Room Service: A Walker to Remember (mm hypno anal oral celeb)

The following story is a work of fiction and it is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or any personal knowledge about their private lives.

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It's 1am and all's well in Hotel California. Fine, this ain't Hotel California but it damn well sure feels like it. I can stay all I want but I can't frickin' leave. And all ain't all that well either. Jeezus, I hate the night shift and I'm bored, bored, bored.

Maybe I shouldn't have let Wendell switch places with me tonight just because he had that date with his girlfriend. Then again, it's not as if I don't need the extra cash, but working for a hotel isn't all cracked up I thought it would be. I hope, for his sake, that he got lucky tonight. At least one of us ought to.

Good thing I brought over some books to pass the time. You see I'm into hypnosis. Have been ever since I was kid. Didn't know what it was all about then, but all I know it that it made me really *hot* watching grown men fell under the spell of another. Wasn't easy to get stuff about it at first. The local libraries had hardly anything worth bringing home. All the bookstores had on hypnosis were this new age crap and self-help shit. I don't smoke and I certainly don't need to lose any weight.

Nowadays, however, thanks to the Internet, I was able to find a couple of really great sites on the subject (took a lot of poking around, mind you). I even got to ship over some books that were just absolutely perfect. (Nice to know there's a bunch of people like me out there into this sort of thing.)

I've been experimenting here and there with my homemade concoctions that turned my unwitting friends into my personal slaves. Took a while before I got it to one to its current potency, but I've had quite a few interesting sleepovers sessions during that time. The ingredients are kinda expensive and hard to come by; that's why I got this job in the first place and why I need to use my potion only for special occasions. Let's see, what page did I leave off?

The phone suddenly buzzes. "Randy, are you there?"

Darn it, wouldn't you know it. I go over to the desk to answer the phone. "Yeah, Randy here."

"Room 1017-A... midnight snack... make it snappy."

Sigh. And just when I was about to get started. "That's 1017-A?

"You hard of hearing, boy?"

"Gotcha, Louise. Love ya too."

Better than being bored out of my skull, I suppose. I make my way to the kitchen, pick up the order, and set up the serving cart for the trip upstairs. Hmm... one turkey sandwich and a juice drink. Pretty healthy stuff.

Once I'm on my floor, I exit the elevator, push the cart up to the designated room, and knock on the door.

"Room service."

No answer.

I knock a little louder. "Room service."

Thirty seconds later, still no reply. Gee, this is
fun. I try one more time.

"Room service."

Hmph... do I even have the right room? Great, now I have to call downstairs.

I begin to push the cart back towards the elevator when a voice calls back from behind the door. "Umm, can you wait a bit? I was in the shower. I didn't think you'd be up so quick."

"Not a problem, sir," I reply. For a couple of minutes, I'm left standing in the hallway twiddling my thumbs. C'mon, let's get this over with so I can get back to my book.

The door finally cracks open and the most gorgeous man comes into view from behind the door. I give him a quick and undetectable once-over. Whoever he was has just stepped out of the shower and put on bathrobe and slippers. Looks like he was in a hurry since he was still dripping wet: his blond hair was soaked, his beefy chest peeking out from beneath the robe was glistening with water droplets.

"Sorry to keep you waiting."

Wait a minute; I know that accent. I nearly jump out of my skin when I finally recognize who's staying in 1017-A: it's Paul Walker! You know, that muscled hunk from "She's All That" and "The Skulls"? I can't fucking believe it. Somebody pinch me.

"Come on in." With my heart pounding, I bring the cart into the middle of room, right beside his bed.

"So, what's your name?"

"Randy," I reply trying to mask my nervousness. "My name is Randy."

"Well, Randy, I hope you won't mind, but I want to finish drying myself off. I can sign the ticket after that. Think you wait a bit longer? I'll just be in the bathroom."

I shakily nod my concurrence to which Paul responds with one of the most heart-melting smiles I've ever seen in my life.

"Thanks man, really appreciate it."

The moment he disappeared, a million thoughts start zipping through my brain.

Oh my God. I must be dreaming. This is too good to be true. This can't be happening, but it is. He's actually *here*? *I'm* actually here! In his room. At 1am in the morning. He gorgeous. He's edible. And he's naked. This is too much! Whoo-ha, is it hot in here, or is it just me? My dick's getting hard. Fine, it's must be me, then. What if he sees that? Who cares! Oh shit, he's naked. Did I already mention he's naked? Well, almost. Relax. Breathe in, breathe out, wax on, wax off. C'mon Randy my boy, let's *think* about this.

After a couple of deep breaths, I methodically expunge all extraneous thoughts from my head kind of like how monks do it. Slowly, I start to calm down, and in the end, I only had five words for myself: I can't pass this up. With determined resolve, I take out the potion from my trousers, pop open the cap, and put a few drops into his drink. There, that ought to do it.

And not a moment too soon! Paul reenters the room and was--get this--was just wearing a towel around his waist and showing off his gorgeous six-pack and pecs. I don't know why but he seems to be moving in slow motion. His hands are hooked on a towel hanging around his neck. He's heading towards me like a lazy undulating wave coming into the shore. I can almost see his each of his muscles shifting and contorting slightly. He's a work of art come to life.

"You look a bit thirsty, sir." I pick up the juice, offer it to him, and pray to God I don't drop it. I know it's unorthodox but I can't help myself.

"Hey thanks." To my surprise, he takes the glass and quickly downs its entire contents.

"Guess you were right." As he hands me back the glass, he smiles his smile again. Swoon.

"Would you want me to get you some water, sir?"

"Nah, don't worry about it." He takes the room service ticket from the tray and signs it.

"So, where were we? Oh yeah, your tip. Let me just get that from my wallet. Sorry, again."

"No worries." The potion won't kick in for a few more seconds and I need give it more time. A little small talk ought to do the trick.

"Uh... when did you check in, sir?" God, that was lame.

"About 30 minutes ago, I guess."

"And how long will you be staying with us, if you don't mind me asking, sir?"

"Probably a week or two but I'm only staying here overnight. I'm not supposed to let anyone know yet but we're filming a movie somewhere around here. I decided to go ahead of the rest of the crew since I was coming from somewhere else. This was kind of last minute, and..."

I notice Paul having some difficulty with his coordination and fumbling with his wallet.

"Anyway, here's something... a little extra... yawn... for you." He hands me a pretty hefty roll of cash, much more than I think he intended to give. I glance at his eyes which are glazed and unfocused. This is it!

"Thank you. And if you don't mind me saying so, you look a bit tired."

"I'm beat. I wasn't able to sleep... on the plane on the way here--six-hour flight, you know. And I wasn't even hungry till I got into the room. That's when... I called for room service. Now that I think about it, I think I'll just go lie down for a while, don't feel so hungry anymore. Is it okay... if you put that sandwich in the... refrigerator?"

"Certainly, sir." I start speaking with my most practiced "hypnotist" voice: "Why don't you sit down, sir? Your bed looks *very* comfortable."

"Yes... I should, shouldn't I?" He proceeds to follow my instructions and sits down on the side of the bed. His eyes are blinking more frequently and he's having a much harder time keeping them open. The potion's definitely in his system and going to his brain.

"Isn't that better? But you must still feel very tired, don't you?"

"Yes. Tired."

"And sleepy."


"In fact, you're having a hard time staying awake now, aren't you?"

"Yes... hard... time."

"Paul, I want you now to listen to me. I want you to take five deep and long breaths. Each time you exhale, you feel your stress and worries just leave your body. Let it all float away. And every time you breathe in, you will feel more relaxed."

"Yeah..." I see his beefy chest expand and contract slowly as per my commands. By the fifth breath, he can hardly keep his torso upright. His muscular arms are dead weight.

"Now, I'm going to start counting, and when I snap my fingers, you will fall asleep. Is that understood?"

He's really out of it. "Y-yes."

I start the countdown. "10, 9, 8, 7..." He can't keep his eyes open for much longer.

"6, 5, 4..." His head's nodding along each time I say a number.

"3, 2, 1." I snap my fingers. His eyes shut and his head drops to his chest. He's mine.

For five full minutes, all I do is stand there and admire the specimen of manhood seated before me. My eyes follow every contour, bump, and crevice of his sculpted body.

"Paul, when I clap my hands, you will open your eyes but you will remain under my control. You will answer all my questions truthfully and without reservation." At the moment he hears the clapping sound, his eyelids creep up but his blue eyes are still empty. He has this very lusty bedroom-eyes look to him right now.

"Paul, can you hear me?"


"You said you were only staying here for one night. Why is that?"

"My agent's looking for a better hotel; he'll be calling me tomorrow morning once he finds a room available somewhere else."

"Don't you like it here?"

"It's ok but it could be better." Fair enough, I suppose; he's used to more glamorous accommodations. I move on to a more interesting topic.

"When was the last time you had sex?"

"Over a week ago. I brought home some chick from a party and fucked her silly. Been on the road ever since."

"That means you're feeling horny right now, aren't you Paul? I mean, a few days is a long time for someone like you."

"Horny... I guess."

"No, Paul. You're feeling *extremely* horny."

At first his gives me a weird look but all of a sudden, a moan escapes his life. "Unnnggh...." I see a peak slowly rising in the front of his towel. Man, is this man hung or what?

I press on. "Even now your dick's getting harder by the second."

"Harder." His cock is now fully erect but he hasn't done anything about it. It's twitching underneath his towel in time with his heartbeat.

"Your cock must be hurting like hell, but, whatever you do, you mustn't touch it."

"Mustn't... touch it."

I take my time and watch the hypnotized hunk writhe on his bed. Although his face is not showing it, I'm sure he's trying desperately to seek relief. I know he's dripping precum since I see a small spot in the front of his towel spreading. It's definitely one of the hottest scenes I've ever seen in my life, and it's happening *live*.

"Lie down and move to the center of the bed. When your head hits the pillow, you will immediately close your eyes and wait." He complies with my instructions to the letter. I notice that even in his trance, he's breathing a bit more deeply than usual thanks to his heightened state of arousal.

I start to disrobe and place my clothes on the desk. I'm pretty hard myself and I give my dick a few strokes while I admire my lying Adonis. I get on the bed beside him and lie down on my side. Then with quick flick of my wrist, I unhook the towel from his waist to reveal his stiff and throbbing penis. Let's see if I can't make this more interesting for me.

"Paul, your skin will be very sensitive to my touch, especially your cock. Every sensation will drive you closer to shooting your wad, but whatever happens, you won't be able to cum until I tell you to. Is that clear?"

He gasps in a huge intake of air. I've been absentmindedly rubbing his chest and playing with his erect nipples. Apparently my command has already taken effect. "Yes... sir."

I sit upright by his side and with both my hands I reach for his pecs and start massaging them. They're nice, hard, and full. He can't help himself and lets out a moan. "Oooooh..."

"That's good, Paul. Tell me how good I make you feel." My fingers draw circles all over his body and making sure I maintain the barest of contacts on his super-sensitive skin.

His face grimaces from the pleasure. "Aaaaaah." It's pure torture what I'm doing to him.

"Do you want me to stop?"

"N-no... Don't stop, please."

I resume my exploration of his tanned bod and this time I concentrate on the lower half of his body. I marvel at his powerful thighs and calves and tease Paul further but slightly gliding my hands over his skin and only touching the tips of his body hair.

Then, with a sadistic gleam in my eye, I bring my head over his loins and expel a light and tantalizing stream of air from my mouth all over his balls and cock.

"Ooooh. Oooooh. Ooooooh." The combination of the heat and pressure from my breath drives him nuts and I'm not even using my hands anymore. (Certainly gives new meaning to the term "blowing" him.) I know that he's given a chance, he would have ejaculated already, but I still have plans for my sleeping beauty.

"Paul, I want you listen to me carefully. I'm going to clap my hands again and you're going to open your eyes. And when you do, you're going to see the sexiest, hottest, most beautiful girl of your dreams. No matter how I look or sound, all you can see and hear is this girl. And you want her; you really, really want her. You want her so bad it hurts. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir. I understand." A fine sheen of sweat has formed all over his body. He's squirming and his tubesteak is pulsing.

Finally, I clap my hands. His eyes flutter open and when he sees me beside him, he smiles a bit more brightly than before. He's very happy to see me.

"Hey, baby." Without any warning, he places his hand on the back of my head in and he stretches his neck to bring his lips into mine for a kiss. Suddenly, his tongue invades my mouth but I willingly surrender. We're frenching and I can taste a bit of the orange juice he drank a while ago. Since he has just taken a shower, there's a slight hint of soap-scent, probably Irish Spring, still clinging on his skin.

He then retreats his tongue back into his mouth and peels his face away from mine. For a moment, I get worried but one look into his eyes tells me otherwise--they're full of love, lust, passion, desire, and more. "God, you're so beautiful," I tell him.

He replies, "No, you're the one who's beautiful." He really means it. We kiss again.

Somehow we roll around the bed and I find myself sitting on top of him. My cock's practically right in front of his face but he can't--and won't--see it. As far as he's concerned, he's with a woman, his most perfect woman. To my surprise, he sits up and cups his hands over my pecs and massages them. He shocks me even more when he starts sucking on my nipples one by one. I pull my head back from the total satisfaction of him flicking his tongue all over my chest.

Then it's my turn again. I slowly push his upper body down to the bed and I slide down between his legs where my mouth is hovering over his cock. With my tongue, I lick from his balls and up the shaft. I tease his glans, roll my tongue around his purple prickhead, and taste a sample of his precum.

"Oooooooh." He's in heaven. I take my fellatio a step further and engulf his entire member. It's huge and it's all I can do to fight off my gag reflex. I bob my head up and down his cock making sure I applied enough suction at every peak and valley.

"Uuuuuh uuuuuuh aaaaaah ooooooh." It's funny how he's lost the ability for coherent speech. He's tossing his head from side to side from the intense pleasure. His legs and arms are moving on their own accord. After what seemed like hours, I decide that it's time for me to fully experience Paul Walker.

"F-fuck me, Paulie. Fuck me in the ass." He nods in agreement and waits for me to prop myself into position. He's done this before.

I'm on my bent knees and elbows; my butt is raised in the air. He gets behind me, spits into his hand, and rubs his saliva all over his penis. He sticks one of his fingers up my ass and starts to finger-fuck me. I groan in delight much more when he's finally using three digits to loosen me up. (Obviously, I've done this before too.)

He gets on his knees and places his hands on the sides of my pelvis for support. Without any warning whatsoever, he plunges his tool straight in. I nearly black out from the pain but thanks to years of practice with my big-dicked friends (and sometimes not under the influence of my potion, mind you) I manage to take him in. As he's slamming his hips into mine, I can feel my prostate positively tingling; it's a great feeling and it's having the desired effect. My dick is dripping like a leaky faucet, and before long, I sense myself teetering over the edge. My balls are full and heavy with cum.

But poor Paul. Any normal red-blooded all-American male would have already cum a long time ago but my hypnotic command has kept him from achieving his climax. I can only guess what's going through his mind right now but I want this moment to be just right and it's definitely fast approaching, for both of us.

"Paul, are you ready?"

"Yes, ma'am!!"

"On the count of three, you'll be able to cum again. Is that understood?"

"Yes, ma'am!"

"Ok... One..." My prostate is going off like an alarm.

"Two..." Even my balls are throbbing.

"Three!!!" My cock flares up and jets of semen shoot out and crash right on the bed. At the same time, Paul is screaming and gripping my thighs for dear life as I clamp down on his dick with my ass. The increased pressure coupled with my command sends Paul convulsing in an orgasmic explosion.

"Yeeeeeee-haaaaaa! Here it comes, baby!"

Hot, scalding jism fill up my butt like never before. Every massive shot is heralded by a giant shudder and I swear I could feel his cock expand every time. I lose count how many times he shot but it doesn't really matter. As for me, there's a puddle of sperm right under me. Boy is he going to need to change his sheets tomorrow.

He slides his dick out of my ass and some of his juices dribble out. We both collapse on the bed from the intensity of our collective orgasms. After a few minutes, he flips me on my back and once again we're kissing.

All of a sudden he stops, looks directly at me, and says, "I love you." Startled, I snap my fingers and Paul slips back into his trance and drops on top of me. I push off his muscular frame and get up from the bed. My heart is racing, and I'm flushed. I don't know why I'm affected by what he said even though I knew it wasn't meant for me. Or was it?

I gaze at my zoned out subject and put aside any more silly notions. I'm the one who's in control here, not he. I quickly put my clothes back on before finishing up my session with Mr. Walker.

"Paul, when you hear me snap my fingers one last time, you're going to go to a deep sleep. In a few hours, you're going to wake up and forget everything that's happened up to the point you signed the room service ticket. As far as you're concerned, you decided to go to sleep without touching your food and had the most erotic dream of your life." That ought to take care of the cum stains on his bed. Who's to say he didn't have a wet dream?

"Also, when you talk to your agent tomorrow, I want you to tell him that you want to stay in this hotel for the rest of the week. Has everything I've said so far make sense to you?"

"Yes, sir."

An idea suddenly pops into my head almost as an afterthought. "By the way, which other actors are you working with in your new film?"

"Asia Argento. Michelle Rodriguez. And there's Vin Diesel, sir." My eyes light up at the mention of that last name and the wheels in my head start turning. I need to formulate my plan. The simpler, the better.

"Paul, the next time you meet up with Vin, I want you to invite him back here in your hotel room. Come up with a reason, any reason, that won't make him suspicious or think anything's out of the ordinary. Once you're both in this room, I want you to call for room service. Order anything you like but make sure to ask for Randy. Understood?"

"Randy. Yes, sir."

"That's very good, Paul. Remember, Randy is your friend and there isn't anything that you wouldn't do for him. It makes you happy to obey me no matter what." And with that, I snap my fingers and this time Paul falls asleep for real. He looks like a blonde little angel (who's not so little) sprawled all over his bed. I cover him up with his blanket so that he doesn't get too cold and give him a peck on the forehead like a parent would as they their children in for the night. I quietly collect my cart and close the lights as I'm leaving the room. I'm having a hard time believing I was just fucked by one of the most gorgeous men on earth. I'm the schoolgirl who got to sleep her idol.

And imagine, Paul and Vin, together again, for the first time. How lucky can I get? I can't wait.