Best Friends 4

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There was a strange noise in the room that caused me to wake up from a sound sleep. I had not slept this well in a long time. I felt Will’s muscled arm draped across my body. I reached up and stroked the bulging bicep. Without even looking at it I could tell it was huge – just by the way it felt. I swear it felt even larger than when I was worshipping his body earlier today. My thoughts were interrupted again by a strange noise. It sounded like someone was ripping an old sheet. Not only was there a strange noise in the room, but also something was happening to Will behind me. I could feel movement and it felt weird. I could tell by his heavy breathing that Will was still sound asleep. I turned my head and looked at the bicep draped over me. I was surprised to see that the sleeve of the t-shirt Will was wearing seemed shredded. It was ripped on three sides. I didn’t remember him grabbing an old t-shirt. As a matter of fact I remember it looking pretty new. At that moment Will rolled onto his back and I quickly turned around to look at him.

I gasped out loud because the shirt he was wearing was torn to shreds. It looked like someone had taken a box cutter to it. As Will began to move I found out what was making the strange noise. Will was going into a pre-waking up stretch and what remained of the sleeves of his shirt ripped completely off of his arms. The remaining collar made a quick loud ripping noise and fell from his neck. Not one part of the shirt remained on his body. And that is when I finally noticed his body. No longer did Will have the body of a well-built gymnast. His body had transformed into the physique of a middleweight bodybuilder. He was huge. I could only imagine how much more muscle he had put on. The dream had become a reality. I suddenly remembered how hot his skin had felt just after he came. This is what had been happening to him over the last six months – but this time doubled what had happened before. It was obvious that this change was more dramatic – more powerful. I immediately knew it was because of me – because of our contact with each other. I stared in disbelief at the size of my best friend. He was the biggest guy that I had ever seen this close. My cock immediately became achingly hard. At that moment Will opened his eyes and noticed my astonished look.

He didn’t even look at his body. He just smiled and said, “I grew some more didn’t I? I can tell by the way I feel. And I would say that this time it was pretty awesome, wasn’t it? All I could do was nod my head. Will sat up and looked at himself. “Fuck yeah. Look at me, James, I’m a freakin’ monster. I grew much more this time.” As he said this he raised his arms in a double bicep pose. The peaks that I had thought were huge earlier in the day were almost double that size now. Will flexed his arms and made his biceps dance up and down. It was an amazing sight. My concentration on his arms was interrupted when I thought I heard him say, “I hope James likes these guns.” It was an odd thing for Will to say since I was sitting right there.

“What did you say, Will?” I asked.

He looked at me and replied, “I didn’t say anything.” He then returned to checking out his new body. He began running his hands over his tremendous chest. He grabbed under each pec and lifted the huge layers of muscle. You could tell that they were heavy and full of power. Again I heard Will’s voice say something like, “I can’t wait for you to get your mouth around these mega pecs James.” This time I had been staring at Will and realized that he had said nothing. This was crazy because it was like he had just spoken, but maybe it was something different. I concentrated on Will – trying hard to listen as he continued to explore his body. Slowly I began to hear his voice – but it was different – like an inner voice. “I knew James was the key to all of this. I knew he could help me to unlock my potential even more. Look at what he’s done to me. He has made me more than I could have ever dreamed of becoming. I’m so much bigger. And I’m stronger, too. I can feel it. I owe all of this to James – I wish he would get over here and suck on this chest.” The shock of what was happening was too powerful. I had to lay down again. I wasn’t hearing Will’s voice – I was hearing his thoughts. What the fuck was going on?

“Are you okay? Will asked. I jumped a little because his voice was louder – somehow. I looked up at him and could tell he was baffled by my actions.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. I was just a little overwhelmed by your body. It’s fucking fantastic.” Then I heard his inner voice speak again, “Well then get over here and show me how much you like it.” This time I did not question the voice. I sat up and slid over to Will. He could tell by the look in my eyes what I wanted. He took one of his huge hands and gabbed the back of my head. His palm covered the entire back of my head. He pulled my face into his monstrous right pec. My mouth could even tell his body was larger. Even his nipple had grown. I began to suck on his chest like a wolf savagely going after its prey. Will kept his hand on the back of my head and just watched me as I kissed, sucked, licked, and bit at his muscled pecs. I heard his inner voice again, “Yeah little buddy, that is just how I like it. You are one perfect muscle worshipper. You know how to make me feel good. Yeah, suck on that muscle.” Will’s inner voice was getting me harder than ever. I felt myself wishing that Will would grab my cock and start stroking it. At that moment I felt Will’s huge hand inside my pants wrapping his strong fingers around my rigid cock. He slowly started pumping his hand up and down. I got lost in the sensation and began thinking about how nice it would be to have Will’s mouth around my hard dick. Will gently pulled my head away from his chest and laid me back on the bed. He bent over and replaced the hand on my cock with his warm and ready mouth. He easily took my whole cock into his mouth and gently sucked. My mind was racing with so many emotions – I finally realized that I had made Will do things just by thinking it. I couldn’t concentrate on that thought for very long because of the feeling of pleasure that was pulsing through my body. It took about one minute of sucking to get me to unload into his mouth. My entire body tensed during what was the strongest ejaculation of my life. When I was done Will lay down beside me and stroked my chest lightly.

“This is so much better than the dream,” he whispered.

“You have no idea,” I whispered back.

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