Swift Surrender

It was not uncommon for me to leave the office after the sun had set, even when the summer breeze had disappeared to be replaced by the autumn chill. And yet the shadows at this time always seemed so strange, as if the street lamps beckoned them to play. I usually took a shortcut between some buildings in the city to reach the nearest bus stop heading in my direction. As I turned the corner from my office building into the alley, I would often unbutton my suite jacket, loosen my tie a little and allow my iPod to serve as a much needed distraction as I walked my routine path. Occasionally I’d see a person sleeping on cardboard or under some trash, but as a well built guy myself (over 6 ft of stocky muscle), I felt confident that I could take them if I had to… and it was a quick walk so I hardly paid attention.

On this night, however, a curious man stood where two alleys intersected. He was impressive, dressed in all black leather with slicked back blond hair. His tight pants showed off his narrow waist and powerful thighs, while a more relaxed fitting jacket outlined large pecs and biceps. His face had the only skin I could see on the man. With at least six inches over me, he was certainly imposing… as was the impressive bulge in his crotch that struggled against the leather. He removed a pair of sunglasses with sleek metallic lenses, allowing me my first glimpse into his darkened eyes.

I couldn’t believe I felt weak – intimidated even. I looked down for a moment before I heard him say “I am here to offer you a choice” in a slightly seductive European sounding accent. He was suddenly just a few feet away from me which caught me off guard, and my head jerked backwards when he spoke unexpectedly. I looked at him head on for the first time. I recognized him as being incredibly handsome with his chiseled featured and he had an overt sexuality about him. Despite a sudden onset of nerves, a bulge swelled in my pants.

I could smell the leather as he stepped even closer, removing one of his gloves and holding out a hand containing two pills. One was a gel cap as black and shiny as his leather, and the other was metallic silver in appearance. Neither seemed appropriate to ingest. It couldn’t have been more than a moment, but I was mesmerized by the combined smell of his leather and the shine on the pills. I’m certain that he was speaking, but I didn’t hear a word of it. I startled back to the real world and let out a nervous laugh as I stepped back.

“Sorry guy, this isn’t for me” but I could go no further than a step or two because of what felt like a warm, but smooth and soft wall behind me. I turned around and gasped to realize two men had been standing behind me, hiding in the shadows. Both were about my height and one of them had a series of ear piercings. From the neck down there was nothing but shiny black plastic clothing, or what might have been well shined rubber, covering their entire bodies like a second skin. The material complimented their muscular curves and left nothing to the imagination in their respective crotches. Both wore exposed cock rings of metallic silver and had metal bands around the upper arms that matched a metal collar around their necks. They had full heads of hair that were slicked back and their eyes almost seemed clouded over by a black shadow. I looked back at my pursuer as he repeated, “I am here to offer you a choice.” A chill ran down my spine as I shouted, “My choice is to get the hell out of here!”, but I caught another scent of his leather which had such a strong appeal to me and the reflective quality of the pills drew my eyes down, distracting me from the leather man. I couldn’t resist staring at them. Suddenly, I felt an unexpected cool pressure across my forehead. It seemed as though a flash of lightening lit up my surroundings and I was no longer in the alley.

It was much darker than the backstreet I was in a moment before, and I could hardly make out my surroundings. It seemed that I was on a small island in the middle of a pond. The water was thick and black, almost like oil. When I turned from looking at the liquid, I saw the man in leather with a slight smirk on his face that altered the sharp details of his face in a devilish manner.

“You are now in my world and there is no escaping it,” he said. My heart raced as he walked slowly in a pacing manner and spoke again. “You are already bending to my will and will soon submit to me completely.”

A part of me deep down considered mounting a resistance, but it felt so good to listen to his voice and submit at the sight of his leather bound muscle. My mental capacities had gone numb. “I want to relax” I said, unprovoked and he smiled and encouraged me: “You deserve to relax and let go. Don’t think about what is happening, just surrender to the pleasurable feelings you are experiencing.” A hushed “yes” escaped from my lips. I stood there as though my head was in a dark cloud. “That’s it,” he said. “Give in to me… Take a deep breath” - which I immediately did - “and smell the scent of the leather. Let master fill you, consume you, surround and envelop you.” I was lost in the eroticism of it all. It no longer occurred to me to put up a fight, something he did… something about the man in leather had me entranced and I wanted to have more or it.

I shifted my vision back to the thick liquid that surrounded us, but I could still feel his eyes penetrating into my soul. “You would look much better dressed like my other slaves, black and shiny.” I looked away from the reflection of light in the small waves and gave a blank stare right at him. “You will no longer need those clothes. Once they are removed, your surrender to master will be all but complete.” I began to un-tuck my shirt, but his smooth leather touched me for the first time when his gloved hand gently guided my right arm back to my side. “You don’t need to move, or think, without my instruction slave.” He then walked behind me while caressing the back of my head, clouding my thoughts, slipping his leather fingers down the back of my neck and removing my suit jacket. I then felt a tug on my shirt collar like a knife cutting into the stiff material. The sound of fabric being torn from my neck to my waist followed, and the cool air hit my freshly exposed back. He walked to my front side and removed my dress shirt and necktie by grasping the knot of my tie and pulling away to first expose my shoulders and back as the material pulled away from my body. The shirt then rolled down my arms and finally hung in front of me in his leathery hand. He tossed them to the ground as I looked at him in the darkness and studied what little light there was reflecting on the folds and creases of his shiny attire. I wanted to be dressed like him, to touch him, to yield control to him. My mind and body felt as limp and relaxed as a handful of loose rubber bands.

I fell to my knees and looked up at him trying to speak, but his gloved finger prevented me from doing so as he pressed it against my lips. “I enjoy seeing my slaves on their knees ready to serve me.” The leathered master then used two fingers under my chin to turn my head towards the other side of the little island we were on. There was what appeared to be a rubber sack that was spread open ready to be filled. “But you still have other clothes to remove before your submission to me can be completed. And your mind must be sealed off from your body if I am to control and use you to your fullest extent, my slave.” “Yes Mas…” is all I could muster before I felt the same two fingers encouraging me to my feet with gentle upward pressure from under my chin. I stood and felt flush as my new master stepped toe to toe with me and began unfastening my belt. I leaned in and began to lick his leather jacket. “Yes slave, serve me as you know how. Surrender completely your mind and body.” My pants and trunks were on the ground and I was completely undressed when my new master tugged on my dick to make me step forward. I was naked on the small island with my master, and the thick black waves surrounding us began to churn. He tugged on my cock and balls until I stepped into the rubber sack. I felt paralyzed. He knelt down and pulled the thick rubber up around my knees and waist. I could feel that it was going to be a tight fit around my body, and there was a cool liquid inside reminiscent of what I had felt on my forehead in the alley. I wanted nothing else but to surrender myself to the leather man. He had masterfully captured and seduced me. I longed to be like him, to serve and please him, and surrendering to his will satisfied these longings inside me. He pulled the sack up to my neck and I spoke, “Who…what are you?”

“What am I?” he said laughing. “The next ruler of your world. That’s what I am.” I then asked with my last thought, “Why are you doing this… to me?” “Oh, don’t worry yourself,” he replied. “Soon you will come back renewed, without all of these questions, ready to do exactly as I command.” He then pulled the rubber sack over my head and sealed it. I never felt a moment of panic as the rubber tightened around me. I could feel him as he picked me up and moved me to the island’s shore. As he lowered me into the turbulent waves, I felt the pressure of the liquid press against the rubber sack and against my skin. I could only assume it was his boot I felt on the crown of my head as I finally slipped under the waves completely. The liquid seemed to penetrate the rubber as a thick smoke-like substance and I began to breathe it in – it filled me with an erotic euphoria. I heard my master laughing lightly above me as I sank into the dark depths of the pond. My surrender had been swift and now I was lost even to myself.

* * *

In the alley I stood perfectly still, held on either side by the muscular men in rubber. It had all happened in my mind; victim to the craft of my new master. My eyes had faded to the same shade of smoky black as the two rubber slaves. There was a stripe of thick black goo across my forehead. The leather master placed the two pills back in his pocket as he stepped closer to my shell of a body. He unzipped my suit pants and covered my cock and balls with the same thick, black goo that had taken me into trance so quickly. I responded immediately with a raging hard-on and balls that ached to cum. His gloved hand then slid a silver cock ring down my shaft and secured it at the base of my manhood after shifting my balls through it one at a time. Strangely, the black goo did not get on the cock ring at all. My master then instructed the slaves to take his newest slave to the van. My body walked along side them without resistance. I had succumbed to the leather master’s power completely and through a bit of chemistry and hypnosis, he had trapped my will in a lustful and erotic fantasy where it would never consider escape, leaving my mind barren, ready for reprogramming and preparing me for a life of servitude and submission.

* * *

My pants were lowered to my ankles before I was strapped into a seat in the back of the van. Something cold touched my ass! It was hard and smooth, and began to put pressure between my ass cheeks. Something felt wet! Before long, it had penetrated deep inside me. One rubber slave applied pressure to my chest as I began to buck and breathe heavily. The other massaged my rigid cock now coated in a shiny black skin. My reprogramming was to begin immediately.