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 Clean Anal Sex - Rinsing out the rectum

Isn't it dirty?

This is the number one hangup people seem to have over anal sex. This is because most of us were conditioned during childhood to feel that our anus is really dirty and bad. The truth is that the rectum is rarely "dirty."

When you excrete (take a shit) the fecal material (shit) leaves the colon and is allowed to enter the rectum. Often the only time any feces are in the rectum is when you get that URGENT "gotta take a dump" feeling. Otherwise it stays up inside the colon waiting for you to get in position and tell the body to start. They call it a "bowel movement" because your intestines literally pulsate to move fecal matter down into your rectum. Most often the feces stay in your colon until you sit down to take a dump. Then they travel past the rectal valves into your rectum and out.

Now sometimes there is a little mucus (slime) left in the colon, and sometimes there are some small flecks of feces... but as a whole, it seems to be typically minimal. Most people can tell when there are larger feces in their rectum and can deposit them in the nearest toilet BEFORE intercourse. Avoiding any problems. So generally, anal sex without any preparation is NOT a messy experience (though it is possible).

With all this being said... there is a solution to the issue anyway. It's called rinsing out the rectum.

Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that I am a "clean freak." So the whole idea of anal play REALLY pushed my buttons in the early days of my exploration. The idea of playing in shit just didn't do anything for me. But I must admit, that after years of exploration and anal intercourse it is pretty unusual to pull out of an anus and find any feces on my penis. And when it has happened, the small items are easily removed (along with the lube) onto a towel. I think in all the hundreds of times I have done this I have only once had an experience that I would consider messy (when wiping my penis.) It just hasn't been an issue (to my initial surprise.) Even so, whenever possible, I like rinse out before anal sex. This drastically reduces the chance of having any issues.

Rinsing out the rectum...

Remember I said I was a clean freak? Well... even though there is rarely ever anything in the rectum... I still prefer to "rinse out" before intercourse. You know, just in case. :)   I just feel better knowing I'm clean. The process is called "Anal Douching", but I just call it, "rinsing out."

For me the whole process normally takes 2-3 minutes. I usually spend more time getting the water to the right temperature than anything else! :) When I'm at home I have an attachment I connect to my shower (shown below) when I'm away, I just use a disposable enema bottle. I find the shower attachment to be more effective, easier and quicker, but I can't always bring my shower with me! :)

There are a variety of ways of rinsing out:

Douching the rectum

Disposable enema (douche):

Cheap and simple ($2). Spend a couple bucks and pick up a disposable "enema." Empty out the contents (it sometimes has medication in it you don't want) and refill the bottle with plain luke warm water. Remove the cap (throw cap out), add a bit of lube to your anus & the tip of the bottle, gently insert the bottle tip into your rectum and squeeze the contents out of the bottle. Go to the toilet, empty out. Refill bottle and repeat process a couple/three times until the water comes out clean. PRESTO! All done :)

Then wash the bottle and save it for the next usage. You can keep reusing it until the plastic wears out.

I often do this on my knees on the bathroom floor, but some people also do this standing up.
fleet enema

Anal Douche bulb:

A more long lasting solution ($12-$24). Use the same way as the disposable enema above. Simply fill the bulb with warm water, lube up the tip & your anus, insert the tip, squeeze water into your rectum, remove tip, then empty yourself out in the toilet. Repeat several times until the water comes out of your ass clean.

Anal douche

Shower Douche:

This is a more convenient solution for more frequent usage. This is what I prefer, it's easier to use and clean. I also can clean myself out a little deeper if I want by how deep I stick in the nozzle. I often like to make sure the lower part of the colon (where the rectal valves are) is clean as well. Just a personal preference.

You can buy the kit ($60) or make your own. The kit is basically a water diverter that connects before the shower head, with a tube and a nozzle for inserting. Often made of stainless steel, thus the cost.

You can either use this like a douche, take in some water, then empty out at the toilet. Or just allow the free flow of water into your rectum and back out again into the shower and down the shower drain. This is my preference.

For more detail on how to use the shower douche attachment, or how to make your own with parts from a $10 enema bag kit, go the shower douche page.
shower enema kit
make shower enemarinsing out rectum


Enemas differ from douching in that a much large quantity of water is taken up into the body. The more water you take in to the body, the farther up the colon the water travels. Enemas generally involve taking in a quart or more of water into the rectum and large colon. This process normally takes several HOURS to do. As you take water up into the colon, it is more complicated to get it all to come out again. So hours later you can still have water and feces wanting to come out, much like if you had diarrhea.
This is messy and unnecessary for most anal play. Rinsing out your colon with an enema IS a neat experience that I recommend exploring... but not to use to rinse out for intercourse. I often don't want to take hours to prepare for sex.

What I found was by just rinsing (or "douching") the rectum, WITHOUT taking lots of water up the colon, I could do a good job in just a couple minutes.

Final Notes...

Some times rinsing out kinda "wakes up" the excretion process. Your body decides it's also going to have a bowel movement after that. When this happens it will take a little longer to rinse out. You may find that you rinse out, then feel the real need to take a dump. You will then need to rinse out again afterwards. Often if I have already had my regular bowel movement for the day, this won't happen.

It takes a bit of practice to get the hang of rinsing out properly (or any new thing you try). While rinsing out almost guarantees you that anal sex won't be messing, there are a couple exceptions to this. Yea, this is the "fine print."  

1. If you take in too much water or don't let back out all the water, water can remain trapped in your system... making things messy. Often I will rinse out 20min or so before actual anal intercourse, so any water still in the system gets absorbed into the body. No more problem.

2. If you are having digestive issues such as diarrhea, I would suggest avoiding anal sex during these times. It is very hard to stay clean when your digestive system is upset. Or if you do get clean, it doesn't last for long.

3. Realize that rinsing out does not last forever. Depending on your normal cycles of bowel movements you body keeps moving feces through your system. After a certain number of hours (how long varies), you are no longer clean for deeper penetration (up past rectal valves). With practice you learn to sense when there are feces there and when you need to rinse out. If in doubt, rinse out one more time! :)
Rinsing out with shower adapter

Rinsing out is a very simple way of ensuring that things won't get messy. Yet, even if you don't rinse out, there are rarely any problems. So the bottom line is that it's not a big deal. ...then there are those people who actually LIKE IT when it's messy.

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