With one hand in my pocket I was rubbing my hardon and with the other I was trying to flag down a cab, all up it'd been a lousy night.

Being 29 years old I made a point to avoid the clubs but I didn't mind the pubs. I didn't have the kind of body gay guys seem to go for, the muscle in my arms and legs was their but it didn't have that self-consciousness about it, it was just everyday muscle, nothing special and lacking any real definition due to the ever increasing body fat. I didn't give a fuck really, I had pale white skin and maybe too much hair in some places and not enough in others but I always thought I wasn't that bad to look at, besides I was a decent kind of guy so if that was a problem well, fuck em'.

Feeling light headed from the beers I'd drank at the pub I'd let this guy called Jeff grope me between two cars in the parking lot, both of us had worked up decent stiff poles in our trousers and it'd seemed only natural to make our way back to my flat across town. I was just about to suggest we make a move when a woman's voice yelled out across the lot 'Jeff, we've gotta go NOW'.

Turned out Jeff had been drinking with his sister and two friends at a pub nearby and his sister had met an ex-boyfriend and started carrying on about some bullshit in their past. I really didn't give a fuck about all that but Jeff reluctantly said he had to go because of some fuckin' reason or other.

By then it was getting onto 2:00 a.m, the bars were closing up and I couldn't handle going to a club so with my hardon straining against the fly of my khaki's I made my way out to the street and started searching for a cab.

Absentmindedly I rubbed my cock through the lining of my pockets and ran through my mind the things I'd hoped to be doing with that guy Jeff before the whole plan was shot to hell by his sister. After 15 minutes I hadn't seen one cab that wasn't booked or full, the frustration was building up in me and so all I wanted to do was get home and jack off as a release.

As I was trying to see through the traffic if the cab half a block down was trying to do a U-turn towards me another cab must've seen my hand raised as it glided to a stop next to me.

The driver leant forward and looked at me "where you going?" He'd driven up so fast I hadn't seen him so with a jerk of my arm I pulled my hand out of my pocket, leaning forward to hide the rise in my trousers I gave him my address.

With a barely noticeable glance at my crotch the driver nodded his head and told me to get in.

"You very lucky, I just start work for tonight. You my first fare"

"Yeah, great. I've been trying for twenty minutes"

We'd pulled out into the street but in this part of town, at this time of night it wasn't long before we ground to a halt in the heavy traffic.

The driver was an Arab guy, the ID on the dash gave his name as Ahmed, from the street lights I could see he was early to mid thirties, even so his moustache and unshaven face had the light covering I'd usually associate with a younger guy. As he looked around us and muttered about the traffic I had a chance to see his face, his full looking lips had a slight glint of saliva on them, his skin was dark and I could just make out some slight old acne scars - I try to avoid generalising but his nose, eyebrows and the thick but cut short black curly hair were what I'd call Arab looking. He wasn't skinny, I wouldn't call him fat but he was solid, it was obvious someone must of fed him well and regularly. He was a good looking guy but as with most middle eastern blokes I always assume they're straight so I turned and looked out the opposite window.

A few times he half heartedly blew the cabs horn but as we inched along the crowded street it soon became obvious to him that no matter what we weren't going anywhere in a hurry. With a barely audible sigh he relaxed in his seat and accepted the wait.

As I looked out the window at the other cars and pedestrians I could feel the driver looking at me, with a small cough I shifted in my seat and pretended not to know. I wasn't in a talking mood and I didn't wanna hear his gripes about the traffic.

"Where you been tonight?" he asked.

"Maloney's". Looking at him as he nodded his head I guessed he knew that this pub got alot of gay men in it.

"Now you go home alone"

"Yeah. It was going well but he had to leave" Making it known that it was men I was into I felt my flaccid cock shift slightly in my briefs.

"Did you touch his cock?"

This question shocked me, so damn direct but I wasn't gonna complain. I wasn't sure if he was interested or subtly taunting a guy he assumed was some western slut - stereotypes kind of figure loud in first meetings. 'Fuck it' I thought to myself I'll play along either way.

"I was just about to but he had to leave"

"Did you touch his arse?"

"Yeah, I got my hand down the back of his trousers" This was crap, I didn't get that far but the glint in Ahmed's eyes made a few lies worth it.

"Then what did you do?"

"I rubbed one of his arse cheeks and ran my finger along the edge of his crack"

"This men's arse is like a cunt to you?"

"Yep. Anything you do with a cunt I do with a man's arse"

By now Ahmed wasn't bothered by the traffic, shifting his thighs on the beaded seat cover, I could tell he was trying to adjust his own stiffening cock.

Raising my hips slightly I made it clear that I was enjoying this conversation, my dick had stiffened at an awkward angle so the tent in my trousers was uncomfortable but for the moment I decided not to use my hand to adjust it.

"Do you lick these men's arse?"

"Only if they're clean, if they are I kiss their puckered hole"

At the same time we adjusted our cocks as they strained against the fabric of our trousers. I didn't know how far Ahmed would want to take this but I was going to push it as much as I could.

"Do you let them finger your hole?"

"If they lick it first, yeah I do"

"Do you put your finger in their arse?"

"Yeah, I..."

The loud prolonged beeping horn of the car behind us made it clear that the traffic was moving. With his stiff cock tenting his black trousers Ahmed momentarily concentrated on the road, coming up to an intersection we turned left and headed towards one of the main roads that wove through the quieter commercial part of town. Their was few cars on these roads so I could divert Ahmend's attention.

Leaning over to him I tentatively rubbed at the rock solid bulge in his trousers, with a throaty moan he shifted his crotch so it pressed against the palm of my hand. Getting my hand under his slightly overhanging stomach I undid his belt and pulled his zipper down, lifting his arse out of his chair allowed me to pull his trousers down until they rested on his thick, dark and hairy thighs.

His white y-front briefs strained and jutted into the air, through the slightly damp fabric I rubbed firmly on his meaty, heavy erection, the outline of the head of his cock was clearly visible through the fabric. Rubbing my thumb on the growing wet spot in the fabric over his piss slit I used my other hand to slide down his back until the tips brushed against the waistband of his briefs.

Once again Ahmed lifted his heavy arse out of his seat, I guided my hand down the back of his briefs and rubbed at the light covering of course hair that trailed down his spine into his arse crack. Ahmed groaned deeply as my fingers began to journey down his sweaty arse crack, the clammy sweat between his cheeks spread across my palm...

"Oaahh...Ahmed, I wanna lick ya' arse..."

With a sudden swerve of the cab Ahmed drove down a side street between two darkened office blocks, gliding into a an empty car park we jolted to a stop.

Ahmed kicked off his shoes, roughly took his trousers off then in one quick clumsy move he lent over the drivers seat, pushed his arse towards my face and lifting the shirt tail of his blue cab uniform offered his arse to me. His heavy arse was still covered by his large white y-fronts, two heavy mounds of flesh just inches from my face, by the light from the car park it wasn't hard to make out the dampness along the fabric over his crack.

Hooking my fingers under his waistband I slid his briefs down to reveal two dark arse cheeks, the heady, musky aroma filled my nostrils as I breathed deep to experience the smell of a man's arse. Coarse hair lightly covered the cheeks, growing thicker along his crack I noticed that it thinned out closer to his puckered hole. Ahmed had began to slowly but strongly pound his stiff cock and rub it into the beaded seat cover...

"You lick my hole now"

As he said these words his slightly puffy arse lips twitched and contracted, spreading each hand over an arse cheek I lowered my face into the steamy, sweaty crevice. The clean, musky spiciness of his crack got me blinking my eye's trying to focus on the beauty of this Arab arse, lowering my lips onto the hole, the puckering arse lips met mine and I ground them into his hole.

Ahmed's whole body jumped forward in ecstasy, the cab filled with the sounds of his groans and deep guttural sighs as I wiped my lips across this hidden opening, they soon became moist from the lust fuelled sweat that poured from Ahmed's skin. The dark hairs along his crack rasped against my cheeks as I began to push my tongue onto his hole, the clean exotic taste flowed through my body as my tongue slid across the top of the twitching flesh. Making small jabs of my tongue I managed to easily get my tongue past his arse ring until the hot muscle of his bowels squeezed tightly against this intruding tongue, pumping quickly I managed to work up spit which I pushed over my lips onto Ahmed's hole. Pushing it into his chute I could feel it relax and soften...

"Oh man...oh man....ooahhh...lick me me...."

Bringing my finger closer to his hole I took a couple of sloppy licks until they glistened with spit, resting my middle finger against his arse lips I began to push it against his hole....

"Ahmed...push out...push out"

Ahmed got the message and his arse lips grew and opened slightly, welcoming my finger as I rammed and burrowed into the warm, softness of his arse. With every thrust of my finger Ahmed's head rose in a grunt, pushing his arse closer to me I knew he wanted more so I slipped the second finger past his ring into the depth of his bowels.

"You fuck my arse. You fuck me"

Pulling my two fingers out of Ahmed's moist, smooth hole I wiped them on his slowly humping arse cheeks. Fumbling wildly at my zipper I wrenched my trousers down and hoisted my rock hard cock from out of my briefs, Ahmed looked back and smiled lustfully as he saw my circumcised cock head jutting out from my fist. I spat and dribbled onto my palm and slathered my cock shaft until it glistened in the street lights.

Ahmed reached back and pulled his arse cheeks apart, strained his arse so it opened and contracted greedily, guiding my cock head onto his hole his twitching arse lips seemed to want to suck my shaft into his hot Arab tunnel. Placing the head onto his opening, I leaned forward, grab Ahmed's shoulder and pulled myself hard against his body, my cock head initially strained and pushed against the hole. Ahmed let out a groan of pain, lust and desire, grunting like an animal my cock head popped past his arse opening muscle then quickly I slid into his body, inching my way up his hole I watched as my cock shaft sunk between the dark hairs of this beautiful Arab.

Riding and humping his body my cock prodded against the warm bowel muscles, digging deep into his guts as he pummeled at his cock, Ahemd's groans and grunts grew louder and faster my heavy pale thighs slapped sweatily against his upturned arse cheeks. The heat and musky aroma of cock digging into a man's arse rose up from our bodies and filled the cab the unmistakable smell of men's sweat.

"Uh...huh...huh..." I could tell Ahmeds was close and from the way my taught shrunken balls nestled between his cheeks I knew I was close to. Deep inside his arse I felt the head of my cock tingle and harden even more...."ah...ah...Ahmed....I'm" With a glistening wet brow Ahmed looked over his shoulders into my eye's, glassy with lust he asked me to cum on his back..."blow your shirt....huh....huh". I was close. I was close....this fuckin' hot arab arse...."whoa...whoa...whoa".

Suddenly Ahmed's whole body started to shake and buck "o...o...o...huh...huh..huh...huhhhhhh" His cumming cock blew his load hard against the seat....yanking my cock from his hole I had just enough time to start pumping at the greasy shaft...."ah...ah...ahh...ah...ahhh" ribbons of white cum shot out of my piss slit, splattering wildly across Ahmed's back it wasn't long before the blue fabric was coated in wild, wet strings of cum, soaking into the fabric his shirt clung to his body as the sweat and the cum plastered his uniform...still holding my slimy, arse sweat covered cock I grabbed at Ahmed's shirt tail and wiped the softening shaft clean...leaning forward into his wet back we both took long deep breaths of satisfaction. Ahmed's heavy body heaved under mine until our breathing was in unison....I did end up in the right place tonight.