My Favorite Comixxx!!!!!


I was getting tired of all the space those comics took in my computer. So I decided to share them online. Some are not complete. If you have an image to help me have the full story, be my guest. Meanwhile, enjoy what's here...

Now by alphabetical order of artist email me

New stuff soon... (January 2005)

4 x4 by Ali
Anal Fantasy anonymous manga
Master by Toby Bluth
Boyz Club by Chapa Z.
Unfinished Pictures by Howard Cruse
Just Gimme A Beer by Garth Ennis & John McCrea
Jocko by Craig Esposito
Navy (2 stories) by Etienne

Army by Etienne

Sailor Beware! by Etienne

A Trip to Leatherland by Etienne

Meatman by Etienne

Intruder by Etienne

Rapists by Etienne (colored)

Lifeguard by Etienne

Locker Room by Etienne

Police by Etienne

Three On A Waterbed by Etienne

Raped by Etienne
Subway Savages by Etienne
Here Comes The Groom by Etienne (Stephen)
Camili-Cat: Felinoids by Patrick Fillion

Camili-Cat: Djinns by Patrick Fillion

Dane and the Leathermen by Patrick Fillion

Naked Justice by Patrick Fillion

Road Trip by Patrick Fillion

L'Horrible Giganticor by Patrick Fillion NEW

Sky by Patrick Fillion
Lettre a Mensonges by Alain Fretet
Bedside Manners by Go Fujimoto
Woof by Louie Furrywolfy
Cousin by Julius
Rusty gets Caught by Just A. Buoy & E. Rex Shawn
untitled? by Kumagoro
? by Lopez
Hot Water by Jon Macy
Fag & Hag by Neil Masters & Bert Tylor-Moore
Jose by Rolando Merida

Justin Vincible by Rolando Merida

Ralph by Rolando Merida
Rage by QAF characters Michael Novotny & JustinTaylor
Mr.Pickypants by J. Osbourne
Jason by Brad Parker
69? by Joe Phillips
Tony & Trent by Sean
The Buddies and The Bastards by Sean
Finnish Comics by Tom of Finland

Kake: Wild West by Tom of Finland

Service by Tom of Finland

Jim of the Jungle by Tom of Finland

Sex in The Park by Tom of Finland

Kake: Pleasure Park by Tom of Finland

Train by Tom of Finland
ABC Book by Maurice Vellekoop
Soap by Maurice Vellekoop
Rogue: Gym Instructor by Zack
Rogue: Starfuck Express by Zack
Camping UFO + Swim by Zilon

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