge pushing out his workout shorts. Scott was really wondering what Mike was packing under there. Then he roamed his eyes up to Mike's abs. Even though this man weighed 250 pounds, he still had no fat on his body. He was a true mesomorph - all muscle. His abs were like corrugated iron, thick and hard like steel. And then there was his chest. God it was huge. Big, thick pecs bulging out like sides of beef. Big enough and strong enough to bench 650 pounds. His lats were so thick and wide. Huge slabs of solid muscle. Scott was just overcome by all this muscle standing right next to him.

Suddenly he felt some warm, rough skin encircling his upper arm. The skin was much rougher than his own, rough and tough from years of lifting heavy weights and punching the shit out of people. Then the skin closed down on his arm. He looked down to see Mike's big hand completely enveloping his arm. Mike's hand was huge and muscular, just like his feet. It looked to be twice as big as Scott's, with thick, muscular fingers. Scott couldn't believe how that hand could completely enclose his upper arm. "You ever seen a 21 inch gun before, wimp?" Scott looked at the huge arm that was grabbing his arm. "No," he said, kind of trembling from the excitement of feeling that huge hand around his own arm and seeing the enormous muscle in the huge arm. "Your arm feels like a little stick, like a fucking little twig. Ya know what would happen if I twisted my wrist?" Mike grabbed a little harder and twisted his wrist just a little to the side. Scott started trembling some more. "I'd break your pathetic arm like a fucking little stick. Snap." He squeezed a little harder. His grip was starting to hurt. "Look at my fucking forearm faggot. Eighteen inches of solid muscle. Fuck, my forearm's bigger than your leg, ain't it. That forearm could snap your arm like it was nothin'. Shit, I got more muscle in one of my arms than you got in your whole faggot body. Go ahead and feel it. I know you little faggots love to feel big muscles like mine." Scott was trembling so much, thinking about the power in that huge arm and looking at its enormous size. He reached over and put his other hand on that forearm. It was as hard as a rock. The skin was still sweaty. Veins were popping up everywhere, pushed up by the rock hard muscle underneath. Because it was clenched around his arm, the muscle was bulging, looking like a big bowling pin of striated fibers and veins. "Flex your arm, wimp. See what happens." Scott moved his forearm up and tried to flex. But there was no place the muscle could go. He couldn't flex at all. Mike's clench was so tight there was barely enough room for the bone and the unflexed muscle. Then Mike clenched even harder, literally squeezing the flesh out of Scott's upper arm. Scott cried in pain as Mike's huge hand literally crushed the muscle into nothing. "Your fucking flex ain't nothin' to this big gun. Your fucking flex ain't shit to me. Your fucking little arm's so fucking weak. It's getting the shit squeezed out of it by my big forearm." Scott cried in pain even though his hand was rubbing itself all over Mike's bulging, 18 inch forearm, the forearm that was squeezing the life out of his upper arm. Finally Mike had enough and let go. "You liked that, didn't you faggot? You liked feeling my big muscles bulge as they smashed your fucking little arm into nothing." Scott nodded his head.

"Yeah, I knew it. You little faggots just go crazy when you're around big muscles like mine." He laughed and looked right into Scott's face with his bright blue eyes. "I've had tons of faggots go nuts over my body. I know exactly what to do to them." Scott was rubbing his arm, trying to get the pain away, while gazing at Mike's huge body. Yeah, he was a total muscle freak. Then Mike raised his arms and flexed. Twenty-one inches of solid muscle jumped to attention right in front of Scott's face. "Feel these big fuckers. More muscle in one of my arms than in your whole body. Yeah, look at that fucking muscle. Look at those fibers. Look at those veins. You know what my arms could do to your tiny chicken chest if I wrapped them around it and squeezed? They'd crush every bone in your little chest. They'd crush in so hard you wouldn't be able to breathe. Your broken bones would be smashing into your lungs. You'd be dead. And those guns wouldn't even be working hard, they're so strong. Fuck, I can curl 300 and do rows with 450. Your little chest wouldn't be shit to these big guns." Scott gulped as he wrapped his hands around the huge muscles, muscles that were bigger and harder than anything he had ever seen or felt.

He rubbed and grabbed and poked and the muscle was as hard as rock. "Fuckin' hard, ain't they boy. Fuckin' hard as rock. Fuckin' harder than you." Scott smelled the sweat coming off Mike's skin, the sweat of a hot muscle jock. God that sweat smelled good. His armpit was huge, as big as Scott's whole head, having such big pecs, lats and delts around it. And that armpit was dripping with sweat. Scott put his head right into that armpit and breathed in the sweat of this huge muscle jock. "Smells good, don't it faggot. Smell the sweat of a real muscle stud. A stud with so much muscle you can't believe it. Smell the sweat dripping off my hot body. We musclemen make tons of sweat, sweat that always smells real good to you little faggot boys. Your little bodies can't make sweat like this. You little bodies can't work your muscles hard enough to make sweat like this. Yeah, it takes lots of muscle to make sweat like this. Lots and lots of muscle." He slowly lowered his arm, covering Scott's head with the huge muscle, pushing his face deep into that huge armpit with his other arm. Scott's face was now pressing against the hot, wet skin, skin that felt like warm steel it was so hard. Mike lowered his arm further onto Scott's head while pressing hard with his other arm. Scott felt like he was trapped in a whole room of sweaty muscle. The pungent smell filled his nose. It was hard to breathe, but each breath was full of hot pungent sweat. "Yeah, smell my sweat, faggot. Feel all that muscle around your little head. Feel all that muscle crushing your brains out." He tensed his arm and lowered it more, now crushing Scott's head with the sheer force of his hot, rock-hard muscles. Scott started getting a headache from the intense pressure on his skull. But he kept breathing in that wonderful sweat, the sweat of the man who was playing with him like a toy. "Oh, oh, oh," murmured Scott as he felt the hard muscle crush his head. His cock was as hard as a rock.

Finally Mike lifted his arm and Scott pulled himself away, breathing in one more breath of the heady sweat. His face was covered by Mike's sweat. There were a couple of blond armpit hairs on his face. He looked at Mike with a look of sheer awe. "Fuck, your faggot face is all wet with my sweat. Got some armpit hairs on it too." He opened his huge, calloused hand and rubbed it all over Scott's face, rubbing the sweat onto his big hand. Scott couldn't believe how rough and hard the skin on his hand was. Rough tough skin to pick up huge heavy weights. Rough, calloused skin to pick up all the stuff on the construction site. This was one totally tough dude. "Ya wanna go on a ride faggot? All the faggots I've known love the ride I'm gonna give you. It gets 'em real hot." He reached down and felt Scott's hard dick. "Yeah, just like I thought. Your puny little cock's real hard. I think you're ready for the ride. It's fun playing with faggots like you. The more I do, the more you want. You just want nothin' but fucking muscle. Muscle and cock."

He reached down and shoved his right arm under Scott's crotch. The huge arm felt like a big tree trunk. "God, what is he going to do?" thought Scott. He was shivering again. Then the huge dude lifted his arm up and raised Scott off his feet all the way up to Mike's shoulders. Mike was now standing straight up with Scott riding on his upper arm. "I'm gonna put you right in the middle," said Mike as he pulled the skinny little teen into the middle of his upper arm. "Put your little faggot ass right on top of my bicep." Scott wiggled and did as told. Mike's bicep was flaccid, just sitting there on top of his arm, but it still felt hard. "Okay, ready for your ride, faggot?" At that, Mike flexed his huge bicep. The big muscle flexed instantly, bumping Scott way high, pushing him off the arm. In a split second, the muscle jumped into a huge peaked ball. The peak of the bicep was so high that it wedged into Scott's ass. It was warm and as hard as warm steel. Scott closed in with his legs so he wouldn't fall off. The huge muscle was so thick and hard between his legs. It was like he was sitting on top of a bowling ball. The muscle was just so round and so hard and so huge. "You like big muscles, faggot? Well, now you're feelin' a huge mother. The biggest fuckin' bicep you'll probably ever feel in your life. Ride the big muscle, faggot!" Mike then unflexed and flexed again, bouncing Scott up and down. Then he kept doing it, again and again. Scott went up and down, bouncing on this huge muscle. He grabbed in with his legs, feeling the giant muscle bulge and flex. It was so warm. And he could feel the individual flexed fibers on the tender sides of his legs. God he was in heaven. "You're so fucking light. You feel like a fucking feather. Ride my big gun, faggot. That muscle's so strong you're nothing to it." said Mike as he flexed again bumping Scott into the air.. Scott was beside himself. He looked down at the giant muscle and at Mike's huge body. He had never felt anything like this in his life. He reached down and put a hand on top of Mike's huge delt muscle, which was carrying his 120 pounds like it was nothing. The muscle was so thick and strong. The size was enormous, like a big basketball of solid muscle on top of Mike's wide shoulders. Striations of fibers were everywhere. "Yeah, huge muscles everywhere," said Mike looking at his shoulder. "You ain't shit to these huge muscles." He flexed again.

Scott just couldn't get over all the muscle. His crotch was red hot as it felt the huge bicep flexing right under it. Flex after flex after flex. He was so totally hot. He reached down and grabbed his rock hard cock. Instantly it burst into spasms of cumming with load after load of cum spurting into the air. Mike looked over and saw what was happening. "Yeah, that's usually what happens," he laughed as he watched Scott cum like hell on top of his huge muscle. "Faggots like you always cum when I give 'em the ride. Like it's the best thing that ever happened to them. Sitting on top of my huge bicep and feeling all that muscle flex under their little buns. Feeling that huge muscle turn into rock, pushing out their weak little legs and bouncing them up and down like it was nothing. Faggots love it, didn't you fag?" Scott looked into Mike's blue eyes and nodded. It was the best thing that had ever happened to him. "Then it's my turn," said the huge stud as Scott was finishing his cumming. He reached down and felt his own big cock, which was growing under his shorts.

Then he dropped Scott to the ground and pulled him into his body, forcing his face between his pecs. Scott was overwhelmed by all the muscle. Inches and inches of rock hard muscle surrounding his face. He reached up and felt those huge pecs, pecs that were so strong they could bench 650 pounds. He was ten times stronger than Scott. Mike flexed his pecs, crushing Scott's face between the huge, striated monsters. "Fuckin' big pecs, ain't they faggot. Fucking harder than your little face." Scott nodded. The thick, warm, striated muscle was as hard as steel. "Lets see what's down here," said Mike. He pushed Scott's face down to his abs, still holding the face right up against his hot, sweaty body. "Lick 'em," he ordered. Scott stuck out his tongue and tasted the salty sweat pouring off the muscle stud's abs. The skin was hard because the muscle underneath was hard too, hard as corrugated iron. Mike pushed Scott's face up and down as the boy licked the washboard abs. He felt every bulge and crevice. The muscles felt like bricks. "Fuckin' strong abs, ain't they faggot. Hard as fuckin' bricks. You try to punch these abs and your hand would break. These abs are a hard as steel." Scott pushed his tongue into the hard muscle. Yeah, it was hard as steel. He reached around and felt the huge globes of glute muscle in Mike's butt. Huge globes of rock hard muscle that helped him squat with 800 pounds. Scott just was beside himself feeling all that muscle. He was in heaven.

By now, the three muscle kids were standing there watching what was happening. Brandon laughed. "Scott really likes your muscles, dad. He does the same thing to me and Jake. He's a total muscle freak. Even after we beat him up, he comes back for more." Mike looked at his muscular son. "Yeah, he's a muscle crazed faggot all right. I've had tons of these faggots going nuts over my body. They just can't get enough muscle." He looked at the three muscular kids standing in front of him. "Ya know, you three kids are already totally muscular. You keep working out and eating right, you're gonna get real big and real strong, just like me. I read once that we're called mesomorphs. Guys who can build tons of muscle and don't put on any fat. Kids who get incredibly strong and can do whatever they want to other kids. That's what we are. Mesomorphs." He rubbed Scott's face hard into his abs. Then he pulled him away and hit his abs with his own fist. Smaaaccckkkk. "Rock solid mesomorphs. And you're gonna have lots of faggots who will do whatever you want. You guys already have one right here. I can tell you're havin' a lot of fun with this little faggot." Brandon and Jake smiled. "Yeah, we sure are, dad. We fuck him all the time. We make him do all kinds of crap. We beat him up whenever we want. He's our fucking faggot slave. And he always comes back for more! He loves our fucking muscles. Brock, you gotta come over to Jake's house and start lifting with us. You're gonna get huge too. And you can fuck up the little faggot too." Brock's eyes grew wide. He could hardly wait to fuck up a muscle craving faggot.

"Let's see what's down here," said Mike, smiling at his son who was smiling back at his huge, muscular dad. He pushed Scott's face down to his shorts and rubbed it across the big bulge. You could see the outline of a giant cock pressing up against the shorts. "My cock's been growing real big, faggot. Havin' you getting off on my body gets my cock real big and real hard. You want my cock to fuck your face? You wanna suck this big man's cock?" Scott nodded. He could hardly wait to feel that huge cock in his mouth. "Okay, now it's gonna fuck your face. It's gonna fuck your face so fucking hard. My dick's so big and so thick and so hard, I've fucked some faggots like you almost to death. But they always come back for more. They just can't get enough of my muscles and my dick. Yeah, I been givin' you some fun. Now you're gonna give me tons of fun." He shoved Scott's face across his cock. "Feel how big and hard that is? It's 11 inches long and eight inches around. It's fucking huge, just like the rest of me."

"Okay, pull down those fucking shorts, you little cocksucker." Scott pulled down the shorts and Mike threw them off his feet with one big sweep of his giant leg. The cock was now free and it slammed up and hit Scott in the face. Mike slammed it back and forth a couple of times across Scott's face. Every time he slammed the huge weapon it got bigger and harder. Scott couldn't believe how big and hard that cock was. It really hurt his face to have that big monster hit his cheeks. At the same time, he was smelling the sweat coming off Mike's crotch. Hot, pungent crotch sweat. The sweat of a true muscle jock. The sweat smelled a lot like the sweat made by Brandon and Jake. Two other true muscle jocks. The sweat made by hot, muscular men. Yeah, these guys were all muscular mesomorphs, "Lick my balls, faggot. Lick 'em real good."

Scott buried his face in Mike's sweaty crotch, smelling the pungent jock sweat smell emanating from his hot crotch. Then he started licking his huge balls, the biggest balls he had ever even thought about. They were gigantic. Mike groaned with pleasure as his huge nuts were caressed by the little faggot boy's tongue. He looked at his son. "Ya know, Brandon, faggots are the best cocksuckers in the world. They're way better cocksuckers than girls. They really know how to get you off real good. Maybe 'cause they have cocks and balls themselves they know exactly what to do. I've fucked tons of guys and tons of girls and I gotta say these little faggots are the best cocksuckers there are. Looks like you got a good one here to suck your cock and balls any time you want." Brandon was holding his hard cock under his workout shorts. "Yeah, Jake and me have gotten our cocks sucked tons of times by the faggot boy there. His ass is real tight and hot too. He's a great cocksucker and a great fuck. Jake and me are havin' a great time fucking him every day. Tons of fun being a muscle stud. Every day building bigger and bigger muscles and getting stronger and stronger, and then fucking the shit out of the little faggot boy. Life is so good." He flexed his muscular arm and pulled out his hard cock. Mike smiled. Yeah, his son was a stud all right. "Mmmmm," he moaned as Scott licked his right ball with his tender tongue.

"Now lick my cock, faggot. It's so fucking hot. I ain't had a good blowjob like this in weeks." Scott immediately did as ordered, licking the huge cock up and down with his tongue. The dick was enormous. Big, thick and rock hard. Eleven inches of solid, steel-hard meat. He started kissing and licking at the same time, getting Mike all the more hot and totally aroused. "Fuuuuckkkk," moaned Mike as his cock got incredibly aroused. "Open up, cocksucker. You're gonna take this whole thing in your mouth and down your throat!" Scott opened up his mouth and Mike shoved his big cock inside. He only went about three or four inches at first. He wanted to feel Scott's tongue caress his weapon, caress it to total oblivion. Scott obliged and licked and sucked the huge dick. It was so thick it was as wide as a coke bottle. Scott licked and sucked. "Oh fuck that feels so good!" yelled Mike "It feels so fucking good.." After a minute or so he was groaning with pleasure. He grabbed the back of Scott's head. "Take the whole thing faggot. Take my whole big cock down your fucking throat!' Holding on to Scott's head, he rammed his huge cock all the way down his throat. Even though Scott had gotten Brandon's and Jake's cocks down his throat many times, he was unprepared for the overwhelming size and power of Mike's huge dick. It was so huge he couldn't breathe. But oh did he like the feeling of that huge cock in his little throat. "Oh fuck!" yelled Mike as he jammed his huge cock all the way down Scott's throat. Then he started thrusting his hips and pushing Scott's head back and forth, pushing and pulling his giant cock in and out. Scott used his tongue and lips to keep caressing the giant weapon, making it even hotter and hotter. He grabbed the huge man's ass and felt the giant muscles flexing inside. Finally Mike yelled "Fuuuccccckk" and started cumming inside Scott. He kept thrusting his hips and holding on to Scott's head as he came again and again and again. His huge organ injected a half a cup of pure muscleman cum inside the wimp's little body. He kept cumming and cumming. Sweat was dripping off his hot muscular body as he came and came and came. Finally when he finished, he left his cock inside Scott's mouth and throat, letting the faggot massage it with his tongue, giving him even more pleasure. "Mmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm" he moaned. After several minutes, he slowly took his huge, still-hard cock out. "What a fuck!" said Mike, looking down at the little faggot on his knees and then over to his son. By now, all three boys had stripped off their shorts. They were standing there in their sneakers watching the huge, muscular man fuck the little faggot's face. And their cocks were rock hard. Even Brock's.

Brandon smiled. He knew his dad was a total stud, but this was the first time he had seen him in action. He reached down and held his hard dick. "Jesus, dad, punching that bag made me real hot and horny. And now watching you fuck Scott's face has gotten me totally hard. I wanna fuck him too. You wanna fuck him, Jake?" Jake looked at his friend and smiled. "Fuck yeah! Shit, I'm horny as hell. I'm gonna fuck my faggot brother real good. He needs a couple of real muscle kid fucks up his tight little faggot ass." They gave each other high fives and flexed their biceps at each other. Yeah, they were muscle kids all right. Then they both showed off their cocks, which were totally hard as they talked. "Fuck," said Mike. "You guys got pretty big cocks already. One day your cocks are gonna be as big as mine." He swung his semi-hard cock around for the boys to see. "Just as big as this one."

The boys' bodies were still sweaty and hot from their workout. Now they were standing there just in their sneakers, their big muscles bulging and their big cocks like steel pipes. God they looked hot, Scott thought. He always thought they looked hot. "Wait a minute," said Brock. "I'm the one who beat up the faggot. I wanna fuck him too. I never fucked anyone before. I wanna fuck him too!" Brock's cock was small in comparison to Brandon's and Jake's, but it was pretty big for a ten year old. And it was hard too. It was hard and standing straight up. "See, I got a big cock too. I'm ready to fuck!" Scott looked at the muscular kid with his hard little cock. He had no pubic hair at all, but his cock was standing up straight and tall. Scott figured it was about four inches long. Pretty long for a kid who hadn't gone through puberty yet. Brock hit a double biceps post with his cock standing up like a pipe. Those biceps looked huge. Yeah, he did look like he was ready to fuck.

Mike picked up Scott with one hand and pushed him over to the three hot boys. "Looks like you got three other mesomorph studs to service, faggot. Those three muscle men look hot as hell. They wanna fuck up your little body real good." Scott looked at the three muscle kids in front of him. His cock started getting hard again as he looked at their totally muscular bodies and their beautiful faces. They flexed their muscles slightly as they stood there, seeing the effect it was having on their little faggot slave.

Brock flexed his right bicep. "Touch it, faggot. Feel my big bicep." Scott looked at the big 10 year old muscle bulging in Brock's arm. He knew it was much bigger than his own arm and he knew how strong it was. God, what a fucking muscular and strong kid this was. He could smell the sweat pouring off his skin. Muscular jock sweat, just like the other muscle kids made. Brandon and Jake smiled as they watched Brock flex and talk to the teen weakling. Scott reached up and felt the size and hardness of the big muscle. He could see the fibers bulging under this kid's thin skin and he could see veins crisscrossing the bulging muscle. He felt those fibers and veins. God what a stud! He squeezed and was shocked to feel how hard that muscle was. It was like solid rock. Warm rock, like warm marble. Geez, it was as hard as Mike's huge bicep. "Fuckin' hard, ain't it wimp. All my muscles are fuckin' hard. Big, hard football muscles." He stretched out his arm and let Scott feel the size and hardness of his triceps. Big and thick and shredded. The three heads of muscle bulged in his arm. Then he reached over and wrapped his fingers around Scott's upper arm. "Flex," he ordered. Scott looked into his ice-blue eyes, eyes that were so light and blue that it looked almost unreal. The kid smiled, knowing the faggot was going crazy over his body and his face. "You like my eyes, faggot? You like how blue they are? Yeah, they're blue like ice. Yeah, they're totally blue and my body's totally buff." He looked over at Brandon and Jake. "Yeah, we're the kind of kids you always wanted to be. But you ain't. We're the kids that are big and strong and muscular and real good looking. We got the whole package faggot. You ain't got shit. You're a pathetic little faggot wimp. Now flex that fucking little arm, dweeb.." Scott tried to flex but at the same time the Brock dug his strong fingers into his flesh, right into his bicep. "Fuckin' soft like mush!" he yelled. "Your fucking muscles are soft as fucking mush. He dug his 10 year old fingers deep into Scott's bicep. Scott flexed as hard as he could but his muscles were nothing to the strong fingers of this buff boy. He looked at the boy's forearm, bulging with muscle that looked like snakes covered with veins. A big forearm, bigger than Scott's upper arm, digging his thick strong fingers deep into Scott's flesh. Scott started to cry in pain. Brock's ice blue eyes lit up. He loved what he was doing to the 16 year old wimp. Yeah, here he was, a 10 year old musclekid, dishing out pain to this wimpy 16 year old faggot. His cock got bigger and harder. He loved the feeling of being big, muscular and in control.

Then he let go and just stood there in front of the weak faggot. "Feel how much harder my muscles are than yours. Go ahead, feel 'em." Scott started running his hands all over the boy's body, feeling the size and striations of his delts and the thick wideness of his lats. He rubbed his hands over the kid's chest, feeling the bulging muscle of his pecs, pecs that could do hundreds of pushups. At the same time, the kid was feeling Scott's body, feeling the softness and weakness of his flesh. "You are so fucking weak! You are a total fucking weakling. My muscles are so much harder than yours. Here I am, just a fucking 10 year old, and my muscles are way bigger and way harder than yours." His cock was twitching with excitement as he thought about how much more muscle and power he had in his body than the teen had. "On your knees," he ordered. Scott was beside himself, feeling the big muscles on this kid. He dropped to the ground on his knees and rubbed his fingers over the washboard hardness of the kid's eight-pack abs. "Fuckin' hard as bricks, ain't they faggot. Way too hard for your fucking little fist. I could hardly feel your little punches on those rock hard mothers." Scott's eyes moved from those abs to his cock, which was right at Scott's mouth level and hard as a steel pipe. He could smell the muscle boy jock sweat coming off Brock's body. He grabbed onto the kid's legs and felt the thick, hard football muscle inside. He grabbed his calves, which were bulging and rock hard. This mesomorph football kid was totally muscular and totally hot. And he was ready for his first fuck. Brandon and Jake were stroking their rock-hard cocks, getting ready to fuck their toy. Brock grabbed the back of Scott's head and said "Open the fuck up!"