Muscle Son 2

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Ryan continued working out real hard with his dad. He worked out five days a week with his dad. By the time he turned eight, he had gained several inches in height and had put on another 20 pounds of muscle. He now weighed 120 pounds, double the weight of a normal eight year old. And he was strong. Very strong. He could bench 280 pounds and squat with 350. And he could deadlift 370. His big muscular arms could curl 150 and he could press 200 pounds overhead. Ryan was a very, very strong boy. And not only was he strong, he was quick and agile. He was a total athlete stud.

“I wanna play more sports, Daddy. I wanna show everyone how big and strong I am. I wanna win. I’m a winner, Daddy. I wish I could play football. I’d really love to hit other kids and smash ‘em down. I can hardly wait for football. But they don’t let you play football until you’re nine years old! That’s a whole year away. I wanna play more sports now. And something besides baseball, too. It’s too easy. And I can’t use my muscles. The coaches keep telling me to be gentle or I might hurt the players. Daddy I don’t wanna be gentle. I wanna be rough! I wanna be tough! I wanna use all my muscles!” Ryan flexed his big bicep muscle in front of his dad’s face.

David thought for a minute. “I have an idea, Ryan. It’s springtime and the swimming season is starting. There’s a good swim club in town and they have some young swimmers, swimmers that are your age. In swimming, you are racing against the clock. You can use all your muscles to push your body ahead as fast as you can. You can be real rough and tough on your muscles. And you’ve got such big strong muscles that I think you’ll be able to swim very fast. You can’t hit the other kids. We’ve have to wait for waterpolo for that. In waterpolo, you swim in a pool and you try to score goals with a ball. And if you’re big and strong you can knock the other players out of the way and score a lot. I think you’ll be a great waterpolo player. You can play football and be a waterpolo player. You have so much energy I know you can do both. But you can do swimming now.” David remembered that Ryan’s biological mother was an Olympic waterpolo player.

Ryan started jumping up and down. “Yeah, yeah, that sounds like fun! I’m gonna be a great swimmer. And I’m gonna be a fantastic waterpolo player. No kid is gonna get in my way. I’m gonna score and score and score. I’ll swim right through the other kids. If they get in the way of my arms, my arms will just smash ‘em outta the way.” He flexed his arms and looked at his bulging muscle. David nodded his head. Ryan was going to be a fantastic swimmer and waterpolo player.

So they went to the pool where the club was having its registration and first day of practice. It was a hot day. Ryan was wearing a tank top and some boardshorts. His body looked fantastic. He already knew how to swim – he had taken swimming lessons when he was only three. But he didn’t know any of the racing strokes or the rules. He and David walked up to the Eight Year Old table, where a woman was sitting. She looked up and Ryan and immediately said, “The older kids are over there,” as she pointed to the tables for teens. “But I’m only eight years old,” said Ryan. “My dad has my birth certificate. Everyone always wants to see it.” David handed the woman Ryan’s birth certificate. It indeed showed that he had just turned eight a month before. She looked up at his broad, massive shoulders and his big muscular arms. “You look like you’re already a swimmer,” she said. “You’ve got big muscles.” Ryan smiled, showing off his bright white teeth. “Yeah, I work out a lot,” he said. The woman was thinking Ryan looked like a movie star, with his blond hair, blue eyes and perfect face in addition to his totally awesome body. This boy was going to be a star. She knew it.

“Well, it’s my pleasure to sign you up. We always like boys who look like you on our teams. You, like, improve the quality, if you know what I mean. You’re a beautiful young man.” Ryan kind of blushed. People were always calling him beautiful but it always made him blush. To him, he was big, muscular and tough. And yeah, he was very good looking. He knew that. But to a lot of people, he was beautiful. He was big, muscular, tough and beautiful.

After he signed up, he went over to the eight year old team’s area. There were about 10 young swimmers, all of them many inches shorter and at least 50 pounds lighter than Ryan. A few of the eight year olds were very thin. Nothing but skin and bone. They looked like skeletons next to Ryan. Others had lots of baby fat. None of them looked anything like Ryan. Ryan was 120 pounds of muscle. Not an ounce of fat on his muscular body. The other eight year olds looked at Ryan’s body with envy in their eyes. He looked like a god next to them.

The coach walked up and looked at his swimmers. Immediately his eyes focused on Ryan. “You’re big,” he said. Ryan smiled. “Yeah. I work out a lot.” The coach talked to the team, and their parents, who were huddled around, about the program. At first he would test their swimming ability and they would float, to get accustomed to the water. Then he would teach them the various strokes, freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and the hardest one, the butterfly. He warned the kids that some of them wouldn’t be able to do the butterfly because it took so much strength. Ryan looked at David and grinned. He knew he had plenty of strength.

Then the coach held up a speedo. “We always train in speedos, “ he said. “I’m going to give you your team speedo today. Go into the restroom and put it on and then come back here.” He handed out the speedos, looking at the kids and giving them what he thought was the right size. With Ryan, he gave out the biggest one he had. Fortunately Ryan’s waist was just as small as the other boys. However, his thighs and his firm round muscle butt were much bigger. Inside the restroom the boys put on their speedos. Several of the boys were looking at Ryan, looking at his very muscular legs, his shredded abs, his thick wide shoulders and his bulging pecs. They had never seen a boy who looked like Ryan. “I wish they had a speedo with bigger holes for your legs,” said Ryan as he looked at all the boys looking at him. “My legs are really big and strong. I gotta lotta muscle in my legs. Plus I got a lot of muscle in my butt. I hope this little thing holds.” The kids were fixated on Ryan’s naked body. All of Ryan’s muscles were big, even the muscle in his crotch. It was twice the size of the other boys’ penises. Ryan jammed his big legs through the leg holes. He pulled up the speedo and pushed out the back of the speedo with his round muscular butt. Because the speedo was so small on him, it hung down real low, showing the tops of his bulging glute muscles and his asscrack and the very bottoms of his washboard ab muscles and his shredded oblique muscles that pointed right to his crotch. His big penis pushed out in the front. Ryan’s skin was tanned golden brown, but you could see some white on his butt and at his crotch. “I guess it fits,” said Ryan as he looked at himself in the mirror. The other kids were gasping in awe. The speedo looked very good on Ryan.

He strutted out to the pool with his teammates and all eyes were on him. One of the fathers standing next to David was tall, blond and very lean. He looked like he was a swimmer himself when he was younger. He probably swam even now. He turned to David and said “Is that your son?” David nodded his head and said, “Yeah, his name is Ryan.” The blond guy pointed to one of the very skinny kids, who was about six inches shorter than Ryan and as thin as a rail. Ryan probably outweighed this kid by 50 pounds. “That’s my son Johnny. Ryan sure is big and muscular. Look how big he is compared to Johnny. I sure hope Johnny can compete. I was a swimmer too. I always wanted a body like Ryan’s, but I never got it. I think it was my genetics. I was just born to be skinny. I was a distance swimmer but I wasn’t really very good. I hope Johnny can put on some more muscle and be a better swimmer than his dad was. I hope he has better genetics than me.” David looked at the blond dad. “Yeah, genetics is very important. Ryan has great genetics. His muscles just keep getting bigger and stronger.” The dad looked at David. David was six inches shorter than he was and he was as flabby as the most geekiest geeks he had ever seen. Then he laughed. “Ryan must have a great mother!” David smiled, “He does.” He had the best mother and father in the world, David thought to himself. David picked them himself.

The coach was a young man who looked like he was still in high school, probably about 16 or 17 years old with a defined slim, swimmer’s body. He was probably on the swimming team at the local school, thought David. He was looking at his eight year old team and, like everyone else, he was looking at Ryan. “Okay, men. My name is Brett. You can call Brett or you can call me Coach. The first thing we’re gonna do is go into the pool and learn how to float. If you ever get into trouble in the water, you can always float. What you do is lie on your back, take a deep breath of air, and let your arms and legs hang out. You’ll float like a log on the water. So get in and let’s try it.”

The kids all went into the shallow end of the pool. “Go out to your waist level,” said Brett. The kids all went out to their waist level. “Okay,” said Brett. “Take a deep breath, lie back and straighten your arms and legs, like this.” He took a deep breath. lied back and floated on the water with his arms at his sides and his legs pointed straight. “See, it’s real easy. Okay, team, do it.”

Some of the team members immediately took a breath, lay back and held out their arms. They floated perfectly. After seeing this, a few others did the same thing and after flailing their arms around they floated too. Ryan looked at the other swimmers. He had never floated before. In fact, when he stopped moving his arms, he always sank to the bottom. But he was going to float, just like Brett said. He took a deep breath, lied back and put out his arms and legs. Then he immediately sank to the bottom. He tried it again and the same thing happened. He tried again and sank like a rock. “Brett,” he said sheepishly. “I keep sinking down to the bottom. What am I doing wrong?” Brett came over and stood next to Ryan. “Try it again,” he said. Ryan took a deep breath, and lied back while holding his arms and legs straight. “Looks good,” said Brett. Then Ryan sank to the bottom.

“Jesus Christ,” said Brett. “What the hell is going on here? You should be able to float just like the other kids. Try it one more time and take a deeper breath.” Ryan took a very deep breath, lied back and held out his arms and legs. And he sank again. “Holy shit,” said the coach. Obviously he didn’t know what was happening. David didn’t know either. What was the matter with Ryan? Ryan stood in the waist deep water and looked very puzzled. He had always been able to do everything, better than the other kids, in all kinds of sports, but he couldn’t float. He looked very sad.

Then the dad standing next to David yelled to the coach. “The kid’s got too much muscle to float. Muscle is a lot heavier than water. Even when he takes a deep breath, he has so much muscle that it pulls him down. I knew a guy on my swim team who was like that. He was very muscular and he sank every time. But he was all state in the butterfly and the freestyle. You got a real stud there.” Ryan smiled. He was too muscular to float! He had built so much muscle on his body that he couldn’t float. But that muscle was strong! He was going to be a champion! He knew it! Brett the coach beamed and patted Ryan on his muscular shoulder. “Welcome to the team!” he said. Ryan grinned and flexed his arms at the admiring parents. “Oh my god, look at the size of that kid’s arms,” yelled one parent. “They’re huge!” The parents all started talking to each other about Ryan, Ryan the muscle kid.

The coach turned back to the team. “Okay, first we’re going to learn how to swim freestyle. Most of you probably already know how to do it, but we’re going to be refining the stroke over the next few weeks. Here, watch me.” The coach swam freestyle from the shallow end of the pool to the deep end deck and then back again. He had a nice clean stroke. “Okay, boys, line up. Use that stroke and swim to the deep end and then back again to where you are. We’ll see how good freestyle swimmers you are.”

The boys lined up and the coach said “Go!” They all burst forward, thrashing their arms into the water and kicking their feet as fast as they could. They moved ahead fairly slowly, definitely not as fast as the coach. But one boy was moving a lot faster. “Look at the muscle kid,” yelled a parent. “Look how fast his hands are moving through the water. His arms are moving twice as fast as the other kids. And look at his legs. They’re moving fast too. That boy is strong!” All the parents were yelling at the kids. The guy next to David said “You son’s muscles are so strong they can pull his arms through the water so fast. Look how fast he’s going. None of the other kids can do that. God it must be great to be that strong. And his legs must be real strong too. Look how fast they’re kicking. Wow! You’re so lucky to be his dad.” David smiled. Ryan’s muscles were so strong that his arms pulled through the water twice as fast as the other kids. It was like to water was just air to Ryan’s strong arms. And he pushed through the air like it wasn’t even there. And his legs were kicking machines. Ryan was strong and he was fast.

He got to the other side, grabbed the wall and then pushed himself off. He was so graceful. It looked like he had been doing this his entire life. He was almost half way back before the other kids hit the wall. He finished the race while two of the weaker kids were still swimming towards the first wall. They hadn’t even hit the first wall yet. Ryan was grinning as he jumped out of the pool. His speedos had been pulled down by the force of his swimming. Now they barely covered his butt. His firm round globes of muscle were exposed for everyone to see. And the speedos were so low in front that you could almost see the start of his penis. You could see all of his rippling eight pack ab muscles and his flaring oblique muscles. His shoulders, pecs, lats and arms were all pumped up from his brutally fast swimming. He looked stunning. He came up to the coach. “I like swimming,” he said. “I can swim real fast. I’ve got big muscles and they’re real strong. That water is nothing to them. They just plow through it like it was air.” Ryan made a few strokes with his arms, like he was swimming in the air. The coach gave him a high five and looked at him up and down. “You’re gonna be a star,” he said.

Soon the other kids were out of the pool and came over to talk to Ryan. They couldn’t believe how fast he swam. A couple of them touched his muscles which he proudly flexed for them. They had never seen a boy like Ryan before. Ryan was an eight year old stud. One of the boys put his hand on Ryan’s glutes and felt how hard the muscle was. Ryan looked at him, grinned and flexed the muscle. “My butt’s real hard, just like my other muscles,” he said as the kid felt the bulging muscle. Ryan left his speedos hanging low. He knew how good he looked.

The boys went back to practicing. Several of the parents started talking to David, the same thing that had happened to him at all of Ryan’s athletic events. Everybody wanted to be David’s friend. They wanted Ryan to be their son’s friend. David was in a whole new world, a world of people who liked him, who wanted to talk to him, who wanted to be his friend. And these were jock parents, boys who would not have even talked to David in high school. The jock boys and girls who were in the upper cliques of their school. The boys who were at the top of the pecking order, who could either ignore or pick on the weak, smaller kids. And now they all wanted David to be their friend. And it was all because of Ryan, his muscle son. David smiled and talked to the jock fathers. He loved being around jocks, and with Ryan as his son he was going to see a lot of them.

When the practice was over, the boys jumped out of the pool and stood around talking, getting to know each other. Lots of the boys wanted to talk with Ryan. It was like he was the king and all the other boys were his subjects. Ryan was always the center of attention. Then two 12 year old girls barged through the boys, pushing the little eight year olds out of the way like they were annoying insects. Even though Ryan was only eight, he was taller than these two girls. They were very mature for their ages and had tits pointing out in their chests. One of them, a blond, was the sister of one of the boys and the other one was her friend.

“You’re hotter than any boy in our class,” said the blond. “God, look at his eyes, Ashley. Look at how blue they are. And his face, his hair, those lips! God, you’re hot.” Ryan smiled. He kind of liked the attention from these older girls. “Oh my god, and look at his teeth. They’re so white, so perfect, so beautiful.” Ashley put her hands on Ryan’s abs. “And feel his muscles, Sarah. Oh my god. You are such a stud.” Sarah felt Ryan’s big arms and shoulders, the arms and shoulders that had pulled him through the water at twice the speed of the other boys. “God, your muscles are so big and hard. I bet they’re real strong too.” Ryan looked at her and said, “Oh yeah. They’re real strong.” She started groaning as she felt his pecs and lats.

Ashley started rubbing her hands up and down Ryan’s abs, from his bulging pecs down to his low hanging speedo. She looked down at the speedo. “You look so good in a speedo. You look way better than any boy I’ve seen. You’re so muscular, so sexy.” She rubbed her hand on Ryan’s firm round muscle butt. “God, even your butt is solid muscle. So firm. So warm. So hot.” She slipped her fingers into Ryan’s crack. He looked at her in the eyes and flexed his glute muscles. Instantly her fingers were crushed by the strong hard muscles. Ryan grinned as the girl looked at him. Then he released the flex and she slowly pulled her fingers out. She moved her hand around to the front and slipped her fingers under his speedo. “Ummm, feels good under here,” she whispered as she felt what Ryan had hidden under the speedo. “I wish you were four years older. I wish you would make mad love to me. That would be so hot, making love with a beautiful muscle boy like you.” These girls were really into Ryan. He had never heard anybody talk about him like this before and he kind of liked it. He was a hot young stud.

Finally the younger boys started pulling the girls away. “Hey, you can’t hog Ryan like that. He’s on our team. We wanna talk to him too.” So each of the girls gave Ryan a big hug, feeling his big muscles as they hugged, and then Ashley kissed him on the cheek before finally tearing herself away from him. Ryan was turning on girls when he was only eight years old.

David drove Ryan home. Ryan was still wearing his speedo. He looked so good in it and he knew it. When they got home, they went into the gym and Ryan drank down a protein milkshake. Then he turned to David. “There were two older girls who really liked me, Daddy. They were feeling my muscles and telling me how good looking I am and one of them even felt my penis under my speedos. She told me she wished I was four years older so I could make love to her. She said she’d love to make love to me. What does that mean, Daddy. What does it mean to make love to someone?”

David looked at Ryan, standing there in his speedo, looking like the young god that he was. “Well, Ryan, when people get older they start getting attracted to other people. Sometimes it’s girls being attracted to guys and guys being attracted to girls. Sometimes it’s guys being attracted to guys and sometimes it’s girls being attracted to girls. These girls were obviously very attracted to you. They liked you and wanted to be with you. I think you’re going to have a lot of girls and a lot of guys attracted to you, Ryan. You are so good looking and you have a body that most guys would kill to get. You are at the top of the heap when it comes to attractiveness. Do you understand that?” Ryan nodded his head. “Yeah, everyone seems to like me a lot.”

“Look at yourself in the mirror. You see your body every day so it’s just normal to you. But to other people, your body looks very special.” David rubbed Ryan’s short blond hair. “First, you have very light blond hair. Not too many people have blond hair and definitely not hair that looks as good as yours.” David rubbed his hand on Ryan’s tan shoulders and chest. “Then you have skin turns a deep tan very easily. So you have light blond hair and very tan skin. That looks so good, Ryan. You are very lucky to have hair and skin that look like yours.”

David looked at Ryan’s eyes in the mirror. “And you have the most beautiful eyes that most people have ever seen, a light sky blue, as pure as the clear blue sky.” Ryan grinned. “And your face. It is so good looking with a strong jaw and cheekbones and beautiful perfect white teeth. You are beautiful, Ryan. People like beauty and you are beautiful.”

Ryan grinned some more. Then he flexed his arms. “Yeah, I may be beautiful, but I’m tough! And I’m strong! What about that?” David smiled. “That is the best part about you Ryan. Your body is utterly fantastic.” David ran his hands over Ryan’s flexed arms. He looked at his muscular son in the mirror. “Your muscles are so perfectly formed. They’re big, they’re hard and they’re very strong.” Ryan grinned. “Yeah, I’m real strong!”

David moved his hands to feel the muscles in Ryan’s shoulders, traps and neck. Then he moved them down his lats to his hips. “You have very broad shoulders. Look at all the muscle in your shoulders. It’s amazing, Ryan. Your shoulders are so strong. You can press 200 pounds overhead. You can press your own daddy overhead. That’s hard for me to believe. And your trap muscles and neck muscles are so thick and strong. So powerful. And your lats are so wide and thick with muscle. They taper down to very narrow athletic hips. Look at your torso in the mirror. You have a fantastic V shape, the shape of a strong athlete.” Ryan looked at his body. “Yeah, I look good, don’t I. I look real strong and real tough.”

Then David ran his hands over Ryan’s pec muscles. He was standing behind his son, feeling the bulging hardness of those strong eight year old muscles. “Your chest is so big and so strong. You can bench press 280 pounds. That’s more than two times your own weight. Very few grown men can bench that weight. You are so strong, Ryan. You’re way stronger than me. Does it feel good to be so strong?” Ryan smiled as his dad felt his strong muscles. “Yeah, it feels great Daddy. I love being strong. I love being the strongest kid of all the kids. And I love being stronger than you. A big strong Ryan is stronger than his little weak Daddy. Yeah, it’s great being strong!”

David ran his hands down to Ryan’s shredded ab and oblique muscles. He felt the hard ridges of solid muscle. “You have washboard eight pack abs. I can feel the hard muscle. It’s so solid, so strong. And your oblique muscles are so masculine, so manly. They are the mark of a real athlete. Your abs are like solid steel. People can punch you in the abs and you don’t feel a thing, right?” Ryan made a fist and punched himself real hard in the abs. “Yeah, my abs are way too hard and strong. I dare kids to hit me and when they do it their hand gets all sore. My abs are like bricks of muscle. I can hardly feel their little punches.”

David moved his hands down to Ryan’s low hanging speedo and around to his solid muscle butt. “Your firm round butt is all muscle. It’s so hard, so round, so muscular.” Ryan rubbed his hand on his butt. “Yeah, and it’s so strong. It helps my legs push real heavy weights.” David got on his knees and ran his hands over Ryan’s big thighs and calves. “Oh Ryan, your legs are so big, muscular and strong. Look at how big your quad muscles are. You can squat with 350 pounds. That’s like putting three of me on top of your shoulders and squatting up and down with those strong muscles. It’s three times your own weight. And your calves are so big and strong. Look at how big they are, Ryan. Huge calves on your eight year old body. And they’re hard as rock. Those big muscles can do calf raises with 380 pounds. God that’s strong. And you’re so fast. Your legs are very strong but they’re also quick and fast. If you hit a guy with your big strong legs, you’re gonna knock him over like he’s a toothpick. It must be great to be so strong.” Ryan flexed his legs for his dad. “Oh yeah, it’s great Daddy. I’m so lucky to be so strong.”

David stood up and looked at Ryan again in the mirror. “You are the perfect young man, Ryan, with more muscle and strength than most teenagers have. And in addition to all this, you have a great personality. You’re not stuck up. You’re not a bully. People love you Ryan. People really love you.”

Ryan flexed his muscles in the mirror and looked at his fantastically muscular body. And he knew he was still growing. He was going to get taller, bigger, stronger. He knew he was a stud. He liked being a stud. David wondered what his son was thinking. What would it be like to have a strong, muscular body? What would it be like to be so beautiful? What would it be like to be Ryan? David was so happy that Ryan was his son. “In a few more years, you’re going to go through puberty. What that means is that your body will be growing even bigger. Your shoulders will get broader and your muscles will grow even bigger. And you’ll get hair under your arms and in your crotch area. And your penis will get larger. You will be turning into a man. And the girls will start getting tits and turning into women.” Ryan said, “Yean, those girls had tits. They were real old. I think they were 12 or so.”

David kind of laughed. To Ryan, 12 was real old. “Well, when you go through puberty you start wanting to have sex. You get attracted to other people and you want to have sex with them. Another way of saying that is to say you want to make love with them. For a man, your penis gets real long and hard and as you get more excited you finally squirt out a white liquid, called jism. If you’re having sex with a woman, your penis would be inserted inside of her and the jism would shoot into her body. Your jism has sperm in it. Sperm are like little fish and they swim into the woman’s body. If they find an egg inside the woman, they bury themselves in the egg. That egg would then make a baby. You were the result of an egg and a sperm. And when you shoot your jism, that feels real good. You want to do it again and again. And, like I said, you can make love with women or with men, although with men you won’t be making babies.”

Ryan looked at his father with his big blue eyes wide open. “That sounds kinda gross,” he said. David laughed. “Yeah, it sounds kinda gross, but you’re going to love sex. And everyone is going to love having sex with you. But don’t worry about it now. Just wait until you have the urge. You’ll know it. And we can talk about it again. Okay?” Ryan nodded. Then he pulled down his speedo and looked at his little cock. “My penis was bigger than the penises of all the other boys. They have little penises and I have a big penis. Just like they have little muscles and I have big muscles. I bet my penis is going to keep growing. I bet it’s gonna get real big, just like my muscles are gonna get real big. And I’ll be able to have real good sex. Right Daddy?” David smiled. “You are going to have fantastic sex.”

The next day Ryan had another swimming practice. He wore the same speedos, pulled way down. He looked fantastic. There seemed to be more girls at the practice. Ashley and Sarah had invited some of their friends. They wanted them to see Ryan. Ryan strutted around talking to all the people who all wanted to talk to him. He flexed his muscles several times. Everyone wanted to feel his muscles, to feel how big they were, to feel how hard they were. Ryan loved to flex his muscles and people loved to feel them.

Then Brett, the coach, started talking. “Okay, team. Today we’re going to learn some new strokes. But there’s one stroke that I think I’m going to skip right now because it’s so hard for eight year olds to learn. That’s the butterfly. It’s a really hard stroke. You need real strong muscles to swim it.” Ryan grinned and raised his hand. “I’m strong, coach. I wanna try the butterfly. I wanna see if I can swim it.” Then another boy raised his hand too. “I wanna try it too. I’m a real good swimmer.” The boy was probably the next physically fit after Ryan. His name was Jeff. He was medium height and fairly well built for an eight year old. The coach looked at the two boys. “Well, okay. We’ll see if you can do it. I’ll show you the stroke and then you can try.”

The coach jumped in the pool into the shallow end. “Okay, you raise both your arms over your head like this and then hit the water and pull back, pushing your body forward. When you get to the end of the stoke to raise your arms again. You actually push your body out of the water, so you need real strong arms. And your legs kick in a dolphin kick. Here, watch.” Brett swam to the end of the pool and back in a butterfly, raising both arms out of the water, pushing back with his hands and kicking in a dolphin kick. The stroke even looked hard for him. The two boys watched very carefully. When he finished, he said, “Any questions, boys?” Ryan looked at him and said, “What’s so hard about that?” Brett laughed. “Well, it’s hard to push your arms like that. It takes lots of strength and lots of practice. You’ll see. Get in the pool.”

Ryan and Jeff jumped into the pool, with Brett the coach standing next to them. The boys moved their arms in the air, making the movement that they saw Brett doing. Ryan’s muscles flexed in his shoulders and arms. The fibers twitched. His lat muscles looked like wings and his pecs flexed and bulged with striated muscle. His abs were tight and rock solid. His butt pushed out his little speedo and his legs were thick and muscular. All the girls were standing at the edge of the pool looking at Ryan’s body. They loved Ryan. Jeff looked like nothing standing next to Ryan. Instead of looking like an athletic eight year old, he looked like a scrawny five year old. In fact, even Brett the coach looked small standing next to Ryan. For his height, Ryan’s muscles were bigger than Brett’s muscles were for his height. Ryan’s shoulders were wide and his hips were narrow and he was packed with muscle. And Ryan’s muscles were cut to shreds, without an ounce of fat on his body. Brett had some fat on his body. He looked like a high school swimmer, but he was no where near as muscular as Ryan. Ryan made both Jeff and Brett look like scrawny wimps.

The girls started chanting, “Go, Ryan! Go, Ryan!” Ryan looked up at them and smiled. His blue eyes twinkled and his sparkling white teeth gleamed. The girls squealed and started chanting even louder. Then he flexed his arm at them and they went wild, chanting “Go, Ryan! Go, Ryan!” at the top of their lungs.

Brett had never seen anything like this in his young life. He looked at Ryan and could easily see why the girls were so attracted to him. Then he got back to work. “Okay, boys, you ready?” Ryan and Jeff yelled “Yeah!” Brett yelled, “Okay, go!”

The boys jumped forward and raised their arms the way Brett had done. Then they plowed their hands through the water while trying to kick a dolphin kick. Their arms came out the back. Ryan easily raised his arms high as his shoulders bulged with striated muscle. Then he plowed his hands back through the water in a perfect stroke, pushing his body way up. Jeff struggled mightily. He couldn’t raise his hands and he started sinking before he could get his hands over his shoulders. His head went down into the water before he could start his second stroke. Meanwhile, Ryan had started his third stroke, swimming powerfully through the water. He got to the far end and turned around while Jeff was still trying to figure out what to do. The arm movements were very easy for Ryan - he was so strong and well coordinated. So he concentrated on his legs and made them kick just right, a perfect dolphin kick. His legs were very strong and had no trouble kicking perfectly. Ryan swam back easily to coach Brett. “Piece of cake,” he said as he stood up and smiled like the confident athlete he was. The coach’s mouth dropped open. Jeff gave up halfway to the end of the pool.

The girls were screaming wildly. Ryan jumped out of the pool and they all rushed up to him. “Oh, you’re so hot!” yelled one of the girls as she felt his body. “You swam that stroke like it was nothing! You’re so strong!” The girls were fondling Ryan’s body like he was a male stripper at a club. They were looking into his blue eyes and running their hands over his short blond hair. Several of them felt his muscle butt and two of the stuck their hands down the front of his tiny speedo to feel his cock. They were all feeling his rock solid abs his muscular arms and his broad shoulders. The were all going wild. “You are so much bigger and stronger than the other boys! You have so much muscle! You’re face is so handsome!” It was like they all had a crush on Ryan. He was the young adonis they all wanted as their boyfriend and he was right there in grasping reach for all of them to feel and adore. Finally coach Brett yelled, “Okay, ladies, you’ve had enough! Ryan’s here to swim, not to have you fondle his body. We got a practice here.” The girls moaned and got a few final feels of Ryan’s body. One girl kissed him on the cheek. Ryan winked at her, making her feet almost collapse. Then he joined the other boys to continue the practice.

Ryan was the star eight year old swimmer, swimming the freestyle and the butterfly. Ryan could have swum all the strokes and easily beaten all the other boys, but coach Brett wanted to give the other boys a chance, so he kept Ryan from swimming the other strokes. Ryan always beat his competition by many many lengths. His muscles were so strong that they easily powered his body through the water at a much more rapid speed than the normal muscles of the other boys. And Ryan liked swimming because he could swim as fast as he could, swimming against the second hand on the clock, without worrying about hurting the other boys. The hurting would come in water polo. And Ryan was very fast. He was a great swimmer.

One day after swimming practice Ryan was walking home from the pool. He had stripped off his little speedo and was wearing some shorts but, as usual, no shirt. Ryan hated wearing shirts when the weather was warm. He liked it when the sun shined down on his skin, making it very tan. He liked the feeling of warmth the sun gave his body, making all his muscles vibrate with power as he walked. He liked looking at his body as he passed a window. And he knew everyone else was looking at his body too. Ryan liked his body.

As he walked along, he saw Ashley standing in the front yard of a house. She was staring at him. He slowed down and she came up to him. “You look so good,” she said as she fondled his washboard abs. Ryan smiled. He knew he looked good. He wanted to be polite. “You look good too,” he said as he looked at Ashley’s blond hair, pretty face and curvaceous little body. He was taller than Ashley and he weighed a lot more than she did. She was a slim little 12 year old girl and he was a big muscular eight year old boy.

Ashley started moving her hands up to his pecs and then over to his shoulders and arms. His skin was sweaty from the hot sun beating down on it. “Your body feels so good,” she said as she felt his hard muscles. She moved her hands back to his abs, feeling the washboard of rock hard muscle. Slowly her hands went lower. “Have you ever played ‘doctor?’” she said, as she gazed into Ryan’s blue eyes while feeling his muscles. Ryan shook his head. “No, what’s ‘doctor?’” She smiled and grabbed his wrist and pulled him towards the house. “I’ll show you,” she said as Ryan was pulled along.

They went into the house. “My mom’s not home. She went shopping.” She pulled Ryan into her room, which was all decorated in pink and yellow. Ryan looked around. Her room looked so different from his room. He had sports equipment all over his room, plus dumbbells and pictures of sports idols. She had dolls and pictures of Disney characters. “I’m the doctor and you’re the patient,” said Ashley after she closed the door. “The doctor is going to check to see if patient Ryan is healthy.” Ryan laughed. “Oh yeah, I’m real healthy, doc.”

“Kick off your shoes and get ready for the examination by Dr. Ashley,” she said. Ryan kicked off his shoes, so now he was standing in front of her in just his shorts. Ashley moved her hands over Ryan’s short blond hair. “Ryan’s hair is very blond. Very firm and healthy feeling. His hair is real boy hair. It’s not soft. It’s hard, just like his body. Blond and hard and real boyish.” Ryan grinned. He liked being examined by this doctor. Then she moved her fingers down to his face. “Ryan’s skin is very tan. Even though his hair is blond, his skin tans to a golden brown. Ryan has no freckles or zits. There are no marks at all on his smooth tan skin. His skin is absolutely perfect.” She ran her hands over Ryan’s beautiful face.

Then Ashley held Ryan’s face in her little hands and looked into his eyes. “Ryan’s eyes are the most gorgeous blue this doctor has ever seen. I can see crystals of blue ice sparkling in his eyes. His eyes are so gorgeous. And his face is so good looking. The patient has a strong jaw and a little cleft in his chin. His lips are so luscious, so kissable, so beautiful.” She moved in her face and gave Ryan a brief kiss on the lips. “Ummmm, so kissible,” she moaned. Ryan enjoyed the kiss. He looked at Ashley and gave her an air kiss with his lips. She just about croaked. Then she got back to being a doctor. “His whole face looks so manly. It is so good looking yet so manly, the face of a real boy.” Ryan grinned, showing off his bright white teeth. Yeah, he was a real boy.

“Open your mouth, patient. I need to examine your teeth.” Ryan opened his mouth and Ashley looked inside. “Ryan’s teeth are absolutely perfect. They are bright white with no cavities. They are evenly spaced in just the right position. Ryan’s teeth are just like his body. Absolutely perfect.” Ryan smiled, showing off his beautiful teeth. Ashley looked at his face like she was looking at the face of a god. “Blue ice eyes, sparkling white teeth, beautiful tan skin, blond hair, luscious lips --this doctor can not think of a more perfect face.” Ryan grinned even more. He loved being checked out by this doctor.

She moved her hands down to Ryan’s neck. “The patient’s neck is thick with muscle. Some boys have real skinny necks, but not Ryan. His neck looks so manly, so aggressive, so dominant.” Ryan moved his head back and flexed his neck. “Yeah, aggressive and dominant,” he said. “That’s me.” Ashley rubbed her hands on his thick neck muscles. She moaned a little.

Then she moved her hands out to his big trap muscles. “The patient has big muscles on his upper back between his neck and his shoulders. This doctor has never felt muscles like this before. Other boys don’t have them. Ryan has a lot of muscles that other boys don’t have.” Ryan flexed his traps as Ashley felt the hard muscle. “Those are called trap muscles. They help me lift heavy things.” He grabbed Ashley under her butt and lifted her up, like he was doing a shrug. “Feel those muscles, doctor? They’re lifting you up. You feel like a little feather to those muscles. They can lift way more weight than you.” Ashley moaned louder as she felt Ryan’s big trap muscles flexing as he lifted her up and down. He put her down and she said, “The patient is a very strong boy.” Ryan laughed. “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet, doctor!”

Doctor Ashley moved her hands over to Ryan’ shoulders. “The patient’s shoulders are very wide. They are way wider than this doctor’s little shoulders. And he has very large muscles on his shoulders. I can see fibers of muscle that twitch and flex every time he moves his arms. The patient must be very strong in his shoulders. I have never seen a boy who had shoulders that were this wide or with this much muscle.” Ryan grinned. He loved what the doctor was saying. He moved his arms under Ashley’s armpits. Then he lifted her up in a full press while she felt the muscle bulge in his shoulders. “You feel like a little feather, doctor. I can lift way more than you weigh. My shoulders are real strong.” He lifted her up and down 10 times. “You’re givin’ me a good pump,” he said as he flexed his delt muscles in front of Ashley. Ashley’s eyes were glued on his huge shoulder muscles. “See how the muscles get bigger when I work ‘em like that? There’s lots of blood surging through the muscle. It makes the muscle bigger and harder. I got a big strong heart that pumps lots of blood into my muscles. Feel how hard the muscle is.” Ashley poked her fingers into Ryan’s delt muscle, but she couldn’t make the slightest dent in the rock hard fibers. “Oh my god, the patient’s muscle is so hard. Ryan’s muscles are so hard. They’re so strong and so big and so hard!” She was practically panting. “Yeah, real big and real hard,” said Ryan proudly as he flexed his delt up and down for the doctor to feel.

Then Dr. Ashley moved her hands down to Ryan’s lat muscles. She stood behind him and started panting some more as she felt the thick wings of muscle that formed on his wide shoulders and tapered down to his narrow hips. “The patient’s back has so much muscle. His muscle is like wings, thick wings of muscle, that spring up under his armpits and narrow down to his hips.” Ryan flexed his lats. “These muscles help me do pullups and they help me swim real fast. I can do 100 pullups easy. I can even do 10 pullups with one arm. And you saw how fast I swim. My hands move through the water like it’s air. My muscles are so strong that the water is nothing to them.” Ashley ran her hands over his lats and moaned.

Dr. Ashley moved over to the front of Ryan's body and started feeling his pecs. “The patient’s chest is solid muscle. Instead of soft tender tits like the doctor has, Ryan has two big globes of muscle on his chest. I can see the striations of muscle fibers. And his skin is so tan, so beautiful, and so sweaty.” Ashley bent down and started licking Ryan’s pec muscles. “Oh that tastes so good. So salty, so sexy. The patient’s skin tastes delicious. And I can feel the hard muscle with my tongue.” Ryan grinned and flexed his pecs while she was licking him. He was really getting excited. No one had ever done this to him before. “Those muscles are really strong. I can bench press 280 pounds of iron. And I can punch so hard that I can make guys puke. Just one punch with this fist and a guy keels over in pain, puking on the ground. They can’t fight my muscles. I always win.” Ashley started moaning again. She started sucking on his hard nipples, running her hands over his back and shoulders. “Oh you’re so strong. You could protect a girl from all the bad guys.” Ryan made a fist and flexed his arm and his pec. “Oh yeah, those bad guys wouldn’t stand a chance against me. I’d pound ‘em into a bloody mess with these muscles. You got nothing to worry about with me around you, doctor.” Ashley stood up and looked at his blue eyes. “Feel my tits. Feel how much different they are from your muscle.” She pulled off her shirt so her entire upper body was exposed. Ryan’s mouth dropped open as he looked at her boobs and her nipples. She was already a young woman. He reached up and fondled her tits. They were soft and supple, pushing out just a few inches on her very feminine body. She had gone through puberty already, so those tits were full and sensual. Ryan felt her soft flesh. It felt so much different from his hard muscle. He was getting very warm, very excited. Finally Ashley took his hands away. “I’m the doctor now,” she said. “You can be the doctor for me after I’m done.” Ryan nodded his head rapidly. “Yeah, yeah,” he said.

Ashley kissed Ryan on the cheek. “Okay, patient, I wanna feel those big arms!” Ryan smiled and hit a double biceps pose. Immediately Ashley reached up and grabbed the bicep and tricep muscles of his right arm. “Oh my god, your arms are so big and so hard. I’ve never felt a boy’s arms that are so big and hard. Those arms must be very strong.” Ryan grinned. “Yeah they are. Hold on.” He grabbed her in her crotch and under her armpit and lifted her into a curl position. Then he started curling her up while she was feeling his biceps. “Oh my god, your arms are so strong. Those muscles feel like steel cords. Steel cords of muscle. They’re so warm, so hot. God, I can feel the muscle getting bigger each time. Ryan’s getting another pump, this time a pump in his arms. I can feel that blood surging into his muscle, making it bigger and harder as he lifts me up and down like I’m a little toothpick.”

After 15 reps, Ryan gently lowered her to the floor. “Piece of cake for these muscles. They can curl a lot more weight than your puny little body. And yeah, they got a good pump. Look at how big they got. Look at those fibers of muscle. Look how red they are. Look at those veins filled with blood.” He flexed his arms again and Ashley literally slobbered over his muscles. She put out her tongue and licked his bicep. The muscle was hot and sweaty. Fibers and veins were visible everywhere. She licked and felt the hard muscle throb under her tongue. “Ummm, ummm, ummm,” she moaned as she licked Ryan’s muscles. Ryan was moaning too. He liked his muscles being fondled like this. He liked having Ashley the doctor inspect his body.

Meanwhile, Ashley’s hands were wondering down to Ryan’s abs. When she finished licking his biceps she got on her knees and looked at his abs. “The subject has unbelievable abdominal muscles. They are like bricks of muscle. They’re a –one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight --- they’re an eight pack! And eight pack of solid muscle. And they’re so solid, so firm. I’m pushing in on them and I can’t make even a small dent. And his waist is so small. His chest is real big but his waist is so small. Small but made of solid muscle.” Ryan smiled. “All muscle and real tough. Guys have tried to punch me in the abs, but they always hurt their hands and my abs can hardly even feel their punches. These abs are like bricks. They’re a wall of muscle bricks.”

Ashley started licking the bricks, licking the sweat off each brick of ab muscle. “Ummm, ummm, ummm” she groaned as she licked. Then she moved her tongue over to Ryan’s firm oblique muscles, muscles that ran from his narrow hips down to his crotch. “Oh these muscles are so sexy,” she said. “As a doctor, I think these muscles are very sexy.” She ran her hands down those obliques, feeling the hard muscles as they went towards Ryan’s crotch. “Doctor Ashley needs to feel the whole muscle,” she said. Then she suddenly unzipped Ryan’s shorts and pulled them down. Ryan was wearing boxer shorts and she pulled those down too. He kicked off the shorts and the boxers. Now Ryan was totally nude. He stood there nude before Dr. Ashley.

Ryan’s eight year old cock was rock hard. He had been getting real excited from all the muscle worship by Dr. Ashley and that excitement was showing in his cock. He was too young to have an orgasm, but he could still get excited and his cock could get real hard. He had so much testosterone in his body that his cock got hard all the time when he got aroused like he was now. Ashley ran her hands down his oblique muscles until she got to his cock. “Well, well,” she said. “The subject’s penis looks like it is very excited. Dr. Ashley must have made it very excited. The subject has a very large penis and it is very thick too. And when it is hard like this it looks like a steel rod, ready to jam itself into whatever it wants. This steel rod looks very aggressive, very dominant, ready to fuck whatever it wants.” Ryan grinned. He liked Ashley talking dirty. “I got the biggest penis on the whole swim team. My penis is big just like my muscles. And my balls are big too. My real doctor said I make lots of testosterone in my balls and all that testosterone helps me get big muscles. So I have big balls that make lots of testosterone. My real doctor said I’ve got the testosterone of four boys. And I’m four times stronger than other boys too. The doctor said I’m a real man.” Ashley wrapped her hand around Ryan’s stiff penis. “Oh yeah, you’re a man all right. You’re the most manly boy I’ve ever seen. Your penis feels very hot. Hot and hard as steel. Dr. Ashley likes this boy’s penis a lot.” She felt his big balls. Then she did something Ryan never expected. She put his penis inside her mouth and started licking it with her tongue and sucking it with her lips. At the same time she was fondling his balls. This had never happened to Ryan before. “Oh, oh, OH!” yelled Ryan. “That feels so good. Oh my god, it feels so good. Oh, oh, oh.”

Ashley sucked his penis and stroked his balls for a few minutes while she was rubbing her other hand on his hard round muscle butt. She was imagining getting fucked by this penis, having Ryan’s muscular body pushing his penis inside her, his muscle butt and his abs pounding that penis inside her little cunt while she was feeling the big muscles of his shoulders and arms. She was imagining his cum gushing out of his penis, filled with genetically perfect, muscle boy sperm, swimming powerfully through her vagina and penetrating her egg and make the most beautiful baby she could ever imagine. She was sucking and groaning as she imagined having sex with Ryan.

The sucking and fondling felt so good that Ryan didn’t want her to stop, but finally she did. “Some day I wanna have sex with you,” she said. “You’re the hottest boy I’ve ever seen.” Ryan smiled. When he was older, he knew he would have sex with her.

Ashley moved her hands down to Ryan’s legs. “The subject’s legs are very muscular. They are thick with muscle. I can feel the muscle bulging underneath his skin. His skin is very thin and I can see veins, veins being pushed out by all the muscle. And his skin is so tan. I can see the fibers of muscle in Ryan’s big legs. And to feel them! They feel like big warm trees, solid, like they’re made of rock, but warm to the touch, because they’re solid muscle. These legs have got to be very strong.” Ryan flexed his thigh and moved it around in front of Ashley’s adoring eyes. “Oh yeah, they’re real strong. I can squat with 350 pounds. That’s like having three of you on my shoulders and lifting you up and down. If I kick a fighter with these legs I can break his bones. I’ve broken the bones of kids when I fight ‘em. I love to use my strong legs and just smash ‘em in the chest. I love to hear the sound of the kid’s bone breaking. My big muscles breaking a kid’s bone. That really turns me on, breaking bones with my muscles. Yeah, my legs are real strong.” Ashley was panting again as she felt Ryan’s big thighs. She couldn’t imagine the power Ryan had inside his body. Ryan flexed his calves. “Check out my calves, doctor. I can to calf raises with 380 pounds. Feel how big and hard my calves are.”

Ashley moved her hands down to Ryan’s calves. The muscles were huge and they were so hard. “Oh my god, they’re so big! I’ve never seen a boy with calf muscles this big. And they’re so hard. Oh Ryan, you’re built like a greek god.” Ryan smiled. Yeah, he was built real good. “Those calf muscles help me run real fast too. They’re real strong and they make my legs move real fast. I can outrun every kid in my school. I’m not only the strongest, I’m also the fastest. The kids can’t believe how strong and fast I am.” Ashley moaned as she felt his calves.

Finally she stood up and looked into Ryan’s eyes. Ryan’s cock was still hard and he looked back at her with his beautiful blue eyes. “You are in perfect health, patient Ryan,” she said. “Your body is the biggest, most muscular, strongest, most beautiful body I have ever seen.” Ryan smiled. “That was fun! I love playing doctor. Now I wanna be the doctor. I wanna see if you’re healthy.”

Ashley wasn’t wearing a shirt and doctor Ryan focused immediately on her chest. His hands moved quickly to her tits. “The patient has firm but soft pec muscles. I guess they’re not really muscles at all but rather firm, soft flesh. It feels real good in my hands.” He bent down and licked her nipple. “Ashley’s nipples aren’t as hard as mine, but they taste real good. I think they are very healthy.” He moved his hands around her chest, feeling her little lat muscles and her shoulders and arms. “Ashley doesn’t have big muscles like doctor Ryan has, but I can feel a little muscle in there. The patient has girl muscles. That makes sense, because she’s a girl.” He started laughing. “You are very observant, doctor,” Ashley said.

Then he got on his knees and felt her abs. “Patient Ashley has very soft ab muscles. They’re not hard and muscular like doctor Ryan’s. But that’s because she’s a girl.” He pulled down her shorts and her panties and she kicked them off. Then he moved his hands down to her pubic area. Ryan had never seen a girl’s cunt before and he was transfixed. “The patient doesn’t have a penis. Instead, she has something that looks like a little bun with a hole in it.” Then he thought about his talk with his dad about sex. “I bet I know what that hole is for. My penis goes in that hole. I jam my penis into that hole and then we have sex. And then we have a baby. Is doctor Ryan right?”

Ashley nodded her head. “You are a brilliant doctor, Dr. Ryan. Yes, you’re right. We’re too young to have sex now, but that’s what would happen. I can hardly wait until you grow up so we can have sex together.”

Ryan jumped up so he was facing Ashley. “We can pretend to have sex right now. My penis is real hard. I can jam it into your hole and we can pretend we’re having sex. Let’s do it. Let’s do it!” Ashley looked into Ryan’s beautiful eyes. How could she resist this incredible stud? She moved her lips toward his lips and kissed him hard, holding his head with the back of her hand. They kissed for over a minute, with their tongues roaming back and forth in their mouths. Ryan was grinding his cock up against her stomach, poking her flesh with his hard pipe-like weapon.

She pulled him towards the bed. She jumped on the bed and pulled Ryan down on top of her. They started kissing furiously in bed, with Ryan feeling her boobs and Ashley feeling his big muscles and his rock hard cock. They started panting and gasping as they felt each other’s body and kissed each other furiously. Ryan moved his hips so they were right on top of her hips. He felt her cunt with his fingers and then guided his cock so it was positioned right on top of her hole. Then he slowly slipped it in. Ashley gasped as she felt his cock penetrating into her. Even though Ryan had a very big cock for his age, it was still not long enough to break her hyman. “Oh your penis feels so good inside me,” moaned Ashley. “Fuck me with it. Fuck me hard! Fuck me hard with your strong muscles and your big cock!”

Ashley saying the word fuck was really turning Ryan on. He started moving his butt up and then thrusting it down, forcing his cock in and out of Ashley’s cunt. His muscles were in perfect condition, so he had an enormous amount of stamina. He started pounding his cock in and out of her cunt. Her cunt felt really good as it hugged his cock with fibers of girl muscle. “Oh god, this feels so good,” he yelled as he fucked and fucked and fucked her. He felt like a animal, fucking his female with wild abandon. Ashley was stimulated beyond belief. She started moaning, louder and louder. Ryan’s cock was rubbing up against her clitoris and since she had already gone through puberty that clitoris was red hot. Finally she hugged Ryan’s muscular body and came, pushing her pelvis into his hard body. She held him and pushed many times as he continued fucking her with rock hard penis. “Oh, oh oh, oh,” she yelled. Then Ryan felt a surge go through his body. It wasn’t a true orgasm but it was a release, like his penis had hit its climax and was releasing all the tension inside of it. He yelled too, feeling so aggressive, so dominant, so manly as he fucked Ashley furiously. It was the most erotic, ravishing experience either of them had had. When it was over, she looked at Ryan’s beautiful face and said, “I didn’t pretend to have sex. I really had it. You are my first lover, Ryan. You are a fantastic lover. Oh god that was so great.” Ryan fell on top of her and rolled her around in bed. “I love playing doctor,” he said.

Ryan strutted home. He felt great, being the best swimmer on the team, having the best body Ashley had ever seen and being a fantastic lover for her. David was waiting for him and handed him a big protein shake. Ryan was always hungry after swim practice and he gulped it down. David looked at his son, who looked so happy. “You have a big smile on your face. What happened?” Ryan looked at his dad with his big blue eyes. “Did you ever play ‘doctor’ when you were a kid?” David smiled. “Yeah, I played it once but it was over in a couple of minutes. We didn’t see anything we liked.” Ryan grinned. “Well, I played ‘doctor’ with Ashley and she really liked me. She thought I was very healthy. She felt every one of my muscles. Then she stripped off my shorts and my boxers and felt my penis too. And she liked that a lot. It was real hard and stiff. I got all excited and it was real hard. She really liked it. She liked me a lot.” David smiled. He knew his son was incredible. “Then I was the doctor and I got to check her out. Girls don’t have penises. They have little buns with a hole in it. The boy rams his penis into the hole and the girl likes that a lot. It was fun playing ‘doctor.’” Ryan didn’t disclose that he and Ashley had wild sex on her bed in addition to playing doctor.

Ryan stripped off his shorts and boxers. “See my penis. It gets real hard a lot. Look, it’s getting hard right now. Talking about playing doctor is making my penis get hard.” David looked at Ryan’s hard cock. “Well, that’s natural, son. And since you have so much testosterone in your body your penis is going to get hard a lot more than ordinary boys. After you get older, you’ll be able to have sex a lot because you have so much testosterone and muscle. But you’re too young to have sex now.” Ryan got a slight grin on his face. He wasn’t too young to be benching 280 pounds and he wasn’t too young to have sex, even if he couldn’t yet get an orgasm. He was a stud.

One day after Ryan turned nine years old he was training with David as his spotter. The two of them were thumbing through a bodybuilding magazine between sets of squats. David was sitting next to Ryan with his eyes fixated on Ryan’s huge sweaty quads, quads that had just squatted with 435 pounds. Ryan was now 5’ 3” tall and he weighed 155 pounds. He just kept getting bigger and stronger. Ryan was thumbing through the magazine, looking at all the big bodybuilders. Then he came to an advertisement for a national bodybuilding contest, a big contest where all the top bodybuilders would be competing. The contest was the next Saturday in Los Angeles.

“Daddy, I wanna go to the bodybuilding contest. I wanna see all these big bodybuilders. I bet I’m gonna have big muscles like them someday. I wanna see ‘em. I wanna see how big they are. I wanna see how huge their muscles are.” David looked at the advertisement. “Well, okay. I’ll make the arrangements. I bet those bodybuilders are going to be impressed with you, Ryan. I bet they’ve never seen a kid with muscles as big as yours.” Ryan smiled. “Yeah, that would be cool. I’d love to show those guys my muscles.” He flexed his right quad and saw the muscles bulge.

So David bought two first class tickets to Los Angeles for Thursday. He was going to take Ryan out of school for two days for the trip. The contest was in Santa Monica, so he booked a nice room at one of the nicest hotels and got two of the best tickets for the event. The event was already sold out, but he managed to get the tickets through a scalper. For David, money was no object. He also got tickets for all the other things going on at the contest, including special tickets for getting into the warm up room. These were very hard to get but for the right price they were available.

So Ryan and David flew to LAX and checked into their hotel in Santa Monica. They walked around the city and around the pier. It was very hot, so Ryan wasn’t wearing a shirt. Just his shorts and some sneakers. Everybody was looking at him. Everybody always looked at him. He was used to it.

On Friday Ryan had his usual huge breakfast of a steak, six eggs, potatoes, toast, milk and orange juice. The waiter at the hotel couldn’t believe a young boy could eat that much, but Ryan did it. Ryan’s breakfast bill came to $55 and David paid it gladly. He loved to watch Ryan eat good food. Ryan’s muscles burned up a lot of fuel and they were growing every day. David was going to spend a lot of money on Ryan’s food on this trip. He had just a small bowl of cereal and coffee.

Then they drove down to Venice, home of Muscle Beach. David knew all about Venice and Muscle Beach because he had been into muscle for so many years. He also knew that the premier gym in the whole world was located in Venice, Gold’s Gym, and that a lot of the top bodybuilders worked out there. So the first thing they did was go to Gold’s Gym. It was already hot, so Ryan was just wearing his shorts and sneakers.

They walked into the gym and went up to the front desk. The attendant was a young man, probably about 18 years old, and he was really built. He had dark hair and brown eyes and his skin was a deep dark tan. He looked Italian. He was wearing a Gold’s wife beater that showed off his big shoulders and the top of his pecs. His arms were big and very muscular. He immediately looked at Ryan. “Wow, kid, you’re huge! How old are you anyway?” Ryan grinned up at the young stud. “Nine,” he said. The kid’s mouth dropped open. “Nine??? You look like you’re fourteen or fifteen! You got so much muscle on you! You wanna work out here? I wanna see you work out. We usually don’t let kids work out, but you got way more muscle than most kids. It’ll cost $20.” Ryan grinned. “Yeah. I wanna work out. I need to work my arms today. I wanna work out with all the big guys. I wanna see their big muscles. You got big muscles yourself. You look real good.” The kid smiled. “Thanks, son. I’ve been working out since I was 13. I’ve got 17 inch arms and a 45 inch chest.” He flexed his arm and jutted out his muscular chest. He really did look good. “But I never looked like you when I was a kid. You’re gonna get huge. I can just tell. I bet you’re gonna have a 22 inch arm and a 55 inch chest by the time you’re my age. I’m 18.” Ryan looked at the young stud. Then he flexed his own arm and jutted out his chest. “Yeah, and I’m gonna look like you when I’m 12,” he said. “That’s three years from now and I’m gonna be putting on a lot of muscle.” The kid looked at Ryan and said, “Ya know, you’re right. You probably will look like me when you’re 12. Wow. You’re incredible, kid.” David smiled and handed over a $20 bill.

So they went out into the gym. It was filled with huge bodybuilders. Because the contest was the next day, many of them were here in the gym doing their final contest training. Immediately all them looked at Ryan. They had never seen a kid who looked like him in their lives. And Ryan was looking at them. He had never seen arms that were as big as their arms. Huge guns of muscle, 22 or 23 inches around, filled with solid muscle, with fibers and veins showing everywhere. Ryan’s eyes bulged out of his head.

Ryan was very confident and aggressive and immediately he walked over to a huge bodybuilder, a guy who was in his early 20’s, who had the biggest arms in the gym. He was wearing a muscle shirt that showed off his gigantic arms and his huge shoulders. He was blond and blue eyed, just like Ryan. David looked at the guy and realized that Ryan was going to look like him. His son Ryan was going to get just as huge as this young stud. David’s cock was rock hard. He was seeing more muscle than he had ever seen in his life. Ryan stuck out his hand towards the huge guy. “Hey, you got huge arms. I’m gonna get arms like you. My name’s Ryan.” The big stud reached for Ryan’s hand and shook it. Nobody had ever done this to him before. But as he looked at Ryan’s body he could see this boy was incredible. “My name’s Matt,” he said. “You got a good body yourself. How old are you? Twelve? Thirteen? Ryan grinned. “I’m nine, but I’ve been liftin’ since I was three. I got good genes so I’m buildin’ lots of muscle. This is my dad.” The huge bodybuilder looked at skinny little David and then at Ryan. He held out his huge hand and David shook it. He knew David wasn’t this kid’s father, but he didn’t say anything. “I’m David.” The stud gripped David’s hand real hard. “You got quite a son there.” David gazed at the huge guy’s gigantic arm and said, “Yeah.”

Then Ryan took over. “I’m gonna work out arms today. Are you workin’ your arms? Your arms are huge. I wanna work out with you. I wanna work my arms when you’re workin’ your arms too. You wanna be workout partners? My dad’s usually my spotter, but I want you to be my spotter. I wanna see those huge arms work. Please? Please?” Ryan was very excited. He really wanted to work out with this huge guy. Matt smiled. “Sure, we can work arms together. I was gonna work ‘em right now. I’m getting them all toned for the contest tomorrow. I’m entering the superheavyweight division.” Ryan reached up and grabbed his huge right arm. Matt bent down and flexed it for Ryan. “Oh my god, it’s so huge. It’s so hard. I can’t believe a man has so much muscle in his arm. Feel his muscle, dad. Feel how much muscle Matt has in his arm.”

David couldn’t wait. He reached over and felt Matt’s huge arm. Matt raised the monster up to David’s height and flexed his bicep again. David couldn’t get his two hands around the massive muscle. He had more muscle in one arm than David had in his whole body. “Twenty-three inches,” said Matt. “Twenty-three inches of solid muscle.” David rubbed his fingers all over Matt’s muscle, feeling its hardness. He tried to make a dent in it, but it was way too hard. He couldn’t make the slightest dent. He loved feeling Matt’s huge arm. And it was all because of Ryan, Ryan his muscle son.

“Let’s start with barbell curls,” said Ryan. “We gotta get our arms all warmed up.” Matt smiled. Most guys wouldn’t tell Matt what to do. He always told them. But Ryan was different. He was like a younger Matt, aggressive, dominant. Matt liked him already. Matt grabbed a 70 pound bar from the rack. “I’m gonna warm up with this. Go over and get a smaller bar for your warmup.” Ryan looked at the 70 pound barbell. “I’m gonna use the same weight. My arms are real strong. Seventy pounds is a good warmup for me.” Matt’s mouth dropped open. “You can warm up with 70 pounds? That’s more than most teenagers can curl for their max. You are a very strong boy!” Ryan grinned and flexed his bicep. “Yeah, I’m real strong.”

So Matt grabbed the bar and cranked out 15 reps. His biceps exploded in his arms, getting bigger with each rep. Blood was surging through the muscle. And since he was cut and shredded for the contest, he had absolutely no fat on his body. After he was done, Ryan ran up and grabbed his arm. “Geez, your arm is so big. And now it’s all pumped and it’s so hard. It’s like a big muscle rock. It’s huge. Feel it Daddy.” So David came up and felt Matt’s arm. He loved feeling all that muscle. “You got an incredible arm,” he told Matt.

Then Ryan grabbed the bar and lifted it up. Ryan could curl 190 pounds, so this 70 pound bar was very easy for him. He easily curled it up and down 15 times, just like Matt. His bicep got bigger and bigger too as he did more reps. Blood was surging through the muscle. “Holy shit,” said Matt as Ryan dropped the bar to the floor. He had not expected Ryan to be able to do so many reps. Ryan flexed his arm and Matt felt his bicep with his big, callused hands. “God, your bicep is really big. It’s as big as a teenager’s. And it’s all pumped up too, really hard with lots of fibers and veins showing. You got incredible muscles, Ryan.” Ryan grinned. “Yeah, I know,” he said.

Ryan looked at the 70 pound bar. “My muscles need more weight! Lets get more weight, Matt! More weight for our big muscles.” David smiled. He had heard Ryan demanding more weight for years. Now he was doing it to this huge musclestud. Matt put back the 70 pounds and grabbed a 100 pound bar. “Okay, this is warmup number two. Our biceps need to really get pumped and warmed up before we handle the really big weights. Right, Mr. Muscles?” Ryan grinned. He liked being called Mr. Muscles. “Yeah, 100 pounds is good. I need more warmup reps.” Matt thought Ryan was kidding, that 100 pounds was going to be his maximum, but Ryan was serious. This was still a warm up for him.

Matt grabbed the bar and cranked out 12 reps. Now his arms were gigantic, probably 25 inches of pumped, rock hard muscle. He flexed in the mirror and smiled as he looked at his huge arms, all shredded and covered with veins. “You look great!” yelled Ryan. “You’re gonna win!” By now, several other bodybuilders were gathered around, watching Matt and Ryan lift. They had seen Matt lift before. The person they were really looking at was Ryan. They had never seen a kid as muscular and strong as Ryan. Ryan’s tan skin was now showing a little sweat. Since he never had any fat on his body, his muscles looked radiant. You could see muscle fibers in his broad shoulders and in his big pecs and his arms were now shredded unbelievably. His abs looked like a washboard and his lats looked enormous. Everybody was watching nine year old Ryan.

He grabbed the 100 pound bar and started curling it. “Fuck, look at that kid’s biceps,” yelled a huge guy. “Look how much muscle he’s got in his arms. The kid’s amazing. He’s got more muscle than half the teens in this gym. And look how fucking strong he is.” Ryan grinned and kept pumping out the reps. He got to 12, just like Matt, and let the bar crash to the floor. “Piece of cake!” he yelled as he flexed his arms in the mirror. Several of the bodybuilders came over and felt Ryan’s arms, telling him how good he looked and how strong he was. Ryan was enjoying all the attention. David was enjoying it too.

“How much can you bench?” said one of the huge dudes. Ryan looked over and saw a bench with four big 45 pound plates on the bar. This was 225 pounds, far less than his max. There were two teenagers trying to bench this weight. One of the guys was on the bench and lowered the weight to his chest. But he couldn’t press it up. His friend had to lift the bar up and put it on the rack. “Maybe next week,” said the disappointed teen. Ryan turned to the guy who asked him the question and said, “Watch.” He walked over to the bench, almost knocking the teen out of the way with his big shoulder. He got on the bench and didn’t even ask for a spot. Then he jerked the bar off the rack and cranked out five reps. He threw the bar back into the rack and jumped up. The two teenagers looked at him like he was a young god. He walked back over to the guy and said, “My max is 335. That was real easy.” Everybody’s jaws dropped open.

By now, the whole gym was watching Ryan work out. Matt and Ryan finished their barbell curls, with Matt going up to 235 pounds for three reps. Ryan curled 190 three times, almost as much as Matt. Matt and all the other bodybuilders looked at Ryan incredulously. It was amazing that nine year old Ryan’s biceps were almost as strong as huge Matt’s 23 inchers. Then they did dumbbell curls, again with Ryan almost as strong as Matt. Ryan’s arms were stronger than practically all of the teenagers and adults in the gym. Ryan was a very strong boy.

During the workout, all the guys were feeling Ryan’s hard muscles. They also were talking to David, telling him how lucky he was to have a son like Ryan. They had all wished they had looked like Ryan when they were so young. A few of them said they were big and muscular when they were kids, but none of them was as big and strong as Ryan. David knew that Ryan had the best genetics in the world. He knew none of these guys had fathers and mothers who looked like Ryan’s parents. Ryan was clearly superior to all of them. David loved talking about Ryan. He loved hearing all the admiration from the bodybuilders. And they all showed off their muscles to him. He got to feel 15 guy’s muscles while Ryan was working out. David was in muscle heaven.

After finishing their biceps, Matt and Ryan worked on their triceps. And because Ryan’s triceps were so strong, Matt had to hold down on the kid’s trap muscles as he did tricep press downs. Never before had Matt seen a guy who’s triceps were so strong compared to his bodyweight that someone had to hold his body down. Matt couldn’t believe how strong Ryan was. He told Ryan his triceps were as strong as the triceps on someone three times his weight. Ryan grinned when Matt told him this. It was fun to impress a huge bodybuilder like Matt.

Then Ryan saw a guy using a belt with a 25 pound dumbbell attached to it. “I wanna do some parallel bar dips,” he said. I’ll show you how strong my triceps are. I had big triceps when I was three years old. I’ve always had strong triceps. Ryan told his dad to lift him up to the parallel bars. David did it and Ryan cranked out 25 reps real easy. “Just a warm up,” he told all the gawking bodybuilders. “Gimme that weight belt” he said as he pointed to the weight belt that the other guy had just finished using. One of the bodybuilders went over to get it. He brought it to Ryan and Ryan strapped it onto his waist. “One of you lift me up. My Daddy’s too weak to lift me with the belt. I’m way stronger than my Daddy. He’s real weak an I’m real strong. Pretty soon I’ll be so heavy with muscle that he won’t be able to lift me at all. But I’ll be able to lift him like he’s a feather.”

So one of the bodybuilders lifted Ryan up to the parallel bars with the 25 pound dumbbell attached to his waist. Ryan dipped down and then pressed himself and the weight back up. His triceps bulged out in his arms, huge balloons of muscle pushing out from the sides and back of his arms. “Fuck, look at his triceps!” yelled one of the bodybuilders. “They’re huge!” People started yelling as Ryan lowered himself again. He did eight reps to the cheers of the guys before pushing himself back up and asking one of the huge dudes to put him down. “You’re so strong,” said Matt. “Even with 23 inch arms, I can’t use any weight at all and here you are using extra weight with your big nine year old arms.”

Ryan smiled and flexed his triceps. “More weight,” he said. “I can put half my weight on the strap and still do dips. My triceps are real strong! I weigh 155 so put on an 80 pounder. You dudes are gonna see some real kid power!”

So one of the bodybuilders got a 80 pound dumbbell and put it on the strap. Then Ryan fastened the strap around his tiny little muscle waist. “Okay, lift me up dude. No way could my Daddy lift 235 pounds. It’s good to have big guys like you around.” The big guy smiled and lifted Ryan up to the bars. Ryan grabbed them with the 80 pound dumbbell hanging from his waist. He lowered his body and then pressed himself and the heavy iron back up. All the trainers were yelling and screaming as Ryan did something very few if any of them could do, do a parallel bar dip with half your weight strapped to your waist. “Shit that kid is strong!” yelled a guy who was in awe of the incredibly muscular blue eyed blond kid on the bars. “Look at his fucking muscles. Look at that power!” Ryan did three reps. His triceps looked like they were going to burst out from his arms. The muscles were so big, so pumped, so strong. “Kid power!” he yelled as he finished his last rep. The huge guy grabbed him and lowered him to the floor. “Awesome, awesome,” said Matt as he felt Ryan’s bulging triceps. “You’re just awesome, kid.” Ryan smiled and flexed for all the admiring bodybuilders.

Ryan finished working out his arms with Matt. He said he wanted to see Venice with his dad, so he said goodbye to Matt and all the bodybuilders and said he would see them at the contest the next day. David told the guys that they had backstage warmup tickets. Matt whispered something in his ear and David nodded and smiled.

So Ryan walked out of the gym wearing nothing but his shorts and his sneakers. His whole body was covered with sweat and his arms were enormous, all pumped up from the heavy bicep and tricep exercises he had done with Matt. Plus his delts, pecs and lats were all pumped and bulging and his abs looked like a shredded washboard of muscle. He looked incredible. He turned to David and said, “Daddy, I’m hungry. I really worked out hard and I’m hungry.” David was used to this. Ryan was always hungry. He reached into his backpack and pulled out a protein shake and handed it to Ryan. Ryan glugged it down in about four big swallows. “Daddy, I’m still hungry. I gotta feed these muscles.” He flexed his huge, pumped up arms in front of his dad. David looked at the throbbing muscles and nodded his head. He reached in to his backpack and pulled out another protein shake and Ryan glugged it down. Then he rubbed his rock hard stomach. “Ah, that feels better,” he said.

He and David walked towards the beach. “That was fun, Daddy. It was fun working out with those huge guys. Matt’s arms were so big and muscular. Do you think my arms are gonna get that big? Do you think my arms are gonna be that big and muscular?” David felt Ryan’s big arm that was red hot and bulging with hard muscle. He couldn’t believe his nine year old son had an arm that was so big and so muscular. “Yeah, if you keep workin’ out the way you are, you’re arm’s gonna get even bigger than Matt's. You’re gonna have huge arms, Ryan. Your whole body is going to be huge and nothing but solid muscle. You’re a muscle kid, Ryan.” Ryan grinned. “It’s great being a muscle kid,” he said.

They got to the Venice boardwalk and saw all the people walking along, some of them looking very weird. “Wow, this place is crazy,” said Ryan as he and David walked along. As they walked, practically everyone looked at Ryan. They just couldn’t believe a boy could be that muscular. Plus he was exceptionally good looking, with his short blond hair, blue eyes and drop dead handsome face. Looking at Ryan was like eating eye candy. He was such a pleasure to look at. Ryan loved his muscular body and he loved having people admire it.

They got to the Muscle Beach weight pen, which was a concrete area where about five so-so bodybuilders were training out in the open with weights. One of them was benching 175 pounds. Ryan grinned. He could bench way more than that. There was a chain link fence around the pen and some guys standing there watching the trainers lift. One of the guys was a thin, pale guy who looked to be about 13 years old. He was wearing shorts and no shirt, the same outfit that Ryan was wearing. But his body was completely different from Ryan’s . He was very thin. You could see the bones in his shoulders and his arms looked like little twigs, with his elbows sticking out because there was no flesh in either his upper arm or his forearm. He was a little taller than Ryan but he must have weighed only about 70 or at the most 80 pounds. He had no muscle on his body at all. David looked at him and saw himself standing there at age 13, a very skinny wimpy guy looking up at the big guys with muscles, the big guys lifting weights, the big guys lifting more weight than he could imagine a human could lift. He thought he saw a bulge in the kid’s shorts. The kid was getting turned on by watching all that muscle lift those heavy weights, just like David used to. David saw himself in that skinny 13 year old.

Ryan walked up and stood right next to the skinny kid. Immediately the kid’s face turned and he looked at Ryan. You could see his face change it’s expression as he took in the enormity of Ryan’s face and body. His mouth dropped open and he kind of gulped. He had never seen a boy who had as much muscle as Ryan had on his body and he had never seen a face as beautiful as Ryan’s face. His face turned pale as he stared at Ryan. It looked like he was going to pass out. Then he started wobbling and started falling over to the side. Before he could fall, Ryan grabbed his shoulders and stood him up straight. The kid looked at Ryan, not able to speak.

“Are you all right?” said Ryan, still holding on to his bony shoulders. The kid was looking at Ryan’s big, muscular arms, arms that were still sweaty and pumped up from his hard workout in the gym. He didn’t want Ryan to let go of him. He wanted to keep looking at those huge arms. “Yeah, I think so,” he said. “I just never saw so much muscle on a kid before. Your body looks awesome.” Ryan smiled. “Thanks. Yeah, I work out a lot. My name’s Ryan.” He held out his hand and the kid looked at his big, muscular forearm and his thick muscular fingers. Then he grabbed Ryan’s hand and shook it. “My name’s David.” Ryan looked up at his dad. “Hey, his name is the same as yours. That’s my Daddy, David.” The two Davids looked at each other and smiled.

By now, little David had recovered. His face had now become red. He was really turned on by Ryan’s body. And his cock was making an even bigger bulge in his shorts. He stared at Ryan’s shredded abs, his big, muscular chest, his wide lats and his broad thick shoulders. And then his eyes went back to staring at his big muscular arms. “You are so muscular! Your arms are so big and musculrar. How old are you?” Ryan flexed his arm right in David’s face. “Nine years old. I’ve been lifting since I was three and I got great genes. I put on muscle real fast. Go ahead, feel it. Everyone always wants to feel my muscle.” David reached up and felt Ryan’s bicep. “Oh my god. It’s so big and so hard. And look at me. I got some weights last year and have been working out in my basement but I still look the same. I can’t gain any muscle at all.” He flexed his arm. There was no muscle there. Just bone and a little flab. Ryan laughed. He put his huge flexed arm next to David’s little stick. The contrast was amazing. Both boys looked at their arms, the big muscular one and the little stick. Then Ryan said, “Sorry, I shouldn’t have laughed at you. I had more muscle than that when I was three years old. How old are you?” The kid was sheepish. “I’m 13 years old. I’m four years older than you but you’re all muscle and I’m all bone. You’re a total muscle kid and I’m a skinny nerd. I can still only bench 40 pounds.”

Ryan laughed again. “Geez, you are really weak. I could bench that weight like the first time I benched a weight, when I was three. Now I’m up to 335 pounds. Pretty good for a nine year old. Three hundred thirty-five pounds of iron getting pressed up by these big muscles.” Ryan flexed his pecs and lats and David immediately started feeling the big muscles with his skinny little hands. “Oh my god. Your muscles are so big and they’re so hard. I got nothing but bone and flab and you got nothing but muscle. Muscle, muscle, muscle. God I love muscle. I wish I had muscle.”

Ryan flexed his abs. “It’s great having muscle. You can do so many things. People know you can beat ‘em up. People know you’re so strong you can smash ‘em. You’re the best player on every team. Yeah, it’s great having muscle. Feel those abs. Feel how hard they are.” David ran his hands down and felt Ryan’s rock hard abs. “Oh god,” he murmured. “If someone tries to punch me in those abs, he hurts his hand ‘cause my abs are so hard and strong. No one can hurt my abs. They’re like bricks. My whole body’s as hard as rock. Nobody can hurt my body. It’s so great. And if I want to hurt their bodies, it’s real easy. My arms are so strong. My legs are so strong. I can just smash ‘em. It’s so great being so muscular and strong.”

By now, David’s penis was literally pushing out under his shorts. Ryan reached down and grabbed it. “Yeah, you really like muscle don’t you. You like big hard muscle. Muscle that you’re never gonna have ‘cause you don’t have the genes. You get all hard over muscle. Guess what, David? Even though I’m only nine, I can get hard too. I had sex once with a girl. She really liked my body, just like you. I bet you’d like to play doctor with me wouldn’t you, just like Ashley. I bet you’d like to feel my muscles. Maybe you’d even lick ‘em like Ashley did. Feeling a kid’s big muscles would be a lot of fun for you I bet. It would be kinda fun, playing doctor with a skinny weak kid like you. You could feel my big muscles and I could feel your skinny little bones. And maybe we could wrestle. You could feel the power in my muscles. Or I could press you over my head. Or curl you up with these big biceps. I bet you’d like that, wouldn’t you skinny boy.” Ryan flexed his arm in David’s face. David nodded his head feverishly. “Yeah, yeah!” he said. “I love muscle!” Ryan grinned. “It’s fun being a muscle kid.” Ryan looked up at his dad, who was pretending not to hear what the kids were saying to each other.

“Daddy, remember when I told you I played doctor with Ashley? Well, now I wanna take puny little David back to our hotel room. I wanna play doctor with him. He wants to feel my muscles. I’m gonna let him feel my muscles and I’m gonna feel his weak little bones. We’re gonna wrestle and I’m gonna show him how strong I am. It’ll be real fun. David wants to do it, don’t you David?” David nodded his head and looked up at big David. Their eyes locked. Big David knew what little David was thinking. He knew how important this was for little David. Little David looked up at big David with pleading eyes. He really wanted to feel Ryan’s muscles. He really wanted to feel Ryan’s strength. “Please???” he said.

Big David finally said, “Okay.” Little David jumped up and down. He grabbed Ryan’s arm and pulled him away from the weight pen. “Let’s go, let’s go,” he said. Little David couldn’t believe what was happening. He was in heaven. Muscle heaven.

They turned and saw a big sandy area behind the weight pen. On the sand were some gymnastic equipment - a rope for rope climbing, some gymnastic rings, some parallel bars and some chinning bars. Ryan’s eyes got bright as he saw the equipment. He jerked his arm away from David’s little hand and said, “I wanna play on that stuff first. You’ll get to see how strong I am right here.” David’s eyes lit up. “Oh yeah,” he said as he looked at the equipment and then at Ryan’s body.

Ryan walked up to the rope. It went up about 30 feet. “I’ve never done rope climbing before,” said Ryan, “but I can do lots of one handed pullups. So this should be easy.” He grabbed the rope with his right hand and pulled himself up. Then he reached up with his left hand and pulled himself up again. His legs were flared out from the rope. He didn’t need them at all. He pulled himself up very fast, all the way to the top. David gazed at his rippling arm and lat muscles as they easily pulled him to the top. Then he gracefully dropped himself down. “Piece of cake,” he said as he stood in front of little David flexing his lats. “You try it.” David laughed. He walked up to the rope and grabbed it with both hands. Then he tried to pull himself up, but he couldn’t do it, even with two hands. He was way too weak. “Wow, you are so weak,” said Ryan as he looked at David’s bony arms and then at his own muscular arms. He walked over and climbed up the rope one more time, this time even faster. He jumped down and said, “Gives you a good pump,” as he flexed his arms and lats and watched the muscle bulge. “It’s fun to work the muscles.” David looked at Ryan’s body. Yeah, it would be fun to work the muscles if you had some muscles. He didn’t. He wished he did, but he didn’t. Ryan had more muscle than David ever imagined a kid could have.

Ryan went over to the chinning bars. “How much do you weigh, skinny boy?” David looked at his puny body. “About 75 pounds, I think. I’ve been trying to gain weight, but I just can’t do it.” Ryan grinned. “Geez, I'm more than double your weight. You got 75 pounds of bone and flab and I got 155 pounds of muscle. Okay, weak boy. You’re gonna hang on my waist and I’m gonna do some pullups, pulling up my body and your body. My arms are so strong they can pull up two bodies. When I jump up to the bar, you grab onto my waist.” David gasped. He never imagined a kid could be so strong he could lift two bodies in a pullup. David couldn’t even do one pullup himself.

Ryan jumped up and held on to the bar. “Okay, grab on,” he yelled. David jumped up and grabbed onto Ryan’s shredded waist. His hands could feel the rock hard muscle that was flexing without even lifting anything. Ryan’s ab muscles always seemed to be flexed. Ryan’s muscle butt pushed into his face. He could feel the big globes of muscle. “Hang on!” yelled Ryan. He started lifting. David looked up and saw Ryan’s huge lat muscles bulge out from the sides of his chest as they powered the two bodies up to the bar. The got to the top and then Ryan slowly lowered his arms. David’s cock was rock hard as he felt Ryan’s hot, sweaty muscles as they pulled him up and down. This was the most wonderful experience he had ever had. He hugged Ryan’s body, feeling all the warmth and power that was inside it. “I’m gonna do 10 reps,” Ryan yelled. “You’re pretty light.” He cranked out nine more reps and then dropped down gracefully to the sand. David was so weak that he couldn’t hang on and he fell on his butt. Ryan stood over him and laughed. He flexed his lats and David looked up at the wings of muscle, the washboard abs and the huge muscular legs that were standing over him. “You’re so strong!” he said as he took in the enormity of muscle that was Ryan’s body.

Ryan bent down and grabbed David’s arm, picking him up easily with one jerk of his big arm. “See, I told you I’m strong,” he said grinning. “It’s so fun to be strong. It’s so fun being big and muscular and strong.” He grabbed David’s rock hard cock. “You like my muscles a lot, I can tell.” David nodded his head. “My Daddy told me there are guys who really like muscles, who want to see muscles, who want to feel muscles, who want to feel how strong those muscles are. I think you’re one of those guys.” David looked at Ryan’s arm that was holding his cock and said, “Yeah. I love muscle.” Ryan grinned. “Well, you came to the right place! Let’s go over to rings. I wanna try the rings. I wanna see if my muscles can do gymnastics things on the rings. I’ve never been on rings before.” He grabbed David by the arm and pulled him over to the rings.

Big David was watching all this and pretending he was little David. He loved watching Ryan show off his muscles. He loved watching Ryan’s strength. And unlike little David, he got to see and feel Ryan’s muscles and strength every day! He loved having Ryan as his muscle son.

Ryan got over to the rings and he jumped up three feet to grab them. Ryan had very strong legs that could jump real high. As he held on to the rings, his lats flared out to the sides. Little David stared at Ryan’s torso, gulping at the enormous amount of muscle Ryan had. Then Ryan pulled himself up on the rings, easily pulling and then pushing down with his hands until he his arms were straight. “This is easy,” he said as his shoulders and triceps bulged with muscle. His abs looked like a washboard and his pecs were shredded with muscle as he held that position. Then he spread his arms to the side. His lats flared out, keeping his arms steady as they spread outward. He got to a horizontal position and held his arms there, with his lats flaring out like wings of muscle. “Holy shit,” yelled little David. “That’s called an Iron Cross. You’re doing an Iron Cross. And here it’s the first time you’ve been on the rings. God you are strong, Ryan. You are so strong! God how I love your muscles.” Ryan grinned as he looked down at the skinny little 13 year old. “This is easy when you’ve got big muscles like me,” he said.

He pushed his hands down with the sheer force of his lats and held his arms straight again. Then he lifted his feet up. The muscles in his abs looked amazing as they contracted and lifted his feet up over his stomach. His feet were now at his chin as he firmly held the rings with his strong hands. Then he suddenly dropped down and his feet went behind him. He did a full circle on the rings, spinning like at real gymnast. “This is fun!” he said as he started spinning around, pulling himself up and down, using his big arm muscles to pull and push and spin his muscular body. David’s mouth was open as he watched Ryan’s muscular body show off it’s incredible strength. Finally Ryan jumped down, landing gracefully on two feet and he put his arms in the air like the winner of the gymnastics event at the Olympics. Little David ran up to him. “God, that was so great. You’re a fantastic gymnast. Your muscles are so strong. And they’re real quick too. You are such a total athlete.” He started feeling Ryan’s muscles, his lats, his shoulders, his abs and his arms. “Oh god your muscles feel so good. They’re so big, so hard. so strong.” Ryan grinned. It was fun having this bony little nerd worship his body.

He spotted the parallel bars. “I worked my arms this morning. They’re still big and pumped from lifting some huge weights. Let’s do some parallel bar dips, David. Let’s see how many you can do.” David gulped. He had never tried parallel bar dips before. They got to the bars. “I’ll lift you up,” said Ryan. “Grab onto the bars.” Ryan easily lifted David up until David was in the right position to do a dip. “Okay, go!” said Ryan. David lowered himself and tried to lift himself up, but his arms were way too weak. He couldn’t even lift himself an inch off the bars. He struggled for ten seconds but he was a total failure. He let go and fell to the ground. Tears flowed out of his eyes. “I’m too weak,” he said. “I’m weaker than a girl. I wish I had muscle like you. I’d give anything to have muscles like you.”

Ryan gently rubbed David’s tears away from his cheeks. “I’m a very lucky boy, David. I’ve been muscular for as long as I can remember. I think I was born to be muscular. I’ve got great genes and tons of testosterone in my body. I can build muscles real fast. And my muscles are real strong. You’re a guy who just can’t build muscles. I’ve got all the muscle genes and you don’t have any muscle genes at all. You’re like my Daddy. He doesn’t have any muscle genes either. I was stronger than him when I was five years old. I got muscle and he’s got flab. You gotta live with it David. You’re a wimp and I’m a jock. But I’m gonna let you feel my muscles. You can pretend my muscles are your muscles. You can pretend you are me. Pretend you’re living in my body. Pretend you can do things your real body could never do. Like this.”

Ryan jumped up on the parallel bars. Then he started doing dips, dip after dip after dip. David’s mournful eyes soon turned to awe as he saw Ryan’s huge triceps pump his body up and down, up and down. He started thinking what it would be like to have such power, such strength, such muscles. His cock got real hard again as he watched Ryan’s muscles and thought about all that strength. Ryan did 50 reps and then dropped to the ground. “Did you think about doing all those reps? Did you think about what it would be like to have muscles that could do all those reps? It feels great, David. It feels great to have big strong muscles like this. Pretend you are me and you can feel great too.” Ryan flexed his tricep muscles and David felt those huge, hot, sweaty, hard muscles. David imagined he had triceps that were that big, that strong, that hard. His cock was rock hard in his shorts. David felt great.

Ryan smiled. He loved it when his muscles turned people on. “You wanna see some real strength? Grab onto my waist after I’m on the bars.” He jumped up to the bars and yelled “Grab on!” So David wrapped his arms around Ryan’s waist, feeling the hot hard muscle. Then Ryan lifted them both up, his own 155 pounds of muscle and David’s 75 pounds of bone and flab. David gasped as he felt the power of Ryan’s body as his big muscles lifted them both up. The got to the top and Ryan yelled, “Now that’s strength! The strength of big kid muscles.” He lowered the two bodies and then raised them back up again. David was looking up at his huge triceps as they bulged and pushed. He couldn’t believe Ryan had such big muscles and was so strong. Then Ryan dropped down and David fell on his ass. Ryan stood over him, bent down and flexed his tricep. “This arm is stronger than your leg. I got more muscle in one arm than you have in your whole body. Deal with it David. I’m a muscle kid and your a weak little nerd. That’s life David. I got muscle and you don’t.” Ryan was his aggressive dominating self. David nodded his head but he was still happy even though he was so weak. He was with Ryan.

Ryan looked up at his father. “I’m hungry, Daddy. Workin’ my muscles makes me hungry. Let’s go have some lunch before we go back to the hotel.” Ryan had just had two protein shakes an hour before but he was hungry again. His big muscles burned a lot of food. He was always hungry for more protein. “Okay, Ryan. There’s a restaurant on the boardwalk when we’re walking back to our car. We’ll stop there and get some food.” Ryan rubbed his rock hard abs. “Gotta feed the muscles,” he said as he looked at skinny little David.

So they sat down at the restaurant and the waiter handed them the menus. Little David sat right next to Ryan. He wanted to be a close to Ryan as he could get. He pushed his bony shoulder into Ryan’s big, thick muscular shoulder and sighed as he felt Ryan’s muscles. Ryan grinned. They looked at the menu together. As usual, little David wasn’t very hungry. He never had a big appetite. “You wanna split a ham sandwich with me?” he asked Ryan. “I can’t eat the whole thing.” Ryan looked at him like he was crazy. “Split a sandwich?? God, you’re a wimp. I always eat more than one sandwich. I can eat two sandwiches easy. Maybe three. Like I said, I gotta feed my muscles. I’m gonna order two big roast beef sandwiches. And I’ll eat whatever you don’t eat of your sandwich. Plus I want two glasses of chocolate milk and a big bowl of fruit. You got that Daddy?” David nodded his head. He was used to Ryan’s huge appetite. Little David almost choked. He couldn’t believe this nine year old was going to eat that much food. But he had never seen a nine year old with so much muscle.

So big David ordered and the waiter brought the food. Ryan gobbled down his two roast beef sandwiches before little David had finished a third of his ham sandwich. David sat there watching Ryan eat, watching his thick fingers grab the sandwich, watching his muscular forearms writhe with muscle as he moved the sandwich to his mouth, watching his perfect white teeth rip the meat off the sandwich, watching his strong jaw muscles chew the food with ruthless efficiency. Ryan wasn’t wearing a shirt, so David could see his shoulders bulge with muscle and his big, pumped up arms throb with muscle fibers as he lifted his sandwich to his mouth. Those arms had had a brutal workout in the gym and they had just performed enormous feats of strength. They were stunning. Sitting next to Ryan was one of the best things that had ever happened to little David. He wished he could be with Ryan forever. David ate tiny little bites while Ryan chomped down his beef sandwiches like an eating machine, washing down the meat and bread with chocolate milk. Ryan finished and looked at David. “I’m still real hungry,” he said as he looked down at David’s sandwich. “You wanna give me your sandwich, wimp? Your little body doesn’t need any more food. My big muscles need a lot of food.” He flexed his triceps in David’s face. David gulped as he saw the bulging muscle. He pushed his plate over to Ryan. “Eat,” he said. “Your muscles need lots of food. I got no muscle and you got tons of muscle. You need lots of food.” Ryan grinned. “You’re sure right about that.” He grabbed the sandwich and gulped it down, along with his second glass of milk. Then he ate his fruit. “Feels good to be full, “ he said. “Feels good to have all that protein in my stomach. Now my body is gonna turn it into muscle. I can just feel my arms getting bigger, getting stronger, getting more muscle.” He flexed again in front of David. David sighed in total awe. He had eaten a third of a sandwich. Ryan had eaten two and two thirds, plus milk and fruit. Ryan had eaten ten times as much food as David. And he had ten times more muscle. Little David could hardly wait to play doctor with Ryan.

They paid the bill and the waiter couldn’t believe how much Ryan had eaten. Then they walked over to the hotel, with Ryan walking briskly and the two Davids barely able to keep up. Ryan was just so full of energy. He would get about a block ahead and then do a handstand and walk around on his hands, waiting for the wimps to catch up with him. Or he’d do a couple of handstand presses, pressing his whole body up and down with his big, muscular shoulders and arms. When his wimp father and little David caught up, he’d jump to his feet and race ahead again. He had so much energy!

When he was a block ahead of the two Davids, two boys, who looked to be about 13 years old, appeared on the sidewalk in front of the Davids, almost out of nowhere. Little David got a terrified look in his eyes. These boys were a lot bigger than little David. They were taller and instead of being skinny, they were big. Big and kind of fat. You couldn’t see their muscles, but you could tell they had muscles underneath their fat. And they had mean looks in their eyes. “Well look who’s here,” said one of them. “It’s puny little David walking down the street with his puny little daddy. Two puny little punks. Give us your money Davey. We wanna go buy some Cokes and we don’t got no money. So pretend you’re at school and give us your money. Pretend we’re taking your lunch money, like we do every day.”

David looked terrified. It was clear he had been beaten up by these bullies many times. Big David spoke up. “Leave the kid alone. Go ask your parents for some money.” The kids looked at big David with contempt. “Don’t tell us what to do. We’re gonna do what we want. Whattya gonna do, wimp daddy? Call the police? You’re too weak to do anything to us. We’re way stronger than you.” He pushed big David aside like he was an annoying insect and grabbed his arm. He twisted his arm and then pushed it up his back. “Keep outta this, wimp daddy. You’re just as much of a wimp as your kid. A whole family of wimps! All the better to beat up.” Big David’s face contorted in pain as the strong 13 year old bully twisted his arm.

Then the other bully looked at little David and smiled. “Time for some pain,” he said. He punched the skinny little kid hard, once in the chest and once in the gut. David buckled over in pain. “You want some more punishment, wimp.? You wanna really feel some pain.” David shook his head. “No, no! Please stop!” he cried. The bully smiled and started reaching his hand in little David’s pocket, looking for his money.

Then a hand grabbed his wrist and spun him around. Instantly there was a smash, as Ryan’s fist hit his gut with more power than the kid had ever felt. The kid fell to the sidewalk and held his gut in a fetal position as he writhed in pain. The other bully holding big David was stunned. He didn’t know what to do. It didn’t matter, because he didn’t have time to do anything. Ryan smashed his leg against the bully’s side, cracking a rib and knocking him away from his father. Then he gave him another smashing kick, this time to his chest. Another rib cracked. The kid fell to the ground and held his chest in pain.

Ryan grabbed both bullies off the ground and stood them up in front of him. “You like picking on little weak guys? You like picking on skinny little David here because he can’t fight back? You like picking on my Daddy because he’s a weak little man too? Well, pick on me. I’m only nine years old. I’ll let you both fight me at the same time. But I’m not little. And I’m not weak. I can bench over 300 pounds and I’m the city champ in MMA. So pick on someone who can fight back, assholes. Fight me.” Ryan stood there in front of the two big 13 year olds. His abs were rippling and hard. His chest was bulging with muscle and his shoulders bulged with thick striated fibers. And his arms were like big hams of thick muscle, hanging from his sides like slabs of beef.

The bullies looked at him with a look of fear in their eyes. They could see that this kid was far more muscular and far stronger than they were. And this kid was mad. Ryan stood there taunting them. “You too chicken to fight a real man? I may be young, but I’m a man. If you don’t fight me, I’m gonna fight you. I’m gonna smash your fat guts with this big arm.” He flexed his arm and the bullies shuddered. They had to fight. One of the bullies lunged at Ryan and before his fist got half way to Ryan, Ryan dodged away and smashed him in the gut, making the kid buckle over. Puke started coming out of his mouth. Ryan hit him harder than he had ever been hit. Then Ryan smashed him in the face, breaking his nose. Blood started pouring out of his face. He fell to the ground writhing in pain.

Then the other bully started backing away. “What are you, a chicken? You don’t like getting beat up yourself? You like to beat up weak little David but you can’t take it yourself?” yelled Ryan. He smashed him in the chest and then he held him by his arms. “Punch him, David. Punch the thug in his face. Punch him in his gut. Punch the shit outta him.” David couldn’t believe this was happening. He had been beaten up every day by these bullies. Now Ryan was telling him it was payback time. He hit the thug as hard as he could on his face but his punch was so weak that it hardly made an impression. The bully grinned at the weak little boy. David’s punch was nothing to him. Then David hit him in the chest and the gut, over and over again. The punches didn’t really hurt him. David was too weak. Finally Ryan spun the bully around. “David, you’re too weak. You gotta punch like this.” He smashed his fist into the bully’s face, breaking three teeth. Then he pummeled his gut and chest, delivering blow after devastating blow. “You can use your feet too. My legs are real strong” He smashed his foot into the bully’s chest, breaking a rib. “I love to break bones. I love to hear the sound of bones cracking like twigs.” The bully looked terrified. Ryan smashed him again in his side, breaking another rib. “Yeah, the sound of breaking bones!” yelled Ryan. The bully fell down to the ground next to his friend.

They looked up at Ryan who was standing over them. His thighs were huge and his whole torso was covered with sweat. Ryan reached down and wrapped his arm around first bully's neck. Then he started flexing his bicep. His big weight trained bicep smashed through the bully’s windpipe. The kid was in enormous pain and he couldn’t breathe. His face turned red. “If you ever touch David again, I’m gonna find you and I’m gonna smash you so bad you’ll think this was a birthday party. I’m gonna break your scrawny little neck. You got that?” Both bullies looked at his totally muscular body that was glistening with sweat. “I said you got that?” yelled Ryan, cranking his bicep even harder into the kid’s neck. He kicked the other boy, almost breaking another bone. “Yes,” gurgled the kid who couldn’t breathe. “Yes what?” yelled Ryan and he squeezed harder and kicked again. After a pause, he said, “Yes sir.” Ryan squeezed him harder and then kicked the other one one more time. “That’s better. Sometimes little wimps have a friend who’s got lots of muscle and who’s a fighter. Way more muscle than you punks have. And muscle that likes to kick ass. Big fat asses like yours.” He let go of the bully’s neck, put his foot on the boy’s chest and flexed his arms. The bullies looked up at him with fear in their faces. The bullying was over for David.

David ran up to Ryan and hugged him. “Oh thank you Ryan. Thank you so much.” Ryan looked at his father. “Are you okay, Daddy?” David looked at his son and nodded his head. “I’m so glad I have a muscle son like you, Ryan.” Ryan smiled. He loved being his dad’s muscle son. “Let’s go,” he said, and they went off to the hotel while the bullies cringed in pain on the sidewalk.

They arrived at the hotel and went up to the room. It was a large room with two double beds. One wall had a large mirror and there was a big easy chair for reading or relaxing. “Nice room,” said little David as he looked around. “Every morning I do 300 pushups and 300 situps on the floor,” said Ryan. “I gotta keep in shape while I’m out here in California. Plus I worked my arms today at the gym and did some stuff with you at the beach. But hey, before we play doctor I need to work my shoulders. You ready Daddy?” Big David smiled and nodded his head. Ryan grabbed him by his crotch and his armpit and lifted him up to his shoulders. Then he pressed him overhead. “This is called the Daddy Press. When you don’t have a weight, a Daddy will do.” Ryan pressed his dad up and down ten times and then lowered him to the floor. “Piece of cake,” said Ryan. “He only weighs 120 pounds. I can press 250 pounds of iron. My shoulders are real strong. Look how the muscle is getting bigger. It’s getting a good pump. Look at those muscle fibers and veins. I’m gonna get a real good pump with the Daddy Press.”

Little David’s cock was now sticking right out of his shorts. He was getting so turned on watching Ryan press his dad. Ryan saw this and ran over and grabbed David’s crotch. “You like my big shoulders, don’t you wimp boy. You like my big muscles.” David rubbed his hands over Ryan’s bulging shoulders and said, “Yes, I love your muscles. Your muscles are so big, so strong. And you’re so beautiful.” Ryan grinned. “Yeah,” he said. He went back and grabbed his dad again, pressing him up and down ten times. “You’re so light,” he said as he pressed his father up and down like he was a feather. “My shoulders got stronger than you a long time ago. I love being able to press up my dad. I love being so strong.” He dropped his dad to the floor. Big David felt Ryan’s bulging shoulders. “They’re looking real good, Ryan. Your shoulders are gigantic.” Ryan grinned and felt his dad’s bony shoulder. “I sure got better shoulders than you,” he laughed. “I got nothing but muscle and you got nothing but bone. I got all the muscle in this family.”

Little David was beside himself. His cock was so aroused. Ryan turned around and grinned. “Almost time to play Doctor,” he laughed. He ripped off little David’s shirt. Then he jerked David’s shorts down and ripped them off his legs. Then he grabbed his boxers and pulled those off too. Little David was now totally nude, his cock standing straight up. “You look real interested in my body,” said Ryan. “You look like you’re all ready to play doctor.” David grabbed Ryan’s shoulders and felt the bulging muscle. “Oh yeah! Oh yeah! I’m ready! I’ve been ready since I first saw you.” Ryan took his hands away and said, “I gotta get more pumped. I wanna be a real muscular patient. I want you to go wild feeling my muscles.” He reached over and grabbed his dad again and pressed him up and down ten more times. Now his shoulders were absolutely bulging, with fibers and veins everywhere. His triceps and traps were bulging too and his pecs and lats were huge too. He put down his dad. Little David came over and pulled off Ryan’s shorts and his boxers. Now Ryan was nude too. His cock was totally erect, pointing straight up. And now David noticed something he didn’t expect. Ryan’s nine year old cock was just as big as his thirteen year old cock. In fact, Ryan’s cock looked even bigger. It was definitely thicker. He had not even gone through puberty and his cock was already bigger than skinny little David’s cock. Ryan saw David looking at his cock. He grinned. “My muscles are big and my penis is big. I’m a big kid, wimp boy.”

Ryan grabbed little David by his crotch and armpits. “Watch my biceps, wimp. Watch those muscles grow with each rep. Watch those muscles fibers bulge and watch the veins surge with blood. I think you’re gonna like being my barbell. Oh yeah, you can feel the muscles too. I know you want to do that.” Little David grinned as he was held by Ryan’s big arms. He loved being Ryan’s barbell. Ryan curled him up and David touched his big bicep muscles with his fingers. The muscle was so hard and it was red hot. He kept his fingers on Ryan’s muscle as Ryan curled him up and down 20 times. All this time he was watching Ryan’s arms, and sure enough those muscles got bigger and felt harder with every rep. The fibers were bulging under his skin and veins were everywhere. “You’re so light,” said Ryan. “These arms can lift a lot more weight than you, but you’ve givin’ ‘em a good pump. They’re big and pumped and hard. All the better to play doctor with.” He finished his last rep and dropped little David to the floor like he was a piece of iron. David looked up at this muscle kid like he was a young god.

Then Ryan got an idea. “Get on my back, Daddy. I’m gonna do some squats. I wanna get my legs all big and pumped up too. I wanna be a good healthy patient for little Doctor David here.” Ryan backed up to the bed. Big David stepped onto the bed and then got on Ryan’s back, clinging to his shoulders with his legs wrapped around Ryan’s small waist. Ryan squatted down, squatting with his 120 dad as his weight. He pushed himself back up and said, “Geez, you’re so light Daddy. I could squat with two of you easy. My legs are real strong.” This was true, as Ryan could now squat with 435 pounds. His daddy was like a feather to his strong legs. As he cranked out reps, little David got on his knees and felt Ryan’s big quad muscles bulge as he cranked out rep after rep. He couldn’t believe how big and hard those muscles were. And they were getting bigger with each rep. Blood was surging through the muscle. Ryan’s big, strong, muscular athletic heart was pumping tons of protein rich blood through the muscle, making it bigger, harder, stronger. Ryan did 20 reps easily and by his last few reps little David was pawing his muscles like a cat, feeling every fiber and vein. Ryan laughed. “You really like my muscles, don’t you Doctor David? You really like big muscular boys.” David looked into Ryan’s beautiful blue eyes and nodded his head. “I love your muscle,” he said. “I love everything about you. Your muscles, your eyes, your hair, your face, your confidence. You are such a stud.” Big David got off Ryan's back and sat down in the chair to watch the boys play.

Ryan smiled. He liked little David talking like this to him. He liked it when people called him a stud. Because he was and he knew it. “Lie on my back, David. I’m gonna do some pushups with you as my extra weight. Regular pushups are too easy for me, so I need extra weight like you. I’m gonna pump up my pecs and delts and triceps. They’re gonna be huge and shredded when Doctor David inspects them.” David was practically salivating. He couldn’t wait to play Doctor with Ryan.

He got on Ryan’s back and grabbed his muscular shoulders. His stomach was right on Ryan’s firm round muscle butt, which pressed up into his soft gut. His rock hard cock was pressed up against that butt, the hard muscle in that butt pushing on his cock. David moaned in pleasure as he felt Ryan’s muscular body with his hands, his chest, his stomach and his cock. Ryan started doing pushups. “These are easy,” he said. “My muscles are real strong. I could do pushups with two or three of you on my back.” David groaned and rubbed his cock against Ryan’s muscular bubble butt as Ryan pushed him up and down. Ryan giggled as he felt David’s cock on his butt. Ryan’s butt muscles were so strong, no cock was ever going to enter his butt. He was the fucker. He was never going to be the fuckee.

David started moving his hands around, feeling Ryan’s muscles pushing him up and down. He felt his pecs, bulging with striated muscle. He felt his delts, bulging out from Ryan’s wide shoulders with fibers and veins everywhere. He felt his triceps which bulged in his arms with corded muscle. David was now moaning with every rep as Ryan’s muscles powered them both up and down. When Ryan got to 25 reps, he bucked David off his body like he was a bucking bronco. Then he spun over and started doing situps as David got his balance, got on his knees and watched Ryan’s ab muscles flex with each rep. He just couldn’t believe how muscular Ryan’s abs were. And the difference in size between his huge chest, with bulging pecs and lats, and his small waist, with incredibly muscular, shredded abs, was amazing. He rubbed his hands on Ryan’s abs, feeling the hard muscle bulge and flex under his paper thin skin. Meanwhile, both boys’ cocks were rock hard.

After Ryan had cranked out 50 reps in less than two minutes, he stopped and jumped up to his feet. He stood in front of the mirror and looked at himself. God he looked good. “Okay, Doctor David, time to examine your patient.” David was still on his knees and he crawled over and kneeled in front of Ryan. “Doctor David wants to check those abs first. Look how cut they are. They look like they were cut by a knife. Patient Ryan has no fat on his body. He’s all muscle. And there’s sweat covering your skin. Your skin is so tan, so hot, so beautiful. Oh god, you look so good.” David started rubbing his hands on Ryan’s abs, feeling every bulge and crevice of muscle. “Oh god, oh god, oh god,” moaned David.

Then he ran his hands down to Ryan’s hard cock. He wanted to feel it. He wanted to put it in his mouth. He wanted to suck it. But as soon as he put his hand on the cock, Ryan grabbed it and tore it away. “Hey Doctor, you gotta check out the rest of my body first. You can’t just go for my penis. I got lots of things to check out first.” David sighed but he agreed. He really wanted to check out all of Ryan’s body.

He stood up and stood next to Ryan in the mirror. The difference between their two bodies was incredible. David was as thin as a twig and as pale as a marshmallow. Ryan was a little shorter, but he was 80 pounds heavier and he was all muscle. His shoulders were six inches wider than David’s. That’s an inch of wider shoulder bone and two inches of thick muscle on each shoulder. But his hips were narrower than David’s. His lats made a tremendous V shape from his wide shoulders to his narrow hips while David didn’t have any lats at all. Ryan’s pecs bulged out from his chest like mountains of muscle while David’s chest was skinny and flat. His arms were big and thick with bulging muscle while David’s arms were like reeds. His neck was very muscular and his traps were big, while David’s neck was like a pencil and he had no traps, just bone. Ryan’s abs were ripped to shreds. They looked like a washboard and he had oblique muscles that slashed down from his hips to his cock. David had nothing. Just a flabby waist with no muscle at all. Ryan’s thighs were huge, thick with muscle that formed ridges when he flexed them. David’s thighs looked like sticks. And Ryan’s calves were huge, bulging with rock hard muscle. David had no calves at all, just bone from his heel to his knee. Ryan’s skin was a dark golden tan, except around his crotch, and David’s skin was pasty white. And then there were the faces. Ryan’s face was absolutely gorgeous, with his blond hair, his blue eyes, his strong jaw and cheekbones. David was very plain, brown hair, brown eyes and face that was very forgettable, almost ugly. The differences between these two boys was incredible. It was almost as if Ryan was from a superior species, sent to Earth to rule the inferior species that was David. Ryan was so superior in every way.

Little David looked at their images in the mirror and cringed. Ryan was so stunning, so good looking, so muscular, so strong. David’s cock was rock hard. He was so turned on he could have come right then. Ryan’s cock was hard too. He liked looking at the images of the two boys in the mirror, the superior boy and the inferior boy. And he was sure the superior boy. David turned and faced Ryan. “Doctor David is going to examine you with all his senses. His sense of touch, his sense of sight, his sense of smell, his sense of taste and his sense of hearing. You are such an incredible physical specimen all my senses want to experience you.” Ryan grinned. This was going to be fun.

David looked at Ryan’s face. “The patient’s face is so beautiful. He has short blond hair that looks so healthy. I’m going to smell it. Oh yeah, his hair smells so fresh, so clean, so vibrant. And now I’m feeling it. It feels so strong, so manly. This is the hair of a real stud.” Ryan grinned. He was liking this doctor a lot. “And now his eyes. Look at those eyes. So clear. So blue. They look like glacier ice. As I look closer it looks like his eyes are filled with ice crystals. And his jaw. I’m feeling his jaw. So firm, so strong, with a little cleft in his chin. And his cheekbones. So solid, so strong! His ears are just right. I’m licking his ears and running my tongue over his cheekbones and down to his jaw. I’m licking total beauty. His face is so beautiful!” Ryan moved his lips. “And his lips. God those lips are beautiful. Firm and manly but soft and smooth at the same time. I’m going to kiss the patient. I’m going feel his lips with my lips. I’m going to taste Ryan’s beautiful lips.”

David kissed Ryan, a long long kiss. He tasted Ryan’s lips and he stuck his tongue into Ryan’s mouth, tasting Ryan’s saliva. So sweet. So wet. So sexy. Ryan pushed back with his own tongue, pushing it into David’s mouth. Ryan’s tongue was a lot stronger than David’s tongue. It just pushed David’s tongue out of the way like it was nothing. Ryan moved his tongue around David’s mouth, tasting the puny little dweeb’s saliva. After a minute, David pulled away. He was panting he was so hot with excitement. “My god, Ryan’s lips taste so good. His mouth is so clean, so pure, so sweet. And he smells so good. So manly. I can smell a little bit of sweat from all the work his muscles have done. God that sweat smells good. Ryan smells so good and he tastes so good. Open up, Ryan. And look at those teeth. They’re so white, so clean, so perfectly spaced. Ryan’s face and mouth are perfect.”

Ryan smiled. He was happy that his face had a clean bill of health from Doctor David. But there was a lot more of his body to inspect. David moved his hand down to Ryan’s neck and around his traps. “The patient has a very thick neck. It’s full of muscle, unlike Doctor David’s neck which is like a little stick. And Ryan has muscles bulging out of the top of his back. These are big huge muscles. I don’t know what they’re called because I don’t have any.” Ryan said, “They’re called trap muscles. They help me lift up real heavy things. You’re just a skinny little wimp. You don’t have any trap muscles. You can’t lift anything that’s heavy. Only real men like me have big trap muscles.” Doctor David nodded his head. Ryan was a real man.

David ran his hands out to Ryan’s big shoulders. ‘It’s hard to believe a nine year old has such big shoulders. He could press his own daddy overhead, like his daddy was just a little stick. These shoulders are so strong! And I can see the fibers of muscle twitching and flexing. I’m going to taste his skin. I’m going to feel his muscle twitch and flex. Oh my god, that muscle is so hot. His skin is salty from all the sweat he’s been making. It tastes so good. I can feel the grooves of muscle. Oh my god, Ryan’s shoulders are so big, so muscular. They’re like big cannonballs sitting on his wide shoulder bones. Oh my god. Oh my god.” Ryan raised his arm up and down so David could feel the incredible muscle and strength of his shoulders. “Look at your shoulders, Doctor David. You don’t have any muscle at all. All you have is skinny bone. My shoulders are real strong and your shoulders are real weak. The strong and the weak, standing right next to each other. How does it feel to be so weak, Doctor David? I don’t know what it’s like to be weak.”

David looked at his bony little shoulders. “How does it feel? I feel so puny, so weak, so insignificant. When I see big boys like you I feel like they’re the muscular rulers of the world and I’m just a puny weakling forced to do whatever they want, getting pushed around any time a big muscular boy feels like it. The strong always dominate the weak. A muscular boy can look at me and know he can inflict massive pain on me with one or two huge blows from his big arms. Or maybe he’ll wrap his big arm around my neck and squeeze me so hard with his big bicep. And he thinks its so funny, the strong dominating the weak. I’m just helpless against the muscle of boys like you. Muscle is so scary for a weak little boy like me. But at the same time, I love muscle so much I want to be around it as much as I can. I love to feel muscle. I love to see how strong it is. I just love muscle, maybe because I don’t have any muscle and because I’m so weak. I wish I were big, muscular and strong like you Ryan. But I’m just a little weakling. But now I’m feeling your big hard muscles. You’ve made me the happiest weakling in the world.” Ryan’s dad smiled. He knew exactly how little David felt.

Ryan smiled. He had always been strong. He had never known what it was like to be weak, to have other kids beat him up, to feel the power of another kid’s muscles inflicting pain on him. Because he was the strong one. He was the aggressive one. He was the dominant one. And he liked it that way. “Yeah, well, I’m strong and I’m dominant. I can make you do whatever I want, Doctor David, you puny little wimp boy. Finish checking out my body. I like being checked out by a little wimp like you. It turns me on, being so big and strong and getting examined by a little nerd like you.”

David grinned. “Oh yeah!” he yelled. He moved his hands down to Ryan’s right arm. “Look at the size of Ryan’s arm. Look at all that muscle. Ryan’s big bicep curled up my body like he was curling a little stick. That muscle is so big, so strong. I can feel the fibers of muscle in his arm. I can feel the veins, pushed out by his hard muscle against his tan, paper thin skin. Blood is gushing through those veins, feeding protein to the muscle, making it bigger, stronger, harder. Ryan worked out his arms real hard today and now they’re growing, getting bigger and stronger. And his forearms! Oh my god. They’re so big, so muscular, so ripped, with fibers and veins everywhere. Flex your arm, Ryan. I wanna lick that hard muscle. I wanna taste your skin. I wanna smell your sweat. I wanna feel the hard muscle fibers with my weak little tongue.”

Ryan flexed his arm and David started licking his bicep, feeling the rippling muscle with his little tongue. Both boys’ cocks were rock hard. “Oh my god, what muscle! What power! What strength!” yelled David as he licked Ryan’s hard muscle. “And I can smell your sweat. The sweaty smell of a muscle jock. All male. All masculine. The smell of a total muscle jock!” Ryan moved his arm up and down, letting little David feel his muscle bulge and contract. He was getting so turned on by this muscle worship.

David moved his face down towards Ryan’s armpit. “The muscle sweat smell is getting stronger. My nose wants more of it. My nose wants more sweat!” David pushed his nose into Ryan’s armpit and breathed in the pungent smell of Ryan’s sweat. “Oh you smell so good. I never make sweat that smells so good. You’ve got muscle jock sweat, the sweat that’s made by big, strong, muscle jocks as they work their muscles real hard. Your muscles get big and hard and pumped and hot and sweat starts pouring out of your skin as you work your muscles to exhaustion by pushing the heavy weights or lifting the puny little humans like your daddy and me. Oh god you smell so good, Ryan.” David burrowed his face into Ryan’s armpit and Ryan flexed his lats and pecs, making the muscles form a hard wall around David’s dainty face. “Now I’m tasting the sweat. It tastes so salty, so strong, so masculine. You are a real man, Ryan. You are a real man.”

David moved his face down to Ryan’s lat muscle. He started feeling Ryan’s lats as he licked the hard muscle. “Oh god, your lat muscles are so big. They’re so strong. They lifted both of our bodies up. And skinny little me can’t do even one pullup and your lats are so strong they can pull up two bodies. God the muscle is hard. And it’s so thick. And it makes such a fantastic taper down from your wide shoulders to your narrow hips. God I love your muscle Ryan. You are a perfect human being. Doctor David can find nothing but perfection in your body.” Ryan kind of grunted. He was so turned on. He loved the body worship and he was getting so hot.

David ran his hands over to Ryan’s pecs. “Your chest is so big. These pec muscles are so hard. They’re so strong too. I can feel the fibers of muscle. And your nipples are so sexy. They’re firm and erect and are being pushed out by all that muscle. Oh, I’m sucking them and they taste so good. Big, firm erect nipples. Big balls of muscle. Oh god, your chest is so sexy. So muscular, so strong, so sexy.” David put his ear over Ryan’s left pec muscle and he listened to Ryan’s heart. “I can hear Ryan’s big heart pumping blood through his body. The pulses are strong. I can almost hear all that protein rich blood surging into his muscles. Ryan’s heart must be huge and strong, able to pump so much blood that his muscles grow bigger and stronger every day. These pec muscles are enormous. So big, so strong, so hard.” He ran his hands over Ryan’s big pecs. Ryan was now groaning. He was moving his body around as David worshipped him. He loved it.

David moved down to Ryan’s abs. He ran his hands over the hard ridges of muscle, feeling every bulge and crevice. “Oh god, your ab muscles are so hard. They’re like bricks. Muscle bricks. Hard strong muscles bricks. Now I’m tasting your sweat, tasting the sweat that poured out of your skin as your were working your muscles. God that sweat tastes so good. And your skin is so thin. I can feel the muscle flexing under my tongue. Hard, fibrous muscle flexing and twitching as I lick it. Oh god your abs are so sexy. I could feel your muscle all day. I can lick your muscle all day. Oh god. Oh god.” David was roaming his face around Ryan’s abs, smelling and tasting his skin and feeling his muscle. He ran his tongue over Ryan’s oblique muscles too, the muscles that went down to Ryan’s crotch. He moved his face around those obliques and back up to his abs. He could see that Ryan’s cock was so hard.

As he was licking Ryan’s abs, he moved his hands around to feel his hard round glute muscles, muscles that were bulging out in his strong muscular bubble butt. “Oh your butt feels so big and strong. So muscular. So hard. So round. So firm. So much muscle. Your butt is so sexy. When I feel your abs and your butt all I can think of is sex. You are the sexiest boy I have ever seen. God I wanna have sex. I wanna have sex with you Ryan.” Ryan was moaning and groaning. He wanted to have sex too. He was ready to attack David. To dominate him. To fuck him. To dominate the skinny little boy with his big muscles and cock. But there was more muscle for David to worship.

“My legs want some attention, Doctor. They want you to feel how big and muscular they are.” David immediately followed Ryan’s command and dropped to his knees. He placed his hands on Ryan’s big thighs. “Oh I’m so sorry I ignored you, legs. Doctor David wants to check you out very carefully. Oh god, you are just packed with muscle. The muscle is so thick, so hard. And that muscle is so strong. I saw you lifting Ryan’s dad like he was a little stick. And I saw you smash Tony’s chest, breaking his bones. You are very strong legs. You have way more muscle than your owner’s arms. Everyone pays attention to the arms, but you legs have way more muscle then them. And you’re so strong.” Ryan grinned. He liked the way David was worshipping his legs. “Feel those calves, wimp. Feel how big and hard they are.”

David ran his hands down to Ryan’s calves, huge balls of muscle bulging from his bones. “Oh my god, these calves are so big, so hard. Look at that muscle. I can see every fiber of hard muscle. I can see the veins. These calves are as hard as rocks. I’m going to taste them. I’m going to taste the skin that is sitting on top of all that hard muscle.” David licked Ryan’s calves, feeling the bulges and the fibers. “I can taste the sweat. It tastes so salty. It’s so strong, so powerful, just like these muscles. Now I’m going to rub my nose all over these huge legs, smelling the sweat, feeling the heat of the muscle, feeling the hardness, feeling all of the power of Ryan’s legs with my face.”

He started rubbing his cheeks on the muscle, smelling the sweat, licking the skin. He grabbed on to those huge calves and felt the bulging muscle. Then he rammed his face between Ryan’s thighs. Ryan opened his legs a bit so David’s face could fit through the muscle. Then he closed his legs onto David’s head. David was now wrapped by the incredible muscle of Ryan’s thighs. The muscle wasn’t flexed. It was thick and solid. “Oh my god, your muscle feels so good when it’s wrapped around my head. It’s so warm. Your skin is sweaty so it’s wet. Warm and wet skin pressed by all that muscle against my little head. I feel like I’m in muscle heaven, just surrounded by big hard muscle. Oh, oh, oh, I love it. I love it.”

Ryan flexed his thighs. Instantly the thick, solid muscle turned into rock. He squeezed his legs into David’s head. Those legs were so strong, David’s head was just an annoyance to their incredible power. They squeezed his dainty little cheeks, like hard rocks crushing tender fruit. “Oh my god! Your legs are so hard. They’re like rocks. And they’re so strong. They’re crushing my head like it’s a marshmallow. Oh god. Oh god.” Ryan’s nine year old legs were incredibly muscular and strong. He commanded them to crush the little wimp and they followed the orders of their master. He ordered them to crush and they crushed. They liked to crush. They liked to pulverize. They liked to destroy. They were big, strong, dominating legs.

Little David started groaning. Then as Ryan’s legs applied more pressure the groaning got louder. He was in pain but he was also very aroused, running his hands over the solid muscle and feeling the strength of Ryan’s muscular thighs on his little head. Finally Ryan let go and David pulled out his head and looked up at Ryan’s face, the face of the boy who had all this muscle, the face of the most genetically gifted boy David had ever seen. Ryan looked down at him with his big blue eyes with a look of power and lust. He was pumped, he was sweaty and he was ready to dominate the little wimp kneeling before him.

"Now you're gonna feel the power of my muscles, wimp" He reached down and grabbed David by the shoulders. He lifted him up and threw him on the bed. Then he jumped on top of David and started wrestling with him, pushing him around and jamming him with his cock. "Feel all my fucking strength! Feel my power! You're gonna feel the power muscles and the powe of my cock. I’m gonna wrestle the shit outta you and I’m gonna fuck you. I’m gonna totally thrash you with my muscles and I’m gonna fuck you with my cock. I feel so strong. So powerful, so aggressive. I’m gonna really fuck you up, you little wimp! ” Ryan wrestled with David like he was wrestling with a rag doll. David’s muscles were nothing to Ryan’s muscles. He twisted his arms, twisted his legs, flipped him, tossed him, just smashed his weak little body.

David smelled Ryan’s crotch sweat. He didn’t have any pubic hair, but he sweated a lot as his big muscles worked and David was now smelling all that sweat. It smelled so good. It smelled so manly. It smelled like the smell of a total muscle jock. “Lick my penis. Lick my balls. You got me real turned on, wimp boy, and now I’m gonna fuck you. I fucked Ashley and now I’m gonna fuck you.”

David started licking Ryan’s balls and cock. Ryan had very large balls for a boy so young. Those balls were producing the testosterone that was surging through his body, four times the testosterone that a normal boy would have and eight times the testosterone that a little wimp like David had. Those big balls were pumping out the testosterone into Ryan’s muscular body, making the muscles grow bigger, grow stronger, grow harder. And Ryan’s cock was big and thick, bigger and thicker than David’s even though David was four years older. Even though he hadn’t gone through puberty, Ryan was already a man. Big muscles, big balls and a big cock. Ryan was a young stud.

David licked Ryan’s cock and Ryan started groaning. He was so aroused. He was so turned on. David took his cock inside his mouth and started licking it and sucking it. Ryan moaned louder. David was a fantastic cocksucker. All this time, David was running his hands over Ryan’s butt and his legs and his abs, feeling his hard muscles flex and twitch as David caressed his cock. David’s cock was rock hard too. Both boys were totally turned on after all of David’s muscle worshipping and now his cocksucking.

David was feeling Ryan's muscles and Ryan felt David's skinny bones. David moaned and groaned as he felt the rock hard muscle of Ryan’s body as he sucked his cock. Ryan jumped up on his feet, grabbed David's head and pushed his face into his cock. He rubbed his rock hard cock on David's face as David moaned in pleasure as he felt the huge dick on his face and smelled the pungent sweat coming from Ryan's crotch. He rubbed his hands all over Ryan's butt and legs, feeling the hot sweaty skin and the bulging muscles underneath. Ryan pushed his cock into David's lips. David opened his mouth and Ryan jammed his cock inside. Ryan immediatly started fucking the kid's face, jamming his hard cock in and out, dominating him with his muscle and his cock. It was a sheer display of dominance, with the big strong muscle boy fucking the face of the weak little wimp. David licked and sucked that huge monster that was in his mouth. He looked up at Ryan’s abs, his pecs and his brutally handsome face as Ryan fucked and fucked and fucked him. Ryan was so gorgeous. So beautiful. And his muscles were hot and rippling with power. David’s cock was rock hard. Ryan’s huge muscles were dominating David’s bone and flab. David could feel all that muscle throbbing, flexing, pumping as their owner commanded them to fuck the little wimp. Ryan’s blue eyes were so beautiful, beautiful yet dominant, as he fucked and fucked. Ryan started yelling as his cock started exploding with sexual bliss. If he were older gushes of cum would have flooded David's throat. But even without cum, his cock was exploding with pleasure as he jammed his cock in and out of David's face. At the same time, David came, spurting gush after gush of cum out of his cock. This was the best orgasm he had ever had in his brief life. And Ryan’s pre-pubescent orgasm was better than the one he had with Ashley. He really liked dominating and fucking David.

When they had both finished cumming, Ryan kissed David and rubbed his hard body all over David, rubbing his pecs on David’s chest and rubbing his still hard cock on David’s gut. He was moaning with pleasure. “You are a very good doctor,” he said. “You got me totally excited. I love doctors like you.” David smiled. Ryan was the best patient he would ever see in his life.

Big David looked at the two nude boys on the bed. “It looks like you two had a real good time playing doctor. It’s fun to play doctor, especially when you’ve got a patient who looks like Ryan. But now it’s time to get dressed. Ryan and I will take you home, David. Tomorrow we’re going to the bodybuilding contest. Ryan’s going to watch some real big bodybuilders. Big, muscular and strong, just like Ryan’s going to be in a few years. Ryan’s already very muscular and strong. But he’s going to get even bigger, even stronger. We’ll have to come back when Ryan’s your age and Doctor David can see how much muscle Ryan has put on.” David grinned. “Oh yeah, please come back. I wanna see Ryan grow. I wanna see all his muscle. I love Ryan’s muscle. I love Ryan.” He kissed Ryan and held on to him real tight. Then the boys put on their clothes, Ryan drank a protein drink, and David and Ryan took little David home.

The next day, David and Ryan went to the auditorium for the bodybuilding contest. They got there for the first event, the pre-judging, and with their backstage tickets they went backstage to see all the bodybuilders pump up and put on their tanning oil. Ryan could hardly wait to see all the huge bodybuilders. Ryan was wearing a white wife beater and shorts, so you could see his big shoulders and arms and the top part of his bulging pecs. Plus the wife beater was small on his big torso, so you could see his lats flare out at the sides, tapering down his narrow hips. His big thighs strained his shorts and his calves bulged with muscle as he walked. Ryan looked like a bodybuilder himself.

As they walked in, Ryan’s eyes got big as he saw all the huge guys pumping up their muscles, making them get bigger and harder and flushed with blood. “Wow, daddy, look at those guys! Look at all that muscle! They’re huge! They’re so big and so strong!” David looked at the huge guys and smiled. “Yeah, they’re huge all right. These are the biggest, most muscular men in the whole world. Their arms are bigger than my legs. They have more muscle in one arm than I have in my whole body. We just entered a roomful of muscle.” Ryan grinned. “Oh yeah. Oh yeah. We’re in a room of muscle! I love all that muscle. Do you like muscle, daddy?” David looked at Ryan and said, “I love muscle.” Then he grabbed Ryan’s arm and felt his bulging bicep. “And you’re gonna keep putting on muscle, Ryan. You’re gonna grow bigger and stronger every month. By the time you’re a teenager, you’re gonna look like these guys. Huge and strong and invincible and dominant. You’re my muscle son, Ryan. You are a muscle kid.” Ryan grinned. He liked being a muscle kid. He wanted to get bigger. He wanted to get stronger. And he knew he would.

David and Ryan then noticed that practically all of the bodybuilders were staring at them. Or rather, staring at Ryan. Ryan’s incredible workout in the gym was today’s gossip among the bodybuilders and now they were checking out the nine year old’s incredible body. He was checking them out and they were checking him out. A mutual admiration society. Several of them walked up and shook David’s hand with their huge, muscular hands, almost crushing his little hand. “You got quite a son there,” said a huge black guy who must have weighed 270 pounds. “Pretty soon he’s gonna have muscles like this.” He flexed his arm for David and Ryan, and immediately they both grabbed his upper arm and felt the huge hard musclea. “Twenty three inches of rock,” he said.

The huge black dude stood there in his tiny posing suit. His muscles were so big, so pumped, so shredded. David just couldn’t keep his eyes of the guy’s body. This black guy had more muscle than David had ever seen, except maybe on Matt, the guy who trained with Ryan. It was big muscle. It was hard muscle. It was shredded muscle. It was Alpha male stud muscle. Ryan kept feeling his muscles, feeling their size, their hardness, their strength. “You must be real strong,” he gasped. “Oh yeah,” he said. “I bench 650 and squat with 850. These big guns can curl 300 pounds. I’m really strong.” Ryan was gasping. “Oh geez,” he said. “You are so strong! I wanna be as strong as you someday. I can already bench 335 and I’m only nine years old. But 335 is nothin’. I wanna be as strong as you!” The big guy reached down and squeezed Ryan’s arm. “You got a lot of muscle, kid. You got great genes. Genes are everything, kid. I got good genes and you got great genes. I bet you will be as strong as me. Maybe stronger. I didn’t bench 335 until I was 17 years old. You’re way stronger than I was.” Ryan grinned. It was great getting compliments from a huge bodybuilder like this guy. And David was in heaven, seeing so much muscle and having the Alpha male owners of that muscle talking to him and his son. There were at least 10 huge bodybuilders standing as close as they could to Ryan and David. Over a ton and a half of muscle was standing within 10 feet of him. David’s cock was rock hard.

Suddenly Matt came up and pushed the black dude away from David and Ryan with his shoulder. “Move over, Johnny. Ryan is my training partner. You should have seen him train yesterday. He’s a beast in the gym.” Johnny said, “Yeah, he told me he can bench 335. That’s incredible for a kid. Look at his body. He looks like a bodybuilder already.” Matt looked at Ryan. “I’ve got a surprise for you bud. I talked to the promoters of the contest. I told them what you looked like and how much you could lift. They want you to be the guest poser. Most guest posers are pros, but they want you. They want you to pose in front of all the fans. They know the fans are gonna love you. You have so much muscle at such a young age. They’re all gonna be drooling over your muscle. And you can show how strong you are too. We’ll have some weights and you can show the fans what all that muscle can do. How’s that sound?” Johnny and the other bodybuilders were nodding their heads and yelling “yeah, yeah,” excitedly. They really wanted Ryan to pose.

Ryan looked at David. He was proud of his body and he had never been shy. He was aggressive and confident. “Yeah, that’s sounds great. I’m gonna show all those people what real big kid muscle looks like. I’m gonna show ‘em how strong I am.” He looked at the little posing suits that the bodybuilders were wearing. “But I need a little suit like you have. The people gotta see my butt. I got lots of muscle in my butt. They gotta see my legs. I gotta rip off these clothes and find a little suit.” He ripped off his wife beater and threw it on the floor. Now he was pulling down the zipper of his shorts. He wanted to take off his shorts right away. He wanted to look just like the huge guys standing around him, totally naked except for a little posing suit. He wanted everyone to see his muscles. David reached into his backback and pulled out Ryan’s little speedo. “I brought this for you, Ryan. You can pose in your little speedo. You look so good in that speedo.” Ryan grinned and grabbed the speedo. “Yeah!” he yelled as he jumped up and down. He pulled down his shorts in front of all the bodybuilders and kicked them off. Then he pulled down his boxers and kicked them off too. For a moment, he was standing buck naked in front of the huge men. They were all looking at his incredible body and his big cock. They couldn’t believe he had a body that looked so good and a cock that was so big. Ryan pulled on his speedo, barely getting it over his big muscular legs. It hung low on his butt, showing off the tops of this glute muscles and showing off all of his abs and his obliques. If he had been older, you could have seen his pube hair. His cock was only a half an inch below the tight fabric. Ryan looked very good in his speedo.

Matt handed David a bottle. “Here’s some tanning oil. Spread the oil evenly on Ryan’s body and then wipe if off with a towel. He’ll look great. All his muscles will really stand out. Geez, they really stand out now. They’re gonna stand out even more. “Oh yeah, oh yeah!” yelled Ryan. “I’m gonna look like a real bodybuilder! I’m gonna look just like you guys!” One of the huge dudes looked at Ryan and said, “You’re a stud, kid. You’re gonna show everyone what a stud you are.”

David started applying the oil to Ryan’s body. He loved feeling Ryan’s muscles. He had felt them thousands of times, but every time he felt them a chill went up his spine. He loved Ryan’s muscles. He loved Ryan’s body. He loved Ryan. David applied the oil to Ryan’s traps, his shoulders and his lats. Ryan proudly flexed his muscles as his daddy applied the oil. “You can feel my muscles, can’t you daddy. You can feel how big and hard they are. That oil feels good. Real gooey. Your hands feel good on my skin. I bet the oil lets your hands feel my muscles real good. Look at those muscle fibers. You can feel every fiber, can’t you daddy. Every fiber is so hard.” David smiled. “Yeah, every fiber feels like a steel cable. Your muscles are so hard, so taut, like steel.”

David moved his oil drenched hands down to Ryan’s bulging pec muscles. He rubbed the oil over the striated fibers of muscle and rubbed his fingers on Ryan’s nipples. Ryan giggled. He thought that was fun. “You’re tickling me daddy. You’re tickling my nipples. Look how far they stick out. All that muscle is pushing them out. Hey, you’re tickling them again! Ummmm, it feels good, daddy. It feels good.” David smiled and rubbed his hands all over Ryan’s pec muscles. Ryan hummed as he felt his daddy’s hands on his skin. His daddy’s hands felt real good.

Next David moved down to Ryan’s abs, feeling the ridges of hard muscle. He rubbed the oil on those abs. It was like rubbing oil on an iron washboard. He pushed his fingers into those abs but it was like hitting steel. Ryan’s abs were much too hard to be pushed by his dainty little fingers. Ryan laughed. “My abs are too hard for you to push ‘em, daddy. My abs are as hard as bricks. Your little fingers are way too weak to do anything to my abs. Even fists are too weak for my abs. It’s great having rock hard abs.” David pulled out Ryan’s tight speedo and rubbed the oil under it, making sure the oil covered his very low ab muscles and his obliques. He touched Ryan’s cock and Ryan giggled. He moved his hands around to Ryan’s butt and oiled up those two big balls of muscle. “Your butt is really hard, Ryan. Your butt is nothing but muscle. And it’s really round and perfectly formed. You have a very nice butt.” Ryan smiled and flexed his glutes. “Yeah, all the girls say I have the best butt in the whole school. They’re always coming up and pinching my butt. I flex the muscle and they squeal. They love my butt.” David rubbed the oil into Ryan’s butt crack. Ryan flexed and David felt the hard muscle contract around his little fingers. It was like his fingers were being crushed by two walls of muscle, his muscle son’s muscle.

David ran his hands up Ryan’s back, rubbing the oil on his lower back muscles first. Those muscles were thick and hard, big ridges of muscle that could deadlift over 450 pounds. Ryan had a very strong back and David was rubbing his hands over the big muscles that made his back so strong. Next he went up to Ryan’s lat muscles and rubbed the thick wing-like muscle that flared out from Ryan’s wide shoulders. “Your lats have gotten so big, Ryan. I can’t believe you have so much muscle in your lats. Your back looks like a cobra snake, big wings of solid muscle.” Ryan flexed his lats and grinned. “I love having big lats. I can do so many pullups. And if I squeeze a kid I can force all the air out of his lungs. He can’t breathe. My lats are so strong I can just crush his lungs. He’s just helpless when I crush him. One day my lats are gonna be so strong I’ll be able to break his bones, just by squeezing him and crushing his weak little chest. It’s great having big strong lats.” David sighed and rubbed the oil all over Ryan’s lats, feeling the hard muscles flex for him.

David had now finished Ryan’s torso. He was ready to oil up his big, muscular arms. He moved first to Ryan’s right arm and started oiling up all that muscle. “Your arms have gotten so big, Ryan. They’re bigger than my arms and they’re solid muscle. I’ve never seen a kid with arms as big and muscular as yours. And your arms are so strong. I just love to watch you curling huge weights, weights that I couldn’t even dream of curling. I just love to watch your biceps bulge into huge balls of muscle as they curl the heavy iron. I love your arms, Ryan. I just love your arms.” David kissed Ryan’s bicep muscle as Ryan flexed it for him. Then he rubbed the tanning oil all over his arm, the arm of a muscle stud.

He then went over to the left arm. This time he started from the forearm and worked his way up. “Your forearms are so muscular. You’ve got such tremendous crushing power in your hands. Look at all those muscles and veins. You just radiate power, Ryan. You look like power.” Ryan grinned and flexed his hand into a fist. “Yeah, I got power all right. I’m a power kid. If I hit you with this fist you’d fall over and start puking. I’ve made lots of kids puke. They just can’t deal with all the power I have. I can make ‘em do whatever I want. I got power.” David sighed again and kept rubbing the oil into Ryan’s beautiful skin.

Now it was time for the legs. David got on his knees and started rubbing the oil into Ryan’s huge thighs. “Your legs have gotten so big, Ryan. And they’re hard, like they’re made of thick clay. And when you flex them, they turn into stone, warm stone. Oh yeah, you’re flexing those muscles and they feel as hard as rocks. You can stop flexing now so I can rub the oil in better. Ah yeah. That muscle is still very firm. And that muscle is so strong. I can’t wait for you to start playing football. Your legs are so big and muscular and strong you’re just gonna knock down any boy who gets in your way. You’re gonna smash the other team with all your muscle. You’re gonna be a fantastic football player.” Ryan grinned. “Yeah, I can hardly wait. Now that I'm nine I can play this year. I could smash all those kids so hard. I got bigger muscles than 14 year olds. I can hardly wait to play football. I can be as tough as I want. I don’t have to worry about being too strong for the other kids. I can just smash ‘em and my coach will love me.” David sighed again. Ryan was so aggressive. So dominant, So strong. Just what he wanted in a muscle son.

He moved his hands down to Ryan’s calves. This muscle was rock hard even when it wasn’t flexed. Ryan’s calves were always rock hard, ready to jump, to run, to kick, to annihilate. “Your calves are really big, Ryan. If you look around, you’ll see that a lot of bodybuilders have a hard time building big calves. But you’ve never had a problem with that. Those muscles just keep getting bigger and stronger. You’ve got great genetics. Every muscle on your body is just perfect, big and strong. You’re a perfect muscle son.” Ryan bent down and kissed his dad on the head. “And you’re the perfect daddy for a muscle kid. You really help my muscles grow, daddy. You spot me. You give me great food. I can have all the protein I want. My muscles just grow and grow and grow with you as my daddy.” David sighed again and kissed Ryan’s bulging calf.

David stood up and started rubbing Ryan’s body with a towel, toweling off all the excess oil so his skin looked radiant and tan, showing off all his muscles. Ryan looked so good. Ryan always looked good, and now he looked fantastic. But there was no oil yet on Ryan’s face. David put a small amount of oil on his fingers and applied it to Ryan’s cheeks, his nose, his forehead and his neck. Then he got the towel and rubbed it off. He looked at Ryan’s face. “Ryan, you are the best looking young man I have ever seen. Your face is so perfect. Your eyes are so blue, so beautiful. Your hair is stunning. Your skin is so tan, so clear, so flawless. You are drop dead gorgeous, Ryan . Maybe I’m biased because I’m your daddy, but you are gorgeous. And with that body, you are beyond belief. It’s like someone prayed to God for the most beautiful boy ever made and God granted his wish with you.” He kissed Ryan’s cheek with tears in his eyes. He was the happiest daddy there ever was.

When they had finished with the tanning oil, Ryan walked out to where the bodybuilders were pumping up for the pre-judging. The lightweights had already been judged. They were backstage and were milling around. The middleweights were about to be judged. They had lined up and were ready to go onstage. David and Ryan looked at the bronzed gods, lined up and ready to display their muscle superiority to the judges. David looked at their bodies, all perfectly developed but not gigantically huge. These men would have been the Alpha male jocks in high school, the football players, the wrestlers, the sprinters, all with big strong muscles that were bigger and stronger than the other guys in high school. They were in the highest clique. They could have all the girls they wanted. They were the studs of the school.

Then David and Ryan looked over at the heavyweights and the super-heavyweights. If the middleweights were the Alpha males in high school, these guys were above the Alpha males. They were the leaders of the Alpha males. They were the super Alpha males. They were the biggest, strongest football players. They were the biggest, strongest wrestlers. They were the fastest sprinters and the shot putters and discus men. And they could pick whatever girls they wanted and fuck them as much as they wanted. They could push every other high school boy aside and take whatever they wanted, girls, guys, whatever. They were in the highest social clique and they were the leaders of the clique. They were the alpha studs of the school. These were the boys David always lusted over, the ones with the biggest muscles, the ones who were the strongest, the cockiest most arrogant studs in school, the ones who pushed him aside if he was in their way in the halls, the ones who never talked to David, the ones who didn’t know he was alive. And now he was here, standing right next to them, and they all wanted to be his friend. All because of his muscle son Ryan. David was in heaven.

The heavyweights and super heavyweights congregated around Ryan. “Wow, you really look good,” said Johnny. “You look like you should be competing with us. In ten years, you probably will be competing with us. You are such a stud, Ryan.” Ryan grinned. He liked being called a stud by one of the biggest bodybuilders there. Matt and Johnny were both super heavyweights. They were the cream of the cream, the biggest, most muscular, strongest studs there. In the off season they each weighed over 300 pounds. Now they were cut down to about 270 and it was all shredded muscle. Matt was white and Johnny was black. They were the black and white studs of the competition. David could tell that one of them would win.

Matt looked at Ryan. “Me and Johnny are going to teach you to pose. While the middleweights and the heavyweights are getting pre-judged, we’re gonna teach you some poses. Then you can practice with your dad and pump up while we’re posing. Then you go onstage and stun the audience with your incredible body. You can lift some barbells too, showing them how strong you are. The promoters want you to pose now, for the prejudging, and again tonight for the finals. You’re gonna be a star, Ryan. You ready to learn some poses?”

Ryan started jumping up and down. “Oh yeah, I’m ready!” It was obvious that Matt and Johnny had been talking about the poses Ryan should do. They already had a program worked out for him. Matt had even picked out some music, a song Matt had found called “Superboy.” Ryan was a Superboy and he was going to pose to the song Superboy. “Okay, Ryan, I’m going to play the song on my little tape recorder and Johnny is going to show you the poses. You’re gonna show off all your muscles. You ready?” Ryan nodded. Matt started the music and Johnny got ready to pose.

David stood there astounded. Here were the two biggest bodybuilders in the contest, two of the biggest, buffest bodybuilders in the world, and they were teaching his son how to pose. Instead of pumping up more for their contest, they were with Ryan, teaching Ryan. Ryan was such a stud that even the biggest, strongest men in the world wanted to be with him, to help him. And David was there, soaking it all in. Watching all that muscle. Loving his muscle son.

Johnny first just stood on stage, flexing his abs and lats and legs just a little. Matt talked. “First, you just stand there for a few moments. You let the people see how big you are just standing there. You flex your abs, your lats and your legs just a little. Your muscles are so shredded they’ll just explode. The people can see how wide your shoulders are, how narrow your hips are. They can see your washboard abs and the flare that your lat muscles make down from your wide shoulders to your hips. And they can see how big and shredded your legs are. This is a great opening pose. You just stand there and smile. People are gonna start yelling.” Ryan grinned and hit the same pose. He looked just as good as Johnny, maybe better.

“Geez, look at his abs,” said Matt. “They look way better than your abs Johnny. His waist is so small and his abs are so ripped. They look like small steel-corrugated bricks supporting his big muscular torso. You got big abs supporting your big torso. He’s got small, ripped abs supporting his big torso. Way better than you, Johnny. Way better.” Ryan smiled. Johnny grimaced. He knew Matt was right. Ryan’s abs looked way better than Johnny’s.

“Okay, now hit a double biceps shot. The fans will already be yelling. Now you’re gonna make ‘em scream!” Ryan slowly raised his arms and flexed his biceps. He had done this many times in the mirror and he knew exactly how to do it. He also flexed his lats, his pecs and his quads. He looked stunning. “Holy shit,” said Johnny. “Your biceps are huge. Your triceps are huge. Your forearms are huge. Your arms look fantastic. Flex your arms, Matt. Let’s see how your arms compare to Ryan’s big guns.” Matt flexed his arms. He had absolutely huge arms, measuring 23 inches of solid muscle. His arms were way bigger, but Ryan’s arms looked just as good. He had very thick full, biceps and a very high bicep peak and his triceps bulged down like footballs of muscle. Your could see more fibers of muscle in Ryan’s arms and you could see tons of veins. “Shit, Ryan’s arms look just as good as yours, Matty boy. For his size they look just as big. And they’re really ripped. Totally ripped..” Matt nodded his head. He couldn’t believe how good Ryan’s arms looked.

“Okay, now hit a side triceps pose, like Johnny is doing. You’ve shown ‘em your biceps. Now show ‘em your triceps. You got big arms. Show ‘em off!” Ryan dropped his arms and hit a side triceps pose with his right arm. He also flexed his delts, pecs and quads. All his muscles bulged with incredible relief. His skin looked so smooth, so tan, so pure, so thin. He had absolutely no fat and absolutely no blemishes on his skin as his muscles bulged underneath. “Fuck, look at that tricep,” said Matt. “So big, so cut. I just can’t believe you’re only nine years old, Ryan. You’ve got the muscles of a buff 16 year old.” He flexed his own huge tricep next to Ryan’s. “My muscle’s bigger, but yours looks just as good. You’re a stud, Ryan. You’re a total stud. You’re gonna have bigger arms than me. I know it. I just know it.” Ryan grinned.

‘Okay, now turn around and do a back lat pose, like Johnny is doing. Look how big Johnny’s lats are. Look at that V shape. Oh my god! Look at your lats. You’ve got a better V shape than Johnny! Your lats are huge! Your shoulders are so wide and your hips are so narrow, you’ve got a tremendous V shape. Oh my God, Ryan. Those fans are gonna be yelling so loud! I can’t believe it! You’re gonna be stealing the show!” David looked at Johnny’s lats and at Ryan’s lats. Ryan’s lats did look better. And Ryan was his son! His son had better looking lats than this huge black bodybuilder, a guy who might win this whole contest! And Ryan was his son! His muscle son. He wrote down the pose on a sheet of paper. He was keeping track of all the poses.

“Okay, stud, flex those guns. Show ‘em your guns from the back.” Ryan flexed his arms and the muscles bulged. God his arms looked good. And his shoulders looked incredible. “Geez, look at his delts,” said Johnny. “You can see every head of muscle. And in each head, you can see the individual fibers. Look at those fibers flex and twitch with every little move of his arms. God I can’t believe it. And I’m a bodybuilder. I got big delts too. But Ryan’s delts look incredible, even to me. And his delts are so big! Look how big they are Matt. They don’t look like kid delts. They look like man delts. Ryan, you got the body of a man!” Ryan flexed harder and grinned. Yeah, he was a man. He was only seven years old, but he was a man.

Matt looked down at Ryan’s calves. “Okay, Ryan, now you show the fans your calves. Raise yourself up on your toes. Yeah, that’s it. Oh geez, Johnny. Look at those calves! Look at those two huge heads of muscle. Ryan, look over at Johnny’s calves. He ain’t got any calves at all. That’s why I’m gonna beat him today, ‘cause I got calves and he doesn’t.” Johnny sneered at Matt. “But look at your calves! They’re huge! You got the biggest calves I ever saw on a young guy. And they look so hard and strong. I can see the fibers of muscle and veins all over. God your calves are incredible, Ryan. People are going to be screaming their heads off.” Johnny nodded his head. “I’ve been workin’ my calves so hard. My calves lift tons of weight in every workout, but they just don’t grow bigger. I’m so jealous of you, Ryan. You got the best genes I ever saw. You got fantastic calves. You got fantastic genes. All your muscles are just perfect. Big, strong and perfect. God I’m jealous.” David smiled. Here was one of the biggest, buffest bodybuilders in the world saying he was jealous of Ryan, his son. David’s cock was rock hard as he looked at Johnny’s huge body and then at his son Ryan. His son Ryan had better genetics than Johnny. Ryan had the best genetics in the world.

“Okay,” said Matt. “Now we know Ryan’s better than Johnny. Okay, now hit a side chest shot. Look at Johnny. Look how his pecs push out of his chest. Look at all that muscle. Oh my god, Ryan. Your pecs are huge. And they’re so striated. Now I can see why they can bench 335 pounds. They’re just filled with muscle. Solid, rock hard muscle. Solid, rock hard bulging pecs on a nine year old. Fuck! Now look at Johnny’s butt. Look at all the muscle he has in his butt. Johnny is a real strong guy and that muscle in his butt helps him squat with incredible weights. Flex your butt, Ryan. Let’s see your glutes. Flex your glutes while your flexing your pecs. Yeah, that’s right. Oh my god. Look at those glutes. Look at that muscle, Johnny. Look at how striated it is. Look at the dents his muscle makes in his butt. Oh so big, so strong. I bet the girls love you, Ryan. I bet the girls love to come up and pinch your rock hard bubble butt. I bet the girls just can’t get enough of you, can they Ryan?”

Ryan grinned. “Yeah, the girls really like me. The guys do too. Everybody likes me.” Matt smiled. “Well, you’re such a fine young man. You’re the kind of son every father would want. Big, strong, muscular, very good looking and a nice guy too.” He turned to David. “You’re a very lucky father, having a son like Ryan. I wish I could have a kid like him when I have kids. He’s the perfect son.” He put his huge hand on David’s bony little shoulder and squeezed him. David was so proud to have Ryan as his son.

“Okay, go to the side and flex your triceps. Show the fans what big triceps you have. Oh geez, look at that Johnny. Look how big is triceps are. And you can see all the heads of muscle and all the fibers. God, Ryan, your arms are incredible. I got the biggest arms here but your arms are better than mine. You can see every head of muscle. You can see every fiber. They’re covered with veins. God, Ryan, your arms are amazing. And I know how strong they are. I saw your work ‘em yesterday. God, Ryan, I’m jealous of you too. You are incredible.” Ryan was grinning as Matt, the biggest bodybuilder here, said he was jealous of him. Ryan was a stud!

“Okay, now turn to the front and flex your abs and legs, the way Johnny is doing. Look at Johnny’s abs. Look how ripped and shredded they are. Oh, geez. Look at your abs! Your waist is so small and your abs are so shredded! They’re like they’re cut with a knife. And look at your obliques, slashing down from your narrow hips to your crotch. So sexy, Ryan. You just ooze sex, even though you’re only nine. God your abs are fantastic. And you don’t have an ounce of fat on your body. You’re all muscle. Solid muscle.”

“And look at those quads. Big, thick, muscular and cut. I can see the big bulges of muscle forming your quads. I can see every head of muscle. Those muscles look so strong. Oh god, Ryan, you are such a stud! You’ve got the best genetics I ever saw.” David smiled. Yeah, Ryan was a total muscle stud, and he was his son!

“Okay, now for your final pose. You hit a most muscular pose like Johnny is doing. You flex everything and the crowd goes wild seeing all your muscles bulge. Yeah, that’s it. Oh god, you look so good. Your whole body is just radiant. And you’re so good looking too, with your blond hair, your blue eyes, your handsome face. You’re gonna drive everyone wild. Okay, that’s it. You hit a final double biceps pose and then take a bow to the wild applause. I can hardly wait to see you pose. I can hardly wait.”

Ryan posed for the crowd which stood on its feet and cheered as his muscles bulged with incredible size. He had no fat on his body and his muscles were incredibly defined and covered with veins. Nobody had ever seen a boy who looked like Ryan. Then the promoters brought out a bench, a squat rack and an Olympic barbell. Ryan did a 315 pound bench, a 405 pound squat and a 405 pound deadlift. Then he curled 170 pounds and a made a 170 pound press. The crowd was absolutely wild, cheering and yelling. They had never seen a kid who was anywhere near as strong as Ryan. In fact, many of the bodybuilders who were competing were not as strong as Ryan. And Ryan was only nine! He was the star of the show. Reporters came up to him afterwards for interviews. One of the men told him he was going to be in a special feature in his favorite bodybuilding magazine. Ryan grinned and flexed his arm for the man. David was so proud of his muscle son.

David and Ryan flew home the day after the bodybuilding contest. Ryan was so stoked. He loved seeing all those huge bodybuilders. He loved showing off his body and hearing the people scream as he flexed. He loved showing how strong he was. He loved being big and strong. David looked in the local newspaper and said, “The Pop Warner football season is starting, Ryan. Now that you’re nine you can finally play.” Ryan started jumping up and down. “Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Football! I can hardly wait! I’ve wanted to play football since I was five. I could have killed those nine year olds even when I was five. Now I’m so much bigger and stronger. I’m gonna kill those kids! I’m gonna hit ‘em and smash ‘em!” David smiled. Ryan was so confident and dominant. “Yeah, and you don’t have to be nice when you’re playing football. You’re all wearing pads. You can hit ‘em as hard as you want. I can hardly wait to see you play football.” Ryan kept jumping up and down. He looked at his dad and then he ran up to him and smashed his muscular shoulder into David’s gut, smashing him hard with the power in his strong legs, legs that could squat with 435 pounds. He lifted David off his feet and the adult crashed to the ground. David rubbed his hands over his sore gut as he looked up and Ryan. “Ryan, you know how strong you are. Your poor weak daddy can’t take all your strength. You’re gonna kill your weak little daddy.” Ryan bent down and kissed David on the forehead. “Sorry, Daddy. I don’t want to hurt you. I have to watch my strength when we’re playing. I don’t want to hurt your weak little body.”

David struggled to his feet. “I’ll hurt the football players,” said Ryan as he bumped his shoulder into David again, this time very softly. David grabbed the muscular shoulders of his son and felt the big muscles bulging with raw power, power that could press 190 pounds overhead. David was always much to small and weak to play football. He worshipped the big, strong football players who dominated all the other kids. He lusted over them. He even named Ryan after his favorite high school football player, a blond blue eyed muscle stud who was the captain of the team. And he knew Ryan his muscle son was going to be a fantastic football player, better than his high school idol. He kissed Ryan's forehead.

David and Ryan headed off to the football tryouts. As usual, Ryan wasn't wearing a shirt. He never wore shirts in the summertime. All he was wearing were some green workout shorts and some sneakers. His incredibly muscular body was on full display. He knew he was going to shock all the kids. And David knew he was going to shock all the dads.

It was Saturday and all the kids were gathered on the field with their fathers. There were tables for sign ups set up. Ryan immediately recognized some of the kids from his class and went over to three of them. They each weighed about 75 to 85 pounds, about half of what Ryan weighed. And at 5' 3" tall, he was much taller than them. One of the kids said ‘Oh my god, Ryan, you are so big! You're so tall! You got so much more muscle! You must have put on even more muscle this summer. Ryan nodded his head. “Yeah, I keep gaining muscle every month. My muscles just wanna get huge. And they do. And they’re real strong too. I can’t wait to play football. I wanna hit kids! I wanna kill 'em.” He jammed his shoulder into the kid's body, pushing him away like he was an annoying insect. The kid shuddered. “I hope you’re on my team, Ryan. I don’t want to play against you. You could wipe out a whole team of us so easy.” Ryan grinned. “Yeah, real easy,” he said as he flexed his arm in the kid's face. He knew he could mow down a whole 11 man team of kids who were size of his friends. He could smash though them with his big shoulders, push them aside with his huge arms and pulverize them with his tree trunk legs. He knew he needed to compete against bigger kids. But he also knew he was nine years old.

David and Ryan went up to the table that said 9 to 11 years old. One of the coaches there looked at Ryan. "Holy crap," he said as he looked at Ryan's bulging muscles. "The teenagers are over there." He pointed to the table at the of the lines of tables. "But I'm only nine," said Ryan. "I work out a lot." The man's mouth dropped open. "Nine? Nine? Holy crap. How much do you weigh, son?" Ryan looked down at his pecs and quads and flex them. The muscles bulged with incredible definition. "About 155. It's all muscle. See?" The man reached up and felt his pecs. "Holy shit! Excuse my French. You're incredible, young man. But you're too heavy for the 9-11 group. We go from 75 to 120 pounds. You're also too heavy for the 10-12 group. They go from 85 to 135 pounds. The 11-13 group goes from 105 to 160 pounds and 12-14 goes from 120 to 170. But you're too big and strong for them too. Those heavier kids are all fat. And you're all muscle. I think you need to go to the 13 to 15 group. They go from 135 to 185. At 155 you're right in the middle of their range. And they've got some big kids in that group. Big fat kids." Ryan grinned. "I don't have any fat. I just have muscle. Lots of muscle." He flexed his arm and the man immediately grabbed it and felt the size and hardness of his bicep and tricep muscles. "Holy shit," he said again, looking up at David with a look of awe in his face. David smiled.

Ryan spun around, grabbed David's hand and dragged him over to the 13-15 table.