Pizza Boy (tt mc mast)

The following story is a work of fiction. The characters portrayed within are a work of fiction as well, and any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is a coincidence and unintentional.

Copyright © 2002. This story is the property of the authors, jockmorphr and O'Melissokomos. Any duplication, in whole or in part, is forbidden without the express written consent of the authors.

Chip was pissed as hell. He just had a big fight with his girlfriend who stormed out of his house a few hours ago. His parents were out of town visiting his brother at the university and since they weren't going to be home till the next day, he thought it would be easy to get lucky with her that night. However at the last minute, she decided she couldn't go through with it. When he tried to push her, she got extremely angry with him and left. So instead of spending the night having sex, here he was now home alone nursing a wounded ego and a major case of blue balls.

Since he wasn't in any mood to go out, he opted to watch one of his dad's old porn tapes and have a pizza delivered. That was over 40 minutes ago. He couldn't get into the mood of watching the tapes until he had some food in his stomach and the more he waited, the more he seethed. He was about to call the pizza place again when he heard the doorbell ring. He stomped his way to the door.

"Pizza delivery for Chip..."

"It's about time you got here! You're ten fucking minutes late!"

"Look, I'm sorry. I had some engine trouble on the way over here and I..."

"I don't give a rat's ass 'bout your bike, man. Just gimme my pizza."

"C'mon man, give me a break. I got here, didn't I?"

"Gimme my free pizza now, dork, or I'll have your fuckin' ass fired..."

"Please, I can't afford to pay for another..."

"You're really starting to piss me off. I'm about this close to calling your boss, little man."

The pizza boy glared at Chip for a good 30 seconds before responding.

"You really want to talk to my boss, huh? Fine, go right ahead. Here, I'll even save you the trouble of dialing." He then whipped out what looked like a cell phone, punched in a number, and tossed it to Chip.

"You think you're so smart," Chip said mockingly as he put the phone to his ear. "Hello? I want to talk to the manager..."

Suddenly, a high-pitched squeal burst through the speaker.


"Shit!" Chip tried to pull the phone from his ear but he wasn't fast enough. Somehow, his arm was locked into place and he couldn't move it. At first his face was in pain from the noise, but eventually his eyes and his mouth slowly drooped to a relaxed state and lost all tension.

"Whaaat... is... this..." Chip became silent and had sort of a dopey, empty look about him.

When he was certain that Chip was out of it, the pizza boy took back the device from Chip's hand and placed it in his pocket. "Are you home alone?" he asked.

"Y-yeah," Chip responded with a dull, flat voice.

"Good. Turn around and go inside," he ordered, making sure the coast was clear.

"Go inside," Chip repeated, his dazed expression becoming more placid. They both entered the house with the pizza boy closing the door behind them.

"Stop right there. Now, turn around again and face me." The pizza boy put down his package on a nearby table and started inspecting his hypno-zonked hunk from head to toe.

Chip was a tall lad, around 6'1", and weighed in at about 200lbs. His short light brown hair really brought out his handsome Irish-American features that had many a girl (and more than a few boys) swooning. Just below his thick eyebrows were the greenest eyes one could see--deep in hue, shining brightly. Although his nose was a bit longish, his high cheekbones and strong jaw line more than complemented it. He wore a white tank top that accentuated his athletic build, his big round shoulders, bulging biceps, and powerful chest. His khaki shorts came all the way down past his knees, but it was obvious that the boy was hung judging not only from the size of his bulge but also the size of his big manly feet. He was standing there in the middle of the room all relaxed and comfortable when finally the pizza boy spoke.

"That's it, Chip. Just stand right there. It's going to be very easy for you to do as I say from now on. I've opened up a few channels in your brain that are going to make you very suggestible. You're going to feel nice and relaxed. So relaxed you'll be able to speak and act completely normally. But you'll be very, very deeply asleep. You'll do as I say from now on, won't you?"


"Arrogant son of a bitch. You don't even know who am I, do you?"


"Well, I sure the hell know who you are, Mr. High-and-Mighty All-American-High-School-Jock Chip Robinson. I go to school with you, not that you'd know that. No, you're too busy hanging out with your so-called friends and harassing anyone who gets in your way. Do you remember the kid you assholes ganged up on when you THOUGHT you saw him checking you out in the locker room?

"Uh. No... I..."

"Well, I do! He's a nice guy who wasn't doing anything to hurt you. In fact, up until that afternoon--he looked UP to you, you piece of shit! You inspired him. You were his hero--and yeah--he had a crush on you, but so what?" The pizza boy was starting to speak a bit more forcefully. "So what did you do, you and your jock buddies? You beat him up. Bad. Plus, you branded him as a fag so that now the entire school makes fun of him. You fucked him over so badly that it's all he can do to muster the courage to go to school everyday. And you say you don't even remember him?"

"No, not at all."

"Well, that kid was ME, you fuckin' asshole! I've been in your class since fuckin' third grade! GOD! You jocks are all alike. You take no notice of anyone outside of yourself. You don't even care who you fuck over; you just get off picking on other people, don't you? Answer me..."

"Look... I'm sorr..."

"Shut up! I think maybe you ought to call me 'sir' from now on."

"Yes, sir."

"Why do you beat up on guys, then?"

"Sir, c-cause I'm so much bigger than most guys. A lot bigger. It's easy to freak 'em out."

"So, you like impressing people with your size, huh? With your big muscles?"

"I don't know, sir."

"No, I think you DO know! I think that you and your rowing team buddies LIKE flaunting your fucking beautiful bodies for everyone to see, don't you?"


"Let's see. How times a week do you work out, you prick?"

"Seven, sir."

"Everyday?! That's what I'm talking about! And what do you feel whenever you're all pumped up and sweaty?"

"Good. Big. Strong. Sexy."

"That's what I thought." The pizza boy thought for a moment and decided to have a little fun. "All right then, drop and give me 50 push-ups. Let's see how big, strong, and sexy you can get."

The athlete breezed through the push-ups in a matter of minutes and had no problem cranking out 50 more when the pizza boy told him to double it. The pizza boy stood there in silent admiration at the way Chip's young and taut muscles would contract and expand at each exertion.

"Now, flip on your back and do two hundred sit-ups. When you're done, stand up and remain at attention."

The pizza boy marveled at how quickly Chip got through this exercise too and he wished that the boy had taken off his tank so that he could have seen the jock's abs in action. Although he was at peak physical condition, even Chip had begun to show signs of strain halfway through. By the time he was done, his chest and arms were pumped from all the effort and he was sweating a lot and breathing a bit heavily. A fine sheen glistened off his skin and a dark spot had appeared on his tank top just below his pecs. The pizza boy loved the way beads of sweat were sliding down from the rowing team captain's forehead down to his cheeks and finally trickle off his chin.

"And you're feeling all big, strong, and sexy now, aren't you?"

"Yes, sir."

"Very sexy, and hot all over."

"Yes... sir." Chip's hands automatically started up creeping up on their own to lift the bottom of his tank top and rub them across his abs and obliques. The pizza boy then spotted some movement in Chip's pants.

"Do you like showing off your body, boy?"

"Y...yeah. I do, sir."

"Interesting. Unexpected, but interesting. Actually, Chip, you REALLY like it. It's the most intensely erotic thing you can imagine. In fact, showing off your muscles gets you really horny, doesn't it?"

"Ohhhh... yes, sir."

A smirk crept over the pizza boy's face as Chip's chino shorts tented out further, displaying a very large and eager erection.

"Showing off your body makes your cock hard. Repeat it, boy"

"Sh-showing off my body makes my cock hard, sir."

"Yeah it does. You love showing off those big muscles--to anyone who'll look! And it gets you very turned on. Makes you as hard as you can be."

Chip shifted his feet slightly as his cock indeed got harder. His chino shorts bulged with an impressive peak. "Ohh... yeah... show off my muscles..."

"Yeah, Chip. You like showing your bod off. Why don't you show it to me, huh? Take off your tank top, man."


"C'mon man--show me those pecs. RIP that tank OFF!"

Chip's hands grabbed the front of his tank top and it literally exploded off his muscular upper body the moment he pulled it apart. He then let the pieces drop to the floor between them.

"Next, drop those shorts but leave your underwear on."

"Yes, sir." Chip unbuttoned his shorts, bent over a bit and slid his shorts past his rounded, muscular ass and down his long tight legs. The pizza boy's eyes lit up when he saw that Chip was wearing a pair of tighty-whities. For a brief moment, the jock looked like a little big boy, but there was nothing little about him, certainly not where it counted. His smooth, buffed body sported to-die-for pecs with nipples that didn't quit. A couple of fat veins clung to his beefy arms like ivy and the ridges of his six-pack abs were so cut that they were irrigating the sweat from his torso to his briefs. His impressive package was partly visible through his slightly soaked underwear giving a tantalizing preview of what laid beneath. This was no boy. Truly this was a magnificent specimen who had sculpted his teenage form into a man's body.

The pizza boy approached the athlete from behind and, using his hands, he squeezed the shoulders and gave them a brief massage. Then slowly, he moved his hands down to Chip's lats and followed the V-shaped contour of his torso down to his ass where he cupped each globe that was full and tight. Next, he came in closer and wrapped his arms around Chip's obliques to run his fingers all over the young stud's abs. Finally, he slid his hands over Chip's chest and felt up each sweaty muscled pec.

"So how does it feel to have your buff body admired like this, Chip?"

"It feels good, sir."

"Of course it does. You said that pumping up and showing off your bod made you feel sexy. Didn't you?"

"Y-yes, sir."

"Well, then you are definitely pumped up--and you're showing me just about all of your bod--and I'm very impressed with what I see. That must make you feel VERY sexy, huh?

"Ooohhhh... yeahhhh."

"Say it, Chip. This turns you on, being admired like this. You're getting so very, very horny, Chip"

"This... turns me on, sir. God, I'm so fuckin' horny."

"Yeah... it's so sexy to you, being admired like this. It gets you hot, man!"

"So hot! Oh God! This is so sexy!"

"Man, your arms are so fucking pumped! Start flexing them, you stud."

Chip raised his arms and did a double bicep pose. Two large round peaks formed his arms and his shoulders knotted into a hilly terrain. The pizza boy immediately started squeezing Chip's muscular limbs and examining the toughness of each mound. He brought his nose near Chip's chest and savored the sweaty smell that wasn't at all rank but instead sexy and heady.

"Tell me you want your arms licked!"

"Lick my arms, sir."

"No, a little more enthusiasm. You like getting your muscles worshipped. You want this so much, Chip. This is what gets you off, man! Tell me how much you love having your arms licked. The thought of a tongue going all over your body turns you on real bad."

"Yeah," Chip was taking in really deep breaths now. "Fuckin' lick my guns. Big fuckin' arms, huh? Yeah--biggest in the whole school. Oh, fuck yeah!

The pizza boy noticed with pleasure that Chip's cock had actually swelled to the point that the fat mushroom head was peeking out over the waistband of his white briefs.

He then stuck his face next to Chip's flexed biceps and spread his tongue over them, tasting every salty inch of the stud's full muscle. He made Chip flex hard repeatedly to watch the blood flow into the muscle, slowly inflating it. The pizza boy's lips kissed and mouthed the peak of the thick bicep as his hands fondled the fat tricep underneath.

Slowly he worked his way down into the moist cavern that lay where the muscular arm met Chip's thick torso. The pit was so deep that the pizza boy thought he could stick his whole face in. He licked up the juicy drops that he found there and teased the blond hair that grew there in a thick clump. His hand found Chip's nipple and he toyed with it, getting another wicked thought.

"Chip, your nipples are so sensitive. They're becoming more and more sensitive every time I touch them. They're connected directly to your dick. Every time I touch them, they will send waves of pleasure to your dick, making it harder--making you more and more horny."

"Yyuuuhhhhhh... ohhhhhhh!" Chip tried to speak his agreement, but his words came out unintelligibly as his cock swelled in reaction to the magnified sensation. He moaned in ecstasy as the pizza boy sucked his chest and caressed his pecs. His already rock-hard cock began to leak a steady stream of clear pre-jizz down his thick shaft, making a wide wet spot on the front of his briefs.

"You know what, Chip? You need to be taught a lesson. I'm tired of you terrorizing this school just to make guys notice how big and built you are. Makin' other guys check you out. God! It's so stupid, it's just... so... so... GAY!" The pizza boy's mind whirled when he said that. "That was it!" he thought. "Yeah, Chip. Do you realize how GAY that is? Huh?


"Do you like having other guys admire your big muscles?"



"YES! I...uh, like when guys look at my body, sir."

"Of course you do. Do you know why?"

"Cause I've... spent so much time working on it... that..."

"Yeah, working on it so GUYS would look at you, right?"

"Well, yeah..."

"Cause you're gay, Chip."

"NO! I'm not a faggot!"

"YES!! You're gay Chip. You like guys to check out your muscles... that is GAY, man. You are GAY! Say it, Chippy-boy! You. Are. Gay."

"No, not... gay, sir."

"OK, Chip, we can play this the hard way. Until you admit to yourself that you're gay, you will not be allowed to cum, do you understand? The ONLY time you can come is when you tell me what you really are, you queer!"

"But... not... gay... sir."

"Really now? Then let's see how you like this!" The pizza boy placed his finger on Chip's bloated, slick cockhead that had shoved itself out of his briefs. He slowly teased the head, spreading the copious jocklube all over the large, sensitive knob.

"Ooohhhhh!!!! Feelssssooogood!!" Chip literally went weak in the knees and the pizza boy guided him towards the sofa in the living room where he had his hypno-zonked hunk sit down. The jock's face was full of contradictions--he was loving and hating what has happening to him at the same time. Part of him was disgusted at himself for feeling the way he did, but the other part of him--the part was hot and horny--was growing by leaps and bounds and threatened to overwhelm his desire to remain in control.

"Tell me you want me to suck your cock... tell me you NEED your cock sucked..."

"Noooo... s'gay."

"Stubborn as ever eh?" the pizza boy said, shoving Chip's briefs down to his knees. "You can't fight your body... your body CRAVES it, dude. You like guys to admire your body...TOUCH your body, don't you Chip?"

"Sooooo horny. Cock... so... hard. Full. Balls... so full. Wanna cum. P-please, sir. Gotta shoot now."

"But I can't make you cum if I can't touch you. Beg me to touch your cock. I can make you cum buckets, man..."

"Yeah, pleeeasse. Make me cum, sir. C'mon..."

"You begging me to get you off, Chip?"

"Yeah...touch me, sir. Make me sh-shoot!"

"You want another guy to get you off? Make your big cock spurt?"

"Don't care. Gotta cum. Now, please! Make me CUM!!"

"That's right. You don't care...because you're GAY, right Chip? You want a guy to make you fuckin' shoot your load, don't you? You know what you have to say... you only need to say it for you to be able to cum..."

The pizza boy reached for Chip's dick and started massaging the shaft slowly. His other hand began lightly alternating between Chips big pecs, lightly tweaking each nipple and massaging the heavy pecflesh.

"Just imagine the pleasure you'll experience. How can you deny yourself that? How can you deny your true self? It's ALL UP TO YOU..."

The pizza boy kept stroking Chip's cock in an excruciatingly slow rhythm. Chip's cockhead bloated even larger and began to drizzle even more juice out. Chip began tossing his head now wildly, unable to resist the maddeningly slow stimulation any longer.

"Oh please sir... j-jerk me off f-faster... p-p-please! PLEASE make me cum!"

"Tell me what you are boy. Tell me what you REALLY ARE!"

"I'm... I'm... nooooo..."

"Say it, you resistant fucker!!" The pizza boy picked up the pace on Chip's fat cock, stroking the pre-cum slicked cock faster.

Chip was in ecstatic agony. His ragged breathing got heavier and more erratic. His jaw was clenched tight. His body was jerking with small, uncontrollable spasms. Finally, through his teeth, Chip finally said:

"I'm... g-gay."

The pizza boy's ear perked up. "What was that, faggot?"

"I'm... gay."


"I'm GAY!"

"Yeah, you are Chip. You're a big gay cocksucker."

"Yes, sir," Chip hung his head down, his will beaten. But his body was still unsated and he kept up his insistent thrusting against the pizza boy's hand. His prick was pulsing with precum; his big cum-filled balls were high and tight to his body.

"You wanna cum, Chip?"

"S-sir, p-please... so horny... so close... it... it hurts..."

The pizza boy studied the broken jock beneath him. Chip was writhing from the extreme pain and pleasure he was experiencing. His shaft was swelling from the pressure within that had nowhere else to go. He was totally at the tender mercies of the pizza boy who considered against playing with his prey any longer. Chip was his, now and forevermore.


Chip's quivering cock swelled up even thicker, the purple head pushing out tight, full and shiny as it released thick ropes of cum from its head. His body tensed, flexed, clenched, heaved, and bulged as it released its pent-up load.


The jizz poured out of Chip's cock shaft and put him over the edge. He aimed his cock upward and shot off--it went straight up and splattered against his chin. The second two arched up and glazed his sweaty chest. A weaker spurt went directly into his thick abs and then his pubes.

Watching Chip lose his load, the pizza boy felt his own cock, which had been bone hard--and ignored--through the whole scene, start to throb and press hard against his jeans while his nuts churned in their sac. He quickly unzipped his jeans for relief. His cock sprung out of his boxers and he gripped it--his hand still covered with Chip's thick spunk--and began stroking, using the jockjuice to lube his own cock.

The hypno-zonked stud was still in the throes of his orgasm when he shot two more jets of cum all over the stroking pizza boy. Orgasm washed over the pizza boy and he blew a huge load of his own jizz all over the abs of the thrashing, gasping stud below him, their cum mixing together on Chip's flat stomach. Finally, the last few waves of pleasure ebbed over him and he propped himself up against the impassive jock for support as he caught his breath.

The pizza boy then gradually leaned in close and pressed his lips against Chip's cheek and kissed him, whispering in his ear "Yeah man, that was hot. You LOVED it!"

"Yeah... loved it. Fuckin' hot, sir." Chip replied, his eyes lighting up as he began to mean what he said. His entire body was flushed, his pale skin now a slight tinge of reddish-pink.

"Fuck yeah, dude. You're a big gay muscle boy who loves having hot sex with men."

"Yes, sir!" Chip replied eagerly between breaths. His barriers had been breached. He was no longer the big straight guy anymore. He was now completely and utterly gay--and completely and utterly in the pizza boy's control.

"Very good. Now close your eyes, Chip." The pizza boy stood up and stuffed his spent cock right back into his pants all the while relishing the afterglow of his successful subjugation of Chip and thinking about what to do with him next. He then noticed that Chip had a few porn tapes lying around on the floor and decided to pick one up and slapped it into the VHS. After forwarding it to the end, he went back to his gorgeous jock to wrap things up.

"In about ten minutes, you're going to wake up and the last thing you're going to remember is getting your pizza and popping one of your tapes into the machine. You will not remember being hypnotized or anything that happened after that. Is that understood?"

"Yes, sir," came the reply.

"But also I want you to remember a few other things. Now that you're gay, things are going to be a lot different for you. For example, you're going to be noticing guys a lot more than you did before, different things about them. You're going to be extremely aware of other guys' bodies. You will take every opportunity to check out other men. I want you to notice everything about them, from the way they look to the way they smell. You'll start checking them out with the same level of interest and detail that you used to check out girls. Girls aren't going to interest you sexually at all, are they Chip?"

A slight grimace played over Chip's face. "No, sir. Don't like girls."

You prefer being around guys-just like you always did, right Chip?"

"Uh...yes, sir."

"Well, of course you do. Being around all those hot guys is exciting for you. Tell me Chip, who's your best friend?"

"Dale. Dale Armstrong, sir."

"Good. I want you to be especially interested in Dale. You're going to be fascinated with everything about him: how he walks, talks, how he moves, things he likes, things he does. That kind of thing. You don't just like him, Chip--you worship him."

"Yes, sir. I worship Dale."

"And one more thing, Chip, from now on showing off your muscles is your number one concern. In order to do that you will take EVERY opportunity to display your muscles and demonstrate their size. You will wear the most revealing clothes you can get away with--in every possible situation and configuration. You won't break any social norms, but your utmost concern in buying and wearing any outfit is how well it will show off your muscles. And when you aren't in public, I want you to wear as little clothing as possible--naked if possible. Being naked is totally natural to you, got it?"

"Yeah... be naked. Natural, sir."

"And if anyone gives you shit about it--or asks you why you're dressing differently--I want you to explain that you just like showing off your big muscles. You're a big jock and you want everyone to know it."

"Yes... sir."

Satisfied with his work, the pizza boy smiled contentedly. It was going to be fun watching what his stud-slave would be doing for the next few days--or, more to the point--what his and his friends' reactions would be to what he'd be doing. This was payback, pure and simple, and he was going to enjoy every minute of it. The pizza boy then went to where he left his delivery package, pulled out the pizza, and plopped the box and its contents onto the floor.

"And Chip, before you go to sleep..."

Chip seemed to raise his head ever so slightly as if to listen in more carefully. "Yes..."

"You can keep the damn pizza. It's on the house."