Jockboy (hypno musc)

Synopsis: A Jockboy is born. Based on two roleplays. With thanks to jockmorphr.

The following story is a work of fiction. The characters portrayed within are a work of fiction as well, and any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is a coincidence and unintentional.

Copyright © 2014. This story is the property of the author. O'Melissokomos. Any duplication, in whole or in part, is forbidden without express written consent.

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"Hey Coach, I'm back from the clinic. Sorry I took so long. Didn't realize two hours would pass by just like *that*. Now I can't even remember what the heck I was there for."

"Don't worry about it. The Doc just called and told me everything checked out with you. Come on in and have a seat."

"Sure, Coach. What's up?"

"It's like this, sport. I'd like to talk to you about putting on 20lbs. for next year to beef up our defensive line."

"Aw, not this shit again, Coach. You know I'm happy where I am. Getting bigger means I'm gonna miss out on some modeling gigs."

"This is for the good of the team. Can't believe you still haven't figured that out."

"Well, believe or not, all the money I'm earning is going to my college fund."

"Whatever for? You're a shoo-in for a scholarship."

"But I'm not sure I want to be playing football in college or for the rest of my life for that matter. I'm just keeping my options open, playing it smart, you know. "

"Look, I admit you're not a total idiot like the other guys. You actually have some brains in the pretty head of yours, but what we need is more brawn."

"I know we're losing some of our biggest guys who are graduating this year, but I swear, Coach, if you force me to take steriods, I'll fucking report you myself."

"Yeah, that's what I figured. That's why I had the Doc pump you up with something else, something special he'd been working on. Should be kicking in any minute now.

"What the... you fuckin' *drugged* me?"

"It's for your own good."

"*My* own good? Fuck you, this is all about *you* and your goddamn trophies! You and your fucking so-called legacy!"

"See, I knew you were smart--too smart. You figured that all on your own, but the Doc needed a guinea pig, and unfortunately for you, I volunteered you for the job. So, this is how we're going to play it. Remember your training, jockboy."

"Jockboy? Why are you calling me a jockb..."

"Because that's what you are. Remember your training, jockboy."

"I... am a... jock... boy?

"Yes... say it again."

"I am... a... jockboy."

"Now stop getting all excited and sit your ass down."

"Yes... sir..."

"So, jockboy, how are you feeling?"

"I feel good, sir. Relaxed."

"Ha, damn that Doc works quick, but let's take things slow for now. Good thing I actually paid attention to that Psych class elective I took in college. Listen up, jockboy, and listen well."

"Yes sir."

"I want you to concentrate on this good feeling and feel it converging on your feet. Feel the energy tingling in your toes, in your soles. Take in a couple of deep breaths, jockboy, and let yourself relax even more. That's it."

"Yes, sir."

"Now, this feeling in your feet, let it spread upwards, and as this feeling slowly passes through your body, your body will continue to relax more and more. So imagine the feeling in your feet right now, jockboy, and let it float upwards, upwards through your calves, then your knees and your thighs. It's a good thing you're sitting down or else you wouldn't have been able to keep standing up because that's how relaxed your legs are. Your big muscular legs, your long, wide feet, so relaxed. Let the feeling go higher past your hips and into your torso. It's in your abs and back now so you can let yourself sink into the chair, jockboy, especially as the feeling goes higher and higher."


"Take a deep breath. That's good. Take another one, a nice big one this time. Even breathing makes you feel so tired, so relaxed, so subservient, and you just want this feeling to continue. So, just let it. It's gone to your shoulders and your traps, and you're finding it so hard just to keep your shoulders up. They just want to droop down. It's so hard to resist gravity, so why fight it, why fight at all? Just relax, and accept everything I say as truth."


"You are a hypnotized jockboy."

"I am a hypnotized jockboy."

"You are my hypnotized jockboy.

"I am your hypnotized jockboy."

"You say it because it's true. You are a jockboy, now and forever, Keep repeating that in your mind. Let that word go into your brain, jockboy."

"Jockboy... yes, sir..."

"You are a jockboy."

"Yes, sir... I am a jockboy...

"You are my jockboy."

"I am your jockboy."

"Just being called a jockboy makes you feel so good, because that's what you are... inside and out. Imagine yourself becoming those words. Jock. Boy. Jock. Boy. And together, they fill you up completely. They're becoming that totality of who you want to be."

"I am your jockboy."

"So don't worry about getting into college, jockboy. We've got ways to take care of you... just as long as you keep winning. And besides, you don't need your brains to be a jockboy. A jockboy does what he's told. He doesn't have to think for himself anymore."

"I am your jockboy."

"So without your brains, we've got your body to work on, and we've got our work cut out for us, that is, if the Doc's formula is as good as he says it is. Listen up, jockboy, and listen well. Your muscles are changing. Your body is becoming slightly bigger. The more you think about becoming a total jockboy, the more it becomes true. Imagine how big I want you to be jockboy. Imagine how strong I want you to be. Imagine how good I want you to feel... and you're feeling very good right now. So good... so aroused... so horny over becoming a complete jockboy. Nothing else matters... just the feeling building inside you. It's there... and it's growing... just like the rest of you, jockboy."

"Yes, sir..."

"You got the total package, jockboy. Muscular chest, hairy abs, big cock, big balls, and of course, very big jockfeet, at least a size 16, maybe even a 17 now, with nice long muscular toes too, I bet. Tell me, jockboy, are your jockfeet bare?"

"No, sir."

"Why don't you take off whatever your wearing down there then? It'll make you feel more relaxed."

"Take off my white jock socks... yes, sir."

"That's a good jockboy."

"Done, sir... my jockfeet are bare for you."

"Very good, jockboy. Doesn't it feel so much better with your jockfeet out in the open?"

"Yes, sir. So relaxed..."

"Rub your jockfeet together and make it form a circuit with the energy coming from your jockcock going down your right leg into your right jockfoot and then jumping to your left jockfoot and up your left leg right back into your jockcock. Can you feel that, jockboy?"

"Y-yes, sir..."

"Your jockcock and jockfeet are connected. Rubbing your jockfeet is like rubbing your jockcock. You don't need to rub your jockcock just yet... your feet touching together is enough. The blood is slowly pumping in your jockcock, making it grow, making it thick, pushing into your underwear. Your underwear must be feeling tight right now, isn't jockboy?

"Yesss... cock getting big... balls so fulll..."

"Feel the material scraping against your jockcock, so agonizingly good. Keep rubbing your jockfeet. How full is your underwear now, jockboy?"

"Very full, sir. I'm getting so big."

"And it's still getting bigger, isn't it, jockboy?"

"Oh sir, yes... is sir going to make me even bigger?"

"Much bigger, jockboy... much, much bigger."


"Very good. Say it one more time and your jockcock will begin to grow. Just thinking of the word 'jockboy', and your jockcock will get bigger. In fact, your jockfeet have begun to grow as well. You're gettting bigger and more muscular all over, including your jockfeet as they're growing and growing... getting longer, getting wider."

"I'm a jockboy."

"And you can't help NOT thinking about it... because that's what you are now. You can't help thinking about being a jockboy, and just thinking about it makes your jockbod grow."

"I'm a jockboy!"

"You're a growing jockboy. Your jockcock is getting too for your jockbriefs. It wants to get free before it gets too tight. You should do something about it, jockboy."

"Something... take my briefs off, sir? May I, sir? My cock has gotten so overly big. It's... tight."

"Just slide them down to your jockfeet, but do not take them off your body. Is that clear, jockboy?

"Yes sir."

"I want your jockfeet touching your warm underwear and rubbing against the material... because your jockfeet are like your jockcock."


"Just keep your jockbriefs around your ankles."

"Yes, sir."

"And now take a look at your jockcock. I don't think it's big enough."

"Sir? Sir, it's so over-large!"

"Not big enough for my jockboy. You know what to do to make it bigger."

"Sir... but... won't I be too big?"

"No such thing as too big for a jockboy."

"But sir, all the other jocks at the gym will laugh at me!"

"No, they won't. They'll all be worshipping you and your jockcock. All of them want to touch it, to hold it in their hands."

"Sir, because I will have the biggest jockcock?"

"Yes, the biggest jockcock for everyone to share. Just imagine you're in the gym with a jockcock so big you can't even stand up on your own anymore, but all the other jocks are worshipping you, worshipping your humongous jockcock. Some of them are rubbing their pecs on your stalk. Some of them have their mouths over your flanges."

"And sir... my cock is still growing... as they do this? Making me more big?"

"Definitely, because they want more of your jockcock and your jockballs."


"You are a big-dicked horny jockboy."

"I am a big-dicked horny jockboy."

"Stroke your cock as you're saying that to yourself."

"Yes, sir... I am a big-dicked horny jockboy... Mmmm..."

"Let each wave of pleasure reinforce the feeling..."

"Yes... it feels so good, sir."

"Tell me jockboy, are you oozing a lot of pre?"

"Yes sir."

"Get some of it on your fingers and play with your jocknips for me. Get your nips nice and hard and wet with your pre. Start with the left, run your fingers around the bump, make it grow, make it point out... like your jockcock."

"Oh sir... yes... that feels soooooo goood, sir!"

"And make sure you keep stroking your jockcock as you're doing this. Playing with your nips is like playing with your cock."

"My nips are sooo sensitive... like tiny jockcocks... so stiff and pronged."

"Get more pre, jockboy, and start doing your right nip, and keep stroking... slowly."

"Right nip... yes, sir!"

"Let the feeling build. Your hand goes up and down, up.. and down your jockcock and your other hand goes round... and round... and round your nip. It's like your nips are squirting pre on their own, aren't they? That's because your nips and your jockcock are connected."


"Playing with your nips is playing with your cock. Say it."

"Playing with my jocknips is like playing with my jockcock."

"Not 'like'. It's just 'is'. Say it again."

"Playing with my jocknips is playing with my jockcock!

"Say it one more time."

"Sir... playing with my jocknips is playing with my jockcock!"

"Very good jockboy... let yourself get harder, stiffer at that thought. Your jockcock is getting fat in your hands."

"Sir... I'm so big right now..."

"That's because you are doing what you're told, jockboy, and that's part of your reward. You love being told what to do... to feel free from having to think... and just feel good and you feel so good right now, don't you jockboy? Feel so very very hard. Feel so very very good.

"Yes, sir... I like feeling big... so big and hard..."

"Your entire body is tingling just from the thought that you are a jockboy through and through, and in fact, you can feel yourself getting bigger and harder right now... exercising your jockcock is doing that."

"Yes, sir... I am a big, big jockboy."

"Use your jockjuice to get your hand all lubricated. A jockboy must always exercise, and right now you are exercising your cock. The buzz is building in your balls and travelling up your shaft towards your cockhead. Squeeze your cock everytime that happens, jockboy, and really feel it moving up and down your jockcock."

"Yes, sir! It feels soooo good, sir!

"Spread your legs apart, jockboy, so that you can play with your balls too. Your big, big cum-filled balls. Full of jockcum, full of jockjuice."

"Yes! Playing with my big, huge, bloated jockballs for you, sir!!"

"Make sure to give them a little squeeze every so often to prime them, to let them know that soon enough, they'll be shooting out loads of jockcum."

"Yes, unngggh... sir.."

"Now I want you to go back to playing with your balls again, and this time feel how much heavier they are, how much more sensitive they are to touch, and if you're not careful, you just might shoot out everything that's inside them... but that won't happen until I give you permission to cum."

"OH... sir! It feels so nice! Awww... so big... ballls so huge and tight... big, huge balls... sooo... sir... please!"

"They're pulling into your body, aren't they? They're getting so full, but you can make yourself feel better my jockboy. You can make yourself get bigger. Keep stroking your jockcock, and with your other hand, I want you to start massaging your jock-hole."

"Oh, sir! Not my jock-hole!!"

"*My* jock-hole, jockboy. That belongs to me, along with everything else in your body. So go do it, because you know you'll feel so good from doing it, and my jockboy wants to feel good, doesn't he? My jockboy wants to shoot his jockjuice soooo bad."

"Sir... please... not my jock-hole..."

"You're just going to start massaging the area between your hole and balls, that nice, stiff area, stiff as the rest of your jockcock. That's right jockboy. Get your fingers past your balls and start pressing..."

"Yes, sir..."

"Run your fingers in a circle, pressing deep every time you feel your jockcock hardening, and let your jockcock keep growing bigger, growing fatter... more sensitive."

"Sir... it's so big now... tooo big... please, sir!"

"Just a little more, jockboy. Now work your fingers down to your jock-hole and start fucking yourself with them. You know it will feel so much better if you do. Your entire body is getting ready to shoot, isn't it? You're starting to take in tiny gasps of air. Your skin is sweaty. Your legs are wide apart."

"Yes... yes... yes..."

"And your jockcock is ready then... ready to shoot when you want to jockboy, but try to hold it in just a little bit more if you want until you can't hold it anymore. you're so hard and horny right now."

"Oh, sir... fighting it so hard..."

"And it's all you can do to keep from shooting, until that last second."

"Cock so huge right now, sir..."

"Is my jockboy ready?"

"Oh, sir...yes... please! Please praise me on how enormous I've made my jockcock... Please, sir..."

"You've been a good jockboy, a very good jockboy, for holding out this long. You should be proud by how big you've made your jockcock. It shows that you are obedient. It shows that my jockboy follows orders, and this is your reward... your huge, thick, throbbing, pulsing jockcock, getting even bigger in your hands as it gets ready to shoot, feels so good to cum any second now. You can feel the buzz that's building in your big balls, and it's beginning to tremble outwards and upwards, pushing pushing out of your balls and into your jockcock. All off it. Every single drop."

"Oh yes, sir... make my big jockcock HUGE..."

"Make your jockcock so huge you need both hands just to keep it under control. Your balls have grown too to match your enormous jockcock, jockboy. So much cum inside, waiting to come out, waiting for you, when you want it, and right now you want it bad, so bad you can taste it. You're breathing in so hard."

"Sir... permission, please... to cum...!"

"Remember your training, jockboy."

"Yes sir."

"You are a hypnotized jockboy."

"I am a hypnotized jockboy."

"You are my hypnotized jockboy."

"I am your hypnotized jockboy."

"Very good. Take in deep breaths, jockboy. Fill your body with oxygen to power your body for the impending explosion. Feel your entire body trembling... ready to cum... in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1. You have permission to cum, jockboy, and make it good."


"Holy fuck, boy. That was some serious spooge you had in you."

"UUNNGGGHH... fuuucck... soooo gooooodd..."

"I'm glad my jockboy enjoyed that, because he's been a good jockboy."

"I'm... a jockboy. I'm a... good jockboy."

"When you sleep tonight, that's what you'll be dreaming about. Being a good jockboy. Being a strong jockboy. Being an obedient jockboy. Being my jockboy, again... and again... and again..."

"Yes sir."

"Well, looks like the Doc's here. Time to put that jockbutt of yours through its paces."