There's No Such Thing as a Free Lunch (mm musc cockgrowth inflation)

Synopsis: The best things in life are free. Or are they? Based on three role plays rolled into one story.

The following story is a work of fiction. The characters portrayed within are a work of fiction as well, and any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is a coincidence and unintentional.

Copyright © 2008. This story is the property of the authors, O'Melissokomos and jockmorphr. Any duplication, in whole or in part, is forbidden without the express written consent of the authors.

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"Dude, are you home? You left your door open so I let myself in. Are you ready for dinner?"

"No problem, man. I'm just in the bedroom puttin' on a shirt. I've got somethin' to show you."

"Holy fuck, dude! Is that you? You're looking pretty massive! Do I even have to ask how your workouts have been going?"

"They've been great lately! Never been better, always on time, lastin' longer than usual, and I've got great energy with huge pumps, and I've got you to thank for compin' me those 'mega-protein' shakes your company makes. They really made a difference."

"I'll say. From what I can see, you've already put on two inches on your arms--at least--since the last time we met over a month ago."

"Oh yeah. Can't tell you what a frickin' rush it is walking around with these 18" puppies. The ladies at the office can't stop rubbin' their hands all over 'em."

"Do you mind if I check 'em out?"

"Mind? Hell no, go right ahead! Least I can do for the cans you gave me. Hope you won't get into trouble for givin' me so many for free."

"Don't worry about it, dude. They're not going to miss that particular batch, which I personally set aside for you, and it's obvious you're putting 'em to good use. Damn, your biceps aren't only huge, they're hard as rocks. Even the veins are solid. Did you come from the gym or something?"

"Oh damn no. They're always like this, every time. It's like they're always ready for some action."

"Heh, funny you should say that. The moment I touched your bis, I saw something else was ready for action, if you know what I mean."

"Shit, I'm sorry dude. I was hopin' you wouldn't notice, but I guess it couldn't help draw attention to itself."

"Kinda impossible *not* to notice, actually. Horny little... well, big bugger, huh? Haven't had sex for a while, have you?"

"Uhm... well, quite the opposite, really. I'm been fuckin' every chick I've picked up at the bar every night for the past two weeks, but that doesn't seem to satisfy me like it used to. As a matter of fact, I'm kinda horny all the time now... throwin' these really pesky boners at the worst times. Very distractin'... big, hard boners that stretch down the leg of my pants durin' work at meetings and stuff."

"I wouldn't call them 'pesky', dude."

"And it's weird, and--I hope you won't mind me saying this since you're a good friend and all--but it's like I can't help but finger the big fat head of my dick through my slacks when that happens. I try not to, but... it's just... kinda... big... and kinda... there."

"Hmm, it must be such a struggle not to paw yourself in front of everyone, huh, with your big leaky boner? I bet you really like it when you get those boners."

"Yeah... I mean... NO! What are you talkin' about? It's just that it kinda feels good to tease it a little bit, that's all. I don't 'paw' myself."

"Of course not. Just jerkin' your chain, dude, but you were the one who brought it up. If I were you though, I'd love to slip my big cock out of my pants and let it bob up and down underneath your desk or something."

"N-no. I... I couldn't... shouldn't do that."

"Why not? No one will know... and it'd feel so good. You can keep yourself hard all day tweaking the head as you think about it, and when you're driving home after work, you can go through it even slower so your cock would be nice and plump and drippy by the time you get here to your place."

"It's just that... well. Look, it's so damn big at this point that it would be a really fuckin' noticeable fat leaky boner, OK? I don't know what's happened to it, but it's grown--a lot."

"I know it has. I can see it for myself."

"It's like my cock is bigger than it's ever been before... bigger than I've seen it... so huge when aroused. It's thicker... fatter. Oh shit. All this talk is gettin' me wound up. We better stop."

"Why? What's wrong?

"I have a huge hard-on right now. What should I do? I can't go out to dinner lookin' like this."

"Why not? I think you should leave with it just like that in your pants."

"You mean shove it in all hard and walk around with a big boner-tent?"

"Oh yeah. In fact, I'd skip the underwear."

"But I'm leakin' already. It would show through!"

"So say you washed your hands in the bathroom and spilled a little water on yourself, but of course the wet spot would suspiciously be at the tip of a large bulge in your pants, so you'll need to move your big dick around."

"Yeah... my knob would be pokin' up in my pants."

"And whenever you're talking to someone, like the maître d', for instance, you could put your hands on your waist and push your hips out a little."


"Act as if nothing's wrong, dude."

"That would cause my waistband to bag outward... he'd be able to see my bush!"

"Only if he looks down for a long time..."

"But he probably would... and my cockhead would probably pop out."

"Only if you make your cock bounce up and down inside your pants. You know... flexing it? Swelling it up and bobbing it around? "

"Dude, that's not right."

"So he'd be talking and, from time to time, be looking down, can't quite believing your cock is sticking out. Every time you see his eyes go down, that's when you bounce your cock and let a little juice come out, And while you're at it, you could be pumping up your chest and showing off your arms in your really tight shirt."

"I... could?"

"And so what if he gets to see your crotch? He'd be more embarrassed than you. It's not as if you have anything to hide."

"Well... no. I mean, it is pretty big, but dudes don't show off their cocks to other dudes, man."

"Sure they do. It's just that dudes don't look at other dude's cocks. And you aren't looking at his cock, are you?"

"Uh... naw. Course not..."

"So, there's no problem, is there?

"But dude, my cock's already fuckin' boned... wavin' around... and popped up outside my waistband of my tight jeans right *now*. And I'm startin' to sweat here. My pits are soakin' up my shirt."

"So fuckin' what? Act as if nothing's wrong, I told you that. You really aren't listening to me."

"I'm s-sorry, dude. When my cock gets all big and hard and leaky, I c-can't think so good anymore. S'like I'm all muzzy-headed."

"How so?"

"I... dunno. It's like all the b-blood's bein' drained... oh, I dunno...from my brain or sumthin' and... and all I can think about is... jeez... gettin' off. S'like I'm havin' a h-hard time r-rememberin' words I should know n' stuff. It's been, um, oh, you know... difficult, 'specially at w-work. I've been spendin' more and more time readin' and re-readin' over my, my stuff and..."

"Words kinda stop making sense, huh?"

"Well yeah, kinda..."

"So your vocabulary... say, do you even know what the word 'vocabulary' means?"

"Huh? Yeah, of course... it means, it means... Well, dammit... I-I..."

"It's OK, dude. Relax... I know exactly what you're going through and right on schedule too."

"Huh? What sche...?"

"Let's forget about dinner, OK? That make you feel better?"


"Since we're not going out anymore, you're probably gonna get hungry soon, so why don't have yourself a protein shake? Here, I brought with me a couple I made especially for you, big boy."

"... 'kay..."

"Yes, that's it. Drink it all down. In the meantime, you can stop thinking for a bit and let me do all the talking, all right?


"That's a good boy. Bottom's up. I don't know if you've noticed it, but the longer you've stayed hard these past few minutes, the bigger your body's been getting, putting on more muscles."


"Yeah dude. Your 'mussels' are getting bigger now..."

"My mussels got a hard-on too..."

"Yeah... why don't you feel how big your 'mussels' are getting?"

"Yeahhhh... feels good... they're all hard and big and stuff... I wanna crunch 'em up and make 'em flex."

"Flexing and feeling your 'mussels' is making your cock bigger too... take a look."

"Hehe, yeah... my cock is all tingly."

"It's a vicious cycle. The more you touch your cock, the bigger your muscles get. And the more you touch and flex your muscles, the bigger your cock gets. And it's getting so hard to think right now, isn't it, dude?

"Ssoooooo big... the head is almos' up to mah belly button...."

"It's so hard to do anything else but to touch and feel yourself getting bigger..."

"'M big now. Cock... big."

"Yeah, dude. Grow bigger."


"Your balls are getting bigger too..."

"Mah ballz?"

"Yes... your 'ballz'. They're growing to match your big cock."

"So heavy... now. Hard to move. Pants... so tight."

"Open your legs dude so you don't crush your 'ballz'."

"Yessss... big legz... sooo heavy..."

"Your thighs are so thick, your arms are so huge now, but you're still getting bigger. You're sweating just from standing because your body is getting so hot as it grows. Keeps growing bigger... more massive. But you don't really care that your armpits are getting smelly, do you? Somehow I think you actually *love* the way you smell. The smell of a big, strong, MAN with a huge fucking DICK."

"Fuuuuckk... yeah!"

"Now, flex your arms dude. They're probably 20 inches at least by now. I wanna see you flex out of that shirt. C'mon... spread those lats. You can do it, big boy!"


"Holy shit, that's it... PUMP up that chest, dude!"


"Damn, I can see your nips ripping out. They look as big and hard as the rest of you. Why don't I give them a little tweak... yeah, they look pretty sensitive. I saw your cock do a little jump when I did that so you pinch 'em real hard now and alternate rubbing your chest with those big paws of yours."

"Unnnhh.... whass.. touching... mah abs... uuh..."

"That's your cock, dude. It's way past your belly button and inching towards your pecs."

"Dude... cock... gett'n... bigg'r..."

"And your pecs are getting real heavy too, dude. You're gonna have pull back your shoulders to straighten out your chest. And your nips... thanks to your tweaking... have gotten as big as grapes and probably taste just as sweet."

"Yo... dude... you mak'n... thisss... happ'n. Whass... happenin'?"

"Oh, so you're starting to become aware of what's been happening but can't quite comprehend exactly what that is... except that you're feeling really, really good."

"G-gooooddd... yeaaaahhhh..."

"Take a deep breath, dude. Feel the oxygen going into your lungs and spreading into your muscles... making them grow... making them hard. Deep breaths, bigger muscles. The slower you do it, the bigger they get. And you can actually see your muscles growing."

"Balllzzz... feeeet... huuuurrttt..."

"Well, it's no wonder. Your balls are being crushed in your pants. Get those thunder thighs flexing, dude. Squeeze that ass and rip those pants to shreds! Now do the same for your shoes! Guess you've gotten too big for those size 13s you've got on."

"Uhnnhh... unhhh.... aaaaaaahhhhhh! Yesssss... b'ttr..."

"Your balls, dude, they're humongous! They're as big as softballs, both of them, and your cock is right between your pecs! It's as thick as your arms are now!"

"Whuh? Ooohh... sooo.. weeeiird..."

"Yeah, but still, you have to know what it feels like in your hands. Go for it, dude. Get your fingers over all the bumps and veins. Slide your palms all over the skin. Bring up your hands to just under the hood of your cock and tickle your glans and get a big ooze of pre going. It's still your same old cock, dude. Just a whole lot bigger!"


"It's impossible for you to get it all into your mouth, but you wanna to taste your own cock, don't you? And as you bring your head closer to your other head, you're gonna feel the heat from your breath, which sends shivers from the head down the shaft into your balls and then back into your body. Even breathing on your own cock feels so good. Just the hot breath is enough to make you so hard. But you know what it'll make it harder?"


"Your tongue."

"Mah tongue? Yeaaah... mah tongue..."

"So do it... You know how much you love a good wet blowjob on your big, fat cock. C'mon. Open your mouth, and stick out your tongue dude. You've wanted to do this for years. Slide it over your cockhead, feel the roughness of the skin against your tongue, and in turn your cock's gonna get so hard from that. It's almost symbiotic. Your tongue makes your cock feel good... your cock makes you feel so good."

"Uuuuuggggh... ccoooockkk... maaah ccoooocckkk... baalllzzzz... goooood... loving thiiiiiis..."

"Your cock stiffens up even more, and your balls continue to expand and grow and inflate. Spread your legs apart so that you can have a better stance. If you don't, your balls would pull you down."

"Ooooh... so heavy..."

"Use your big arms to squeeze your cock, dude. Pull it tight against your powerful pecs. It's like hugging a tree trunk, a warm, solid, pulsing tree trunk that oozing a lot of sap making it nice and slippery."

"Mmmmmm... yeaaaah..."

"All you care right now is to fuck your cock slit with your tongue, but it's getting so hard to pull your cockhead down to your mouth because your shaft is so thick. It's taking all the strength in your massive arms to rein it in and you're succeeding--for now. Stretch your neck to give yourself a little more leverage since you've barely tasted the expanse of your cockhead. There's just so many little places to run your tongue through, but more so your cock slit. Right now it's continually pumping out pre cum, so much of that good juice, man... it's amazing... and then with your tongue, reach out for that slit. Start out with tiny flicks just at the opening then slowly work your tongue is to the good part... the supersensitive part that's inside the slit."

"Ooooh fuuuuck... yeeaahhhhhh..."

"And with a little more effort you get more of your tongue inside... deeper, further down and before you know it, you're rimming your own cockhead... and each time you're rewarded with more fucksap covering your face. It's so nice rubbing your bowling ball-sized biceps on your cock. Up and down. Up and down."

"Huh, cock pop out!! Me can't no lick no more!"

"Yeah... I was afraid that would happen too soon for you. You know what's happened, right big boy? Your big ol' cock's gotten too big and fat for you to reach! Yep, look at it bobbin' around up there. No, no...up. Up! There it is! And if you think cock's too big, wait till you see the size of your balls. They're resting on your feet now. I can see your toes wriggling beneath them."

"Uhhhnngh... ballz soooo big... on flohr..."

"Use your thighs to rub your balls, dude."

"Can barely do it... ballz soooo fat now..."

"Yeah, but your quads are big enough to push even their weight around. Besides, you have to... so they can grow bigger."

"Mmmm, feelz good... ballz getting bigger!!"

"And your balls are so solid right now... so full of cummy-cum!"

"Hehe... yah!!"

"Good thing your balls are tough... 'cause pretty soon their going to have to carry your big muscle body on top of them."

"Wah??? I'm on tippy-toez... noooo!"

"Yeah, dude... your balls LIKE having your dumb musclejock body on top of them. That's why they're still growing. Just keep rubbing your cock at the sides. That's it, dude. Just keep doing that. Look how your balls are getting so tight. All that muscle pressing down on top of them and all of that good cummy-cum bloating them up big. Now, rock your body back and forth over your balls, dude, so you can slowly, and I mean, slowly get on your back. Holy shit, dude! Look! Your cock's almost to the ceiling! It's too big for your arms now, isn't it? No one could wrap their arms around that tree-trunk thick cock.

"Nooooo... no m-mooooore!"

"Oh no, 'dude'. You'll *get* more. Much more. See, since you've been growing... you haven't been getting taller! Not one inch. All this time you've just been getting thicker and denser and wider all over! Heh... even now you probably can't even bend your arms and legs because of all the thick, pumped muscle on them. They'll just be sticking out of your torso perfectly formed... gorgeous muscular arms that are so big they're useless. Your pecs are practically boulders now, and your traps have gotten so thick you can't even twist your neck. Funny thing is your waistline hasn't changed. You don't know how hard it's been keeping my hands to myself all night, dude, so you'll forgive me if I dispense with the foreplay. Here's what I'm gonna do to you the next hour or so. I'm gonna fuck your big cockhead, dude, especially that supersensitive opening, just the tip of the slits... like a sphincter with hot blood pumping in and through it making it full and so wet and warm. I'm gonna grab hold of the flange of your cockhead for support as I drill my dick into your cock slit."

"Ooooh... fuuuckk... nooo..."

"Oh fuck *yes*. And as I do that -- I'm gonna use my hands to massage your glans. I'm talkin' deep tissue here, dude. That'll makes your cock stiffen even more and ooze out a freakish amount of precum out of those massive cum-factories of yours right up and out of your big, fat mushroom head. Yeah, man. You're gonna make such a hot, wet, sloppy fuck! Oh yeah, 'dude', I'm gonna fuck you like you never dreamed was even possible.

"Buh...buh... why... you... doin' this... t'me?"

"Heh... why? Because you asked for it! When you begged me for your first taste of the growth formula. Hell, each and every time you took those shakes from me you begged for this to happen. You didn't know what was in that formula or what it would do to you. You just wanted it because it would make you bigger. Well, 'dude', there's no such thing a free lunch, buddy boy and now, it's time to pay the bill. You're bigger and this... well, *this* was what I wanted. I've always wanted to turn some hot muscle jock like you into a big over-inflated fucktoy with a big-ass fucktube for me to play with. Frankly, I just never thought it would be this fuckin' easy!"

"Nooooo! I... n-never... This sh-shiz wrong... dude!!!

"Yeah, well, you should have thought about that before you drank all of that experimental formula all these weeks. Speaking of which, here's one last *beautiful* can. Whaddya say you drink it. I can sit riiiight here on your pecs to help you.

"Noooooo... stopppp... p-pleeeaasee... toooo b-biig."

"Awww... now that's not the big guy I know! Remember what you used to say? 'There's no such thing as too big.' That's what you told me. Remember, dude?"

"No... I, I take it ba... glub... uhrrk... gulp... uhrrrk..."

"That's a good boy. Bottom's up!"