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Milking Matt

Synopsis: Matt Camden (from the TV show Seventh Heaven) gets roped into watching Jimmie Moon and Rod for a weekend. Jimmie and Rod end up roping Matt.

"Sure, I'll do it, no problem." Matt Camden hung up the phone and turned to his parents. "That was Rod's dad. He's going out of town for the weekend with Jimmie Moon's parents and they asked if I could stay with the guys over at Rod's house. And, they're going to pay me $200!"

"Ah, that's the catch, isn't it," Reverend Camden said, patting his son on the back.

"Yeah, you don't think I'd watch those numbskulls out of the goodness of my heart, do you?"

After school that afternoon Jimmie and Rod were up in Rod's room talking about how hot the Camden men were, especially Matt. Matt Camden was 6 feet tall with shoulder length brown hair and sexy brown eyes. He looked like a model. They both agreed he was one of the best looking guys they'd ever seen and were surprised that in all the times they had been to the Camden's house, they had never even seen Matt Camden without his shirt. Much less his pants! But they could still tell he had a great body!

Soon the conversation turned to ways to get Matt Camden separated from his clothes.

"I say we get him wasted or stoned this weekend," Rod said.

"Yeah, right," Jimmie sneered. "Like Preacher Boy Camden would ever smoke a doob or drink something stronger than root beer."

"Jimmie Moon, Jimmie Moon, Jimmie Moon," Rod said, shaking his head slowly. "I've got the perfect plan." After rummaging through a box at the back of his closet, Rod turned around and held up his held up his prize."

"What are these," Jimmie asked, reaching for the box of pills Rod was holding.

"Rohypnol, Ruffies." No response from Jimmie. "You know, the date rape drug?"

"Where'd you get them?" Jimmie's eyes were now as wide as saucers.

"One of the guys behind the machine shop was selling them.

"Wow," said Jimmie, taking the box from Rod. "Are you sure they'll work?"

"Check this out," Rod said, pulling an envelope of polaroid pictures from behind a framed poster on his wall. He tossed the pictures to Jimmie.

"Shit, this is Jordan, Lucy's ex," said Jimmie as he flipped through the pictures of the blond, wavy-haired hottie with the beautiful full lips and the even more beautiful body. Each picture showed Jordan wearing less and less clothes until he was wearing nothing but white briefs and sweat socks.

"Yeah, and look at this," Rod said, inserting a video cassette into his VCR and turning on the TV. Suddenly the screen was filled with a tipsy looking Jordan in nothing but his briefs, sweat socks, and a silly grin.

"When did this happen," Jimmie asked, staring at the TV screen, drool forming at the corners of his mouth.

"Last Saturday night. He was at that big party over at Dobber's and had had a few beers so I offered him a ride home. You know he only lives a few blocks away. Anyway, he asked if he could stay here for a couple of hours to sober up before he went home. He didn't want to hear him come in. So I brought him back here and game him a special night cap. My dad was at his poker game pretty late so I had the place to myself for a couple of hours.

Jimmie watched as the video continued. It was obvious that Jordan was completely out of it while Rod was tying him spread eagle onto his bed and tweaking his nipples. Jordan was putting up little resistance and was making only a few noises.

"He ended up staying the night and didn't remember anything the next day. He just had a hangover."

The tape ended and both teens looked at each other, big smiles on their lips.

"Maybe we could spike Matt's soda with it or something," Jimmie offered.

"Yeah," Rod agreed. I was thinking about that, too, but I mean, he's gonna pretty much pass out. I don't want him being all suspicious the next day."

At that moment Matt popped his head into the room. "Hey guys, I knocked but no one answered. I figured you'd be up here. How about some hoop?" He was grinning.

Jimmie and Rod just looked back at him and smiled. "Sure," they both said together.

As they played basketball the guys got Matt to talk about Shawna. They knew she had moved to New York to go to medical school and that Matt missed her terribly. As they talked the guys noticed Matt's shorts bulging a bit. It grew a bit as they got a bit more physical on the court. Jimmie looked over at Rod and could tell they were both thinking the same thing.

The game went on past eight o'clock. During one play Matt rushed the net for a lay up and tripped, sprawling head-first into the garage door. He slammed his head hard against the hard wood door and collapsed to his knees.

Jimmie and Rod rushed over. "Dude, you okay?" Rod put his hat on Matt's sweaty shoulder.

"Y..yyeah," Matt mumbled, shaking his head. He rose to his feet, unsteadily. "I just need to sit down."

"Let's take him inside," Jimmie said, leading the dazed stud off the driveway and toward the back door. He had one hand on Matt's butt, but Matt didn't seem to notice.

Once inside the guys got Matt an ice pack but he insisted he was okay and went upstairs to take a shower.

After dinner Rod and Jimmie took their showers and joined Matt in the living room to watch a movie. The guys were looking for a way to slip the drug into Matt's soda, but Matt never let the can out of his hands. After a little while he complained of a headache. He looked a little dizzy and asked the guys if they could grab him a few aspirin.

Rod and Jimmie ran upstairs to the medicine cabinet and scrounged around for some aspirin. Rod had dumped three in his hand when suddenly Jimmie tapped him. Rod looked up as Jimmie replaced one of the aspirin with the ruffie.

"Well, they sort of look alike," Jimmie said, shrugging.

"Maybe he won't notice," Rod replied hopefully. "It's worth a try. We can say they're different kinds of aspirins."

The guys returned to the living room and found Matt sitting on the couch with his head in his hands. His hand was outstretched awaiting the aspirin. Jimmie and Rod looked at each other as Rod handed Matt the pills.

Without even looking in his hand Matt tossed the pills back and took a long swig of his soda.

"Thanks, guys. My head's killing me and I'm a little dizzy."

Thirty minutes later Matt was buzzing from the drug and was having trouble focusing and keeping his eyes open. Jimmie and Rod told him he must've over-exerted himself in the game and must be getting tired in his old age. They asked Matt if he wanted them to call his parents, but he waved them off and stretched out on the sofa. After a quick look at each other they put their plan into action. As Matt was reclining on the couch, Jimmie and Rod jumped up on either side of him and began to push him between each other, tickling him like they had earlier in the day while on the basketball court. Matt was so ticklish that each time Jimmie and Rod poked him in the ribs he squealed and practically jumped off the couch. They could hardly keep him from squirming and the way his head was lolling around it was obvious that the drug was in effect and that Preacher Boy wouldn't remember anything the next day. The two teens began feeling him up without his knowing.

Jimmie took Matt's soda can and shook it. "It's still about half full." He took a sip. "Coke."

"I'll fix that," Rod said, taking the can and heading over to his dad's liquor cabinet. He poured the remaining soda into a high ball glass and filled the remainder with Bacardi 151 (about 3 shots or so).

He returned to the couch and held the glass to Matt's lips and made him drain the glass.

"I've always wanted to see Matt drunk," laughed Jimmie.

"Yeah," Rod agreed. "He's such a goodie two-shoes."

By this time Matt was totally out of it and put up no resistance to the alcohol. As he sat between Jimmie and Rod, they started to play grab ass with him again, pushing him and poking him in the ribs. Matt was looking at them through bleary eyes and laughed. He tried to fend off the guys but as he began to succumb to the power of the alcohol mixed with the drug, they found it easier to hold him down.

Using one hand to hold Matt's wrist together, Rod snaked his other hand under Matt's shirt to explore his stomach and chest. His nipples were erect and as Rod tweaked one, Matt groaned.

By now both teens were running their hands all up and down Matt's body. Soon they were all laughing like it was a game with Matt lying on the floor laughing and twisting from the torture. Jimmie alternated from Matt's knees to his ribs and then back again. Soon Matt didn't know where the sensations were coming from. But his pants were bulging and his groans were getting hotter and hotter.

Rod pulled Matt's shoes off and tickled his feet. He then pulled Matt's shirt up to his neck and started to rub the area around Matt's aroused nipples. He was so out of it that he didn't even try to stop them.

"Aaagghh..." he moaned as Jimmie crawled up between his legs and unzipped his pants, laughing just like it was part of the game. Matt was so gone he didn't care. Jimmie opened Matt's pants, and with help from Rod, pulled them down to his ankles. They stepped back to get a better view. There was Matt Camden, total hottie, totally out it. Pants around his ankles. He looked so hot. And helpless. His white briefs were bulging with his erection.

"Whooo! Look at Matty Camden in his tightie whities!" Rod whistled.

Jimmie bent down and tickled Matt's bulge, grabbing his butt cheeks for good measure. "He fucking hot!"

Rod grabbed Jimmie's video camera and began filming Jimmie feeling up Matt. After a few minutes they switched positions.

"So," Jimmie said, lightly brushing Matt's crotch. "Just what did you to do Jordan last weekend while the camera was off?"

Rod handed the camera to Jimmie and knelt over Matt. He looked up at Jimmie and smirked. "This."

Rod ran his hand up along Matt's legs and cupped his bulge, massaging it gently for a few minutes until he was rock hard. He then slipped his hand inside and pulled Matt's dick and balls through the fly. Matt had a seven-inch, curved rod that was leaking pre-cum. He ran his hand up and down the shaft and over the sensitive tip. Matt hunched and tried to move my hands away, but Jimmie took a hold of his arms and pinned them down. Rod closed his fist around the shaft and slowly moved my hand up and down. Matt's hips began to follow in a slow rhythm. He was moaning more audibly and Rod took the opportunity to run his fingers in and out of Matt's mouth and through his thick brown hair.

Jimmie grasped both Matt's wrists with one hand and ran his fingers up and down Matt's sides, over his ribs, and into his arm pits, making him burst forth with laughter. Matt was breathing hard and began to plead with the two teens to stop. They ignored his pleas. Jimmie moved his hands to Matt's tits and tweaked.

While Rod continued to masturbate Matt he took one finger and slipped it under Matt's sweaty balls to tickle his ass pucker.

Matt gasped sharply and tried to close his legs, but Rod wouldn't allow him. Instead, he concentrated on Matt's cock. Alternating moving my fist fast and then slow up and down his shaft. Matt was beginning to whimper, which made them more determined to continue.

After twenty minutes of torture Matt began to babble and beg. Finally Rod wet one of his fingers and slipped it into Matt's butt hole. Matt's eyes snapped wide open and he quickly drew in his breath as his body arched. Several bursts of cum shot from his cock and landed on his chest. He closed his eyes and a few seconds later he was out cold.

Rod and Jimmie cleaned Matt up and pulled his underwear back up. Rod took his polaroid camera, inserted a new cartridge of film and the two teens took turns posing with the unconscious stud. Then they put the rest of his clothes back on, except his shoes, laid him on the couch and covered him with a blanket.

"These will make a nice addition to my collection," Rod said, flipping through the snapshots and popping the cassette from the video camera.

"Our collection, you mean," Jimmie corrected, laughing.

The next morning Matt woke up with a headache and no memory of the night before. Walking into the kitched he saw Jimmie and Rod eating breakfast at the table. "Sorry about last night, guys. I remember starting the movie but I was so tired, I just crashed out."

"Ah, don't worry about it. You didn't miss much," Rod laughed, winking at Jimmie.