Shrinking Shawn (mm shrinking oral)

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It was a sunny Saturday afternoon. It was one of those days where kids my age ought to have been spending outside the house playing some hoops or going to the beach, but instead my friend Shawn and I were holed up in my room with the curtains drawn and the air conditioning turned on full blast. Truth to tell, Shawn would like nothing better than a quick game of one-on-one with us being teammates at our college basketball team but I was able to convince him to just hang around my house and chill out thanks to a little enticement that was a tad hard to refuse--pot.

But that wasn't the real reason why I asked him over. You see, I had my eyes set on Shawn from the very first time I met him during the team try-outs a few months ago. Ever since then, I made it a point to get close to him even though he was straighter than a skyscraper and I was more bent sideways than I cared to admit. Yup, no one knew I was gay, like who would believe a 6'1" macho basketball jock such as myself could ever be a man-loving queer, but that was who I was although I hadn't let anyone in my secret lest I suffer the consequences.

It wasn't easy keeping up the act especially during those times when Shawn and I were "this close" to each other either on the court or in the locker room. His sweat drove me wild and I always wondered what stopped me from just licking his baseball-like biceps. God, what made it worse was that he was such a fucking hunk and he knew it. Shawn descended from a hearty Irish-German stock. With his jet-black hair and dark brown eyes, he was handsome as hell and had that pretty-boy Abercrombie and Fitch look to him. His facial features were closer to his mother's but more masculine and mature. (Things you'd notice after hours of careful scrutiny--or downright ogling--whichever you prefer.)

At 6'5" and 225 lbs., he was a wonder to behold. He wasn't lanky at all; his tall frame was packed with perfectly proportioned muscles that were not too big but just right. He wasn't built like a model; he was an athlete through and through, hardened by years of training right from his broad, square shoulders down to his long, powerful legs. His hands were huge, his fingers long and thick, but the part I loved best about him (the one I could readily see, mind you) were his feet. I took every chance I could get to worship his size 13s from afar (without anyone noticing me, of course).

Like I said, being with him wasn't easy, and after weeks of unrequited lust, I decided that I wanted him--all of him, every fucking inch--and I didn't care what I had to do to have him. It took a little research, a little patience, and a more than a little cash, but the day I had been waiting for had arrived, the day I was going to own Shawn.

So there we were sitting on the floor of my room and smoking some weed. We had been at it for a couple of hours and had quickly gone through an entire pack by ourselves. Needless to say we were both pretty stoned but I made sure to keep my head on my shoulders. This was the opening I needed and I wasn't going to fuck it up.

"Shit, Wes," Shawn said. "We're running out of weed."

"Not to worry." I pulled out a small plastic bag from underneath my bed and tossed it to him. "Here. I've got this from a cousin in Florida."

"Ever the boy scout, Wes," he joked. He opened the bag and rolled himself a new joint. He then lit it and took a long, deep drag. He probably held it in for at least 10 seconds before expelling the smoke from his lungs in a nice slow exhalation. "Fuck, man. This stuff's really wicked."

"I know."

"Aren't you having some?"

"Nah, not yet. You go on right ahead, Shawn. I think I'd better slow down a bit."

"Suit yourself," he said. "More for me, then."

As a rule, I hated smoking but even I had to admit that there was a certain undeniable appeal of a young man with a coughstick hanging loosely from his lips. As the saying went, "when there's smoke, there's fire" and could I just say that Shawn was totally and absolutely fucking HOT? He was wearing a loose cotton wifebeater that provided the most achingly painful hints of his defined torso. (I could see his tight nipples just slightly poking beneath the fabric.)

As we were both sitting on the floor, he propped himself up using my side of my bed for support. He had this pair of gray cargo pants on, the type that were cut-off past the knees. Although I was deprived of the sight of his white hairy thighs, I was rewarded with a better prize: his long, beautiful feet. (I asked him to take off his shoes and socks before entering my room.) I always admired the way his arches curved and how the balls of his feet looked so round and full. Given the chance, I'd be giving his manly toes a tongue-bath and suckling each little piggy right there and then.

"Wes," Shawn suddenly asked. "Are you shure... your parents won't be back... anytime shoon?"

"Sure, I'm sure. I already told you that hours ago," I replied. "Don't worry about a thing, dude. You're in good hands." My unsuspecting friend was by all accounts 100% stoned. I watched him go back to finishing his joint and there was something definitely happening to him.

He cried out, "Fuck, Wesh, the room's... getting bigger."

"What are you talking about?"

"I'm not kidding man. The room is fucking moving."

"You're probably more stoned that you think. Must be your imagination."

This was it--the moment I'd been waiting for. Actually, I lied to Shawn. I didn't get the stuff from a cousin in Florida; I found it over the Internet. The site didn't have an address, just a bunch of numbers. Come to think of it, I didn't remember how I got there to begin with, but after going through the entire site (research, research, research), I was convinced--I had to buy it. It's taken me a few anxiety-filled weeks of watching the mailbox whether to see if the package had arrived or not. I had almost given up hope when a couple of days of ago and when I least expected it (isn't that always the case?), it finally came. My heart's been pounding like crazy from the excitement ever since.

"I'm shtarting... to feel warm... all over. Shit," he said.

It started out slow with Shawn's massive 6'5" frame slightly shuddering. It wasn't because he was feeling cold; in fact, it was more like that he was starting to sweat. I watched in painful anticipation as his t-shirt began to loosen and sag. Taking that as a cue, I went to him to and started taking off his shirt for him.

"Wesh... what... what are you doing?"

"You said it was hot. Just making sure you feel comfortable. You want to be comfortable, don't you Shawn?"

His eyes were glazed and unfocused. "Uuuh, ok. Shure." He then raised his arms to let me pull his wifebeater over his head and expose his beautiful smooth and muscled chest and abs. God, gorgeous didn't begin to describe the curves and cuts his torso boasted and watching his chest expand and contract at every breath was so freaking sexy. And he was still smoking my special pot.

"Wha's... wha'sh happ'ning, Wesh? I'm... sho... shleepy..."

"Nothing to worry about, Shawn. Relax. Enjoy the trip."

"Oookay, man..." Shawn laid his head back on the side of the bed and at first I didn't see anything dramatically different about him. He looked more or less the same, but then, I began to notice the small details. The best way for me to describe it was that I pricked a small hole into Shawn's body and it began to gradually deflate like a balloon. But unlike a human-size blown-up doll wherein the depleting air would cause it to collapse on itself, Shawn just shrank and did he ever.

Shawn mumbled as he pointed up with his finger, "Wesh... the cheling'sh... shomthing's wrong..."

I could hardly make out what he was saying but I managed. "What's wrong with the ceiling, dude?"

"Uhh... dunno... jus' wwweir... everyshing'sh... schreching..." he said. "Am gonna closh my eyesh now for a while... okaaaaay?"

"Sure Shawn, Sure, " I replied.

"Fhhuuuuck... zhis," he muttered.

After the first five minutes, he really wasn't as big as before; he looked like he lost a couple of inches. He was probably at 6'3" or 6'2", down from his original 6'5". Then the transformation picked up its pace. He wasn't just losing his height. Everything about him (except his clothes) were diminishing but still in the correct proportion.

It only took three minutes for him to lose an entire foot; he was down to 5'5" and losing weight fast. His athletic body was now so much smaller compared to my bed and as my friend got smaller, I felt my dick getting bigger and I put in my hand into my shorts and started fondling my cock. I couldn't get enough of the way his pants would fold on itself as it loosened around his shrinking body. This was so fucking hot.

The poor guy didn't know what was happening to him--he had his eyes closed the entire time--although he very much felt it. He moaned and fidgeted as his body went from 5' to 4'5" to 4' to 3' in a matter of minutes. I took away his joint from his hand, pulled his cargo pants and underwear away from his body so his own clothes wouldn't crush him and I was left with a nude 2'-tall man. Shawn shivered from the cold and instinctively tried to warm himself by rubbing his tiny hands over his body but he still kept his eyes shut. I took note how the transformation began to slow down. It wouldn't take long now, I figured.

When Shawn was down to around 12" or so, I picked him up from the floor and it was a strange sensation to say the least of having a living, breathing human being literally in the palm of my hands. It wasn't like holding a cat or a puppy; this was a person we were talking about here and I had total control over his destiny.

Shawn's shrinkage gradually inched its way to its final destination: 9", 8", 7" and it finally stopped at 6". Proportionally speaking, Shawn still had his 20-year-old physique but massively scaled down. He was about half a foot tall, kinda like an action figure. Well, a really well built naked action figure anyway. His tiny muscles were like plump pimples and even at this size I could see how cut and sculpted his body was. I zoomed in to his cock and balls and remarked how big they were on him even though they were small. From his original 8 inches, it still went past three-fourths of an inch at its current size. He was cute, cuddly, hunky and manly all at the same time. I loved it.

"Shawn, can you hear me?" I whispered so as not to startle him.

My G.I. Joe-sized friend opened his eyes, looked up and his eyes grew to the size of thumbtacks.

"H-holy s-shit, Wesh... what the fhuck... happened to you? You're... fucking huge!" His voice was much higher than I expected it to be. Ah well, physics.

"Uh, look again, buddy-boy," I replied amused.

Utterly confused, Shawn scanned the immediate surroundings and his brain probably went through some serious mental gymnastics in an attempt to resolve what he was seeing. Nothing made sense to him; everything around him was gigantic and out of proportion. His world had a whole new perspective, so to speak.

Slowly, it dawned to him what I was talking about and who was responsible. By this time, I was plenty sure whatever high he had from the weed was now gone as the fear-induced adrenaline pumped its way through his body. And you should have really seen his face when he found out that he wasn't wearing anything. It was priceless.

"What the hell... did you do to me?" he asked.

"Isn't it obvious? I shrunk you."

He was in frantic state of panic but he tried his best to put on a brave face and at the same time figure out what happened to him--like he could.

"How? How did you do this?"

"Does it matter?" I was seriously getting off on the power trip.

He looked around the room again trying to reorient himself further and even find a way to escape. He knew the windows were locked; the door was too far away. Heck, he didn't even know how he was going to get off my hands. Would he survive the fall if he jumped? I didn't think so and neither did he. When he finally realized that there wasn't anything he could do--neither fight nor flight were an option--he slowly looked up at me again and asked, "Why?"

"Well, let's just say I've had my eye on you for a very long time."

"What... what do you mean?"

"Look, Shawn. I went through a lot of trouble to set this up. I'm not going to waste my time answering your questions so this is the way we're going to play this: you shut up and you'll do everything I tell you to do. Comprende, compadre?"

Shawn was startled by my show of force. "Yes... yes, sir."

"Good." The "sir" was a nice touch; I liked it. I brought him to the nightstand beside my bed and told him to step down from my hand. I then stripped and tossed all my clothes to the corner of the room while keeping an eye on my little friend. Even fully naked, I wasn't half-bad to look at. In fact, I was quite the looker if I did so say myself. I was 6'1" and a little over 170 lbs., most of it tight sinewy muscle. As a power forward for the team, I was quick on my feet and ran like the wind.

"Man, I'm so fucking horny," I said stating the obvious. My 7" cock was sticking straight out from my body like a flagpole.

"Wes, please stop whatever you're doing!" Shawn pleaded.

I thoroughly ignored him as I plopped down on the bed, grabbed my shrunken Shawn and placed him on the middle of my chest, right on my sternum. Fuck, the sensation of his petite feet on my bare smooth skin drove me nuts.

"Now, this is what I want you to do. Do you see my nipple?" I asked while pointing to my right aureole. He confirmed by nodding his mini-head. "Good. Suck it."


"I said, 'Suck it.'"

"Shit, Wes. Are you gay?"

"And damn proud of it, except when I'm in school where I have to keep a low profile 'coz of you homophobic sons of bitches. Now, are you going to suck it or do I have to find another way to convince you?"

"But... but..." Shawn knew when to shut up. He then took a couple of steps towards my nipple and knelt down. Using his hands, he held the fleshy tip of my nipple in place and lathered his teeny tiny tongue all over it.

"Ooooh, man." Whoever said nipples were erogenous zones didn't know the half of it. Mine felt like they were burning up to the point of almost spontaneously combusting. I had to stop myself from moaning too loud; I had no idea how many decibels his miniature ears could take. "Now," I gasped, "the other one."

He released my tortured nipple and crawled on his hands and knees to get its counterpart where he did exactly the same thing until I felt a small almost imperceptible twinge flicking on my hardening nipple. Jesus, was he using his teeth? Fuck, yeah!

Then, without my direction, Shawn stretched his six-inch body across my chest and did something I never expected him to: he rubbed both my nipples at the same time, one with his hands and the other with his feet. From the looks of things, I'd swear he was enjoying this, but how could he? Probably a side effect of the pot. Must have made him extra horny.

My head trashed wildly from side to side but I managed to keep my pecs from flexing too much. (I didn't want him flowing off my chest, now did I?) I didn't know how long I laid there but I knew one thing--I needed to cum, bad.

"Ok, Shawn, " I said in between breaths. "It's time for the big leagues."

Shawn stopped what he was doing and looked up at me expectantly. "Yes sir?"

"You see my cock, Shawn? That's all for you. Go get it, boy."

Like a crazed animal in heat, Shawn smiled wildly, slid down my abs and went straight for my precum-slick dick. At first he was having a difficult time holding on, not only was my penis rock hard, but also slippery as hell. To my amazement, Shawn managed get his arms around the girth and hold on tight. Shit, how strong was this guy? I couldn't believe he was able to hold on my penis with his pint-sized physique but there he was wrestling with my cock and trying to tame it.

It was a raging battle (the raging bull versus the raging hard-on) and eventually, Shawn prevailed. My member was at his mercy and succumbed to his will. He used his entire body to fuck my cock. With his arms and legs wrapped securely around my shaft, Shawn rubbed his nimble form up and down my dick in a slow, methodical manner. Then every so often, he'd suddenly increase the pace and nearly push me over the edge but somehow the little center knew when to back off. If his miniature ministrations weren't enough, Shawn would use his head and smother it on mine, the penis's anyway. Let's just say that I had never felt anything like that before and the sensations sent me gasping for oxygen.

As much as I wanted to take matters into my own hands (so to speak), I forced myself to let Shawn do all work. Sure he was puny, but man, did he pack a punch. If he was getting tired, he certainly wasn't showing it as he kept pumping my cock with full fervor and, damn him, I was getting closer every time he squeezed my lubricated shaft. Precum was oozing like crazy.

"F-faster!" I cried out. "Fuck me faster!"

And Shawn complied with gusto. My tiny basketball player went on a fastbreak and broke through my guards. This was one-on-one and the ball was in his court. I knew I wouldn't last two more minutes of this as he pressed on his offense. He came from all sides and took a shot at my glans, my balls, my head and my stalk. The man literally ran circles around me and I couldn't keep up. Before I knew it, the buzzer in me went off and my cock exploded in a white shower of cum.

"AAAAAAAAAAH!!! Omigod, omigod, omigod... Fuuuuuuuccck!"

Needless to say, Shawn was drenched in jism but he didn't mind at all. He grinned like the devil himself at having successfully gotten me off and to top it off, he was trying to coax out a couple of more shots from my cock. What was the deal here, I wondered?

I scooped him from my pelvis and lapped the cum off his entire body--my very own sperm-iscle. He laughed and giggled at my tapdancing tongue especially when I licked his feet. Apparently he was very ticklish. Definitely something for future reference, I noted, as was the fact that he was hard the entire time I was bathing him in saliva.

Well, turnabout was fair play and I placed his diminutive dick between my lips and began to apply a little pressure. Shawn's body reeled from the shock and grabbed my nose for support. The more I sucked, the more I felt his cock moving, and before I knew it, he was humping my lips. Horny little fuck.

I took it a step further by clamping down on his cock and humming the Star-Spangled Banner through my lips. You should have heard the little man shriek in delight from the good vibrations. There was no way this could ever compare to any of his previous conquests with the girls in the cheerleading squad, or so I had heard.

"Wes, oh God, Wes... that feels sooo good. My God. I can't stand it." For obvious reasons, Shawn did all the talking at this point. "Unnngh... unnngh... aaaaah..." he heaved. Then again, maybe not, I smiled to myself.

All of a sudden, I felt my lips slowly being pried open. What the fuck, I thought and I realized that Shawn's cock was pushing them apart. I could sense his penis getting bigger between my lips and creeping into my mouth and it wasn't from his erection since he was already full-mast. At first I thought Shawn was getting bigger but I was wrong... only his cock was growing.

I stared at Shawn who was fucking my mouth and sure enough he hadn't changed. The special chemicals in the pot I had him take must have run out of his system but as far as I can tell it was only his dick that was affected.

I wondered what he must have been feeling at this moment having his cock and balls expanding while the rest of him remained the same size. It left like I had a heat-filled balloon inflating in my mouth. Being the expert cocksucker that I was, I quickly adapted to his growing girth and increasing length while ensuring his inability to ejaculate until the desired moment. Using my tongue, I probed his penis and sensed it stretching further. I could only guess how big it was getting: 2", 2.5", 3"? Fuck... a three-inch dick on a six-inch body... what a thought! And damn if his balls weren't plumping to the size of ripe grapes while I sucked him to high heavens.

That was when I saw the rest of Shawn's body starting to grow. He was now 7 inches and growing and unlike his first transformation that lasted more than a few minutes, this was going much faster. Having him squirming all over my face made it a lote more difficult to deal with. Before I knew it, he had grown big enough to hold on to the side of my head with his arms and legs and he used his newfound leverage to fuck my face with full force.

When he was more than 2 feet tall, I carefully changed my position on my bed and had Shawn lie down on the covers instead of me. Mind you, I kept his dick in my mouth the whole time and I tried as much as possible to watch him grow back to normal right before my very eyes. It appeared that I was pumping air back into him as I blew him (Get it?) and it was totally amazing how he rapidly he swelled.

It wasn't long that he reached 4 feet and I started to gag on his cock and I had to switch techniques to compensate. Shawn had always been a big boy even when he was small.

He was way past 6 feet when I felt his growth beginning to decelerate. He had regained most of his old beautiful body (not that his tiny one wasn't beautiful in its own right) and his voice was restored to its deep sexy bass. To my credit, I never once let go of his cock and when I was more or less sure that the transformation process had ended, I would then take my reward: Shawn's cum.

"Uhhhh... uhhh... uhh... uh... uh..." Shawn could hardly speak and the shortness in his breath told me that it was time. I carefully opened up his legs and slipped my middle finger up his ass, surprised that it didn't meet up with more resistance. I easily found his prostate and massaged it. Shawn went nuts and his nuts went... well... nuts.

From the moment I started to suck him off when he was barely 6" tall, Shawn had been in constant agony to shoot his load and all the while he was growing, so did his need to cum. But evil l'il me just knew how to keep that from happening--until now.

In the end, all it took was one simple gesture: I stopped and let his body scream for attention. For those few glorious seconds, Shawn gnashed, clenched, trashed, cursed, begged, pleaded, cried and howled.

Then... I let him have it.

Suffice to say that Shawn shot like a geyser right into my waiting mouth. I don't believe he had ever cum this hard or this much in his entire life. With all my experience, I couldn't swallow fast enough the rich protein juice spewing from his cock. And I don't think I'm ever going to forget him screaming for joy at his release. All I can say was thank God nobody else was home and hoped the neighbors didn't hear us.

As I sipped out the last batch of semen from his softening member, I saw that my dear friend Shawn had fallen asleep from sex-haustion. Fuck, what a spunk machine he was, who'd have thunk it? I guess it was safe to say that we were both sated and satisfied from the experience. Since Shawn was back to his big bad self, I picked up his boxers and shorts and managed to put them back on his body but not before I gave his sleeping cock one last loving squeeze. Now, the question remained, was he going to respect me in the morning--not that it was going to be a problem. One nice thing about the weed I bought was that the people who took it never remembered anything afterwards. So I not only did I have my cake, I ate him too.

Later that evening, I was on the computer surfing the net and checking my email when I heard Shawn stirring.

Across the room, I smiled my friend who was slowly waking up. "Hey, Shawn," I said.

Shawn rubbed his eyes and sat up on the bed. "Shit, I must have passed out," he said.

"That you did. Do you need an aspirin?" I offered.

"Uh... no. Weird, huh? I feel pretty good, in fact." He absent-mindedly scratched his abs (!!!) and realized he didn't have a shirt on. He looked around for his wifebeater and saw that it was on the floor. He bent down, grabbed it and put in on. Sigh, show over.

"Are you hungry? I had a couple of pizzas delivered. Nothing like a little online delivery," I said.

"Yeah, thanks. I'm starved."

Shawn stood up from the bed and made his way to the chair beside mine and sat down. There were no indications that he recalled anything; no violent reactions yet. So far, so good, I thought.

"Man, that was some nasty stuff you gave me Wes. That was the craziest trip I've been on."

"What was it like?" I asked innocently.

"I... I can't remember. Shit... it was on the tip of my tongue and now I can't remember. All I know was that it felt totally orgasmic."

Orgasmic? Good word Shawn, I thought and I was silently jubilant over his amnesia. There was truth in advertising after all. I gave him a knowing smirk and went back to what I was doing on the computer.

"So, what site are you on, dude?" he asked. "Knowing you, it's probably full of hot naked chicks."

"Not tonight," I replied. "I'm just checking my mail." I showed him my inbox, which he automatically scanned. Suddenly, he paused and looked at me quite seriously.

"Jesus Christ, Wes. You're fucking gay!"

I was shocked. I thought he forgot all about this afternoon's romp. That was supposed to have been part of the power of the pot. "What the hell are you talking about, Shawn?" I said putting up my clueless act.

"God, I never would have thought it. Holy shit, Wes. I can't believe it. All these months and you never told me."

I stared back into Shawn's eyes and there was no use denying it. He was completely convinced of my sexuality. He was going to out me to the team and to everyone I knew. My parents were just going to die when they find out the truth about their faggot of a son. I was resigned to my fate and finally admitted to Shawn, "How... how did you know? I thought you didn't remember anything that happened..."

"How? It was easy, man. You're subscribed to the same mailing list I am!"

"W-What?" I nearly jumped out of my seat.

"Here. Right here, dude," said Shawn, pointing to an email address in my inbox.

My eyes widened upon seeing where his finger was on my screen. It was definitely from a gay-oriented fetish discussion group I frequented. "No, wait, Shawn. Are you telling me..."

"Yeah, Wes. I am."

"Since when?"

"Since forever."

"Shit, and all this time we could have been..."

"Yeah, dude. Fuck, I still can't believe we're into the same crazy shit... and not just the gay stuff."

"Tell me about it."

"God, Shawn. You don't know how long and hard it's been for me to keep myself from jumping your bones," he said with a big smile. My earlier anxiety, which had turned into outright relief, turned into pure unadulterated lust for my teammate. (Did you expect anything less from me?)

"The feeling's mutual, buddy-boy," I grinned as I closed my email program, disconnected from the net and shut down my computer. We two had a lot to talk about, if we managed to get any talking done.

"Hey Wes, how long before the pizza gets here?" he asked.

"Should be around 20 minutes by now, I think. Why?"

"I don't know about you but I think that's enough time for a friendly one-on-one, if you know what I mean."

Oh, I certainly did. We both shot up of our respective chairs and we were out of our clothes in no time. While we were standing naked in front each other, Shawn probably hadn't seen for himself what I did: certain side-effects from the pot session he had forgotten all about. He wasn't quite 6'5" anymore, more of 6'3", but his body was a lot bigger if not heftier, probably at least 10 pounds heavier and all of it from muscle that was evenly distributed around his body. I measured the man so many times in my head that I knew by heart his every inch from head to toe.

While his feet appeared more or less the same size--damn, too much of a good thing, I supposed--I was happy to note that his cock hadn't lost its extra endowment. Before his transformation, it was 8 inches fully hard. Now after everything was done, it was a bit over 10 inches and much, much thicker around. (So that's where the 2 inches went!) Did I forget to mention his bigger, bulkier balls? Couldn't wait to get those in my mouth. Apparently there was more to the weed than I thought. I wondered if I should be the one tell him of his... enhancements?

Naaaaah, let him find out for himself.

Shawn placed his hands around my face and prepared to kiss me. "Hey Wes, do you think next time I can bring along a couple guys from the team? There's at least one guy there who's been having some pretty vivid dreams about you, believe or not."

"Sure, Shawn. The more, the merrier," I smiled thinking what kind of fun I could get having from not one but three horny little basketball players fucking each other silly.

The more, the merrier, indeed.