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Have any questions about our FREE webhosting service?
Here's a list of commonly asked questions we get from our members

Q - Do you really provide free webspace?
A - Yes our service is completely free.

Q - What do the banners look like that I have to put on my site?
A - Check out the members section for a list of our current members to see their site with advertisments

Q - Can I have other banners on my pages besides yours?
A - Yes, you can do whatever you like with your pages, but our banners must not be altered.

Q - Does my site HAVE to contain gay content?
A - Yes, we are a gay ONLY hosting service. Check back soon, for a link to adult hosting.

Q - Where do I find banner advertisements to make myself some extra money?
A - Probably one of the top sites is Gay Pay, they list advertisers click here.

Q - Can I run whatever kind of site I want?
A - No, all sites must be a gay site, and cannot contain child pornography, warez, mp3z, or passwords.

Q - Can I have my own domain name?
A - No, we don't offer dedicated IP addresses or domain names.

Q - What do I do if I have other question I need answered?
A - Simply email us your question, but make sure your username is in the "subject box"

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