Welcome to Guys Into CMNM!
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Welcome to Guys Into CMNM!


This is a mash-up of various web sites and applications that I have created. It can serve as a very basic and non-integrated network - in case the others are ever deleted (which may be likely, in fact). It collects together various separate elements and links, such as the Guys2ncmnm Blog on blogspot, a Tumblr blog, a Mobile Network, the Forum for CMNM, a Facebook Page, our Wikispaces pages, the webcam chat room, CMNM Webjam, and Event calendar, etc.

This is the sign-up page for the 'new' Guys Into CMNM Friend Connect community on Google.

It is an alternative replacement for the deleted and suspended Guys Into CMNM Networks on Ning, Grou.ps, Google Sites, and Socialgo.

CMNM Event List:
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(coordinated with all Guys Into CMNM sites)

Sign-up at the Google Connect below to join for free:

Be sure to look for updates to the expanded functions of this new Friends Connect Community at our blog: Guys Into CMNM

These sites are where you can start: ============>>>


Guys Into CMNM (Blogspot)

Guys Into CMNM (BuddyPress)


CMNM on Grou.ps



Xtube CMNM group


Google Group: CMNM


Google Connect Sign-up

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Welcome to Guys Into CMNM!

- Home - -About CMNM- - Guys Into CMNM Tumblr - - Features - -Celly Mobile Site- -Forum- - Blogspot - - Events - -CMNM Wiki- -Facebook Page- -cmnm Social Networks List -

Guys Into CMNM Ring of Social Networks - pick out the one that suits you.

Webjam http://www.webjam.com/cmnm - The most flexible, customizable, and most like Ning (except for Video gallery), embedded video OK, multiple page profiles with many kinds of modules (widgets, RSS feeds, etc)

SocialGo http://cmnm.socialgo.com - Slow, simple interface, little customization possible, it has the basics, but was soon abandoned by the large adult content networks, rumored to become for-pay soon

Grou.ps http://grou.ps/cmnm - Poorly designed and buggy code, might have potential, but you can only share video from Youtube (and two other non-porno sites), embeddable vids in Wiki only (not blogs)

Orkut: http://www.orkut.com/Main#Community.aspx?rl=cpn&cmm=57809762

Pridesites (my own website): http://www.pridesites.com/sunbuns/

HiAdult http://www.hiadults.com/group.php?group_id=10

CollectiveX http://cmnm.collectivex.com/

Facebook Group: Guys into CMNM Facebook Page Facebook Page for Guys Into CMNM

Xtube Group: CMNM Group in Xtube

Private Tribe for CMNM (by invitation only, contact: sunbuns for invite)

Physical Exams (Male), etc)

CMNM Group

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