The Making of PeteMuscle 3 (hypno musc)

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I went home after the gym and began to take stock of my life. You may think I should have done this before I 'resigned' but that was just a spontaneous act which I knew in my heart of hearts was right.

Point 1. I was jobless.
Point 2. I still had some savings that would keep me going for a few weeks
Point 3. I'd just paid the rent
Point 4. My gym membership still had 8 months to run
Point 5. I'd be able to spend a lot more time bodybuilding, although I'd need to spend a lot more on food to pack on the muscle.

So, out of five points, four were looking good for me and only one was not so good. I needed to get in touch with Mike to let him know what had happened and see whether he had any bright ideas. I phoned his mobile and he answered "Hi Pete, there's something I need to tell you" he said before I could say anything. "I chucked the job in today so I can concentrate on my training". I could hardly believe it! "me too" I replied.

"That's great, training tonight and we can talk through a plan of action?". So we agreed to get to the gym at five o'clock and train arms. In the meantime, I sat down to a plate of steamed chicken, broccoli and rice which would be the first of four more of these meals during the day.

I met Mike at the gym and we trained bis and tris for and hour and a half. My muscles were so tight afterwards but my double biceps pose was still beginning to look quite impressive. Mike's arms were looking bigger too and when we stood and looked in the mirror we were quite the pair of muscle boys.

We then had a couple of protein shakes and sat down to discuss our plans. Mike was in a similar position to me so he had some savings and we soon decided to move into together and pool our resources so we could achieve our goals together and hopefully more cheaply. The next thing we needed to do was to find some work which would allow us concentrate on training but also give us enough money to support the mountains of food we would both need and the drugs. It was quite apparent from our time with Eddie that we weren't going to be 'natural' bodybuilders. We were both destined to be huge 'roided muscle boys and that was exactly what we both wanted.

Just then, Eddie walked in and said hello. He sat down with us and asked how we were doing. Between us we explained our situation and he nodded intently. Finally he said "that all sounds about right, so you both need work and money to reach your goals then?" We both replied in unison "yes!"

"Ok, well both of you come over to my place tomorrow evening and we'll discuss what you can do for me and let's see if we can't get you sorted out; see ya both tomorrow". And with that, he left.

When tomorrow arrived, me and Mike met up at the gym and went over to Eddie's
place together. As usual, when we were let in we stripped naked and stood in the middle of the living room. Eddie, again as usual, got us both protein drinks which we gulped down and we both prepared ourselves for the latest indoctrination. This time however, we were not only given the protein drink drug, he also came over with small syringe and quickly gave me and Mike a shot in the vein in our forearms. This sent us both into a daze. I could see the scene in front of me blurring in and out and every sound I could hear had an echo. I assumed Mike was feeling the same sensations and Eddie guided us to seats and he began.

First he spoke to Mike; "so you've dumped your girlfriend and job and want to be the biggest muscle head on the planet, right?" Mike nodded dumbly. "And you, Pete? You've jacked your job in and need money to keep training, yes?" I agreed too.

"So, here's what you're both going to do. You can both work shifts in the gym for me. Yes, I know you didn't know I owned the place, but I do. That can pay for your gym training. As far as accommodation, food and gear are concerned, I'll need you to do a bit more for me. Take these two mobile phones. Every now and then I'll be sending you a text with an address. You'll go round to the address and do whatever the guy; and it will be a guy, asks you to do. Do you understand?

Again, we both nodded our assent. Let me tell you how I was feeling right then. If you had asked me how I would have felt before I met Eddie, I would have been shocked and ashamed of what I was now, happily agreeing to do. But sitting in his living room, naked with my mate Mikey, I thought this was the most horny thing in the world. My cock was solid and when I looked down I could see a small pearl of precum rising from the tip.

Now for me, although it was strange, I was only being asked to do things with men, which was a natural state of affairs for me. I looked over at Mikey and he, although nominally heterosexual, looked just like me; a stonking erection with precum dripping from the head. Eddie said "I can see from your cocks that you're both happy with the situation, so let's get into the playroom and give you some practice of what you're going to be up to. And afterwards I'm going to show you your accommodation. You're both going to be living quite close to me."

In the playroom, I soon found myself strapped to a St Andrew's cross with a blindfold across my face, a ball gag in my mouth, and cock ring pushing my cock and balls out, a huge butt plug rammed up my ass (without much lube) and finally, and most painfully a pair of nipple clamps attached to my chest with a weight dangling from each of them. I could hear Eddie say to Mikey, "ok little puppy, you can get in this cage until I've finished with your buddy Pete." I knew then that the onslaught was about to begin.

First, something like a bucket of cold water was thrown at me which made me gasp. Then I heard the sound of an aerosol and suddenly, my chest, abs and crotch were being covered in what I assumed was shaving foam. Next, I felt the razor across my lightly haired chest and down my abs. Needless to say, my cock was rock hard all of the time and even when Eddie came to shaving around the base of my cock, I was still totally horned up. Eddie then wiped me down and I could hear the sound of the cage being opened. "Mikey, get over here and suck your buddies cock. I want a good display here". This was totally weird. I hadn't known Mikey for long and never in a sexual sense, and here he was about to wrap his lips around my cock. Being strapped to the cross and unable to move my arms or legs made me totally vulnerable, and as I felt Mike start to work on my cock I was in a frenzy of excitement and started shaking almost uncontrollably. At the moment when I was about to explode, Eddie quickly yanked the nipple clamps from my chest and I screamed as loud as I could through the ball gag as the blood rushed into my nips. Just afterwards, my cock sprayed like a fountain into Mikey's waiting mouth and I could feel him swallowing on the end of my cock as he gulped my cum down, almost certainly for the first time.

I was now exhausted and breathing heavily. Mikey on the hand, was about to have some more fun on his own. Just as had happened to me the previous time, Mikey was strapped to the fisting bench and Eddie got the big syringe and shoved it up his arse. I was glad Eddie had removed my blindfold so I could see all of this. Mike had another ball gag attached to keep him quiet and then Eddie proceeded to slowly slide a double headed dildo up his man cunt. He got it in about 18" and then withdrew, only to follow it up with a similar double headed number but this one thicker than the last. Again, this one went up about 18" as well and Mikey groaned a little as it reached the last couple of inches. Eddie started pumping this one in and out of Mikey's arse and slowly but surely, the dildo worked its way in further and Mikey's groans subsided.

The last act was amazing to watch. Eddie released Mike's right hand and put a small brown bottle into it. He said, "you may need that to take what's coming" He withdrew the dildo and put some lube on his right hand and smeared it all the way up to his elbow. I stood suspended from the cross and wished I was in Mikey's place. Eddie slowly worked his fingers, then knuckle and finally his fist into Mikey's arse. As his sphincter closed round Eddie's wrist, Mikey exhaled violently and shoved the brown bottle to his nose and took a deep, deep breath. As the rush hit him, he smiled, groaned and giggled all at once.

"Now, remember what I gave you the poppers for boy, coz the rest of my forearm is going in next and I ain't stopping until your ring is at my elbow." I could hardly believe this. Remember Eddie was one of the biggest men on the planet and his forearms were massive - probably about 16" or 18" in circumference. I couldn't believe that poor Mikey's arse was going to be able to take all that.

Twenty minutes later I was proved wrong. With the help of lots of poppers, more lube than I'd seen in a whole weekend of sex and Eddie's skill, his forearm was truly all the way up into Mike's arse and he looked like a rag doll whose head was flopping from side to side drugged up with poppers and moaning deliriously. "There you go" said Eddie. "That should prepare you for your first client."

Six Months Later...

The last six months have been amazing. Let me tell you the routine Mike and I have been following. Eddie put us up in a room on the top floor of the building the gym was in. It was sparse without much more furniture than a bed and a couple of shelves for clothes. These days we only wore bodybuilder baggies and vests or maybe some Lycra gear depending on what clients wanted.

In the morning we'd wake up and have a huge bowl of porridge with protein drinks and some chicken breast. Then it would be training for a couple of hours and then manning the gym front desk in a rota. When one of us wasn't on duty the other would be in the room watching porn, reading muscle magazines or just wanking. The daily steroid injections ensured our sex drive was always at the max and this also helped us when we had to go and see our clients.

But for me, it had all been worth it. When I started about 9 months ago, I'd been an average looking guy of about 170lbs. Now I was up to 240lbs at 5' 10" and had a real bodybuilder look to me. Body fat was at about 10% so I looked pretty ripped with veins running up the inside of my thighs and along my forearms. My arse jutted out like a shelf and all the guys Eddie sent me to just loved fucking the living daylights out of it. For me the best thing was what it did for my posture. My shoulders were naturally pulled back, my lats pushed my arms out so even if I wanted to, I couldn't easily put them at my side. But best of all, the thickness in my thighs meant that I couldn't bring my legs together to walk properly. I kind of waddled along with my legs having to push out sideways. Passers by looked at me strangely, but I just lapped it up. I loved nothing more than being seen as a muscle freak.

For Mikey, it was even better. He'd been a little taller than me at 5' 11" and also heavier when I met him at about 190lbs. He'd grown even more and was now a massive 265lbs. Considering he'd been the one that was straight when we started on this journey, he had certainly taken to man sex. He could easily do 2 or 3 clients a day and he'd be topping them as well. We were both in huge demand as were all the other guys that Eddie had in his stable. We'd got to know a few and train with them on occasion. Their stories were all similar to mine and Mikey's. Normal guys that wanted to get big, then a visit to Eddie's apartment and they were caught like flies in a Venus Fly Trap, never to escape again.

The funny thing was that whatever their thoughts before their enslavement began, they were all very happy in their new roles. It was strange talking to some of them. One guy, Robert, had been an investment banker before he'd joined the gym. Now he lived in a ratty room above the gym like Mike and I and ate and trained his way through life whilst all the time taking about 1500 mg of testosterone a week. He was now unrecognisable to his former colleagues as we discovered one day when a smartly dressed guy came asking for Robert Milner. It wasn't clear why he came to the gym to find him, maybe because that was the last piece of news Robert had given his colleagues before he joined. It was Robert that spoke to the guy for about 10 minutes and he never even recognised him. His facial features had changed so much from the steroids and the reduction on body fat over his cheek bones and the shaved head. Hilarious!

For me and Mike, we still had another challenge. It was a fairly easy though somewhat gruelling existence. The training, almost continual eating, steroid injections and the visits to clients certainly kept us busy. As I said, not hard exactly but it was tiring. The real challenge for both of us was bodybuilding. Clients were happy with our massive muscles, but if we were to make it in the world of bodybuilding we had to think of not only size but proportion and symmetry as well. We had to get our tanning right and posing trunks as well as a routine for the stage. It was all quite complicated, and in the weakened mental state in which Mike and I found ourselves it was a tall order.

However, it was definitely what we both wanted and we kept up our routines to reach the pinnacle of the sport we both loved so much. Mike had already done a contest and won easily. He'd been about 250lbs and the next guy was taller and weighed only about 210lbs. It all seemed a bit unfair! Now it was my turn.

I'd decided to do the EFBB contest in Birmingham which was 12 weeks away. Now it was time to get the diet right so I could come in totally ripped. As I was already at 10% body fat, I didn't have a lot to lose but I had to make sure I didn't lose muscle too. Eddie was invaluable in helping me with the prep. He took me through my posing routines 'til I could do it without even thinking. As the contest approached, I had to get the tan right and the diet became even more strict. As I got down to very low carbs each day, my mind started to get hazy all the time and thinking any deep thoughts at all became difficult.

Thankfully, my new world didn't require deep thought. Eddie made sure I didn't have to do any thing at the gym that was difficult. My clients expected nothing of me other than to be compliant and a good fuck. Let's face it, it doesn't take much thought to take a cock down your throat or one up your arse.

Despite all this, as the day of the contest approached, I became more and more nervous and I took solace from Mike as he knew the ropes. He encouraged me to stick to the diet and took me to one side to give me support when I felt despondent. Fortunately, Eddie made sure I didn't have too many clients before the contest. What was even better, the ones I did see we're much hotter than the usual fat businessmen that I usually called on. These guys were usually quite hot. They were muscular, kept themselves in good condition without too much fat and had obviously trained in the past. In the remaining days to the contest, it was great to be able to focus on my training, diet, posing and tan and only have to service hot clients.

And then the day of the contest arrived and I couldn't wait to get on stage despite my nerves...

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