Can't Hypnotize Me

Stuart woke up at 7 a.m. just like any other day for the past week. Alone, annoyed with the sound his phone alarm was making, and wishing as usual that it was the weekend. Mustering all the willpower he could manage, he made a mighty effort and lifted his lean frame off the bed, remarking through the undrawn curtains that it was still dark outside. Clad in only tight, black briefs, he shivered a little as he made his way to the shower, fighting the urge as he soaked in the hot water not to give himself the release he’d been denied for more than a week now, all the while reminding himself that he just needed to last one more day. One more day. April would finally be home from that damn business trip and then, after proposing with the carefully selected ring he had bought a month ago, things would finally be looking up.

He left the shower in the same hazy stupor with which he came out of bed, marching all the way to his kitchen to start the day with coffee like he always did. Once satisfactorily infused with caffiene, he finally managed to will himself to get dressed and ready just in time for the daily knock on his door to come.

The man standing at the doorway was none other than his neighbour and co-office worker, Tony. Having just moved to the city last month, Tony now occupied the flat just beside his, the place where Stuart found himself spending most of his time after work since April left and since Tony had gotten that awesome home theatre system. As Stuart walked down the stairs in silence behind Tony, he found himself marvelling at the fact that he’d all but hated the man when he’d first moved in. Tall, muscular, confident, the older man was everything Stuart was not. The fact that the man used to hang out at their flat quite often at first had set off alarm bells in Stuart’s head that if he wasn’t careful, he was going to lose April, who had more than on one occasion remarked on how fit Tony was.

Thankfully that was out of the way, Stuart thought. In the time when they had started drinking together, Stuart had somehow managed to confess his insecurities on the matter, after which Tony had assured him that he wasn’t after April. He was just trying to make friends, being new in the city and all.
And Stuart trusted Tony. Which was good enough for now.

“Just one more day, eh?” Tony grinned as they got into his car.

“Yep,” Stuart smiled back. “One more day.”

“It’s a good thing I’ve got killer speakers in my living room,” Tony laughed.

“That way I won’t have to listen to you two lovebirds getting it on.”

“Let’s hope they’re enough, buddy,” Stuart replied.

The day at work passed unremarkably as usual. The boss had been a bit anal lately, Stuart felt, and seemed to be more intent than ever to come down on him and ruin his life. Tony gave him a sympathetic look from his cubicle as he marched back to his own, coming back from a good shouting from the old woman’s office. Try as he might, Stuart could not figure out why he was finding it so hard to focus lately.

“Maybe it’s just because you and the little man just miss her too much,” Tony joked in the car on the way home.

“No... no, that’s not it,” Stuart sighed. “Oddly I don’t even think of her that much at work. I just can’t put my finger on it. These past few days... something’s just been a bit off.”

“Maybe you’re just not happy working there,” Tony suggested. And it wasn’t the first time the guy had brought it up. And it usually annoyed Stuart, because as far back as he could remember, he’d always thought working at a publishing company would be his life’s dream. How could he be getting bored of it so quickly?

Now however, Stuart was beginning to wonder if Tony had a point after all. Editing was a lot tougher than he’d originally thought it would be.

“What can I do?” Stuart sighed. “It’s not like I can just quit and have April take care of me.”

And as usual, Tony had no reply.

Upon arriving at home, Stuart went back to his apartment to freshen up and change before immediately heading on over to Tony’s place.

“Geez, has the heating STILL not been fixed yet?” Stuart remarked as he came in, unbuttoning his shirt instinctively. Tony’s heater had started acting up about two days ago, leaving the whole living room a bit uncomfortably warm. And while he’d been a bit self conscious at first sitting watching TV without his shirt on with his neighbour, it didn’t bother him that much anymore.

“Apparently not,” Tony sighed. “I’m going to give them a call again later and really give them a piece of my mind.”

As Tony turned on the TV, Stuart’s annoyance was soon forgotten and before long the two were at their usual routine, eating pizza together while watching the late night news.

“Hey,” Tony muttered casually as he started switching channels randomly. “Is it just me or is the room hotter than before?”

“I... I don’t know,” Stuart replied, wiping the sweat off his brow. Now that Tony mentioned it, the room WAS slightly warmer than last night. How did he miss that?

“This is getting annoying,” Tony grunted as he stood up. “I don’t know about you but I’m taking these pants off.” And before Stuart could even contemplate or protest, the man had pulled down his tracks, leaving on nothing but a pair of white briefs that left little to the imagination. Stuart hadn’t even noticed that his eyes were lewdly trailing down those massive, sweaty tree-trunk like thighs until he heard Tony say, “I hope I’m not making you uncomfortable or anything.”

“Oh, no! Not at all!” Stuart replied almost too quickly, wondering to himself why his eyes hadn’t averted away immediately. Hoping to cast aside any doubts that he was comfortable with the situation, not having any queer thoughts at all, he followed suit, taking his pants off as well.

“Huh,” Tony mumbled, staring at Stuart’s black briefs. “I thought you said you preferred boxers.”

And up to the beginning of the week, that had been true too. “I dunno,” Stuart mumbled sheepishly. “When you said you wore these I thought I’d give them a try. And you were right. I love them.”

“I’m right about a lot of things, aren’t I?” Tony said, flashing a cocky grin.
They sat back on the couch together, trying to find something good to watch. Tony had an arm around Stuart’s shoulder while his other hand handled the remote. Back and forth, he just kept changing channels but there just didn’t seem to be anything good on.

“So you figured out how you gonna do it yet?” Tony asked.

“Do what?” Stuart asked.

“Propose, silly,” Tony laughed. “It’s all you’ve been able to talk about since we started hanging out.”

“Oh. Ah.. haven’t... really given much thought to that,” Stuart replied, distracted by the wrestling match Tony had finally settled on.

“Weren’t you going to propose tomorrow night when she comes back?” Tony asked.

“Well... I can give it a bit more time,” Stuart replied absent-mindedly. “So I can plan it out a bit more.”

They settled back into silence as the wrestling match wore on. Stuart could only wonder why he wasn’t complaining and asking to change the channel like he usually did when Tony settled on these things. He’d never given much thought to the sport before, thinking it was just a waste of time and brain power. Yet now he was beginning to think it was worth watching after all. Sure it didn’t all look real. But it at least beat those corny soaps April loved to watch.

When the match ended, Tony continued channel surfing for a bit before, sighing, he dropped the remote and turned to him and said, “Why don’t we do something else instead? Doesn’t look like there’s much else good on.”

“Something else like...?”

Tony grinned as he reached over to the coffee table and picked up an all too familiar pocket watch, dangling it playfully in front of Stuart’s face.

“Oh come on, not that again,” Stuart rolled his eyes. “You’ve tried the hypnotizing shtick five times already, and I told you it doesn’t work on me.”

“Well, you never know. Fifth time could be the charm,” Tony replied, an amused look on his face.

“I really don’t get why I should be subjecting myself to this,” Stuart sighed.

“It’s really for YOUR amusement, not mine. And it’s not like it’s ever worked. For all your attempts, I haven’t clucked or danced around even once. This’ll just go on for thirty minutes, then you’ll give up and I go home. So why don’t we skip that tonight and just let me go home?”

“Oh come on. It could really work out for your benefit too. Once I’m done making you cluck like a chicken, it could help you focus at work,” Tony suggested.

Stuart looked at the innocent looking pocket watch dangling in front of him. Contemplating for a bit, he finally caved in as he usually did and sighed, “Fine. But like I said before, my mind’s too strong for this bullshit.”

He would’ve liked to believe so anyway. Seeing that he didn’t measure up in terms of brute strength, it was a nice, comforting thought to believe that it had been compensated by his brains. The trick, he’d told himself the first time the routine had been brought up, was to focus on something important and not let that focus sway no matter what Tony said. While he didn’t mind letting Tony try out his skills, Stuart wasn’t too sure if he was ready to give away control to someone else. Even if it was someone he trusted.

And so he focused on April as the pocket watch began to swing in that familiar, pendulous arc before his eyes.

“Nothing exists but the watch, and my voice,” Tony’s deep voice intoned in his ears.

“Nothing exists but the watch and your voice,” Stuart repeated as he did the first few times, sounding less than a little enthusiastic.

“As I count backwards from ten to one, as in the last few nights before, you will find yourself getting sleepier and sleepier,” Tony continued, his hot breath tickling Stuart’s ear at a distance that he would’ve normally found uncomfortable. Tempted as Stuart was to tell Tony that his instructions were flawed- he had never found himself getting even a little sleepier as Tony counted down- he resisted the urge and followed the watch with his eyes in complete silence.


He thought about April. What time was he supposed to pick her up at the airport again?


Wait, where was the airport again? How was he going to drive there?


Why was he even going to the airport in the first place?


Wow, the room really was warm. He was just now realizing how sweaty he was all over. If he weren’t supposed to focus, he’d be wiping the sweat accumulating on his-

Tony must’ve been feeling it too. The warm body leaning against his was no less covered in sweat than he was.


The room was getting dimmer.


The scent of Tony’s sweat was strong in the air. It felt familiar. It felt right.


There was only the watch and Tony.


Watch. Tony.


And almost immediately, Stuart’s limp form slumped backwards onto the couch, his eyes now blank and unfocused. Tony chuckled to himself as he finally allowed himself to touch the younger man’s desperate cock through the fabric of those black briefs. This time it looked like Stuart had lost his precious focus a lot earlier, looking sleepy by the time he’d only reached eight, and he didn’t even have to repeat the countdown at all.

“Perfect,” Tony whispered to himself. By now Stuart’s unquestionable trust in him was sufficient enough that it was time to tear down those walls in his mind and make a new man out of him. Considering the sheer amount of resistance the man was accustomed to putting up, Tony had only dared make small changes bit by bit over the course of the past few weeks.

Yet small though they were, they had definitely accumulated, and here he was, lying asleep on his couch with nothing on but his briefs. A prospect which, only a month ago Stuart would’ve definitely have refused, cutting all ties with him and calling him a faggot.

“Hello there, Stuart,” Tony whispered, stroking gently between Stuart’s thighs.

“How are you feeling today?”

“G..good...” Stuart shivered happily as Tony gave the younger man’s cock a nice, firm squeeze through the fabric.

“Yes... being hypnotized makes you feel wonderful, doesn’t it? Now relax, boy, and follow me.” And with that, Tony took Stuart by the hand and led his entranced neighbour away from the living room into the bedroom, which was now lit with dozens of candles. The older man led his captivated prey over to a mirror, standing him right in front of it before he went behind the younger man, admiring the way he looked, his body glistening with sweat, his cock pushing against the contours of his briefs.

“You look like you could use a little attention, boy. Did you touch yourself at all today?” Tony asked.

“No,” came Stuart’s blank response.

“And why didn’t you?” Tony pressed on.

“I’m saving myself for April,” Stuart replied.

“No, Stuart. You were saving yourself for me,” Tony corrected him.

“Saving myself... for you,” Stuart repeated.

“Because tonight’s a special night, isn’t it?” Tony whispered huskily from behind, his large, muscular arms enveloping the younger man in a warm, loving embrace.

“T..tomorrow...” Stuart stammered.

Wow. Looks like the boy still had a bit of fight left in him after all, Tony thought admiringly. “No, Stuart. Not tomorrow. Tonight. Nothing of importance is happening tomorrow.”


“That’s right. Tonight. Because there’s nothing more important outside this room, is there, boy? There’s nothing better than the two of us, alone, just like you’ve always dreamed of,” Tony whispered encouragingly, tweaking the younger man’s nipples as he spoke.

“Like I’ve always...” Stuart didn’t complete the sentence, moaning pleasurably at the sensations washing down his body as those thick fingers playfully rubbed his nipples.

“Now, Stuart. When I tell you to wake up, you will do so. You will revert back to who you were before I even started hypnotizing you. You will wake up, but you will not be able to move your body at all. You will not be able to fight me at all. Is that clear?” Tony asked.


“Good. Then awaken.”

It was like a switch had been flipped. The blank stare the young man had been giving at his own reflection was almost instantaneously replaced by horror in the few seconds it took for him to recognize the fact that he was standing almost naked in the arms of another man, sweating profusely, his cock twitching wantonly and feeling something that was unquestionably wrong pressing against the crack of his ass.

“Holy shit!” Stuart gasped. “What the fuck is this? Why can’t I move?”

“Shhh...” Tony lifted a finger smelling of Stuart’s own sweat-soaked briefs to the helpless man’s lips, instantly silencing his protests. “I just wanted you to have one good look at yourself before I change you.”

“Change me into what you sick fuck?” Stuart demanded.

“I thought it should be obvious from where you’re standing. Into my very own cum-slut, of course,” Tony grinned as he slowly moved away from Stuart, the obviously frightened man frozen to the spot.

“ can’t do that!” Stuart gasped. “There’s no way I would let you do that to me!”

“Well...” Tony replied as he walked over to a set of drawers. “Considering your current situation, I don’t think it’s really a question of you letting me do anything, is it? You’ve let me ‘try to hypnotize you’ quite happily over the past few days, and that was permission enough for me to come in.”

“But I resisted! Every night you fail and I-

“Actually, you’re the one who fails, boy. While it’s true that you mount up quite a great deal of resistance- much more than I’ve ever encountered, by the way, congratulations- eventually I have you falling asleep in my arms anyway, snuggled contently beside me in my bed until morning,”

“No... I remember waking up in my own bed,” Stuart whispered, more to himself than to Tony.

“Because that’s what I want you to remember,” Tony said. “Actually every morning since this started, you get up, march over to my bathroom, take a shower there before going back to your kitchen next door clad in only a towel.”

“” Stuart muttered with disbelief. It was beginning to come back to him now. Flashes, at least.

Tony returned from the drawers carrying a red, silk tie. One that Stuart instantaneously recognized.

“This was from the first night I convinced you my heater was damaged,” Tony grinned triumphantly, carefully putting the tie on Stuart’s neck. “Bet you didn’t even notice it was gone. Considering it was your anniversary gift from April last year, I’d have expected it to ring at least some alarms in that head of yours. Well... after tonight, you’ll only remember it as the tie I gave you when we started dating.”

“No...” Stuart whispered helplessly as Tony took his place behind Stuart again, this time resting his chin playfully on Stuart’s shoulder as he dangled the pocket watch in front of Stuart’s face again.

“Now then, if you must know, I’ve been saving myself for tonight too. So you’ll forgive me if I rush this along a bit. It’s been nice getting to familiarize you with licking my armpits and sucking my cock, but tonight I’d like to finally pump you full of a nice, healthy dose of manseed if that’s alright with you,” Tony whispered, his goatee just slightly tickling Stuart’s neck.

“I’ll fight you,” Stuart whispered determinedly as the watch began to swing. Tony had made a mistake, as far as he was concerned. That tie dangling over his bare chest would remind him of April. It would always remind him of April.

“Nothing exists but the watch and my voice,” Tony began.

“Nothing...” Stuart began to mutter before he somehow stopped himself. “No. No this isn’t happening.”

“Nothing exists but the watch and my voice,” Tony repeated, his voice a bit firmer this time.

“Nothing exists but...” He willed himself, more powerfully then ever to think of April. His love. The woman he would marry.

“Nothing exists but the watch and my voice,” Tony repeated again.

“Nothing...exists... but... the watch... and...”

Tony reached around to cup his balls.

“...your voice.” Stuart finished, a hint of a monotone forming at the last word.

“There. Much better,” Tony smiled, giving Stuart a playful lick at the ear.


I’m fighting you all the way, you sick bastard.


You can’t hypnotize me. Not when I have April.


You can’t hypnotize me. Not when I have April.

“Seven...” Tony’s hand left his groin, grasping his left wrist firmly.
You can’t hypnotize me. Must think of April.

“Six.” Stuart’s hand was helplessly led behind his back, touching something that felt more than a little familiar.

You can’t hypnotize me. I won’t let you.

“Five.” Stuart’s hand instinctively wrapped itself around its delicious warmth.

You can’t hypnotize me. I won’t-

“Four.” Separated only by the fabric of those deliciously pungent white briefs, Stuart’s desperate hand started to grope frantically.

You can’t hypnotize me.

“Three.” He wondered how they would sme-

You can’t hyp-


You can’t.


“Wake up.”

Stuart opened his eyes to find himself in the same position as he last remembered. The pocket watch still dangled in front of his eyes, Tony still standing behind him. He managed a sigh of relief. Tony had failed. He’d won.

“I told you you couldn’t hypnotize me,” he muttered happily. He could move his body again.

Tony looked disappointed. Working his way out of the larger man’s embrace, Stuart turned around to stare directly into the older man’s eyes as he said, “It was nice of you to try and do this for my relationship with April, I told you, it won’t happen unless I let you.”

“Poor April,” Tony whispered, his gorgeous lips breaking into a smile. “What can I do to for you to let me do this for you?”

“You can’t just change me into a straight man with hypnosis. You just can’t,” Stuart said firmly. “But I will let you hypnotize me in the future... if you let me have what I want.”

“And what DO you want?” Tony asked.

Stuart let out a soft snigger as he leaned in and whispered the answer in Tony’s ear. Tony feigned a look of surprise as he backed off a little. “Are you sure?”

“Hell yeah. I’ve tried pretending I was straight and didn’t want your cock in my mouth long enough.” Stuart replied enthusiastically.

“Then what are we waiting for, then?” the older man laughed as he all but peeled off his briefs, the younger man following suit. Leading Stuart back to the bed by the tie round his neck, it wasn’t long before he his new boy pressed deliciously beneath his massive, sweaty frame, moaning lustfully between their desperate kisses. The dam finally let loose, Stuart made sure to let the older man know just how much he wanted this, bucking and grinding harder and harder so that their leaking erections rubbed powerfully against each other.

When the kissing finally stopped, Tony stopped for awhile to marvel at his own handiwork. The usually uptight straight editor from next door now pinned beneath him, his hair tousled and drenched with sweat, his eyes hazy with lust, a drop of drool leaking down the side of his face.

“I’ve wanted this for so long...” Stuart whispered huskily as he grasped Tony’s more than impressive erection affectionately.

“So have I, boy,” Tony whispered back. “So have I.”

And with that, all bets were off. In their wild throes of animalistic passion, Stuart let the glistening, hairy muscle god lift him off the bed and pin him to the wall, their lips and fingers desperately searching for new inches of flesh as they moved around the room and the floor, their moans awash with ecstasy.

And by night’s end, Stuart lay face down on the bed, his face pressed into Tony’s briefs as Tony lay atop him, pistoning his erection in and out of the boy’s willing ass.

“Mmm..yeah, smell that boy. Smell your master real good,” Tony grunted, pressing the boy’s face in deeper and deeper into the mattress and his underwear as he quickened his pace, all but pounding the boy nice and hard, just the way he’d wanted it.

Just as Tony’s grunts quickened in pace and increased in volume, so too did Stuart’s muffled ‘Mmmfs’ of delight, until when Tony finally roared his completion, pumping copious amounts of warm cum into Stuart, Stuart’s too let out a final ‘Mmmmm....’ trailing off as he too found his completion, staining Tony’s bedsheets.

Beyond that for Stuart, there was only the slight feeling of emptiness as Tony pulled out, followed by the unbeatable feeling of content as he snuggled up against Tony, licking what was undoubtedly his new lover’s cum from the man’s fingers.

He fell asleep with Tony’s index finger still in his mouth.


Stuart woke up at 7 a.m. just like any other day for the past week, except that for the first time in a good long time, he felt GOOD. He turned to find his lover already awake, smiling sleepily at him as he rose out of bed and walked up to the undrawn curtains with his morning wood already starting to show, flopping shamelessly in the cold, dark room.

“What are you going to tell April?” Tony asked.

“Oh anything. Nothing. It won’t really matter,” Stuart sighed. “After last night, I’m never going to sleep in that other room again. I want to wake up like this everyday.”

“Are you sure?” Tony rose to stand behind Stuart, the two of them looking out the window onto the streets below.

“Yeah. She’ll have to understand,” Stuart replied. “And if she doesn’t, well I’ll buy her some really loud speakers for a goodbye present. She’s going to need them when I give her the apartment.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Tony smiled.

They stood in complete silence for a while, drinking in the feel of each other’s presence for as long as they could manage before Tony finally let go first, pulling the end of Stuart’s tie.

“Now... you know how we always grab breakfast on the way to work? I heard somewhere it’s really unhealthy,” Tony said.

“Really?” Stuart smiled back. “But you know we don’t have time to make breakfast at home in time to get to the office.”

“Well... to save time... we could have it in the shower,” Tony grinned lustfully, reaching over to grasp Stuart’s morning wood with his other hand to accentuate his point.

“Yum,” Stuart licked his lips as he let himself be led on into the best shower he would ever have in his entire life.