Hot For My Best Friend (mm)

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Bo Douglas woke up with a start when he rolled over and realized he was alone in the bed. He sat up and looked all around the room. The blinking neon light just outside the fourth floor window offered plenty of light for him to tell that his best friend, Dustin, wasn't in the room. He jumped out of bed and checked the bathroom to be sure, but it was empty. The room was chilly again but the steam pipes were cracking and hissing so it would be warm again in a few minutes. Too warm. Then too cold. The Ellisburg "Y", where the two young athletes were holed up to get out of a blizzard, was one of the last of the old YMCAs that still clung to their original mission, that of providing a safe, warm place for young men to stay. The building was old, the heating system was a virtual power plant, but not an efficient one.

"What the hell… where the hell did he go?" Bo muttered as he went over to the window and peered out. "Well, shit! What the fuck!" he swore, when he saw Dustin across the street, standing in front of a late night café, looking back at the Y. "What the hell is he doing out there in this shitty weather?" he wondered aloud. He watched him for a moment. He was just staring up at the blinking neon light, or the window, with his hands in his pockets. Something was wrong. Bo hurried to get into his clothes.

Dressed and bundled up, he rushed downstairs and through the lobby and out into the cold night. As he ran across the street Dustin turned away and walked up the street, away from him.

"Dustin!" he called out. "Dustin, wait up!" He wasn't running away from him, but he was walking briskly and Bo had to run to catch up with him. He put a hand on his shoulder to stop him. "Man, where're you going? What're you doing up at this hour, out in this friggin' weather. It's two a.m., and that's probably the temperature too, about two degrees."

"It was cold in the room. I couldn't sleep," Dustin said as he walked on.

Bo laughed. "And you came out here to get warm?" He ran ahead of him and turned and trotted backwards, squarely in front of him. "Come on, what's up, man? What're you doing?"

Dustin stopped in his tracks. "I can't sleep in that room," he said.

"Why? It's warming up as we speak. The steam pipes were cracking and hissing when I left. It'll be plenty warm when we get back."

Dustin tried to walk around him but Bo blocked his way. Finally Dustin stopped in his tracks with a heaved sigh.

"You're not going anywhere till you tell me what's wrong," Bo said. "And it's not the heat," he added.

Dustin bit his lip then sighed again. "Okay, it's not the cold, or the heat, or the room. It was a bad idea, deciding to stop for the night. We should've driven on."

"Dude, we were driving into a blizzard! They were blocking off the roads!" He took him by the shoulders. "What's really wrong? You're gonna tell me."

Dustin looked down for a moment, then looked back up, right into Bo's eyes, and said, "I can't sleep in the same room with you, Bo, let alone in the same bed."

Bo had started to walk backwards again, with Dustin following him, but now they both stopped.

"What? Why? What'd I do?" Bo asked, bewildered. "We've been sleeping over, in the same bed since we were kids."

"Not anymore. I can't do it," Dustin said, and tried again to move around him.

"Whoa!" Bo said as he clasped both hands on Dustin's shoulders again to block his way for good. "Stop right there. What the hell's going on? What's different all of a sudden? How did I change so, that you suddenly can't stand to be in the same room with me?"

"Please… don't, Bo."

"Don't what?"

"Don't go there. Don't make me go there."

"Don't go where? I don't know where you're even going," Bo said.

Suddenly, Dustin choked and twisted out of Bo's grip and headed back in the other direction to get away from him. Bo got in step and walked with him till they got in front of the café then he stopped him again, blocking his way.

"You wanta go in and get some hot chocolate or something, and talk about this?"


"Then where're you going?"

"I don't know, but you can go on back to the Y, I'll be okay," Dustin said.

"You know I'm not going back till you do," Bo stated flatly. "I saw you out the window. You were standing here just gazing up at the Y, at the window of our room, like you were looking for something."

"I was, in my mind. I was picturing you in it."

"Great, I'm picturing you in it with me," said Bo.

"Just go back, Bo, I'll be okay. I'll be up in a little while, I promise," Dustin said.

"Nope. I'm staying right with you till you tell me what's going on," Bo said.

"I'm scared, Bo, that's what's going on."

"Scared? Of what?"

Dustin looked down at his snow encrusted boots, then glanced at his friend and looked away.

"Of what?" Bo asked again. "Whatever it is, I'm right here. We'll fight it together. What're you scared of?"

"It's not something we can fight together; it's my battle," Dustin said.

"Fuck no, if it's your fight, it's my fight too," Bo declared. "Now, what the fuck are you scared of?"

Dustin turned his head to look away but Bo took him by the chin and turned his face back to face him. "Tell me," he demanded.

"Of you!" Dustin blurted. "I'm fuckin' scared of you!"

"Me! What'd I ever do to make you scared of me?" he asked with a pained look.

"No, not you," Dustin said, waving his hands. "I'm scared of myself."

"Dusty, now you're scaring me. You're talking crazy. Will you please tell me what's going on."

"I'm gay, Bo, and I'm scared to death."

There was a sudden silence that seemed to fall over them like a heavy shroud; even the wind ceased for a moment.

"Whoa! I… I didn't hear that right… did I? Yeah, I did. You said… you're gay. You're gay?"

"Scares you too, doesn't it?" Dustin said. "That's the reason I can't be in that room alone with you, or in that little bed, especially naked. It's too close. We're too close. I was sleeping on the edge, clinging to the side of the mattress, afraid we would touch."

"What the hell would it matter if we touched? We've touched a thousand times when we've slept together."

"I know, but I can't… anymore. I keep having these… these thoughts about… there… there are things… things I want to do, Bo, that you would kill me for."

"You've got no reason to be scared of me. I would never lay a hand on you, Dustin, and you know it," Bo said sternly. "And it pisses me off that you would even say that."

"You would if… you would for this," he said.

"For what? What do you want to do to me? Oh, I know what gays like to do, in general, but what is it that you want to do exactly." Dustin was shaking his head. "I wanta hear you say it," Bo said. "I wanta hear you say it, because I don't think you're gay. I don't think you know if you are either. I think you're just confused about what you're thinking. So tell me exactly what you want to do, then maybe… just maybe… I'll consider believing you."

"I wanta touch you, all over. I want to feel your muscles. I want to kiss you, all over. I want to… I wanta hold your cock in my hands, and your balls, and put my mouth on your cock. I want to… Godd, just do so much……" He stopped suddenly, choked up, and tried to swallow the lump in his throat. "Tell me you wouldn't wanta kill me for that."

"Dustin… no… I wouldn't. I would not lay a hand on you, no matter what you tried," Bo said with great emphasis. "Hey, can we either go inside here and get some hot chocolate, or go back up to the room; it'll be warm by now. Or get some hot chocolate and take it up to the room, but fuck, it's cold out here. I'll sleep on the floor."

"All right." Dustin turned to go into the café.

They took a booth at the window and a cute waitress came over with menus, and an appreciative smile. She rattled off some specials then stood with her pad and pen in hand, still with the smile, her eyes shifting from one boy to the other.

"You've got specials at this hour?" Bo asked with his killer smile.

"We're a late night café, we have specials right up till closing," she said.

"I just want some hot chocolate," Dustin said.

"Yeah, me too," said Bo. He watched her walk away, his eyes glued to her firm butt rolling and churning inside her tight jeans. He watched till she had gone around the end of the counter then turned back Dustin.

Dustin smiled rather grimly. "Tell me you wouldn't rather have her up there in the bed with you," he said.

"So maybe, what if I would?"

"No maybe about it. You're probably getting boned up right now."

"So what if I would rather have her in the room with me for a little while? That's got nothing to do with anything right now."

"You could order something to eat if you want," Dustin said.

"Stop trying to run away from me," Bo said.

"I'm sitting right across from you."

"And you're still trying to run away from me. We've been best friends for how long? You shoulda known you don't have to be afraid of me about anything. Don't ever be afraid of me again, Dustin."

"It's not that as much as being afraid of myself… of what I am."

"You're not a what anything, dammit."

"I'm gay, Bo, doesn't that mean anything to you?"

"I'm straight, does that mean anything to you?" he shot back.

"Yes, it means there's a huge gap between us," said Dustin.

Bo reached across and punched him hard in the chest. "That's not such a huge gap, is it, if I can reach you that easily," he said smartly.

"You know what I mean."

"No, I don't. I'm sitting here looking at you, and I don't see a damn thing different about you. Anything that is different, it's all in your head, it's not between us. I just wanta know what gave you the idea that you're gay all of a sudden."

The waitress came with two cups of hot chocolate.

"Sure there won't be anything else?" she asked. "I'll leave your ticket open in case you change your mind. But we close in a couple of hours."

"Thanks, but this will probably do it," Bo said.

Her eyes lingered on Bo for a second too long before she walked away, and Bo's eyes lingered on her, longingly.

"She wants you to order something to eat so you'll stick around till closing," Dustin said.

"For what, to mop the floor or clean the grill?"

"To clean her grill," Dustin said. "Didn't you see the way she was looking at you? I watched her eyes move back and forth, taking in your shoulders. Stick around till closing, I bet you could nail her."

"Yeah, well, what's that got to do with us?" Bo said.

"Can we just sit here and drink our hot chocolate, without hashing this over?" Dustin said.

"All right," Bo said, nodding. "But that's not gonna make it go away."

They were both quiet, like Dustin wanted, interrupted only occasionally with remarks about nothing important. Twice the waitress came over to check on them, and both times, Bo followed her with his eyes till she disappeared in the kitchen.

Dustin finished his hot chocolate and pushed the cup to the center of the table.

"You ready?" Bo asked, slurping his down.

"I am, but you're staying," Justin said.

"I'm not staying."

Dustin got up and stepped around to clamp his hand on Bo's shoulder to keep him from getting up. "Stick around and get yourself laid, stud."

"Believe it or not, I'm not in the mood to get laid," Bo said as he stood up under the pressure of Justin's hand. He walked over and paid their ticket.

When they got back to the Y, there was a chill in the room.

"Damn, the radiators are cold again. Guess we didn't time that right," Bo said as he closed the door behind them. He saw Dustin was shaking. "Don't worry, we'll get you warmed up. Come on, let's get out of these clothes and under the covers."

"I didn't know I was so cold; my teeth are chattering," Dustin said.

"You shouldn't have stayed out there so long," Bo told him. "You shouldn't have gone out in the first place. You could've just told me."

"I was afraid to."

Bo was the first out of his clothes, completely naked on purpose, knowing that Dustin would follow his lead. "You want me to sleep on the floor?" he asked.

"No, you're not sleeping on the floor," Dustin said.

"Okay, get in here," Bo said as he held the covers up for him. Dustin left his shorts on. "Take 'em off," Bo said. "We're gonna be just like we were before, like we've always been. Nothing's changed."

Dustin took off his briefs and jumped in the narrow bed and moved to the side as far as he could.

"Don't fall out," Bo said as he crawled in beside him. He brought the covers down over them and rolled over and put his arm around his naked friend. "Damn, you are freezing."

"I don't think this is a… g-good… idea," Dustin stammered as he felt Bo's warm, muscular body.

"Feels like a good idea to me," said Bo as he hugged Dustin tight.

"Bo… I c-can't d-do this… I can't h-handle it," Dustin said, his voice shaking from nervousness as much as from the cold.

"It's no big deal," Bo said.

"It is a… awww, Bo," he moaned. "Bo, I can feel you getting a hardon!"

"It's no big deal," Bo said again. "I get 'em all the time. So do you. It's perfectly normal."

"No, it's not normal, the way I feel," Dustin said.

"If you feel it, then it's normal for you, and fuck what everybody else says." He felt Dustin tighten up, as if he was trying to move away from him, but Bo held him even tighter. "Just lay right here till you get warm. Then I'll wrap up in a blanket on the floor. But don't even bother trying to get away from me 'cause I'm bigger than you and I won't let you."

Dustin relaxed in his friend's powerful arms, taking refuge against his hard, muscular body that was pressing tightly against him. He was keenly aware of Bo's big cock, throbbing now against his backside. He felt huge, and hot. He wondered how big he was. He wanted to reach back and feel.

After several minutes, when Dustin finally stopped shaking, Bo loosened his hold on him and a moment later he started to rise up and move away.

"No," Dustin said huskily, reaching back with his hand on Bo's hip. "Stay put. You're not sleeping on the floor."

"Are you gonna be okay, then? Sleeping like this, I mean."

"No. But that's okay."

They were silent for moment, then Bo spoke. His voice was deep and husky, but barely audible.

"Dustin." He paused to clear his throat. "Dustin, if you want… if you wanta do something… like you said… it's okay. I'm not asking you to, but I'm saying I'd be up for it, and I wouldn't think any less of you for it. You'll always be my best friend, no matter what."

"Do you want me to?" Dustin asked timidly.

"I didn't say that. I'm said it's okay of you want to. It might help you sort out what you're thinking about yourself."

Dustin rolled over in Bo's right arm and then Bo put his other arm over him and his left leg. Dustin looked at him in the soft light coming through the window.

"Why'd you have to get so fuckin' big and handsome? I never had this problem when we were younger," Dustin said.

"Fuck off, you're embarrassing me," Bo said.

"Thanks, Bo, for understanding."

"I didn't say I understand, I just said I'm okay with it. Because you're my best friend. I don't know how okay I'd be with it, if it was somebody else."

"I think you would be, you're that kind of guy," Dustin said.

"Look, I… I've made my share of fag jokes, and laughed at 'em," Bo said. "I'm sorry for that, Dustin. If I'd known, I never woulda done that."

"I know. I know you wouldn't, if you'd known, that's the reason I didn't let it bother me when you made fag jokes."

"You laughed at my fag jokes," Bo said.

"Some of them were funny," Dustin said.

"Dusty, I gotta say something to you," he said hoarsely. "I gotta say it now, while we're alone like this, eighty miles away from everybody we know, 'cause I won't ever have the guts to say it again."

"So, say it," Dustin said.

"I love you." There was a long silence, with only the steady buzz of the neon sign outside, then the soft cracking of the steam pipes starting up again. "I don't mean I'm IN love with you, like with a girl, but I love you, like a man might love another man, you know…….??"

"Like that, or, like best friends?" Dustin asked.

"Like both, I guess," Bo replied. "I say, like both because, God help me, I feel like kissing you right now. Not a gay kiss or anything. Just because of how I feel about you."

"I'd be up for it," Dustin said.

"You would??"


Bo was quiet for a moment. "Okay, but don't kiss me back," he said in a warning tone. "If you kiss me back it won't be the same; it won't be how I mean it. Just let me kiss you."

They were lying on their backs, their faces turned to each other, their eyes searching. Bo had a slack smile on his handsome face, Dustin had a look of apprehension. Bo leaned his face closer, it was awkward, their noses touched first, and he lifted his head and brushed his lips lightly against Dustin's. It wasn't a kiss, yet, but more a nervous, tentative touching of lips, but it took Dustin's breath away and he closed his eyes. He didn't move his lips; he lay perfectly still, like Bo said, and savored the touch of Bo's full, warm lips brushing across his own.

It was exploratory at first but suddenly, Bo rose up onto his side, leaning over Dustin, pressing his lips harder against Dustin's mouth. Then harder still as he moved up over him, hunkered on his hands and knees as the kiss mounted in unexpected passion.

"Uuhhnnnn!" he moaned as he smashed his lips harder against Dustin's, and at the same time, lowered his naked body against Dustin's nakedness. Their cocks touched, their thighs rubbed together and as Bo pressed his body down against Dustin's, their stomachs became the hard flesh that pressed their cocks tightly in embrace.

Dustin couldn't maintain his control any longer. No matter what Bo had said or what he might think, Dustin began kissing him back. He was happily surprised when Bo pressed his lips even more firmly onto Dustin's mouth and then he felt the tip of his tongue.

"Uuhhnnnnnn!" Bo groaned again as Dustin's mouth grew slack and their tongues met, and he was soon grinding and smashing himself bodily against his best friend, churning his butt in circles to cause their cocks to rub together. "Ohh, Fuck!" he gasped suddenly. "Fuck, Dusty…. I'm gonna cum!"

"Me too. Ohhh, Bo, I'm gonna cum with you!"

They rubbed their hard cocks together, fucking the tight confines of their stomach muscles till almost simultaneously, their cocks exploded. Their deep, guttural moans were indistinguishable, their bodies lurched and their muscles rippled and bulged as they mock fucked each other to the finish. It was a long, hard climax that ended with Bo collapsing bodily on top of Dustin.

"What the fuck just happened?" Bo asked when he'd caught his breath.

"I don't know, but it sure happened," Dustin said.

"Fuck, I don't believe we did that," Bo said.

"Yeah, I'm sorry I kissed you back when you told me not to, but it just got so intense, I couldn't just lie there," Dustin said.

"It's okay. Damn, I think that's partly what set me off… the kissing… you kissing me back. It was fuckin' unbelievable."

"I think our cocks rubbing together had something to do with it," said Dustin.

"But the kissing's what got my cock so hard. Shit, I don't think my cock's ever got that hard kissing a girl."

Their breathing was returning to normal and Bo rose up over Dustin on his arms. "Fuck, what a mess," he said, looking down at the strands of cum that clung to their bellies and chests like ropes of glue. "We need to shower."

"You can go first," Dustin said.

Bo stepped off the bed, rubbing the cum over his muscles so it wouldn't run.

Dustin waited in the bed while Bo showered. He wanted to get in the shower with him, but Bo hadn't offered, and he was afraid to suggest it for fear of appearing too pushy.

"It's all yours," Bo said as he came back into the room, drying off. "Fuck, these towels are like napkins."

Dustin got up and went to shower. His cock started fluffing up and he adjusted the temperature to cooler so he wouldn't get a hardon. When he returned to the room Bo was sitting with his butt resting on the window sill, still naked, looking out the window, with the flashing neon light outside the window casting intermittent shadows across his muscular body.

"How come you're sitting there? The room's getting chilly again," Dustin said. Then he said, "If you wanta go back over to the café, go ahead."

"I was thinking……," Bo said, letting his voice trail off. "I wonder if she's by herself.

"Only one way to find out," Dustin said.

"I think I will, if you don't mind," Bo said as he started getting dressed again.

"Why should I mind? I told you to stick around in the first place."

He shouldn't mind, but Dustin had an empty feeling in his gut as Bo got dressed and went out the door. He wanted him in bed… wanted to feel him close again, and possibly even carry things to another level. Bo had kissed him, after all. That had to mean something. Guys didn't kiss other guys, even as buddies; not on the lips like that. He lay in the semi-darkness, thinking about the kiss and how intense it was; so intense that it'd caused them both to cum. That most certainly had to mean something, and it wasn't just a friendly, buddy kiss that caused it. That wasn't what it was at all.

He lay awake for a long time. He got up and sat in the window sill, gazing down at the diner. It was closed up now, and dark inside. He tried to imagine Bo fucking the waitress. He wondered where they were doing it. Suddenly he realized his cock was standing up bone hard. Frustrated, he went back to bed. He had barely dozed off when he heard Bo come in. He was very quiet undressing and when he was naked, Dustin felt him lifting the top blanket off. He took hold of it.

"What're you doing?"

"I thought you were asleep. I'm taking the top blanket to sleep on the floor."

"No, you're not," Dustin said.

"You said you couldn't handle me being in the same bed with you,' he said.

"That was before," Dustin said, grabbing the blanket. "Now that you know and you understand……"

"I didn't say I understand," Bo said, still holding onto the blanket. "And now that I know a lot more, I'm gonna have a problem sleeping with you."

"Why would it be a problem? I'm gay, that doesn't mean I'm going to rape you… as if I could."

"It's a problem because… well, it would probably be the other way around. Me knowing, and after what we just did… that kiss… I know I'll get a hardon if I crawl in bed with you."

"So, get a hardon. It wouldn't be the first time, and you said it was not a big deal; perfectly normal, you said," Dustin said flippantly. "It's not like we haven't already gotten hard together."

"Look… Dustin… my mind is running amuck right now, but this much I do understand," Bo began, hoarsely. "It never entered my head before, but now… well, now that I know, I've got these ideas that… that maybe I wanta do stuff with you, like experiment, the way I hear guys do. I watched you walking to the bathroom… you've got an awesome butt. I never noticed a guy's butt before but I noticed yours."

Dustin tugged the blanket from Bo's hand and held the covers up. "Get in here," he said. "I think you've got some issues too, and if we're going to talk, you might as well be under the covers where it's warm."

Reluctantly, Bo crawled into bed. "In a minute, it'll be so warm we'll be tossing the covers off," he said.

"That's okay, I like the view," Dustin said. Then he asked, "What're you afraid of, Bo?"

He turned and looked at him. "Afraid of? I'm not afraid of anything."

"You were afraid to get in bed with me."

"I was afraid I might want to do things you don't wanta do."

"I think you're kidding yourself, Bo. You're afraid of yourself, just like I am."

Bo suddenly turned his head away, staring up to the ceiling. Then he turned onto his side with his back to Dustin and curled up into a fetal position. There was a long silence that was broken only by the heat pipes and radiators starting to crack and pop. Dustin lay very still. He wanted to move closer to Bo, to spoon himself against his body but he was afraid to; afraid Bo would push him away.

"Bo," he said finally, in a bare whisper.


"Nothing you do… nothing we do together is gonna turn you gay."

"I'm not worried about turning gay."

"Yes you are," Dustin said. "You're afraid if we do anything, you might like it. That's the reason you went over to the café after we had that big kiss and shot all over each other. You needed to prove your manhood. You're afraid we might do it again, and again, and you're afraid you might like it so much that you'll turn gay. You won't. It doesn't work that way. You're either gay or you're not. You can't turn gay."

It was a long moment before Bo responded. "What if I did like it so much that I didn't want to have anything to do with girls anymore?"

Dustin laughed. "Fat chance of that," he scoffed. "So, did you nail the waitress?"


"No shit! How was it?"

"She was pretty hot. She's had some experience, that's for sure. But I figured she would, being older than me."

"Was she alone?"

"No. But the guy working with her told us to go on in the back room and have at it. I wondered if she was his sister or something."

They lay close enough to feel body heat, but without touching. Dustin ached to touch Bo and wondered if Bo was expecting him to. He was the one who was gay, it was only natural for him to be the one to initiate something. He couldn't expect Bo to, and this was the opportunity of a lifetime. After several minutes he found his courage.

"Bo," he said softly as he reached over and laid his hand on Bo's bare hip. "If I do anything you don't want, just stop me." When Bo didn't respond, he froze with fear and lifted his hand to pull it back, but then Bo turned onto his back.

"Okay, but I don't think you will," Bo said huskily as he tugged the blankets down with his feet, down below his knees. "It's getting warm in here all of a sudden."

Dustin rose up, shrugging the blankets off completely, and took Bo's rubbery cock in his hand.

"Ooohhhhhh," Bo moaned softly.

"You cock is so big," Dustin said.

"Your hand's making it bigger," Bo said. "It feels bigger than it's ever felt in my life." Then he asked, "Dusty, have you ever done anything with a guy?"


"Then you don't know if you're gay."

"Seems like we've gone over this already," Dustin said. "So I mean to find out." With that he bent down and lowered his mouth onto the thick cock, about half way down the shaft.

"OHHHHH….Ohh, Godddd!" Bo cried out, and he kept moaning as Dustin moved his mouth up and down on his cock. "Ohh, Shit! Fuck! Ohh, Godd, man, I didn't know anything could feel so good."

Dustin rose up. "I just realized something. You just got back from fucking that waitress."

Bo laughed. "Yeah, so you're eating pussy by proxy."

"This'll probably be as close as I ever get to pussy," Dustin said.

"I gotta tell you, your mouth is way better, Dusty."

Dustin went back down on him as he maneuvered himself between his legs. There, he crouched down with one hand around Bo's cock, jacking it as he sucked it, and his other hand cupped to squeeze and massage his heavy balls. Bo cocked his legs up and spread them apart, and clasped his hands around his teammates head and began humping his butt up off the mattress to drive his cock into Dustin's mouth.

"Awww, fuck, Dusty, you're good….you're so good," he moaned softly.

After a few minutes, Dustin rose up, still fisting Bo's slick cock. "Would it be okay, Bo, if I kissed your body?"

"Kissed my body? You mean all over."

"Yes, I wanta feel your muscles and kiss every inch of you, if that wouldn't turn you off."

"It won't. But that's a lot of territory to cover, I'm pretty big and I've got a lot of muscles."

"I know," Dustin said as he began kissing and licking across Bo's lower abs. He made his way up Bo's stomach, moving back and forth over the lumps of muscle, till he reached his chest. He licked the underside of the thick pec muscles then made his way up and across the broad expanse of muscle, lapping at the turgid nipples on the way.

"Ohhhh. Fuck! That feels good!" Bo moaned.

"You like that?" Dustin asked as he went back to suck on the hard nipples.

"OHHHH, Yeahhhh! Fuck, yeah! It feels good!"

Dustin sucked and tongued the taut nipples till Bo was squirming all over the bed then he moved to his left armpit. He shoved his arm up and began lapping his tongue in the hairy pit.

"Oh, Geez!" Bo gasped with surprise. "Damn, I didn't know I had feelings there!"

"I didn't know you did either, but I guess you do, if you like it," Dustin said.

"Oh, I like it, man. I like it a lot. You can do the other one if you want."

Dustin trailed his tongue across Bo's broad chest to his other armpit. Bo clamped his hand around the back of Dustin's head to smash his face into his armpit. Dustin whimpered with joy as he licked the hairy pit, then he moved out to kiss Bo's bicep.

"Shit, even that feels good," Bo said.

After a moment, Dustin kissed his way down Bo's side, over his hip and down his muscular thigh. He kissed down to his feet then moved to the other foot and kissed up his calf and thigh till he nuzzled his face in his crotch, in under his balls.

"Fuck, Dusty, your tongue feels good everywhere," Bo said softly.

"You don't know that yet, I haven't been everywhere," Dustin said as he licked at the crack of Bo's ass.

Bo lifted his head and looked down at him. "You wanta go there??… to my ass??"

"I think I do," Dusty said.

"Okay." Bo lifted his legs and pulled his thighs against his chest. The position drew his hips up and spread his butt apart. "That okay? Can you get at it?"

"Yes, perfect," Dustin replied, and began licking along the deep crevice.

"Ohhhhhh!" Bo moaned. "Ohh, yeah, Dusty, your tongue definitely feels good everywhere."

Dustin licked and tongued deep in the crevice, lapping at the puckered hole as it clenched and un-clenched in a steady rhythm. As Bo became more relaxed, his asshole loosened up and Dustin was able to shove his tongue inside. It made Bo choke on a tiny scream.

"Oh, Godd, Dusty, what're you doing to me," he whimpered.

"What I've wanted to do for a long time," Dustin answered. He was so happy that Bo liked what he was doing, and he wanted to do more. He clasped his hands around his taut butt muscles and stretched his hole wide open. He could see the palpitation of the pinkish muscle inside. He found himself so excited that he drooled into the hole. Then he buried his face and shoved his tongue up inside Bo's body as far as he could.

Bo grabbed the pillow to put over his face to stifle his outcry. When he could speak he jerked the pillow off, gasping. "Godd, Dusty, you're driving me crazy doing that."

"Good," Dustin said with a smile.

"You could make me cum doing that."

"Go ahead. Just tell me when you're close."

"Why? What're you gonna do?" Bo asked.

"I'm gonna take your load."

"You mean… you want me shoot in your mouth?"


"Aww, this is gonna be awesome."

"Don't try to hold back, I want it," Dustin said.

He didn't hold back, and it was awesome. Dustin went to work on Bo's ass while Bo jacked his cock and within minutes, he was writhing and twisting his butt around and begging Dustin to stop and begging him not to, and he was about to cum, and Godd, he wanted it to last, but he couldn't stand it and he was gonna cum! Dustin waited till the last second before he moved to Bo's cock. He was jacking it so hard that Dustin had trouble getting his hand off of it so he could get at it with his mouth. Even then, he didn't make it in time. Bo starting going off and shot two or three loads out in rapid succession before Dustin captured the belching cock with his mouth. But the rest was his. He whimpered with pleasure as the warm thick liquid shot into his mouth in long, powerful spurts. Soon his tongue was covered and he was getting the full taste of Bo's cum. It was indescribably good. He couldn't get enough of it. The cavity of his mouth that Bo's cock didn't take up was quickly filled with the warm nectar and after swirling it around in his mouth he began swallowing. It was such a heady experience--he couldn't believe what he was doing--and he felt light headed. As Bo's cum-power began to subside, Dustin came back to the reality of the moment. The reality that he had another boy's cock in his mouth, and he had the male taste of the big jock to remind him that he had taken his load. Godd, what have I done, he thought. Thoughts of guilt and remorse might have crept in but it was too wonderful to allow that. He was gay, he knew it, and he had just proved it.

He tightened his lip-lock around Bo's thick cock to milk it and draw out the last of his semen. He let the warm, slick meat fall heavily on his stomach and paused to savor the taste, then he swallowed and moved from between Bo's legs to lie beside him. He realized that he was dizzy as he crawled up beside Bo and they lay together, catching their breath.

"Geezuss, that was hot, what we did," Bo said, laughing nervously.

"Yeah, it was," Dustin said.

"Did you like it?" Bo asked.

"Very much."

"My cum… did you like the taste of my cum?"


"Was that the first time you tasted the stuff?"

"My own once, I licked it off the tip of my finger, but it's the first time I ever got the full force taste of it," Dustin said.

"Does mine taste different?"

"I don't know, I don't remember exactly what mine tasted like."

"It's gonna sound weird saying this, but I've tasted mine too, and I've often wondered if all guys' cum tastes alike," Bo said.

Dustin thought it was a strange thing for him to say. He wondered why a straight guy would be wondering what other guys' cum tasted like.

"I'm glad you came and got me, Bo."

"I'm glad you told me you're gay. But you should've told me before."

"Why, so we could've been doing this all along?"

"No," Bo replied with a scowl. "No, that's not the reason at all. I think this would've happened anyway, without you ever telling me. It was just destined to happen the way it did tonight; it's just the way things worked out. But you should've told me so I would've known. There was no need for you to keep it a secret from me and try to deal with it all by yourself.

"I told you, I was scared," Dustin said.

Suddenly Bo rose up and leaned over him and clamped his big, rough hand around Dustin's neck. "Listen, you little fucker, you'd better never be afraid to tell me something again, you hear?"

"You're choking me, and I'm not supposed to be afraid?" Dustin said.

"You know what I mean," Bo said, moving his hand. "What the hell are friends good for if they can't share stuff? It pisses me off, Dusty. It hurts that you didn't trust me enough to tell me the biggest secret of your life."

"I'm sorry. I just didn't know how you would accept it, or me. Now that I know, if you can accept that, there's nothing I can't tell you."

"We can't ever tell anybody about this," Bo said as he lay back down.

"I would never tell anybody," Dustin said. "Besides, we didn't really do all that much wrong; just messing around."

"You sucked my cock," Bo said. "You took my load, even swallowed it. That's some pretty serious messing around. I don't want anybody knowing about it."

"Who would I tell?"

"We just gotta be careful we don't slip," Bo said.

Dustin laughed. "How can you slip by saying, Ooops, I sucked Bo's cock? That's not a slip, it's an announcement."

"You know what I mean, dammit. I just don't want it getting out," Bo said. Then he rose up and swung his legs over the edge of the bed. "I think I'll shower before this stuff dries."

Again, he didn't ask Dustin to join him. Dustin lay in bed wondering what was going through Bo's head. He was afraid that now that his male lust was satisfied, he might not be so understanding. He was so wrong.

At the bathroom door, Bo turned and said, "Do you wanta shower with me?"

Dustin had to refrain from leaping off the bed. "If you're sure it's okay." Oh, Godd, he thought. This was too good to be true. Not that he hadn't showered with Bo dozens of times but that was with a bunch of other guys in the shower.

"Hell yeah, it's okay. I wouldn't have asked you if it wasn't okay."

It was a large, old, tiled shower with three showerheads on opposite walls. Each boy faced his own wall, talking over the sound of the spraying water.

"Listen, Bo, you mentioned experimenting around?" Dustin said without looking around.

"Yes. So did you," Bo said.

"Yeah, I did."

"That generally means trying new things. Is that what you meant?" Bo asked.

"I told you, I wanta try everything with you," Dustin said.


"Everything you'll let me do," Dustin replied.

"That--everything--that could encompass a lot. What if I said I wanta fuck you?"

"I would let you," Dustin said.

Bo twisted around to look at Dustin. He reached out for his shoulder to turn him around he was facing him. "No shit! You would?" He was surprised.

"I would try it," Dustin said.

"Damn, Dusty, you are so full of surprises. Would you wash my back if I asked you to?" Bo asked.

Dustin moved to the other side of the shower and took the soap from Bo and began washing his back. As his hands were moving down to Bo's bubble butt, Bo took the soap back.

"I was just kidding, Dusty. I'll do it." Suddenly Bo seemed in a hurry to finish his shower. Dustin saw why; he was getting hard. He didn't linger in the shower; he quickly rinsed off and got out.

The heat had kicked on again and the room was very warm. Dustin was pleasantly surprised when he came out of the bathroom to find Bo stretched out on the bed, naked, his arms folded above his head, still with his hardon throbbing up over his stomach.

"Doesn't that thing every go down?" Dustin asked as he was drying off.

"Not when it's found a good thing," Bo said.

Dustin was relieved; Bo sounded like he was back to his old self despite the way he acted so squirrelly in the shower. "So, are you really okay with what we did?" he asked.

Bo reached down and shoved his cock upright with his thumb. "Does that answer your question?"

"I guess that means you would do it again?" Dustin asked.

"Any time you want this, it's yours," Bo said, waving his cock around. "But I don't want you to ever get the idea that I'm using you. I mean, I don't want you to feel like you have to do anything just because we did it once. If it never happens again, I'll be okay with that too. It's our friendship that counts more than anything else in the world."

"What're we going to do when we get back, Bo?" Dustin asked as he was climbing back in bed. "We won't have times like this when we can be alone."

"We've had hundreds of times alone already, when we stay over at each other's houses. What's different?"

"We didn't have sex all those times."

"And that's a fuckin' shame," Bo said.

"I don't know if I can do it at home with my parents around," Dustin said. "I don't have a lock on my door."

"Your parents haven't come into your room when I'm there since we were little boys and your mom would come in and tuck us in," Bo pointed out. "Sometimes I've wondered if they might sort of suspect that we were doing stuff."

"I don't think parents think about stuff like that about their kids. Like kids don't like to think about their parents having sex."

"I think dads do, because they probably did it when they were boys," Bo said.

"Anyway, you made quite a bit of noise when I was giving you head."

"I could be quiet, even put a pillow over my face," Bo said. "Better yet, you can come to my house. My room is in the basement, two floors away from my parents' room. And they never come into my room. Don't worry, we can work something out. If you want to, that is. I'm not pressuring you."

"I know you're not. You don't have to keep saying that. I like what we did, and I wanta do it again."

"Right now?" Bo asked with a sly grin.

"How many times can you cum?" Dustin asked.

"How many times do you want me to cum?"

"There is something…. I wanta ask you, Bo."

"Ask," Bo said. "I told you not to be afraid of me and that means you don't be afraid to ask me anything."

"Would you really like to fuck me sometime? I know you said it and I said I would do it, but I don't know if you were serious."

"I'm serious about anything you're serious about doing," Bo said. He leaned his head down and rubbed his face against Dustin's chest, like a puppy. "I don't know if I know how to do this," he said hoarsely as he licked his nipple.

"Ohhh," Dustin gasped with surprise.

"You got feelings there, too," Bo said, and began sucking on the turgid nipple.

"Ohhh… ohhhh, Bo… yeah, I've got feelings there."

"This isn't anything gay, you know. I do this to girls," Bo said.

The simple rubbing his face, then licking Dustin's tit set things in motion. Bo began kissing his chest, moving across to suck the other nipple. Then he nuzzled his face in the curve of his neck, then kissed the side of his face.

"I wanta kiss you again," he said as he moved over him, between his legs, supporting his weight on his arms. His cock protruded out and swayed like a battering ram against Dustin's cock. He brushed his lips across Dustin's mouth. "And it's not gonna be a buddy kiss this time," he said.

"I don't think the last one was," said Dustin.

"This one's gonna be more."

"The last one made us cum," Dustin pointed out.

"We'll hold off this time," said Bo. "Next load I shoot, I want it to be inside you. And I don't mean in your mouth."

"I can't believe you're saying that," Dustin said weakly.

"I can't believe you said you would let me, Can we do it now?"


"No more talk, then," Bo said as he pressed his mouth over Dustin's, his lips parted. Their tongues met and the kiss was on. Bo didn't waste any time. Without breaking the kiss he maneuvered himself between Dustin's legs and lifted them onto his shoulders. He covered Dustin's body with his own, letting his cock find its own way. It did, with Dustin's help as he squirmed his butt around to meet his buddy's hot meat. When Bo felt the heat of Dustin's asshole against the head of his cock he applied pressure. There was plenty of give and he thought at first that he had penetrated him till suddenly the 'give' opened up and swallowed the head of his cock. His head snapped up with surprise.

"Ohh, Fuck!"

"AAAwwwhhhhh!" Dustin moaned loudly

"Aww, fuck, Dustin, I'm in you!"

"Oh, Godd, it's so big, it feels like you're busting me a new asshole."

"I can pull out," Bo said, holding perfectly still.

"No! No, don't pull out. Just hold still till I get used to it. I want you to fuck me, Bo. I really want you to. I can handle a little pain," Dustin said as he squeezed his asshole hard around Bo's thick cock.

"I think it's more than a little pain," Bo said.

"But it's getting littler and littler," Dustin said as he continued to squeeze.

"Feels like you're trying to jack me off with your asshole."

"I'm working the pain out," Dustin said.

"Let me know when you want more of my cock, little man," Bo said as he nuzzled his face in the crook of Dustin's neck. "Mmmnnn, it feels so good already," he murmured. "You're so fucking brave, little man, letting yourself get skewered like this."

"I'm okay, Bo, you can go in deeper."

"Oh, fuck, that just sent chills down my spine. I can't even begin to imagine what this is gonna feel like," Bo said as he began to ease his cock in deeper. "Ohhh… ohhhh, Dusty… your ass feels like a warm glove with a thousand tiny fingers all dipped in honey."

"You said no more talk," Dustin reminded him.

"I wanta tell you how it feels."

"I know how it feels, I'm the one getting skewered," Dustin said.

"It's not hurting anymore, is it?"


"Good, 'cause I don't wanta hurt you. I hate that it had to hurt as much as it did."

"Don't worry about, Bo, I want it so bad, I didn't care how much it was gonna hurt."

"Hey, we said no more talking," Bo said. "Let's just shut up and fuck."

They didn't talk anymore. They just fucked. Their athletic young bodies writhed and moved, each in sync and rhythm to the other. Cock thrusting, ass receiving, guttural moans of pleasure, surprised gasps of newfound pleasure. A melding of raw, young man-flesh moving in a quiet symphony of beautiful, rippling muscle.

Dustin whimpered, "Godd, Bo, I never imagined it would feel like this. Your cock feels so good moving inside me. Your body, your muscles feel so wonderful rippling against me. I'm so glad I'm gay, so I can enjoy this with you."

"I guess I'm sorta glad you're gay, too, little man," Bo said. "And I know I didn't do it to you, and you didn't do it to yourself, you just are, and since you are, it's great that we found each other like this. You feel so good under me. Your ass is so tight and hot. It's even alive. I can feel you squeezing and caressing and milking my cock when I fuck you. I never had a girl's pussy do that."

"Bo… you said your next load you were gonna shoot it inside me."

"Damn, right. I couldn't pull out now if my life depended on it."

"Are you getting anywhere near close?" Dustin asked.

"I've been close since my cock made contact with your hot ass."

"Don't try to hold back, then, cause I feel like I'm about to explode, I wanta cum so bad."

"I bet I can make you do that," Bo said as he adjusted his rhythm. There was no talk again, only the soft noises of Bo's loins smacking against Dustin's spread butt and the wet, slurpy sounds of his cock sliding in and out of his ass.

When Dustin began a steady stream of moans and his body language told him, Bo knew he was working up to it, and he was determined to make it the best damned cum he'd ever had. He fucked him with twisting, skewering movements, causing him to cry out with unbearable pleasure. As he kept it up, Bo sat back more on his haunches and wrapped his hand around Dustin's cock.

"This one's all yours, little man," he said.

"Ohh, Bo! Godd, it's so good!" Dustin whimpered.

It came with the force of a bolt of lightning powered by a monstrous clap of thunder. Dustin's cock bolted hard in Bo's hand and exploded. Cum shot up like a geyser, a long, thick stream that hit Bo in the face. Still, he didn't aim Dustin's cock to change the trajectory one bit. Instead, he opened his mouth as a target. The next, and the next and he lost count of how many more, shot directly into his mouth or on his chain. He let the stuff run out of his mouth, dripping in long, ropey globs onto Dustin's cock and in his pubes. Finally, cum was boiling and bubbling up out of Dustin's cock and cascading down over Bo's knuckles.

Dustin opened his eyes just in time to see Bo swiping the cum off his face and his tongue coming out to lick it off his fingers.

"Awwh, Bo, I can't believe you did that."

"Then you wouldn't believe I let you shoot right into mouth, while you had your eyes closed. Hell, I don't believe it."

"Oh, fuck, I missed it!" Dustin whined. "Did you swallow it?"

"Some, by accident."

"I know you came, I felt it shooting up inside me like you said you were gonna do, but your cock don't feel like you did. It feels still hard," Dustin said.

"My cock don't know when to quit," Bo said as he slid one arm under Dustin's waist and gently moved them onto their sides, without letting his cock out of Dustin's ass. "How was it for you, little man, after the pain?"

"I don't even remember any pain," Dustin said. "I can't begin to describe it. It was the most incredible thing I ever had happen to me. I think I might've blacked out for a second or two, it was so good."

Bo laughed. "If you blacked out, you don't know how good it was."

"I floated off, into a wonderful place where the pleasure was so intense, but I could enjoy it without going crazy. I know that don't make good sense, but I think my mind did that so I wouldn't really go crazy."

"Geezz, sounds like I fucked you silly."

"You did, almost. Godd, Bo, I can't believe anything could feel so good. If guys only knew how good, well everybody would be fucking everybody and nobody would care if it was gay or not."

"Careful, Dusty, you're making me think I oughta try it," Bo joked. "Damn, look at it snowing again," he said as he pulled his teammate tightly against his own body.

"I hope it never stops snowing," Dustin said.

"We gotta get home sometime," Bo said.

"I wanta stay right here, with you, just like this."

"And never go home?"

"Why should we? We've got everything we need. At least I do," Dustin said. "A warm place to sleep, a restaurant across the street, and you. And you've got that waitress."

"I like your fantasy," Bo said. "We could pretend we're here forever, Little Man, at least till the snow melts."

The End

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