The High School Science Project (musc)

The following story is a work of fiction. The characters portrayed within are a work of fiction as well, and any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is a coincidence and unintentional.

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"Oh... crap..."

Alan watched in resigned frustration as the simulation on his computer screen crashed horrifically... again. With a sigh, he rubbed his aching forehead as he tried to determine what caused his program to go haywire _this_ time. He had been in front of his computer all morning working on his high school science project, and now he was no closer to…


'Double crap. Someone's at the door?' Alan sighed, 'Why is it every time I'm busy I get interrupted. And here I thought I was going to get some time for myself with my parents out for the afternoon.'

In a huff, he went to the door and opened it. Standing outside was this harried-looking woman who happened to be his next-door neighbor. 'Huh, what's Mrs. Hademeyer doing here? Wasn't she getting ready for her big move tomorrow?' Alan thought.

"Hello Mrs. Hademayer. What can I do you for?" Alan inquired, trying to sound none-too-annoyed.

"Hi Alan. I'm really sorry this is on such short notice. I know your mother isn't home, but I was wondering if you could watch my little boy for the rest of the day. I just got word that my boss got hospitalized, and I'm needed in the office urgently. I didn't plan on hiring a sitter today since I thought I'd be home all day packing, and I've asked everyone else I know, but..."

"They're all unavailable. Yeah, I understand." Alan sighed as he spied her sometimes-nice, sometimes-naughty son Jimmy hiding behind her. 'Oh joy, just what I need, even more of a distraction,' Alan thought, but looking at the boy's mother, he knew she wouldn't have gone to him unless he was her last resort, and it wasn't as if he hadn't babysat for her before. "Sure thing, Mrs. Hademayer."

"Oh thank you very much Alan!" she exclaimed, sounding very relieved. She looked behind her and said to her son, "Go on in with Alan. Mommy will be back for you tonight."

"OK Mommy," the little boy replied just before giving his mother a goodbye hug. Mrs. Hademayer gave Alan some money to pay for pizza or whatever else they may have wanted to eat.

When Mrs. Hademayer had gone, Alan brought the boy inside the apartment and asked him, "So Jimmy, wanna play some XBOX?"

'That ought to get him out of my hair.' Alan smiled to himself.


"Whatcha doin', Alan?"

Alan looked over his shoulder and saw his little neighbor standing behind him. Was he done with playing already? So much for getting a little peace and quiet around here. Alan sighed. "I'm working on my program."

"What kind of program?"

"It's a program to mathematically predict the appearance of wormholes," Alan said, hoping to shut Jimmy up.

"Oh…" he pipped. "What’s it for?"

'At least he's inquisitive,' Alan chuckled. "It's for my high school science fair project."

"Oh yeah, you're in high school,” he said contemplatively. "Does that mean you already have a girlfriend?"

Surprised, Alan asked back, "What kind of question is that, Jimmy?"

“I dunno… My Mommy said she met my Daddy when they were in high school.”

'Fair enough,' Alan thought. "Well, if you must know, I don't have a girlfriend."

"How come?"

"You're a pretty nosy kid, you know that?"

Jimmy’s eyes went wide for a second. “Sorry, Alan,” he said, before clamming up.

At seeing Jimmy's frightened face, Alan scratched the back of his head feeling a bit sorry for raising his voice. "Look, Jimmy. I haven't found anyone out there I like yet, not to mention, no one's interested in a geek like me."

Jimmy's expression brightened up when he heard that and said, "OK." Satisfied, he turned around to leave when not thirty seconds later Alan heard him call out, "Alaaaaann..."

"What is it now, Jimmy?" Alan asked, getting really irritated over yet another interruption.

"Something weird's happening over there," Jimmy answered.

Alan glanced over and saw Jimmy pointing to one of his machines across the room, but nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary. "I don't see anything. You're probably imagining things."

"No, I'm not! I know I saw something! I swear."

'And I swear I might do something I'll regret if this kid doesn't stop bugging me,' Alan grumbled, but he stood up and went to see what the fuss was all about. After looking over his equipment where Jimmy said he saw something, he said, "Well, whatever it was, it isn't there anymore."

Jimmy pouted. "I'm telling you the truth."

"Look, Jimmy, I'm not saying you're lying, but I really don't… Wait, what's that sound?"

And then Alan heard something, a high-pitched whine coming from one of his machines, and he saw sparks shooting out of it.

"Alan!" shouted Jimmy as he pushed Alan out of the way.

Suddenly, the machine exploded, and Jimmy was caught in the blast...


When Alan came to, he wondered what he was doing on the floor, and the last thing he could was something going terribly wrong with one of his machines and that he was pushed away by...

"Jimmy!" Alan screamed out as he frantically got up to start looking around for his neighbor's son, and as soon as he stood up, he saw something he couldn't quite believe.

Alan expected to see the unconscious and perhaps even injured body of his little neighbor, but what he found instead was a big, muscular, naked man curled up on the floor, and the man wasn't moving. He didn't even look like he was breathing.

'But, where did Jimmy go...' Alan asked himself as he looked around the rest of the room for the boy, but there was no sign of him. The only plausible place where Jimmy could've ended up after the explosion was where this man was at. Did that mean this man was Jimmy?

"No, that's impossible," Alan blurted out. How could the explosion have done this to Jimmy... if this man was even Jimmy in the first place.

Alan held his breath as he approached the sleeping giant. As far as Alan could tell, the man was well over six feet tall, and with all the muscles on his body, probably weighed at least 250lbs.

Alan knelt beside the man to get a closer look and more importantly to verify if he wasn't breathing, and to Alan's dismay, the man wasn't. Alan quickly reached for the man's wrist and placed two fingers on the radial artery to check for a pulse, but he couldn't feel any pulsations.

Alan felt himself about to panic. 'Omigod, omigod, what do I do? Even if I call 911 now, they'll get here too late, and how the hell am I supposed to explain a naked man in the middle of living room? No, no... it's up to me. I have to do this. I have to save him.'

While trying his best to remember how to perform CPR, Alan moved the big man's body so that it lay flat on the floor. First, Alan cleared the man's airway by pushing the head backwards and lifting up its chin. Second, after double-checking that the man wasn't breathing, Alan pinched the man's nose, took the deepest breath he could, pressed his mouth right over the man's, and blew in as much of the air he had inside his lungs, and he could see the man's chest rising. Then, Alan went to check the man's pulse on the carotid artery, barely noticing the slight tingle lingering on his lips when he pulled away, and he was relieved to discover that there was a pulse this time. He looked back to the man's face, and he could see the man was now breathing.

'Oh thank God, I don't know how I could've done chest compressions on him,' Alan thought, seeing how solid the muscular man's pecs were. 'I doubt all my weight would've budged his chest more than an inch.'


Alan's heart skipped a beat upon hearing the deep baritone groan. The man was starting to wake up.

Alan watched in awe as the massive man began to stir. He avoided catching a glimpse of the man's genitals when the man shifted his body by quickly redirecting his attention to the man's face which now he could see how much it looked like Jimmy's father but looking much more handsome... and sexy.

With the evidence mounting up, Alan began to consider the probability that this man could very well be Jimmy, and that the accident had somehow transformed the small boy into this massive hunk. 'Hulk, not hunk. Hulk,' Alan corrected himself.

"Jimmy... Jimmy, can you hear me?"

"A-Alan? Is that you?" the man said as he opened his eyes.

'He knows who I am! This really is Jimmy!' Alan thought. "Yes, it's me, Jimmy. Are you all right?"

"Yes, I... think so," came the response.

"What's the last thing you remember?" Alan asked as he started to feel hot and dizzy. Probably from all the excitement, he thought. The effects of the adrenaline that was pumping through his system were fading.

"Just that there was this big explosion, and... everything else is still a bit fuzzy. I know I was talking to you, but... Alan, what's the matter with you?" Jimmy asked, sounding very concerned.

"I... I don't know," Alan whimpered as he looked at his arms and saw what looked like burns beginning to form. At first, he felt like he wanted to puke, and then he felt like he was dying. He was about to get up when a sharp pain shot through his chest, and then he fainted.


"Alan, are you OK?"

Hearing the unfamiliar voice, Alan slowly opened his eyes and saw that it belonged to the adult-sized Jimmy who was sitting on a chair beside the sofa Alan found himself in. He had hoped everything had been a dream, but seeing Jimmy there barely fitting in his father's bathrobe just shocked him back to reality.

"Here, have some water…" Jimmy said as he gently hooked his hand behind Alan's head and lifted it so Alan could take a sip of water from the glass Jimmy held.

"What... what happened to me?" Alan asked.

"You collapsed."

"Oh, that's right," Alan said. "It was like I was getting sick. I think it started right after I gave you CPR..."

"You gave me CPR?" asked Jimmy, and Alan nodded his head. "Alan, you saved my life! Thank you."

"And it looks like you saved mine," Alan said, finding no trace of the burns that spontaneously appeared on his skin before.

"No, I didn't. Before I could do anything, whatever was happening to you began to disappear all on its own. I just moved you here to the sofa so you could rest more comfortably."

"But how... wait, that's not important. What's important is that I have to find a way to put you back to normal."

"Alan. I still can't remember everything, but somehow I feel that this IS normal."

"You don't know what you're talking about, Jimmy. You've obviously hit your head. You're supposed to be a little boy, not this beau... I mean... big guy you are right now, and I'm the only one who can fix this."

Alan jumped out of the sofa and ran towards his computer.

"Alan, get back here and rest!"

"There's no time! And whatever happened to me a while ago, I'm feeling a whole lot better now!" Alan replied as he started going through the computer logs.

"According to this, one of my machines detected a huge spike of spatial-temporal energy, and somehow that energy got collected and then discharged in an explosion that caused you to get older and bigger.!"

"Slow down, Alan... I don't under..."

"No, we can't afford to slow down. I can see here that there's still a huge amount of energy in the room, and it seems to be building and converging at that spot over there."

"That spot where you collapsed?"

"Yes, and that's also the spot where I found you. Your body may still be in some sort of temporal flux, and it's entirely possible that another energy discharge can change you back."

"This doesn't make any sense, Alan. Can't we take the time to think this through first?"

"No, Jimmy, we have to do this right now!"

Jimmy looked at Alan and with a deep breath said, "All right, Alan. I don't know why, but, I trust you..."

Alan looked back at Jimmy and could see on that handsome countenance that he meant every word that he said. That face would forever be etched in his memory. "Thank you, Jimmy," Alan said as he watched Jimmy take his position. Alan looked back at his computer, and within a minute, he saw what he was waiting for.

"I can see the energy levels beginning to spike! Here we go!"

There was a tremendous flash of light, but this time there wasn't any explosion. With light so bright, Alan had to look away for almost a whole minute, and when he looked back, the first thing he saw was Jimmy, the younger Jimmy, lying down on the floor where the man used to be standing, and he was still wearing the bathrobe.

Alan ran to Jimmy and was overjoyed to see that the boy was just asleep this time. He knelt down, carefully picked up Jimmy in his arms and gently nudged the boy's face. "Jimmy?"

"Alan? Are you all right?" he asked.

'Oh my God, it worked!' Alan cried to himself. "Why are you asking if I'm all right? I should be the one asking you that. Don't you remember anything?"

Jimmy looked up at Alan, slightly confused. "I just remember something exploding... and pushing you out of the way..."

'He doesn't remember anything after that,' Alan thought. It's just as well. It would have been just too difficult having to explain to him that he was a muscle man for the afternoon.

Then Jimmy spoke up, "I'm sorry."

"For what?" Alan asked, surprised .

"For pushing you so hard. I hope I didn't hurt you."

"No, you didn't hurt me. In fact, you saved my life, Jimmy."


"I'll tell you about it later," Alan smiled, thinking it might be better not to confuse the boy any further. "C'mon, let's get you some clothes before your mom comes back. You guys are going to have a big trip tomorrow, and you know what, Jimmy, I'm going to miss you..."

10 years later

"C'mon Alan, finish that drink of yours and get your gorgeous ass out there to the dance floor! We didn't drag you all the way from sitting in front of your computer at home to work on your thesis so you could waste your time sitting behind that counter."

"Fine, fine…" Alan laughed as he negotiated his way out of the booth he'd been hiding out in the past hour. It wasn't easy--being 6'7" and 300lbs. and all--but he managed. And they were right. As a 26-year-old grad student slaving away on his Masters thesis, he’d been cooped up at home for months, and tonight was all about having a little fun for a change.

Alan skipped excitedly towards the dance floor when he bumped into someone along the way. He immediately began to apologize, "I'm sorry, I wasn't looking…"

Then time stopped for Alan as he stood there frozen, staring at the man whom he bumped into. The man was a tad shorter than Alan was, probably 6'5" or so, and he was built. He had ripped muscles GLAD-wrapped in sheer clothing and the most devastating "V" Alan had ever seen up close. The way the man's torso tapered down made it impossible for Alan not to look to where it pointed, the man's very impressive package. But it wasn't his body that had Alan's heart beating so quickly--it was his face...

"Oh, it's… you," Alan gasped aloud, unable to contain himself, but then he realized he didn't know to whom the face belonged that, just that he'd seen it somewhere before.

"Do I know you?" the stranger replied, who, at first, had a look of annoyance at his personal space being invaded, but when he looked back at Alan intently, this gave way to one of surprise and recognition with him blurting out, "Oh my God, Alan! Is that you? I almost didn't recognize you. Holy fuck, dude! What the hell happened to you?"

Astonished, Alan took a step back from the man who knew his name. "Um, I'm sorry, but, who are you?"

"Alan. It's me… Jimmy," he said with a big friendly smile across his handsome face.

"Jimmy?" Alan started saying, then he was speechless for a few seconds, and a few more seconds passed before the realization kicked in that Alan had indeed known someone named Jimmy a long time ago. He was the son of…

"Oh, you're Mrs. Hademayer's kid! You can't be that Jimmy, the one I used to babysit?" Alan said, regretting it as soon as he heard himself say it. The Jimmy who stood in front of him was hardly a kid.

"That’s right!" he confirmed, and the two of them heartily shook hands.

Alan went on, "I haven't seen you in, what, ten years, at least! How've you been?"

"Great, I've been doing great. You know the last time we saw each other my mom and I moved to another state, but a few months ago I moved back here for college. I've been taking up Biotechnology."

"Really? I'm in the middle of finishing my Masters thesis for Theoretical Physics."

"Theoretical Physics?"

"Oh yeah, it was... and still is a hobby of mine, but now I'm going to get paid for it."

"Physics as a hobby. Ha! Still the geek, I see. While I'm glad to see some things haven't changed around here, I can’t get over how much you've changed. You're fucking huge!"

"Speak for yourself. Just how big are you?" Alan gushed.

"Last I checked, 6'5", 275lbs.," Jimmy bragged. Alan could've sworn Jimmy's pecs jumped a bit when he said that. "But Alan, I have to say, as much as I'm surprised to see you again, I’m even more surprised seeing you here, of all places. I didn't know you were gay."

"I didn't either, until a few years ago, and waitaminute... what are you doing here? You aren't... are you? I don't want to assume…"

"Since high school. The big move had a lot to do with it. New school, new environment, new everything. I was lucky to have found a wonderful group of friends to help me through it all."

"Yeah, I know what you mean."

"So, Alan, I just gotta ask: are you with anyone tonight?"

"Me? Oh, just some friends from the gym who harangued me to go with them. They said I've been living a like hermit for too long."

"And have you found anyone out here you like yet?"

"Can't say that I have. It's not that I'm not getting more than a few guys coming on to me, but once I open my big yap and talk, they get bored and leave. Somebody did, in fact, buy me a drink awhile ago, but he disappeared on me when I told him what I did for fun. Guess no one's interested in..."

"A geek like you, heh. Well, their loss; my gain."

"What do you mean?"

"God, dense as ever, I see. Guess that's another thing that hasn't changed," Jimmy cracked up. "Well, fine. I'll make this as clear as I can." He then leaned forward and caught Alan's lips with his.

Alan felt weak at the knees as his eyes closed, and he didn't realize that Jimmy had stopped kissing until he heard him say, "Is that a rocket in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"

"Oh..." Alan blushed, acutely aware at how much tighter his pants had suddenly gotten. "I-I'm not sure what to say."

"Well, looks like you finally found someone to shut that big yap of yours," Jimmy grinned, seeing Alan's obvious discomfort. "And from the way you're reacting, you really don't have to say a thing." He then closed in on Alan again and wrapped his arms around the bigger man's back.

Alan drew in a big breath as their bodies made contact. "Oh jeez, Jimmy. This is so weird. Don’t get me wrong, but the last time I saw you was when you were a boy, and I'm still having a little trouble seeing you past that."

"Ha, that's because you probably thought I was a pest. I don't know how you're going to take this, but I had an awful crush on you back then. That's why I liked hanging around your place though I was too shy to let you know how much I liked you."

"I never thought you were..." Alan was about to defend himself when he saw Jimmy giving him a knowing look. "Nah, you're right. You were a pest," Alan conceded, laughing.

"Thought so," he grunted. "As for being a 'boy', well..."

Without warning, Jimmy pushed himself upwards and drove his tongue right into Alan's mouth, and as soon as Alan's tongue touched Jimmy's, Alan held Jimmy's face in his hands and kissed him right back, and the both of them felt a powerful spark go through their bodies. All thoughts of Jimmy as a child were completely replaced with him as the hottest man he ever laid lips on.

When they broke contact, Jimmy gasped aloud, "Fuckin'-A, dude... that was fuck-tastic."

"Has anyone told you that you've got a dirty mouth?" Alan chided.

"Only the guys whose wormholes I've rimmed," he retorted as he grabbed Alan's hand and pulled him towards the door.

"Where are we going?"

"You said you're still living in our old apartment building, right?"

"Uh, yeah. I've been living alone..."

"Then that's where we're going," growled Jimmy hungrily. "And before you ask why, let's just say my intentions for you tonight are not at all honorable."


Jimmy and Alan got into a taxi and in the back seat resumed what they started in the club, reaching almost to the point of tearing their clothes off, much to the voyeuristic delight of the driver who'd seen his fair share of guys he'd picked up from the club making out in his cab. Once they got to the apartment, they rushed upstairs to Alan's room where they promptly stripped off the rest of their clothes.

"God, you're one hairy son of a bitch, Alan," Jimmy said, running his fingers all over Alan's hirsute pecs. "And I love it. You're gonna be one hot 'daddy' in 20 years or so."

Alan chuckled. "Hey, I'm only 5 years older than you are, you brat."

"Oooh, spank me. I've been a naughty boy," Jimmy teased, and Alan lightly slapped Jimmy's rock-solid butt cheeks as Jimmy continued to explore the rest of Alan's body. "I have to know, how the hell did you get so big? The last time I saw you, you were as thin as a rail."

"I have no idea. All I know is that it started around a decade ago. It was like I went through puberty... again... and I started shooting up and filling out."

"Ha, as soon as you get a condom on, you're going to fill me out and start shooting up my ass, big boy," Jimmy hissed as he squatted down to his haunches so he could start sucking on Alan's cock.

Alan had had some experience with other guys before, but none of them had made him feel the way Jimmy had since the moment they reconnected at the club. It was as if Destiny had brought them to be together at this exact moment in time, but something was bothering him.

"You know, for some reason I think I'm supposed to be remembering something, but for the life of me, I can't. When I saw you at the club, it was like I saw your face from before, but not when we were younger, but the way you look now."

"That's just weird. Alan. And, don't take this the wrong way, but shut the fuck up. I want that big yap of yours all over my chest."

Alan laughed and was about to do just that when his butt bumped into something behind him.

"Damn, what the fuck did I hit?" Alan turned around and saw one of his old machines had gotten activated.

"What is that?" Jimmy asked. "Hey, isn't that part of your old high school science project?"

"Yeah, I remember it getting broken, and then I fixed up, but I didn't win the science fair that year. Still, I've been working on it ever since. It's even got a whole new power source I made myself..."

And then Alan heard something, a high-pitched whine coming from his machine, and he saw sparks shooting out of it.

"Alan!" shouted Jimmy as he shoved Alan out of the way.

Suddenly, the machine exploded, and Jimmy was caught in the blast...


"Jimmy!" Alan screamed out as he got up from the floor. He frantically looked around for his friend, and it was only when he stood up that he found him... only it wasn't the Jimmy who went home with him from the club... it was the Jimmy he knew from 10 years ago, and he looked really, really sick. It was like he had radiation burns all over his body.

And at that instant, something switched inside Alan's mind, and he remembered everything that he needed to remember... and what he needed to do next.

After determining that Jimmy wasn't breathing, Alan immediately began to administer CPR, and at the moment he was going to give Jimmy those first two breaths, he felt a powerful spark transfer between them, and Jimmy almost immediately began to breathe on his own.

Alan stepped back and watched in awe as the radiation burns on Jimmy's body began to disappear. Whatever was happening was healing Jimmy, and by the time it was over, Jimmy was good as new and looked somewhat better.

As soon as Alan was sure Jimmy was all right, he rushed towards ones of his other prototypes and started reconfiguring its settings. Something inside his brain was telling him exactly what he needed to do, and he didn't have a lot of time to do it. Everything that had happened 10 years ago was because of what was happening today.

"There, I'm done," Alan said aloud, pressing the ENTER key, and a light flashed brightly behind him as a portal opened, and he could see Jimmy standing on the other side.

"Jimmy!" Alan called out, and Jimmy, upon seeing Alan, shouted back, "Alan, is that you? What the FUCK is going on around here?"

"I'll tell you all about it when it's over, but for now, get your ass over here. We need to get your other you back home before the wormhole closes."

Without hesitation, Jimmy stepped through the portal and when he saw his younger self asleep on the floor, something clicked in his mind, and he began to remember, but there were still a lot of blanks. He took off the bathrobe he was wearing and gave it to Alan to put on the younger Jimmy. He knew he couldn't get in contact with himself.

Alan then brought the younger Jimmy through the portal and lay him on the floor. Alan looked up, and he could see his younger self across the room. 'You're going to be such a hot geek when you grow up,' Alan laughed at himself literally. He went back into the portal, which promptly closed as soon as he was all the way through.

Waiting on the other side was his Jimmy in his naked glory with an expectant look on his face, and Alan brought Jimmy to the kitchen where he could explain everything, as much as he could anyway, and by the end, all Jimmy could say was...

"Oh... crap."


After watching Alan and Jimmy leaving the bar, the man who had bought Alan a drink earlier that evening smiled and headed towards a secluded corner where another man was waiting for him.

"So, did he do it? Did he take the drink?"

"You know he did, or else we wouldn't be still standing here. One sip is all it takes."

"And you're sure he didn't recognize you?"

"Not with the beards we've grown in. And besides, you couldn't resist my charms anyhow, no matter how young... or old you are."

"I'm still only 5 years older than you, you brat."

"And being together 20 years doesn't change that, 'daddy'. Took you long enough to get that high school science project of yours stable enough without blowing our heads off. As if getting exposed to the radiation of a wormhole wasn't toxic enough to kill us."

"Says the guy who couldn't get his own nanites to do as they're told. Getting those keyed to our DNA and rewrite our genetics to deal with the radiation was impressive, and you even managed to put in that memory subroutine to help me through. What was so hard about getting them to transfer orally?"

"Shows what you know. I was just using that as a reason to keep jamming my tongue down your throat.. you know, for science."

The two men laughed and started kissing each other, and even after all the years they've been together, they still had the spark.

"Let's go home. Time to go back to the future."