Hypped to be Square (mm mc coll anal oral)

Synopsis: The revenge of the nerds. Based on a roleplay by buffster67 and Thom21.

The following story is a work of fiction. The characters portrayed within are a work of fiction as well, and any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is a coincidence and unintentional.

Copyright © 2011. This story is the property of the authors, buffster67, Thom21 and O'Melissokomos. Any duplication, in whole or in part, is forbidden without their express written consent.

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"Man, look at the rack on this chick!" blurted out Thom, a typical college jock party boy who was in his dorm room. He was intently ogling the latest swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated and selecting the picture he'd be spending some extra time alone later when he heard the door open. Pretty sure it was his roommate, he called out, "Hey Brad, how's it hanging?"

"Oh, hello Thom. Things are just dandy," came the response.

"Just 'dandy?'" Thom's ears perked up, and he looked over his magazine to see his roommate walking in with his hair combed neatly and shirt tucked in and carrying books under his arm. "That's funny man. You look different. What's with the screwy get-up?"

"I'm looking after myself, that's all. Is that a crime?" Brad said, as he put down his books, looked in the mirror and started combing his hair, all the while smiling.

"Looking after yourself? Why the fuss over your looks? You looked fine before."

"Dear me, I was such a slob then. Unkempt, unshaven and just plain unattractive. I have got to make a good impression if I ever expect to be gainfully employed after I graduate from this fine institution."

"A slob? C'mon man, you were just being a jock, and with the big smile of yours, you always made a good impression. Who cares about looking good all the time anyway?"

"I do. Being neat is important, almost as important as study and grades."

"Studying? Grades? Now you're being weird. You're turning into a real nerd."

"Just being sensible. Is that a crime?"

"Yeah, like Dan and Rick and our other teammates have been doing. What's going on, man?"

"Mens sana in corpore sano."

Thom let out a Tim Taylor-like grunt. "Whu?"

His roommate rolled up his eyes and sighed. "A healthy mind in a healthy body? I can assure you they are all fine. There is nothing to worry about."

"Yeah, they are all fine, alright. All _nerds_. They're no fun anymore. Always primping, never wanting to party, studying, always participating in class--what a turn off."

"They sound sensible. They're great guys. They've got ambition and want to contribute something important to this world."

"Yeah, so am I... by getting drunk and getting high as much as I can, and before this morning you had the same goal."

"Oh, I was so wrong. Drugs and alcohol are not good for your body."

"What the hell do you mean? We're young; our bodies can handle it. And besides man, it feels so fucking great getting drunk and high."

"_Studying_ makes me high, Thom," punctuated Brad. "By the by, I just bought Amy Grant's greatest hits album. You want me to play it?"

"Amy Grant? What the fuck, man? You have got to be kidding. I got my headbanging music to listen to. And getting high on studying? Damn, you're all fucked up. We need to get you to a good shrink."

"Well, my head has never been clearer. That's the devil's music you listen to. Pure evil."

"Evil?! You are nuts, man, you know that? I can't take this shit anymore. I'm going to the RA and get a room change. If you're going to be like this, I want a new roommate."

"That is your choice."

"You bet your ass it is man, and I'm making it right now. I'm going out to pick my own roommate, thank you very much."

"Good. While you are gone, I can take some time to clean up the room. Look at these clothes on the floor. I must fold them up!"

"Leave them where they are. They're right where I want them."

Brad was aghast. "Oh, but Danny and Richie are coming over. It would be horrible if they found the room in such a state!"

"Yeah right. 'Great guys.' Nerds, just like you, man. Tell you what, Brad, you can move in with them. That way I won't have to move. That'd be best."

"Like I said, that is your choice Thom," Brad said, returning to the mirror to resume combing his hair. "And from now on, please call me Bradley. I hate the name 'Brad.' Oh, pardon me. I shouldn't say 'hate,' such a strong word. It grates on my ears. Dislike is better, don't you think?"

Thom groaned. "I'm gonna leave now and let you pack, BRAD-ley. I would H-A-T-E for you to be here when I get back."

"Ta ta. Have a nice day," Brad said, never once looking away from his reflection.

"Geeeezzz... what a geek!" Thom huffed as he walked out of the room and into the hallway where he saw Ashley, the resident dorm dork, walking up to him.

"Something bothering you, Tommy? Is there a problem?" Ashley inquired.

"Yeah man, you're the problem. Get the fuck out of my way. And the name's 'Thom', you freak."

"Oooh, someone's in a bad mood today. Looks like your lost your best friend."

"For your information, I wasn't in a bad mood until five minutes ago, but my roommate Brad--I mean 'Bradley'--is being such a nerd."

"That's been happening a lot lately, hasn't it?"

"Yeah guess so. Anyway, I'm gonna get myself another roommate. I'd hate to admit it, but I'm gonna miss Brad. He was so cool too....."

"Really, I rather prefer the new Bradley. Such a nice boy now," Ashley giggled.

"Well, I'm not surprised. It takes one to know one. I'm finished with him... and I'm finished with you. Now, get out of my way."

"Not so fast, Tommy. I'm sick of you jock bullies."

"I don't give a flying fuck what you're sick of, just as long as it ain't contagious. Now, move it or lose it, pal. You're pissing me off. Get out of the way before I knock you down your ass."

"Hmmm, I think it's time for a new Thom."

"'New Thom.' Yeah right. I've had enough of this shit. I said MOVE ASSHOLE! Get out of... hey, what the fuck is that?" Thom stepped back when he saw Ashley pulling out a gun.

Ashley didn't answer; he just checked around to see if anyone could see them. Satisfied that they were alone, he aimed the gun, pulled the trigger and zapped Thom square in the chest.

"Fuuuuuucck....uh....uh.....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" Thom screamed, mostly from shock since there was no pain. His entire body was bathed in an eerie glow and when it subsided, Thom just stood there staring ahead with his eyes glazed over. After a few seconds, he came back to his senses, shaking his head. "What the fuck was that?"

"Tsk, tsk, such language, Tommy," Ashley reprimanded.

"Uh, s-sorry Ashley. I-I should not have said that. I really am sorry. Please accept my apologies." Thom's face reddened from embarrassment. "By the way, when did you get here, and why am I standing here in the hallway?"

"Oh, not long, and you were coming with me into my room to have a chat. Shall we?" Ashley said.

"Yes, I would enjoy that," replied Thom, and after tucking in his shirt, he followed Ashley to his room. For some reason, he felt a lot more agreeable to anything Ashley said.

Once they were inside, Ashely locked the door and told Thom, "I have you say you'd look much better if you cleaned up a bit. You look positively ghastly, if you pardon my saying so."

"Yes, I do agree, Ashley. It won't happen again. It's important to look neat and proper." Thom started running his hand through his hair. "My hair is a rat's nest. I will need to comb it later."

"Why not now, Thom--or would you prefer--Tommy? There's a comb on the drawer that you can use."

"Thank you Ashley, and it's 'Tommy' please. Sounds much better than just Thom," he said, looking at himself in the mirror.

"Oh, I agree. You're so much better to talk to now that you have come to your senses."

"Yes, and I am glad of that. I feel much better about myself." He primped himself some more, buttoned up his shirt and ran the comb through his hair a few more times before he was satisified with how he looked.

"Much better," said Tommy, smiling broadly.

"So tell me about yourself now."

"Well, I realize that I have a lot to offer this world, but first I need to study hard and succeed in school, get good grades, look my best and make a good impression on my professors."

"Very good, Tommy. You will be a worthwhile and worthy addition to our cause."

"I would like to help in any way I can, Ashley. I always want to do my best."

"Glad to hear it. Now show me that jock body of yours. I've always wanted to see it up close."

"Are you sure Ashley? You know I would, but I just straightened myself up. I don't want to mar my image."

"No, I guess not. Maybe, we could get out that cock of yours," Ashley suggested.

"Oh, all right," Tommy said, unzipping his pants, reaching in and pulling out his cock.

"Very nice. You must have been popular with the girls."

"Yes, I have always impressed the ladies. It's something that seems to come naturally to me."

"I don't know how you were so nasty before, but now I see you're a natural charmer."

"I am so glad you think so, Ashley. I never realized how vulgar I was before."

"I know, but you're so polite now. Such a nice boy."

"Thank you. I try to be nice and polite. Always have to be on my best behavior."

"My, your cock is very impressive," remarked Ashely seeing Tommy's fully erect cock.

"Thanks. I guess it is," Tommy said, playing with it, pulling out his balls and massaging them.

"That's it, Tommy. Enjoy yourself and feel free to stroke all you want."

"Thanks Ashley. I am enjoying this."

"So did Bradley, when he came to see me this morning."

"He did? Amazing, that is so amazing. Bradley is such a great guy."

"I know. You two are perfect room buddies."

"Yes, we seem to be. I can't think of anyone else I would like to room with."

"Your cock is much fatter than his," Ashley noted.

Tommy beamed. "Why thank you for saying so, Ashley, though I believe Brad's is slightly longer than mine."

"That's good. Vive la difference. Oh, I've been meaning to ask. Are you seeing anyone at the moment?"

"I have been seeing Jessica, the blond cheerleader. Very pretty, kind of a space head though," Tommy said, with his hand stroking his cock, getting it even harder.

Ashley then said, "She isn't right for you. She's going to keep you from studying and helping the cause."

Tommy considered what Ashley said for moment and then replied, "I see what you mean. I won't want anyone getting in the way of my studies, and the cause is my most improtant priority." Tommy's cock was now fully hard and leaking precum.

"So true and your needs can be satisfied with yourself or even Bradley or one of the other boys."

"Yes, that is true, Ashley. I don't have to waste my time with that dumb blonde Jessica any more. I can either take care of myself or have Bradley or one of the others help me out." Tommy was breathing heavily, sweating, panting and stroking even harder with his fist.

"That's right Tommy. I'm glad to see you're so sensible now."

"Yes, I am glad you feel... that way, Ashley. I feel... this is... the only way to go." Tommy was having a difficult time speaking from sighing, moaning, his balls tightening and cock pulsing. "Oh please, Ashley, may I cum?"

"Cum Tommy and enjoy."

"Yes... yes... yes! MMMMMMmmm... ooohhhhhh mmmmyyyyyyyy... cccuuuuummmmiiiinnnnn'!"

Ashley watched, amazed at the amount of cum Tommy spurted out from his cock.

"Good boy. You better clean up that mess. I know you hate mess."

"Ugh....yes. That felt wonderful, but I do need to clean up. Would you have a towel I could borrow?

"Oh, why don't you lick it up? It's much easier."

Tommy looked at Ashley for moment trying to digest what he just heard, then smiled. "I guess that is true." He began licking the cum from his hand and getting it nice and clean.

"Good boy," Ashley said as he saw Tommy about to put back his cock inside his pants. "Tut-tut. Leave your cock like that for now. I like looking at it while we talk."

Tommy looked up and smiled. "Sure Ashley. Whatever you say."

"The cause has about 6 boys now; all friends of yours. All is going well."

"That is amazing, Ashley. Six already? That is outstanding. Sounds like you are really making progress."

"We are, but I wanted your help seeing you know what is going on. You will have to deal with anyone who will be a problem for us."

Tommy sat down with his legs spread apart and his soft glistening cock dangling in between them. "Hmmm, I think Coach Mike could be a problem. I think he is getting suspicious about all the changes with the boys. I do recall hearing him mention your name a few times, Ashley."

"I know the one. Quite young, recently married, arrogant guy."

"Yes, you are quite correct Ashley. He is indeed the one. He can really be a hard ass... uh, sorry for using that vulgar term, but he is really a tough taskmaster."

"That's OK. What do you think we should do to him so he won't be a problem?"

"Well, if we could some how change his mind, get him on our side, but I am not sure how we could make that happen." Tommy said, shifting in his chair and his cock still leaking a bit of cum.

"Good idea. Make him a follower, you could say."

"Yes, that is it Ashley. That would help a lot, but how could we make that happen?"

"With this, my trusty ray gun that I invented. With it, we can change anyone into what we want. I think if we could make him so he is not so arrogant and not so proud of his new wife and being such a 'stud' as he puts it, he wouldn't be a problem anymore."

"You're right, Ashley." Tommy smiled.

"Here you go." Ashley handed the gun over to Tommy. "Why don't you pay Coach Mike a visit?"

Taking the gun from Ashley, Tommy said, "I think I will. What will happen when I use this on him?"

"Well, he will understand his purpose, be not so arrogant and take a keen interest in himself."

"That is so amazing. I can hardly wait to see the change. I am very eager to get started, Ashley."

"Good boy. Now put that nice cock of yours away and go see the Coach."

"Oh yes, I guess I should do that." Tommy tucked his cock back into pants and zipped up. He noted a bit of cum on his hand, put it to mouth and licked it off. He then checked himself in mirror, combed his hair and tucked in his shirt.

"You look very smart," Ashley remarked.

"Thanks Ashley. I have to admit that I do."

"Now, go help the coach."

"On my way Ashley."

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