Daze of Our Lives 2 (celeb hypno fet)

The following story is a work of fiction. The characters portrayed within are a work of fiction as well, and any resemblance to any person, living or dead is a coincidence and unintentional. It is also not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or any personal knowledge about their private lives.

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Scene 3

The sun was shining brightly as it streamed though the windowpanes of lecture room 436. Particles of dust were visible, dancing before the professor and chalkboard. Rex glanced up momentarily; he was lost in the moment. The professor droned on endlessly, but his words of wisdom made no impact with the boy. He was in a place far away. The accident had made him look at things in ways different from before. Of course, his life prior to arrival in Salem was a mystery to him, but the impact of his mortal being and the condition of his sister and friends now seemed to consume him.

He lifted his eyes and stopped playing with his pencil. As he propped his head on his hand and let his fingers rest against his pouting mouth, his gaze surveyed the room. He took inventory of the students before him. The usual bunch doing the usual thing, and boy was it boring. Just at that moment the professor's eyes made contact with Rex and he quickly set his gaze downwards. Room 436 wasn't terribly large, but it had the advantage of being semi-circular and raised in steps. Rex never liked sitting too close to the front of the room, not because he was afraid of any questions the professor might pose, but because he preferred to have a view of the room and the individuals in it. As his eyes started to wander again, his eyes found Tommy Brant, the dark-haired jock who was on the varsity hockey team. Although he wasn't beautiful in the Hollywood sense, his looks, combined with his charming personality, created what could be described as mannish handsomeness.

Having nothing else close-at-hand to observe, Rex set his concentration on the young man's butt. Tommy was a typical jock and seldom paid any heed to his appearance. He kept his black hair short out of convenience and made little attempt to influence girls with his wardrobe. Too bad, a little more effort on his part, and he would surely have been one of the most sought-after guys on campus. As it was, he was lost in the crowd, other members of his team being in the spotlight and getting most of the action. Rex surveyed Tommy, but for some reason his eyes first settled on the bright yellow sweat shorts on Tommy's tight butt. Tommy was restless too, probably just as much as Rex, but as Tommy stirred in his seat, his shorts started to creep-up his crack. He must not be wearing any underwear! Rex felt a stirring in his loins, and the more he subconsciously thought of this, the more his cock firmed-up.

Rex kept bouncing his pencil on the desk until all at once, Tommy suddenly turned around and their eyes met. Rex turned red, managed to whisper "I'm sorry" and Tommy turned around once again. He'd been caught! However, Tommy had no way of knowing that Rex was actually staring at his butt the whole time so Rex wasn't too concerned. Tommy was probably just annoyed at the sound of the pencil hitting the desk.

Rex pretended to concentrate on the lecture again, but it was no use. His eyes were now drawn towards Tommy's feet. Tommy wore his sneakers with the laces permanently tied open, so that he just had to slip them on. Probably for the same reason he wore his hair short, convenience. As Tommy leaned into the desk he rested the weight of his legs on his toes. His ankles were out of his black suede Airwalks and Rex could see the dirty soles of his socks. Tommy kept moving his feet in and out of his shoes and it created a slight friction sound. Nothing loud, but still audible for Rex. It also explained the sight odor that Rex now recognized as Tommy's unwashed socks. He glanced down at Tommy once again and started to look at his furry legs and how his hair kind of bunched-up where his white ankle socks slid down.

As Rex was sitting lost in his own thoughts, he suddenly realized that he was feeling uncomfortable. He eyes widened as he concluded that he was hard. Where did that come from? I'm not looking at anyone! All I'm doing is... looking at Tommy's butt... hairy legs... his feet... and that smell???

Rex quickly looked around and, satisfied that no one was looking, readjusted himself in his black jeans. Just as he did, the Professor looked up, closed his books and said, "Thank you ladies and gentlemen. Until next Tuesday."

Class was over! Rex gathered his notebook and shoved it in his rucksack. Instead of placing it on his shoulder, he carried it in front of him for now. He got up and covered the bulge in his jeans. Just then Tommy turned around and moved to leave. Rex avoided eye contact as he quickly moved towards the door ahead of Tommy. He had to meet Shawn at the gym.

Rex moved quickly though the corridor and down the stairs. As he approached the doors he moved his rucksack to his back, his hard-on now subsiding. He looked down at the steps and he descended down. He kept his eyes down using his peripheral vision to avoid hitting people. Sara, from his Chem. 101 class said hello to him but he didn't hear her. He was too consumed with the strange feelings that he had just experienced in the lecture.

The sun shone brightly above the tree-lined campus, the Georgian style buildings looking majestic, covered in their coat of ivy. Rex noticed none of it. He made his way towards the physical education building and grabbed for the door, but suddenly thought better of it. "Perhaps I should just sit under this oak tree and collect my thoughts for a while", he silently thought to himself.

His sudden change in plans caused him to turn around and run smack into Tommy.

"Hey, watch where you're going space boy," Tommy smiled as he realized his own pun.

Rex managed to stammer out a "Yeah, sorry..." and headed for the bench under the oak tree. He took his rucksack off and placed it over his crotch. When he bumped into Tommy, he felt his cock through the sweat pants, and it caused Rex to start growing again. Rex sat himself down and clutched his rucksack, holding on to it as if it contained the riches of the world. He eyes came to rest on the grass. He cleared his thoughts and took a deep breath. He heard laughter and noticed that Tommy was now walking across the lawn in front of him. He was with some of his teammates, and they were passing a football, as they walked together.

OK, at least I'm not going to see him in the gym, he thought to himself. He collected his sack and his thoughts and went to meet Shawn.

Rex had never had any reason to enter the physical education building on campus before. He used the weight room at the hospital because it was convenient, and he more or less had it to himself. What he was about to experience was totally new to him. Rex passed through the impressive double doors and a long hallway stretched-out before him. He stopped at the security desk and asked the young man directions to the recreational weight room and proceeded down the hall. The corridor was rank with the stench of chlorine. The left-hand side of the passage was a floor to ceiling glass wall and it looked down into the pool area. There was a practice going on and several young men in gold and orange striped Speedos were standing on the edge. Rex continued to walk on for a bit. Then suddenly, he stopped dead in his tracks. He went over to the window and started to stare at the attractive young men, or rather one in particular. The one-second from the right bore a resemblance to Tommy Brant. Rex stood and starred at the young stud wearing only his skimpy bathing suit. A sigh of relief covered Rex's bright face. He wasn't getting hard! Boy, was that a relief! Rex stood and watched a little longer, satisfied that the experience with Tommy was an isolated incident. He glanced at his watch and continued towards the gym to meet Shawn.

Rex stepped up to the door with "Rec Gym" plastered on the door. He entered the room and stood in the lobby. There was a rather short young man standing sideways, beside the counter of the reception desk. He was decked-out like the Salem University Prep Shop poster child. He couldn't have been more than 5-and-a-half-feet tall, but he obviously worked out. He had a name tag on that Rex could just make out. It read "Jeff".

Jeff seemed to have muscles bulging out of muscles. The tight orange and gold tank top left nothing to the imagination. Rex continued to survey the stud and his eyes made their way down his shirt front to his nylon track pants, with a rather impressive bulge in front and very squeezable bubble butt at the back. His eyes continued to follow the orange racing strip, down the side of Jeff's well-developed legs and finally rested on his Nikes. Just at that moment his concentration was interrupted by Jeff's voice.

"Hey there, can I help you?", Jeff smiled as he offered Rex his extended hand.

"Oh, hi, I um... I was supposed to meet a friend here, uh, Shawn Brady?" Rex stammered, as he shook the young stud's hand.

"Oh sure! Go through those doors and turn to the right. I just saw him on the exercise bikes. If he's not there he can't be far," Jeff offered.

"Thanks," Rex lowered his eyes and shuffled through the doors. Rex was lost in his thoughts as he went through the doors. Too bad, if he'd been paying closer attention he would have seen Jeff undressing him with eyes and letting out a heavy sigh as the beautiful Rex moved in his tight jeans.

Rex moved down the side of the room and looked for Shawn. He was slightly confused looking across the room. Some walls were glass, looking-out onto the quadrangle, other walls were covered in mirrors and the room appeared to be about four times the size it actually was. Rex stood still to try and get his bearings. Finally, at the extreme right hand side he spotted the bikes and then Shawn. Shawn looked up and waved to Rex. Rex, still uneasy, managed a smile and waved has he walked towards his friend.

"Rex, my man, how ya doing buddy?" Shawn stopped cycling and got off the bike. He bent over and stretched his calve muscles.

"Hey Shawn, I'm fine," Rex managed to reply.

"Hey man, what's wrong, you don't sound so good," Shawn had a look of concern on his face as he got back up and met Rex's eyes.

"I'm fine, really. I'm just a little out of it today. I've got a lot of stuff on my mind," Rex said.

"I know man. I feel the same, but don't worry, everything's going to be fine. I phoned the hospital and apparently everyone is stable, and they should be fine," Shawn passed a reassuring smile on his face. He moved towards Rex and gave him a friendly embrace. Rex shuttered at the public display of emotion. Shawn pulled back but left his hands on Rex's shoulders, his eyes connecting with Rex.

"It will be OK buddy, honest," Shawn bent over and retrieved his towel. "Come on, I gotta change and shower this funk off of me.

Rex followed Shawn into the locker room, apparently not realizing what he was doing. They entered the room and a wave attacked Rex. The room was darker than the brightly lit exercise room. It was tiled on the floors and all the way up the walls. Sound echoed off every corner and Rex found it confusing, but not nearly as distracting as what was attaching his nostrils. The moist air was warm and heavy with the musky scent of young men, sweat, soap and cologne. Rex felt euphoric, but worried about his earlier reactions. His worries were not unfounded.

"Over here buddy," Shawn directed the dazed Rex towards the banks of lockers.

There were lockers on both sides of the slender corridor and a bench ran down the centre. Shawn walked down the right side and Rex on the left. Finally, near the end of the bank, Shawn stopped and started to work the combination lock on the upper locker.

"Have a seat Rex, I won't be a moment," Shawn said reassuringly.

Rex sat on the opposite side of the bench, half turned towards Shawn. He still clutched his rucksack. He cock wasn't erect, but it definitely wasn't soft either! Rex feared his friend noticing something that should not occur between friends and tried to concentrate on things other than his surroundings.

Shawn could sense that something was wrong but tried not to bring any attention to it. Rex was obviously troubled but harping on it probably wouldn't help. Besides, there was nothing that they could now do for their friends in the hospital. Shawn decided to play it cool and act as if nothing was wrong. He would make a quick trip to showers, and then they would be outta there. He reached up and removed his gym bag from the locker, searched around inside of it and took out his shaving kit. He reached up and took off his tee shirt. The grey shirt was soaked with perspiration and made a slight sound as the damp fabric hit the bench. Rex looked up, as if waking from a daze. Shawn looked down at him and smiled, but said nothing.

Then something happened that disturbed Rex. Shawn lifted his leg and placed his right foot on the bench to remove his sneaker. Rex was looking at the floor, but with his peripheral vision could see the raised foot. Shawn bent over and started to unlace his blue and white Asics. He removed the shoe and a wave of musk filled the air. His white socks were sticking to his foot and the outline of the shoe was visible on the sock fabric. He also caught a whiff of crotch sweat as Shawn put his bare foot on the floor and move his left foot to the bench. Shawn removed his other shoe and set it down beside the first, on the bench. As he did this he flexed his toes to release them from the grip of the fabric. At the same time they were, unbeknownst to Shawn, rubbing up against Rex's thigh.

A sweat broke-out on Rex's brow. What was going on? How am I going to deal with this? Shawn finished undressing and put his flip-flops on and grabbed his towel.

"Hey Rex, watch my stuff, OK? I won't be a minute, and then we can leave."

"Uh, sure man, whatever you say." Rex was dumbfounded.

Rex sat on the bench beside Shawn's sweat soaked clothing, the musky smell of his friend emanating from the articles. He kept his sack close to his crotch, hiding the raging hard-on that he now packed. He could feel the pre-cum gluing the head of his cock to his tighty whiteys. He felt nervous. Nervous, but excited! He glanced up and down the row of lockers--no one in sight. He released his right hand from his sack and slowly let it find its way towards Shawn's strewn clothing. He first started for his sneaker, but then he thought that he heard someone and stopped. No one appeared, and he suddenly felt that his hand had found the black nylon shorts under it. He reeled the fabric in, clutching it under his palm. Then, suddenly, in one motion brought the bundle up to his nose and took and large, deep breathe and quickly set the shorts down again. He closed his eyes and let the smell--Shawn's smell--permeate his nostrils. When he opened his eyes, he looked around but didn't see anyone around. He reached over and quickly grabbed Shawn's sneaker. As he clutched the shoe in his hand he could feel the dampness of the fabric inside. He loosened the laces some more and pulled the tongue back, inserting the shoe directly over his nose and mouth. He took another deep breath and inhaled. His eyes were clamped shut and as the scent of musk hit his senses he was sent reeling. The result was as if he had snorted a line of coke. His head was spinning in a euphoric state of bliss.

He sat there totally lost in the moment unaware of the quick succession of events that were about to unfold. When he finally came to, it was because of a noise that brought him back. He opened his eyes and realized that he was sitting there holding Shawn's sneaker in mid-air, in front of his face, and he had let his sack fall to the floor. There was no way that the sack could have stayed on his crotch, because the obscene bulge he was now sporting had pushed it off. He looked towards his left, the direction that Shawn had gone in to the shower and discovered Jeff standing on the corner leaning against the lockers with a huge smirk on his face and his arms crossed.

Jeff released his folded arms and slowly walked towards Rex. Rex was frozen in place. All he could do was stare at Jeff, as he walked towards him. Jeff reached out and took the shoe from Rex's hand, ran his other hand through Rex's hair and smiled at him. Then he looked at the sneaker momentarily and finally took a snort himself. Rex sat still looking up at Jeff, stunned at what had just happened.

Jeff leaned down and whispered in Rex's ear, "It's OK buddy, I won't tell. I've wanted to get my paws on Shawn's sneaks for quite a while now. Thanks." As Jeff sat Shawn's sneaker down, he placed his hand on Rex's shoulder and kissed him on the neck while giving his package a gentle squeeze.

Rex suddenly came to and realized what was happening. He jumped to his feet knocking Jeff against the lockers, creating quite a rumble. Rex then grabbed his bag and raced out. Just at that moment Shawn arrived and stood in wonder. Not having seen the event that just occurred, Shawn was curious.

"Hey Jeff, what's up man?" Shawn pondered.

"Oh, hey Shawn. I don't know. I think your buddy there needs a vacation or something. He seems kinda stressed," Jeff said with mock concern.

"Give him a break, man. He's been acting strange, ever since the accident. I ought to take him out later tonight so he could take his mind of his sister."

"Sounds like a good idea man," Jeff said nodding. "Perhaps a little time out at the pub or something. Let me know if you need some company."

"Thanks man, I'll keep that in mind," Shawn said, as Jeff walked away.

Shawn got dressed and quickly packed his gym clothes in his bag. He didn't want to leave Rex alone for too long and God only knows where he had gone. He was acting strange and Shawn didn't want him to get into trouble. As Shawn left the rec. gym he smiled and waved to Jeff. When he reached the corridor, he couldn't find Rex. He left the building and saw Rex under the oak tree. He had a dazed expression. Shawn stood there for a moment before speaking.

"Come on buddy, let's go. It's been a long day and I think we've both been through a lot lately, " Shawn smiled.

Rex rose from the bench but kept his head slung low. Shawn placed his arm around his friend's shoulders and brought him close. He tossed his gym bag over his own shoulder, and the two boys walked towards Shawn's car.

To be continued...