Hypnohunk (hypno musc)

Synopsis: Keith undergoes a special orientation program.

The following story is a work of fiction. The characters portrayed within are a work of fiction as well, and any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is a coincidence and unintentional.

Copyright © 2004. This story is the property of the author O'Melissokomos. Any duplication, in whole or in part, is forbidden without the express written consent of the author.

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"You're not doing it right, you know."

I was about to start my second set of bench presses when I heard a big powerful voice thundering over me. If it had come two seconds later, I would have had 130 pounds of free weights crashing down my chest. I immediately sat up and turned around only to see a huge torso blocking my view. I automatically tilted my head upwards to see where it ended and saw a devastatingly handsome face looking down at me with serious concern. The face belonged to Peder Bakken, the owner of the gym I joined just a month ago.

"I've been watching you for the past two weeks already, kid. You've got a lot of heart and dedication coming here every other night working out by yourself, but if you're not doing it right, you're just wasting your time and hurting yourself in the process," he said. "Didn't anyone put you through the orientation program you when you signed up here? I would have done it myself, but I was on vacation then."

I felt like I did something terribly wrong. It also didn't help that I felt so small and puny in the shadow of his 6'5" 250 lbs. physique, being just 5'9" and about 140 lbs. myself. "Uh... s-sorry. No one said anything about an orientation..."

"Damn those guys," Peder muttered to himself, suddenly lost in thought.

"Excuse me?"

Peder replied, "Huh? Oh, it's nothing. Don't worry about it. Nothing I can't fix myself." At that, his face quickly broke into a smile, and he said, "Your name's Keith, right?"

"Yeah... it's nice to meet you Mr. Bakken," I meekly responded.

"Please, call me Peder," he said, giving my hand a powerful shake. The contact was electric. I had never seen, much less touched, a man as big as Peder this close before. I tried to give it as good as I got, and he appreciated the effort, I guess.

"Well, come with me. Time's a wasting."

"Where are we going?" I asked perplexed.

"To my office, of course. I'm personally gonna take you through the program. Better late than never," he said grinning. He then turned around and started walking towards the door at the opposite corner of the room. Somehow I sensed Peder wasn't the type who liked to be kept waiting so I hopped off the bench and followed him into his spacious office where he asked me to sit down on a chair in front of a 50-inch widescreen high-definition television set.

The next thing he did was dim the lights and turn on the TV, and while it was warming up, I glanced around the room and saw to my right a expansive glass cabinet full of trophies and medals. I knew Peder had a long, successful run as a bodybuilding champion before he retired to run his gym full-time. And to my left was a wall plastered with certificates and awards, but these weren't from bodybuilding competitions. Instead, they were degrees from a bunch of academic institutions. For what, I wondered.

Peder cleared his throat to get my attention, and I saw him standing by the side of the set, and once again, his demeanor was quite serious and intimidating, even more so now with his bulky frame half-silhouetted by the light of the screen behind him.

He then began, "I'll be honest with you, Keith. This is just as much about me as it is about you. I've got a reputation as the proprietor of the best gym in this city, probably even the state, and this reputation rests upon each and every one of my clients. You and those guys exercising out there right now? You reflect on my business. How people perceive you is how they perceive me. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

I nodded my head in silence. I didn't feel it was my place to talk, and I knew where he was coming from.

"Good," he said gruffly and continued. "I know I can easily make more money like the other gyms with their clientele who pay monthly dues and never bother to show up and exercise. Less wear and tear on my equipment, right? Wrong. That's not why I'm here for. I'm here to see guys like you get their money's worth *and* get the bodies they deserve, and if I had to drag them in here kicking and screaming, I would. At first a lot people were pissed off at me, but eventually I discovered having a heart-to-heart talk like this one we're having now helped smooth things over from the get-go. And this, finally, brings me to my question to you, Keith: are you in or are you out?"

"What do you mean?" I asked, a bit overwhelmed by his speech.

"I mean, are you *really* serious about this, about changing your body, about changing your lifestyle for the better. If not, I can refund you your deposit right now, and we can go our separate ways. But if you're staying, you will be doing things my way, and your word is your bond. You still have a choice, Keith, and either is acceptable to me, but you have to choose now and stick to your decision."

I sat there confounded. What he hell was he talking about? What kind of Matrix-style shit was this anyway? A part of me wanted to get as far away from Peder as possible, but a stronger, more insistent part of me was curious by everything he'd said so far. He did seem to have be my best interest at heart, didn't he? The answer came bubbling up from inside me: "Yes."

"Just the thing I wanted to hear. Welcome aboard, Keith," beamed Peder. "Now, let's get right to it."

He stepped aside and pressed a button on his remote, and the screen exploded into a shimmering sea of kaleidoscopic colors and the speakers squealed in digital delight. The effect on me was immediate. I sat frozen in my seat as ever-changing hues washed over me, and my mind drowned in a spectacular spectrum of lights and sound. Then I felt I didn't know what attach themselves to my exposed limbs including the back of my head, but instead of being alarmed, I persisted in watching the screen. Somehow I couldn't turn my head away or cover my ears or even close my eyes--I just couldn't.

"Keep on looking at the pretty colors, Keith. They're so nice to watch, aren't they? They keep changing and moving and morphing; they're so nice to watch. And you're beginning to feel more and more relaxed. That's what the colors are doing, Keith; they make you feel good."

Yes, he was right. That was exactly what I was feeling. I was totally immersed in this beautiful rainbow world that I never wanted to leave. Pretty colors... so nice to watch...

"Isn't my program great, Keith? Made it myself during my last year in med school. Right now, it's sending out all kinds of signals directly into your brain and automatically adjusting itself based on your biometric response through that chair you're sitting on to heighten your biofeedback control over your entire body, but it's not like you're going to remember any of this after we're through. For now, keep watching the screen..."

And the more I watched, the more I found myself sinking deeper and deeper into a tie-dyed universe that went on forever and losing my very sense of self--my identity--to sensory inundation. It was as if my body was disappearing until all that was left was my disembodied spirit floating in a chromatic limbo. And when, just when my consciousness was about to completely dissolve away as well, a familiar voice, big and powerful, reverberated around me.

"Keith... can you hear me, Keith?" it boomed.

Keith? Yes, that's who I am; that was my name. I then struggled to find my voice to respond. Did I even have a my own voice? I couldn't feel my throat.

"You have my permission to speak," the voice commanded, and instantly I spoke, "Y-yes... I can hear you."

"Excellent, Keith. How do you feel?"

"Wonderful... peaceful... free..." And I sounded it too.

"That's very good. Now, listen carefully to me. Since you have given your word to do things my way, everything I say from now on is the absolute and utter truth. You will believe my words with no qualms nor objections. Anything I say goes. Is that clear?"

"Yes... sir..." I replied.

"Then stand up, Keith, and take off your shirt."

I complied, moving slowly at first, but there I was standing half-naked in middle of the room and ready for inspection.

"I can see you're one of those hard-gainers," the voice noted. "You weren't going to get any good results with that shit of a workout you doing a while ago. You would've end up pissed off at your lack of progress and probably quit or, even worse, get injured, but we're going to get past all that. We're going to get you to a point where you can start enjoying your workouts and doing it properly. Would you like that, boy?"

"Yes sir. I do."

"Yeah, so here's what we're gonna do. I want you start growing, Keith."

"Sir, I... I don't understand."

"Don't question me, boy. I want you to start growing, just do it."

"B-but sir, that's..."

"Impossible? Impossible is nothing. No qualms nor objections, remember? It's all in your head. Haven't you always wanted to be bigger? Stronger? Well, this is your chance. All of you have to do is listen to me... and believe."

"Yes sir." The reassuring words of the voice quickly calmed me down.

"Relax Keith, and think of an image of the man who you want to be. Think of his height, his build, his hair, his eyes, down to the last detail. Are you doing that?"

In my mind, a hazy portrait began to form of a tall, muscular blond with the sculpted features of a Greek statue. The handsome figure in my mind coalesced further. He was over six feet tall, probably close to 200 pounds of gym-toned muscle. His arms were solid as were his legs, but he still looked young and very beautiful. He stood confidently, proud of his achievement, and not only did he have a great body, but he also had a great personality.

"Yes sir," I answered.

"Now, imagine yourself to be that man. Take everything about him as your own. Let that internal self-image surface and embrace it. Let it out, and let yourself go. Do you understand, boy?

I began to tingle all over. My muscles were tensing up in anticipation. I could feel the sweat trickling down my body. The mental picture of my dream man dramatically sharpened into focus, and that was when I realized I wasn't just looking at my dream man, I was looking at my reflection. This was who I was now.

"Yes... sir."

"Good, you're finally ready. Now. Grow for me."

The voice shook my very core. There was no alternative. I had to grow, I needed to grow, I wanted to grow... and grow... and grow.

And I did.

With my eyes closed, the sensations of the growth were more acute, more pronounced. I began to take in really deep breaths, to bring in as much oxygen into my lungs as possible, and I could actually feel myself growing taller, my skeleton pulling upwards and tugging at my internal organs. Fortunately, there was no pain at all while this was happening. In fact, it felt really damn good.

Next, I realized my muscles were stretching to fill in the extra space around my joints, and then they began expanding outwards, thickening with tough fiber as I felt my gym shorts tighten around my hips and thighs. But there was something else contributing to the over-all constriction--it was my cock and balls. They were growing too.

"Unngh..." I gasped. God... so fucking hard now, I thought, and it was getting harder to think about anything else besides my muscles. Yeah, love my muscles. Growing so big. Fuck, yeah. Can't wait to hit the bench. Gotta keep growing.

Then the final change occurred, and it was so fucking weird. It was like some someone turned my face into clay and started pulling at it, hitting it, slapping it, molding it, and before I knew it, it was all over.

Shit, man, what a rush. My frickin' driveshaft was stiff beyond belief. My hot rod was parked against my inner leg, and it was rarin' to go. I'd been been drippin' fuel like crazy, and it ain't gonna take much to set me off. I really wanna take my new joystick out for a spin.

And, as if in answer to my prayers, a pair of hands begin peeling off my shorts, and my cock jumped into action, slapping into my rock-hard abs a couple of times. Along with my now-huge nuts, my fuckstick felt thick and heavy.

"Damn, you're one hell of a stud, Keith. Who'd have thought you had it in you?"

It was the voice again, and I just about lost it when my dick entered something so hot and wet. Damn, was that a tongue tasting my sac?

"Fuck yeah... suck my cock, motherfucker. Make me cum with your pussy mouth. Ah, so fuckin' close... my balls wanna bust... fuck man, you're so good... too good... damn... don't stop... whatever the hell you do... don't.... fucking.... stoooooooooppppp.... Ah'm... ah'm cummmmminnnn-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!"

Jeezus... I just kept on cumming, and each time was fucking stronger and harder than the last. I kinda lost track after 10 shots as my knees went weak, and I fell down sitting on the chair that was behind me the entire time. Even then, there was still some spooge being milked out of my super-sensitive cock, but I was too dead-tired to protest. I don't know how long it was before I heard the voice for one last time.

"Keith, can you hear me?"

"Yes sir."

"You're finally coherent enough to talk to," the voice laughed. "Time for you to rest up a bit, Keith. In a while, you will wake up with your clothes back on, and you will have no memory of what happened during your orientation program. If anyone asks, it was just a bunch of instructional workout videos."

"Yes sir."

"Also, you will believe that you've always had the body that you have now since you joined the gym. You seemed to have gotten quite a colorful vocabulary too, but let's the keep that part of you for now. I can always have you take a little reorientation class down the road. What do you think?"

"Yes, whatever the fuck you say sir."

"Heh. Sleep now, Keith, and forget."


"Hey Keith, wake up."

"Huh... w-whu?" I opened my eyes and saw Peder hovering over me. When he helped me sit up straight on the chair I was on, I realized I where I was. "Uh, hey Peder, what am I doing in your office?"

"Don't you remember? Can't believe you fell asleep during my orientation program. I'll try not to make as boring for the next guy."

I paused as I tried to recall the past few hours. It was like there was something on the tip my tongue that I wanted to bring up, but in a flash, it was gone. Shrugging my shoulders, I said, "I guess you're right. What time is it anyway?" I gave out a big yawn.

"About 8pm. So, are you awake now, hot shot?" Peder teased. "All set for tonight's workout?"

"Damn straight, dude," I said, standing up. "Lemme get into my gear."

"I'll see at the Squat bench after I talk to a couple of people first. You feel like blasting your legs tonight?"

"Fuck, great idea, man. These puppies of mine need a little spanking," I growled, flexing my thigh muscles and calves.

"You'll be howling for mercy by the time I'm through with you, Bingo," Peder snarled playfully.

"Ha, this big dawg ain't backin' down from a fight." I barked back as I headed out the door. "Bring it on, dude."

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