Smoke Kin (tt musc AP smoking)

Synopsis: Two cousins learn that smoking isn't all that bad for their health.

Disclaimer. The following story is a work of fiction. The characters portrayed within are a work of fiction as well, and any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is a coincidence and unintentional.

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"C'mon Darwin, let's check out your dad's den. I'm sure there's a shitload of cool stuff there," Charlie Holmes said.

"I'm not sure that's such a good idea, Charlie," replied his cousin Darwin. Charlie and his mom were staying over his family's house for a few days.

"Ah, man, don't be such a pussy. We have the house to ourselves, right? Our folks won't be home till tomorrow morning."

Darwin was vacillating. "I dunno..."

"Well, I'm going down with or without you," Charlie decided and went for the door.

"Fine, fine! I'll go." Darwin scrambled after his cousin, and the two of them went downstairs to Darwin's father's, Douglas, den. "Don't touch anything ok?"

"Wow," Charlie remarked, "this place looks so much cooler now that I can see everything." He was amazed at the things his uncle kept in his room. There were objects of all shapes and sizes, but one item in particular caught his attention. It was a silver box that had an ornate design embossed all around. Charlie felt compelled to open it and see what was inside.

"Hey look, this is where you Dad keeps his cigars." There were at least a dozen of them.

"You shouldn't touch that Charlie. He's going to get really pissed off when he finds out we've been through his stuff," Darwin pleaded, but Charlie just thoroughly ignored him. He took one cigar and placed it in between his teeth.

"So, how do I look?" asked Charlie.

"Like a total fucking idiot," hissed Darwin. "Now, put that back in the box."

"Gross. No way, man."


"It's been in my mouth already. Would *you* want something that's been in *my* mouth?"

"No, of course not!"

"Then neither would your dad," justified Charlie, grabbing the box of matches from the cabinet. Darwin felt trapped. He could only watch in horror as his cousin began smoking one of his father's prized cigars.

"Oooh fuuuuuck... that tastes great!" exclaimed Charlie, breathing out a puff of smoke. "You gotta try this."

Darwin thought he was going to gag from the smoke, but he found that was quite taken by its robust yet surprisingly luscious flavor.

"Get one, it's not as if he's going to miss it."

Darwin hesitated for a moment but went for it. He picked out one cigar from the box, placed it in between his teeth, and put a match he lighted to its end. After a few puffs, his cigar quickly started its nicotine delivery service. Once again, he was expecting to react violently to the taste; instead, he very much enjoyed the warm air filling his lungs and the sensation of blowing it out.

"Yeah... no wonder my Dad loves this stuff."

For the next few minutes, the two cousins didn't talk and just smoked, basking in the wonderful feeling of calmness that pervaded the room.

Then Charlie asked, "Man... is it me or is it getting warm in here?"

"You too?" Darwin said. "I thought it was just me."

Suddenly, a voice from across the room boomed. "Well, well, well... what do we have here? You two aren't old enough to start smoking!"

Darwin and Charlie spun around and were flabbergasted at seeing Douglas leaning on the doorframe with his huge arms wrapped around each other.

"D-dad!" choked Darwin. "What are you doing home?"

The elder Holmes didn't answer; instead, he had a wide grin on his face. He entered the den and turned around to lock the door.

Coupled with the strange sensations going through his mind and body, Charlie really started to get worried. "Uncle Doug?"

"Don't worry about a thing Chuck," replied Douglas. "I just want us to have a little privacy. You see, I'm in for quite a show and so are the two of you." He then sat down on the couch directly opposite to boys.

Darwin was confused. Considering that his father had caught them red-handed in his den pilfering his stash of cigars, he was surprised to see his father smiling, almost to the point of enjoying himself. The worst part of it for him was the fact he was sporting the biggest hard-on that he's had in his life right in front of his father! He was about to extinguish his stogie when Douglas raised his hand to stop him.

"Nuh-uh-uh. I want you to finish those boys. You've gone this far. Besides, there's no turning back now."

"W-what are you talking about Dad?" asked Darwin.

"Don't talk. Smoke," ordered Douglas. Darwin and Charlie looked at each and, almost at the same time, took in a breath of smoke. Douglas was pleased. "That's better."

For the next five minutes, no one spoke as the room slowly filled with the fresh aroma from the cigars. At first Darwin and Charlie were taking sharp intakes of cigar smoke out of fear, but gradually they learned to slow down to fully enjoy the luxuriating experience provided by their stogies. Douglas sat silently observing the two boys and knowing exactly what they were in for.

"So, how's your first cee-gar Dar?" he asked. "I didn't want to let you start smoking till you were eighteen like I promised, but I guess there's no time like the present. Hell, your mom's gonna kill me when she finds out, but what the hell, eh?"

Darwin was huffing and puffing away like crazy. He just couldn't get enough of the cigar. In between breaths, he managed to spurt out, "I... fucking... love... it."

Douglas nodded his head in approval. He stood up from the couch and approached the teens. He tousled Darwin's dark blonde hair and gave Charlie's head a slight affectionate squeeze.

"You know, I haven't really admitted this to anyone but I really miss your old man, Chuck. Wish my bro Owen was around to see his boy growing up to be a man."

Charlie was having difficultly thinking. He felt hot, flushed and tight, but he found that he couldn't stop himself from smoking. He was uncontrollably craving for more of the smoke to enter his body. "Uh... I'm still ways off... from that, Uncle Doug."

"Sooner than you think, Chuckleberry Finn," grinned Douglas, checking on how the teens were doing. He then asked, "Hey boys, do you remember that scene in Pinocchio where those kids started smoking those cigars?"

Darwin responded, "Yeah... they turned... into donkeys."

"Haha... don't tell me we're going to start growing donkey ears and stuff Uncle Doug?" Charlie guffawed.

Douglas said, "Not exactly. I know your dad, and I sure as hell didn't know what was going to happen to us when we took this stuff the first time years ago in college."

"College?" said Darwin.

"That's right; that's where we met your mothers. And believe me she and Lucy didn't even give us so much as a second glance until the day Owen brought home some cigars he smuggled in from some South American country he spent a summer in as an exchange student. He told me he met and befriended this family that grew this special kind of tobacco that they used to make their cigars with. They said that it was for some ritual their ancestors used to do for blessing their warriors or something like that. Of course Owen thought that was just a lot of native bullshit, but he kept his mouth shut. They told him not to use any of the cigars while he was still in their country for they would certainly cause him some... problems by the time he returned home. And lucky for him, he actually listened."

"So then what happened?" Charlie was dying to know for more information about his dead father. He was also absentmindedly fondling his package, something that didn't escape Darwin's notice.

Douglas gave both boys a speedy once-over and said, "And then... well... I think you two are just about to find out for yourselves!"

Darwin didn't know what his dad was talking until he felt his entire body shuddering. It was like somebody gave him various injections of adrenaline, and every muscle of his body was screaming in joy. Darwin never felt so alive. "Oh, jeeezus! Wha... unnnngh... hap... ooooooh... yeeaaaahhh!" he groaned. On impulse, he began flexing his arms and chest and every contraction felt better than the last. It was only after a few exertions that he realized that something was happening to his body. The shirt he was wearing was slowly filling out. He could see his legs thickening, and he could feel his skin stretching.

"Oh my God," he gasped but quickly closed his mouth when he didn't recognize the sound that came out. Holy shit, he thought. No way! Was that his voice? He tried to speak out again but was interrupted by a loud and similarly sounding outburst.

"This is so cool!"

Darwin traced the source to deep reverberation to where his cousin was standing, and he was stunned at the sight before him. Charlie was a lot bigger than he remembered him to be; there was no way he was 5'7" anymore. He wouldn't have believed it if he hadn't seen it for himself. It was impossible, but his cousin must have been at least 6', and there were muscles everywhere from his shoulders down to his calves. He looked like a linebacker wearing only a white shirt and a pair of shorts. And the strangest thing was that Darwin could actually see that his cousin was still gaining more mass.

"Yo dude, check this out!" Charlie called out, striking a pose. He was grunting and growling like an African lion and practically looked as big as one. The youth was twice the size he started out to be. The once-loose-fitting shirt he was wearing was straining considerably thanks to his humongous biceps and pectorals. What the hell was he doing posing away like some professional bodybuilder, Darwin wondered, and then he realized what Charlie was up to--he was flexing out of his clothes.

First, Charlie brought his arms perpendicular to his torso and did a front double bicep. The sleeves gave way. Then by alternating side triceps and side chest poses, Charlie tore at whatever seams were still holding his shirt together. Finally with his back double bicep, Charlie's body burst free from its constrictive confines and shed off his shirt off as a molting snake would. There on top of the pile of tattered clothes stood a 6'5" man with a thin lining of light brown-colored fur that ran down his torso into a pair of very tight shorts.

Charlie pumped his biceps and felt their increased size and firmness. Next, he ran his fingers through his slightly hairy pecs and abs, digging his fingernails into the muscle cuts. His hands moved behind him and squeezed his steel ass. He then examined the rest of his new body from head to toe feeling every curve and bump of his muscled physique.

Darwin was amazed. He gawked in awe at his cousin's display of masculine power and grace, and he felt compelled to touch him just to check if it was all real. "Charlie... is that you?"

"Yeah Dar! I look pretty good, huh?" Charlie gushed, doing more bicep poses and pumping up his chest. "And you're not doing so bad yourself either!"

Darwin looked down and discovered how much he had also grown. Everything about him was bigger: his hands, his chest, his legs, and his feet. He didn't know how tall he was now, he had no way to judge, but he was sure that his frame must have expanded quite a bit to accommodate all this new muscle. He inspected his hands again, not quite believing how thick and long his digits were, and he discovered something that wasn't there before: hair. He quickly checked his forearms and saw that hair was growing out of there too. He moved on this his face and sure enough the stubble he had shaved off this morning was coming back in spades. As an afterthought, Darwin pulled the collar of his t-shirt away from his muscular chest and was gratified to confirm his suspicions: there was a healthy growth of fur there too.

While all of this was happening, Douglas was clearly enjoying himself as the front of his jeans was seriously swelling. He then approached his son and felt up his pecs and shoulders to which the boy swooned. Darwin didn't understand why it felt so good have his father touching him and rubbing his hard muscles.

"If you like what's been happening so far, you're going to *love* this!" With that, he grabbed Darwin's boxer shorts and ripped it off his son's body.

"DAD!" Darwin was shocked, to say the least, by his father's flagrant violation of his personal space. He instinctively swung his hands down to cover his privates but stopped when he saw his cock.

It was hard. It was huge.

And it was getting bigger.

"Oh fuck," gasped Darwin, awestruck at his own penis.

Charlie couldn't contain his surprise. "Holy shit Darwin! It's inflating like a fucking balloon."

Douglas laughed. "Ha! I'm glad to see that you finally inherited something from my side of the family, son. People always said you looked like your mom, but that cock of yours is 100% Holmes. And by the looks of it, it's at a hundred ten percent and growing," Douglas beamed as he turned his attention to his nephew. "And how about you Charlie? You don't look so comfortable yourself, if you know what I mean. Ready to 'chuck' those pants off?"

Charlie gave a knowing smile and bent down to slide and kick off his shorts and his underwear. When he straightened up, he proudly displayed his own growing member of the Holmes family. Darwin's dad was almost right about the Pinocchio thing; that was practically a donkey's dick jutting out of his groin. Douglas enjoyed checking out his nephew's rising package very much.

Dumbfounded, Darwin was speechless until he looked at his father who seemed to know exactly what was happening to them. "H-how?"

Instead of answering, Douglas took the cigar from his son's hand, drew some smoke into his lungs and blew out rings from his pursed mouth. He then replaced the stogie onto Darwin's lips and said to both kids, "Like I told you earlier, I want you to finish these. They're not from around here, you know."

Douglas proceeded to tear off the shirt off of Darwin who saw how much he had already changed for the first time. He was no longer some snot-nosed thin-as-a-rail teenager; he was a hairy handsome young man with a massive piece of meat sticking out of his hips like a salami.

"Fuck, Dar. You look amazing!" Charlie exclaimed.

Darwin blushed. He wasn't used to this kind of attention, but he found that he liked it a lot. "Y-you think so?"

"Hell, yeah, dude!" The two cousins checked each other out, and it became obvious that both of them were getting hard.

"Fuck this, I'm horny!" Charlie roared as he seized his hard horsemeat and began to beat off right there and then.

"Jesus Christ Charlie! My Dad's in the fucking room!" Darwin shrieked, but nonetheless was terribly turned on and horrified at the same time.

"He's doing what comes naturally son," explained Douglas. "I'm surprised you haven't done it yourself. But then again, you have been spending more time with your prudish mother than with me. C'mon, you don't have to be embarrassed. We're all family here."

Darwin sheepishly looked up at his father and tentatively touched his throbbing tool. He wasn't prepared for the pleasure suddenly ripped through his body. It was nothing he had ever felt before his entire life. His hand eagerly wrapped itself around his tubesteak and stroked it with gusto. His knees started to buckle, and almost dropped the cigar from his mouth. "Oh fuck... that's fucking sweet!" he gasped.

"That's it, son. Pound that fucker!" As Douglas egged Darwin on, he watched his son's body grow even bigger. Darwin's torso as his biceps stretched the sleeves to their breaking point. His legs grew longer and thicker, and hair was spreading everywhere: on his calves, in between his thighs, and even a little bit appeared on his feet.

Darwin had his eyes closed the entire time he was jacking himself off, but then he felt something brush across his mouth. He opened his eyes and saw his hair right over his face. He instinctively swiped at it to push it aside, but he was stunned when a clump of it fell away. He quickly put his free hand on the top of his head and was even more shocked to learn that his scalp was smooth.

"Holy shit! What happening to my hair?" Darwin freaked out. He looked down and saw his yellow locks strewn around his feet. He went for the mirror on the wall and looked intently at his reflection, not quite believing what he was seeing. There looking back at him was a huge, heavyset man in his mid-20s, and the first thing he noticed was his head was denuded.

"Hmm... *almost* like father, like son. We're about the same height, but I think you're heavier than I am Dar. Way to go kid. I knew you had it in you."

"Hey, no fair. Why isn't Charlie bald?"

"Luck of the genetic draw, I guess. Is there a problem being bald, son?" asked his father.

Darwin looked back at his reflection and considered how he looked for a moment. Now that he'd thought about it, he didn't look bad at all. It would take a bit of getting used to the idea was all. "Uh... well, no."

Douglas smiled and gave his son's scalp a quick rub. "Now, as much as I'd love to stay and watch, I'm going to have to leave the two of you alone. I'm sure you guys can find a way to keep yourselves busy while I'm gone." Douglas winked.

"Yeah... thanks, Dad." Darwin said, looking at his cousin.

Charlie looked back and had a naughty are-you-thinking-what-I'm-thinking gleam in his eye. "See you, Uncle Doug."

"Bye boys." Douglas turned around and exited the room, leaving the two young men to continue exploring their bodies on their own.


NOTE: This is a work in progress.