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To celebrate the launch of Pectit, 120 new pecs & tits XXX action photos in the anniversary gallery

A special A special Cowboy gallery

A special 2005 X'mas Eve gallery for everyone. If you have not visited yet, be prepared. The photos are really BIG!!!

Celebrating the Launch of Pecity, 40 hot photos in the bonus gallery

View the pecs & tits gallery archive from July to December 2005, previously available to members only. Unreleased gallery

A big montage of pecs and tits action video stills NEW

Take these shortcuts around the city

More Hairy Pecs & Tits Action
Hairy Pecs & Tits Action

 Introducing NEW

Morphed Pecs & Tits
Pecs Toons
Sucking hard on big, pointed nipples

As its name suggest, Pecovery Centre displays hot pecmen that the Mayor have discovered in the cyberspace. All the models featured are the pecman themselves, and have contributed their photos to Pecity exclusively. Check out all our models
Try a big coco chip this X'mas
More Black nipples action
Black Muscular Men
Black nipples action

Nipples ToyNEW
Men in business suit sucking tits
Men in leather & chain sucking tits
Chest & tits Rape
Medical Examination - Pecs
Very Kinky nipple-sucking
Pecs Fuck/cums on Pecs/dick kissing tits
If you like role-play and mischief in pecs and tits action, take a walk inside the Kinky Mall.

More Asian nipples action
Japanese nipple action
Asian nipples action
Hot Taiwanese bearish hunk

Amateur playing and sucking
nipples in public places
More Pinch nipplesNEW
Grab Pecs
Pinch nipples
Playing alone

Sucking hunk pecs & tits on the bedNEW
More Pecs/Tits/Aerolas Close upNEW
Closeup of Pecs & Tits action
Cleavage licking
Stripping shirt closeup.
Hunks nipples action
Hunks in Tight
Hunks in pull-up shirt & action
Pecs/Tits/Aerolas Close up

    With the success of Pectit, the best organized gay website dedicated to pecs and tits worship, the need to expand our gallery becomes urgent.

    The idea of creating a new website with the concept of a "sin" city hit me one day, and voila the birth of PECITY. The city is still in its development stage, and will grow as the days pass. In every uniquely named street, you will find the different theme galleries. So take a ride round Pecity to Xperience its pectitlicious sceneries. Remember to take off your shirts when you arrive in Pecity. Because the city is hot.

    Pecity,where Pecs & tits suckers roam.