What's That Smell? (hypno smoking gainer)

The following story is a work of fiction. The characters portrayed within are a work of fiction as well, and any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is a coincidence and unintentional.

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Ugh... what's that smell, I thought as I was about to open the door to my dorm room. My nose crinkled at the odor that seemed to be coming from inside.

What the hell... was Roald smoking? And what the fuck was he smoking? Well, screw this. I wasn't going to have the RA chew out my ass because of this shit.

I pushed open the door and immediately coughed at the strong stench that was just everywhere. Eyes stinging, I pushed my way inside and closed the door behind me to keep the smell in. The last thing I wanted was the guys on my floor finding out about it. I turned around waving my arms in the air to get the smoke out of my face, but it didn't help much.

"Roald! What the fuck are you doing?" I coughed a couple more times and wiped my teary eyes. When I opened them, my jaw just dropped.


Instead of my roommate, I saw a huge fat-assed man sitting on his bed and smoking a cigar. Jeezus, he was fucking enormous. Big tits, big belly, big... cock. The man didn't seem to know I was in the room. He was just there with his eyes closed, smoking his cigar and stroking his unbelievably thick dick.

I gasped aloud, "Holy shit." Man, the room was just full of smoke.

The man turned his head and opened his eyes, and with a big goateed smile, he greeted me with a deep, gruff voice. "Oh, hi Harry. You're back. How was computer class?"

"H-harry? How'd you know my name you sick freak? Who are you, and where's Roald?" I coughed again. I tried my best to clear my throat from the smoke, but it was really getting to me.

"Huh? I am Roald. Harry, is there something wrong?"

"Wrong? Yeah, I tell you what's wrong. What's wrong is that there's a big naked blubberbutt pervert in my room saying he's my roommate!"

The man just laughed. "'Blubberbutt?' Yeah, I guess you can call me that now. 'Pervert?" Well, you've always known that." He then started rubbing his stomach as he puffed out a big plume of smoke over his head. "Yeah... feels fuckin' great."

For a second I stood there stunned by his audacity and his size. He wasn't all fat; he had muscles too... large muscles, lots of them. And now that I'd seen him a bit more, he looked like a contestant from the World's Strongest Man competition, but there was no fucking way this could have been my roommate since the Roald I knew was bamboo-thin and a nerd like no other.

"That's it, you have *cough* five seconds to get out of here *cough* before I call the police."

"Harry, it's me, Roald. Just relax man."

"Don't tell me... to relax..." Whoa... my head... dizzy all of a sudden.

"C'mon, it's been a long day, and I just wanted to sit here and enjoy my stogie. Is that so bad?"

"I guess... no, wait... who are you... *cough* really..."

"For the third and last time: me... Ro-ald, you... Har-ry. C'mon buddy, pull up a chair and chill out with me."

"If you're... who you say you are... what the hell... happened to you?"

"Just my fuckin' dream come true," he grinned. "I'm telling ya Harry, I've never felt better in my life. Coach said I'd be perfect for the powerlifting team instead of wasting my time studying all day."

"Coach said...?" Since when did my nerdy roommate ever talk to the coach?

"Yeah, and at first I was like, 'yeah right,' but after a little pep talk in his office he straightened me out."

"I don't... understand..."

"And you don't have to. So, whatcha say dude? Wanna hang for a bit? You don't seem to mind the smoke anymore."

It was true; I didn't even notice I was breathing normally again. The smoke even started to taste good in my mouth.

"Here, Harry, Coach gave me an box of this stuff to pass around." Roald--or whoever this guy claimed to be he was--pulled out a cigar from a box on the table beside his bed and handed it to me.

"But, I don't... I never smoke..."

"Sure ya do..."

I don't know why, but as soon as he said that, I just took the cigar, and, wow, it felt so nice holding it between my fingers. The heft, the balance, it was so hard to think about anything else aside from the cigar that was now in my hand. For one brief moment I thought I had to get out of here, but instead, I found myself floating down and sitting on the side of his bed.

I watched Roald strike a match on the wall and lit the tip of my cigar, and somehow I couldn't stop myself from puffing to get it started.

He then said, "Not too fast Harry... and don't inhale all the way in or you'll choke from the smoke. Just take it slow."

Slow. Relaxed. The things he'd been saying were the same as what I was feeling.

"Yeah, that's it," he nodded approvingly, and I shivered a bit when he did that. "Now, keep it in your mouth for a bit."

I stopped pulling in the smoke and closed my eyes. My eyelids were so heavy at that point, but rest of me was floating. I could hear Roald breathing; I could hear my heart beating. I don't know how long I was like that until I heard Roald say, "Blow it out, Harry."

Oh God, it was so good. The taste, the smell... everything... and I was so relaxed. I looked at Roald, and he was grinning. I dunno why I didn't believe him the first time. Underneath those chubby cheeks and thick goatee, I could make out my roommate's face. He really looked happy and content, and damn if the bald head didn't make him look like a stud.

Stud? Wait... what was I...

"Go ahead Harry, take another puff... let's do it together."

I said, "Yeah, man," and we did. After expelling a big billow of smoke, Roald lay his wide back to the wall, spread his massive thighs apart and went back to fondling his huge dick.

I felt my cock hardening in my pants just from watching him, but it also felt like my entire body was tingling and getting tight all over, but especially down there. I shifted how I was seated on the bed to give my cock more room to grow. I didn't know why I was so horny; I just was.

I watched Roald smoking and stroking, and I felt the need to do the same.

Why the fuck not? It was my room too. We were just two buddies sharing a jerk, right? Why should he have all the fun?

I popped open my jeans and pulled out my cock. Weird... it was so big already, and it wasn't even all the way hard yet. Was it ever this big before? It was hefty and a had nice balance to it.

Ah, fuck it. Just as long as it felt good wanking it, and it did... oh, yeah, it fucking did.

Harry walks into his roommate Roald.