The Minos Touch (fant tf cb)

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The following story is a work of fiction. The characters portrayed within are a work of fiction as well, and any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is a coincidence and unintentional.

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It's a typical day at the Daily Planet, and the press room is busy with reporters filing their stories and photographers downloading their pics to their computers. Clark Kent is working on his article detailing the latest crime Superman has foiled. He smiles at the empty desk across his. His wife Lois is currently on assignment somewhere in the Middle East, and like the good superhero husband, he promised not to get involved unless it become absolutely necessary.

"Hey Kent, c'mere inside my office," shouts Perry. "I've got an assignment for ya."

"What is it, Perry?"

"I want you and Olsen to check out this Minos exhibit that's opening in the Metropolis Museum. It's supposed to be some big shindig sponsored by the city."

"Ok, we'll check it out Chief."

"Don't call me 'Chief'!" And with that Perry slams the door.

Clark calls out to Jimmy and relays to him their assignment.

"What do you think this is all about, Mr. Kent?" asks the junior photographer.

"We'll know when we get there. C'mon. Let's go catch a cab."

At around half past seven, the two Daily Planet employees find themselves in the middle of a huge crowd at the museum. Everyone who's anyone is there from the Mayor to even the Governor.

Clark Kent surveys the guests with his enhanced vision to see if any of his enemies have decided to crash the party. To his relief, there doesn't seem to be any sign of them, and he's able to finally concentrate on doing his day job.

At exactly 8pm, the lights in the main hall dim, and a spotlight focuses on the second floor. A thin old man makes an appearance.

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and thank you for gracing us your presence tonight. My name is Professor Simon, and I'd like to welcome you to the opening of the Minos exhibit." The professor allows the polite applause to die down before continuing. "As you all well know, Minos was a king in Greek legend, but as you will see for yourselves tonight, there is more truth to the legend than you realize."

Prof. Simon claps his hand, and a second spotlight draws the crowd's attention towards a curtain-covered display. Ooohs and aaaahs fill the gallery. He makes his way down the staircase and towards the exhibit.

"Behold, the glory of the kingdom of Minos!" He claps his hand again and the curtain is raised revealing an elaborate display of mosaics and massive pieces of architecture. The crowd bursts in applause and begin to inspect the exhibit for themselves.

There were numerous artifacts and relics. Thousands of years of history have been unearthed, and the highlight is a huge mosaic detailing a huge human-like figure with a bull's head. Minos's Bull. The Minotaur.

"Ahem..." coughs Prof. Simon, "there is one other thing I would like for you to be a witness to." He then pulls out a scepter from his inner jacket, raises it above his head, and shouts something unintelligible... it was all Greek to everyone there.

Except Clark.

A cunning linguist, he knew Greek as well as other languages, and he doesn't like what Prof. Simon has just said: "Let my kingdom rise again!"

He is about to spur in action when a lightning ball explodes from the tip of the scepter bathing the room in an eerie unearthly glow, and the audience start screaming and running for their lives. Clark checks up on Jimmy who's keeping his professional composure and snapping away amidst the confusion, and he slips away to change.

Thanks to the pandemonium, Clark knows he doesn't have to be subtle and needs to act fast. He peels off his clothes revealing the costume underneath, the costume of the Man of Steel, Superman!

Superman flies into the scene making it appear he came from the outside and immediately targets Prof. Simon.

"Professor Simon! What are you doing?" he shouts over the dispersing crowd.

He is met only by laughter, and he notes that there's something different with the professor's voice. It's deeper and more powerful.

Superman tries look into the glow enveloping the professor, but something is blocking his vision...

"Magic," he mutters to himself. "Professor. Please stop whatever you're doing!"

"Stop? Why should I stop? I have hardly even started!"

And with that, the tip of the scepter explodes again and sending everyone falling to the ground, all except Superman.

Just seconds ago, Superman reflexively covered his eyes from the powerful burst of light and when he opens them he is shocked to see Prof. Simon no longer before him but a massively huge and muscular man.

"Greetings... Superman, that is what you are called, correct?"

"Professor Simon?"

"No! Although I inhabit his form and share his memories, the man you knew as Prof. Simon is gone. He has sacrficed himself so that I may live again."

"Who... who are you?"

"You may address me as Minos... King Minos."

"You can't be King Minos. He's only a legend. What I see is a mad man."

"Ah, but that is where you are mistaken. I am very much real, and now I have a new kingdom to build and new kingdoms to conquer."

"You may be who you say you are, and maybe Professor Simon is still deep inside, but if you think I'm going let you take over the world, you have another think coming."

Superman flies off the ground and zooms towards the man who claims to be King Minos, but his attack is easily repulsed with a swat of King Minos's free hand.

Superman smashes into the far wall. He can't believe he was just thrown aside like some used candy wrapping. He steels his resolve and tries again and this time King Minos pummels him to the ground with the same hand.

"And here the professor was worried about your interference!" says the King as he grinds Superman's head down with his boot.

Great Rao! How can I defeat him? His magic renders him invulnerable to my attacks. Superman frantically tries to come up with a battle plan. That's when he notices during the entire time King Minos has never let go of the scepter. That's it!

Instead of charging ahead, Superman decides on a different strategy. He flies away.

"Ha! You coward. This is the most powerful 'hero' the world has to offer against me? Theseus was more than a man than you."

King Minos turns his attention to the people left inside the hall and sees a number of museum guards rushing towards him. King Minos smiles gleefully as he raises his scepter towards them and is about to fire off another blast when to his surprise, he suddenly finds himself trapped in an steel I-beam that's been wrapped around his body.

The moment he tries to force his way free, more beams are added until he's completely encased and unable to move. He has lost his leverage.

Superman, who has been moving so fast he was invisible to the naked eye, comes into view and says, "Why use strength against someone stronger than me?" He peels part of the Minos's metal prison away and grabs the scepter from Minos's hand. "There, this should do the trick."

Superman confidently waits for King Minos to revert back to Professor Simon, but instead, nothing happens, except for the sound of Minos's laughter ringing throughout the hall.

"You muscle-bound fool! Only I may wield the scepter! You have doomed yourself into a lifetime of servitude!"

King Minos shouts out another spell, and before Superman can react, the scepter begins to glow in his hands. He tries to let go of it, but to his shock, his hand holds fast and try as he might, Superman can't get his own hand to obey him.

He then tries to fly away, but some force is holding him back, and the glow from the scepter flows up his arm and down his body, until his entire body is suffused with the unearthly energy that seems to be eating into his skin.

Sweat begins to form on his brow as he struggles with futility. He can't believe what's happened. He's trapped! He can't move, much less speak. He can't do anything... Wait, what did King Minos say? Superman thinks back as he struggles to remember the words...

"Rise, o my son. I call forth the Minotaur!"

And that's when it happens...

Superman feels the glow start to penetrate his body, filling his muscles with a potent sensation of strength... more than he's felt in his life. But even as he starts to get stronger, Superman finds that it's not enough to break free from whatever spell King Minos cast on him. All his strength and power... useless. The Metropolis Marvel... helpless.

After a few moments, Superman senses something else happening to him. His costume has been getting tighter and tighter all over. Unable to move his head, his eyes dart left and right and up and down and is astonished by chest bulging in front of him and his thick.. very thick... arms that are straining his sleeves.

Superman surmises the same must have already happening to his legs and thighs... but to his consternation, he feels something even more distressing about to happen.

"Graaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!" Superman lets out a terrifying yell. He has never felt this much pain in his life, but he forces to maintain as much focus as he can.. There must be a way to stop this, he prays to himself.

But his prayers aren't answered when another wave of pain hits him, this time worse than before.

What's happening to me, is all he can think.

He looks down (or tries to as much as he can past the pecs that are already twice the size they used to be) and sees the cause... his legs... they're... changing. Inside Superman's body, his skeleton is reforming as well as the muscle surrounding the bones that are breaking and fusing on their own accord. And the pain crawls upwards through his legs, his spine, his ribcage, his shoulders and finally his arms.

"Aaarrrgh!!" he screams again. His costume begins to rip all over. They can longer house the gigantic body that it is growing out it.

In the meantime, King Minos has escape from his encasement and smiles at the sight before him. His would-be greatest enemy will soon be his greatest ally. With a wave of a hand, he releases Superman from the part of the spell that held him and watches as the Man of Steel comes crashing down the marble floor with a thunderous thud.

"W-what... what did you do t-to me..." growls Superman, his voice raspy from exertion.

"It will be much easier for you if you let the spell complete its task, my son."

"S-son... I... I'm not... your son..."

"No, not yet. But you soon will be."

Superman tries to stand up but is shocked to see he no longer had feet to stand on... he has hooves.

"No," is his breathless response.

He checks the rest of his body and is repulsed by its grotesque nature. From the thighs up he still looked human... a severely distorted human with limbs out of proprotion and muscles everywhere. Through some fluke, his red briefs are the only piece of his uniform left.

He turns towards King Minos and with a snort he advances, but only to be met by another sensation... itchiness.

He looks down again and sees his body rapidly being covered with fur. He was always a hairy man... but never like this. The growth starts from his chest and down his treasure trail. The hair on his arms thicken geometrically and before he knew it he was completely covered... or was he?

Superman reaches for his face and feels a thick beard has grown over his jaw and cheeks.

"Stop this... please turn me back..."

"It's too late, Superman. The final phase has begun...."

And at that, Superman's body begins to stiffen and, amazingly, it grows yet again! And this time there is no pain... only pleasure. There is a warmth growing inside of him that starts to spread. It starts from his cock and flows upwards and downwards, and, to his shame, his Kryptonian cock begins to sir inside his uniform.

"Uuuuunhhh", he moans. Probably the only sound he can make at this point. The warmth intensifies and becomes more persistent. He becomes more aware of his cock as its pushing against what's left of his uniform. He can actually feel the tightness pressing against his growing cock, and before long his erection is at full mast and bulging obscenely. It's actually throbbing even though he hasn't even touched himself.

And then, to his surprise, his cock continues to grow bigger. More blood is pumping into his cock as it's pushing its way up inside his costume.


He doesn't realize he's even stopped struggling anymore, just letting the waves of pleasure wash over him, again and again, and Superman grunts and growls for release. He grabs his red briefs and without a second thought rips it off his body revealing a monstrous cock jutting out angrily. Then with both his hands, Superman begins stroking his monster-bull dick sending unimaginable pleasure throughout his entire body. And every stroke brings him closer and closer to the release that has been long denied him.

Superman has his eyes closed, and had he opened them, he may have finished the final part of his transformation. Whereas the change in his body brought him great pain, this one only furthered his joy.

Superman can sense something else is happening to him. not just on his cock. Memories of Clark are being washed away. Memories of Smallville are disappearing. And the more he lets go of his old self, the more his face changes.

His nose and mouth have been replaced by a strong muzzle. His eyes have repositioned themselves around his skull, and from his forehead, two great horns emerge, growingly slowly but steadily, growing longer, sharper. And the only thing Superman can think at this point is "Minotaur... horny."

At that moment, the Minotaur's bull-cock explodes in a shower of cum shooting out any last vestiges of the man he used to be. The cum keeps on coming... it feels like it's been centuries since he's had such a powerful orgasm. And the Minotaur roars triumphantly.

King Minos is laughing heartily. "Well done, my son, well done. Finally, the two of us are reunited, and together we shall rule the world! But this time, I believe a certain change is in order. No longer will I be ashamed and hide you in the depths of your labyrinthine prison. No, this time, I will let you roam free and let you explore the world at your pleasure..."

King Minos then picks up the scepter that was dropped to the floor and points it towards the Minotaur. After a bright flash, Superman's costume has been completely restored but fit perfectly around the Minotaur's physique.

"Haha... that symbol of hope will now be the symbol of my rule! And wherever you go, everyone will know who their true king and master is! For now, however, we must work carefully. It seems that this Superman has many... friends. We will need to deal with them first for our plan to succeed."

With another bright flash, Superman returns but with certain differences. This Man of Steel is taller, bigger, stronger, hairier, and more handsome. It will suffice as a disguise to infiltrate the ranks of the Justice League.

"How shall we bring our enemies low, Father?"

"By recruiting them in our army."

Superman gives King Minos a look of understanding when he hears a voice come from behind him.

"Oh my God..."

Superman turns and sees Jimmy Olsen cowering in a corner but still trying to take pictures, and his bull cock begins to stir...