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Welcome to Guys Into CMNM!

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Saturday, Jan 3, 2009

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What kinds of issues or factors are included in CMNM?

Issues worth exploring in future wikispace updates:
Feel free to add your own comments or to make additions to the list of issues below
If you want to write an article on one of these topics, please make a new page in this wiki and link to it from here.

  • Authenticity - real or contrived situations
  • Private or public (levels of privacy)
  • Level of intimacy - sexual, psychological or emotional? or all of the above
  • Mutual consent (do both have to be aware of the erotic / sexual nature of the CMNM behavior / episode).
  • Dominance and submission (to what degree does dominance/control / obedience/submission) -- i.e. power come into play inh CMNM situations
  • socially condoned CMNM or as part of group interaction / acceptance

What types of CMNM are there? ?

Types of CMNM situations: private, social (ostensibly non-sexual) or sexual encounters between consenting and (sometimes unaware) participants
You can add more to the items to the list or put in more subcategories (or examples)

If you want to describe each more in detail, please do so. If you have a lot to stay about one area, then please create a new wikipage in this CMNM space and link to it.

  1. * buddy-to-buddy, friendships, male camaraderie, pals, friends (nudity between male friends)
  2. * sports and athletic camaraderie
  3. * male-bonding in groups, male rivalry in groups
  4. * naked dares
    (clearly naked dares can be part of friendships, group behavior or male-bonding but some are organized as that -- others are just spontaneous)
  5. * growing up, rites of passages for young male,
    i.e. summer camp, boys-will-be-boys (sexual exploration, circle jerks, skinny dipping, streaking
  6. * schooling and educational settings
    i.e. fraternities, college parties, Boy Scouts
  7. * sleeping nude or sleeping with a nude friend, buddy, cousin
  8. * social events, public events, fairs, demonstrations, protests, etc
    i.e. street fairs, Pride events, WNBR, Southern Decadence, naked runs, etc
  9. * public and private clubs
    i.e. male strippers, performances in the nude, nudity in the theatre, sex clubs
  10. * social organizations that promote CMNM situations
    i.e. CMEN, Nudist Associations, Outdoor Nude Recreation clubs, etc
  11. * medical practice, doctor's exams, at hospital / clinics
    i.e. doctor's check-up, physical exams
  12. * military situations
  13. * services (commercial) that allow or require nudity (or some partial nudity)
    i.e. massage, erotic massage, physical therapies, counseling sessions, tailoring, barber, hairdresser, etc...
  14. * CMFM - CMNM situations
  15. * CMNM involving family or close relatives
    i.e. seeing your father or brother naked or he seeing you, sleepovers with your cousins, camping with an uncle or brother-in-law, etc
  16. * recreational nudity and spontaneous nudism (not part of an organized club )
    i. e. clothing optional beaches, normal (textile - clothed) beaches, nude resorts, naked volleyball,
  17. * forced nudity /domination / humiliation
  18. * exhibitionism, flashing, dickflash, exposure of gentials or nude body
    i.e. peekaboo exposure, accidental exposure, expose to workers or home repair or delivery, public masturbation, wanking in public, lewd or nude public behavior


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What is CMNM?

This site is devoted to experiences, stories, advice, discussions (at least to save them from being deleted or disappearing), information, links to other Net resources, and (maybe) visual media for guys who are into (n2) CMNM - clothed male-naked male scenes. Not everyone who is interested in or turned on by the CMNM scene is gay, bi, or curious. CMNM is not simply a homosexual form of behavior. Actually, there are plenty of straight guys, who consciously or even subconsciously get some satisfaction from being naked or clothed with other naked men. Maybe they are just horny or starved for affection. There are also women who are turned on or intrigued by reality of a man being naked in front of clothed men and/or clothed women (or the reverse). Whether this nakedness is natural, socially acceptable, expected, forced on them, or totally exhibitionist, it generally involves either sexual arousal for the naked guy or the clothed guy(s) watching or for both. Such is the magic of this complicated scene - CMNM.

It's really a sexual preference lifestyle issue, but some would call it a sexual fetish or perversion. However, in many ways, male nudity permeates almost all aspects of male-to-male relationships and influences the nature of masculinity and what it means to be a man.

Men use nudity and exposure of body parts or genitals to communicate affection, friendship, camaraderie, power /control, and even distain or disgust. Being aware CMNM scenes and being turned on by them is subconscious for most males. We're just a select few who have recognized it as a separate way of psycho-sexual interaction and, for some personal or social stimulation.
Once you think more deeply about it, you'll be able recognize and see its effects in buddy-to-buddy friendships, sports and athletic camaraderie, male-bonding and growing up, rites of passages for young males, social events, public and private clubs and social organizations, schooling, and especially in the past - even the constant girl-chasing pack mentality of romance, male lust (and sex) and the antics and rituals associated with those. More recent acceptance of gays in society has meant that 'guy-chasing' and the behaviors around that once secretive activity are becoming more known. So CMNM (like CFNM - "clothed female-naked male") is becoming a recognized category of human sexual activity.