Thug Muscle

Tyrone and Big Dog inhaled their last puff of marijuana, very good weed that made them as high as kites. Then they sniffed a little cocaine. "Shit," yelled Big Dog. "I'm so hot and horny! I'm ready for some hard fucking!" Tyrone smiled and stroked his semi-hard cock. "Shit yeah," he said. "Gotta find some pretty white faggot boy and make him suck our cocks. And then fuck his little white ass. His little ass is gonna be so tight! I'm gonna cum ten times. I'm so fuckin' horny." He got up and flexed his huge 22 inch arm. "Yeah, those puny white boy faggots really like big black muscles, and we sure got the muscles. We're big, we're black and we're thugs. Gotta find a pretty white boy. Blue eyes, blond hair, pretty face! Oh yeah. I'm gonna fuck that pretty white face! They're so fuckin' hot for muscle, big fucking black thug muscle. That little faggot's gonna love gettin' his ass fucked to shreds just as much as we're gonna love doin' the fuckin'! His little throat is gonna be raw!" Big Dog flexed his abs and said "That little bitch is gonna feel the power of these muscles," he laughed as he rubbed his rock hard abs. He rubbed his cock. "Yeah, and the power of our cocks. Our muscles and our cocks are gonna have a fuckin' good time. It's so fun fucking faggot boys. They really turn me on they way they touch my body. They love big black muscles so much. And I love fuckin’ ‘em."

They looked at each other in the mirror of Big Dog's bedroom. They smiled as they looked at their huge black bodies. Their bodies were enormous. They were both extremely muscular and they had absolutely no fat covering their shredded muscles. Big Dog's skin was a medium chocolate color - he had some white blood in his gene pool - and Tyrone's skin was dark chocolate. Their huge striated muscles shone through their dark skin. You could see veins under their paper thin black skin. They had wide shoulders with thick delts, huge lats flaring down to narrow hips, big round pecs that looked to be four inches deep, huge muscular arms and forearms, corrugated washboard eight pack abs, gigantic thighs shredded with muscle fibers and huge calves that were bigger than most men's thighs. These thugs were huge! Their skin was covered with tattoos, thug tattoos that advertised that these huge young men were thugs and you better not mess with 'em. Their muscles shouted that they could mess with you but you knew you better not mess with them.

They had always been big and muscular, even as kids. Big Dog got his nickname in third grade when he was only eight years old. He was far bigger and more muscular than the other kids and way stronger too. He started lifting weights when he was 10 and got really huge after he went through puberty at 11. He acted like a thug from a young age. He loved to push kids around, showing off his strength. He got into lots of fights and he won them all. He was always the alpha male in his group. A big thug alpha male. The dominant male. The male who loved to show off his strength. Now he was 18 and he stood 6' 2" tall and weighed 265 pounds, all muscle. Tyrone was the same age and was 5' 9" tall and weighed 250 pounds. All muscle. Thug muscle. The black African warrior genes in the bodies of these two boys made them get huge and muscular. They both had tremendous mesomorph genes. They only had to work out an hour each day, lifting incredibly heavy weights, and their bodies got huge and strong. Huge, strong, dominant and horny.

Big Dog met Tyrone in his first year in high school, in 9th grade. He and Tyrone were only 14 years old, but they were the most muscular boys in their school. Tyrone wasn't as tall as Big Dog, but he was thicker and more muscular even though he was shorter. He had also grown up as the biggest, strongest boy, most dominant boy in his neighborhood and when you're the biggest and strongest boy people better respect you. If they don't, they're toast. And Tyrone had smashed many kids into pulverized toast.

These two huge alpha boys immediately became friends in 9th grade. They were alike in so many ways - big and muscular, extremely strong, dominant, and they loved the thug life. The life of sex, cars, drugs and taking what you want from the weaklings that you dominate with your huge muscles. Big Dog and Tyrone ran the school. There were heavier guys in the high school but Big Dog and Tyrone were more muscular and the stronger than any of them. The two of them could smash five or six other guys easy. They took all the money they wanted from the wimpy boys, and they fucked whoever they wanted, boys and girls,. They loved high school. And they discovered that gay boys gave the best blow jobs. Much better than the girls or the straight boys. And the gay boys dug their bodies so much they wanted to suck them and almost wanted to be fucked by those huge muscular black studs. The thugs didn't have to beat them up very much to make them suck their cocks. Then they slapped them and they fucked them. That was easy too. Those gay boys were much too weak to resist the power of their huge muscles. Those gay boys gave them such great blow jobs and their asses were so tight. But they didn't hurt the gay boys too much. Some slaps. Some trash talk. Some trash talk to make those gay boys worship their huge black bodies. They let the gay boys feel their muscles, talk about their bodies, worship their huge black muscles. That made the thugs real horny. Then they made the gay boys suck 'em and then they fucked 'em. They loved fucking gay boys.

Now they had just graduated. They could barely read or write. They had made the little wimps in school do all their homework. But when you’ve got bodies like they had you didn’t need to read or write. Other kids did what you ordered. You were thugs, the masters. Big, black, strong, dominant thugs. Yeah, Big Dog and Tyrone loved high school. Now they were going to have some summer fun. They were going to find a muscle loving white gay boy to fuck.

Jimmy got out of the shower and looked at his body in the mirror. His blue eyes sparkled in the light. His blue eyes were stunning. Yes, he had a very cute face with blue eyes and blond hair. But then he flexed his muscles. He flexed his arm and watched as his bicep didn’t flex at all. He had no bicep. He had no muscles. His body was soft and white. He did have a nice round bubble butt. He walked a lot and I guess his butt was the result. He couldn’t remember the last time he went to a gym. He used to be able to do five pushups. Now he probably couldn’t even do one. Jimmy was a year older than Big Dog and Tyrone. But he was only 5' 6" tall and weighed just 100 pounds. His blond hair and blue eyes and pretty face made him look like an angel. His skin was very white and pale. He didn’t have any muscles but he loved muscles. One time he tried to build muscles on his own body, but nothing happened. He had no muscle genes at all. He knew he was always going to be skinny and weak. But he loved muscles. He loved watching muscular boys. He loved watching their muscles work. He loved watching their muscles bulge. He always wanted to touch those muscles, to feel those muscles, to feel how hard and strong they were. But he was too shy. The muscular kids in school hardly talked to him. He was gay but he stayed in the closet in school.

After high school he moved to the city and came out. He was now 19 and went to college at the community college. He loved watching the muscular guys on campus and if he could he would always sit behind a muscular boy in class and ogle at his muscles. And once in awhile he would see a muscular black boy. And he almost creamed in his pants when he saw a muscular black boy. He loved muscular black boys. He loved their black skin, their big shoulders and arms, their thick necks and big traps, their huge lats, their bulging pecs, their black hair, their broad noses, their thick muscular thighs and their washboard abs. He loved muscular black boys.

He went into his bedroom and closed the door. He picked up a picture he had downloaded from the internet and printed. It was a picture of a huge black thug. The thug’s huge black muscles were covered with tattoos and his face showed an attitude that said “I’m a fuckin’ thug and I’m gonna fuck you up!” Jimmy’s cock immediately got hard. He had many of these pictures and he beat off to them all the time. His ultimate fantasy was huge muscular black thugs. He had only seen a few actual thugs. He was too chicken to go into black neighborhoods. So he stared at the muscular kids at school. And sometimes he would try to meet a muscular gay boy. Today he was going to a park to stare at some muscular gay boys. He hoped he had the nerve to meet one of them.

Big Dog and Tyrone got in Big Dog's muscle car and drove to the gay part of town. It was a hot day, the windows were open and they hung their huge black muscle arms out the windows. Their biceps and triceps were huge and as they drove down the street many heads turned to look at their huge arms. They loved to show off their muscles, to intimidate people with their huge size and strength, to act like the thugs they were.

There was a small park there where the gay white men hung out, getting some sun. And there was a small area with some gym equipment - pull up bars, parallel bars, rings and a climbing rope. Some of the gay guys would do a few pullups or parallel bar dips to show off for their friends and there were always a lot of little wimpy gay guys hanging around the gym equipment looking at the boys with muscles. A few of the gay boys actually had pretty good bodies. They went to the gym and kept themselves in pretty good shape. Other boys were very skinny with almost no muscle. They were wimps. They liked to watch the good looking muscular boys work out and they hoped one of them might show an interest in them even though they looked like scarecrows. It rarely happened. The good looking muscular gay boys were attracted to other good looking muscular gay boys. The skinny wimps could only look with envy. All they could do is look at the muscle and beat off later. That's just the way it was.

Jimmy was sitting on a towel watching a somewhat muscular gay boy doing pull ups. Jimmy was a total wimp, a wimp obsessed with muscle. He loved to watch the muscular gay boys work out. When you're horny, white muscle was almost as good as black muscle. Jimmy watched the muscular boy's lats, his biceps and his abs as he did pullups. His cock was hard. It always got hard as he watched the muscular gay boys. But Jimmy never had the nerve to talk to these muscular boys. Those boys were so out of his league. Those boys had muscles and Jimmy was so weak and scrawny. But he could watch those muscles and then go home and beat off. Jimmy liked coming to the park.

Big Dog and Tyrone parked their muscle car near the park. They got out of the car and checked out their bodies and smiled. They always smiled when they checked out their bodies. Their huge shoulders and arms bulged with muscle and their pecs and lats were enormous. Tyrone flexed his arm and watched a tattoo grow as the huge muscle flexed. He smiled at his bulging muscle. They were shirtless and were wearing green workout shorts sagging low over their firm round muscle butts and their eight pack abs. Written on one leg of their shorts was the word "Thug." They were proud of being thugs. Their huge muscular legs filled up the basketball shorts, shorts that would have been loose on an ordinary looking guy but were tight on their huge thighs. Their calves were bigger than most guy's legs. They had black sneakers with no socks. Yeah, they were young thug studs. And they were gonna fuck.

They swaggered over to the park. Everyone stopped what they were doing and stared at these two huge black boys. The semi-muscular gay boy who was doing pullups and the other semi-muscular gay boys on the chinning bars and the parallel bars stopped what they were doing as the two thugs walked towards them. Jimmy and the other very wimpy looking gay boys who were staring at those slightly muscular gay boys now stared at the huge black muscles coming towards them. They were stunned by what they were seeing. Boners sprung up even harder under their shorts. Jimmy's boner almost penetrated his shorts.

Big Dog got to the chinning bar and bumped the gay boy out of the way with his huge chest. "Watch some real muscle, faggot," said Big Dog as the boy went sprawling to the ground. Big Dog jumped up to the chinning bar and started doing pullups. "Fuck," murmured the boy as he looked at Big Dog's huge lats and arms as they easily pulled his gigantic body up and down. Jimmy and all the little wimps crowded around to watch Big Dog's huge muscles. He cranked out 25 easy reps and dropped to the ground. He flexed his huge lats and looked around at all the little gay boys. They were all staring at him in disbelief. He made the muscular gay boy on the ground look like a skeleton. His lats were enormous. Then he flexed his huge 22 inch arms. His tattoos bulged as the muscles in his arms expanded under his thin black skin. Veins popped out everywhere. The gay boys were stunned. They had never seen so much muscle in their lives. It was black muscle. It was thug muscle. Big Dog looked around the group of skinny white gay boys and yelled "Thug's rule!" Then his eyes focused on Jimmy. Jimmy was so cute, a beautiful blond boy with sky blue eyes but with one of the wimpiest bodies of the whole group. He was only 5' 6" tall and only weighed 100 pounds. Big Dog was eight inches taller and outweighed him by 165 pounds of muscle. Jimmy looked at Big Dog like a puppy looking at his master. His cock was so hard. Big Dog looked at Jimmy's cute face, his blond hair, his blue eyes, his skinny white body and his rock hard cock. He knew this was the one. He was going to completely dominate this little white boy with his huge black muscles. He was going to fuck the shit out of him. He was going to get this little white boy to worship him like a god. And he was a god. A huge black thug god. He snarled at Jimmy and flexed his huge biceps. Jimmy froze in awe.

Tyrone got on the bar. He was shorter than Big Dog, his skin was darker and his muscles were thicker. Jimmy and the gay boys gasped as they saw how huge his muscles were. Huge and strong. He jumped up to the bar and did 25 pullups easy. He gracefully dropped down, flexed his thick wide lats and looked around at the skinny gay boys, the skinny gay boys who loved muscle. He saw Jimmy who was frozen in front of Big Dog. Big Dog winked at him. Tyrone looked into Jimmy's beautiful blue eyes and yelled, "Hey bitch! Get your white ass over here!" Jimmy looked around for a second and then realized Tyrone was talking to him. "I said get your skinny white butt over here, bitch!" yelled Tyrone. Big Dog leaned down and looked into Jimmy's blue eyes. "Do what the big thug says, you cute little faggot. You're gonna be our faggot bitch." Jimmy's eyes got wide as he looked at Big Dog's huge body that was less than a foot away from him.

He finally staggered up to Tyrone, staring at his bulging black muscles. "You like muscle, bitch? Is that why you're here, watching these puny little punks doing some pullups?" He reached down and grabbed the gay pullup boy who was still on the ground. He lifted him up. Jimmy looked at Tyrone and at the gay boy. "This boy ain't got no muscle! He's a fuckin' punk! He's a fuckin' white punk!" Tyrone picked the boy up and pressed him up and down several times with one hand. The presses were very quick. It was obvious the boy was very light to Tyrone's huge muscles. "Fuckin' punk stick boy," yelled Tyrone. Then he threw the boy into the crowd of gay boys and laughed. "Yeah, thug muscles rule," he said as he flexed his huge arms only two feet from Jimmy. Then he came up real close to Jimmy and rubbed his huge arm in Jimmy's face. "That's a muscle!" he said as Jimmy almost came in his shorts. Then he grabbed Jimmy and turned him towards Big Dog.

Big Dog sneered at Jimmy. "Come here, puppy boy. Come to your big black thug masters. Tyrone and me are big stud dogs and you're just a little faggot puppy." Jimmy was frozen. He couldn't believe what was happening. Was this huge thug talking to him? Big Dog flexed his arm. "Come over here and lick my muscle, puppy. Puppies like to lick and I bet you'd love to lick my muscle. That's 22 inches of solid black rock, puppy." Jimmy gazed at the huge muscle, covered with tattoos and veins. But he was still frozen. Tyrone slapped him on the face. "Get the fuck over there, bitch!" yelled Tyrone. “When Big Dog gives you an order, you obey!” Jimmy felt his face. He had never been slapped that hard in his life and his face really hurt. He jumped up and ran over to Big Dog. Big Dog flexed his arm right in front of Jimmy’s face. “Lick that big muscle, puppy dog. Lick that huge fucking thug muscle. I wanna feel your little faggot tongue licking my big black muscle. That’ll feel so good.” Jimmy was almost delirious with lust. He started licking that huge arm. Twenty-two inches of hard black muscle. Jimmy couldn’t believe how big that arm was and he couldn’t believe how hard it was. He licked the huge bicep, feeling every fiber, then the huge tricep. He fondled the veins. He was moaning in pleasure as he licked the huge thug’s arm. Big Dog was smiling. "Oh yeah, that feels real good. You little tongue feels real good on my huge muscle. My big black thug muscles like getting licked by puny little blue eyed puppy boys." Big Dog was real high from his marijuana and cocaine and Jimmy's little tongue did feel real good on his bicep. He was looking at Jimmy’s blue eyes as he licked and his huge cock was starting to get hard. He could hardly wait for that tongue to lick other parts of his body. He rubbed Jimmy’s little round butt. Jimmy was moaning. This was the best experience he had ever had. His cock was rock hard. Big Dog let him lick for about a minute. The other gay boys were staring in disbelief. They wanted to lick too.

Big Dog took his arm away from Jimmy’s tongue. Jimmy kept staring at the huge muscle. "Okay, puppy boy. I'm gonna do more pullups. But regular pullups are too easy. My muscles are so fucking strong. You're gonna grab my waist. I'm gonna pull you up too." Oh fuck, Jimmy thought to himself. Now I'm going to be able to feel this huge black thug's muscles! I never felt one of these muscular white boys' muscles and now I'm gonna feel the biggest muscles I've ever seen. Black muscles. Thug muscles. Oh fuck!

"Stand facing me and put your little white puppy arms around my waist. Yeah, it's real small. I think you can get your little arms around it. It's only 34 inches. All muscle. Look at my fucking abs. I got an eight pack, puppy. You ever see so much muscle? No fat on this body. Nothin' but muscle. Good thing you're not gonna try holding my chest. It's 60 inches around, way bigger than your little arms. Okay grab my waist. Yeah good. Feel those abs rubbing your little white chest? They're hard, ain't they. Rock hard. Like black marble. Oh yeah, and those pecs. Yeah, rub your face in those pecs. They're huge ain't they. They're like five inches thick. They can bench 650 pounds. Yeah, they're real strong. Feel those fibers. Like steel. You ever felt muscle like that before? Big, black thug muscle? No I don't think so. Hold on tight puppy." Jimmy couldn't believe what he was feeling. Big Dog's muscles were so hard. His abs were like bricks. And his back muscles were so thick and hard. And his pecs were like boulders. He could feel the striations of fiber with his soft cheeks. He buried his face in that muscle, the biggest, hardest, blackest muscle he had ever imagined. It was like he was holding and burying his face in black iron, not human flesh.

Suddenly Big Dog jumped up and grabbed the bar. He jumped easily, even though he was jumping with 100 pounds of wimp holding on to him. Jimmy held on as tight as he could. Big Dog cranked out 25 pullups with Jimmy hanging on. It was easy for him. He had done pullups in the gym with 200 pounds hanging around his waist. Jimmy was moaning in pleasure and he felt Big Dog’s muscles flexing as they pulled him up and down. His back was so thick, so strong. His waist was like a steel washboard. And his chest was enormous. Jimmy was feeling every muscle with every part of his body.

Big Dog dropped down and Jimmy let go. He looked at Big Dog’s huge body. Sweat was starting to form on his thin tattoo-covered skin. Jimmy was so excited. He lusted over Big Dog’s body. He looked like a black muscle god. A black thug muscle god. Jimmy wanted to leap on that body. Big Dog flexed his lats and arms. “Gettin’ nice and pumped. I like it when my muscles get all pumped. They get so big and hard.” Big Dog rubbed his fingers over his huge bicep, a bicep that was almost as big as Jimmy’s head. “Real big and pumped,” said Big Dog. Jimmy was panting and nodding his head. His blue eyes stared at Big Dog’s pumped up sweaty muscles. He wanted to touch those muscles. He wanted Big Dog! Big Dog could see the lust in Jimmy’s eyes. And he liked to see that lust. He grabbed Jimmy and rubbed him all over his huge body, letting the little white boy feel the incredible size and hardness of his huge black muscles. Jimmy was moaning in pleasure. Big Dog ran Jimmy's face over his huge pecs and then into his armpits where sweat was pouring out of his black skin. Jimmy breathed in that sweat. It smelled so good, so masculine, so strong. Big Dog smelled like a man! Jimmy started moaning even louder in absolute pleasure as he took in the incredible size and smell of Big Dog's huge muscular armpit. Big Dog rubbed his little white face all over his armpit and then ran it down along his flaring lats, letting the puny white boy feel the incredible size and hardness of those muscles that had just lifted two bodies. Then he pushed Jimmy's face between his pecs and rammed his face up and down his abs and pecs, almost crushing Jimmy's face with the hard muscle. All this time Jimmy was running his hands all over Big Dog's body, feeling those huge rock hard muscles. Suddenly Big Dog threw Jimmy at Tyrone. "Here's the sex toy," he said as he stroked his rock hard cock.

Tyrone grabbed Jimmy in a curl position and curled him up and down several times. Jimmy was overcome with the size and thickness of Tyrone's arms. He grabbed those huge biceps as he curled and marveled at their huge size and hardness. Tyrone grinned as the little white boy felt his huge muscles. “Yeah, you like big muscles, don’t you boy. You really like big muscles.” He carried Jimmy over to the parallel bars as he curled and then dropped him on the ground. Jimmy stared up at his huge body. “Gonna pump these triceps,” said Tyrone as he flexed his triceps in Jimmy's face. His arms were bigger than Jimmy's head. He jumped up on the parallel bars and cranked out 25 easy dips. Jimmy was looking up at his huge body as his huge arms and pecs powered his body up and down. Tyrone jumped down and flexed his triceps. They were huge! The ridges of muscle were bulging out of his black skin with fibers and veins everywhere. Tyrone said “Too easy. My muscles are way too strong for regular dips.” He jumped up again onto the bar and dipped down. “Get on, white boy. Bury your face in my pecs and abs and wrap your arms around my waist.”

Jimmy wrapped his arms around Tyrone’s waist and held on tight. His face was pressing against his pecs. He moaned as he felt Tyrone’s hard black muscle. Then Tyrone raised them both up on the parallel bars. His pecs bulged as Jimmy rubbed his face in them. Tyrone's huge back felt so strong as Jimmy's little hands held it tightly. Tyrone easily did a rep and then lowered himself. Jimmy’s 100 pounds was nothing to Tyrone’s huge muscles. He could do dips with a 200 pound dumbbell hanging from his waist. As Jimmy rode up and down, he felt something on his chest. It was growing with each rep. Suddenly he realized it was Tyrone’s cock. It was growing larger and larger as Tyrone cranked out the reps of dips. After 20 reps Tyrone dropped to the ground.

Tyrone flexed his triceps in front of Tommy’s face. His arm was way bigger than Jimmy's head. “Fuckin’ huge,” yelled Tyrone. "Big black thug muscle!" He rubbed his arm on Jimmy's face and Jimmy licked the muscle, feeling the huge fibers of black steel with his tongue. He ran his hands over Tyrone's body and moaned. He couldn’t believe he was licking feeling so much muscle. Tyrone laughed. "Yeah, you really like muscle!" Tyrone moved his arm down next to Jimmy's leg. "Look at that, faggot. My huge arm is bigger than your little stick leg. I got more muscle in one of my black thug arms than you got in your whole body!" Jimmy trembled in awe. He moved his arm up next to Jimmy's hard cock, a cock that was pressing against his shorts. He rubbed his arm on Jimmy's cock and Jimmy's moaned even louder. "Your little cock likes big black muscles, don't it faggot. Your cock loves big thug muscles." Jimmy moaned louder and yelled "Yes!" Then Tyrone grabbed Jimmy's shorts and ripped them off his body like he was ripping a piece of paper. Jimmy's little five inch cock sprang up to full attention. Tyrone rubbed his huge, sweaty pumped arm on Jimmy's cock and Jimmy started moving his hips around and groaning with pleasure. He was ready to cum. But suddenly Tyrone pulled his arm away and grabbed Jimmy's cock and squeezed hard. "Not yet, white boy," he said as he crushed the puny boy's little cock with his huge black hand. "Us thugs are gonna have fun with you first."

Tyrone ripped off his shorts and his huge cock sprang up. Big Dog came up and tore off his shorts too. Jimmy was now standing between the biggest, most muscular black thugs he had ever seen or even imagined. Their enormous cocks were hard. Big Dog’s cock was just over12 inches long. It was huge. Tyrone’s cock was almost 12 inches but it was thicker. Those two huge cocks were within inches of Jimmy. Jimmy gasped and he looked at those huge black bodies and thick hard cocks. Jimmy’s little cock was rock hard. It had fully recovered from being crushed by Tyrone's big hand. He was gasping as he stared at the gigantic black muscles and those huge cocks. "Now for some fun," said Big Dog. Big Dog grabbed Jimmy’s hand and put it on his pec.

“Put your little white hands on our big black muscles, bitch. Worship our huge thug muscles! Our muscles wanna feel your puny white hands and your cute white face worshipping their huge black thug rock hard iron. I wanna see your beautiful blue eyes as your tongue feels the absolute power of our big black bodies. We get real turned on when a puny white faggot boy worships our big thug bodies. It makes us feel so powerful. It makes us feel so dominant. Big, black thug masters of a little white boy slave. Oh yeah!" Jimmy couldn't believe what he was hearing. Every sexual dream he had ever had was coming true right now. Jimmy leaped at Big Dog and ran his little hands over his huge delts and lat muscles. He buried his face in Big Dog's gigantic pecs. He licked those huge thick slabs of pure black muscle. Big Dog smiled. He loved his huge muscles. He loved watching his muscles as he flexed and he really got turned on when little gay boys loved his muscles as much as he did. And he knew Jimmy was one of those blue eyed blond boys. He and Tyrone were going to have a real good time. And so was Jimmy. It was going to be thug and wimp paradise. Suddenly Tyrone grabbed Jimmy’s shoulder and spun him away from Big Dog. “Hey bitch, there are two of us thugs here!” He grabbed Jimmy’s right hand and put it on his pec. Jimmy cringed with excitement. He was feeling the two biggest black thug bodies he could imagine. He was looking at Big Dog’s medium chocolate colored skin and Tyrone’s dark chocolate colored skin covering like cellophane the biggest, hardest, strongest muscles he could imagine. And he wasn’t dreaming it. He was doing it! He started rubbing his hands and face and tongue all over the huge bodies of Big Dog and Tyrone. They started flexing their muscles as Jimmy ravished their bodies. They looked at each other's huge thug muscles and at the puny white boy ravishing their bodies. Their cocks got even harder.

"Talk to us, bitch. Talk to your big black thug masters! We rule you white boy. We rule your puny white body." Jimmy looked up at Big Dog's face as the huge 18 year old flexed his 22 inch arms. Those arms were enormous. Jimmy trembled as he saw the incredible amount of muscle flexing like coiled steel in those huge thug arms. "Oh fuck, you have so much muscle in your huge black body! You are so huge! You are so strong! You skin is so beautiful. It is so hot, so sweaty. And god, your tattoos. You've got huge thug tattoos. You are so dominant! Your muscle feels like huge boulders of rock to my puny little white hands. I'm reaching up and feeling your arm. Oh fuck fuck fuck. So much fucking muscle! So hard. So big. So strong! Fuck fuck fuck!! You are a thug god! We little white boys are nothing compared to you. You are a real man! I am your slave, you huge muscular thug!" Big Dog smiled as he looked into Jimmy's blue eyes, eyes that were tearing in awe as they looked at his huge thug body, and his big cock started twitching around. He loved it when cute little blue eyed white boys worshipped his huge thug body. He grabbed Jimmy with both arms. He lifted him up and rubbed him all over his huge chest as his cock pushed under Jimmy's crotch. "Yeah, I'm a man! I'm a thug and I'm a man! You're a white bitch faggot and I'm a man! This huge cock is gonna fuck your little white ass!" Jimmy shuddered as he felt the huge 12 inch cannon under his ass.

Tyrone grabbed Jimmy out of Big Dog's hands and turned him around. "Look at Big Dog. Look at his skin. That boy is half white. Yeah, he's big and he's strong and he's got a huge cock and he's a thug just like me. But he's half white. Now look at me. I'm all black. I'm a real African warrior. An African warrior thug. My muscles are thicker and harder than Big Dogs! I'm the biggest, strongest, blackest thug you'll ever see. He's the milk chocolate. I'm the dark chocolate. And you're just a squishy little white shit! Feel my big black muscles, bitch. Feel the muscles that are gonna fuck you up!"

Jimmy ran his hands over Tyrone's huge hard body, feeling his pecs, his lats, his delts and his huge arms. He groaned as he felt Tyrone's gigantic black muscles, muscles that were so thick and so hard. "Yeah, I feel like a brick shithouse, don't I faggot. My muscles are as hard as bricks. And they're fucking strong!" Tyrone wrapped one arm around Jimmy's back and smashed him into his chest, smashing the flabby white flesh into his rock hard pecs muscles. He rubbed Jimmy over his pecs, almost forcing the wind out of the little boy with the tremendous power of his arm and his rock hard pecs as he crushed Jimmy's puny little chest. "Oh fuck," murmered Jimmy. "Your muscles are so strong! You body is so hard! I am nothing to you. My body is like a little white toy to your huge black muscles." Tyrone laughed. "Fuck yeah!" he yelled. Then he wrapped his arm around Jimmy's neck and flexed his huge 22 inch bicep. The big black muscle leaped to incredible hardness and smashed into Jimmy's neck, smashing his windpipe. Tyrone laughed as he heard the cracking sounds of Jimmy's windpipe surrendering to the tremendous force of that huge muscle. "Fucking strong!" yelled Tyrone. "I could break your little white neck so easy." Jimmy's face got red and spit started drooling out of his mouth. "Oh, oh oh," he gurgled, as he ran his hands all over Tyrone's hard body. Even though his neck was in excruciating pain from the power of Tyrone's big black bicep, he still wanted to feel as much of Tyrone's huge body as he could. Tyrone was only applying about a quarter of his strength. That huge arm could curl a 150 pound dumbbell and that power would have crushed Jimmy's neck into nothing if he applied full power. He wanted Jimmy to feel his strength but he also wanted him to suck his cock. A dead white boy can't suck cocks.

Big Dog was stroking his huge 12 inch cock as he watched his thug friend fuck up the little white boy. "Fuck him up, bro. Fuck up the little white bitch. Show him who's the boss. Show him us thugs rule white bitches like him." All the white gay boys had now encircled Big Dog, Tyrone and Jimmy. They had all pulled down their shorts and their cocks were rock hard as they watched the huge black thugs dominate little Jimmy. They all wished they could have been Jimmy. One of the boys got real close to Big Dog. He couldn't believe how huge Big Dog was. He was staring at his shoulders, shoulders that were so thick and wide and striated with light chocolate shredded muscle. He reached out his hand and put it on Big Dog's shoulder. Big Dog spun around and smashed his fist into the guy's stomach. The punch was so hard that Big Dog's huge fist went almost to his spine. The boy collapsed on the ground and started puking. Big Dog kicked him hard and said "You don't touch a thug unless he tells you to. We give all the orders around here." The other boys stood there in awe. Several of them started cumming as they thought about the tremendous power in Big Dog's massive arm.

Big Dog turned back to Tyrone and yelled "Time for fucking the little white bitch!" Tyrone rubbed Jimmy against his body one more time and he rubbed his huge cock all over Jimmy's flabby waist. "My cock's gonna bust your ass wide open," he said. "Look how fuckin' big it is. You're so fuckin' puny it's gonna ram all the way to your lungs. If you got any organs in the way it's gonna smash 'em. My cock's as hard as a steel pipe. A big black steel pipe!" Jimmy shuddered as he looked at Tyrones huge thick rock hard cock. Then Tyrone dropped him to the ground. Jimmy gasped for air as he looked up at Tyrone and Big Dog's huge black bodies. The two huge black teenagers flexed their legs and their abs as they stroked their cocks. Instantly, Jimmy's cock was rock hard again. "Lick our balls, faggot. Lick our big black thug balls." Jimmy jumped up to his knees and started licking the balls of the huge black teenage thugs. Their balls were huge. They were bigger than Jimmy had ever imagined balls could get. Those thugs had huge bodies, huge cocks and huge balls. Jimmy buried his face in their crotches, licking and sucking. He ran his hands over their huge legs and calves. Jimmy was in thug muscle heaven.

Oh god, your balls are so big! So big, so hard, so filled with cum! I know they're filled will tons of black thug sperm. You could make so many huge thug babies. Big huge black babies that would grow into huge thug boys that would rule us little white boy boys. Boys that would go through puberty and become huge black thug teenagers like you. Oh god, I love your huge balls. And your crotches smell so good. So sweaty. Sopowerful. So strong. You are fucking studs!" Big Dog and Tyrone smiled and moved their huge balls around as Jimmy licked them and sucked them. They held each other's huge shoulders as the moved their hips around as Jimmy worshipped them. "You faggot white boys are such good ball suckers," murmured Big Dog. "Yeah," said Tyrone. "My balls feel so good. But our cocks wanna be serviced too. Suck our big black thug cocks, bitch. Suck a real man's cock!" Jimmy groaned very loudly and immediately started licking the huge cocks of these teenage thugs. He grabbed onto their legs and held their huge thigh muscles with his dainty little white hands.

Big Dog and Tyrone started rubbing their hands over the huge muscles of the other's big black body as Jimmy licked their cocks. "Fuck, your muscles are so big," groaned Tyrone. "So big, so hard, so strong. You are such a huge thug. The biggest hugest strongest thug in this whole city! You are so hot!" Tyrone rubbed his hands over Big Dog's body and rubbed his own chest on Big Dog's chest. Big Dog flexed his bulging round pecs, his thick flaring lats and his gigantic traps as Tyrone felt those huge black muscles. "Fuck Tyrone, your muscles are so thick. So black, so African, so hard, so fucking thug strong!" groaned Big Dog as he rubbed his huge hands and fingers over Tyrone's dark black skin. He rubbed his body against Tyrone's, almost crushing little Jimmy underneath. These two thugs really got off on their muscles. They were totally aroused as Jimmy licked their cocks as they felt their fellow thug's huge muscles. They loved their muscles and they loved their cocks. And having a cute white blue eyed blond boy suck their cocks as they felt their huge thug bodies was their ultimate pleasure. They were in thug heaven.

"Oh fuck," yelled Jimmy as he heard the thugs talking about each other as he felt their huge legs and licked and sucked their huge cocks. He was so hard. He was so aroused. He moved his lips up to Big Dog's cock and gobbled it into his mouth. Then he started licking and sucking that huge 12 inch cock with all the frenzy his little white body could produce. He had sucked many cocks before. But he had never sucked a cock as big and thick and hard as Big Dog's. Big Dog smiled as his cock was enraptured by the loving licks and sucks of the puny little white boy. "You're a great cocksucker, you white faggot bitch," he said. Jimmy looked up and smiled at the huge thug, his blue eyes flashing as Big Dog looked down at him like the black thug master he was. "Suck!" yelled Big Dog and Jimmy sucked even harder.

All the white gay boys were now in a cumming frenzy. They had encircled the two huge thugs and the little white boy who was servicing them. All of them had cum once and many of them had already cum twice. What they were seeing was better than any porn film they had ever watched. They had grabbed their suntan oil and slathered it on their cocks. Even though they couldn't touch the thugs, they were having the best fuck experiences of their lives.

After Jimmy jammed Big Dog's cock in his mouth, Tyrone pushed himself away from Big Dog and Jimmy and grabbed some suntan oil out of the hands of one of the white boys. He poured the oil over his rock hard footlong thick black cock and then poured it on Jimmy's ass. He grabbed Jimmy's waist and raised him up so his butt was facing Tyrone's cock while his face was still sucking Big Dog's cock. He jammed two huge fingers up Jimmy's ass and rubbed more oil in. He placed the tip of his cock outside Jimmy's asshole and yelled "I'm gonna fuck you white bitch like you never been fucked before. You're gonna feel a thug fuck!" He flexed his muscles and leered at all the white boys whose mouths were wide open in awe. Then he rammed his huge cock into Jimmy's ass in one huge thrust of his incredibly muscular crotch. Jimmy shouted in abject pain. Jimmy's tight little ass had never felt a cock that was even close to the big, thick, hard black monster that had just rammed up his ass. The huge cock tore through his sphincter muscles like a steel pipe would tear through tissue paper. Jimmy's ass was nothing to that big cock. But that cock felt real good to Tyrone as Jimmy's tight ass enveloped it.

Jimmy was now lifted off the ground by Tyrone's cock in his ass and Big Dog's cock in his mouth and throat. The two huge thugs started thrusting their huge foot long cocks in and out of Jimmy's orifices. Their two cocks were together 24 inches long and when they both thrust those huge monsters all the way into Jimmy's puny body they were almost touching each other. The two huge black cocks rammed into Jimmy's puny little body and fucked him wildly. They thrusted in and out of his ass and throat, harder and harder, faster and faster. Jimmy was like a little fuck toy to them, a toy whose only purpose was to give them pleasure. At first Jimmy was in pain, but he was still incredibly turned on. His cock was rock hard as he experienced the kind of sexual thrill he had only dreamed about. Two huge black thugs, the biggest, strongest black boys he had ever seen, teenagers just like him but with 22 inch arms and 60 inch chests, were fucking his little white body with the biggest hardest cocks he had ever seen. It was like a dream coming true. Slowly his pain turned into pleasure as he felt Tyrone's thick cock ram in and out of his ass and Big Dog's rock hard 12 inch dick ram in and out of his throat. He was moaning as the two huge thugs fucked him furiously. His whole body was being held up by the strength of those two huge cocks.

The thug fucking got faster and faster. The thugs started yelling in absolute pleasure as their cocks were raised into absolute ecstasy by Jimmy's ass and throat stroking their sensitive nerves. The marijuana and coke made their pleasure so strong. They felt like such studs as they fucked the little white boy. They looked at each other and flexed their huge 22 inch arms as they continued fucking their little white boy bitch. Their bodies were covered with sweat and veins were showing everywhere. Big Dog looked at Tyrone's huge arms, his enormous chest, his flaring lats and his thrusting washboard abs. " Fuckin' muscle! Fucking thug muscle!" yelled Big Dog as he looked at Tyrone's huge body. He started cumming in Jimmy's throat. "We rule you white bitches! We're fuckin' thug studs!" yelled Tyrone as he took in the enormity of Big Dog's flexing body and blasted spurt after spurt of cum into Jimmy's ass. Jimmy grabbed his cock and started cumming too. The two huge thugs and the puny white thug worshipper were all cumming at the same time. Big Dog and Tyrone gushed spurt after spurt of cum for over a minute. Their huge balls produced enormous amounts of cum. Jimmy lasted about ten seconds. That was still a record for his little balls. Cum started dripping out of Jimmy's ass and out of his mouth as the huge black thugs kept thrusting and cumming.

Finally the thugs slowed down and they pulled their cocks out of Jimmy's asshole and throat. He fell to the ground and immediately spun around to look up at their huge black bodies. They were still hard and stroked their cocks as still more drops of cum came out and landed on Jimmy's little white body. "What a fuck!" yelled Big Dog. "That was great!" The thugs flexed their muscles at the gay boys, some of whom had cum three of four times. Then Big Dog reached down and grabbed Jimmy and threw him over his huge shoulder. "That was a great starter fuck," he said. "We got a whole day of fucking to go. We're gonna cum ten times today. We love to fuck white bitches and you're our white bitch today. More dope and coke. Body worshipping by our puny little blue eyed white bitch. More cocksucking. More ass fucking. Oh yeah, we're gonna have a lot of fun. You're coming home with us, white boy. We're gonna fuck the shit outta you." They headed off towards their car. Jimmy's cock was already hard again.

The End