Coppa John

Having a cop as a room-mate certainly had its advantages.

Officer John Brady was the ultimate cop. Tall, firmly muscled and with dark, short hair and coppery skin, he fit his uniform like a glove. He carried authority with him that was almost tangible. Just a look from those steely blue eyes was enough to make most criminals hesitate.

He knew I was gay, and it didn’t bother him at all. He never admitted it, but I suspected that he was, at the very least, Bi. Once he had even let me give him a blow job. Admittedly it had been after a heavy night out on the town and he was half pissed, but nether-the-less, he had let me do it - he had even suggested it.

Damn his cock had tasted good. Seven inches long, uncut, thick and oh, so hard. He’d thrust it deep into my throat repeatedly, hands on the back of my head, pulling me down onto him. And when it came time to shoot, he had pulled almost all the way out, just his cock head inside my mouth. His load had burst into my mouth, coating my tongue and the back of my throat with his juice. After I had swallowed and licked him clean, he had sighed in relief and then fallen asleep.

He never did mention it, but I kept waiting for him to come home half drunk again and let me have another go at it.

I came home from work to find John cleaning his new gun. It looked like nothing I had ever seen before. There was no barrel as such, just a triangular shaped head with two prongs that looked like fangs. I supposed it was some new type of stun gun or taser.

John smiled at me as I walked in to the apartment then went back to cleaning his gun. He never was much of a talker. Which was a pity really. His voice was like heaven to me. Deep and baritone, it was sex made into music. Well, to my ears anyway. (Oh, by now you have probably worked out that I very much lusted after my room mate). I could listen to him talk for hours on end, mesmerised by his voice.

I went into my room and flicked on the TV set, laying down on the bed to watch the news. As coincidence would have it, the lead story was about the new police weapon. Apparently it was causing a massive amount of controversy. Civil rights groups were up in arms about it. Seems that the government had slid through some pretty suspect legislation to extend police powers.

I watched in amazement at the capabilities of the weapon. In an effort to reduce the risk to police from violent offenders, the new gun was using a device designed to shrink offenders! Criminals would be reduced to only six inches tall, including any clothing and weapons they were using. Police could then easily catch them and take them to the nearest lock up. The reverse of the shrink ray was installed only in police buildings and closely guarded.

I flicked the TV off and sat on the end of my bed, amazed.

The new shrink ray was proving to be a massive success. Not one policeman had been killed in a shoot out since they had been introduced. There was one nasty incident where a cop had killed a suspect, and the weapons had nearly been forced off the streets, but they managed to get past it. Apparently the cop had shrunk a guy after he had been shot at from an alley way. The cop went in to grab the guy but didn’t see him in the dark and amidst the rubbish.

The little guy had run out onto the foot path and tried to get away. The cop, looking in front of him, stepped backwards back onto the footpath, stepping on the little guys leg.

A witness said he saw the shooter beating at the cops ankle, trying to get his attention, but the officer had shifted his weight and bought his heel down right on top of the six inch tall man.

I lay awake that night, imagining that it had been John who was the cop and me who had been down at his feet. It was a turning point for me.

Six months later, I came home only to be nearly knocked over as John rushed out the door, still tucking his shirt in. “Sorry, running late,” was all he had time to say as he rushed past me.

I shrugged and headed inside. I was passing his room on the way to the toilet. His door, which was normally shut tight, was open. My jaw dropped when I saw what was on the bed. His shrink gun.

Looking over my shoulder guiltily, I pushed the door open a little bit more. I couldn’t help myself, I had to at least get a better look at it.

I stood at the foot of his bed, just staring at the gun. The possibilities that lay before me were staggering. But in the end I didn’t touch it. Instead, I backed away and gently pulled the door closed.


John came home from work and I could tell that he was hyped. His face was all lit up and he was full of restless energy.

“Hey bud. What’s up?”

There was an almost feral look in his eyes as he looked at me.

“I finally got to do it.” He stared at me.

“ what?” I asked, seeing no more information was going to be volunteered. He was literally busting to tell me but wanted me to ask first.

“I got to shrink a guy today.” Once the words started, they just tumbled out of his mouth, his eyes showed he was revisiting every moment without even seeing me, “We busted this guy for selling drugs and he pulled a gun on us. I don’t think I even realised what I was doing, but I just pulled my gun and shot at him. I was expecting it to be my old pistol and was expecting to see him duck for cover, but I got him!” His face was lit up like a 6 year old on Christmas morning.

“Instead, he just shrunk! Dude you should have seen the look on his face! Classic!” His eyes snapped back to reality for a moment before “spacing out” hand then took him out from under my boot. It was so cool seeing him like that. I grabbed an offender bag and put it down near him but he wouldn’t go in so I had to grab him and drop him in. Fuck! you shouldmy hand - I didn’t want to let him go.”

’ve felt what it was like to hold him in He stopped talking and instead looked at his hands, feeling again what it had been like.

For my part, I too stared at his hands. Strong, rugged, a real man’s man hands. I imagined what it would be like to be six inches tall and caught in the power of John’s hands.


It was after John’s second arrest that I finally plucked up the courage to say something to him. He had just finished telling me all about it and how powerful it had made him feel, having control of such a little person. Again his face was all lit up and he was obviously so excited about it all.

I barely whispered it, “You could always shrink me,” and I didn’t think he had heard me as he kept on talking. But then he stopped and looked at me.

“What did you say?”

I swallowed nervously, my mouth gone suddenly dry, “I said you could shrink me. If you wanted to, that is.”

He looked at me like I had lost my mind so I rushed on.

“I mean, just for a little while. You could shrink me and maybe practice your arrest techniques on me.” I knew I was blushing bright red from embarrassment and knew it was a flimsy premise, but I figured it was worth a shot.

John just looked at me for a moment, then he spoke. Just one word, but it sent shivers through me. “Ok.”

I thought my legs would disappear from beneath me. He didn’t say another word, just turned away from me and disappeared into his bedroom. He reappeared a moment later, carrying the gun.

“You sure you want to do this?”

I nodded.

He grinned. It was a lopsided grin, cheeky almost.

He pointed the gun at me and I closed my eyes, reopening them only a second later. This was something that I did not want to miss.

The two prongs on the front seemed to spark for a moment before a wave of pure energy leaped out at me, striking me in the chest. A tingle was all I felt as it spread out over me, then the world lurched.

It was the only word that even came close to what I felt. It was like a mule had kicked me in the stomach, without the pain, and the world seemed to leap up around me. It took less than two seconds for the world around me to undergo a fantastic metamorphous. I was still standing behind the kitchen counter when John had shot me and now a white wall faced me, stretching up into the sky. I turned around to see the rest of the kitchen towering over me. Damn, the floor needed a clean. Weird what thoughts occur to us.

Then John came into view. I was aware of his foot first. It lumbered into view from behind the counter. His police-issue boot slammed into the floor. I swallowed as I followed his leg up. Maybe this hadn’t been such a hot idea after all.

I nearly swooned as he came fully into view. I had no idea just how big he was going to be. I barely topped his ankle. He stood at the entrance to the kitchen, just looking at me. As my eyes made their way back down his body, I noticed his groin was already growing, just from looking at me, so small and at his mercy.

My room-mate just stood there what seemed like hours, but was surely only a minute or two at the most, gazing down at me. For my part, I was frozen to the spot gazing at him. If I had been in lust with him when I had been my own normal size, then my lust for him had grown inversely to my size now.

John was a god! Nothing that big could possibly be anything else. His sheer size made me want to fall down on my knees in front of him and worship him.

"FREEZE!" God had spoken and my world trembled. That magnificent voice was now like thunder. Magnified ten fold, it's very power sent vibrations through my body. So caught up in the magic of it was I, that I didn't at first realise that John was doing exactly as he had said he was going to do. He was practicing his arrest technique.

"PUT YOUR HANDS ON YOUR HEAD AND SPREAD YOUR LEGS," did I say vibrations? How about earth tremors! I was still too stunned to react to what he was saying, my mouth hanging open, head craned back, staring at the most beautiful mountain on earth made into flesh.

"DROP TO THE FLOOR!" Even then I didn't move. Perhaps I should have.

Like any situation in where the criminal did not follow orders, John acted instead. I watched as his boot (bigger than my car) lifted from the floor. Ponderously, it moved above me, hanging over my head like a thundercloud, then it began to descend. I looked up into the smoothly worn sole of his boot as it came down towards me. Then there was no more time as it firmly pressed down.

I had no more time to stare, I had to act. Ancient self-preservation instincts kicked in and I ducked away from that falling slab of leather and dove to the side. Not quite fast or far enough.

Johns sedan sized foot came down on my legs. Not crushingly, but hard. Hard enough to make me scream in terror as I felt my legs pinned beneath the ball of Johns foot.

I twisted about to look up and saw, far, far above me, Johns enormous face staring down at me. I writhed as much as I could, trying to pull my legs free, but there was absolutely no chance of that. I let my eyes follow John's body down from his face. His chest was impossibly wide and building long arms dangled to either side. There was an extremely noticeable bulge in his pants. Obviously this was getting him hot.

His legs descended from the sky, down to those massive black boots that had me pinned.

For a moment, I was free as John lifted his foot slightly. I breathed a sigh of relief which turned into a scream as I saw that John was simply getting a better hold on me. His boot slid further over me and then pressed down again.

I was pushed flat as his hard leather sole pressed onto my back. I could feel the edge of his boot on my neck. Only my head was poking free from beneath my room-mates foot now. I couldn't move a muscle and could barely breath.

I found enough breath to scream though as the weight on me increased. I couldn't tell, but I knew that John must have been lowering himself down onto his other knee, unknowingly increasing the pressure on me until I thought sure that my ribs were about to collapse.

Then the weight eased off a bit and I sucked in as much air as I could get.

John was speaking but it took me a while to gather my thoughts enough to understand what he was saying, "…..if you cannot afford one, one will be appointed for you…." Good lord! He was reading me my rights! He was really getting into the role of the arresting officer.

Suddenly the pressure from his foot disappeared. Before I could do more than suck a quick lung-full of air though, I felt fingers wrap themselves around me. I had always loved John's hands. Even at normal size, they were quite big. Long, strong fingers ending in manicured nails, I had imagined how they would feel caressing my body. I hadn't really ever thought what it would feel like to be encased in them.

His skin was hard, but incredibly warm against me. They held me firmly but not uncomfortably. There was no thought of struggling against the strength I could feel within them, strength that could crush me to a pulp without even trying.

So caught up in the feeling of being in this gods hand, I barely noticed the upward ride from the floor. I was engrossed in the patterns in the skin in front of my face, at the nail of the nearby thumb that was bigger than my head.

Then all those thoughts fled like so many spiderwebs as Johns' face came into view.

I found myself staring into a steely blue eye that was examining me intently. I forced myself to look at the rest of his face. This was the face that had haunted my dreams so many times, only now it was mega proportions and it had lost nothing in the translation. Rather, its beauty had increased with its size. His coppery skin gleamed, light reflecting off his cheekbones, the side of his shapely nose. And those lips. What could I say about those lips. Thick and luscious, they glistened with the slightest sheen of moisture where he must have just licked them. I wanted to bury my face against those lips.

Then they parted, and his voice and breath washed across my like a tidalwave. "CONSIDER YOURSELF BAGGED AND TAGGED." I was left only a moment to wonder what the hell he was talking about before I felt myself released from the safety of his fist.

With a short shriek, I plummeted about 6 feet before coming to an abrupt halt inside a black material bag. It took me only moments to work out where I was, I had seen John with them before. I was inside an Offender Bag. A small bag of tough material, about 12 inches by 12 inches. They were zippered closed and then locked with small padlocks. The police officer could then hook them to his belt and make other arrests if necessary before transferring them to small holding cells in their car for transport back to the station.

I looked up just in time to see the zip being pulled closed. There was the sickening feeling of being lowered then a loud click from above. A second later, the bag bumped into something hard and very solid. It took me a moment or two to work out that it must be Johns thigh.

As he walked, the Offender bag bounced hard against John's thigh. No matter how I tried, I couldn't brace myself against the impact. After only a few steps, however, he stopped and there was some fiddling with the bag.

The zip ripped open almost at the same time as the bag was upended. I scrambled for a handhold but the material was too slick. I tumbled free from my erstwhile prison, falling several feet to a fairly heavy landing on a vast surface.

Shaking my head to try and regather my wits, I realised I was on our coffee table. I caught a glimpse of John disappearing into the kitchen. This was my first real opportunity to see the world from my new size and it left me awestruck.

There was a breakfast bowl on the table that I could have used as a huge bath. The spoon that was in it was almost as tall as I was. A magazine became a billboard and an empty beer bottle, if full, would have kept me blissfully drunk for a year.

I felt and heard John returning from the kitchen. He had unbuttoned the top of his shirt and was carrying a  bottle of beer, a glass, and the phone. I watched in stupefied awe as this living god moved towards me. His every move was bliss to my eyes - his arms swinging at his side, his massive legs pounding the floor.

The bottle of beer was slammed down on the coffee table nearby as was the glass. My eyes never left John as he sat down on the sofa. One massive leg extended out and up and his left boot slammed down onto the table, rattling it and causing me to loose my footing.

I picked my self up as John reached for the beer, cracking it open and then pouring it into the glass. Ignoring me, he picked the phone back up and started dialling. I stood where I was, uncertain and more than a little afraid.

He seemed to be on hold for quite a while before anyone picked up. During that time, he leaned forward and started undoing the laces on his boots. He kicked one free which fell to the ground with a loud 'thump' and then the other. His feet were clad in thick, black socks. John crooked one finger at me and made 'come here' motions with it.

Swallowing my nerves, I strode forward as confidently as I could, which is to say I sidled forward nervously. When I was infront of him, I froze as he lifted both feet from the ground and plonked them down on either side of, one their sides so that the sole was towards me.

I heard him tell someone on the phone his name and described himself, then I lost track of the conversation as those two massive feet closed in on me. I panicked at first but didn’t even get to run a step before they slapped close around me. The socks were wet with his sweat and reeked of him. Only my head and shoulders poked out above the joined arches of his feet.

I twisted myself about as much as I could to try and see John's face and instead froze in shock. During my brief struggle, John had unzipped his pants and pulled free his cock and balls. His right hand, which had so recently held me, now held onto that massive shaft and was stroking it in long, leisurely swipes. His voice echoed somewhere in my mind as my eyes drank in the site of that impressive organ and I realised what was happening. I had been listening to the conversation without really tuning it to it, but now it all made sense.

He was having phone sex! Paid phone sex!

Here I was, trapped between the hot, sweaty, smelly feet of the man I had desired for so long, within sight of that delicious, os so beautiful cock, which was now even bigger than I was, and John was listening to some two-bit whore on the phone!

In sheer morale outrage, I renewed my struggles. Don't ask me what I thought they would achieve, even if I did win free, but at that moment, I was so consumed with jealous rage, that I didn't even think.

My struggles came to an abrupt end as John moved his right foot, twisting it about. In a flash, his right foot towered above me, still holding me in place against his left foot, but now the toes were curling over and the ball of his foot was pressing against me. I had twisted in that brief moment as well and my back was against his left foot. The consequence meaning that as John pressed down with his right foot, I was bent over backwards over his left one.

The ball of his foot was pressing hard against my face, making it difficult to breath and my back felt like it was about to snap as I was bent over backward.

I screamed but it was muffled by the thick wet sock which pressed against my face. I thought for sure I would snap in two like a twig.

But then suddenly the pressure was gone as John pulled both feet away. I fell flat on my stomach, arms and legs spread wide, sucking in deep breaths, not game to move in case I discovered my back was indeed broken.

Seconds later, the pressure returned as John lowered his left foot right on top of me.

His foot was so big I disappeared completely under it. I was facing away from John so his toes came down on top of my head, the ball of his feet on my back and my legs were under the arch of his foot. The sweat from his socks was soaking into my clothes and through my hair as he bore down on me. All the air was again pressed from my lungs although I was still able to breath a little. Then I felt the toes above me spread and press down.

I guessed my head was between his big and next toe and they now pressed down on either side of my head, then clamped together. The smell between his toes was even worse but I was forced to drink and breath it in.

And all this time, all I could think about was how he was jacking off behind me, to the voice of some cheap slut.

After a couple of minutes, the pressure completely disappeared. I slowly rolled over to see John was now really starting to beat at his cock. His eyes locked with mine and suddenly there was a malicious glint in them.

John stopped jacking off for a moment, never letting the phone leave his ear. He reached out towards me with his other hand and I couldn't help but cringe, even as my heart soared at what I thought he must have in mind.

With one quick swipe, he had picked me up from the table. I thought for sure that now he would carry me over to that massive pole of manhood and let me have my way with it (or it with me, since it was bigger and more than three of four times as heavy as me), but instead, he placed me on the other end of the coffee table, standing upright.

I started to take a step but slammed into the glass wall that had slammed down in front of me. Panicked, I beat upon it with both hands, seeing that John had finished his beer and had imprisoned me under the empty glass.

Then my mouth dropped as I saw John stand up. His shirt was unbuttoned completely now and hung gaping open revealing his smooth, muscled chest and torso. His pants were down around his knees and his cock was rock hard. His hand was really going at it now and he moved to stand next to the end of the table.

I could do nothing but stare up at John, my eyes locked on the sight of his hand pumping at his cock. He threw his head back for a moment but then apparently forced himself to bring it forward again and look down at me. Without warning, his cock exploded. There was no other word for it. White cum sprayed forth from it like a geyser. The first shot was wild, spraying over the entire coffee table, but then John took control of himself and the next shot went up and then straight down, hitting the top of the glass.

More and more juice sprayed out of my god, cascading down onto my glass prison. The thick, white juice dripped slowly down the sides of the glass, leaving thick trails of it behind. In moments, I could barely see outside the glass, my view of John all but obscured.

Soon there was no more new cum hitting my prison, but I didn't care. I was plastered to the side, frustrated that his love juice, so rightfully mine (in my eyes, anyway), was so tantalisingly close, yet so far away. I could see it, I thought I could even smell it a little, over the smell of beer, but I couldn't taste or feel it.

I sank to my knees, preying that John would lift my prison away and let me play in his cum, but he didn't.

He left me under that glass prison for well over an hour. I could still see outside, barely, and I knew that he was moving about the house, but I had no idea what he was up to.

I was startled out of a light doze by the sudden disappearance of my prison. I blinked my eyes and looked up to see John in full uniform.

"WORK CALLED ME IN FOR ANOTHER SHIFT, SO YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN FOR A WHILE." A wave of fear washed over me at his words. Fear of the unknown, not knowing what was going to happen to me, and fear of the loss my colossal 'protector'. The apartment suddenly seemed a lot scarier at this size without John's comforting bulk in it.


I got a quick glance at his humungous bubble butt and then he was gone.

I stood on the coffee table and shivered, looking about me at what had once seemed so comfortable and now simply seemed formidable.

I quickly discovered what John had meant by making some adjustments to the place. It seemed he had raided the old toy train set that I had under my bed. A long piece of train track was leaning against the table which served admirably as a ladder that I climbed down. Once on the floor, the world assumed yet another aspect.

The sheer size of the apartment was daunting. Such everyday items as a footrest, the coffee table and the sofa were now enormous.

The call of nature got the better of me and I headed to the bathroom.

Man, if I had thought that the kitchen floor had needed a clean, then the bathroom floor needed landscaping! Dust and lint were the least of the problems. Huge coils of wire were everywhere. I didn’t know if they were Johns' pubes or mine, but they could have been used in heavy industry!

Thankfully, John had foreseen my need and had placed another train track against the toilet bowl. Approaching it, I resolved to give the bathroom the most thorough cleaning in history once he restored me to my normal size. What had gone unnoticed (or at least ignored) when at normal size, was the huge, dried pee stains on the tiled floor. They were inevitable around a toilet used by males, but the sheer size of them was horrific to me now.

I stood at the base of the ladder and looked up at the white porcelain building before me. It occurred to me, standing there looking at the effort before me, that I could have easily walked over to the drain in the middle of the floor and pissed in that, but, if I was truthful, I had to admit there was a large part of me that was curious to see what a toilet bowl was like when it was over twenty five feet across.

Reaching the top, I clambered onto the toilet rim and gagged. The surface was completely covered with dry urine with pubes caught in it. Breathing only through my mouth, I stepped over to the edge and looked down into the water below, quickly stepping back as I nearly slipped.

Deciding I had seen enough, I unzipped and peed over the edge. My piss didn't even reach the water, instead splattering on the white wall below me then dribbling down into the water. Shrugging, I zipped up and climbed back down to the floor.

Realising I had several hours to kill, I decided to explore some more. Of course I headed straight for John's room.

The door was open so I walked straight on in.

Clothes and junk were everywhere. It was like walking amongst a mountain range made of fabric. I found a pair of his used underwear almost immediately.

I stood staring at it for a full minute, absorbing the moment. They were enormous. Enough fabric to make me a more than comfortable tent.

Then the waiting was too much, I jumped onto them and headed straight for the cup. The smell was everything I had hoped it would be. It was raunchy, sweaty, and 100% all John. I lay down in the space where his balls would go and pulled the material about me, rolling around in it, relishing the thought of what had been here not that long ago.

Eventually, though, that wore a little thin and I explored some more.

I crawled inside a pair of worn socks and stayed in there until the smell nearly made me pass out then I headed over to a real prize - John's gym shoes.

I had wanted to be near these sneakers for months. I remember when John had purchased them. They were Nike runners, white and blue and green and he had put them on with a branch new pair of white crew socks. It had taken nearly everything I possessed not to drop in front of him and lick them from his feet.

Instead, I had watched him wear them to the gym every day for 6 months, watching as they moulded to the shape of his feet, gradually getting dirtier and the sole beginning to wear down from the long road-runs he went on. Now they were really starting to look worn and new John would soon buy a new pair, but at the moment these were sheer heaven. I made a mental note to remember to fish these out of the garbage when he finally threw them out.

One was laying on its side while the other was upright. I dove right into the one on the side, scrambling down to the toe section. If the smell of the socks and underwear had been intoxicating, then this was sheer ambrosia. The smell of worn, sweaty leather, the still slightly damp insole and leather upper, the imprint of John's toes in the insole - it was heaven on a stick.

I stripped off, throwing my clothes outside and then lay full stretch inside the sneaker, then I climbed out and into the upright one. Laying out in the bottom on this one, my face pressed into the imprint left by one of the toes, I proceeded to fuck the insole. I imagined that John came home at that moment, walking in, not knowing I was in his shoe. I visualised him taking off his work clothes and shoes and pulling on his gym clothes and socks. As I pictured him picking up his sneakers and pulling them on, with me still inside one, I climaxed, driving a load of cum into the insole.

Panting, I crawled free of the sneaker and looked around the room for what other possessions I could explore.


Eventually, after exploring everything of John's that I could reach, I curled up in the cup of one of his pairs of dirty jocks, totally exhausted. I fell asleep, breathing in the musky smell of my gods crotch.

I woke the moment that John came home. The vibrations from him moving about the apartment were enough to bring me out of a wonderfully deep nap.

I climbed out of John's underwear, not exactly sure how he would react seeing me lying in it. I heard him call my name but waited until he came into his bedroom, knowing that he would never hear me. The sight of that enormous godlike being appearing in the doorway sent new thrills of excitement and fear through me. He was dressed still in his uniform, snugly filling it. He and his uniform complimented each other - each lent something to the total image of stern authority that John wore like a glove.

His eyes locked onto me almost the second he appeared. There was something about the expression on his face that I just couldn't identify.

"WE'VE GOT A PROBLEM," was all he said, then he took two strides into the room, bent down and grabbed me in his hand. He was holding me too tight and there was an almost palpable tension about him. He carried me into the living room and set me down on the coffee table again, sitting down on the sofa and leaning forward towards me.

"THEY'VE TAKEN THE SHRINK GUNS AWAY FROM US," he started, not bothering with any preamble. "LOOKS LIKE THE CIVIL LIBERTY GROUPS HAVE MORE POWER THAN WE THOUGHT AND THEY MANAGED TO GET SOME SENATOR TO AGREE TO BAN THE GUNS." My heart sank a little at that, but the full import of it hadn't yet sunk in. I could tell from John's face that there was more.

"THEY'VE ALSO TAKEN AWAY THE MACHINES THAT CAN REVERSE THE PROCESS." It took a full ten seconds for that to sink in. I got to my feet, my eyes never leaving his face. His expression told me the answer to my question even as I asked it.

"You mean I'm stuck this small?" He nodded. An edge of hysteria started to creep into my voice, as fun as being this small for John was, I didn't want to remain this small for the rest of my life, "You've got to take me to the station! Explain what happened and get them to make me big again!" John shook his head, a little sadly. An edge of anger crept into my voice to match the fear that was building inside me, "What do you mean 'No'? Take me down there now!" I stamped my foot to punctuate the words.

The world beneath me lurched, knocking me off my feet. John's fist had smashed down onto the table with stunning force, "I SAID I CAN'T DO THAT. I WAS NEVER SUPPOSED TO SHRINK YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE. IF I TOOK YOU DOWN THERE NOW, I'D LOOSE MY JOB."

"Your job! Fuck your job! I don't want to be this small forever!" I didn't notice the angry look that had started to creep across John's face. I suppose he didn’t like being talked to like that by something that was smaller than his dick.


Before I could utter another word, his fingers wrapped around me, sweeping me up towards his face. He stared into my eyes and then his thumb came over and sat on top of my head, he pushed down with it. "UNDERSTAND?" he growled, and his thumb rocked my head back and forward, making me nod. The strength in that one digit was phenomenal. I understood exactly what it was I was meant to know - that without the slightest effort on his part, John could end any problems that my predicament could cause him.

When his thumb withdrew, I nodded of my own accord and a lot of the tension seemed to drain from John's face, "I'M GLAD TO SEE THAT WE UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER."

Then John was moving again, carrying me with him.

When he let me go, I found myself standing in the middle of my own bed.


I lay on my bed for a couple of hours, contemplating my fate, but sleep was the furthest thing from my mind. Eventually, I got bored and decided to explore some more. There wasn't much to see. The apartment was dark and I had no chance of reaching a light switch.

After about an hour, I felt the need to relieve myself so I headed to the bathroom once more. Again, I could have used a drain, but there was something about that that I just didn't like. It was almost an act of surrender, and I wasn't ready for that just yet.

Instead, I climbed up the train track ladder and onto the toilet seat. I had just finished peeing into that immense hole when I heard a noise behind me, then light burst about me as the bathroom light was turned on.

I had a momentary glimpse of John, stark naked, entering the bathroom, shielding his eyes from the bright light, then I felt the world disappear beneath me. In being startled, I had stepped backwards. I screamed as I fell, but remembered to grab a deep breath even as I hit the water with a splash.

I resurfaced, spluttering, just as the immense form of John appeared above me. His eyes were scrunched closed and his hand was already directing his massive soft prick into the bowl.

I screamed as a yellow stream of piss arced down towards me, but my yells were no doubt drowned out by the sound of it hitting the water next to me. I pushed away from the pounding stream but suddenly it shifted and was hitting me directly on the head.

The strength of the flow pushed me under in a wave of hot fluid. It was like being caught under a waterfall, the immense weight of water, in this case piss, was keeping me under, pushing me every which way. I had imagined a couple of times of John giving me a golden shower and wondering what it would be like, but never had I imagined this.

Finally the pressure disappeared and I resurfaced. A few drops dripped into the water nearby as John shook his cock and then he was gone. The light clicked out and I was left treading water in his rapidly cooling urine. The irony of the situation hit me then, as I tried to keep afloat. Ever since John and I had started sharing an apartment, I had been trying to get him to flush the toilet after his midnight visits, and now I had reason to thank him for not doing it. If he had listened to me, I would now be dead, flushed without even knowing it.

It was lucky that I am a very strong swimmer, or I might still have died, so long was I left in the toilet. Eventually the bathroom began to lighten as the sun came up. I heard the sounds of John moving about the apartment, then the light flicked on again.

I looked up, hoping John would look in the toilet and was rewarded as his massive bulk, still naked, came into view. Then I started screaming in earnest as he turned around, presenting his massive, bubble butt to me. Those round globes of gorgeous flesh descended with sickening speed as John sat down on the toilet above me. All light disappeared as he blocked the entrance and all sound with it.

Then the darkness was ripped apart by a loud roar, followed seconds later by the pungent smell of the fart that wafted down. I screamed even as I choked in the fumes.

A crack of light appeared and for a moment I thought that John had heard me, but then I realised it was just him spreading his legs apart. I still feared the appearance of a giant log dropping on to me and I craned my neck to look up through the opening.

What I saw almost made me forget to keep swimming. John's cock was hard and poking up away from the toilet. One massive hand was curled around it, stroking it rhythmically. I could see that John had a magazine with him and was flicking idly through it, stopping every couple of pages.

Eventually he seemed to find what he was looking for and flicked no more pages. Then he started to jack off in earnest, his hand pumping his cock like a steam engine. I swallowed some of the piss stained water by accident as I watched my god masturbate over my head.

A deep groan echoed through the bathroom as John came, spurts of cum leaping away from his cock. Three large drops dripped down into my watery prison, floating on the surface of the water. I simply watched them in fascinated awe.

I watched as John used toilet paper to clean himself up, then screamed up to him as he dropped it through his legs. The paper landed near me, promptly sinking but that was the least of my worries as his legs again closed. Again the air was filled with the sound and smell of his fart and I thought for sure I was now about to be buried under his daily load.

But light flooded in instead as John stood up. I screamed and waved frantically as I saw his hand stretch towards the button. His hand actually touched it before he glanced down. Water just started to enter the bowl when I saw the amazed look on his face. For a second, I thought he would continue with the flush. I am sure the thought entered his mind that if he did, all his troubles would be washed away - literally. But then he seemed to have second thoughts and his hands retracted.

Moments later, I was fished free of the toilet and was receiving a torrential washing under the tap.

"PERHAPS FROM NOW ON, YOU SHOULD THINK ABOUT PISSING IN THE DRAIN," was the sardonic comment from John when I explained what happened. I was too weary to do anything other than nod.


John decided that from now on, to avoid any further such accidents, he was going to have to keep me safe. It seemed he felt like I wasn't able to look after myself any more. The patronising way in which he spoke to me made my blood boil. From his tone, you'd think he was talking to a little child.

To make sure I didn't get into any 'trouble' while he was gone, John trapped me under a glass, then he went out for an hour or two.

When he returned, he showed me my new home. It was a hamster cage, replete with a wheel to run on - to keep in shape, he smirked as he dropped me inside. He then placed a bowl of water and some food inside and latched the door shut. He had purchased a small padlock and clicked it close.

He left me there on the counter while he got ready for work. When he was fully dressed in his work uniform he came back to the kitchen bench where I was and grabbed the cage. I clung to the bars for sheer life as he carried it at his side, unconsciously swinging it back and forth slightly.

He took me into his room and placed the cage on the floor near his bed. "YOU'LL BE SAFE UNDER HERE." He boomed, even as he used one booted foot to push the entire cage under his bed. I watched his boots retreat from the room and then heard the front door open and close.

To say it was humiliating was an understatement. Not only was I caged like a small animal, but I had been shunted under the bed like some forgotten toy.

I spent my first day in the cage alternating between bouts of depression and anger.

John was very late home that day. When I finally heard the front door open, I heard two people enter - not just one. They were laughing and talking quite loudly and I realised that John was at least a little bit drunk.

They watched TV for a while and I could hear quiet talking although I couldn't understand what was being said. Then the moment I had both been dreading and longing came. I watched from under the bed as not one, but two pairs of police issue boots walked into the room. I knew now who had come home with John - it was his old partner Kyle. It had to be Kyle because he was the only other cop on the force that John had ever bought home. He didn't even bring his current partner here.

John and Kyle had been in the same cadet group when they joined the academy and had been made rookie partners together. They had been together for 5 years before they got split up and made to take new partners. The two had remained firm friends, however, and every so often, Kyle would stay the night at our place, sleeping on the sofa.

I remember when he had passed out on the sofa one night. I had crept out of my room and stood staring at his naked body for more than an hour, trying to pluck up to courage to go over and get a better view. I had reached him and was kneeling next to him, very slowly lowering my head towards his soft cock, hoping to at least get a lick at it, when he had rolled over, scaring the shit out of me. Although he hadn't woken up, I had received such a fright that I retreated back to my bedroom and never tried it again.

Which was a pity.  He was a match for John in height and in musculature, but where John was dark haired and copper skinned, Kyle was blonde and fair. John was uncut, Kyle was cut and barely six inches. But what he lacked in length, he more than made up for in width. I had never seen a cock that thick before.

The first pair of boots reached the bed and turned around to face the other pair. I heard the bed creak as someone, I assumed John, sat down right over me. I was puzzled as I saw those boots spread apart and then the other ones, Kyles', step closer. There was no movement for a while and I wondered what on earth could be going on up there.

Then there was voices and Kyle moved away. I saw John's hand appear from above and I lost my footing as he roughly grabbed the cage and dragged it out into the open. I blinked in the sudden light and barely noticed the upward ride.

I did, however, notice as John unlocked the cage door and reached in to grab me. Again his thick fingers wrapped themselves about my body, but this time he had grabbed me so that my head was inside his fist with my legs dangling free.

I squirmed and kicked to show how uncomfortable I was but I was quickly released. I stumbled to the floor and put my hand out to steady myself. It came down on a hard, shiny, black surface.

Swallowing, I looked up. My eyes travelled up a firmly muscled calf muscle clad in blue fabric, over the waist and then over the torso to look into the slightly stunned eyes of Kyle.

He broke eye contact with me and looked at John, "FUCK, YOU REALLY DID DO IT! I THOUGHT YOU WERE JUST KIDDING. AND YOU SAY HE ASKED YOU TO SHRINK HIM?! FUCK!" Then his eyes returned to me where I kneeled, frozen.

I had known pretty much how John would react to me at this size, but I knew next to nothing about Kyle and especially how he would react to me.

He crouched down over me, his shadow billowing out. I couldn't help but look to see what this position did to his groin. The fabric bunched up and really pushing his balls and cock out.

He noticed me looking and chuckled. Then his hand was wrapping itself around me. I stood up, fast and I thought I would throw up but I wasn't really given the chance. He held me up to his face and his eyes examined every part of me, his hand turning me this way and that.

His thumb and forefinger from his other hand came towards me and gripped my head between them, "MAN, ALL IT WOULD TAKE IS A QUICK SQUEEZE AND HIS HEAD WOULD POP LIKE A GRAPE." My eyes widened in horror as his pressure increased slightly but he stopped almost immediately, laughing at the expression of sheer terror on my face. "DON'T WORRY LITTLE MAN, THERE'S MUCH MORE FUN TO BE HAD WITH YOU ALIVE THEN THERE WOULD BE DEAD."

I didn't know whether to be comforted by that or even more scared.

"ANYWAY, WE DON'T NEED YOU JUST YET, WHY DON'T YOU SIT UP HERE WHERE YOU'LL GET A GOOD VIEW," and then I found myself unceremoniously dumped on the bedhead of John's bed. It wasn't a particularly safe place, being only a wooden plank about three feet wide.

Then my eyes opened in disbelief as I saw Kyle lean forward and plant a huge kiss on John's lips. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I mean I had always had my thoughts about John being, at the least, Bi, but this was beyond my wildest dreams. I would never have picked Kyle to be gay or bi.

But this was no act, that much was for sure. The two giant behemoths, still dressed in their police uniforms, were kissing like there was no tomorrow, there hands running all over each others body.

They continued for about 5 minutes while I sat on my perch, mouth hanging open. My own cock was hard as a rock seeing these two mountains of godly flesh groping at each other. Then John pushed Kyle away slightly and whispered something in his ear. Kyle looked up to me as John whispered and there was an almost feral gleam in his eyes.

John lay back on the bed, his head just below me so that he could look up at me or at Kyle who had now stood up on the bed, his head almost touching the ceiling, straddling John, one boot on either side of his waist.

Kyle locked eyes with me and then very slowly, evocatively, began to unbutton his shirt. He made a show of it, taking it slow, pulling the fabric back to reveal his smooth chest. When it was fully unbuttoned, he slowly slid it off his shoulders. My eyes literally boggled. His chest was massive, incredibly well defined and tapered down to a wonderfully narrow waist.

The shirt was thrown aside and he grabbed his belt, slowly undoing it before sliding it free off the loops and throwing it too away.

Then he braced his hands against the ceiling and lifted his left boot over John who grabbed it with both hands and pulled it free. Then they repeated it with the second boot. Kyle lifted his left foot again, still in thick black socks and pointed it towards me. I froze as his toes arrowed at me, spreading wide as they came. They hit me with the force of a truck and I found myself pinned to the wall by his toes. The socks were wet with his sweat and it coated me as Kyle wriggled his toes against me. Then the foot was gone and John pulled the sock free.

When the other sock was gone, Kyle unbuttoned his pants and with one quick shove, pushed them and his underwear down around his ankles.

I didn’t notice as he stepped out of them, kicking them aside, instead, my eyes were locked on that thick piece of meat that dangled between his legs. It was semi-hard and poking straight out rather than up. It was pointed directly at me and the mad thought that the eye of it was looking at me fluttered through my mind.

Totally naked now, his eyes never leaving mine, Kyle lay down atop John, full length. He passionately kissed John, eyes locked with me, then he muttered a word at me, "STRIP!"

I did so in record time, standing stark naked before this blonde god who’s eyes were devouring me. His head lurched towards me and his hot breath washed over me. His nose brushed against my chest then his hot, wet tongue buried itself between my legs, pushing up and over my body. The force of his lick lifted me from my feet and when the tongue left my head, I dropped two feet to the railing.

Kyle had broken eye contact with me now and was again kissing John, his hands busily unbuttoning his shirt, then belt and pants. The bed rocked as Kyle helped John undress.

My eyes drank their fill of the sight before me - two of the most gorgeous men I had ever met, totally naked and going hell for leather with each other. One moment they would be passionately kissing, then one of them would be running their tongue all over the others body, then they would reverse positions. Finally, Kyle forced John back onto his back and let his tongue draw a line towards his groin. Again the blonde god locked eyes with me, sitting above Johns head on the back board. John was already rock hard by the time Kyle started to tease his former partners cock head. The tongue darted hear and there about the head before, still staring intently at me, Kyle opened his mouth side and slid the length of John's manhood inside his mouth.
Then Kyle broke eye contact with me as he concentrated on pleasuring my room-mate. And pleasure John must have been receiving, over the sucking and slurping noises coming from Kyle, Johns moans of ecstasy started to rise. Then bed was starting a serious rocking motion as the two giants moved about the bed and I had to hold onto the wood beneath me.

Without warning, John reached up and enveloped me in his fist. My heart started pounding at the thought of being involved in what these two godlike beings were doing but instead, I found myself thrust back into my cage and pushed back under the bed, "YOU'RE NOT READY FOR THIS YET, SHRIMP" was all the explanation I got, then I had to let my imagination fill in the blanks as I listened to the action going on above my head.

I sat in my cage, a mixture of awe, depression and rage passing through me. It was so unfair. For 12 months I had lived with John, and during those 12 months I had longed to have sex with him, but was too afraid of his reaction if he was straight. I wondered now what would have happened if I had been more forward. Too late for that now though, it seemed I was doomed to live out my life at 6 inches tall and not even be allowed to join in any of the fun stuff that was happening right now.

I listened to the rampaging above me for well over an hour before it at last fell silent. I wondered if they had both dropped off to sleep.

Eventually, a pair of bare feet appeared over the side of the bed. They padded off to the bathroom, returning minutes later. A hand reached under the bed and grabbed my cage, pulling it free. It was John.

Kyle was still on the bed, lying on his side, looking at John and then at me. Opening the door to my cage, John reached in and pulled me out, dumping me on the bed in between the two giants.

I lay where I landed, uncertain what was about to happen. "I HAVE TO GO OUT FOR A WHILE, KYLE IS GOING TO STAY AND LOOK AFTER YOU FOR A WHILE." My indignation rose at that, again he was treating me like a child, too young to be left alone. I didn't need a babysitter and I told John so.

John just shrugged my comment off and stood up, pulling on some jeans and a shirt. I looked nervously at Kyle who was looking at me with a decidedly predatory smile on his face. I couldn't escape the fact that he was still naked.

After pulling on socks and shoes, John leaned over the bed and over me, planting a kiss on Kyle's lips. He patted me on the head, a move that flattened me, telling me to "BE GOOD". And then he was gone and I was left alone with Kyle.

At first, the blonde giant was content to simply look at me, but that didn’t last long.

His hand, when it wrapped around me, was longer than John's, his fingers more slender. It didn't diminish the awful strength of them though. I was tumbled to the floor by the side of the bed, Kyle's bare feet coming down on either side of me.

One sedan sized foot lifted into the air, and with his big toe, Kyle flipped me onto my back, my feet towards him and my head pointing away from him. His feet were warm and dry but they still smelled of being inside a boot all day. A smell that I got all too familiar with as he bought one foot down on top of me. I was completely covered by the sole of his foot. The ball of his foot was on my face, pressing down, his heel was pinning my legs. I squirmed, trying to push him away but all that resulted was booming laughter as I tickled him.

The foot slid back slightly and Kyle held his spread toes above my face, wiggling them. I could see his grinning face looking down at me as he sat on the side of the bed. His face disappeared as his big toe moved directly over my face. It was bigger than my head. I couldn’t free my arms so there was nothing to stop that toe as it descended onto my face, pushing cruelly against it. He moved the toe about until my head was on its side, then the toe pressed down again. I felt for sure my skull would crack but the pressure let up quickly.

Then the toes were spreading again, coming down on either side of my head. I looked straight up into Kyle's face as he squeezed his two biggest toes together, pinning my head between them. Then the view was blocked again as the other foot came into view. I watched as that massive expanse of flesh slowly, teasingly descended towards me. The heel stopped just above my head then it descended further till it was touching my face.

I had long ago stopped squirming but now I started again. The heel was heavy on my face and the pressure was building against my nose. I thought for sure he would break it. Already I could hear cartilage cracking.

The pressure disappeared as fast as it came - all of it. Kyle had removed his feet, placing them to either side of me. I saw his hand once again descend towards me and I allowed it to wrap around me.

All this time, he had not said a word to me. "I NEED SOMETHING FROM THE SHOP. I THINK WE SHOULD GO FOR A LITTLE WALK." Dropping me onto the bed, he grabbed a gymbag from the lounge room, pulling out some clothes. He pulled on a jockstrap and some sweat pants and sweat shirt. Then he pulled on white, cotton sports socks and grabbed a pair of Nike Airmax runners.

Pulling the sneakers on, he left them unlaced. He looked at me and muttered to himself, "CAN'T LEAVE HIM HERE - MIGHT GET UP TO MISCHIEF." Then to me, "I'LL HAVE TO TAKE YOU WITH ME, BUT AS YOU CAN SEE - NO POCKETS" he spread his arms in mock display, shrugging his shoulders. There was a grin on his face that I interpreted to mean that he already knew how he was going to carry me. I was right.

Sitting on the bed again, he bought his right, sneaker clad foot up onto the bed, loosening the laces. I tried to run but he grabbed me without even having to stretch. He slid my legs under the loosened laces until I was fully under them, then he started to tighten them. He gauged the tension exactly. The laces were pulled tight enough to hold me firm, but not so tight that they hurt or cut off circulation.

Tying a not in the laces, Kyle grinned at me before putting his foot back down on the floor and standing up. He looked down at me, held helpless to his sneaker and smiled. Then he started to walk.

I thought I would throw up. The motion reminded me of a fun park ride but this was definitely not fun. At each step I arched high into the air before the foot slammed down into the ground. Over and over again the process was repeated, my view upwards was Kyle's incredibly long leg moving above me and occasionally a glimpse of his body or face.

It was better when he was in the car. There was still motion as he stepped on the accelerator but it was nowhere near as bad as walking. Which of course I was subjected to again when we reached the shops. The street was busy with people and I kept expecting one of them to notice me, a little naked man, tied to the top of a blonde mans sneaker - but no-one ever did.

From what I could see of products on the shelf, I guessed we were in a drug store. Kyle made his purchase and I assumed we would head back the car and then to the apartment, but he made a couple of other stops first.

I couldn’t work out what sort of stores they were, but by that point I was beyond caring. All my attention was focused on not throwing up.

That was a battle I lost just before Kyle got back in the car. I managed to turn my head to the side so I didn’t vomit on myself, instead a small stain spread down the side of Kyle’s sneaker.

There was nothing left in my stomach to come up when Kyle walked back into the apartment. I thought he would untie me straight away but he didn’t. Instead, he left me tied to his massive Nike while he sat on the sofa and watched TV. After a while he put his feet up on the coffee table, crossed at the ankle. Luckily I was on the sneaker that was on top, otherwise I would have been crushed.

The position was certainly not conducive to making me feel better. I was upside down, all the blood running to my head. I could see Kyle but I was in no condition to admire his physique.

He watched the tube for about an hour. Every so often he would move his feet or flex it beneath me.

I heard the door open and twisted to see John walk back in. Kyle stood up and I groaned, nearly passing out, as the blood drained from my head. I was barely aware as the two giants kissed, way above my head. I eventually realised that the two giants were looking down at me, speculation on their faces.

“COOL IDEA. I’LL HAVE TO TRY HIM LIKE THAT NEXT TIME I GO OUT,” I groaned at the thought of being subjected to this again.

Then John was kneeling over me and his massive hands came into view. I sighed with relief as he started undoing the knot in the laces. My limbs exploded in fire as blood rushed into them. Then John’s warm, secure hand was plucking me free, enfolding me inside his fist, just my head and feet sticking out.

“TIME TO PLAY, LITTLE MAN,” came the booming voice of my room-mate and I realised that we were heading towards the bedroom once more.


John tossed me into the middle of the bed. Seconds later, I bounced into the air as his massive weight plunged onto the mattress next to me. He was stretched full length along the bed, still fully clothed. Moments later, I again bounced as Kyle joined us on my other side, he too was still wearing all his clothes, minus one sneaker.

It was like being in a narrow canyon. The two giant lay on their sides, facing towards each other and their bodies towered over me. I was about chest height between them.

I crouched low, reflexively as the canyon started to close in. The two massive cops were leaning towards each other. Their bodies met at the top and I was plunged into semi-darkness. Looking up to where their faces were, I saw them lock-lipped and kissing passionately.

Already I was fearing for my life. As erotic as it was to be trapped between two massive, beautiful men, both of whom I had lusted after, I had always envisaged me being roughly the same size as them. The thought that they might get so involved in each other and forget about poor little me was foremost in my mind. It wouldn’t require a very big shift of those hips to bring these two mountains together and crushing me in the process. So I started towards what seemed the only alternative, escaping downward between their bodies.

But they hadn’t forgotten about me at all. In fact, they had already broken off their kissing and were now looking at me. Their stares pinned me in place.

The mattress beneath me rocked as Kyle turned himself about so that his head was down at Johns feet and vice versa.

I didn’t know which one to watch. I couldn’t watch both their faces at once. I settled for watching my massive room-mate. John grabbed Kyle’s one remaining sneaker and with his teeth, he undid the laces. I watched as he used both hands to lever the sneaker free before bringing it to his face. His nose buried inside the sneaker, he inhaled deeply.

Pulling it slowly away from his nose, he looked at me. “WANT A WHIFF?” and before I could react, he had upturned it and extended it towards me. He lowered it onto me so that I was inside the sneaker. I had gotten a reasonable smell of Kyle’s sneakers when I had been tied to them but now the smell was magnified a hundred fold. His sweaty smell washed over and around me. It was as intoxicating as Johns had been.

The shoe disappeared and I turned to see that Kyle had also been smelling the insides of John’s massive Nike’s. There were three loud, dull thuds as the sneakers were dropped onto the floor.

John already had his nose buried in the sole of Kyle’s white sports socks. I knew without turning that Kyle was doing the same. John opened his mouth and took the white clad toes into his mouth, sucking and licking. Then he was rubbing his face into the sole again before opening his mouth. Taking a good grip with his teeth, he pulled the sock free.

Naturally I was the recipient of the smelly item. The sock was wet and reeked even more than Kyle’s sneaker did. I was buried as three other socks were dumped on me. I could smell the subtle differences between Kyle’s socks and Johns’.

Then light again revisited me as the socks were strewn across the room. Now the two giant cops were working on each others bare feet. I watched John’s tongue flicker all over Kyle’s feet. First the tops, then the soles and heel before settling on the toes. Each toe was individually sucked into John’s cavernous mouth then five at a time. Long, lingering strokes of the tongue had Kyle curling his toes up as John’s tongue tickled the soles of his feet. There was a muffled chuckled from behind me and I could see John fighting not to laugh too.

So engrossed was I in watching John service Kyle's feet, I was taken by complete surprise when Kyle's hand wrapped around me. Without hesitation, I was plastered against the bare sole of John's massive foot. It was still wet with Kyle's saliva and the giant cop rubbed me against the full length of his foot. When my head was between John's two biggest toes, Kyle held me in place while he opened his mouth and started licking and sucking on the toes again. His tongue flickered across my face and head, coating me in his saliva, then he took my head and all five toes in his mouth and sucked.

So powerful was the vacuum effect that it sucked all the air from my lungs and I felt for sure my hair was coming out by it's roots.

Then I was dumped unceremoniously back in the middle of the bed, my head and upper torso dripping.

Two pairs of hands were busy above me now as the two giant cops struggled to undo each others belt. The lengths of leather were pulled free and thrown away.

Both men had to sit up now as the other removed their shirt for them. More fabric strewn across the floor.

I had long ago forgotten about even thinking about attempting to stand on the bucking surface but now I fought simply to keep in place. At every movement, I threatened to roll or bounce towards one or the other giants. If I allowed that to happen, I was sure to be crushed beneath a massive body.

Now the two former partners wore only there pants and for a moment they stopped, simply looking at each other and occasionally at me.

"HEY, WHY SHOULD WE DO ALL THE WORK?" That was John's voice.

Lying on his back, he plucked me from the bed and deposited me on his stomach. Again I couldn't hold my footing as his stomach went up and down with his breathing. He was warm to the touch and my cock became even harder. I noticed that Kyle was sitting up watching.

"UNDO MY PANTS, SHRIMP," boomed that majestic voice. I didn’t need much encouraging. I dreaded to think what either of these two giants would do to me if I ever disobeyed them. And of course, there was the added incentive of wanting to do it.

I crawled over to the top jeans button. It was as big as my head. Working and worrying at it was hard, but eventually it popped free. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Kyle was slowly stroking his cock through the fabric of his sweat pants.

Thankfully John wore a zipper fly and not buttons. I grabbed hold of the zipper and pulled with all my might. The heavy metal links started to come apart. Finally I had my massive room-mate fully unzipped. I looked up to him to see what else he expected, surely not any more. There was no way I would be able to remove his pants for him.

Apparently he had already realised that because once again he grabbed me and dropped me back into the middle of the bed.

With more lurching and bouncing, Kyle pulled John's jeans off, leaving him clad only in a pair of briefs. Now it was John's turn to undress Kyle. Within seconds, Kyle was wearing only his jockstrap.

I could clearly see through the thin material that both men were rock hard. John's seven uncut inches and Kyle's six, thick cut inches were almost pulsating.

They lay back, side by side, this time both pointing in the same direction. Kyle picked me up and placed me delicately upon the length of John's shaft. The heat beating through the fabric was immense. The smell of his crotch surrounded me and washed over me, making me more than a little light headed. The vibrations from beneath him were setting my body afire. And then Kyle leaned forward, mouth wide open, tongue protruding. A long, wet lick along the length of my body that almost pulled me away.

I felt a thick finger slip between my legs and was unsure if it was John's or Kyle's, but it pushed upwards and slid me along the length of Johns cock until I slid over the tip onto his washboard stomach again. I was forced to hold on for grim life, trying to find hand grips on the smooth skin as John raised his hips so Kyle could pull his underwear free. As John's hips settled back, I watched as Kyle removed his jockstrap and let his manhood stand free.

It was definitely John's fingers that prodded me back towards his cock again. His hand loosely gripped me and directed my face straight at the tip of his dick which was half emerged from his foreskin. Precum glistened on the head and it was into this that John thrust my face, his thumb against the back of my face.

The slippery stuff coated my face and I licked as much as it off his prick as I could. Then my face slid into his piss slit and I heard and felt a deep moan emanate from John. He pressed even harder against the back of my neck, pushing me in further until I wondered if it would be a death by drowning in his fluids or a broken neck.

But John let go of me at that stage and I pulled my face free, precum dripping from it. Wiping it out of my eyes, I saw that Kyle had positioned himself so that he was sucking and licking on John's watermelon sized nuts. John was laying back, looking at us both.

Getting the gist of things, I started to work over the tip of Johns cock. I sat with a leg on either side of the massive head, with it resting in my lap, then I started running my hands and arms over it, bending down to kiss it. I elicited another massive moan when my arms slid under his foreskin as far as I could reach and ran them back and forward against the sensitive skin there.

But by far the biggest reaction I got was when I slid my hand inside his piss slit. It fit in easily. There was a deep moan and then a virtual flood of precum forced my hand back out. It coated my chest, arms and legs and even splashed against my face.

I locked eyes with Kyle whose face was only feet away. He smiled as he continued to suck and lick John's balls and base of his shaft. Encouraged, I slid my hand back in, but this time didn't stop, I kept pushing, my hand and forearm disappearing inside the slit. The moans from John were almost constant now.

Kyle's hand came into view. His thumb came down on my elbow, trapping my arm inside John, then he used the rest of his hand and fingers to force me lower. My legs and chest slid underneath John's pulsing shaft, it's heavy length lying atop me, until my face was just above the piss slit.

I shut my eyes for a second, but then forced them open to watch as Kyle's mouth opened. Removing his thumb from my arm, but holding me against John's cock, inside his fist, Kyle lowered his mouth over John's cock and thus over me.

Darkness descended on me as the hot wet cave closed. The lips pressed against the top of my legs, just above my butt. Then the tongue touched me as it flicked over my head before starting to caress John's dick. I was coated in his saliva in seconds and had to fight to breath as he sucked all the air away.

I nearly passed out from sheer over stimulation. I was delirious with joy. This was everything I had ever dreamed of and more.

Kyle started to really work at his blow job now and I started to fear for my life. Pressure was building on me as Kyle intensified his efforts. Occasionally he would pull back and lick the shaft instead of sucking on it but at no stage did he let me free or let me pull my arm out of John's slit.

I felt a change run through the seven foot cock that lay atop me and especially through my arm inside of it. Kyle was again sucking for all he was worth as the shaft went hard as iron. I braced for what I knew was about to happen. My arm was forced out of John as an explosion of cum rocketed up from the depths. The hot liquid shot into Kyle's mouth along with my arm. Blast after blast shot out before Kyle pulled away, letting my arm slip free. My head and upper torso were covered in John's juice, but the majority by far had gone to Kyle.

I wiped the sticky mix of precum, saliva and cum from my eyes and looked up just in time to see Kyle swallow before leaning down to kiss John.

For a moment I was forgotten as John's shaft started to get heavier on me, slowly deflating.

When Kyle and John looked at me again, there was an expression that was impossible to miss. It virtually screamed, "KYLE'S TURN."


Indeed it was Kyle's turn and he was apparently anxious to begin. He held a small, square, piece of plastic up to show me. A cold fear washed through me as I realised what it was and what it could mean to me.

It was a condom.

Already Kyle had ripped the plastic apart to reveal the latex coil. With a wicked grin, he picked up a pair of scissors from the floor and nipped the 'nipple' from the end of the condom. Now I was truly confused.

My confusion lasted all of about three seconds.

I say three seconds because that was exactly how long it took for Kyle to drop the scissors and position the condom directly over my head before pushing down.

My head slid through the hole he had cut in the condom and at last his purpose was made clear.

Kyle forced me to stand upright by the simple expedient of clutching me in his free fist. Then he started to unroll the condom down the length of my body.

It fit like a glove. As he pulled his hands free, the condom held my arms firmly down by my sides. The rubber was longer than I was tall and it dangled another foot below my feet.

As a tube of lube made an appearance, I started to struggle. I may as well as saved my energy. There was no way in the world I was ever going to bust that latex. All it did was serve the amusement of my two massive captors.

I thought they were going to squeeze some lube on me, but instead, John took the tube and squirted some on his own, already rehardened cock.

Kyle dropped me in the middle of the bed and then he positioned himself on his knees, straddling me. I cowered as much as I could as his torso lowered, but I wasn't about to be crushed, he was simply lowering himself onto his forearms so that his butt was in the air pointing towards John.

I watched from beneath Kyle as John inserted his forefinger into Kyle's rectum. It slid inside with barely any hesitation and I could see him moving his hand around, probing inside for added stimulus. Within minutes, John's had managed to slip four fingers inside Kyle, loosening him up. Then he withdrew his hand altogether.

With a gleam to his eye which made me even more nervous, John watched me as he drew his hips closer to Kyle's.

With the aid of a guiding hand, John slipped his greased pole towards Kyle's crack. He slid the tip of his dick up and down the crack a couple of times before stopping with it pressed hard against the ring of puckered flesh.

To show off, John removed his hand, letting his dick point the way, then he simply pushed forward.

His seven inches of uncut meat slid inside Kyle like a well oiled piston. There was a groan of pleasure from Kyle, then John started to thrust.

Being where I was, I was getting a ring side view of the action directly above my head. I was also getting a fair share of splattering as juices started to flow and drip. A combination of excess lube, precum and sweat splattered down from the heights. My body was protected by its rubber prison but my face wasn't.

As the pounding of the two gargantuan beings continued above my head, I started to think that the whole condom thing was just to scare me.

I was wrong.

John climaxed inside Kyle, his cum spurting deep inside his partner. There was an almost feral groan of ecstasy from Kyle, then John was withdrawing. His withdrawal sent more liquid splattering onto me, more of it cum spilling back out of where it had been deposited.

Without bothering to clean himself off, John reached down and grasped me in his tight fist. He ran his hand over his wet and slippery shaft and then wrapped that hand around me, lubing me up in a combination of natural and artificial liquids.

I screamed to John, pleading with him to stop, but he simply shrugged his shoulders at me and smiled. Then he lowered me towards Kyle's arse.

"SHOVE HIM UP ME, REAL GOOD," came the comment from Kyle who was trying to bend around and watch the action, "I WANT TO FEEL THAT LITTLE FUCK INSIDE ME. SHOVE HIM IN MY ARSE."

John placed my head at the top of Kyle's crack and pressed my face against the moist, hot skin with a finger at the back of my head. He then dragged me down Kyle's crack, my face pressed into it. I tried to spit out the crap that was being forced into my face but couldn't do it fast enough. I worried that I would drown before I even got near the puckered hole that undoubtably was waiting for me. When I hit that ring of flesh, I thought my face would be ripped off as it bounced over the ridges.

John continued the motion down past it but then bought me back up, my face pressing hard against the hole.

Liquid still continued to seep back out, John's cum and lube. I felt an increase in tension in the finger against my neck and drew in a deep breath in preparation.

Thanks to the loosening that John had done, when he pressed forward against my head, I slipped inside with barely any resistance.

Instantly, heat washed over me but John hadn't stopped. His finger had disappeared but his hand was still pushing me forward. I couldn't see a thing, my eyes were squeezed shut, but I could feel the hot flesh all around me.

Then I was inside completely. The end of the condom must have still been outside because I felt myself being pulled backwards almost immediately.

I popped free, my lungs sucking in new air moments before I was inserted into Kyle once more. I could vaguely here moans of pleasure but I was too focused on staying alive.

This time John slid me in and out a couple of times, keeping my head and shoulders inside Kyle before finally pulling me completely free. He held me up to his face, an expression of mild concern on his face. When he saw me spluttering and coughing, he smiled, "YEAH HE'S OK."


Without hesitation, John slid me back inside Kyle's waiting orifice. Again I was pulled partway out several times before being allowed to get a breath. Each time, John left me inside Kyle a little bit longer.

But I had a new worry. I could feel the hole in the condom around my neck getting bigger.

Each time John pulled me back, the hole widened and slipped further down my shoulders.

I tried to tell him but he never left me outside long enough. Not that I think he would have heard me over Kyle's cries of passion.

I knew, even as John thrust me forward one more time that this was when the condom would break. I don’t know how I knew, but I did.

Sure enough, the moment that John tugged on the end of the rubber, it split about my shoulders. The rubber whipped back but I stayed where I was.

I felt the muscles around me clamp down in surprise almost immediately. I assumed John had told Kyle and he had reacted by clenching up in surprise. Part of the air in my lungs was squeezed out at the pressure.

The muscles relaxed slightly then tightened again. In horror, I realised that I had just moved forward - deeper inside Kyle. It was like he was sucking me into him. I flailed with my arms and legs, trying to push backwards. Part of my subconscious knew that this was the worst thing I could do - it would arouse Kyle even more - but preservation instincts forced me to do it.

Sure enough the muscles contracted again and again, pulling me deeper, overriding my feeble struggles with ease.

My lungs were near bursting. I was punching the flesh around me, kicking it, and all the time it dragged me further in.

I saw sparks before my eyes as the lack of oxygen began to tell.


The splash of cold water revived me. I blinked, coughing up fluids, gradually becoming aware of the two concerned faces that loomed over me.

Later, they told me that passing out was what saved my life. As soon as I stopped struggling, Kyle was able to ease me back out.

They were both very apologetic about it all, promising to never do anything so reckless again. Then they promised me that they would always look after me. It was all a little bit nauseating, really.


Well, that was all six months ago and things have changed a lot since then. I'm still only 6 inches tall and I still live with John, but now I also live with Kyle.

Seems that the two of them had been unable to come to grips with their sexuality, but when they had been playing with me, it had all seemed to clear. So Kyle had moved in.

They've made me a little home of my own, a converted doll house, which was kept on the floor inside the wardrobe. At first they had moved all their boots and shoes out of the wardrobe, but after I explained that I quite like the smell of them, they moved them back in. I spent hours climbing inside their boots and sneakers. More nights than not, I would sleep inside one of them.

I just have to be careful. The night I first slept inside John's police boots, was nearly my last. He was on an early shift and had the boot half on, his toes pressing against my head before he realised I was inside it.

We still have sex on a regular basis and I have had many trips inside both of my giant lovers, despite their original protestations. Ironically, it was me who insisted on it - as long as more adequate precautions were taken.

My favourite was when John would tie me to his cock and then fuck Kyle. Unfortunately, with Kyle being so much thicker, we couldn't do it in reverse - there simply wasn't enough room.

Occasionally one or the other will take me out with them. I didn't mind being tied to the top of John's boot against his shin, under his laces, but I hated it when Kyle tied me to the top of his sneaker. The whole movement of the foot was different to the lower leg.

My favourite position by far was inside their underwear. Around the house it was quite safe and I would spend many hours inside one or the others pants, playing with their mammoth shlongs, but it was impossible to go out with them that way - too much walking and too much risk. At home they were just lounging around or taking a few steps at a time and it was quite safe. Oh, except the time when I was upside down in John's underwear and I was rimming him.

He sat down while I was doing it, almost crushing my head. Instead, it slid inside him with a pop. If his hole hadn't been there, I would have been crushed. As it was, I nearly suffocated during the five minutes it took John to realise why my rimming had improved so much.

But all in all, I can truly say that I am happy with my lot. After all, how many people get to live with two horny, gorgeous, giant cops? Get used as a sex toy by them?


The end.