Secret Strength 3

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The sound of a heavy steady stream hitting the metal trough in the men’s bathroom when I entered confirmed what I already knew – the size of Neo’s dick matched his giant cocky attitude. As a matter of fact, it probably helped to fuel his alpha-ness. That thought pleased me greatly. I was, again, pleasantly surprised by the sheer size of the big man’s wide back and huge quads when I came around the wooden wall that hid the main peeing area from outside when the door was open. I got an idea and quickly returned to the entrance. I reached out and dug my fingers into the concrete wall around the metal frame of the door – loving how simple it was to destroy cement. I effortlessly bent the frame over in about three places so it completely secured the door shut – happily making sure that Neo and I could have some quality alone time. I reached down and adjusted my cock because twisting metal with such ease always got me hard - or was it my upcoming super strength revelation to Neo that excited me so? I wasn’t sure, but I did run my fingers over the numerous grooves my hands had made in the doorframe, marveling at my expert work. I went back to the open space in the middle of the room and was thrilled to hear that the big guy was still pissing heavily – and humming some happy tune at the same time. I leaned against one of the sinks and crossed my arms – staring lustfully at the expansive width of Neo’s shoulders. Damn, this man was beautiful – huge and cocky as hell, just the way I was beginning to like ‘em. I was still rock hard from my masterful work on the door, as well as from Neo’s earlier joyous displays of strength - or was it because I knew about my forthcoming displays of greater strength. It didn’t matter – I was simply ready for the fun to begin. The big man had no idea of what was about to hit him

“You get off on your own strength as much as the guys out in the bar, don’t you, big man?”

My voice seemed to shock Neo. He had obviously been in his own little world – probably re-living his recent total domination of the pretty boy with his powerful bearhug – and hadn’t heard that someone else entered the bathroom. He glanced at me over his insanely broad shoulder and smiled. It was a friendly smile, but it was also clear he was kind of disappointed that I wasn’t someone bigger. My size made it clear that I wouldn’t be much of a challenge for any of his feats of strength. I had a feeling Neo usually had his pick of the litter in any gay bar he visited and I was clearly what he considered the runt of the group for that particular night. It was obvious that he had not noticed me earlier. Even in his disappointment, though, the guy was not one to be rude. He didn’t care where compliments came from – he just knew he deserved them. He probably figured I was there to talk lustfully about his body and strength. It didn’t cross his mind that I might have a pleasant surprise for him.

“Fuck yeah, little man, there ain’t nothing hotter than showing guys how powerful this huge body is – it gets me hard quicker than anything. Tossing dudes around is like foreplay to me.”

“I feel the same way, Neo.”

“Well if you like my strength so much, tiny fella, then get back out there and fight for the chance to get bearhugged by these big arms. I’ll make you so happy you’ll have fantasies involving me for years to come.”

Neo had turned back to staring at the wall high above the trough. I was shocked a little at how hard his stream still sounded hitting the metal backside. I felt a thrill shoot through my body as it became clear that Neo misunderstood my comment. He was brushing me off because I was so small and normal. I felt my cock jerking a little with excitement because of what was to come. This big man had no idea what I was capable of – and that’s the way I liked it. I moved away from the sink and took a few steps toward the big guy as he finally finished his business and shook what I knew was a long thick cock to get rid of any remaining droplets. The way his big biceps bounced up and down re-emphasized how huge his cock must be. I cleared my throat slightly and then spoke with a little more force, loving how my voice was actually deeper than the man in front of me – an obvious benefit of being so strong.

“No, I mean I like showing off how strong I am, too. You and I have that in common. We both get a huge thrill from doing amazing feats of strength – especially when it impresses other guys.”

This immediately caused the big man to chuckle as he was stuffing his huge dick back into his tight jeans. I was still shocked that the seams didn’t burst when he moved his legs – it was surprising the material didn’t give up the fight against his bulging muscles and shred to pieces. Neo buttoned his pants and then turned to look down at me. I could see compassion in his face, but I also noticed he was trying hard not to laugh. For a second I thought the guy was going to choose the route of humorous teasing, but something caused him to feel nothing more than pity.

“Yeah, I’m sure you’ve worked up to some real heavy weights in the gym, pal. Keep up the good work and maybe one day you’ll have muscles and strength like me. It’s taken me a lot of years to get this powerful. Everyone needs to have a goal, though, sport, even if it is unattainable. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go show the boys out there how to bearhug two big guys at one time, a personal favorite display of power.”

I had entered the bathroom without a plan and securing the door so tightly had literally been an afterthought. The next few moments were the same – I didn’t think about anything in advance. I simply responded to the big guy on some similar basic alpha man level. As Neo started to walk around me toward the sinks I reached up and placed my smallish hand against his massive chest. I instantly marveled at the hardness and thickness of his pecs – truly feeling amazement at how a man could actually shape his body into such perfection. The forward motion of his hulking body stopped abruptly, but my arm didn’t move at all. I pushed upward against his humongous mounds of meat and then forward at the same time. I used only a tiny amount of my strength, but Neo’s body came slightly up off the floor and we both traveled quickly a few feet across the room until his back smacked up against the metal wall of the first stall. The power in my hand caught the big man totally off guard and he immediately figured it was only the surprise attack that had helped me to easily heave his giant body into its present place. His frame was still raised a little off the ground so the big man had to go up on his toes. He leaned forward, intending to brush me away with just the force of his chest, but to Neo’s surprise his upper torso didn’t budge at all. I saw a flicker of desperation flash through the man’s eyes, but it disappeared quickly – he wasn’t someone that usually feared anything and he wasn’t going to begin now.

“Maybe I didn’t make myself clear, Neo. I love showing off my strength, which is actually a lot more powerful than yours. I also think you’ll get off on all my might as much as I usually do. You’re not going anywhere until I say you can. My one hand can keep you in place without any problem.”

“What the hell kind of trick is this, little man?”

“No trick at all, my big-but-infinitely-weaker man.”

“Fuck you, punk!”

Neo tried to move forward again, but my powerful hand held his big body firmly against the stall. The giant man pressed both of his humongous arms against the wall behind him and gave a giant push – but he couldn’t advance at all. I easily held him in place, something that made my cock twitch wildly. I thought about giving his body a hard shove and destroying the three stalls in one fell swoop, but I knew it would be more fun to wait. I saw a flash of confusion streak across Neo’s face, but then it was replaced with a look of determination. The man had come up with a different plan and I had a feeling I was going to like it. Suddenly, he swung his huge right fist in a big half circle and connected it hard with the left side of my face. My head didn’t budge at all – not even a fraction of an inch. As a matter of fact, I felt nothing – except a glob of pre-cum seeping out of my dick slit from the excitement caused by seeing the astounded look on Neo’s face. His fist hadn’t even dented my skin. I grinned – and I knew it was a slightly devious smile like the one Neo had offered the pretty boy earlier as he had applied more pressure in his torturous bearhug. Neo’s closed fist was still smashed up against my head and I could sense that his hand was throbbing a little in pain, but the shock of my face withstanding a forceful swing of his massive arm prevented him from feeling anything at the moment. The reality of my power was slowly starting to seep into the big man’s pretty head. I decided it was time that Neo learned a little more about my strength. I started pressing on his chest with additional force – though still with just my open small palm. I could see that the pressure was causing the guy a lot of pain and he was having trouble breathing. Suddenly, the metal wall of the stall dented in slightly behind his body. Neo’s eyes grew wider. I had easily used his big body to cave in a sheet of strong metal. I lessened the pressure on his chest and then took the forefinger of my other hand and hooked it under Neo’s belt buckle – chuckling as I noticed the oval silver piece had an engraved flexed bicep across it. I looked up at the still surprised face of my big captive stud.

“Nice buckle, Neo. I should get one with a flexed finger.”

And with that simple statement I removed my hand from the big man’s chest and started to lift the finger hooked to his belt buckle – slowly and deliberately. I wanted him to get great pleasure from what I was doing. The big man let out a stifled cry as his feet left the floor. He glanced down at my finger and this caused him to whimper again – seeing what I was actually doing with such little effort. I held up my other hand and waved it back and forth – just to emphasize that I was hoisting up his entire huge body with just one little finger. Neo’s back slid up along the dented wall of the bathroom stall until his shoulders went beyond the top. I was holding the guy in the air with one finger at the end of an outstretched arm. His belt buckle was now even with my forehead. I looked up at the mystified face of the once all-powerful Neo and my smile grew wider. He was beginning to fully grasp my super strength.

“Fuck, it’s not possible . . . how?”

“I’m not sure, man. It all just kind of started back when I hit puberty. I’ve kept it a secret all my life, but watching you tonight . . . well, something just clicked inside my head and I thought you might get into my super strength as much as I do. I’ve been alone for a long time, Neo. I’m just looking for someone that I can share all of this power with and entertain frequently with feats of strength.”

To emphasize my point I moved my finger up and down, chuckling as I watched his entire huge frame bounce like a jack-in-the-box freed from its confinement. That’s also when I felt his cock hardening against the back of my hand. I looked at his crotch and was thrilled to see that I had been correct about the size. His pole was thicker than my forearm and much longer than I had anticipated. I knew instantly that his dick had given some serious pleasure to other men over the years and I looked forward to playing with the giant tool myself later on. At the moment, though, I needed to still show off for my little admirer. I looked back up at the big man’s face and saw the same kind of awe and lust that had been apparent in the crowd’s face as he had shown off out in the bar. My heart suddenly overflowed with joy. Since I hadn’t really planned the evening in advance I had never prepared myself for what would either be rejection or acceptance from the guy I chose. Neo’s face and hard cock made it obvious he did indeed love my super strength – and my gut feeling had been right – he clearly loved it as much as I did.

“How fucking strong are you . . . shit, I don’t even know your name.”

“I’m Peter. Peter Larson.”

“How fucking strong are you, Peter Larson?”

“I’m not sure, Neo. But I can tell you I haven’t ever hit any limit to my power yet.”

“Oh fuck, man. I’m spitting out pre-cum like you wouldn’t believe.”

“It feels strange, doesn’t it Neo, to get off on someone else’s strength for a while.”

“It’s not strange at all, it’s hot as hell, Peter! Come on dude - tell me some other things you can do.”

“You mean besides holding a big guy like you in the air with just one finger?”

To drive the alpha man really crazy I stepped backwards into the middle of the bathroom and took him with me. I had my arm outstretched and continued to hold his body in the air as if he weighed nothing. I spun around a couple of times and let him feel how fast I could move, as well as to remind him this wasn’t a trick. When I stopped I noticed the guy was starting to look a little shell-shocked, but then quickly realized I had merely made him very dizzy. As soon as the insides of his head stopped spinning he looked down at me with begging eyes. I knew exactly what he wanted and I wasn’t one to disappoint.

“Well, you know how you said earlier you could powerlift the back of someone’s truck?”

“Uh huh.”

“Well, I’ve easily lifted a bus, a bulldozer, and a loaded cement mixer.”

“You mean like lifted the front end of each of those? Man, that’s impressive!”

“No, I lifted each of those entire vehicles over my head. Without any problem.”

The moan of pleasure that escaped Neo’s mouth made me worry that my finger or the back of my hand would soon be sticky from being covered in his man juice, but I soon realized he gained control and avoided spewing, for the moment. I decided it would be fun to actually show Neo what I was capable of – instead of just telling him. I carried his body over to the sink area and with my free hand I grabbed a corner of one of the porcelain basins. I squeezed slightly and a huge chunk of the sink easily broke off in my hand. Neo’s gasp was actually louder than the noise that was made as I demolished the porcelain. I held the big chunk up in the air and started crushing it with my fingers – making sure Neo got a good look. The porcelain crumbled in my hands like it was a piece of dried-up brittle dirt. I destroyed the corner of the sink completely in just a few seconds. The big man had no idea this was just child’s play for me. Neo simply stared at my hand in awe as I turned it over, letting the fragments and dust fall to the ground.

“How’s that for an example, Neo?”

“Fucking awesome. What else? Show me something else. Please, Peter.”

“Mind if I tease you a little bit, Neo?”

“Hell no. And I wouldn’t be able to stop you anyway - even if I wanted to.”

“That’s true. But know that I don’t ever want to hurt you.”

“Good to know, Peter, but remember that a little pain mixed in with pleasure is sometimes good.”

“I’ll remember, I promise. Let’s see. I have an idea.”

I lowered the big man to the ground. It was the first time he had been standing for a while and he seemed a little shaky. His face continued to show astonishment at the fact I could easily hold him in the air for so long with just one finger. I decided it would be fun to actually let Neo’s strength be part of my display of power. He clearly got off on his own abilities, so I thought it would be kind of exciting to turn that around on him. I was also selfishly thinking of ways to please myself, as well. Deep down I knew the big man wouldn’t care that I was thinking of things that would make me happy, but I hadn’t gotten to a that level of trust at this point. I needed to get to know him a little more. I moved closer to the big man.

“Why don’t you give me your best bearhug, Neo? I’d like to see what caused the pretty boy in the bar to pass out.”

“Fucking hell yeah!”

Neo’s excitement reminded me of a little boy getting his favorite dessert. I had to smile to myself when I noticed the utter glee in his face. He quickly bent down and wrapped his massive arms around my thin body. It was exactly as wonderful as I had thought it would be – to be surrounded by all of his muscles. I pressed the front of my upper torso into his hard meaty chest and then shivered as I felt his hard biceps squash into my sides and back. I actually sucked in air when my feet came off the floor with one quick movement of his big body. It was one of the most thrilling feelings I had ever experienced. I let my face fall forward into his huge pecs and inhaled deeply – getting a good whiff of all his superior manliness. He bounced his chest to give me another quick thrill. I could tell that Neo’s excitement caused him to squeeze tightly from the get go – much tighter than he had begun with pretty boy out in the bar. I looked at his neck and saw it tense up as he applied more power to his hug. I, of course, felt nothing. It seemed like all I had done was put on a light jacket. I loved feeling this huge man surrounding me with all his muscles, but the pressure didn’t cause even the slightest discomfort. I continued to breathe normally and actually loved watching him tighten his grip to try and make me feel something. To show off a little I pushed my biceps out lightly and this caused his beefy powerful arms to fling apart. I dropped to the floor. It had been a simple shrug to me, but it had been enough power to easily force his giant limps apart. I stared up at the big man and beamed teasingly.

“What’s the matter, Neo? Can’t you squeeze hard enough to keep me from breaking free? Look at how skinny I am compared to you? Can’t you out muscle this little guy?”

I could tell my forcing his arms apart so easily and my blatant teasing thrilled Neo completely, but he decided to play the part of the alpha man and reached out to grab me tightly again. This time I came off the floor even quicker than the first time and the big man immediately started using all of his strength to squeeze me. I noticed veins popping out on his forehead and he was gritting his teeth. I could actually feel a little something around my torso, but I knew I could easily have broken his grip again. I chose, however, to toy with the man. I spoke in a monotone voice to emphasize how Neo’s entire strength was not even the slightest challenge to my body.

“Oh, feel how Neo squeezes me so hard. His big arms are so strong. I can barely breathe. See how I gasp for air. Even speaking has become a heavy burden. Please let me go, Neo. I don’t think I can take much more. Hey man, you look like you’re about to burst a blood vessel. You know, of course, that I don’t feel a thing.”

He wasn’t listening to me. He was determined to squeeze the life out of me. I flexed my arms outward again and broke his hold easily – once again falling to the floor. Immediately the big man moved over to lean against one of the still-intact sinks. He had simply worn himself out by trying to crush something that was uncrushable. He continued to stare at me, shaking his head in disbelief, as he caught his breath. I stood there waiting for him to gain back some of his strength – for we had more games coming. He finally spoke in almost a whisper.

“What does it feel like?”

“Well, I guess it’s the same thing you feel, Neo, you know, when you do feats of strength.”

“No, it’s got to be different, Peter. I can lift two guys in the air, but I can’t lift a fucking bus over my head. I can bend a piece of metal that’s a half-inch thick, but I can’t break off a chunk of sink with just my fingers. It’s got to feel different.”

“I guess so. I’ve never talked about this with anyone, Neo. I don’t know what to say. It’s kind of weird. I don’t want you to think I’m a freak or something.”

Neo suddenly stopped breathing hard. He stood up – to his full incredible height – and walked over to me. I could tell that most of his cockiness had suddenly returned. I didn’t know what had happened, but I liked it very much. He stood in front of me and then reached out and wrapped his big hands around my biceps. He lifted me into the air until my face was even with his. Neo then brought his mouth against mine and I received the first adult kiss of my entire life. It felt like someone had just opened the floodgates for all my emotions. For the first time since puberty I completely let go and allowed someone else to be in charge. I knew on some level that my super strong tongue could have easily out-powered Neo’s if I wanted it to, but I didn’t have that desire. I wanted him to lead this part of our newly formed dance. I felt my body melt into his strong hands and allowed his head to push mine backwards as he shoved his masterful tongue down my throat and kissed me like it was his first time, as well. Tears formed in my closed eyes and I became lost in the alpha stud’s dominance. After what seemed like an eternity, Neo finally pulled his face from mine and, after kissing away the tears that were running down my face, he placed me on the ground and then moved his hands up to my neck to cup my head lovingly.

“Peter, all my life I have beat off to fantasies of men with super strength. Why do you think I built up my body to this size? Why do you think I come to bars like this and bearhug dudes until they blackout? Why do you think I search the web for stories about super strength? It’s all because I like to fantasize about what you, my friend, actually really have. You’re the fucking real deal, man. The first thing you asked me was if I get off on my own strength as much as those guys out in the bar. I answered yes, but the honest truth is I get off on strength period. It doesn’t have to be my own. It’s only been about my strength because it’s been hard to find someone more powerful. Well, I think I can now check that item off my list because of you. If you haven’t caught on yet that I want to help you explore the limits of your strength then I guess I’m going to have to hit you over the head with a hammer or something . . .”

“I wouldn’t feel it.”

“See, it’s statements like that one that are going to keep me excited forever. I can’t wait to break a sledgehammer on your head! Peter, I never thought I’d be saying this to anyone, but I think we were made for each other. I know we just met, but I want to spend the rest of my life with only you. I’ll keep you busy twenty-four seven with requests for you to show off that strength. I’m just worried that you’ll get tired of me. There’s no way I can keep up with a superman.”

It was my turn to return the favor. I grabbed him at the waist and easily lifted his body into the air, so his crotch was even with my face. I pushed my mouth into his jeans and teasingly bit at the head of his giant cock – being careful not to use too much jaw strength. Neo threw his head back and let out a loud moan. I pulled away, fearful that he was about to shoot, and I didn’t want this moment to end so quickly. I lowered him back to the ground and looked up into his masculine face. It was only then that doubt entered my thoughts. After wanting him so badly all-night long and even though I had come to the bar to find someone to make my loneliness disappear, there was a new awareness forming in my mind that suddenly altered all my plans.

“I could never get tired of your incredible body, Neo, and I think we both share a complete and utter obsession with strength, but it’s suddenly clear that we can’t ever really be together.”

“What do you mean, Peter? Why?”

“You saw what I did to that sink, Neo. How can I ever truly be with someone if I have this kind of incredible strength? If we were together I would want to be with you completely – you know, having sex in bed, too. That can’t be possible because my cock would rip you in two with just one little thrust and a tiny clamping from my ass would flatten your gorgeous huge cock for life. I certainly couldn’t be around that beautiful muscled ass of yours and not play with it constantly. I don’t want to just be friends with you, man; I want the full-on relationship and that just can’t happen. Oh why was I cursed with this strength? I’ve never wanted to be rid of it until right now. I’m so sorry, Neo.”

I did not realize I was sobbing. Suddenly, the big man’s arms were completely engulfing me as he pulled my head into his chest. He simply held me as I let out years of loneliness through my tears. I had never wanted something as much as I wanted Neo, but I realized it wasn’t fair to him to live a life without sex or intimacy. I was so scared that I would somehow hurt him – or worse – if we tried anything. My sobs finally subsided and the big man just continued to hold me tightly and stroked my cheek softly. After another minute of silence, Neo finally pulled away from me and looked into my eyes.

“First of all Peter, what makes you think I’d ever allow you to fuck me? I’m just kidding, of course. A hundred men couldn’t prevent you from doing what you wanted. Listen, dude, it’s pretty clear you’re still a virgin. And that’s understandable considering your little secret, but let experienced big Neo tell you a few things. When you fuck me you don’t have to do the thrusting, man. I get a feeling that you can control your strength a lot – since you’ve basically done it all of your life – and that will be our greatest ally in this relationship. You’ll be amazed at how much pleasure you can receive from me powering my body up and down on that super dick of yours. You’ll just have to learn to let me take the lead. I also bet, after a lot of practice, you’ll actually learn what kind of pressure my body can take. In the meantime you can just continue to fuck all the things you’ve been shoving that super rod into for pleasure, okay? As for teaching that ass of yours how to be gentle, we’ll just have to start with lead pipes or something stronger. We’ll let you deform a few police batons and aluminum bats before I even think about sticking my hefty log in there. I bet we can have a hell of a lot of fun practicing. Someday soon I bet you’ll be able to allow me to plow you without squeezing the life out of my cock – although I hope you’ll make it hurt a little. I’m telling you, man, there’s a lot of pleasure in some types of pain.”

“First of all, Neo, what makes you think I’d allow you to fuck me?”

“Trust me, I know – no one’s getting near that tight ass of yours unless you let them.”

“I’m just kidding, too. Do you really think this can work?”

“I know it can, Peter. We both want it too much for it to fail. It takes time for all relationships to make adjustments – so that makes us pretty normal. Man, it just dawned on me that no one has come into this bathroom since us – that’s amazing.”

“Um, not exactly, I kind of bent the metal frame over the door in a few places so no one would come in. I wanted us to be alone.”

“Shit, that’s hot. It also explains the privacy.”

The logic behind everything Neo had just shared was enough to completely calm me down. I knew it would be difficult for us sometimes, but I also knew we were both up for the challenge. We continued to sit there – his arms wrapped around me - gazing into each other’s eyes. There was no rush to leave, because each of us realized we now had a lifetime together. I had never felt so secure and loved in my entire life. It sounds crazy that the strongest man alive would find so much security through a budding relationship – but that was human nature. We are communal beings and we long for someone who we can share our life and all of our secrets with. I was definitely ready to trust this giant man completely.

“It’s incredible to walk around without any fears, Neo. You asked me what it feels like - to be this strong. Well, it’s really freeing and you tend to take a lot more risks. You do things that no one else would ever think about doing – like sneaking into the zoo at night to pet the elephants or even lift them, or volunteering with the most dangerous criminals at prisons because you know they can’t harm you, and climbing mountains with no tools because you can easily force your fingers into solid rock to pull your body upward. And really big guys never intimidate me, as you’ve noticed. Its just kind of incredible to go through life without any real worries, you know? My only real fear has been that I would be alone for all of my life.”

“That fear ends tonight, superman.”

“Yeah . . . yeah, it does. Thank you – I’ve never felt this good. And what about you sir? What has been one of your deepest fantasies as you’ve beat off dreaming about men with super strength, Neo? I’d like to make it come true tonight.”

“Well . . . I don’t think even you can make this one come true, Peter. I’m probably too wide and too tall.”

“We’ll see about that, what is it?”

“I’ve always had . . . this is crazy . . . forget about it.”

“No, come on. I shared with you. What is it?”

“I’ve always wanted to be bearhugged by someone stronger than me. I’d really like to see what it feels like. There, are you satisfied?”

I looked into his smiling face and immediately started grinning, too. My big Neo really loved to do to others what he secretly wished would happen to him. I made a mental note to remember that fact. My brain started working overtime and I soon landed on a solution. I pulled away from him without saying a word. I went to the small vestibule area of the bathroom and grabbed a metal chair I had noticed earlier. I brought it back to the open space. I placed it in front Neo and then looked up at his confused face.”

“How much do you weigh, big man?”

“About four ten!”

“Shit, your huge!”

“And I plan on getting bigger.”

“That made my cock jump appropriately, you tease.”

I placed my hand on the seat of the chair and started pressing down. The thing squealed a little but didn’t buckle. I pressed a little harder to test it some more. The anticipation was too much for Neo. He still could not figure out what I was planning.

“What are you doing?”

“Seeing if the chair can take five hundred and eighty pounds. I’ve learned to gauge how much pressure my hands can exert at different times. It comes in handy when I’m holding a champagne flute or trying to compress a tank.”

“Fuck, that’s awesome! And it also means you’ll be able to do it with your cock, just as I thought.”

“I guess it does. I’ve never really thought about it that way. Okay, this chair will definitely work.”

I stepped up on the seat and signaled Neo to step into my waiting arms. He moved forward quickly, suddenly realizing what I was doing, and I bent down to wrap my skinny long arms around him – encompassing his huge biceps as I did - but my hands basically landed on his back a few inches apart. The man was simply too wide. Immediately, Neo became discouraged and started to pull away, but my powerful grip kept him from moving even an inch.

“See it’s not going to work. I’m just too fucking huge.”

“You of little faith. I don’t need my hands to meet, Neo. Haven’t you figured that out? I have enough power.”

I bent my knees a little more and pulled the guy in hard – slamming Neo’s big chest into mine. The force of my slight tug knocked the wind out of the huge man. It was a feeling that was totally new and equally as thrilling to my now captive alpha. I straightened my legs and easily lifted Neo’s giant body into the air. Even though he was still gasping a little for breath he actually squealed like a little child. The feeling of his feet leaving the ground again was just too much. This was fulfilling a dream he had thought would never come true and, at the same time, giving him a deeper glimpse into my power. The chair moaned from all the weight, but it was sturdy enough to hold us for a long time. I suddenly recalled all the things I had memorized earlier as Neo had toyed with pretty boy out in the bar. I knew taking the role of the cocky alpha stud in this situation would thrill the big man beyond his wildest dreams.

“So, puny man, how does it feel to have your feet dangling in the air? But more importantly, how does it feel to not be able to move your arms? This strong superman has you completely in his control.”

Neo didn’t answer. His body had shivered with delight as soon as I called him ‘puny’ and he was too busy kicking his feet back and forth trying to find the floor. He attempted to squirm in my arms, but quickly found that he couldn’t move his upper torso at all. He kept whispering ‘fuck’ over and over as it dawned on him that my arms were powerful enough to hold his massive body in place even without having my hands clasped at his back. I was actually surprisingly thrilled by this easy feat of strength, as well, but mainly because I had never been this close to such a huge man before. Suddenly, I got a rush of adrenaline just from knowing I was manhandling a giant so easily. I was actually feeling for the first time what Neo had known for such a long time – that overpowering other dudes was even hotter than lifting heavy SUVs. I began to tease the man even more.

“Try and bounce those big pecs for me, man. I love watching that hard meat heave up and down.”

“I fucking can’t move them at all and you know it! I can’t move anything above my waist.”

Neo’s long thick cock was pressing hard against my leg. The big alpha was so turned on that he couldn’t control any part of himself. His dick was simply reacting to my power and he continued to shiver with pleasure. I started jerking his body up and down in my strong arms and the guy started purring like a satisfied lion. It was so easy to jostle his big frame around – and I was exerting no effort at all. My cock was equally as hard and easily picking up Neo’s giant body off the ground finally caused me to do what I had tried to avoid all night. My stiff rod ripped through my underwear and pants, immediately flopping out and shoving the big man’s body away from mine.

“Aw fuck, your cock just burst through your pants, didn’t it?”

“I’m afraid so.”

“Hell, it feels like you’re prodding my body out with some kind of iron poker. That is so fucking hot!”

I let go of Neo’s back with my left hand – keeping his body in place with just my right one without any problem – and reached down to adjust my cock, so it stuck straight up and wouldn’t end up poking a hole through Neo’s muscled thigh when I began to squeeze him tighter. Neo started moaning loudly as he felt me holding him in place with only one arm. The guy was quickly moving toward sexual overload, but I still had some fun and games planned – I didn’t want our embrace to end. I returned my left hand to his back and started applying even more pressure. Neo quickly started turning red and I watched as he struggled to get any amount of air he could into his lungs.

“Does wimpy Neo need some air? Here, let me help you.”

I brought my mouth to his and before I could do anything the man started kissing me hard. He was like some sex-starved teenager who was sucking face for the first time. I used my strong tongue to push his mouth away from mine and took a deep breath. I then returned my lips to his and exhaled deeply into his throat. I actually felt his lungs expand in my super grip merely because of the blast of air I sent into him. Neo’s eyes grew large as he realized what was happening – and just how powerful my exhaling had been. He continued to kiss me but let out a loud ‘fuck’ with the corner of his mouth, allowing much of the air I had given to escape his lungs. It was now time for the final act. I pulled my mouth away from his and moved it beside his right ear.

“Yeah, big Neo would rather kiss me than get much-needed air into his lungs, wouldn’t he? Did you feel how strong that burst of breath was coming into your body, boy? That was just a fraction of what I’m capable of. Yeah, I can feel your cock bobbing back and forth with excitement. You know what else Neo? I think you’re a bigger strength pig than the pretty boy from earlier in the bar. You just can’t get enough of my power, can you? Now I would never hurt you, man, but guess what else I can do with these strong arms that are squeezing the life out of you. I can snap telephone poles in two with just a little quick tug. I can compress a keg with just one arm. I’ve crushed huge boulders with just a little more pressure than I’m applying to your big body right now. I can crush anything you want me to, puny man. You just name it and I’ll do some serious damage to anything you like, Neo. My super strength is just for you, big guy.”

The combination of my incredible arms pulling his body powerfully into mine and my boasting about feats of strength he’d get to enjoy in the future was just too much for the big stud, but it was really being called ‘puny’ again that finally caused Neo’s colossal eruption. He was finally handing his alpha crown to someone else. His giant body started flopping around wildly, except for his upper torso since I held him so tightly. Even though he had no air left in his lungs the man was still able to moan loudly. As I watched his eyes roll back into his head and felt hot jism seeping through his jeans and soaking my crotch, I, too, unloaded a titanic wave of cum that shot up between our bodies and seemed to seal our embrace, as well as our new relationship. As my new partner moved into unconsciousness his face beamed with a huge smile that was only equaled by mine.