You Need Some Meat On Your Bones (mm mc musc)

Here's an experiment I tried: adapting a lesbian, weight gain story to one with an M4M muscle growth theme. With apologies to jerkinagain, author of "Content as A Cow", which inspired this hopefully fun little romp.

The following story is a work of fiction. The characters portrayed within are a work of fiction as well, and any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is a coincidence and unintentional.

Copyright © 2011. This story is the property of the author, O'Melissokomos. Any duplication, in whole or in part, is forbidden without his express written consent.

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Alone in the dark, Wendell Smith got ready for his daily jog at five in the morning. There was an eerie silence that filled the house that he had lived in for the past twenty years. The forty-year-old project manager was now divorced, and no longer would he have to hear the voice his ex-wife Jill. No longer would they be arguing over paying the bills or why she bought this and that. It was all the heated arguments that made him fall out of love with his wife. It was the annoying need to listen to her justify why she purchased a new pair of shoes that she just HAD to have that drove him up the wall.

As Wendell made his run around the neighborhood, his thoughts kept going back to why he and Jill split up, and it all boiled down to her extravagant taste in clothes. Primarily a housewife, she sold cosmetics as a sideline and always liked to look "professional", as she put it. Wendell didn't mind Jill buying herself new outfits for work, but it was the prices of these outfits that really pissed him off. Wendell would spend up to a thousand dollars on dresses and well over hundreds of dollars on shoes, and her commissions hardly covered the bills leaving him to foot most of them. These kinds of costly purchases led Wendell to accuse Jill of using her "job" as an excuse to buy expensive clothes, and these arguments led him into having less and less physical contact with her.

Those days were over now. Jill filled her sexual needs with other men, in particular the husbands of her clients, which directly led to their divorce. Thanks to the prenuptial agreement, Wendell got to keep the house, and he was now pondering what his life would be like after being married for two decades. He was thankful that the two of them didn't have any children.

When Wendell had finished his route and was heading home, a loud noise distracted him from his recollections. He glanced at his watch and saw it was six in the morning, and that he didn't even notice that the sun had already risen. Keeping his stride, he looked up to see what the commotion was all about, and what he saw were two young shirtless muscular men unloading big, heavy boxes by themselves from a U-Haul moving van parked in front of the house right besides his. Wendell quickly induced that these two guys were renting out his neighbors' house for the summer. He lived in a resort area of Maine, and every year, from the Fourth of July to Labor Day, his elderly neighbors would rent their house out to tourists for the season. He found it weird that they were bringing in a lot of stuff when the house was already fully-furnished.

Wendell winced from a tinge of inadequacy seeing the guys with their ripped muscles flexing in the sunshine. He himself was a six-foot-four tall, painfully slim man of forty plus years. His body hadn't changed much since his high school days when he barely weighed one hundred twenty pounds, and he guessed he wouldn't even weigh half of either of the guys. He thought about the Bowflex he bought years ago that he barely ever used and was now stored away in his garage.

Wendell went up to introduce himself to the two guys moving in. They were Luke, a six-foot-two 21-year old blue-eyed blond and Mark, a solid six-foot-one olive-green-eyed 20-year-old with dark brown hair. The guys were college roommates who had come to town to work at a local gym in town as personal trainers. Wendell could see why these guys could be trainers. Both guys had impressively huge bodies, even moreso up close where he could see their fantastic definitions. Since he had nothing better to do for the rest of that Saturday, Wendell invited Luke and Mark over to have lunch with him later. The guys, after talking between themselves for a bit, accepted the invitation, but they insisted that they bring their own food since they were on a strict nutritional regimen, which made sense to Wendell.

A few hours later at around noon, Luke and Mark showed up at Wendell's home, and they all went to the kitchen where they started getting to know each other. Wendell told them all about his life growing up in Maine, his work as a successful project manager, and his failed marriage, and he found out that Luke and Mark both graduated college with degrees in biochemistry and even minored in psychology. He was quite surprised to hear that they used to be as thin as he was right now when they were in senior year, and that they didn't consider personal training until a month or two before their graduation.

The time just flew by, and Wendell became concerned he was taking up too much of his new neighbor's time, but every time Wendell mentioned that the two guys haven't finished moving in yet, they told him not to worry about it and to sit and enjoy the food they brought. Having company felt good, and for some reason, Wendell felt really, really comfortable talking and listening to them, especially to Luke.

It didn't take long before all the food was gone, and Wendell was completely stuffed. His belly bulged out as if he was pregnant, which he found hilarious on his skinny-reed body. Wendell told the guys he was so full and sleepy, and the guys laughed. Luke let Wendell know he had no need to worry about being full, and it be good for him to put some meat on his bones, and that if he wanted to take a nap right there and then, that'd be perfectly fine. Wendell thought about that for a second and promptly dozed off in the kitchen.

A few hours later, Wendell woke up, and he found himself standing in his garage with Luke and Mark who were moving his Bowflex out from storage. He wondered how they knew about that. He must've mentioned it to them, but couldn't remember when he did. Luke said that since Wendell was a newly-divorced man, they wanted to make sure he didn't dwell on the situation by keeping himself busy and get himself fit in the process. Luke and Mark taught Wendell how to use the Bowflex, to which Wendell took to very quickly. Wendell thought how strange it was that his muscles felt very strong. Also, he just couldn't say no to these guys.

After the workout, the guys went back to their house, and Wendell went up to his bedroom and found himself fascinated by his aching body. Wendell decided to take a nice warm shower before heading off to bed. The shower felt nice and relaxing upon his naked body. He shampooed his dark hair and covered his nearly hairless body with soap as he rubbed his hands over his bony chest. He felt somewhat aroused as his nipples became erect.

Wendell slowly caressed his soap-covered cock, and he proceeded to masturbate leading to a very intense orgasm. He shot out one big load after another, not understanding why the achy feeling made him so horny, but it felt so wonderfully good. Wendell dried himself off and, not even bothering with putting on any clothes, he slid under his bed sheets where he fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

When Wendell woke up it was about 10am the next day. The sun was out, and it shined through the slits of his bedroom's window blinds. He felt a bit bad missing out on doing his morning jog at the usual time and promised to make up for it later. Wendell went towards the blinds to open them to let more of the warm light in, and he realized could see right into the next door neighbor's fenced-in yard. His house was the only one in the block that had that vantage point.

He looked out the window, and he was shocked to see his new neighbors sunbathing in the buff. Both their naked bodies glistened in the sun, and normally, Wendell would have looked away already since he was straight and all, but Luke and Mark were so big, so beautiful to look at that he couldn't take his eyes off them, that is, until the thought came to him that he had a pair of binoculars in his closet that he could use to get a closer look.

With his binoculars, Wendell could easily see the guys were facing down on their towels, their bare, big, solid asses looking like two pairs of glorious mounds. They were laying close side by side and were occasionally touching each other playfully. Then they turned over to lie down on their backs and, in the process, their massive dicks popped up and flopped on their abs as the two settled into position. Wendell's mouth went dry from seeing their flaccid yet full cocks, and he could imagine how stiff their nipples were on their big, muscular chests.

Thinking the guys couldn't see him standing in front of his bedroom window from their backyard, Wendell continued to spy through the blinds, but without his knowledge, Luke had already spotted Wendell minutes ago, and the big blonde raised his big hands and tenderly caressed Mark's massive bare pecs, which Wendell found inexplicably hot.

Wendell was straight, or he thought he was, but that didn't stop him from lowering one of his hands towards his hardening cock, which he started massaging as he watched the two bodybuilders embracing and kissing each other, squeezing their huge pecs, their muscled abs into each other. Then Mark flipped himself around, and Wendell couldn't believe that Luke and Mark started sucking each other's cocks, and he wanted so bad to be with them even though he'd only been with women since he could remember. Wendell played with himself as he ogled at the two young men make passionate sex, and when Wendell saw Luke and Mark cumming, he did too, even more powerfully than he did last night in the shower.

Afterwards, Wendell felt so ashamed for not only spying on his neighbors and but even moreso for jacking off while doing so. He went to the bathroom to wash up, and as soon as he finished, he suddenly couldn't remember anything that happened since he woke up, but that didn't bother him at all, and he went on with his Sunday morning.

That afternoon, Luke and Mark showed up bearing food at Wendell's house and got him to work out again, and this time they joined him. Wendell wasn't gay, but he felt so hot and even slightly sexy being around his new neighbors and eagerly did everything they told him to do. After their workout, they had a huge dinner that Wendell scarfed down without a second thought, and he went to bed very happy.

Over the next few days, Wendell was visited by Luke and Mark after they got home from work, bringing a ton of food, which Wendell politely refused at first, telling the guys he wasn't hungry, but the guys ended up convincing him to eat and drink whatever he was told to since he needed some meat on his bones. Besides, they were going to work out before eating, which made sense to Wendell even though it didn't make sense why he's working out so much now.

At the end of the following week, Wendell had gained twenty pounds of muscle, but to his surprise, most of the weight hadn't gone directly to his waist like he thought it would because he hadn't gone jogging since that Saturday but in fact found that was he developing some muscle tone that he began to enjoy feeling up whenever he masturbated which seemed to happen more often than before. He couldn't understand why his libido was so high, and sometimes two or even three orgasms in a row weren't enough. Fortunately, he'd catch Luke and Mark sunbathing nude every Sunday morning, giving him a reason to jack off, and he became quite the voyeur, wondering if he could ever join them, but forgetting all about after he had cleaned himself after cumming.

Eventually, Wendell maxxed out his Bowflex; it wasn't good enough for him anymore. That was when he received a text message from Luke and Mark which said, "YOU NEED SOME MEAT ON YOUR BONES! TIME TO HIT THE GYM!" At the end of the message was the address where the two guys worked. Wendell tried not to think about what these crazy guys were up to as he worked in his office, but his mind kept going to back to the message until he thought what the hell, and after he was done with work, he got himself in his car to drive to the gym. When Wendell got home hours later, he couldnt' remember where he had been since he left the office, but that didn't matter to him. All he wanted was to get to bed since he was so tired, full from eating a heavy dinner and just ached all over.

From then, Wendell would get the same text message every weekday, and the same thing would happen again night after night, and by the end of the summer, he had gained thirty more pounds of pure muscle and an additional twenty pounds from fat. His once fit trim body had filled out tremendously, and at 6'4", looked totally intimidating. He looked like a off-season roided bodybuilder who stopped shaving. His face and once-hairless chest and abs had gotten so hairy. He had a bigger chest than he had ever had in his life, even bigger than Luke's and Mark's were. His belly now was a muscled gut, and his flat ass was transformed into a bubble butt, but since his clothes had gotten tight on him, especially his underwear that just couldn't hold in his cock like they used to, he decided to just stay naked whenever he was at home especially during the weekends.

People in Wendell's office could hardly recognize him these days, but they chalked it up to a divorcee's mid-life crisis. Besides, they saw that Wendell's output increased and became an even more approachable project manager, and they became quite happy his new look and outlook in life.

Wendell, on the other hand, had no idea of why his body was changing the way it was, and every time he thought about it, his concern would just melt away. He just knew that he was constantly hungry and horny, and that every time he met up with Luke and Mark, he felt so happy and at home. He loved them like the sons he never had.

Then the Friday night before Labor Day, Wendell got a phone call from Luke and Mark saying that they were coming over, and there was something that Luke said that got Wendell so excited and horny that when he answered his front door to let them, he was completely naked, hard and leaking. It was almost unbelievable how much Wendell had changed since he met Luke and Mark. Not only was he now bigger than either of them in every way, he was much stronger too. If he had control of his faculties, he would have realized everything those two had done to him, turning him into a sex-crazy muscled freak at their disposal, but all one could see from Wendell's eyes were devotion, obedience and lust. He would never lift a finger to hurt his young masters.

"Sit on the sofa, Wendell," Luke ordered, and Wendell happily obeyed as Luke and Mark admired the fruit of their summer's labor. They very much approved at how Wendell's enormous pecs hung heavily over his muscle gut, how his arms looked like ham hocks and how thick and solid his thighs and calves were.

"Look Mark, our friend Wendell has developed a very nice body, don't you think?" Luke said as Wendell smiled at being praised, but he wasn't sure what for.

"Yes, I can see that, and his nipples have gotten extra thick and long for pinching," Mark replied.

Luke turned, looking directly into Wendell's eyes, and said, "Pinch your nips for us, you big pig." Wendell obediently took his left hand to his left pec and started pinching his erect nipple, then he raised his right hand and started pinching its nipple. He kept doing this to his own nipples even after they became too sensitive to touch, and the pain just made his hard cock get even harder.

"Tonight you're our piggy, but in time you'll become our muscle bull," Mark said. "We decided to stay and live here in the neighborhood, and when our lease next door runs out next week, we'll be moving in with you rent-free for as long as we want, and you'll be our obedient slave. You'll learn to cook our food and clean for us, but you'll be treated in a way you never were by your bitch of an ex-wife. That's a fair trade, isn't it?"

Wendell nodded his head up and down yes fully aware he was under these two guys' control now but loving how good it felt being controlled by them. He loved Luke and Mark so much.

"Yup, that's what we thought you'd say," Luke laughed. Ever since they successfully tested their college thesis on one of their classmates, he and Mark had always wanted another muscle bull to control, and they had bred a beautiful one in Wendell and gotten a hot muscle daddy in the process.

Mark said, "Now time for a little business. Lie down on the sofa and open up your legs, Wendell."

Wendell immediately did what he was told, and before he knew it, he was being hooked up to a cum milker.

"Your balls have gotten quite huge," Luke spoke tenderly as he caressed Wendell's big round bare ass and applied some lube right into his sphincter. Mark approached Wendell's inviting big muscular ass with a twelve-inch dildo and inserted it slowly into Wendell's greasy hole.

Luke activated the milker that started pumping Wendell's cock, and Mark fucked Wendell's ass with the big dildo. Wendell moaned loudly, grunting like the big dumb animal that he was, and as he was being pumped and fucked, Luke was talking right into his ear, and while he couldn't make out the words, Wendell felt Luke was speaking straight into his soul, and he just got hornier and hornier with every minute that passed, but every time he was about to shoot, Luke and Mark would pull back and let his orgasmic urges ebb before resuming his torture-cum-pleasure.

Wendell lost track of how many times he had been brought back from the edge of cumming, but he didn't care. He was so happy that his masters were finally playing with him, and when he was finally allowed to cum, he just about passed out from the incredible mind-blowing orgasm that rippled through his hairy body as torrents of cum spewed out from his cock and every last drop was greedily sucked into the machine. Wendell would never know how his valuable his cum had become for Luke and Mark's burgeoning personal training business.

Luke then released Wendell from the milker, and Mark pulled out the dildo. Together they gently lay the much bigger man flat on the floor. Luke then latched his lips onto Wendell's left nipple; Mark latched his onto the right, and the two of them started stroking their huge cocks as they sucked Wendell's muscled pecs. He was everything they'd hoped he'd be, and more.

Lovingly, Wendell softly caressed his two masters' hair, and he mooed happily as warm creamy cum shot all over his bull thighs. He was content as a cow.