Daze of Our Lives (celeb hypno fet)

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Scene 1

A freak electrical storm had been raging over Salem, USA for the past five hours. The inclement weather caught many of the city's inhabitants unawares and plunged them into darkness after lightning bolts took out several key power lines. Urging the people to stay inside their houses, the police and fire departments were able to keep the chaos under control despite the blackouts that spared no home--not even the DiMera Mansion on Lakeview Drive.

The grand old structure had seen and survived many a thunderstorm in its time and there wasn't much doubt that it would live through many more. It was a silent sentinel of defiance braving the onslaught with its strong solid walls standing firmly against the fierce blustery winds and its antiquated yet still effective lightning rods fending off any discharge from the angry clouds that fumed and spat to no avail. It seemed that Nature herself was helpless against the determination of the DiMeras whose cancerous presence in Salem had slowly eaten into the town's heart. Nonetheless, save for a few rooms and the servants' quarters powered by the mansion's generators, the building was dark and quiet as most of its residents chose to remain within its safe comfortable confines (as only a fool would be caught outside in the rain) and they were all blissfully ignorant of the storm brewing right inside its very walls.

From one of the upper floors of the mansion, a stocky man stood beside a window. He had in his hand a small glass goblet half-filled with scotch and his attention was directed at the spot where he knew the lake would be. He waited for the lightning to flash across the sky and smiled as the all-too-brief illumination painted the scene before him in a chiaroscuro of pale white and deathly gray that was quickly engulfed again in the black void. How apt, he thought, as he took a sip of his drink and turned around. Apart from his stark heavyset profile, there was nothing else that could be gleaned from the stranger in shadow.

"Is everything going as planned Dr. Rolf?" he spoke in a commanding tone. He directed his question to the bald-headed man standing in the middle of room and wearing a slightly crumpled suit, most likely from being worn all day. He was thin and tallish but had a slight bent to his frame. Still, he possessed a certain confidence that bordered on cockiness. This was not a man to be trifled with.

"Yes sir," Dr. Rolf responded. "Aside from a couple of unforeseen and unavoidable incidents, the 'Legacy Project' is on-track."

"Incidents? What incidents? You assured me the Gemini Twins were fully under our control especially with those bracelets you put on them."

"Well, yes they are. Unfortunately at this stage, they are still developing their physical as well as their mental abilities and they have, on occasion, taken my instructions of protecting the DiMera family to the extreme." If you could call setting fire to a curtain and sabotaging scaffolding extreme, Rolf thought. "Rest assured that I have taken care of the situation and have reined them in, so to speak. If you would recall, sir, the instances that brought Rex and Cassie to the fold were rather--how would I put it?--unconventional."

"Refresh my memory, Rolf."

"For reasons I have yet to determine, the siblings unexpectedly appeared in Salem during the meteor shower a few months ago. When they were rescued, they had no memory of who they were or where they came from and they lost the ability to speak. It was through Dr. Marlena's efforts that the twins regained their speech and capacity to function in society. In fact, they're now enrolled as first year students at Salem University where I keep an eye on them as their BioEthics professor, Dr. Putnam. At first, everyone thought they were extraterrestrials but after thoroughly examining their records, I alone discovered their true nature and purpose: that the Gemini Twins were genetically-engineered to bring the Legacy Project into fruition."

"Why did it become necessary for you to use the control bracelets on them? I thought you said those things were still experimental."

Rolf explained, "Although the twins started out na?e and sometimes immature, their rate of development had been astonishing to the point that they had become overly curious and inquisitive about my motives and actions. In point of fact, Rex's probes into my fabricated academic history at Salem U were almost successful. It was only when I had slipped the bracelets onto their wrists that they've been completely pliable and programmable. What's more, they remain totally unaware that they have ever been hypnotized."

"I'm still unclear on what you want the twins to do for us, Rolf."

"Enacting our revenge on the Bradys through their son, Shawn Douglas Brady. Currently the Brady boy is involved with a Ms. Belle but I know that our Cassie is infatuated with Shawn. Rex, on the other hand, has expressed an interest over a certain Mimi but this is where we step in. If we can manage Rex to seduce Belle instead of wasting his with Mimi, Cassie can move in on Shawn while he's in position of vulnerability. The resulting break-up will deliver Master Brady right to our doorstep. Divide and conquer, sir."

"Excellent." The man considered something privately for moment before proceeding. "And how did it come about that those two started living here in the mansion?"

"That would be Tony, sir," Rolf said. "He offered the use of the premises to the siblings freely when he became their guardian. I am certain he knows more than he's letting on about Rex and Cassie."

"Ah. Tony, you son of a bitch," the man smiled to himself. Satisfied, he walked towards a big padded leather chair and sat down. "Is there anything else to report, Dr. Rolf?"

"Not that I believe so, no." Rolf replied, but then his cell phone started to ring. "Excuse me, sir."

"Go ahead."

"Hello? Yes, this is Dr. Rolf. Oh, I see. Yes, yes. Thank you for alerting me. Please inform Mr. DiMera as well. I will be there as soon as I can." Rolf's demeanor had noticeably darkened by the time he closed his phone.

"Who was that Rolf?"

"One of our agents in Salem Hospital," Rolf said. "It seems that there's been an accident."

"What kind of accident?"

"He doesn't know yet. All he could tell me that Rex and Cassie, the Gemini Twins, are both in the ICU."

Scene 2

Dr. Rolf sped down the slippery streets on his way to the hospital from the DiMera Mansion. Even if it wasn't raining, he was driving like a madman. What on earth could have happened to them, he wondered. After all the effort we had invested in them, we can't just lose them like this. Fortunately with everyone else in their homes, the roads were practically empty and within minutes, he was in the city proper. By the time he'd parked his car at the basement of the hospital and rushed up to the ICU, he was greeted with some mixed news from the attending physician: while Rex and Shawn had been transferred out of intensive care, Cassie, Mimi, Belle and someone named Philip were still listed in critical condition.

"Do you know what happened to them?" asked Dr. Rolf.

The doctor replied, "No one seems to have the complete story but they were definitely involved in some vehicular mishap during the rainstorm."

Rolf bit his lip as he looked over Cassie who was connected to the respirator. Her arm was broken and she had a gash across her forehead that required stitches. The rest of her beautiful face was intact but unfortunately she was in a coma and there wasn't any indication if and when she would wake up. Her friends didn't fare much better and were also comatose. What business did they have driving around in such bad weather? He resolved to find out but he could learn nothing more from here. "How are the two young men now?" he asked the doctor. "Can I see their charts?"

"Sure. They're resting upstairs. Mr. Brady is in Room 210 while Mr. Doe is in 211. They were lucky to have gotten away with just a few bruised ribs, sprained ligaments and probably a concussion. You could probably see them in a few hours when they wake up."

"Thank you, doctor," Rolf said knowing full well that he needed to report back to man at the mansion as soon as possible. He took the elevator and went directly into Rex's room. When he opened the door, he saw the young man sleeping comfortably with an IV line attached to his hand. He entered the room and grabbed the chart hanging off the foot of the bed. He studied it carefully and determined that most of Rex's injuries were physical. Putting the chart down on a table by the bed, Dr. Rolf leaned down over Rex to nudge his ward awake.

"Rex. can you hear me? Wake up, Rex."

The young man stirred. "Uhhhnnn. wh-who's there? Where am I?"

"You're in a hospital Rex. Do you remember how you got here?"

"H-hospital? What. happened?" Rex was having a hard time opening his eyes.

"I was hoping you could tell me," Rolf replied.

Rex brought of his hands to rub his eyes. When he finally opened them, he was surprised to see something sticking out from the back of his hand. He looked up and saw Dr. Rolf standing beside his bed. "Dr. Putnam? W-what are you doing here?"

"I was just passing by when I heard you and your sister were in an accident."

"Accident? I-is Cassie all right?" asked Rex anxiously.

"She's sleeping downstairs," lied Rolf. He was getting impatient.

"Dr. Putnam. I need to see her."

"I'm sorry but you can't. Not yet."

"But why? You told me she was sleeping."

Rex was about to get up from the bed when Rolf tried holding him down. The worried brother was surprisingly strong and the doctor couldn't find a way to subdue him until he noticed Rex still wearing the bracelet on his wrist. He kept Rex at bay while fishing out the remote control he had in his pants pocket. Rex was halfway off the bed and about to stand up when Dr. Rolf activated the device. The bracelet glowed an eerie blue and had the desired effect: Rex was hypnotized.

"Lie down, Rex," Dr. Rolf commanded.

The teen immediately complied and was once again underneath the bed covers awaiting further orders. Rolf made sure that the IV line hadn't been dislodged from the boy's hand.

"Now," he said, "I need to know what happened to you and your sister. What was the last thing you remember?"

"Hitting a tree, sir," Rex responded monotonically.

"No, let's take it a bit further back than that. Why were you on the road tonight?"

"We spent the day in Jones County playing baseball with the Salem Moose, the baseball team at the college. The girls came along to watch, sir. We all came in one van with Shawn driving."

"Go on."

"After we were done, we decided to head directly back home. It was about mid-afternoon at that time. We were making good time when it started to pour. The rain came out from nowhere, sir."

Hmmm. that's right, Rolf thought, the rain only came in the early evening. They wouldn't have known about it. But still, somehow the Brady boy was responsible for the accident.

Rex continued, "It was coming down in buckets, sir. Shawn could hardly see the road in front of him and was driving carefully. We were almost to Salem when from out of the blue this truck came careening down the road. It was sliding out of control. Shawn did his best to avoid the truck and somehow he was able to get out of its way. Unfortunately, as we were going around the truck I remember this bolt of lightning striking this tree ahead of us and before I could warn Shawn about it, it came down crashing on us. That's when we hit the tree, sir."

More likely when the tree hit you, Rolf thought. Well, it seemed that they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. There was nothing anyone could have done and if it weren't for Shawn, they'd certainly all be dead by now.

"Now Rex, I want you to sleep. You went through a very harrowing experience and you need your rest. Don't worry about your sister. Everything's going to be all right. When you wake up, you will not remember that I was here. Is that understood?"

"Yes, sir."

"Very good, Rex. At the one of count of three, you will fall completely asleep. One, two, three."

Rex's head fell to one side and his body relaxed. Rolf shut off his device and the bracelet's glow faded away. When Rolf stepped out of the room, he saw Tony DiMera running towards him down the corridor. The dark-haired man was clearly concerned.

"Rolf, I came as soon as I heard. How are the twins? How are Rex and Cassie?"

"Rex is sleeping now. He's out of danger but I'm afraid Cassie is in a coma."

"Oh my God," blurted Tony. "Are you sure?"

"No, not until I can verify for it myself, that is. But from what I've seen of her at the ICU, it certainly looks like the case."

Tony didn't like what he was hearing. "How else were with them?" he asked.

"Their friends from University, including Shawn Douglas Brady."

Tony's eyes sparkled with delight. "Shawn?"

"Yes, but he escaped the worst of it. In fact, he's in the next room."

"Damn," Tony muttered under his breath to which Rolf just smirked. Tony then asked, "Do you think they'll let me see her?"

"I don't see why not," Rolf said as he watched Tony acknowledge him and turn around to head for the elevators. Rolf went downstairs to the basement where he parked his card. As he sat inside and closed the door, he ran his hand down his face in frustration. This just complicates matters, he thought, and there wasn't anything good to report. It will be at least a week before Rex and Shawn would be released from the hospital. And with Cassie incapacitated, how could the Legacy Project proceed now?

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