How Greg Louganis Joined the Junior Swim Team (ar ap celeb)

Editor’s note: The following story is a work of fiction and it is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or any personal knowledge about their private lives.

Author’s note: This is a total fantasy with no basis in reality whatsoever. It’s meant to be read with your brain checked, in Saturday morning cartoon mode and enjoyed. Please do not look for a literary classic in any form. This was written off the cuff. And now...

“All right son, aim the ray at me!”

That was what my Dad told me to do the other morning in our house. My name is Todd James, and I’m thirteen years old, just in the early stages of puberty. My Dad is Thomas James. He’s in his late thirties and looks pretty darn good. Dad was a former underwear model, so he’s still muscular and fit, has all his hair on his head, as well as on his chest. I hope I look like him when I’m full grown. Mom--well technically I don’t have a mom--but that’s a story for later.

After Dad “retired” from being a model, he invested in an electronics and genetics company. This morning after we first got up, I begged Dad to let me try out the new top secret device his company had just developed. It was an age changer, and it looked just like a remote control. So there I was still in my boxer briefs, and Dad still in his string bikini briefs still looking like a model, except for his thick, mussed hair and the morning “5 o’clock” shadow on his face.

“Go on Son, just pick a setting and hit me. It’s safe.”

I looked at Dad, “What should I set it on?” I asked.

“Anything… except a baby!” My Dad laughed as he said that.

“Okay. Here it goes!” I said.

I pressed the button and suddenly my Dad started to shrink and change. His morning whiskers disappeared; his body became less muscular, but still toned. As for his body hair… well, away went my Dad’s sexy chest hair, his treasure trail and anything else manly. All Dad had left were the few pit hairs under his arms and I would suppose some small amount of pubic hair under his bikini briefs…pretty much his body had the same amount of hair mine now had. I had to giggle at my now thirteen year old dad standing there in some slightly loose bikini briefs. His once huge package that had stretched them to the limit was a bit smaller in them now. At least they stayed up on his now younger body since they had been so small and tight before…though they were a bit loose on him.

Dad walked to the full length mirror, “Wow!” he said with his voice cracking, “That thing really works! I’ve seen the tests, but I never imagined it on me! Okay, Son…change me back.”

“Um, dad…” I said low, “Could…could..I keep you like this through breakfast?”

My Dad just laughed, “Okay Todd, but no longer!”

My young Dad and I cooked up a big breakfast for ourselves and had a great time eating it. We even horsed around for a bit longer afterward, but eventually, Dad told me I had to turn him back into an adult. I reluctantly grew Dad up and we got dressed into something more than our underwear. I wasn’t too disappointed, though, we had to get ready for a really cool visitor. Greg Louganis… THE Greg Louganis was coming to stay at our house that afternoon and then watch my swim team exhibition that weekend.

“Dad, if we finish up early, can I make you young again before Mr. Louganis gets here?”

Dad turned around, “Well Todd, it would be fun, but you can’t. The device isn’t perfected yet. A person can’t take being made younger more than once in a single day. In fact, we’re not sure a person can even stay younger more than 24 hours at a time without some kind of side effect.”

Wow! No wonder my Dad was nowhere near having this thing put on the market. He did explain that anything under 24 hours, with a single dose of getting younger and then changing back, had produced no side effects. Oh well, my Dad would have to be my playmate on another day.

To explain Mr. Louganis’ visit… well, you see, Mr. Louganis and my dad met a few years ago at some big event and hit it off. Mr. Louganis happened to be passing through town just when my swim team was to have this big exhibition. No one knew he was coming… not even my teammates. Dad had agreed that the day would center around my swim team buddies and the exhibition, and that it would be a non-publicity day for Mr. Louganis so he could rest from the limelight. After the exhibition, we would then surprise my teammates with Mr. Louganis. Since Dad was our coach, this would be a snap.

Now, I’m not the star of my team. I’m good and so are all the other guys, but the best team member is Chris Menlo. He’s the team captain and our strongest swimmer, that’s an important part of this story.

Mr. Louganis arrived right on time. Later, although he must really get tired of it, he agreed to swim with my Dad and me in our pool. We were having a great time when the phone rang. Dad went inside to answer it. He came out later with a really concerned and disappointed look on his face.

“What’s wrong Dad?”

“Well, Todd, Chris broke his leg this afternoon and there’s no way he’ll be able to be in the exhibition on Saturday.”

I looked at my dad, “Will…will we have to cancel?” I was close to tears. We had really worked hard on this exhibition, not to mention that it would be the only time that Greg Louganis would be able to see it.

My Dad lifted up my drooped chin, “Hey, buck up son, I’ll get the team here tomorrow and we’ll rearrange everything to work with one man short.” My Dad made his apologies to Mr. Louganis and went inside to call the guys.

Mr. Louganis came over to me, “Hey don’t worry, Todd. Things like this happen, but you know what, sometimes they just work out! Keep up the faith. Come on, let’s swim some more.” It was true! No matter what, I was getting to swim with Greg Louganis all weekend!

Later, after we went out to dinner with Mr. Louganis, my Dad was trying to re-work the routines on paper… and getting very frustrated.

“What’s wrong Dad?”

My dad looked up, “I just can’t make this work out with one man short!”

Then it hit me, “Dad why can’t you be the replacement! We could make you a kid again…you know all the routines…you...”

My dad interrupted me, “Todd! Todd! Calm down! I can’t be the coach and a team member at the same time… we just need to work this out.”

About that time Mr. Louganis came into the room, “How’s it going, Thom?”

My Dad stood up and stretched, “Greg, it’s not good. I just don’t have time to rework the routines or even find a replacement trained well enough to catch onto them on such short notice. I don’t know what to do.”

Mr. Louganis then said the magic words, “Oh man Thom, it’s too bad I’m not young enough to be your replacement!”

My Dad looked at Mr. Louganis, “Do you mean that, Greg?”

“Sure I do.” Mr. Louganis moved his hands in a mock magical way and asked, “Why, do you have a magic wand that can make me younger?”

My Dad just smiled and so did I, “Greg, let me tell you about our latest project.”

It turned out to be perfect. We would be able to turn Mr. Louganis into a thirteen-year-old version of himself the next afternoon to practice with the team. The exhibition was the next day on Saturday morning, so it would be over by the early afternoon time limit and we would have time to grow Mr. Louganis back into an adult before the 24 hours were up.

Early Friday afternoon, Mr. Louganis stood by our pool in his Speedo.

“You ready, Greg?” my dad asked.

Mr. Louganis hesitated a moment, “Thom, you’re sure you can change me back?”

My dad put his hand on Mr. Louganis’ shoulder and said, “No worries, Greg! I even let Todd turn me into a young teen yesterday. As long as we turn you back into an adult on time, everything should be fine!”

Mr. Louganis perked up a bit and smiled, “Okay then, Thom…Hit me! I think it could be kinda fun to experience the early stages of puberty again…at least this time I know what to expect!” My dad aimed the device at him and suddenly, Mr. Louganis quickly went back into his early twenties and late teens...then finally, a thirteen year old Greg Louganis was by our pool in a Speedo that managed to stay up, but was loose and a couple of sizes too big. “Um…” Mr. Louganis said in a cracking voice, “Todd, would you happen to have a spare Speedo in my new size?”

I was excited to help my hero, “Sure Mr. Louganis! Come up to my room and we’ll get it!”

Mr. Louganis smiled at me, “Hey Todd…I don’t feel too much like a ‘Mr.’ right now. Why don’t you just call me ‘Greg’.”

“Sure thing…Greg!” I said.

We got Mr.…oops, Greg outfitted and back out to the pool. I introduced him to the team as my “Cousin Greg”. It was a great afternoon and Greg got every routine down from the first try. That night, with Greg’s help, I talked my Dad into becoming a thirteen year old again.

“Come on Thom,” Greg begged, “It’s no fun with you being the only adult….I ‘m having a blast! Todd, told me how much fun you two had when you were a kid yesterday! Do it for me or I won’t swim good tomorrow!”

My Dad just shook his head and said, “All right you two… go ahead. Geeze, Greg, you’re starting to sound like a kid!”

Soon enough, it was just us three boys having burgers and colas in our underclothes. Greg and dad had to borrow some of mine. Greg actually fit into an old pair of my Aquaman underoos. They were a little small and it was funny to see an Olympic swimmer reduced to a thirteen year old boy who had to wear Aquaman underwear. Greg was having a really great time, “Man, this has been one of the best and most interesting days ever! I may come back here one day and take a vacation as a kid again! You look weird, Thom, without your chest hair even as a young teen...and it’s really odd to see such a small amount of tiny hair under your pits…I never thought I’d see hairy Thom so unhairy!” Greg started to laugh and so did my dad.

“What about you, Greg?” My Dad broke in still laughing, "I seemed to notice you didn’t have any hair anywhere when we changed into Todd’s underwear!”

Greg looked a little embarrassed that Dad had mentioned that, but quickly had the answer, “Of course not Thom! Remember, I keep myself shaved… so I didn’t have any body hair to be regressed!” Then Greg started to sound a bit cocky with my dad, “I’m smooth all the time! You know that Thom!” Then Greg winked at dad, and it was Dad’s turn to look a little embarrassed.

“Well,” Dad said, “It’s late and we have an exhibition in the morning! Let’s hit the hay!” Dad said he would stay young that night. He and Greg both slept in dad’s king sized bed. Dad said he wanted to be close by in case Greg needed any assistance with his new body. I wanted to join in, but Dad thought it best I got totally rested for the big exhibition. It was hard to sleep though… I mean, I was excited about the exhibition and heck, both my dad and my hero were now boys my age. I mean, what a trip!

Dad got up the next morning and had me change him back into an adult while Greg was in the shower. We forgot about him wearing my underwear and he looked ridiculous all grown up in young teen sized underwear. Greg came out of the bathroom in a towel, saw my dad and lost it laughing!

After breakfast, the three of us got into the car, and Dad drove us to the exhibition site. Greg and I, as well as the team, all got outfitted in our matching Speedos for the exhibition. Chris was in the audience to watch. We were going to surprise him later at our house after we turned Greg back into an adult. We had decided that it would be too big of a risk to change Greg back and have him meet the whole team later in the locker room as originally planned without having to explain what had happened to “Cousin Greg”. It would be easier to surprise just Chris at our house before the big pizza dinner and say that “Cousin Greg” had already met Mr. Louganis and had to go back home before it got too late.

Then disaster struck. There was a problem with the chemical level in the pool. It would be fixed, but Greg’s 24 hours as a young teen would be well past by the end of the exhibition. Dad was worried and had decided to call the whole thing off, but Greg insisted we go on, “Besides,” Greg said, “We can stop the exhibition and I can pull out ‘sick’ if anything goes wrong.” My dad was reluctant, but went with it…neither of them wanted to disappoint the team and the crowd.

Well, we finally got the exhibition started, right in the early afternoon. As the 24 hours ended, everything seemed to be fine throughout the show. Then, just as Greg and I were in the last laps of the last routine, I suddenly noticed that Greg was no longer keeping up with me. I looked back. Greg was shrinking, or rather, getting younger again. Even though I was worried about my hero, I kept the routine in form as best I could, all the while swimming to Greg so I could help him along to the edge of the pool just as the routine ended. Dad had noticed from the sideline, and he was there with a big towel to hide Greg from everyone else as he got out of the pool. I don’t think anyone noticed that Greg was now nearly six years old and a bit shorter.

Greg looked up at Dad, “Thom, I feel weird!”

My Dad looked really concerned and huddled in like he was checking out a sick boy to help hide Greg. Dad asked, “Are you sick, Greg? Are you okay?”

Little Greg looked up, “I’m fine, but I feel really odd…like the changes haven’t stopped. I hope you can fix me Thom!”

My Dad looked at me, “Todd get him to the smaller dressing room…now!” I left with Greg wrapped in the towel to hide him and walked him back. The crowd was really excited about the exhibition and only seemed to notice that the new kid was a little “sick”. My dad went to the PA system and announced the end of the exhibition and explained that Greg had worked a little too hard and was just a bit ill.

As I walked Greg into the spare dressing room, Dad came in just in time to see Greg turn into a toddler. “Hewp me Thom”, Gregg said.

“Todd, I have to get him home. Go change with the others in the main Locker room. I’ll have one of the other fathers take the boys out for the celebration pizza. Get yourself changed quickly and meet me back here so we can sneak Greg out. We have to get him home and change him back fast!” As I left the room, I could hear dad talking to Greg, “Don’t worry, Greg. We’ll get you fixed. I promise.” “I be okay Thom. Jus huwwy.”

I went to the other dressing room, changed as fast as I could, explaining all the time that I had to go home with dad to help with “Cousin Greg”. I added that it wasn’t too serious (man, was that a lie) and ran down to the other room to meet dad. When I got there, Greg had regressed back to a baby. “Dad, is it too late?”

“Not yet, son…but we have to get him home before it is. I don’t know what happens after a person becomes a baby from the side effects. I never even imagined he would turn into a baby!”

We raced home all the while hoping that no cop would notice our speeding or that we didn’t have our “baby” in a car seat. We rushed into the house. Dad put baby Greg down naked on his stomach on our bearskin rug. He was still old enough to hold his head up and look around. I ran upstairs and got the age changer. Dad grabbed it. Greg was really bawling at this point. “Here it goes!” Dad said.

The ray hit the crying baby that was once an adult Greg Louganis. For a few seconds, nothing happened and we panicked, but then the crying baby turned into a crying toddler. As he changed back the crying toddler turned into a crying boy, then a crying thirteen year old, then a crying guy in his late teens or early twenties and finally a crying, fully adult Greg Louganis. Greg just lay there on his stomach on the rug, butt naked and bawling his eyes out like he was still a baby.

“Dad, what’s wrong with him?”

My Dad looked worried, “Hopefully just another side effect. If you can hear me God, please let it just be a temporary side effect.”

I guess my dad’s quickly uttered prayer was heard, because Greg stopped crying, looked around, noticed himself totally naked on floor and calmly said, “Hell, Thomas! Haven’t you seen me like this enough! Shit, that was some fucking, awesome trip!”

My Dad was so glad that Greg was an adult again and okay that he didn’t even get embarrassed at Greg’s remarks. Hmmm, so Dad had just wanted to be in bed with Greg last night to assist him with his new body… oh yeah, sure he did!

Well, Greg was really great about it all. He said he’d never had a “trip” like that in his life. He really seemed to have been excited about it. He got dressed and had a drink to pull himself together.

After he had his drink, Greg noticed that my dad was still concerned about what happened. He went over to Dad and put his hand on dad’s shoulder, “Hey, we had a close call, but all is well. Let’s not spoil the evening!” He insisted that we still invite Chris over and then meet up with the others for the rest of the pizza celebration. When we met the rest of the team with Chris, we just explained that “Cousin Greg” had met Greg Louganis at our house before Chris arrived, wasn’t feeling like pizza and went home. It turned out to be one of the coolest days I’d ever had. Greg even promised to keep everything a secret and to even come back one day for another round. Then Greg talked my dad into making me an adult for the night though I still wasn’t allowed to stay with my Dad and Greg after bedtime. I think I was happy about that.

As for the device, well, Dad assigned it to just one engineer to secretly work on perfecting it, told the company the project was dead and occasionally lets me use it to make him my little brother for a few hours.