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Homosexual Bareback Anal Sexworker Michael
For no-condom cum in ass anal fuckings by adults of any age or race.

Rates per man: � Incall or Outcall: � $100
for just suck and swallow: � $20 per man
For gangbanging groups of five or more (including ass to mouth usage):
$50 per man but All must cum into his mouth or anus within one hour.
for example: �6 men: � $300

Michael is ready and eager day and night to service single men or groups of men
and travels worldwide and is available for
Pimping and Brothel working worldwide.

Contact his Owner-Manager at * [email protected]

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Note the size of Michael's anus made so by many years of constant use by satisfied customers
with strong thick asslips trained to squeeze and pulsate about cocks to maximize the cumming pleasures.
He enjoys use by single men or gangbanging groups with double anal penetration and he brings a skilled
cumthirsty sucking mouth and thick tireless anal rimming tongue to all occasions.

Note: For sadistic and very demanding men seeking submissive gay whores:
* Deep �rough fuckings �are �permitted *

including brutal gangbangings with hard spankings and buttslappings.
And he is trained to bottom for the k9inky taboo sex acts
almost no whores will even consider. Just ask for anything!
He will want to do it!
note: � higher rates may be charged.

Michael's large anus is trained and available for double
and even triple anal penetrations by cocks of any size
Note the sperm loads inside

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How Michael Became A Gay Male Prostitute

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