Hypped to be Square 2 (mm mc coll anal oral)

Synopsis: The revenge of the nerds. Based on a roleplay by buffster67 and Thom21.

The following story is a work of fiction. The characters portrayed within are a work of fiction as well, and any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is a coincidence and unintentional.

Copyright © 2011. This story is the property of the authors, buffster67, Thom21 and O'Melissokomos. Any duplication, in whole or in part, is forbidden without their express written consent.

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Tommy left Ashley's room and headed towards gym where he found coach pushing the team hard as usual, but he was turned off by the way the big, strong man screamed his head off, letting loose every expletive on the block.

Steeling himself against such a verbal assault, he approached the coach. "Hello Coach Mike. How are you today, sir?"

"If you haven't noticed, I'm fucking pissed off by those _lazy asses_ out there!" He then shrieked at one of his players, "What the _fuck_ are you doing?"

Tommy winced. "I'm sorry to hear you are angry, sir, but the guys really look like they are working hard. I'm sure they all want to win as much as you do."

"I don't want to just win. I want the fucking championship. That's our goal," the coach said before calming down. "Anyway, what's up, Thom?"

"Just thought I would visit, see how thing are going and have ourselves a little chat. Looks like you could use a break, and by the way the guys look, they could really use one also right about now."

Coach Mike grunted his assent. "Yeah, you're right. I have to call the wife anyway. Hey pussies! Hit the showers!"

Tommy flinched at the coach's crass use of language but didn't let on as he watched the guys run off the floor. He then followed the coach into the lockerroom where Coach Mike's office was.

"Come into the office, Thom."

"Thank you sir," said Tommy thinking about how good-looking the coach was with his dark hair, toned body, tight t-shirt and shorts.

"So, something on your mind?"

"Yes Coach, sir. I just wanted to see how you were. Help you out in any I could before I get back to my studies."

"Your studies? That's a first for you. And how are you supposed to help me out?

"Well I've discovered that studying is very important. And yes, help you out, help you relax some, not take everything so seriously as far as winning the championship, that is. After all, it's how you play the game that counts."

"What the hell are you talking about? Other than my wife, that's my main fucking aim at the moment."

"Thats what I mean, Coach. There are other things in life other that winning all the time and other things in life other that being married. And could you please tone down your language? I find it offensive."

"What the fuck? Thom, you're acting weirder than normal like Dan and Rick and the others have been lately. And I love my wife. Marriage is my #1 fucking priority."

"Please Coach. I would appreciate it if you refrained from using the F-word. And the team is doing fine. Your wife probably doesn't want you hanging around all the time anyway. I'm sure she has other more important things to do."

"Thom, I don't have time for this bullshit. If this is a joke, it ain't funny."

Tommy's face crinkled at the mention of the word 'ain't.' "I am not joking with you Coach, sir, and you should take some time and listen. It is very important and will make a world of difference if you could just listen to me and apply some of my ideas... actually these are Ashley's ideas."

The coach scoffed, trying not to laugh. "Ashley, that dorky kid? And what are these so-called ideas of his?"

"Please Coach, sir. Ashley is not a dork and certainly not a kid. He is an intelligent man, an excellent student, and he has been helping quite a few of us realize our potential. And, he could help you too."

"Oh please. I dont have time for this. Run along. I've got grown-up stuff to do."

"Please dont dismiss me like this, sir. You really must see the light. It is most important. I promised Ashley I would help bring you to the cause," Tommy said, pulling out the gun.

"What the fucking hell is the 'cause?' And what the hell is that?"

"This is an invention of Ashley's. It will help you see things differently, bring you over to his side--our side."

"Oh man. Now I've heard everything. That shit ain't even real."

Tommy had his finger on trigger and watched the coach intently for any untoward attempts to rush him.

"I have a life, Coach... sir. A good one now, thanks to Ashley, and I intend to make the best of it by studying hard, getting good grades and doing everything I possibly can for the cause. But first, I have to bring you along, help you see that the cause is the most important thing, help you realize your full potential and forget about all this championship stuff and your wife and such."

"That won't be happening."

"Yes Coach, sir. I think it will."

"I've got work to do. Get your ass out of my office and take your toy pistol with you."

"Here goes Coach..." Tommy said and then pulled the trigger.

"What the f..." The coach froze when he felt the blast hit him. At first there was a shocked look on his face, but it eventually melted to one of contentment.

"Hello Coach Mike. Is everything all right?" Tommy asked.

The coach shook his head, as if he just woke up. "Huh? Oh, hello Thom. I didn't realize you were in here. Last thing I remember was I was in the basketball court with the boy. Yes, yes, everything is great." The coach smiled. "And please, call me Mikey."

"Glad to hear it, and I sure will... Mikey. Sounds much better that 'Coach' anyway. Sounded so formal like you calling me 'Thom'. I go by 'Tommy' now," Tommy giggled as he watched the coach looking into the mirror on the desk and playing with his hair. "And how has practice been coming along? How we doing with the championships?"

"Do you think I need to go to the solarium, huh? Championships? Oh right. I'm not sure about that."

"Not sure, Mikey? It used to be very important to you. And yes, a visit to the solarium would be very nice. I agree with that."

"Why would chasing a ball be important? I think a tan would make me look sexy, what do you think?"

"Oh, I wholeheartedly agree, Mikey. Chasing that dumb ball around seems a tad silly now that you've mentioned it. Yes, a tan is always healthy and would make you look very sexy. I am sure your new wife would like that."

"My new what?"

"Your wife. Isn't that her in the picture with you on your desk?"

Mikey looked at the picture on the desk of recent wedding picture and pulled a face. "Oh yes... her..."

"I'm sure a tan would make me look great." Mikey stood up from his desk, pulled off his t-shirt and started flexing. "I love my big muscles."

"Yes Mikey, your muscles are hot, and you worked hard to get them. Very nice, Mikey. You should be proud."

"You really think so?" Mikey began flexing his muscles. "I like to be appreciated for my looks."

"Yes I do, Mikey. You have a great body. You should be proud of it, and you are also very handsome. I love that dark wavy hair. It makes you look so masculine."

Mikey giggled and played with hair. "Thank you, Tommy. I love compliments."

"I'm sure you've gotten quite a more than few of them especially from the team and other guys."

"No. Not enough, never enough. I wouldn't mind getting more."

"Well, we will have to work on that. Maybe you were not giving it a chance. Maybe we have to change your look a bit," Tommy contemplated.

"You think so? What look do you think would suit me?"

"For starters, a new haircut, a bit shorter this time. And new clothes that show off that muscular body of yours."

"Excellent idea. Shave my chest hair maybe and some crop tops."

"Yes, I believe that would be a much welcome change. And have you worn very tight lycra shirt and pants and no underwear?"

"Oh no, Tommy, not yet. Maybe I can now show off my big package?"

"You have that right Mikey. You do have a big package. You need to show it off more."

"You are so right. It's time the world appreciated my package," the coach said, smiling glazed.

"Yes, it is Mikey. Why don't you start now? As they say, there's no time like the present."

For a split-second, Mikey considered the suggestion and quickly relented. "Why not?" And with one fell swoop, Mikey pulled the garters of his pants and underwear underneath his balls. Tommy tried not to gasp at 7" thick cock dangling flaccidly between the coach's legs.

"My goodness, Mikey. That is one impressive cock, and it's not even hard yet. You should never have to hide that beautiful piece of meat."

"I know," Mikey said, placing his hands on his hips and moving them side to side. "I'm mighty proud of my baby."

"You should be Mikey, very proud. Why don't you check yourself out in the full-sized mirror over there to get the total effect?"

"Why not?" Mikey smiled as he walked towards the mirror with his swaying cock leading the way. "Absolutely breathtaking, isn't it?" He said proudly as he lovingly gazed at his cock in his reflection.

"Yes it is. I bet it looks even more impessive when it's hard."

"That it does. Do you want to see?"

"Why thank you, Mikey. I sure would." Mikey started stroking, getting his cock hard. "That's it Mikey. Work that hot cock of yours."

Mikey groaned. "Oh by the way Tommy... I can't... seem to remember... why you came to see me."

"Well, I was just checking in to see how you were doing. How's that wife of yours? How's married life?

Mikey was stroking his cock more and moaning. "I'm so not... into married life."

"I didn't think you were. You could do so much better if you haven't tied yourself down."

"You're... right. God knows... what I've been... thinking lately."

"Yes, Mikey. Guess you have been sort of mixed up, but you seem to be thinking more clearly now. So much more clearly." Tommy watched Mikey stroking his cock and running hand along his abs. "You have very nice body, Mikey, and I bet you would do much better with it if you weren't married."

"Yes, I could take care... of more important things... like myself."

"Yes Mikey. Aside from Ashley, there is no one more important than you. Your wife doesn't appreciate you, I'm sure."

"N-no, she doesn't. She doesn't appreciate... my beauty," Mikey moaned, now stroking his fully erect 10" cock with both of his hands.

"You should leave her. Get a divorce. You'd be better off."

"You are so right. I'm getting a divorce," Mikey agreed. "So much better off... if I can dedicate my time to helping out the cause."

"Yes, you would be. Then you could be yourself, do what you want, what is best for you, not just for her."

"Do... what's right... for the cause."

"Your body is so hot, Mikey. You should show it off and play with it more often. The guys and I would love to help you out, if you want."

"Oh yeah, my body is so hot. Show it off, and sure, I'd love that."

"Yes Mikey, stroke your cock more. Get it really hard. Really work that beautiful cock of yours, and when you're ready, feel free to cum anytime."

Mikey continued to stroke until finally his 10" cock started to shoot. "Oh man, I'm c-c-cummmmmmmmmming!!!" he screamed.

"That's it Mikey. Your cock looks so hot spewing its hot load," cheered Tommy, watching Mikey's semen splashing all over the mirror.

"Yes, I... know," grunted Mikey, shaken by his tremendous orgasm.

"That was really hot, Mikey. Now, get every last bit, don't leave a drop inside your cock."

"Uuuuhnnn..." Mikey ran his fingers along his softening cock and squeezed out every last bit of cum and let it drop to the floor. After taking a few moments to recover, he turned around smiling, feeling so much better now, his mind clearer. "Oh yes, we are on a mission."

"Yes, and we aim to succeed and bring as many guys on board."

"Whatever way I can contribute would be a pleasure as long as it doesn't interfere with my grooming habits."

"Thank you, Mikey. We can use all the help we can get, and you will have plenty to keep up those good looks of yours, I promise, and so does Ashley."

"Then it would be my pleasure to help..."

"...and ours to have you on board."

Mikey looked at himself in the mirror again. "Hmm, I think I will get my chest waxed today."

"Yes, I think a nice smooth chest to show off those hot pectorals would be great."

Mikey started giggling, bouncing his pecs up and down. "God, I still I feel so hot after shooting my load. Feels so good to be on board... for the cause." He turned around to feel his buttocks. "What's my first assignment, Tommy?"

"Well, we will have to touch base with Ashley for that and see what he has in mind. I am certain it will have using that hot body of yours to its full advantage."

"Good. I don't want to waste it. I'd love to see him and thank him personally."

"Yes, I'm sure you will."

To be continued?